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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
05/19/2024 Did everything that I asked for! Thank you again.
05/15/2024 Always on time! I will keep using thank you!
05/15/2024 Professor Liz delivered a high quality paper ahead of the deadline. I was very pleased with the resolution. I would definately recommend this professor.
05/13/2024 My first time using this Professor and you did an awesome job.  I received an 130/130.  Thank you!!
05/11/2024 Great work once again!  Prof Liz is awesome!
05/08/2024 Always done in a timely manner!
05/04/2024 Top Professor! She is the best!
05/04/2024 Prof Liz is great! She is reliable, timely and a pleasure to work with! Will definetly use her again!
04/18/2024 My new go to! Ty so much for helping me finish.
04/16/2024 Liz has been a huge help with my projects. 

It is always a pleasure to be of service to you. Thank you so much for the opportunity and for trusting me.
04/16/2024 If you want great quality work, Liz is the go to UP.
04/16/2024 Liz is the best!
04/16/2024 Nice job!
04/16/2024 Nice job!
04/15/2024 Great work!
04/15/2024 A+
04/13/2024 I'm a returning client of Professor Liz for the consistently excellent work she provides, and her professionalism makes her a pleasure to work with.

04/05/2024 Thank you for providing the paper that I requested. you hit all the marks! awesomely fast service as well.
04/03/2024 Fast response!
03/23/2024 Great work as always!
03/17/2024 Great work.

Thank you Liz
03/08/2024 This professor did a great job! The initial paper was good, but had a couple poorly worded sentences. I messaged Prof. Liz and she quickly revised it, making it perfect! Use this professor if you need a History paper and don't want some garbage essay written by someone that knows English as their 4th language.
03/08/2024 A+
03/08/2024 Liz is the best!
03/06/2024 Exceptional work! Thanks to your expertise, I achieved a top grade. I'll undoubtedly enlist your services again for future projects. Great job!
02/29/2024 Great!
02/28/2024 I received a F on this assignment. The professor didn't follow the rubric at all. I am not happy i payed so much money for a essay to get a f. 

Hello, It is quite unfortunate that this happened. However, as we established, not all writing material that the professor wanted to be included in the paper was provided at the beginning. Secondly, the requirements needed more pages than what you paid for. Third, we can both agree your prof. is a bit mean, considering that you either scored an A, or an F, yet the work was fully done, but for the labelling aspect. Either way, I am glad I got to revise the paper to your prof's satisfaction. I am always committed to satisfying my clients and earning them good grades.
02/28/2024 Good content and good sources. Not 100% on the mark but a good insightful paper I was happy to submit.
02/21/2024 Great communication, and willing to amend services. 
02/17/2024 awesome paper just at the college level i needed. will use for future projects!
02/14/2024 Thank you.
02/12/2024 Solid work!
02/11/2024 Outstanding work!  Thank you!!
02/11/2024 Excellent! This professor never disappoints. 
02/08/2024 Liz did an amazing job!!! and she delivered early!!!
02/06/2024 Dr Liz is very professional and timely, and I'm impressed with the essay she wrote me. I'll definitely request her in the future and recommend her to others. 
02/06/2024 Great as usual. 
02/06/2024 Full credit for my assignment! Thank you 
01/26/2024 I couldn't have asked for more for what I was worried was a tricky ask.
01/09/2024 Liz! You're outstanding! I received an excellent paper that meets my teacher's strict criteria. Thank you
01/03/2024 Her work Got me a B on a rudimentary project. As for the price, this simply was not worth the money. Had I completed the work on my own, I would have landed an A.

You had the chance to review the task and request for amendments before submitting it,but when you did, you felt that it was okay and submitted it confidently. I have no hold or influence over how your professor grades work. If anything, professors/assessor are different, look for different things in a task. So if you know your professor well and what they look for, you should make sure to mention it to me so I can work it out. Otherwise, from my end, I delivered high quality, and I have done that for so many, that they have now become long-term return clients. My reviews speak for me. I wish you a new year full of wins. Regards,
12/13/2023 Excellent work!!!!
12/05/2023 Excellent work!!
12/03/2023 Good job!
12/01/2023 Highly recommend. Communicative, asked questions to clarify the instructions, had it to me well before the due date & the project was very well done! 
11/28/2023 Thank you for everything Liz! You rock!
11/26/2023 Liz is great! Thank you for completing my assignment ahead of schedule. 
11/26/2023 Excellent, original work and on time! Thank you so very much for your help!
11/26/2023 Liz to the rescue! Thanks for all of your hard work Liz!
11/22/2023 Got a good grade!
11/22/2023 Professor Liz is wonderful!!!  She is timely and professional, will definetly use her in the future!
11/21/2023 Easy to work with, revised when needed at a fast speed! 
11/19/2023 Very impressed with the paper
11/18/2023 Always great to work with.
11/16/2023 Liz saves the day again! This is my second year getting her assistance and have had nothing but the best of experiences. Go LIZ!
11/12/2023 Liz, help me with a last minute assignment and it was done in a quick and efficient manner. Thanks, Liz!
11/09/2023 Liz did a great job on my paper per usual. Highly Recommend. 
11/09/2023 My assignment was sent to me 2 1/2 hours after the deadline. The paper looked rushed and the answers to the questions had very little substance with some of them only having 1-2 sentences when the instructions clearly stated to go very in dept in answers. Very dissatisfied. I also had to change some sentences as there were full sentences that showed up on the plagiarism report.

This is quite unfortunate. However, we both know that; I communicated in good time about the slight delay; that from my end, the paper was plagiarism-free (and I gave solid evidence for that). Third, we both agree that you underquoted the task, hence, I had to work with a very limited number of words. Besides that, I actually delivered in excess of 2 pages, out of goodwill, something which you still refuse to acknowledge and appreciate.
11/08/2023 Excellent, she  was able to identify and change every nuance I requested at a PhD level.
11/04/2023 Did a great job on my project! Took the time to read through my rubric and asked me questions pertaining to the project. Thank you!
11/04/2023 Thank you for the quick paper
10/30/2023 She completed the assignment quickly, well before it was due. She followed the assignment directions perfectly and created a very nice final result!
10/29/2023 Very good quality writing, thank you
10/23/2023 Amazing turn around. Very responsive with any questions I had.  Highly Recommended. 
10/22/2023 Very impressed with the timeliness and quality of this paper.
10/21/2023 Well written with fast delivery! Very happy with Prof Liz!
10/19/2023 Thoroughly written and timely work. Thank you
10/12/2023 Quality work. Thank you. 
10/07/2023 Paper well well done and done quickly!
10/06/2023 Very responsive and quality was on point!
10/05/2023 The prof tried really hard, but I think they may not have been really that familiar with US admissions essays. Alas.
09/30/2023 Liz Rocks! She's an absolute pro in all of the projects she has done for me. I'm going to keep on using her for all of my research needs.
09/29/2023 I was amazed by the communication I received from you. You listened to every request and delivered an amazing job on time, with a perfect paper that was just fabulous. Your attention to detail and dedication is truly appreciated, and it's great to know that I can count on you for quality work when needed!
09/29/2023 Thanks again for the great paper!
09/28/2023 Good solid work, thank you.
09/28/2023 Great work - I accidenlty put down the wrong deadline and professor was able to get it done in time. THANKS!
09/25/2023 Great as always. 
09/25/2023 Great job, fast turn around.
09/25/2023 Always the best paper!
09/24/2023 I was in a bind and needing help, Liz did a fantastic job. High quality work and provided the final documents ahead of schedule. I am so appreciative! Highly recommend. 
09/20/2023 Thank you for the amazing paper!
09/20/2023 Great paper!
09/17/2023 This professor always delivers. I highly recommend.
09/16/2023 Thank you, once again a great product.
09/11/2023 Thank you for a great paper! saved me big time!
08/30/2023 Great communication, fast turn around, solid work.
08/24/2023 Excellent work, fast response. Always clear and concise when working together. PhD level.
08/23/2023 Another great paper!
08/21/2023 Thank you for the excellent paper!
08/17/2023 A great writer, throughly did everything the instructions asked and was incredibly kind in communications. Looking forward to working with Prof. Liz again!
08/14/2023 Another great paper!
08/14/2023 Excellent paper!
08/10/2023 Excellent! That is precisely what I wanted. A well-backed argument with plenty of room for being polite yet exact. PhD level thought. TY!
08/09/2023 Liz was super professional and responsive! Her paper was excellent quility and I was very satisfied with her service! Thank you!
08/05/2023 Out Standing job
07/26/2023 Liz is my personal favorite of all the outstanding writers on this site. Always comes through with a masterpiece.
07/25/2023 Liz never lets me down. Always great and appreciated assistance. 
07/11/2023 Very good essay in a short time period.
07/01/2023 Great work as always. 10/10 :)
06/27/2023 Highly Recommend!!! Did an amazing job got a high grade on a paper in a class with a  professor that was super picky. Would hire again for sure!
06/27/2023 Liz continues to be great. 
06/26/2023 Nailed it. On-time and well done. A+
06/19/2023 Great to work with, and very thoughtful and mindful of deadlines!
06/15/2023 Great Job!
06/15/2023 Awesome work and delivered well ahead of the necessary due date! 
05/30/2023 AMAZING WORK!!  The information is on-point!  NEVER hesitate using this Professor
05/20/2023 Liz went above and beyong what I expected to provide a quality product. Phenomenal work and in a quick turn around situation, I could not be happier.
05/18/2023 The paper is exactly what I was looking for!  Thank you so much!!!  will definitely use again if needed.  
05/17/2023 smiley
05/12/2023 Thank you so much Prof. Liz!!!!!!! If you need any paper done definitely get her to do it, she understood the assignment and she did the damn thing! She followed instructions, answered all the questions. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu so much again and I truly appreciate you!
05/12/2023 went above and beyond to help me with my assignment 
05/11/2023 Always thorough and great work from Liz, Never dissapoints! This is my second time using her and she is awesome!
05/08/2023 easy to work with
05/07/2023 Excellent communication.
05/02/2023 Got marked for AI writing, a whole section was completely written by AI, also didnt do the calculations correctly. Should've probably done for the work on my own

Hello, I NEVER use AI in my academic work; it is against my work ethics. More so, I have never experienced this with any of my clients before. Would you kindly let me know the tool that you used to check for AI? I ask this because there are quite a number of AI checkers in the market that highlight even clean work.
04/27/2023 PhD level work, excellent professor. Always addresses any issue with speed.
04/25/2023 Thank you again Liz for knocking out a wonderful solution! You're my Super Hero!
04/24/2023 minor grammar errors according to the grade  but great job
04/19/2023 Thanks Lizyes
04/19/2023 Another Home Run for Liz! Thank you for all the you do AND continue to do! Liz is the one to go to!
04/18/2023 Always excellent quality, great comminucation.
04/14/2023 Liz came through wonderfuly again.  Thank you Liz for your attention to detail and being available through the process for progress and feedback.  Excited for our next project! You rock!
04/11/2023 Did everything perfectly down to the letter of the instruction. Even found a flaw with the original instructions given by the instructor and went above and beyond. WIll definitely be using Liz again! Amazing!
On-time, great communication and super helpful. 

04/10/2023 Great!
04/05/2023 Exactly what I needed.
03/29/2023 The best work on this site thus far. She is excellent. Thank you
03/29/2023 fast, good and smart!! i really like this prof
03/24/2023 Liz is amazing, I can't say enough good things about her work. She is a rockstart!
03/23/2023 The best professor I have used on this site. Her quality is second to none. Thank you. 
03/23/2023 A step above the rest in quality and substance. Thank you 
03/12/2023 On time & professional 
03/04/2023 Very great work and fast turn aroud. Communicated clearly and quick.
03/03/2023 I highly recommend using Professor Liz. She was easy to work with and completed the project well before the deadline. The paper was superior, 100% original, and without any plagiarism. There was no editing of the document needed before submission. 
03/02/2023 Very good and followed instructions perfectly. I'd recommend Liz with any project you might have.
02/25/2023 Liz was great per usual. Provided amendments with no issues. She is my go to!!
02/17/2023 Absolutely the best. 
02/10/2023 Fast and thought out response
02/09/2023 Liz was wonderful to work with. Prompt, professional and personable were key characteristics that come to mind with my experience with her.  The project came in earlier than expected and very detailed.  Thank you Liz for all of your hard work and I look forward to our next project!
02/08/2023 Great and quick work 
02/08/2023 Liz was phenomenal per usual. Quick response on amendments needed.
Definitely using her again!!!. She's my go to!!
02/06/2023 Received an A 
02/06/2023 Followed the instruction to a T and returened project ahead of due date.
01/30/2023 Once again Liz, comes through!!!

Highly recommend.
01/18/2023 Super fast turnaround time for a disc. post. Writing style is perfect and the questions are answered in a manner that shows knowledge and expertise on the matter with the provided materials!
01/17/2023 Very easy to work with.
01/13/2023 Top Quality Essay!
01/10/2023 Thank you so much, perfect and done before its due. 
12/23/2022 Great work and timed perfectly
12/13/2022 1000/10 definitely recommend!
12/13/2022 I do recommend it and definitely will work with them again. Many Thanks
12/12/2022 great writer 
12/11/2022 wonderfully written paper. would deffinilty use this service again.
12/03/2022 LIFESAVER
12/01/2022 very good servis
11/29/2022 Above and beyond, couldnt be more thankful for Liz. Completed the assignment with enough to time for me to rieview it and ask for alterations, but none were needed. If you need something for business or accounting Liz the person to pick.  Will be working with Liz again in the future.heart
11/29/2022 Miss.Liz did spectacularly under a time constraint. Also, she went above and beyond what the project required.
11/28/2022 Really well written paper and delivered on time. This professor is knowledgeable in IT and I would recommend. 
11/24/2022 Timely delivery
11/24/2022 Efficient and timely!
11/23/2022 Quick and efficient 
11/17/2022 Excellent!
11/17/2022 Quick and efficient! Excellent work!
11/16/2022 Wow, got my case study a day earlier than expected and it was amazing. It was really well constructed and answered clearly with good supporting sources the main questions.  Will be working with Liz again for sure!yes
11/16/2022 Work submitted ahead of schedule and feedback was submitted prior to the assignment due date. Excellent job!
11/05/2022 Awesome timing. Paper is amazing!!
You're the best!
I will definitely recommend this professor to any and everyone!

Thank you so much. Always at your service.
11/04/2022 I received a 30% on this assignment :(

Devistated to say the least

I have the chance to re-write the assignment. I'd be greatful if you could reach out. 

I am shattered to hear about this. I have never made such a low score, especially for such a straight forward task. If you could send me the feedback score via the task's message thread, I will be able to rewrite/amend the paper. This is a first, and I sincerely apologize. Always at your service.
11/02/2022 Thank you!
10/30/2022 A day early and exactly what I was expecting. Thank you!!
10/27/2022 Nice responsible work before deadline of assignement
10/22/2022 I loved this paper!! Great Job, thank you so much. 
10/22/2022 Thankyou
10/21/2022 Paper exceeded expectations and communication was great
10/21/2022 Have used Liz on several papers and have gotten A's on all of them. Always on time, also.
10/16/2022 Liz is awsome!!! 
10/15/2022 Thank you very much.  This is the first time I checked a paper's level of plagiarism. Could you please explain what they mean by 1% plagiarism?

Hello. The 1% similarity is negligible. It could either be from the references or a title from the paper which cannot be altered. Thank you for the positive feedback.
10/07/2022 Great work! Thank you!
10/01/2022 Always does a great job. 
09/23/2022 Always great. 
09/23/2022 Always great. 
09/03/2022 Awesome as usual!
09/01/2022 She is amazing! 
08/21/2022 Very good as always. Will be coming back. Thanks! 
08/12/2022 Thanks for following the directions and responding quickly.
08/12/2022 Thanks for following the directions and responding quickly.
08/07/2022 Versatile with different types of writing.
08/07/2022 Works quickly, communicates well, and understands the instructions. 
07/26/2022 Liz was great. She followed the intructions, asked for clarification, and produced a well written product. She was wonderful to communicate with, and I would 100% use her again. She gives top notch work, a must use if you are striving for high marks!
07/24/2022 Thank you so much for completing this project so promptly!
06/29/2022 Have used Liz on mulitple projects and is my go-to request with her writing style, effecient timelines, and output.
06/21/2022 This was a slightly non-standard assignment which was clearly understood and responded to quite expertly. Will definitely use her again. 
06/20/2022 Liz is great!!
06/10/2022 100 on the assignment. Liz is my go to for pretty much everything. 
06/10/2022 Very good work. Will be using again. 
06/04/2022 Quick and efficient 

06/03/2022 Liz was great per usual. She didn't hesitate to correct any errors and corrected them in a timely manner. I highly recommend her!!!
06/03/2022 Amazing!! Will use again!
05/22/2022 Always A quality work. I dont use anyone else. 
05/21/2022 Paper was very well written. Professor was fast and professional. I am very happy with the work that was done!! Will be my go to Professor.

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