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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
03/12/2023 On time & professional 
03/04/2023 Very great work and fast turn aroud. Communicated clearly and quick.
03/03/2023 I highly recommend using Professor Liz. She was easy to work with and completed the project well before the deadline. The paper was superior, 100% original, and without any plagiarism. There was no editing of the document needed before submission. 
03/02/2023 Very good and followed instructions perfectly. I'd recommend Liz with any project you might have.
02/25/2023 Liz was great per usual. Provided amendments with no issues. She is my go to!!
02/17/2023 Absolutely the best. 
02/10/2023 Fast and thought out response
02/09/2023 Liz was wonderful to work with. Prompt, professional and personable were key characteristics that come to mind with my experience with her.  The project came in earlier than expected and very detailed.  Thank you Liz for all of your hard work and I look forward to our next project!
02/08/2023 Great and quick work 
02/08/2023 Liz was phenomenal per usual. Quick response on amendments needed.
Definitely using her again!!!. She's my go to!!
02/06/2023 Received an A 
02/06/2023 Followed the instruction to a T and returened project ahead of due date.
01/30/2023 Once again Liz, comes through!!!

Highly recommend.
01/18/2023 Super fast turnaround time for a disc. post. Writing style is perfect and the questions are answered in a manner that shows knowledge and expertise on the matter with the provided materials!
01/17/2023 Very easy to work with.
01/13/2023 Top Quality Essay!
01/10/2023 Thank you so much, perfect and done before its due. 
12/23/2022 Great work and timed perfectly
12/13/2022 1000/10 definitely recommend!
12/13/2022 I do recommend it and definitely will work with them again. Many Thanks
12/12/2022 great writer 
12/11/2022 wonderfully written paper. would deffinilty use this service again.
12/03/2022 LIFESAVER
12/01/2022 very good servis
11/29/2022 Above and beyond, couldnt be more thankful for Liz. Completed the assignment with enough to time for me to rieview it and ask for alterations, but none were needed. If you need something for business or accounting Liz the person to pick.  Will be working with Liz again in the future.heart
11/29/2022 Miss.Liz did spectacularly under a time constraint. Also, she went above and beyond what the project required.
11/28/2022 Really well written paper and delivered on time. This professor is knowledgeable in IT and I would recommend. 
11/24/2022 Timely delivery
11/24/2022 Efficient and timely!
11/23/2022 Quick and efficient 
11/17/2022 Excellent!
11/17/2022 Quick and efficient! Excellent work!
11/16/2022 Wow, got my case study a day earlier than expected and it was amazing. It was really well constructed and answered clearly with good supporting sources the main questions.  Will be working with Liz again for sure!yes
11/16/2022 Work submitted ahead of schedule and feedback was submitted prior to the assignment due date. Excellent job!
11/05/2022 Awesome timing. Paper is amazing!!
You're the best!
I will definitely recommend this professor to any and everyone!

Thank you so much. Always at your service.
11/04/2022 I received a 30% on this assignment :(

Devistated to say the least

I have the chance to re-write the assignment. I'd be greatful if you could reach out. 

I am shattered to hear about this. I have never made such a low score, especially for such a straight forward task. If you could send me the feedback score via the task's message thread, I will be able to rewrite/amend the paper. This is a first, and I sincerely apologize. Always at your service.
11/02/2022 Thank you!
10/30/2022 A day early and exactly what I was expecting. Thank you!!
10/27/2022 Nice responsible work before deadline of assignement
10/22/2022 I loved this paper!! Great Job, thank you so much. 
10/22/2022 Thankyou
10/21/2022 Paper exceeded expectations and communication was great
10/21/2022 Have used Liz on several papers and have gotten A's on all of them. Always on time, also.
10/16/2022 Liz is awsome!!! 
10/15/2022 Thank you very much.  This is the first time I checked a paper's level of plagiarism. Could you please explain what they mean by 1% plagiarism?

Hello. The 1% similarity is negligible. It could either be from the references or a title from the paper which cannot be altered. Thank you for the positive feedback.
10/07/2022 Great work! Thank you!
10/01/2022 Always does a great job. 
09/23/2022 Always great. 
09/23/2022 Always great. 
09/03/2022 Awesome as usual!
09/01/2022 She is amazing! 
08/21/2022 Very good as always. Will be coming back. Thanks! 
08/12/2022 Thanks for following the directions and responding quickly.
08/12/2022 Thanks for following the directions and responding quickly.
08/07/2022 Versatile with different types of writing.
08/07/2022 Works quickly, communicates well, and understands the instructions. 
07/26/2022 Liz was great. She followed the intructions, asked for clarification, and produced a well written product. She was wonderful to communicate with, and I would 100% use her again. She gives top notch work, a must use if you are striving for high marks!
07/24/2022 Thank you so much for completing this project so promptly!
06/29/2022 Have used Liz on mulitple projects and is my go-to request with her writing style, effecient timelines, and output.
06/21/2022 This was a slightly non-standard assignment which was clearly understood and responded to quite expertly. Will definitely use her again. 
06/20/2022 Liz is great!!
06/10/2022 100 on the assignment. Liz is my go to for pretty much everything. 
06/10/2022 Very good work. Will be using again. 
06/04/2022 Quick and efficient 

06/03/2022 Liz was great per usual. She didn't hesitate to correct any errors and corrected them in a timely manner. I highly recommend her!!!
06/03/2022 Amazing!! Will use again!
05/22/2022 Always A quality work. I dont use anyone else. 
05/21/2022 Paper was very well written. Professor was fast and professional. I am very happy with the work that was done!! Will be my go to Professor.
05/21/2022 Very well done. Do yourself a favor and select Liz everytime. 
05/19/2022 Liz has provided great work on a variety of topics!
05/10/2022 Thank you for the very well written paper. I will be using this prof again. Thanks.
05/10/2022 Great Job!!
05/05/2022 They did a wonderful job, on my paper. They communicated with me, asked me to provide more information and gave me exctly what was need. I'd HIGHY suggest you use this professor!
04/28/2022 Awesome!
04/26/2022 Liz came through very clutch and completed the assignment on time. I highly recommend Liz and will be using her for any other projects.


Was so professional and made any change I need (which was basically nothing). 
Received a 100 on both paper, presentation, and presentation notes. 

Will work again in the future.

Thank you again !!
04/24/2022 Liz is awesome! She was super responsive to messages and made edits no problem. The paper was more than I could ever hope for. Will definitely be using her again!
04/20/2022 Very good paper 
04/18/2022 Awesome!
04/12/2022 Extremely well-written paper, however, I asked for two pages, but I got 1.5 pages. Overall, impressed with the writing.
04/08/2022 Asbolutelu excellent paper. Recommend 100%!
04/07/2022 It took a few revisions for my econ project but Liz was very helpful and communicated with me through the whole process. Thank you! 
04/01/2022 Went above and beyond my expectations on a very difficult subject!! Thank you Liz!
04/01/2022 Awesome!
03/31/2022 Liz was great as always. Thanks for the paper and the edits I requested. Good work.
03/29/2022 As always, the best.
03/29/2022 Liz was very easy to work with and a great communicator. My professor required a revision for the first submission on my Econ project. Liz worked with me through the revision process and I got an A on my project. Thanks Liz!
03/29/2022 Awesome!
03/26/2022 AWESOME work!! Will use again!
03/17/2022 The paper got a 100% on the first submission. I did not have to make any edits or revisions unlike other professors that have bid on my projects. Liz follows all directions clearly. I would totally use her again for the future!
03/12/2022 Always on time, always A quality work.
03/08/2022 Phenomenal as always.
03/04/2022 The work was great!
03/02/2022 I was very pleased with the work the professor provided. Although I got a B on the project, I am confident that she provided "A" work and would definitely use her services again.
02/26/2022 Great work as always.
02/26/2022 Professor returns high quality projects! Honest person and good communication.
02/25/2022 3rd time I chose Liz for my project. Delivered a well written and timely project!
02/25/2022 Great product! Used Liz twice and delivered with outstanding results both times!
02/25/2022 Provided the project with outstanding writing and timely delivery!
02/24/2022 Excellent work, went above and beyond the required sources used. Quick response, would definitely use again!
02/08/2022 Great work. Delivered on time and very professional.
02/07/2022 Very nice!
02/06/2022 paper was turned in ahead of schedule, beautifully written, and received high praise for the work. Paper received an A. Highly recommend Liz and will be soliciting her help again if she is kind enough to continue our partnership
02/03/2022 Liz was great and fast! She even helped with making some changes.
01/28/2022 Liz does top-notch work, also timely and professional. 10/10 recommend.
01/28/2022 good work and on time!
01/23/2022 I haven't gotten a grade yet but the paper is very well written and on point.
01/19/2022 Awesome job on my paper! A+ work! I received the material far ahead of schedule, which was fantastic! I had ample to to review! Highly recommend!
01/09/2022 The deadline was met and the work was good. I asked for some changes and they were delivered promptly.
01/04/2022 Great work, Id use this professor every time
01/04/2022 Best papers I have received from this website. There is zero errors and ready for submission right away
12/22/2021 the paper was done before the due time and the paper was on point
12/20/2021 good work
12/20/2021 Delivered as requested on time.
12/19/2021 Everything was very thorough and answered the prompt completely! Thank you so much!
12/19/2021 Everything was very thorough and answered the prompt completely! Thank you so much!
12/19/2021 Everything was very thorough and answered the prompt completely! Thank you so much!
12/09/2021 perfect paper
12/08/2021 Received an A on my accounting case study assignment satisfied.
12/06/2021 Thanks for the help! Professor was reasonably quick and any issues I had were fixed straight away.
12/06/2021 Great project and the instructions were well followed. Completed before the due date as well. Thanks a lot!
12/05/2021 Awesome work
12/05/2021 I received a 100/100
12/02/2021 Amazing work by Liz. Took a very complex and vague idea and presented a high quality approach that gave me the insight on how I want a project to be approached. Thanks again Liz!
12/01/2021 Liz is the best!! Great to work with and does the best job! You will not be let down!
11/28/2021 A+ work as per usual. Liz is the best. 
11/27/2021 Great paper for my accounting project and delivered early!
11/27/2021 amazing!
11/27/2021 great work
11/26/2021 Thank you so Much and great and on time 
11/26/2021 Excelent writing that was delivered completed and ahead of schedule. 
11/25/2021 Professor provided an excellent product 24 hours prior to deadline, was responsive and helpful in a timely manner when I reached out to them, and I received a 98/100 on the essay. Doesn't get much better than that. Highly reccomend.  
11/24/2021 Delivered on time. Great communication!
11/16/2021 Liz did an amazing job. She has helped me with two different business school projects which both received A's! I highly recommend Liz for your project needs
11/11/2021 Could not believe the detail that went into this piece of work. Excellent communication and was there to answer any questions. Great JOB. I got an A on the project. 
11/09/2021 Always the best. 
11/09/2021 Average work on the best day, even after I requested revisions.  I cannot see any improvements or changes in what they provided me, so frankly I am unsure if they made ANY of the requested changes.  Not only did they not take my directions, but they did not respond to my messages (possibly do to a vast time difference).  I am guessing that they are not a native English speaker based on their writing style, which seems common on UE.  I get A's on my writing assignments.  I just did not have time to study for an exam and complete all my assignments that were due.

OhStress, I believe I responded to your messages/concerns as I always do. And I revised the paper to detail. It is quite unfortunate that you were still unsatisfied, but my record speaks for itself. I apologize for time wasted.
11/09/2021 I honestly dont use anyone else. Consistant A's. 
11/01/2021 finally found someone here that can provide great papers in Theology. 
You are awesome
10/27/2021 Awesome paper! On time, followed instructions, word count on point. Would work together again 100%!! Thank Prof. Liz
10/19/2021 Very helpful, quick to communicate and deliver results. 
10/18/2021 Always love working with this Prof
10/17/2021 Top notch paper, got an A. Highly recommend. 
10/16/2021 High quality work and delivered on time! 
10/14/2021 Awesome work!
10/14/2021 exactly what I needed and I got an a!
10/14/2021 She did a great job!! I'm very satisfied! I'm going to use her again!
10/13/2021 Always on time. Always on point. Always amazing. 
10/11/2021 Fast delivery and great work! Liz communicated everything in great detail.
10/09/2021 Wow. That's all I have to say. 
10/05/2021 Awesome paper!
09/30/2021 .
09/30/2021 Essay was completed ontime. The essay was graded. I'm going to call this a one off because essays are subjective. I got an average grade. This professor does great work though. 
09/30/2021 Received an A on the accounting assignment. 
09/30/2021 Very fasting. Choose this professor for your accounting needs.
09/30/2021 Does a very good job with accounting spreadsheets
09/26/2021 Great work, followed the criteria 
09/24/2021 Working with this Professor was great! Followed the directions and was quick with delivery!
09/14/2021 Absolutely AMAZING and completed early every time! Thank You Kindly!
08/31/2021 Great content and formatted perfectly, I really appreciate your work and the paper was submitted for review early!
08/23/2021 Nicely done.
08/19/2021 Great Work
08/19/2021 I really love working ;with this professor
08/19/2021 Nice JOB
08/19/2021 Great Work
08/19/2021 Perfect
08/19/2021 Excellento
08/19/2021 Awesome
08/12/2021 Accounting assignment was an overall A so i have no compliants
08/12/2021 This should be your professor for all of your go to needs for assignments in Acounting whether it is for excel spreadsheets and/or calculations. I have received nothing A's on all assignments 
08/04/2021 Great Work
08/04/2021 So far in my accounting assignments all 100% i will continue to use for excels/spreadsheets. The best so far. 
08/04/2021 This professor is wonderful when it comes to accounting assignments. Excel sheets. Very fast and efficients. 
08/01/2021 A on the paper as usual. Honestly have not used anyone else aside from Liz for the last year now. 
08/01/2021 Great Job!!!
08/01/2021 Great Job!!!
08/01/2021 Great Job!!!
07/26/2021 Received an 100-A on accounting excel spreadsheet. 
07/20/2021 Excellent
07/18/2021 Liz dilivered exactly what I needed in the time frame I gave.
07/11/2021 Great as always. 
07/02/2021 Have used this profrssor 13 times and counting. Consistant A+ work. 
06/30/2021 Very good!
06/27/2021 Excellent work
06/26/2021 Excellent
06/24/2021 Did great work
06/21/2021 Good work
06/15/2021 I am extremely pleased with the results of the final paper. It was sent to me well in advance so I could review and ask questions if I had them. I will definitely be using the professor again. She was also willing to answer my questions before the paper was done when I asked for an update. Super impressed with the service. HIGHLY RECOMMNEDED.


06/06/2021 Has been a great help, very professional. 
06/05/2021 I would first like to say that I don't think Liz is who she claims to be. But please read this whole review because I might be wrong, and you might not care as long as you’re getting what you expect. I did end up using some of the content. But here is the full version of my thoughts and experience:

Liz has years and years of education that comes from American universities. She is a doctorate holder among many other credentials. This is largely why I chose her. The assignment was returned to me on the exact deadline, 9 pages double spaced 12 pt. font as requested. But in just the first two paragraphs there were missing words, typos, and run-on sentences. I didn’t continue reading at that point because it was already deficient. It didn’t meet my expectations for a platinum level prof, a doctorate holder, or what was advertised in the bid. More troublesome was that I found a deleted comment embedded in the word doc that had another author's name. Although neither the lack of quality and the wrong author’s name are not proof that Liz isn’t who she claims to be, the combined evidence had me leaning towards that assumption. 
After contacting Liz with a request for her to review her work and make the obvious corrections, I received a message from her that made me feel that she wasn’t the mature, educated, put-together woman I thought she would be from her bio. She replied with a ramble of information about needing the work, worried about getting fired, having her laptop not work, and having to borrow a friend’s computer. And all this might be true, but I suppose my expectations (which might be high) are that someone who has so many degrees, has spent most of their life in school, and is a successful writer at least on this platform…. would be able to hand in an assignment free from most (not all) defects and wouldn’t have themselves in a situation where they need to panic and sea

Hello, I had a situation, which I explained, and amended your paper. You admitted the paper was okay, but still went on to demand a discount even after selecting my bid. The amended paper was as per the task's initial requirements, you got a refund, but still are not satisfied. It's well. We keep on standing, hoping for better days ahead. The very best in your endeavors.
06/04/2021 Professor Liz did a gret job on my paper and was right on time with delivery of the paper. They were easy to contact and very accepting to the changes i made and was able to work on a short notice and deadline. 
05/28/2021 gotta love liz! 
05/21/2021 Liz did an amazing job on my research paper. 100% originality and just in time for the date requested. I highly recommend her, will definitely be requesting for her in the future!
05/19/2021 great communication. good end result
05/15/2021 This assignment was completed quickly and the complex directions were followed very well. I will use the prof again. Thanks
05/13/2021 The work is done in a very structured manner and everything is scheduled. Im really happy with the result
05/10/2021 My go to professor. Honestly wouldnt use anyone else. 
05/07/2021 5
05/03/2021 I'm very pleased to have found this professor. Thank you so much for your work. Even if I pay for it, she listened to me, answered to my messages very quickly and followed the instructions perfectly !!! I've gone through my assigment and WOW. I would definitely come back to her for other assignment. I'm waiting for the marks but I'm sure it will be great! Thank you so much again. See you soon! 

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