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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
06/19/2022 Great work.  Abides by all expectations/instructions. Easy to communicate with and gets work completed in time. 
06/19/2022 Thank you 
06/13/2022 great
06/03/2022 Great work.
05/29/2022 This professor was unfortunately a real pain to deal with. The initial submission was completely unusable and didn't meet the assignment  specifications in any way. After this, communication and revisions took so long that the assignment deadline was missed which meant that the document was unusable.
05/23/2022 Great work! Very Happy!
05/19/2022 Professional work, done in an extremely timely manner. Will Continue to use for follow on papers.
05/18/2022 Great work. 
05/09/2022 Great work 
05/05/2022 A lifesaver for sure. 
05/02/2022 Unbelievably amazing. Finished a 14 page essay in 2 days and well before the due date. Work is well done.
05/01/2022 2 hours past the deadline
04/30/2022 Grammar check, some of the content was very vague or didnt make sense had to edit almost all sentences to work and flow propperly.
04/29/2022 Followed Instructions, exceeded expectations.  Original work.
04/26/2022 Did a great job!
04/26/2022 Thank youuu!
04/18/2022 Awesome paper!! Very detailed report
04/17/2022 Perfect.yes
04/07/2022 What can I say is, your service is very comfortable, excellent, and always got me really high marks. Your services have always been honest and fair, and I have enjoyed working with you over the past three years. I have referred this professor to my friends in the past and will continue to do so in the future
04/07/2022 Good Communication and delivered my paper 3 days earlier. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
04/07/2022 Top notch paper.
04/07/2022 Your work has been great, very professional, and above my expectations. I cannot stress enough how much I am thankful to you.

Excellent Work and Communication


Thanks for the amazing work, but my essay has not been graded yet, expect one more coming.


Thank you for the amazing work on the assignment. I got really great feedback on the same.


Received 100/100.


Thank you I recevied a passing grade


Thank you. I will use your services in future and recommend your awesome services to my friends


It was really very nice work done in short period .....i know it was really very stressful to complete the task in short time .....i’m really felt superb on the work ... thank you

04/06/2022 Their cooperation is really great, what a wonderful effort they put on your assignment thank you guys for everything!

03/31/2022 Would highly recommend this professor. Returned work within hours of my post despite me submitting the request 48 hours before my due date. You always have to reread and fix a few errors with any professor you get. But with this professor, errors were minimal. Pleasantly satisfied with work.
03/30/2022 Great job!!
03/27/2022 Extremely fast and well done work!
03/26/2022 Instructions were not followed.
03/25/2022 Great quality work every time!
03/25/2022 Work was completed quickly and done correctly.
03/23/2022 This professor was quick and thorough in the writing of this paper for me.
03/21/2022 True quality!
03/14/2022 The Best! Excellent communication and a quick turnaround.

There was confusion on the instructions provided, however, the paper was revised
03/05/2022 Never let me down. The best!
03/04/2022 Great Paper!
03/04/2022 .
02/22/2022 The assignment was submitted before the time requested.
02/21/2022 Great work!
02/21/2022 Nice work!
02/20/2022 Very impressive!The best yet. I will use this professor again.
02/11/2022 Completed my project 2 days earlier and I still received 100%. Thank you for your excellent services.
02/11/2022 I'm totally satisfied with my order. The writer followed carefully all requirements and completed assignment on time. This is not a first time, they are always doing best. I must say that this professor really cares about the customer. Keep up the good work.JRBOYKIN
02/11/2022 Superb work, very impressed. The help just continues to be of the best quality. I couldn't ask for better support
02/11/2022 Very reliable and trustworthy , I always get good mark for the assignment , thank you for helping .
02/11/2022 The assignment was well written and had the correct information required by the professor. This was extraordinary work regarding statistics, and I am always impressed with the quality of these writers.
02/03/2022 Sorry for the delay
01/19/2022 Very professional and eager to get the job done.
01/13/2022 Provided a great paper in a timely fashion.
01/07/2022 Such an amazing paper. And so understanding and on time.
12/19/2021 My paper was late, I asked for a due time of 11:59. My paper was completed at 2am. I also asked for two pages, I received less than. If you want better, use a different person.
12/18/2021 One of my favorite professors! Always does fantastic work!
12/18/2021 Always does A+ work!!
12/10/2021 Professor Negioate 250 for my assignments. 
After completing one section they backed out. 
This I still have to pay someone for Week 10.
This is the last time I use this site. 
12/06/2021 Assignment was returned back to me late. The pofessor did not communicate with me  after I left 2 messagages asking when my assignment would be finished. Poor communication.
12/02/2021 Well done!

I mean, they wrote the paper so thank you. but legitimately sounds like this professor is pro-cult based on my paper about jonestown. also reads like a 12 year old wrote it. i submitted the request late so i am thankful that the paper was done, but i had to rewrite most of it. "It was clear that some people had a conviction for killing themselves under a charismatic leader directive willingly." verbatim, definitely pro-cult, "Many were for the Peoples Temple history through the worst techniques form in the days before the Massacre." makes zero sense. definitely think this author could do better if given the right amount of time, but the grammar and phrasing matter more than the message to teachers, and I would have failed this paper if I turned it in as is. 

11/29/2021 AWESOME THANKS!!!!
11/29/2021 excellent work
11/25/2021 Amazing work
11/25/2021 Thank you prof
11/25/2021 Selecting this professor is one of the best decisions I had ever taken because I spent my maximum time in my office due to which I get low marks in my academics but after consulting a friend, he referred me to this professor and he got 99%.
11/25/2021 They are providing 100% quality service. After received no any correction should be made all they included and score A+ always. Thank you
11/25/2021 Any paper delivered by this professor is usually top-notch.
11/25/2021 Fast paper and good quality
Wonderfully written essays in before the deadline, would certainly recommend!
11/25/2021 Thank you


Thank you

11/25/2021 I am very happy with the quality essays that I get from this professor. I got HD grades from my professor.
11/25/2021 Me and my partner we have been using this professor and we have never been disappointed.
11/24/2021 Thank you. 
11/24/2021 10/10. Thank you I will be using again in the future
11/24/2021 The paper was beyond my expectations.
11/24/2021 Thank you. Perfect paper
11/24/2021 Great Job!!! Spot on with assignment .
11/23/2021 Awesome job
11/23/2021 An amzing essay. Got my work done and very nicely as well. Truly took a load of my back. 10/10
11/23/2021 Good job. Thank you. 
11/21/2021 Wonderful!
11/21/2021 Did not provide on time and the solution produced was so bad that UP gave me a full refund. They even had a secont attempt at it, and it was just as putrid. The Power Point provided was literally just black text on a few PP slides...I'm not even exagerating when I say this 'prof' could not get any worse. No idea how they even have an account on here. I've seen some bad papers in the past but nothing even close to this dumpster fire. 
11/17/2021 Very detailed in writing. Good job!
11/16/2021 I got the paper on time and really appreciated it! Forgot to cite the images in the paper but no other issues.
11/16/2021 !!!!!
11/16/2021 ALWAYS comes thru!
11/13/2021 Great
11/13/2021 Fast and friendly professor. Highly recommend
11/08/2021 A+
11/08/2021 Amazing work. Gave me more than required.
11/08/2021 amazing
11/07/2021 I will never use them again. Complete waste of time. 
11/04/2021 Project was a PowerPoint presentation, was delivered well before the requested deadline and while it required a few minor corrections (no one is perfect and if you don't proof read your work before submitting it you deserve the grade you receive - I ALWAYS edit my own work several times.) It was excellent overall and as stated extremely early allowing me time to make any changes I want/need.  I chose this professor based on his introduction - if their introduction is poorly written there ins't much hope the product they produce will be better - he didn't disappoint me.  I had indicated that I was seeking someone to ghostwrite for me as I'm sick of writing the myself and using the same individual will provide contunity as well. I highly recommend this professor.
11/04/2021 Great Work!
11/03/2021 Super awesome work
11/02/2021 Awesomw job!!! ZThe assignment was submitted way before the due date.
11/02/2021 Professor had  my research paper done within the first week. Paper was very well written with all requirements met. Very happy
11/02/2021 Great work!
10/26/2021 Always does amazing work!! Thank you!!
10/25/2021 Was missing a lot of information, make sure to thoroughly explain what is needed for the assignment. HOWEVER, what he did write was AMAZING. He wrote it in the very small time frame provided and was very fast to respond and fix what he had missed. Overall, he is a good go-to just give yourself enough time to look over the paper and have whatever needs to be fixed, fixed. Gave me no problems when I had told him the problem and got right to fixing it. 
10/25/2021 Finish it on time and willing to help with changes 
10/19/2021 +
10/18/2021 Awesome work
10/18/2021 great work
10/17/2021 Solution completed early with time for review and met requirements. Thank you! 
10/14/2021 Thank you! Asked for a revision, and the professor crushed it
10/14/2021 Worked wonders in a short amount of time. Highly recommended. 
10/11/2021 Amazing and acurate
10/07/2021 Fantastic!
10/06/2021 Amazing job!!!
10/01/2021 Great value for what you're paying for. I was very impressed with the final product. 10/10
10/01/2021 This time I got some good marks which has put a good impression and i'm very happy about, few points were missing but overall was good
10/01/2021 Awasome. I'm happy with the paper you turned
09/30/2021 Thank you
09/30/2021 Good work. Satisfied. Minor errors and some missing points. Lost full marks for not expressing other students personal beliefs etc. Overall happy with the results
09/30/2021 Excellent paper. I was also completed 48 hours earlier. Thank you for great services
09/30/2021 Great. Thank you
The paper was not plagiarized and well referenced. 

09/30/2021 Amazing work thank you so much it was awesomely done I would definitely recommend others to use this Professor.
09/30/2021 Thank you
09/30/2021 Super quick turnaround.
09/28/2021 You did a good job. Highly satisfied with the outcome as I got a good grade without any of my own efforts.

09/28/2021 Thank you
09/28/2021 Thank you very much for providing such a good case study for this topic. I am happy with my marks
09/28/2021 Simple and informative. Thank you for the work well done
09/28/2021 I'm quite satisfied as reviewed and made changes when I requested. 
09/28/2021 Thank you. It was an awesome paper. 
09/28/2021 Well deserved 10/10. A++A++A++
09/28/2021 The paper was beyond my expectaions. Used this professor several times and all his paper I have scored an A
09/28/2021 The professor got me an A on my assignment. I will use your service in the future
09/28/2021 Got an A on my assignment.
09/27/2021 Thank you
09/27/2021 I'm very happy with your service
09/27/2021 Quick response and on time delivery
09/27/2021 Thank you
09/27/2021 Thank you
09/27/2021 Recomend this professor to others. 
09/27/2021 Thank you
09/27/2021 Thank you
09/27/2021 Great paper and delivered on time
09/26/2021 The solution did not meet the requirements, the analysis not presented in the required format and the second article citation is missing. 
09/26/2021 Exceptional Paper! Thank you!  This didn't just meet the minimum requirements of my paper.  This went above and beyond!  Obvious A.  Thank you!
09/22/2021 Was amazing when I first started using them. Recently, they do not follow due dates or directions and the quality of work has severely dropped off. Very unfortunate. 
09/21/2021 Good paper, Would like a faster response time, but he would always end up answering the questions/ comments so not a problem
09/21/2021 .
09/20/2021 Great job on such a quick turnaround.  Provided exactly what was needed.  Highly recommend.
09/16/2021 Did my paper fastly and efficiently. Followed all the directions and I am sure I will receive a good grade! Thanks 
09/15/2021 Great job!
09/15/2021 Did an Amazing job and scored 100%
09/15/2021 On time and very professional. The professor got me an A.
09/15/2021 The professor is dependable and reliable
09/15/2021 A++
09/15/2021 The paper turned out as I had expected
09/15/2021 Great
09/14/2021 Thank you
09/14/2021 Thank you
09/14/2021 Thank you
09/13/2021 The services offered by this professor are excellent and always got me really high marks.

09/13/2021 I received a perfect grade
09/13/2021 All your needs are met with just one click.
09/13/2021 GOAT
09/12/2021 The paper was perfect. I look forward working with you in the future on an ongoing basis.
09/12/2021 Thank you
09/12/2021 Amazing paper. A++
09/12/2021 Very satisfactory. Highly recommend
09/12/2021 Thank you
09/12/2021 Thank you
09/12/2021 Great work!
09/09/2021 Not only was the paper produced BEFORE the deadline but it was written on a difficult very specific topic and the professor NAILED it!! Thank You so much I will continuing to use you!!
09/07/2021 LIFE SAVER!!! 
The best professor on this site.
09/07/2021 Excellent services and the paper was well structured. 
09/07/2021 Delivered my paper two days earlier and still scored 100%
09/07/2021 Thank you
09/07/2021 The paper was graded 50/50. Thank you
09/07/2021 Good work and quick turn around
09/07/2021 The essay was perfect. It was beyond my expectations. I will use your services in the coming week
09/06/2021 Highly recommend. Thank you
09/06/2021 A++

Thank you
09/06/2021 Great work. Thank you
08/28/2021 Quick, Easy and Great Quality
08/19/2021 Received an A for this project! thanks!
08/15/2021 95/100 on the paper, professor was very responsive and had no plagiarism. Did miss a page but my professor who graded it did not notice. 
08/10/2021 This paper was completed AHEAD of schedule, which exceeded my expectations.  This is my first time using this professor and I would definitely accept future bids!  Thank you much for all of your help, as this has relieved a lot of pressure!
08/09/2021 great work 
08/08/2021 Watch your time with this one, he will submit an hour before it is due
08/05/2021 Fabulous work, thank you so much 
07/29/2021 Thank you very much, absolute life saver
07/29/2021 Quick and delivered a top-notch paper.
07/29/2021 The paper was well written and followed all the instructions. Highly recommend.
07/29/2021 Thank you.
07/29/2021 The paper was completed ahead of time. Great results as always
07/29/2021 Got 100%. Thank you
07/29/2021 Everything was perfectly done as I requested. 

07/29/2021 Responsive, punctual, cooperative with making edits. Got A on my paper.

07/29/2021 Great work in a timely manner!

07/29/2021 Great. Thank you

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