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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
05/13/2024 I couldn't be more happy with the paper from Nikki! She exceeded expectations and I am so grateful!! 
05/08/2024 I chose this professor because their background fit my needs best but I got a 0 because an entire paragraph was noted to be AI written. As I checked multiple AI detectors they all registered the same. I'll definitely be checking for that before paying a professor again.

Hi! I'm so sorry that this happened to you! I just looked through all of my projects though and don't see a single one for you. Again, so sorry it happened but it was not with me!
From our first collaboration to the last, Professor Blakes has always been successful in eloquently capturing the ideas I wish to express in my writing, that remains trapped in my thoughts due to stress, life responsibilites/distractions, or thought aphasia. Outside of the quality of their work, I have always had such pleasant interactions that showcased not just their professionalism, but a genuine kindness and willingness to work with me and my projects to provide the best quality. Every solution has been timely; you can tell that they read the instructions you provide or may have missed, and I am just so entirely grateful to who they are, the work they provid for the field of Education on this site, and the sunshine she provides in every outreach! I strongly recommend Professor NikkiBlakes for such assignments based off my experience working with them, and I thank you so much for all the help you've provided me! heart

You're the absolute sweetest. SO proud of you again for graduating!! The world needs someone like you!
04/07/2024 Wish I could rate zero. I spent over $500 and I believe most of it was written by an ai tool. Many of the sentences didn't make sense, a college promotional site was used to define a term instead of academic sources, much of it was not related back to the topic, the APA was incorrect in several instances (including a title in all caps, which tells me she didn't even proof-read it). I couldn't use any of her work she did attempt to change some of it, basically used the same problematic material and just changed the sub-heading to what I asked it to be. The dispute process is awful. Basically said "she gave you something by the deadline and she says she did it correctly." You would have better luck working with an ai tool yourself than letting her use one and giving you garbage you can't use. 

Even in the solution, the paragraphs did not follow proper structure (topic sentence, discussion, concluding sentence). There was no proper synthesis of sources to connect ideas and make a coherent paper based on what was asked. Looks like bullet points in paragraph form. 

Absolutely awful. Do not use this person. 

As you know, I vehemently disagree with this. What makes it worse is that the only communication you provided me following your first message regarding edits (which I provided) was that as long as you got your full refund, you wouldn’t leave me a negative review. After admin read my essay, communicated with me on changes I’d already provided, and then provided info to you, I figured that this would still be your choice. As always, I do not use AI. Truthfully I’m not even sure how to use it to write papers as I’ve been teaching for so long, it’s just something you stay away from. I wish you the best.
04/01/2024 Amazing writer! She answered every question and followed the format/outline I asked for. Took off one star because I wish she would've opened up my essay with the intriguing scenario that I asked her to in order to make the reading more livid. However, she mentioned it a few sentences later. 

Thank you so much Nikki. 
03/26/2024 A+ grades EVERY time.
03/26/2024 Amazing work!!
03/07/2024 8/25
I felt that the rubric wasnt followed. 
this was my grading comment
You have few citations; most of your references do not appear in your text, indicating that they were not relevant to your discussion. Your text asserts that the case is a landmark in the legal discourse regarding PAD, but does not state how, nor what difference it makes.

I'm so sorry you feel like this. I know this assignment was focused on condensing your already-created work. I do know that all citations created by me were cited in the paper.
03/06/2024 Quality work. I have maintained a 3.9 GPA  with the assistance of this professor. 
03/06/2024 I have used this professor too many times to count. Every single time they do an amazing job!
03/06/2024 Wonderful work every time I have use this professor. A+
03/01/2024 she does such amazing job. she is one of the best on here she is faboulous 

02/18/2024 well done, thank you
02/16/2024 just amazing. did it timely manner and communication was clear 
02/08/2024 Professor Blakes is such an incredible individual! They helepd me with a presentation that described everything needed in the instructions and sounded personalized to boot! I am so happy with how it came out! Thank you again for your wonderful help! <3
02/08/2024 Amazing quality every time I have used. You are in good hands!
02/05/2024 Very good work 
01/28/2024 The very best!! She has saved my life!!
01/22/2024 BEST EVER!! So smart and nice. Always a positive experience!
01/14/2024 ANGEL!! So nice and kind. Super smart. Never any issues. You would be crazy to pick any one else. Worry free experience.
01/14/2024 SOOOOOO GOOD!!! I have a 3.99 GPA and only because of them. What a life saver!!!
01/14/2024 This person must be a literal genius. They can write anything and it is so good every time!!
01/14/2024 Best ever!! So smart and quality work every single time. Always meets deadlines.
01/14/2024 Will not use anyone but this professor. Would be lost without them!
01/14/2024 A lot of times these sites give you work you can;t use but this professor is amazing! So good at what she does. Quality work!!!
01/14/2024 BEST TO EVER DO IT!!
12/31/2023 Good product, but several of the hyperlinks in the references were incorrect.
12/17/2023 Great work and speedy delivery 
12/17/2023 Very helpful and great writing quality
12/13/2023 Great communication, understood the parameters completely, and delivered on a last minute project with absolute perfection. Definitely earned the Diamond status! Top tier!
11/30/2023 I can't say enough, thank you for working with me through a difficult process!
11/20/2023 Awsome work!!
09/29/2023 I got a perfect score. Thank you!

YAY! Midterms are always scary so I'm so glad!!
09/07/2023 Outstanding work.
09/03/2023 This professor has made my college experience managable. I would be lost without them. High quality work, best ever!
09/01/2023 This professor is amazing. I can not thank them enough for their high quality work.

I'm obsessed with you! So glad we can work together!!
09/01/2023 NOONE BETTER ON THIS SITE!!!!! Don't choose any one else.
09/01/2023 This professor has helped me so much. They take care of all of my busy work so I can really enjoy what I am learning while also working full time and raising a family. 10/10 recommend. 
09/01/2023 This professor is the best. Never one issue. Great work!
09/01/2023 I was nervous when I first started using this site but this professor has turned that all around. They are such a game changer for me!!!
09/01/2023 Smart, kind, always meets deadlines. Have never needed a revision. Always good on first submission. 
09/01/2023 I use this professor multiple times per semester. No complaints. Great, quality work. I have a 3.94 GPA.
09/01/2023 Look no further. Pick this professor and they will deliver quality work everytime.
09/01/2023 No one better than this professor. The best on the site.
09/01/2023 Have used this professor over 30 times. Never a grade below a 95. The very best!!!
09/01/2023 A+ EVERY SINGLE TIME. This professor is the right choice.
09/01/2023 Best professor EVER. Will only use this specific professor.
08/26/2023 Outstanding job
08/10/2023 Amazing!!
07/12/2023 I owe her a sincere apology. Her work is solid and worth every penny. I mixed up my papers and thought it was her. She was patient and was able to communicate with me about what I mixed up. Great work. Please accept my apology.

Don't worry for a second about it! We got to the bottom of it and I'm grateful the work I submitted was good!!
07/10/2023 A pleasure to work with. Very good communication and always delivers exceptional results.
07/04/2023 A second paper commissioned with Nikki resulted in a better grade of 73%, but it still fell short of what previous professors have gotten me in the past on this website. The feedback issued from this paper was that the writing made it difficult to understand what the writer was getting across.

Nikki was very accommodating with this second paper and even edited some parts at my request.

I can say that both my 39% paper and this paper were in the Nursing field. Both papers also required minor edits from myself but typically just with the use of Grammarly and not changing any core content. The papers received from Nikki both read well at a quick glance but definitely did not hit the standards of my program or the rubric provided.

Please see below
07/04/2023 She had excellent communication throughout our interactions but unfortunately, the delivered paper was graded at 39%. More than one instructor graded the paper to ensure fairness but the result was the same.

The entire rubric was provided prior to her commencing the paper and it fell short due to the lack of analysis. Other comments provided by my instructor were that the paper was messy and hard to follow.

I'm actually shocked by this and so sorry for this experience! I just read over both papers again and I would love to see the feedback from your professors. I ran everything through Grammarly and it's currently scoring an 88 so I would love to know what they're reading that maybe I am not.
06/14/2023 OMG, You did an amazing job! You took the words right out of my word and put it on paper, something I always struggle with! Definitely coming back to you!
06/13/2023 Got a C. Thanks for the help!!
06/10/2023 This prof delivered exactly what I had asked for! would definately chose again!
06/09/2023 Got a 100% on this paper! Thank you for the constant support and feedback on the paper. Really appreciate the time put into this!
05/20/2023 AWESOME work as always!!!   Thank you!!! 
05/16/2023 Amazing work, as usual, by this professor!  I highly recommend!!  
05/14/2023 Was not a passing grade. Referencing and grammar were seeverly lacking. 
05/03/2023 Nikki had written a personal statement for me and I could not have been happier with the results. I have a lot of experience under my belt and for Nikki to compose all of this together for one powerful statement was amazing. 10/10 would recommend her any day! 
04/27/2023 AWESOME WORK ... will definitely be in contact if needed again!!   This Professor is AMAZING!!!  Thank you as always!  :0)
04/20/2023 Project completed exactly to specifications and on time!
04/18/2023 Always provided excellent work and never hesistates to make changes as needed!
04/04/2023 Best choice on this website. Do not think twice.
04/04/2023 Amazing work. So smart, on time, and very nice!
04/04/2023 Great, quality work every time. You will not be dissapointed.
04/04/2023 BEST PROFESSOR EVER!! cool
04/03/2023 Work was on time, instructions were followed, always a pleasure working with her.
03/24/2023 As always, Essay is exactly what I was looking for!!  YOU ROCK NIKKI!!  great communication, on time with work.  Will definitely use again if needed.  A+++++
03/16/2023 She did great work, open to my comments and turnaround time was quick!
03/02/2023 Hands down. BEST EVER. Would not feel comfortable choosing anyone else.
03/02/2023 AMAZING! Have never even needed a revision but if I did she would be more than happy. Very responsive and nails the assignment every time!
03/02/2023 Best professor on here. Been using her for years. You will not regret choosing her!
03/02/2023 Smart and so kind. You will not regret choosing her. She is my regular and only professor that I use.
03/02/2023 Never gotten lower then a 95 with this professor's work. 9 times out of ten I get 100%. She is the only one I will ever use.
03/02/2023 I honestly would trust no one other than this professor. She does quality work every single time and I would be lost without her.
03/02/2023 great!
02/14/2023 The project submitted by my professor was outstanding!  She met all the criteria from the grading rubric, was very responsive to messages that I left, and finished the project before the deadline.  Would absolutely hire again!
01/29/2023 Awesome job on time 
01/26/2023 Willing to admit that I am new to this site and that I likely didn't give enough direction/instruction in my original post so some of the responsibility for my experience is definitely on me. 
This person returned this piece quickly and was willing to make an edit based on a suggestion from me in the first draft which I really appreciated on a quick-turn-around project. However, they just replaced the first paragraph (at my request), but didn't rewrite the second for it to be connected to the new introduction paragraph. After reading the sources that they included it seemed like parts were just lifted and slightly reworded. I was hoping for more 'original' thoughts. 
01/04/2023 WONDERFUL!!! Can't say enough.

01/04/2023 The VERY best. Hands down best on the site.
01/04/2023 Quality work. Have never gotten lower then an A.
01/04/2023 Always on time and always exactly what I asked for.
01/04/2023 Amazing!! I owe this professor my life lol
01/04/2023 Great work. Every. Single. Time.
01/04/2023 Using these sites is a gamble but not with this professor! Great every single time.
01/04/2023 No one better. A's every time!
01/04/2023 This professor is the absolute best!!!
01/04/2023 This professor is a miracle worker!! Amazing job every time.
12/29/2022 She did amazing job, definately will contact her for future projects
12/23/2022 My project was completed per instructions and two days earlier than promised! I highly recommned this professor
12/12/2022 Always on time, always top notch work, the best I've ever worked with. Highly recommended. A+++++++
12/12/2022 Love her! Simply the best! ??????????
12/12/2022 THE BEST EVER!!! Highly recommended A++++++ , no matter what subject, she's always the best!
12/11/2022 SIMPLY THE BEST!!! Highly recommended A+++++++
12/08/2022 THE BEST EVER! I HAVE USED HER LIKE 10-12 TIMES, ALWAYS GET AN A!!! A+++++ ????????????????????
12/04/2022 Love working with Nikki. Does the best work. Have been working with Nikki for years and always does A work.
11/30/2022 I can not say enough about the work that this Professor does!  Fantastic to work with, communication is great and work is ALWAYS on point!  THANK YOU AGAIN!!   Will definitly be using again if needed in the future :0)
11/28/2022 Super easy to work with and delivered on time!  There was a formatting issue from her end but she came up witih a quick fix and sent the work back to me in no time. 
11/20/2022 This is my second time using Ms. Nikki Blakes and this is my second time being absoutely blown away by the content of her work. She provides fantastic content and follows instructions to a T. Always punctual and effective at what she does. 10/10
11/17/2022 Her work is written so naturally and well-informed for my needs. Timely submission and very kind. Happy to work with them again. You're a great professor :)
11/13/2022 FANTASTIC WORK!  Exactly what I was looking for.  Will definitely use this professor for other work in the future!!!  THANK YOU!!!
10/04/2022 Nikki is the best! She is my go to girl from now on!!
10/01/2022 paper was well constructed and the APA format was perfect. grammar was also well done with minimal unimportant mistakes when I read it over that I am surprised I even noticed. she provided the paper back before the deadline I provided and exceeded number of references which was nice. the paper itself I ended up rewriting half of it as I personally felt several important aspects were completely missed (the rubric for grading I copied and pasted what the professor was looking for for a perfect score and two sections were not addressed/not clearly addressed/barely addressed in the paper. I also openly admit I am extremely picky though so to others the paper may have sufficed but for the money paid I would have hoped for something I would have liked better and needed to make less changes to.
09/28/2022 Great job and amazing edits/revisions. Best professor ever. Never lets me down.
09/27/2022 100% best professor on this site. If you see a negative review I promise this professor is not the problem. They have saved my life over and over again. Could not be happier!!
09/27/2022 This professor is a life saver. I wouldn't have the quality of life I do with out them. Always does an amazing job. Helps me free up time for my busy work life and family.
09/27/2022 Best work hands down of any writer I have ever had. Don't think twice.
09/27/2022 I have a 3.98 GPA and I could not do it without this professor. 
09/27/2022 No professor better!! A+ every time.
09/15/2022 Service was completed in a timely fashion and extremely well done. I am impressed with the level of quality and professionalism as well as the passion for the topic. Communication wtih the professor was outstanding as well. Would definitely recommend.
09/14/2022 Thank you!
08/20/2022 The turn around was a day before the due date which gave me time to look over it. Highly recommand.
08/08/2022 Nikki is excellent. Communicates well and reassures the student of her progress. Some minor editing was done to fit the course requirement, but overall an excellent professor.yes
08/02/2022 The professor reply very very slow, there is no any enough communication at all, although it is just a beginning of the whole dissertation project, we have a whole good project needs to be focus on and each step we have a deadline, but this time the experience is very bad... sorry to say that ... the professor didn't care about our communication ... 

This student is located in a timezone that is entirely different from my own, which I have explained. I simply cannot reply to messages from midnight to 5am in a timely manner.
08/01/2022 Would be lost without Nikki. SOOOOO lucky to have her help. 
08/01/2022 BEST WRITIER ON HERE!!! All As always!!!
07/25/2022 Great work
07/22/2022 Wonderful professor!
07/22/2022 BEST ever!!
07/16/2022 Great paper, on time, exceeded expectations on an uncommon topic (Real estate).
07/10/2022 great work
07/08/2022 WONDERFUL!!! LIFE SAVER!!!
07/08/2022 So smart! So nice! Great writer!
07/08/2022 No one better. Will use no one but this professor.
07/08/2022 Used many time. The very best.
07/08/2022 High As in all my classes!
07/08/2022 Always get the job done PERFECTLY! Also just all around a super nice human.
06/15/2022 GREATEST EVER!
06/10/2022 Wonderful work every time!!
06/10/2022 Wonderful work every time.
06/10/2022 Outstanding work on this mangement paper on Diversity!  10/10 stars!  Project completed per specifications and prior to the specified deadline!  I hightly recommend
06/09/2022 10 out of 10 on this mangement project on diversity!  Professor followed the instructions to the letter and completed the task a day before the deadline!  I highly recommend this diamond professor!  She is worth the little bit extra price for exemplarly work!
06/08/2022 The best there is!
06/08/2022 Get 100s on everything!
06/08/2022 Amazing as always!!
06/08/2022 BEST professor!!!
06/08/2022 BEST professor!!!
06/08/2022 BEST professor!!!
06/05/2022 Amazing job on the assignment that was given! Timely and very communicable and availble to answer questions at any time. I would definitely hire for another paper!
05/25/2022 Best professor on this site!
05/25/2022 Wonderful work!
05/25/2022 Perfect job every time!
05/25/2022 Amazing job!
05/25/2022 Best professor ever! 
05/21/2022 This professor is the real deal—patient, responsible, professional, and great with communication. An assignment won't go wrong in her hands. Thank you from the bottom of my heart; I can't ask for more and I will definitely come back!
05/05/2022 Wonderful as always!
05/05/2022 Wonderful as always!
05/05/2022 Wonderful as always!
05/03/2022 Another A paper!
05/03/2022 Excellent! as always
04/29/2022 The report was finished early and earned I received 100%.  Other than 2 or 3 spelling/grammar errors, the report was complete and ready to turn in as is.  Very happy with the outcome and the grade.  I requested the report within 4 to 5 days of the due date and the Professor had it back in 3, allowing enough time to review and adjust if needed.  
04/19/2022 Awesome job, loved how easy it was to work with and how well feedback taken!
04/18/2022 excellent work
04/18/2022 excellent work
04/13/2022 Professor took on project on short notice, kept in contact with me the whole time. At the end it wasn't needed as the assignment was canceled by my professor. I was even going to give her some bread for her time and trouble but she didn't take it. FIRST CLASS I TELL YOU. I can't speak for her work BUT judging by her character I think it would be safe to assume its stellar. 

I rarely respond to these but it absolutely made my day. Thank you so much :-)
04/10/2022 Do not hesitate to choose this professor!
04/07/2022 Excellent work as always!
04/07/2022 Excellent work! This prof actually ened up making 2 seperate powerpoints to fix my issue and worked with me till the end! I will definatly use her again!
04/07/2022 Excellent work again!
04/05/2022 Awesome professor! Did 2 projects for me in only 2 days and also managed to provide the requested corrections by me. Highly recommend.
04/05/2022 Amazing job!
04/04/2022 Ordered a project with a deadline for only 1 day and the professor even managed to edit it after the first submition during this timeframe!
03/31/2022 Amazing job!
03/29/2022 Great job!
03/28/2022 excellent work
03/25/2022 This professor provides excellent work! got a 94/100
03/17/2022 Excellent work. I cannot thank you enough
03/17/2022 BEST EVER
03/17/2022 Wonderful work!
03/17/2022 The BEST!
03/16/2022 Excellent once again!
03/15/2022 A+
03/12/2022 Wonderful work!
03/07/2022 Amazing essay ! the professor included many references and the essay was very organized and well articulated. Will be doing future essays with this professor ! If you need a specific state or city always include it in your submission ( that was my fault ) but besides that I recommend this professor!! Thank you so much ??????
03/07/2022 Blown away by her work! Hopefully my professor agrees!
03/03/2022 Excellent work again! I could never have written such a great paper! Got a 100/100. Definitely will use her again. I'm so happy with her work.
03/01/2022 Wonderful as always!
02/24/2022 Excellent work as always got 100/100 on this paper! love this prof!
02/24/2022 This prof does excellent work! got a 98/100!
02/20/2022 Amazing work! Thank you so much
02/14/2022 Great work!
02/13/2022 Excellent product!
02/12/2022 Expert paper. Properly understood the assignment and wrote from an academic perspective and was able to analyze data and give coherent viewpoints
02/11/2022 This professor is a total lifesaver! She got A's on every paper I have had her do. Outstanding work and easy to work with. One of the best!
02/11/2022 I love, Love, Love this professor. She has excellent work and is always punctual. Easy to work with and goes above and beyond. I defiantly recommend this one!
02/11/2022 Always provides the best work!
02/09/2022 Thank you
02/07/2022 Amazing work
02/07/2022 A+
02/06/2022 10/10
02/06/2022 Excellent Work as usual
02/06/2022 Amazing work!
02/06/2022 Worth every penny. 8th project she does for me, and counting!!!
02/06/2022 Always the best! Highest quality projects! She did 2 papers and a PowerPoint for me in 2 days. A+++++++++
02/03/2022 Always the best!!! I trust her with all my projects, essays, PowerPoints, discussions, no matter what class, she always surprises me with the great work she does for me!!!
02/02/2022 Such a great professor to work with, she did such a great job. I seriously got 100/100. Having her do more papers for me defiantly. Thank you again!

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