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11/13/2019 This is my second using this professor, and 100% not my last. I had NikkiBlakes complete an infographic for me and it was done perfectly, directions were followed and it is exactly what I wanted. 
11/11/2019 NikkiBlakes is incredible. This prof wrote exactly what I wanted and even exceeded my expectations. Not a grammar or spelling error in sight, free of plagiaism, and well written. This professor deserves their rating 1000%. This professor was very easy to communicate with, and even delieverd the paper early. HIGHLY RECOMMEND 
11/10/2019 i would caution using this professor for science related papers. i had to completely rewrite what this professor wrote for me. frustrating because the website still took my money. the 3 stars is based on the fact an assignment was turned in to me-- the assignment was simply completely. but the instructions followed? no. did i have to rewrite everything? yes. this was worth 150pts of my grade, i paid for this assignment to be done for me, the rubric wasn't followed and i ended up having to write it anyway. what i received was not what the resume claims to have experitise in. 
11/07/2019 Love Love Love Nikki's work  3 papers and 3 A's!!!!
11/07/2019 This is the second paper I have had done by Nikki.  And the second A paper she has delivered.  She is very professional and takes your assignment seriously.  She responds promptly to all of your messages and will reach out to you if there is something she does not understand about the assignment in order to make sure that she delivers you the best possible paper.  I will continue to use Nikki throughout the remained of my degree as needed. 
11/07/2019 Exceeded all expectations!
11/04/2019 I was pleasantly surprised at the work I received, and it was also returned to me early. Would definitely recommend. 
10/31/2019 Wrote such an AMAZING essay for me! Literally wrote exactly what I wanted
10/26/2019 Very thorough, annd great writing! Thank you so much!
10/26/2019 NikkiBlakes is extremely helpful in bringing your words to life.  I am very thankful she has helped me with my essays!
10/17/2019 I got an A thank you
10/11/2019 This is a REAL, GREAT writer. A lot of writers on here seem to be like, foreign essay sweat shops or something. CHOOSE this person do not look any further. 
10/09/2019 Continues to save the day! 
10/03/2019 Quick, thorough, well written. Keeps in excellent communication. It helps that you can tell she's a native English speaker unlike many other professors. Will use again.
10/01/2019 Didnt really change anything. I feel like I paid for nothing 
09/25/2019 got a C
Price non negotiable from this great professor
09/11/2019 Nikki was accommodating and completed the assignment before the requested time. If you're are looking for a professor to get the work done accurately select Nikki I promise you won't regret it.
09/08/2019 Deliver way before the deadline and great quality! highly recommended
09/04/2019 Excellent PowerPoint presentation! Very timely and I'm a returning to this professor for future projects. 
09/03/2019 It was my first time using this website to answer some admission questions for a nursing program. I thought the writer had quick and easy communication. The answers they wrote for me were pretty generic and weren't super personal but I find it pretty hard for a stranger to write personal answers for you when they don't know you anyway. Also, I also asked for each answer to be about 250 words and they fell short on a few of them. Overall the answers were worded well, it just wasn't personal but I give them 8 stars overall for effort!
09/01/2019 I will continue to request projects from this professor every future course I come across. Great with any/all NURSING assignments!
09/01/2019 She's caring and work with you, taking the stress off your hands.
09/01/2019 This professor has completed the best NURSING assignments out of all professors I have worked with. I requested her for an entire course and recieved nothing short of an A with all completed projects.
09/01/2019 This professor completed an assignment for me having given her only an hour notice before the deadline. SHE'S AMAZING
08/26/2019 Excellent presentation done in a timely manner.
08/24/2019 NikkiBlakes nails it again! The History research paper she completed for me was well put together and was completed within my timeline.  Thank you again!
08/23/2019 Fabulous
08/22/2019 Professor was able to edit in a timely manner after I requested some additions. Got perfect grade. Thank you!
08/22/2019 Professor was able to edit in a timely manner after I requested some additions. Got perfect grade. Thank you!
08/20/2019 completed the assignment well ahead of schedule. provided great communication throughout the project. listened to my input and delivered a solid product. will request services from this author again
08/20/2019 Another A project from this professor 
08/19/2019 Wrote a great short letter. Actually communicates unlike some others. Quality of paper is really solid, no plagiarism detected. 10/10
08/19/2019 Thanks for the excellent work.

08/18/2019 Quick turn around and a quality paper. Thanks! 
08/17/2019 I have my paper done for the entire 2 semesters with this Professor, and I make A. I like this professor because she/he responses very quickly, delivers the paper early from the deadline, will redo the paper with no cost. I made some small adjustments or corrections to fit the school requirement. Overall, I am very pleased working with this Professor and will work with him/her again for my next semester. I cannot thank you enough, Professor. You took my stress away! I appreciate it very much!! 
08/17/2019 Easy to get in touch..
08/17/2019 Delivery paper early from the deadline..
08/17/2019 Easy to work with!!
08/17/2019 Awesome!
08/17/2019 Great paper!
08/12/2019 Did an amazing job using focal points from the city I live in to add a personal view on the assingment requested. 
08/10/2019 I honestly could not have written something better. This professor went above and beyond and hit every mark on the graded rubric for this project.
08/10/2019 This professor completed another A project
08/10/2019 Thsi professor works WITH you
08/07/2019 Exactly what I asked for with extra!  Thank you for your help. 
08/06/2019 I got 98. so happy.
08/03/2019 Work was completed before deadline. I'm happy with the results.
08/03/2019 Excellent, timely work.
08/01/2019 On time and perfect ! Thank you!
07/28/2019 Wrote exactly what I wanted and in such a short amount of time. Used my own personal thoughts but in a way that made it all flow together really well and for a great price.
07/28/2019 Project complete days in advance 
07/24/2019 Cannot express enough how appreciative I am for her working with me!
07/20/2019 The professor listened to detail and edited as needed in less than an hour. Stress gone! Thank you!
07/20/2019 Prof wrote excellent material and completed paper on time given very short notice. 100% reccomend and will use again!
07/18/2019 Nailed it! Top notch. Highly recommend!
07/18/2019 Amazing, as always! 
07/16/2019 great
07/15/2019 I wasnt really feeling the first one she wrote and asked if she could re-do it and did it for me no questions asked!
07/14/2019 Great work! Would recommend
07/11/2019 Project was completed and submitted before the deadline, worked with me to make some edits, did a huge PowerPoint in 3 days time, great communication, very pleased. Won't see my grade until a couple of weeks from now but feeling pretty good about it. Thank you!!!!!!!!!
07/08/2019 great work, very accommodating
07/04/2019 Exceptional work ????
07/01/2019 I have been working with this Professor for the last few months, and this Professor is never disappointed me.
07/01/2019 You can depend on this Professor.
07/01/2019 Awesome!
07/01/2019 This Professor is easy to work with.
07/01/2019 Awesome! thank you, Professor
great result!
07/01/2019 great professor to work with!
07/01/2019 Always on time!
07/01/2019 great job!
06/28/2019 Everything done on time, in full, as requested. 10/10
06/25/2019 Done ahead of schedule! Amazing as always!

06/23/2019 Life saver! Best work you can get 
06/23/2019 Always amazing work and always on time
06/23/2019 By far the best work I have gotten from this site! Wouldnt use anyone else
06/20/2019 I'm not gonna lie, I am wrapped up in your essay writing ability! They read so well! Thank you!
06/19/2019 The best ever!!!!
06/18/2019 I am very impressed by the promptness in which she completed the essay! I read through it and it definitely surpasses my expectations.  I will definitely request to use you again NIKKIBLAKES. Thank you again!
06/15/2019 Always amazing and ahead of due date!
06/13/2019 Done days prior to the due date!! Awesome work, receiving perfect scores.
06/11/2019 The BEST!
06/11/2019 Always quality work, ahead of due date.
06/06/2019 the best!!!
05/31/2019 Exatly  what I asked for. Thanks again, Nikki.
05/25/2019 Amazing as always!
05/25/2019 Amazing as always!
05/22/2019 Amazing and fast as always!
05/22/2019 Amazing and fast as always :)
05/22/2019 Great work, assignment submitted way before deadline. Thank you ! 
05/22/2019 Great work, assignment completed way before deadline. Would use this Professor again. Thank you! 
05/22/2019 Great person to work with.
05/18/2019 This professor did a great job on my project. It was my 2nd time working with them and I would highly recommend them! 
05/17/2019 Made A!
05/17/2019 It has been amazing working with this Professor. This Professor is easy to work with, open minded, willing to redo the writing to meet all the necessary requirement. It is the student responsibility to reread the paper before it submitted and ask for some adjustment. The entire semester, I had my assigments done by this Professor, I made 2 grade of Bs and the others are As. The final grade is A !!! Thank you, Professor!!!

05/17/2019 Always great !!
05/17/2019 Great work! I get an A..
05/03/2019 Project was finished well before the expected date! Also, very thorough. I will definitely request Nikkiblakes the next time I need help
04/29/2019 If you need an assignment with a guarantee A, Shes your professor!
04/29/2019 Never disappoints, follows guidelines and always on time 
04/29/2019 Always does amazing work! Goes above and beyond 
04/27/2019 Always timely and excellent work.
04/23/2019 Very good paper and was done early. A+
04/21/2019 This professor followed the details of the assignment and completed it early! I will definitely use this one again.
04/20/2019 very fast , I won't mind using her again 
04/14/2019 Great writer and delivers well before due date. A++++
04/12/2019 Great paper! Thank you!
04/12/2019 got an A will use this professor again!  GREAT JOB!
My go to professor for anything Health, always gets an A and she is fast and always ahead of schedule.

04/11/2019 Always great work!!
04/10/2019 very fast turn around on assignments!
04/10/2019 Very fast turn around on assignments!
Would give more than 10 Stars if I could.  Great professor, won't disappoint.  Have used on several things and always delivers A+ work and always on time.

Great to work with and does Excellent work!

A++++++++++ work!  Will use again.

04/09/2019 Will use again!
04/09/2019 On time, directions followed to the tee!  A+
04/09/2019 Anything Health this is my go to writer!    GREAT WORK
04/09/2019 Follows the directions 100%, great work and early!  
04/06/2019 was super quick, helpful, and was fast with their response!! thanks a ton! 
04/02/2019 Done ahead of schedule.
04/02/2019 Done ahead of schedule.
03/29/2019 The professor delivered 24 hours before the deadline. Followed my instructions and delivered a great piece of work. Thank you. 
03/27/2019 Done ahead of time!!
03/27/2019 done ahead of time!
03/23/2019 Nice great paper!!
03/17/2019 Very quick to respond, not many mistakes found (mostly just simple grammarly check; which if you're not at least doing that for your papers, you REALLY must not care about your grade lol) 
Thanks again Nikki,you were awesome! Keep a lookout for the next 2-3 papers I will need!
Will use again, awesome work! 
03/11/2019 Did an amazing job in the little time I gave her! Listened to everything I asked for a delivered it a day before it was due????????
03/10/2019 Great as always!
03/10/2019 Thank you so much, Professor! Great paper and on time! This Professor is my savior! I 
03/10/2019 great essay thank you
03/06/2019 Awesome!!! Very helpful!
03/03/2019 This prof reviewed my work in a competent, professional, and timely manner. I would use them again, if needed. Thanks N
03/01/2019 Great essay! Thanks!
03/01/2019 Did great work and ahead of schedule! Listened to my requirements and wants. Couldn't be happier!
02/28/2019 Nice job
02/24/2019 Easy to work with.
02/24/2019 Great job!
02/24/2019 great work and quick response time. 
02/23/2019 Great job, very fast turnaround time.
02/23/2019 Didn't meet the formatting, word or reference minimum.  Decent written work and done quickly otherwise.
02/23/2019 Didn't meet the formatting, word or reference minimum.  Decent written work and done quickly otherwise.
02/23/2019 Didn't meet the formatting, word or reference minimum.  Decent written work and done quickly otherwise.
02/23/2019 Didn't meet the formatting, word or reference minimum.  Decent written work and done quickly otherwise.
02/21/2019 Thanks for the quick work.
02/21/2019 Awesomeeee prof no grammar error concise and delivered the project on time
02/20/2019 Completed ahead of schedule!
02/20/2019 completed ahead of schedule!
02/19/2019 I asked for a resume and cover letter and it was done so fast! It was completed within 2 days...which was 5 days earlier than the date I asked to have it completed. I gave the professor a rough draft of both my resume and cover letter. She edited it and made it sound great and look FANTASTIC. I am very happy with the results and will use this professor again. I am so pissed I have now received two degrees and just now using this site -___- 

Thanks Professor. 
02/17/2019 Good work - thanks!
02/17/2019 Good work - thanks!
02/17/2019 Good work - thanks!
02/15/2019 Finish it in on time and always it is a great paper! Thank you, professor!
02/12/2019 This professor is easy to work and get in touch with. 
02/12/2019 did my cover letter perfect
02/10/2019 Awesome ! Finished super quick. Will definitely be using again ! Thank you :) 
02/10/2019 Fantastic very fast
02/10/2019 Great paper! This Professor really knows the subject and present it very well in writing. This Professor has done a few assignments for me and I got all A so far.
02/07/2019 Such amazing work, top-notch quality! Thanks so so much for a great job!
02/06/2019 Great work on my cover letter. 
02/04/2019 Excellent paper!
02/03/2019 This professor always delivers an outstanding job! Thank you, Professor!
01/30/2019 Always finished the paper early.
01/29/2019 Did a great job!
01/26/2019 This was exactly what I described, and the professor integrated all the points I wanted in the paper. All of the files sent were utilized, and the professor did an excellent job! Absolutely amazing for nursing care plans! Thank you so much!
01/25/2019 Another great work!
01/24/2019 Another awesome paper!
01/24/2019 Easy to work with. Writing great paper!
01/24/2019 Awesome! Tokk all 3 assignments and I will definately be choosing her more often.
01/22/2019 Wow! This was my first time using this professor - and I must say that I am literally blown away by this assignment! Amazing work - I am so excited to turn this in! Thank you SO much for all of your hard work!
01/19/2019 Fantastic paper. Very well written.
01/19/2019 Nikki did great work in a timely manner, for a fair price! 10/10 would ask Nikki to do my work again.
01/17/2019 Excellence! the paper finished early with good quality writing. 
01/15/2019 I got my full points, with no mistakes, no plagerism  and my professor said "great work." Thank you! She did my essay for Psycholgy. 
01/11/2019 Awesome paper..
01/06/2019 Very hardworking professor. Always has the work on time! 
12/20/2018 Got a 100% on assignment. Thanks! 
12/18/2018 This professor did a great job! Assignment was well-written, done to my specifications and delivered ahead of time. I received my grade and I I got an A. Would highly recommend working with this professor!
12/17/2018 This professor gave me exactly what was asked for. When I noticed one part was missing from the solution, all it took was a simple message and the professor had the missing part to me within hours and wasn't constantly asking for more money to finish the project. I've had other professors on this site give a bid, and then once I accept it, they tell me in order to actually give me what I want, I have to pay at least another $100 more. This professor gave me what I wanted for the price quoted. I would highly recommend!
12/13/2018 Good Work!
12/13/2018 This professor rewrote a 15 page paper and did an amazing job. Some small grammar corrections, but very well written. Definitely will use this professor again in the future.
12/04/2018 Great work, very professional and quicker completion than asked for!
12/01/2018 Thanks for helping in such a short time, I appreciate.