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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
09/15/2022 Service was completed in a timely fashion and extremely well done. I am impressed with the level of quality and professionalism as well as the passion for the topic. Communication wtih the professor was outstanding as well. Would definitely recommend.
09/14/2022 Thank you!
08/20/2022 The turn around was a day before the due date which gave me time to look over it. Highly recommand.
08/08/2022 Nikki is excellent. Communicates well and reassures the student of her progress. Some minor editing was done to fit the course requirement, but overall an excellent professor.yes
08/02/2022 The professor reply very very slow, there is no any enough communication at all, although it is just a beginning of the whole dissertation project, we have a whole good project needs to be focus on and each step we have a deadline, but this time the experience is very bad... sorry to say that ... the professor didn't care about our communication ... 

This student is located in a timezone that is entirely different from my own, which I have explained. I simply cannot reply to messages from midnight to 5am in a timely manner.
08/01/2022 Would be lost without Nikki. SOOOOO lucky to have her help. 
08/01/2022 BEST WRITIER ON HERE!!! All As always!!!
07/25/2022 Great work
07/22/2022 Wonderful professor!
07/22/2022 BEST ever!!
07/16/2022 Great paper, on time, exceeded expectations on an uncommon topic (Real estate).
07/10/2022 great work
07/08/2022 WONDERFUL!!! LIFE SAVER!!!
07/08/2022 So smart! So nice! Great writer!
07/08/2022 No one better. Will use no one but this professor.
07/08/2022 Used many time. The very best.
07/08/2022 High As in all my classes!
07/08/2022 Always get the job done PERFECTLY! Also just all around a super nice human.
06/15/2022 GREATEST EVER!
06/10/2022 Wonderful work every time!!
06/10/2022 Wonderful work every time.
06/10/2022 Outstanding work on this mangement paper on Diversity!  10/10 stars!  Project completed per specifications and prior to the specified deadline!  I hightly recommend
06/09/2022 10 out of 10 on this mangement project on diversity!  Professor followed the instructions to the letter and completed the task a day before the deadline!  I highly recommend this diamond professor!  She is worth the little bit extra price for exemplarly work!
06/08/2022 The best there is!
06/08/2022 Get 100s on everything!
06/08/2022 Amazing as always!!
06/08/2022 BEST professor!!!
06/08/2022 BEST professor!!!
06/08/2022 BEST professor!!!
06/05/2022 Amazing job on the assignment that was given! Timely and very communicable and availble to answer questions at any time. I would definitely hire for another paper!
05/25/2022 Best professor on this site!
05/25/2022 Wonderful work!
05/25/2022 Perfect job every time!
05/25/2022 Amazing job!
05/25/2022 Best professor ever! 
05/21/2022 This professor is the real deal—patient, responsible, professional, and great with communication. An assignment won't go wrong in her hands. Thank you from the bottom of my heart; I can't ask for more and I will definitely come back!
05/05/2022 Wonderful as always!
05/05/2022 Wonderful as always!
05/05/2022 Wonderful as always!
05/03/2022 Another A paper!
05/03/2022 Excellent! as always
04/29/2022 The report was finished early and earned I received 100%.  Other than 2 or 3 spelling/grammar errors, the report was complete and ready to turn in as is.  Very happy with the outcome and the grade.  I requested the report within 4 to 5 days of the due date and the Professor had it back in 3, allowing enough time to review and adjust if needed.  
04/19/2022 Awesome job, loved how easy it was to work with and how well feedback taken!
04/18/2022 excellent work
04/18/2022 excellent work
04/13/2022 Professor took on project on short notice, kept in contact with me the whole time. At the end it wasn't needed as the assignment was canceled by my professor. I was even going to give her some bread for her time and trouble but she didn't take it. FIRST CLASS I TELL YOU. I can't speak for her work BUT judging by her character I think it would be safe to assume its stellar. 

I rarely respond to these but it absolutely made my day. Thank you so much :-)
04/10/2022 Do not hesitate to choose this professor!
04/07/2022 Excellent work as always!
04/07/2022 Excellent work! This prof actually ened up making 2 seperate powerpoints to fix my issue and worked with me till the end! I will definatly use her again!
04/07/2022 Excellent work again!
04/05/2022 Awesome professor! Did 2 projects for me in only 2 days and also managed to provide the requested corrections by me. Highly recommend.
04/05/2022 Amazing job!
04/04/2022 Ordered a project with a deadline for only 1 day and the professor even managed to edit it after the first submition during this timeframe!
03/31/2022 Amazing job!
03/29/2022 Great job!
03/28/2022 excellent work
03/25/2022 This professor provides excellent work! got a 94/100
03/17/2022 Excellent work. I cannot thank you enough
03/17/2022 BEST EVER
03/17/2022 Wonderful work!
03/17/2022 The BEST!
03/16/2022 Excellent once again!
03/15/2022 A+
03/12/2022 Wonderful work!
03/07/2022 Amazing essay ! the professor included many references and the essay was very organized and well articulated. Will be doing future essays with this professor ! If you need a specific state or city always include it in your submission ( that was my fault ) but besides that I recommend this professor!! Thank you so much ??????
03/07/2022 Blown away by her work! Hopefully my professor agrees!
03/03/2022 Excellent work again! I could never have written such a great paper! Got a 100/100. Definitely will use her again. I'm so happy with her work.
03/01/2022 Wonderful as always!
02/24/2022 Excellent work as always got 100/100 on this paper! love this prof!
02/24/2022 This prof does excellent work! got a 98/100!
02/20/2022 Amazing work! Thank you so much
02/14/2022 Great work!
02/13/2022 Excellent product!
02/12/2022 Expert paper. Properly understood the assignment and wrote from an academic perspective and was able to analyze data and give coherent viewpoints
02/11/2022 This professor is a total lifesaver! She got A's on every paper I have had her do. Outstanding work and easy to work with. One of the best!
02/11/2022 I love, Love, Love this professor. She has excellent work and is always punctual. Easy to work with and goes above and beyond. I defiantly recommend this one!
02/11/2022 Always provides the best work!
02/09/2022 Thank you
02/07/2022 Amazing work
02/07/2022 A+
02/06/2022 10/10
02/06/2022 Excellent Work as usual
02/06/2022 Amazing work!
02/06/2022 Worth every penny. 8th project she does for me, and counting!!!
02/06/2022 Always the best! Highest quality projects! She did 2 papers and a PowerPoint for me in 2 days. A+++++++++
02/03/2022 Always the best!!! I trust her with all my projects, essays, PowerPoints, discussions, no matter what class, she always surprises me with the great work she does for me!!!
02/02/2022 Such a great professor to work with, she did such a great job. I seriously got 100/100. Having her do more papers for me defiantly. Thank you again!
02/02/2022 Wonderful work as always!
01/31/2022 I appreciate receiving the project back sooner then expected. The details were to the point.
01/30/2022 Excellent product as always!
01/29/2022 The best professor on this site.
01/26/2022 i received a D no intro, no conclusion, will not be working with this professor again
01/23/2022 Excellent work! Even helped me with another paper that was previously completed!
01/23/2022 Professor was really helpful. Manage to complete the project before the due date. Thanks.
01/22/2022 Amazing, love working with her
01/22/2022 Amazing work as always!
01/19/2022 Great professor, quality work every time.
01/18/2022 The VERY best.
01/16/2022 Thank you!
01/14/2022 This professor does an amazing job every single time!
01/11/2022 This is the only professor that I will use. Amazing work!
01/11/2022 BEST EVER!
01/09/2022 This professor is THE BEST!!! She got the assignment done way before the due date! In addition, she made changes until I was satisfied with the end solution! If you do not know which professor to choose, then definitely choose this one!!
01/08/2022 Great work!
01/07/2022 great work!
01/06/2022 passed and quick turn around! thanks!
01/05/2022 She was very nice and punctual
01/04/2022 Great work & communication
01/03/2022 This professor was AWESOME!!! She got everything done before the deadline! She also did free edits on changed I asked her to make! I totally recommend using her if you’re not sure on which professor to use !
01/02/2022 Perfect!
12/30/2021 Well done!
12/30/2021 Thank you for everything!
12/29/2021 She was really professional and her writing was original.I think being responsible and being on-time are the two significant features from her.
12/21/2021 great professor!
12/19/2021 Thank You!
12/19/2021 Well Done
12/19/2021 Awesome Work!
12/18/2021 Just a few grammatical errors but the Professor turns your paper in with plenty of time to fix and correct the paper. Overall I recommend using this Professor due to excellent communication and quick responses.
12/17/2021 always a pleasure doing work with you!
12/17/2021 always so nice to communicate with and has done many papers for me!
12/17/2021 my go to professor!!
12/17/2021 always very helpful!
12/17/2021 thank you:)
12/17/2021 great!
12/06/2021 super great to work with, she went it to me two days before it was due which was great, correct word and page count, used reliable sources, overall the paper was very well written I'm super happy!
12/06/2021 Amazing job!
12/05/2021 Excellent Work!!
12/04/2021 Highly recommend just for the prompt and clear communication alone. Choose this professor if you want peace of mind. Great paper.
12/03/2021 great work
12/03/2021 amazing!
12/01/2021 Excellent Work!
11/30/2021 Great work! Original writing and always completed in time.
11/30/2021 Great work! Original writing and always completed in time.
11/30/2021 Life saver! Thank you very much Prof :)
11/30/2021 Best professor EVER
11/30/2021 Amazing job, as always!
11/28/2021 Great Work!
11/28/2021 Thank You!
11/25/2021 Once again, another amazing paper!!
11/21/2021 Simply the best. I've used her for sociology, history, physics, English. Top notch in every assignment. Highly recommended. A++++++
11/21/2021 THIS PROFESSOR MIGHT BE GOD HIM/HERSELF. My only fear is they will get so busy from my great review and no longer be able to help me. lol
11/21/2021 She's just the best!!!
11/21/2021 Great work as always!
11/20/2021 Above and Beyond my requirements, came in early as well. I have used this prof before and every time the work delivered is above the expected instructions! I will always use this professor for upcoming and future projects!
11/17/2021 Continues to be my go to Professor every time!! I would be lost without them.
11/16/2021 great professor!
11/16/2021 she helped me a lot!
11/16/2021 Great paper, exactly what it asked for.
11/16/2021 Amazing work! My favorite professor!
11/16/2021 Not worth the money being a Diamond professor. 
11/14/2021 Great work
11/14/2021 Nicely done!
11/12/2021 awesome work
11/11/2021 My professor graded the work 60/100
11/10/2021 Amazing work! You can have confidence in this professor.
11/09/2021 Best Professor EVER! Work is always perfectly done.
11/09/2021 Amazing!! Never disappointed. Great work!
11/09/2021 very responsive! great work
11/07/2021 Thank you somuch! This essay was wrtten very well and the fact that it was done so quiock really saved me! 
11/07/2021 Excellent work!
11/07/2021 As always great paper! Thank you so much :)
11/05/2021 Well done!
11/02/2021 BEST EVER! Choose this one and never look back. Just don't steal her from me. lol :) Seriously though, super nice and smart! Great, quality work.
11/01/2021 AMAZING JOB!! Great choice. Will not dissapoint. 
10/31/2021 Life saver. Thank you very much. 
10/31/2021 Very good work!
10/31/2021 Excellent Work!
10/29/2021 Very good work!
10/25/2021 I chose this professor out of 42 bids on my assignment because they were the only one that seemed to have read the project and not sent a generic bid detail. They were a little more expensive then the others but I took a chance and WOW what an absolute beast of a writer. Absolutly nailed it. Was lovely to deal with when working on some tweaks and the end project is better then I could of expected. Would recommend this professor as they seem to genuinly enjoy what they bid on.
10/24/2021 Although this professor was very professional and great to work with (offering unlimited revisions), I am leaving an honest review. Whenever I post a project, I am as detailed as possible and give the professors every bit of material that is given to me. I also add a note for the professor to reach out to me if they have any questions. This professor did not seem to be 100% familiar with APA 7th Edition format or passive voice, as my college professor corrected very few mistakes in this regard in the final grade. Points were taken off. There were several grammar errors that I went ahead and fixed myself, because I didn't think it was worth making a fuss over, and frankly, time was running out. But that is something to watch out for. No matter what, always proof read the final paper, no matter who writes it for you. I am not very charismatic or creative when I write, and neither was this professor. It was written in a way that I could have written it, which is fine with me, and made it more believable. But if you are someone who prefers a huge vocabulary. or a creative flow included in your paper, this professor might not be what you're looking for. Not an insult. Like I said, I write the same way. I am not a professional writer. All in all, after several revisions, the paper made a passing grade (94%). I'll take it...

A 94 sounds like the content was pretty good. I write predominately science-based papers, which often don't include "fluff", though I find others quite enjoyable to write. I totally agree that checking grammar is important when any paper is written, especially since someone else may write differently. Either way, it sounds like you didn't have a bad experience so thank you ?
10/23/2021 Thank you!
10/23/2021 Perfect!
10/21/2021 Thank you!
10/21/2021 Great work
10/20/2021 Great work.
10/20/2021 A+
10/20/2021 The best! Thorough and works with me to produce a quality paper/document. Very quick turnaround and answers any questions within minutes.
10/19/2021 Great work!
10/19/2021 The professor did an AWESOME job!!! I am so happy with the work and ecstatic I used this professor for my first time using this service. This was well worth it and I'm really grateful to my professor for the excellent paper!
10/18/2021 Amazing work! Very detail oriented and follows directions well
10/16/2021 Did an extremely good job! Impressed with her work!
10/16/2021 Very good job! very detailed and takes constructive criticism well! Will definetly use again!
10/13/2021 Always helps me produce excellent work. So easy to work with too. Answers all of your questions quickly.
10/09/2021 Thank you!
10/09/2021 Excellent Work
10/03/2021 Thank You!
10/03/2021 Perfect!
10/02/2021 Love working with this Prof. 
Follows all directions and finishes early!
10/01/2021 Great paper in the asked for time. TY
09/30/2021 I have had this professors write 4 papers for me now and I have received an A on all of them.  I always pay extra for the plagiarism report and it's always less than 10%.  I begin this journey with this professors and will continue. Excellent quality and always on time. 
09/26/2021 Thank you
09/26/2021 Well Done
09/24/2021 I've used her for several projects now and have NEVER been disappointed. Quick to respond and does tweaking with no issues. These professors are busy doing what we should be doing; cut them some slack and give yourself time to ask for revisions if you need it!
09/23/2021 I chose this professor as they had the most experience in the field I needed. They were the most expensive choice I had but happy to pay for quality. Good communication initially but once the work was delivered I made the mistake of paying the professer as since then I have been ignored. The end result was a substandard essay 500 words less than requested and a very poor reference list for Masters level work. Waste of money and disappointing result. In anticipation of their retort, I have nothing to gain from this review. You do. Yiu failed me. 
09/20/2021 On-time. Great work! Will use again for all future projects. Very responsive and pleasant to work with.
09/19/2021 Thanks!
09/19/2021 Nicely Done
09/19/2021 Got the project on time, barely. Multiple gramer issues, run on sentances, and almost seemed more of a high school project. Also professor left slides with no speaker notes for me to put in my own experiences. I had hand surgery, which is why I needed this done, if i had wanted to put in my own experiences and fix as much as I did i could have had my 14 year old do my powerpoint. Lennon learned with this Prof. Wasted 250.00

I’m so sorry you were unhappy. Of the 20 page PowerPoint, only 2 slides were left with no speaker notes and they were explicitly asking about your experiences. There are moments that even the best writers can’t make up experiences that you have lived.

Make your homework go away!