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03/17/2019 Very quick to respond, not many mistakes found (mostly just simple grammarly check; which if you're not at least doing that for your papers, you REALLY must not care about your grade lol) 
Thanks again Nikki,you were awesome! Keep a lookout for the next 2-3 papers I will need!
Will use again, awesome work! 
03/11/2019 Did an amazing job in the little time I gave her! Listened to everything I asked for a delivered it a day before it was due????????
03/10/2019 Great as always!
03/10/2019 Thank you so much, Professor! Great paper and on time! This Professor is my savior! I 
03/10/2019 great essay thank you
03/06/2019 Awesome!!! Very helpful!
03/03/2019 This prof reviewed my work in a competent, professional, and timely manner. I would use them again, if needed. Thanks N
03/01/2019 Great essay! Thanks!
03/01/2019 Did great work and ahead of schedule! Listened to my requirements and wants. Couldn't be happier!
02/28/2019 Nice job
02/24/2019 Easy to work with.
02/24/2019 Great job!
02/24/2019 great work and quick response time. 
02/23/2019 Great job, very fast turnaround time.
02/23/2019 Didn't meet the formatting, word or reference minimum.  Decent written work and done quickly otherwise.
02/23/2019 Didn't meet the formatting, word or reference minimum.  Decent written work and done quickly otherwise.
02/23/2019 Didn't meet the formatting, word or reference minimum.  Decent written work and done quickly otherwise.
02/23/2019 Didn't meet the formatting, word or reference minimum.  Decent written work and done quickly otherwise.
02/21/2019 Thanks for the quick work.
02/21/2019 Awesomeeee prof no grammar error concise and delivered the project on time
02/20/2019 Completed ahead of schedule!
02/20/2019 completed ahead of schedule!
02/19/2019 I asked for a resume and cover letter and it was done so fast! It was completed within 2 days...which was 5 days earlier than the date I asked to have it completed. I gave the professor a rough draft of both my resume and cover letter. She edited it and made it sound great and look FANTASTIC. I am very happy with the results and will use this professor again. I am so pissed I have now received two degrees and just now using this site -___- 

Thanks Professor. 
02/17/2019 Good work - thanks!
02/17/2019 Good work - thanks!
02/17/2019 Good work - thanks!
02/15/2019 Finish it in on time and always it is a great paper! Thank you, professor!
02/12/2019 This professor is easy to work and get in touch with. 
02/12/2019 did my cover letter perfect
02/10/2019 Awesome ! Finished super quick. Will definitely be using again ! Thank you :) 
02/10/2019 Fantastic very fast
02/10/2019 Great paper! This Professor really knows the subject and present it very well in writing. This Professor has done a few assignments for me and I got all A so far.
02/07/2019 Such amazing work, top-notch quality! Thanks so so much for a great job!
02/06/2019 Great work on my cover letter. 
02/04/2019 Excellent paper!
02/03/2019 This professor always delivers an outstanding job! Thank you, Professor!
01/30/2019 Always finished the paper early.
01/29/2019 Did a great job!
01/26/2019 This was exactly what I described, and the professor integrated all the points I wanted in the paper. All of the files sent were utilized, and the professor did an excellent job! Absolutely amazing for nursing care plans! Thank you so much!
01/25/2019 Another great work!
01/24/2019 Another awesome paper!
01/24/2019 Easy to work with. Writing great paper!
01/24/2019 Awesome! Tokk all 3 assignments and I will definately be choosing her more often.
01/22/2019 Wow! This was my first time using this professor - and I must say that I am literally blown away by this assignment! Amazing work - I am so excited to turn this in! Thank you SO much for all of your hard work!
01/19/2019 Fantastic paper. Very well written.
01/19/2019 Nikki did great work in a timely manner, for a fair price! 10/10 would ask Nikki to do my work again.
01/17/2019 Excellence! the paper finished early with good quality writing. 
01/15/2019 I got my full points, with no mistakes, no plagerism  and my professor said "great work." Thank you! She did my essay for Psycholgy. 
01/11/2019 Awesome paper..
01/06/2019 Very hardworking professor. Always has the work on time! 
12/20/2018 Got a 100% on assignment. Thanks! 
12/18/2018 This professor did a great job! Assignment was well-written, done to my specifications and delivered ahead of time. I received my grade and I I got an A. Would highly recommend working with this professor!
12/17/2018 This professor gave me exactly what was asked for. When I noticed one part was missing from the solution, all it took was a simple message and the professor had the missing part to me within hours and wasn't constantly asking for more money to finish the project. I've had other professors on this site give a bid, and then once I accept it, they tell me in order to actually give me what I want, I have to pay at least another $100 more. This professor gave me what I wanted for the price quoted. I would highly recommend!
12/13/2018 Good Work!
12/13/2018 This professor rewrote a 15 page paper and did an amazing job. Some small grammar corrections, but very well written. Definitely will use this professor again in the future.
12/04/2018 Great work, very professional and quicker completion than asked for!
12/01/2018 Thanks for helping in such a short time, I appreciate.