Date Comment Rating
06/18/2021 Completed on time. My grade for this project was an 80. For $125 I expected more.
06/16/2021 HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! Follows the rubric every single time.  Always ON time and responds to inbox messages about the assignment! 
06/16/2021 Wonderful job!
06/13/2021 Thanks so much! I'm going to post the part 2 right now if you are intereted. Its just and article and 250 word essay (post).
06/13/2021 So Great!
06/11/2021 Knocks it out of the park EVERY time!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND this professor! accurate, timely and sticks to the rubric!! Never disappoints!!
06/05/2021 amazing work and on time. Great professor.
06/04/2021 NAILED IT!!!  This professor is spot on and thoroughly addresses the rubric in each assignment.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! 
05/31/2021 A
05/31/2021 A
05/29/2021 I have used this site multiple times and this prof has been my favourite so far! I am really impressed with their work and would 100% use them again!
05/28/2021 Thank you! This was great.
05/24/2021 I generally use these as templates and go in an rewrite and fix things. My honest opinion is that this was very rushed. Some sentences weren't finished. Basic gramatical errors occured. No periods. Commas where they shouldn't be and heavy use of specific phrases were used multiple times throughout. Such as "more often than not". I definitely had to go in and fix some things. If you're looking for a perfect paper, this was not it. But if you're looking to use it as a great template to work off of, go for it.
05/24/2021 Was alittle worried using a different professor than usually but she did a great job!! Got an A on the paer, thank you! would reccommend her and use again
05/21/2021 Got an A! Great paper- Thanks for the hard work :) 
05/16/2021 The paper was just "all right" - TurnItIn had it at a 22% with the bulk of the sourcing/wording appearing to come straight from wikipedia. The paper needed a bunch of work (thanks, Grammerly) - was it good in a pinch, sure....would I do it again - no.
05/16/2021 Paper was on time and met every requirement would choose this professor again.
05/14/2021 the best 
05/08/2021 Forever my go to Professor! 
05/04/2021 Excellent papers, does exactly what the instructions call for. So helpful.
04/28/2021 thank you
04/20/2021 amazing work i got a 96 !!!! 
04/20/2021 Great job 
04/18/2021 8/10 stars

Recieved an 88. Professor responed quickly and paper was returned on time. My school professors comment was "Paper could have been more scholarly but overall, good job!" Lost points on puncuation and the fact that a quote was not included even though I asked the professor to go back and add a quote. Also was called out for copying and pasting, teacher noticed lighter text and lost a point for that. All of this could have been avoided if I took the time to read over the paper and fix some small mistakes but did not have time. Other than that, paper was pretty spot on and my school professor was happy with the content!! 

Over all I am happy! Really can't complain too much! 
04/16/2021 great
04/12/2021 great
04/11/2021 Quick, responsive, and a great essay 
04/10/2021 10/10 to work with. Great work. My essay was done before the deadline and awesome!
04/07/2021 there were some sentences that could have benefitted from proof-reading but other than that great paper and submitted much earlier than necessary. THANK YOU!
04/07/2021 Excellent and thorough work!  Delivered exactly on time. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!  
04/04/2021 good
04/04/2021 good
04/03/2021 As always life saver! Thank you :)
04/02/2021 great job 
04/01/2021 Life saver.
Thank you very much! 
03/29/2021 Great work and prompt responses!
03/28/2021 Life saver. Thank you very much!
03/26/2021 Great work and very thorough! Number 1 on here for me. Hands down!
03/24/2021 Got a 17/20 or 85% on the paper. My actual professor commented "Overall paper was good. However, the level of analysis for the external research should go more in-depth" . Same way I got a B on the paper I'll give her a B on her rating. She communicates well with you and asks questions about professor's standards and I definitely would've given her a higher rating but I just didn't get the grade I had hoped for what I had paid.
03/14/2021 Great paper, as always. Thank you. 
03/14/2021 Good Overall thoughts and connection to novel that the essay was based on. Delivered before time. Only reason I did not give full stars is due to some grammatical and logic errors presented in the essay. Everything was fine but I had to spend about 30 min - 45 min making minor changes and editing the paper. 
03/14/2021 great job
03/13/2021 Paper was well written and delivered by the requested date
03/12/2021 The professor delivered the paper on time and also provided a revision when I asked for one. I have to take one star off for some confusingly written sentences though. Would definitely recommend them. 
03/11/2021 Always great contact and communication. 
03/07/2021 Highly recomend this prof! She is AMAZING!
03/03/2021 After having to correct my instructor for apparently missing half of what my paper said,  Nikki got me a 96....... woot woot..
03/03/2021 My hero
02/23/2021 My nursing project was completed in time with virtually no errors, and the instructions were followed perfectly. Thank you for saving me with this one!
02/20/2021 What a wonderful writer, who actually took the time to read my project before bidding on it, unlike the other professors who bid. The piece was beautifully written, will definetly hire again! Thank you so much!!
02/18/2021 I got updates when I asked for them and it was finished before my due date giving me time to look over it! Thank you :D
Got a 98 on first attempt. Thanks Doll..
She is excellent with quirky assingments, and I get alot of those....
02/13/2021 Thank you!! great job. 
02/12/2021 Great job as always. Thanks
02/10/2021 HORRIBLE. DID NOT FOLLOW DIRECTIONS WHEN CLEARLY STATED. Gave three chances past due to date to make assignment right. Did not do so on second and BLATENTLY ignored me when project sent back to be done correctly as originally stated. Before this review, I messaged more than five times and expressed how I did not want to do this and just wanted to have my assignemnt done correctly. NO answer. Even after a dispute was filed. I had no other choice but to post this. Customers, be aware.

I have been waiting for this review. I turned in this assignment originally, following each of the directions. The student's professor came back and asked for a bit more detail, which I have no problem completing. Where things begin to get a bit hazy is the fact that the student messaged me for editing, which I don't mind doing, and immediately began threatening me with bad reviews and saying that they would not be paying me because I gave them a "terrible assignment" and I "better fix it". Even after this, I submitted more detail for the student. The student did not feel I had added enough and immediately began the threats again as stated above, spaced about three minutes apart if I did not respond. I did ignore the student at that point as being berated is not a part of the job here. Please speak to people with respect and I promise I will do the same.
02/09/2021 Awesome 
02/05/2021 very pleased
02/05/2021 very pleased
02/05/2021 very pleased
02/04/2021 Great job. Thanks.
02/02/2021 Excellent work made....highly recommended
02/01/2021 Perfect 
02/01/2021 Always comes thru for me!!!! 
02/01/2021 Great work so far. Thank you
01/30/2021 killed it 
01/29/2021 great job
01/22/2021 great work
01/22/2021 great job
01/21/2021 great work
01/09/2021 Thank you so much!
Fixed a paper I purchased from another site. Great communication, Quick turnaround. I added 3 lines just so I can say I did write it :) ....
We got a 100% ..........
I'm sure we will work together again soon!!
01/05/2021 Thank you for your excellent work!!! 
12/31/2020 great job 
12/29/2020 great job 
12/25/2020 great job 
12/23/2020 Always a great job thank you 
12/23/2020 Always a great job thank you 
12/23/2020 Always a great job thank you 
12/23/2020 Always a great job thank you 
12/23/2020 Always a great job thank you 
12/22/2020 Quick turnaround on a project - absolutely exceeded all expectations. Professor clearly is a native english-speaker, and is not an essay sweat shop. Absolutely recommend working with this professor.
12/18/2020 Project was on time and well done! Thank you!!
12/18/2020 Project was on time and well done! Thank you!!
12/18/2020 Project was on time and well done! Thank you!!
12/10/2020 I must say i was very leary to use another professor but my professor that i usually use was not available. But the grade received on the essay was a 100% A+... I'm shocked but grateful. You are amazing. Will be using you in the future. 
12/08/2020 Very thoughtful paper. Excellent work!
12/05/2020 ty ty
12/04/2020 SO FAST!!!!!!
12/01/2020 Fantastic work and on time. Thank you! Would definitely use again!
11/30/2020 Awsome professor did a really good job on my essay and hopefully get a good grade on it. I look forward to working with you more often. Thank you very much.
11/30/2020 Not very happy with the outcome. The grammar was not the best and had to ask for in-text citations and for additional work. Had to proof read and make corrections for the assignment to sound okay. 
11/29/2020 Great service!! 
11/29/2020 Wonderful. Followed all of the instructions correctly and even turned it in a few days early. Thank you so much. 
11/28/2020 Received a perfect paper. Would 100% use again!
11/23/2020 On time looks good !
11/20/2020 Amazing job as always! Never fails, she has done many projects for me.. I always get A's. CHOOSE HER!!!
11/16/2020 Thank you
11/16/2020 Great work 
11/13/2020 Professor was on task and delivered an excellent paper!!!!
10/28/2020 Impecable work! Fast and highly recommended!
10/27/2020 Brilliant!! Excellent exceeds expectations. 
10/25/2020 Nikki did a great job with my paper and hit all of the points that I had asked for. I'll definitely be asking her to write a few more yet!
10/23/2020 Always reliable!
10/23/2020 Another outstanding solution :)
10/23/2020 Thank you! Always so incredibly helpful!
10/23/2020 *REAL PERSON REVIEW* Just because someone has a diamond achievemnt does not mean they will write you what I thought would be "the best paper ever". I really really wanted to work with this professor, I gave her very specific instructions along with a rubic and needed 2 peer reviewed journals. She did provide outside sources but niether of them were peer reviewed journal articles which wouldve accounted for 50 points deducted from the paper. it was a simple topic, 3 page paper, and I feel so terrible for writing this, but an AP highschool student could've done the paper better. I highlighted areas of the paper that did not make sense, things I felt that were not cited, and asked her to use more complex word choices as she was accomdating to revise the paper. One of her reponses was that when she would cite something it would be for the whole paragragh!! Personally, I've never heard of that, if its not cited right after the sentence I'd consider that plagerism. I decided that this paper was unacceptable to hand in and I left some of her work in it, but mostly rewrote the paper. I had to sacrifice studying for an exam which is why I asked for help with the paper, I lost out on money and studying time. Moral of the story: do not go for a professor based on their acedmic achievement, go with the professor that takes time to write you a specific paragraph of why you should chose them, especially if they tell you they have passion or specific expertise for that topic. 

* real person reply * I'm unsure that you knew how to cite appropriately. If I am citing one source throughout an entire paragraph, I will only cite at the end of the paragraph itself unless I directly quote the article, which never occurred. As someone who has been published multiple times, I am also aware of what peer-reviewed articles are. I am sorry if you were unhappy with the paper but I was never spoken to about this and would absolutely try to work with you as applicable. I hope that working with another professor will be more beneficial for you.
10/23/2020 I will NEVER use this professor agian. I provided the specific details to the project and was messaged nearly when it was due that she overlooked the specifications. When inquired how much more it would be to complete it as required I was brushed off and told I could complete it myself. WASTE OF MONEY!! 

While I appreciate any reviews, I am certain that this review is not about me... I do not overlook specifications and I also don't brush people off or tell them to do something themselves... I'm so sorry for whichever professor did do this but it was not me.
10/21/2020 she did an amazing job, my adm essay was so well written, she answered every question that was required, communication was top notch when i had some questions for her, she was honest and appreciated that, definitely will use her for my future projects. 
10/10/2020 Great work done in a very timely manner. Ended up getting a 89% on the paper. Will definitely request this professor next time!
10/06/2020 Your the best
10/05/2020 Grateful for this professor's consistency!
10/02/2020 NikkiBlakes is a guaranteed A!
09/28/2020 I received an amazing essay for my applied kinesiology class. Definitely recommend!
09/10/2020 Great work!!
09/09/2020 Attention to detail. Project completed timely.  I will defintiely will be utilizing this professor again.
08/30/2020 Super Dependable!
08/29/2020 The Best!
08/29/2020 HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! My paper was finished in a very timely matter. She responded to all of my messages regarding the assignment. All of the directions were followed. She went above and beyond my expectations! I will definitely be coming back! 
08/25/2020 Fast!  Got 100%
08/17/2020 great work!! 
08/14/2020 My number one go to when I need anything done! Thank you!
08/09/2020 WOW, amazing!!! Thank you:)
08/07/2020 Progject was completed on time, zero plagarism & all instructions followed. Communication during the completion time was easy & quick.
Overall standard of the essay was excellent - well written & well researched.
I am SO HAPPY! Thank you so much!
08/05/2020 Got an A+ on the first draft for my Final. Great Work!
07/29/2020 Accurately responded to all questions
07/29/2020 Responses were factually incorrect and did not accurately describe the study provided. Provided responses were thorough, but not based on the research study requested (questions were answered about a different aspect of the study, not one of the key points).
07/20/2020 Another great paper! Last one done by this prof scored me a 98%! Thank you  
07/18/2020 Awesome work!!!!!!
07/11/2020 Excellent work, would definitely use NikkiBlakes again.  Exactly what I needed for my paper.  Amazing.
07/10/2020 Excellent work done here.  The professsor kept pinky promise to be done on time.  I appreciate your time and effort to make it happen.  Thanks
07/10/2020 Great paper. Thank you
07/07/2020 Great help to improve my personal statement essays for dental school.
07/03/2020 Excellent quality and ahead of the dewadline! Would definitely recommend and use again!

Thank you!
06/28/2020 They delivered the assignment well before the deadline and I got an A! One of the best professors on this site!
06/19/2020 Nikki was easy to work with, and completed any revisions I asked for. She was also really quick to reply to messages and provided my papers on time, definitely reccomend! 
06/19/2020 NikkiBlakes goes above and beyond to ensure her work is perfect.  Thank you so much for your help!
06/03/2020 Very well done, and ahead of schedule! Thank you! Your time and hard work is allowing me to finish up homeschooling my own children without added stress!
06/03/2020 Great paper. Forgot to put the header and page number but quality paper! Thank you
06/01/2020 Amazing work, very communicative and helpful, I couldn't have asked for a better prof :)
06/01/2020 easy to work with
05/31/2020 Fantastic! Thank you!
05/16/2020 Thank you so much will be working with you again ty 
05/16/2020 My go-to professor. Always does wonderful work!
05/12/2020 As per usual Nikki delivered a well written paper and on time as always. 
05/07/2020 NikkiBlakes was a fantastic professor to write my paper. She has experience in the topic that I chose and the paper was very well-written. I would definitely use her to write another paper.
04/30/2020 Great work and AMAZING QUALITY ! 
04/26/2020 Professor followed instructions and met the requirements wonderfully! Finished well before deadline which is a nice plus. Definite talent and great communication during project, I would definitely use this professor again.
04/25/2020 Amazing job, always kept in communication with me and finished before the deadline
04/23/2020 Honestly, I gave them very little to work with or rather vague info and they where able to take that and turn it into an awesome essay. 
04/19/2020 thanks
04/17/2020 NikkiBlakes always coming through in the clutch! Thank you again! You are a life saver! 
04/16/2020 Great work!!
04/15/2020 Excellent writer!
04/15/2020 Don't use prof for nursing papers
04/15/2020 Did a great job with minimal instructions that were given. Outstanding job writing this paper. Thank you.
04/15/2020 I only asked for proof reading, and she did exactly what I wan. 
04/14/2020 Thankyouuu
04/13/2020 :) 
Did not followed APA format instructions. References were almost 20 years old. Same in text citations repeated across the paper 2-3 times!!??
04/13/2020 Thanks for the great work in a short period of time!
04/10/2020 amazing work helping me write a personal statement 
04/09/2020 Excellent!!
04/08/2020 Great job. The paper was exactly what I was looking for.
04/05/2020 Have yet to get my grade but I trust it will get a good grade!
04/05/2020 Trustworthy. Did a great job on my assignment!
04/04/2020 Excellent work, I don't know what more to say. Timely, did exactly as promised within the confines of my instructions. I will definitely use this professor again if I need help. For clarity, my project was a personal narrative so if you need it she can do it.
04/02/2020 This is my third time using NikkiBlakes! Higly reccommend. Have done great on all assignments and if I have an issue, its a fast turn around with any fixes!! Thank you so much. I GIVE 10 STARS!
03/31/2020 Great work!!!!!!
03/29/2020 This professor ALWAYS submits a project way ahead of schedule
03/29/2020 The only prof i use
03/25/2020 Excellent work thank you very much. Could've used a few more examples/ quotes but that was my fault for not being clear and explaining so. Thank you 
03/20/2020 she is so great!!! even after my paper was completed, she was very kind and let me know i can contact her for further review!!! she is so sweet and really cares about helping you get a good grade!!!
03/17/2020 Very good paper!
03/03/2020 average work delivered, had to rewite.
03/03/2020 Received ontime and received full credit on posting
03/02/2020 Excellent job!!
03/01/2020 Paper turned out better than expected and delivered early, even on a short deadline. I will definitely use her again. 
02/25/2020 Great with communicating! The paper was well written and delivered fast! Fantastic job!! 
02/25/2020 Good job, A couple typos but delivered way before deadline which makes up for it.
02/24/2020 Saved me from failing my college english class. 
02/19/2020 THE. BEST. I've never used anyone else! 
02/18/2020 Thank you for all your help in such a short amount of time!
02/09/2020 I went on a hiatus after having my baby 4 months ago. One of the only reasons I was eager to finish my last class was knowing I could turn to Nikkiblakes for her wonderful project solutions. I know I can breathe over the next 8 weeks.. AMAZING !! 
02/03/2020 Great job!  Passed the class!
02/03/2020 Great job!  Passed the class!
01/20/2020 EXCELLENT!!!! happy student right now
01/19/2020 This prof has saved my butt a few times now. Honestly the best prof on here. Excellent cummunication, work is straight to the point and not complex espically if you need stuff re writing. 10/10 would highly recommend!
01/15/2020 Great paper and early than the due date. Awesome!
01/15/2020 Very nice paper, I got A!
01/15/2020 Another awesome job!
01/15/2020 Great paper!
01/14/2020 Didn’t complete assignment but took the money, incredibly unhappy with what I was given and will have to pay another prof to complete it for me.
01/07/2020 They are my go to every time! Easy to communicate with and always delivers quality projects.
12/30/2019 Absolutly amazing
12/23/2019 Nails it again! Thank you!!
12/11/2019 Nikki was great!!

Will not disappoint!  My go to professor!

11/26/2019 Got the essay 2 hours late!!!

I’m truly not sure who this is as I have never submitted a late paper. Please remember to check due dates AND times before you agree to a project with us. Thank you!