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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
01/19/2022 Obviously, I have no words. what I can say is nerdy is the best for me.
01/19/2022 Gave me an incorrect paper back and then apologized saying he would send me the correct one later. But then my order got cancelled instead. Avoid this website.
01/18/2022 Great paper and done in a timely manner. I would use again and recommend.
01/16/2022 Always on point and free of errors!!!! thanks again!!!!
01/16/2022 Fantastic job as always trustful and loyal professor to work with Always puts in great effort and is very smart because he understands different subjects very fast and I am just so grateful for him. I am always so busy with my family and he just comes through for me every single time
01/15/2022 did a wonderful job thank you so much
01/12/2022 Trust this prof a lot. Has a lot of talent and great skill in just about EVERY SINGLE SUBJECT
01/12/2022 fantastic job as usual
01/12/2022 wonderful job as always thank you
01/11/2022 B
01/11/2022 The work was done on time, however, it needed some revision. After asking for it it was delivered promptly and the way I wanted. Overall, I am satisfied with the work of this professor.
01/11/2022 He helped me with my final project of the semester and I got a very good grade
01/11/2022 Always does a great job. I built a good trusting relationship and I know everything he does is good quality work
01/09/2022 Solid work! Delivered the paper on the deadline and did the revision I asked for. This professor can be trusted to do the wet work while you relax and do not worry about the stress
01/05/2022 Worked with this professor a few times and have always received an A!
01/04/2022 Very good and very professional I have use this professor for many assignments always deliver on time I got an A on this last assignment.Thank you so much
01/01/2022 Thank you so much!
12/23/2021 Great job and was very willing to quickly revise based on my inputs.
12/20/2021 Stellar work.
12/20/2021 Thank you
12/20/2021 Thank you so much
12/19/2021 Grade A work.
12/18/2021 Very impressed. Was able to write 15 pages in about 2 days. Only downside is that the paper had some grammar issues and the professor was a slow responder via inbox. Besides that, really pleased with the outcome. First time using this website and prof and would like to work together in the future again.
12/17/2021 Always amazing! Thanks life saver :)
12/17/2021 amazing
12/17/2021 Nerdyprof is just fantastic.
12/17/2021 awesome job. will use again.
12/17/2021 Great work as always!
12/17/2021 10/10 would recommend! Did a great job. Be clear with what you want/need, and you will receive great work from this prof.
12/17/2021 Mediocre job, didn't attempt to finding more sources, incohesive sentences, bibliography and title page don't count towards the number of pages needed, but it did here. Talked in future tense, on things that happened years ago. Simply put, got told I was going to get more than what I actually did. Didn't deserve my money, if anything half of it. I gave a mediocre review for a mediocre job. Even if this review is commented below by the professor trying to refute me to save face, just know I have no other motivations in writing this than being truly let down and disappointed in the result. The professor's motivation to comment below will be to try to mitigate my sht review. Don't buy into it.
12/13/2021 Well done and completed before deadline! 
12/13/2021 Thank you
12/13/2021 The BEST Professor on here.
12/12/2021 Thank you for your help!
12/12/2021 Life saver always before due date :) Thanks! 
12/12/2021 Great as always! Thanks :) 
12/11/2021 Great work
12/10/2021 I did not give much direction or communicate as well as I should have, but I was pleased with the outcome
12/10/2021 a great writer who works diligently. 
12/10/2021 You're always the best. Thanks NerdyProf :) 
12/10/2021 Very good and made changes as requested. 
12/09/2021 Assignment was adequate but was late. Bid was accepted with what i I believe to be sufficient time given to complete the task without being late.
12/09/2021 Outstanding! This guy doesn't miss! He delivered on time with both pieces of work I asked for. Everything was fine-tuned and perfected and no corrections were needed. This man did his research and typed a paper about my communities issues and it was spot on! I can't thank him enough for making my final stress free and perfect and I will be coming back for more forsure! 
12/08/2021 great work thank you.
12/07/2021 Another excellent paper!
12/07/2021 Pretty mediocre job, had to go back and rewrite a lot of it. 
12/06/2021 The paper was excellent and given back to me way ahead of time I will be back to request this Professor again when I need help. Thank you so much!
12/06/2021 I got solid work with great scholarly sources. I put up a bid to have a paper that I could then reword to make my own; add my own research and take away some of theirs. Got fine content and the nudge to get started on a somewhat open-ended and daunting prompt. It was a well organized essay. nerdyprof was even cool and changed citation styles for me and got my paper to me a day ahead of the deadline. LOVED THAT! Found a couple of typos, but nothing major or alarming at all. Most reasonable professors wouldn't mark off for something like that. The piece was a bit redundant and clunky at times, but that's perhaps me just being overly nitpicky. I feel like most people using this service aren't as concerned with that kind of stuff. I was pleased and grateful that nerdyprof went over the page minimum. I would recommend working with nerdyprof. They weren't writing a passion piece, but something that probably if submitted as it was would have recieved a high mark. Together our piece will surely get an A+. Thanks! 
12/06/2021 Always GREAT, thank you
12/06/2021 Thank you
12/06/2021 Thank you
12/05/2021 Always the best! Thanks 
12/05/2021 Once again, this professor does it!!! Great paper!! Couldn't be happier and as always, sends it early. Thank you so much for everything!!
12/05/2021 Excellent work that is organized and submitted well before deadline
12/04/2021 Simply the best. Thanks
12/04/2021 Always on time or even before due time. Thanks! :)
12/04/2021 Always the best !.
12/03/2021 Absolutely bang-up job. Great communication and work as always. 
12/02/2021 Always the best! Thanks. 
12/02/2021 Life saver! 
12/02/2021 I got everything I aksed for and receieved an A for this assignment! Thank you so much for your work and I would love to work with you again in the future!
12/01/2021 Always the best!!
12/01/2021 On time and great work. 
11/30/2021 Thank you.
11/30/2021 Was very responsive to corrections and had a very quick turn around. Thank you!
11/28/2021 Paper was excellent, confusion with the deadline was the only problem.
11/28/2021 Always GREAT, thank you so much
11/28/2021 Great as always
11/28/2021 Great
11/28/2021 Efficient and on time! Well worth it!!

11/27/2021 Great job!!!
11/26/2021 Nerdyprof is amazing! He execeeded my expectations and wrote me an amazing paper. Always use his expetise on my papers because he does an exceptional job. He always asks questions so your paper relates to you. He always does papers in a timely manner! He is great!
11/26/2021 Exceeded my expectations with this essay and will be using again!

11/25/2021 So impressed with result. Upto date theory and worded perfectly. Thank you. 
11/22/2021 This was the first project I had ever used this site for and this guy blew me out of the water, 10/10 would use this guy a million more times.
11/22/2021 Amazing. On time and A+ work!
11/22/2021 Gave a great quality essay in a short amount of time and I asked for a lot as well. 
11/22/2021 I needed a personal insight question essay to be done and the prof has done just that. I would say any sort of admission entry essay needed would not be worth another person writing an essay even if they are/were a professor. I'd say the most, they would be great for revisions and touch-ups only unless they themselves have viewed and admitted students to 4 year institutions previously and know the ins and outs of what makes a top tier admission essay. So what I'm trying to say is, in my experience if you didn't already write up a batch of really detailed examples of what you want in your UC app essays for an unemployed prof to put together, it's not worth it. It was really my mistake and lack of preparedness. I think the prof did an excellant job putting the essays together and meeting the word count and even followed the further instructions I've sent but it was very very general (though again my fault for not providing enough details). 

11/21/2021 Great work as always
11/21/2021 Life saver! Thanks :) 
11/21/2021 Phenomenal!
11/21/2021 Phenomenally done. Thank you for the help and great work!
11/21/2021 Thank you so much
11/21/2021 Thank you
11/21/2021 Always great thank you
11/19/2021 Professor hit it out of the park!
11/19/2021 As always a pleasure NerdyProf! Thank you very much :) 
11/18/2021 Next level work A+++++++
11/18/2021 Magnificent.
11/18/2021 if i could give zero i would, very surprising and dissapoiting. The professor not only handed in my assignment late but he handed it in incomplete. He totally did it wrong and it was garbage, unusable. I was unable to use it and i had to write the project myself. They may respond saying some excuse as it was my fault not theirs, however i corresponded with them gave them everything they needed uploaded over 21 items for clarity, and yet they still did it incomplete, and wrong. the only good thing to come out of this is i know to not use this professor ever again. the admin was very helpful as they helped me resolve the dispute, again something that would not occur if it was my fault. Be weary with this professor, if you need something that is not a clear writting assignment this is not your person. i guess my assignment was to hard as they butchered it. overall i have never had a bad experience with this cite, until now. there are good professors out there, id stay away from this one. And like i said, if they comment saying it was me not them, remember i was found to be correct by the admin and that would not be the case if it were me and not then. BUYER BEWARE!!
11/18/2021 Top professor!
11/17/2021 Paper done before due date! You can't go wrong with nerdyprof. Thank you very much :) 
11/16/2021 Great work.
11/16/2021 Thank you.
11/16/2021 THE ENTIRE PAPER WAS STOLEN FROM THE INTERNET! Thankfully I checked it through a 3rd party app before submitting it or I would have failed this class. He stole it from course hero. It's due today and I already paid him $200. How do I get my money back?!?!?
11/15/2021 Always GREAT
11/14/2021 As always on time, impecable! Thanks :)
11/14/2021 Great paper that needed a little bit of adjustment but overall exactly what i was hoping for.
11/14/2021 Life saver! Thanks :) 
11/14/2021 Thank you
11/14/2021 Thank you
11/13/2021 You did an awesome job!!!  The paper was submitted before the deadline and I received an A+ as well.  
11/13/2021 Honestly the best there is. Thank you so much! You always complete my assignment at the highest level and I appreciate it a lot! 
11/13/2021 Really good essay!! Well done and very articulate. 
11/11/2021 Excellent work
11/10/2021 Thank you! Fabulous 
11/09/2021 I have a really tough and strict professor and this unemployed professor did a great job at following the directions of the assignment to make sure it was good and very thorough. I am so appreciative thank you
11/09/2021 I got a good grade. Great job
11/08/2021 Absolutely the bes on this site. Understands wast amounts of subjects, always gets it perfect!
11/07/2021 Thank you SO much. Delivered before time of the assignment (less than a day) with fantastic results. 
11/07/2021 Always GREAT Thank you so much
11/07/2021 Always GREAT, thank you
11/07/2021 Thank you
11/07/2021 Excellent work and returned from the date requested.  Highly recommend!
11/07/2021 Unbelievably impressed and entirely grateful. Can't thank you enough. Look forward to working together on future projects.
11/05/2021 Followed directions to an extent. 
11/05/2021 Outstanding.
11/05/2021 A++
11/05/2021 The best UP EVER!!!!!!
11/04/2021 Nerdyprof never dissapoints! Always before due date and excellent papers. 
11/04/2021 Good Job!
11/01/2021 professor's resolution was above and beyond what was requested. very happy with results. 
11/01/2021 GREAT
11/01/2021 Great thank you
11/01/2021 Always GREAT! Thank you
10/31/2021 Great Job! Assignment completed ahead of time.
10/31/2021 Thank you! Life saver as always :)
10/31/2021 Great work as always. Comleted assignment early and with amazing quality. 
10/30/2021 Exactly what I was looking for!
10/28/2021 Thank you!
10/26/2021 rest paper!
10/25/2021 Awesome as always and easy to work with
10/25/2021 The best UP on the site!
10/25/2021 A+
10/25/2021 Great, thank you
10/25/2021 Great
10/25/2021 Great Thank you
10/22/2021 Awesome as ALWAYS 
10/22/2021 This UP is reliable and dependable!!
10/22/2021 Top UP!!
10/22/2021 Terrific!
10/22/2021 Fantastic work!
10/18/2021 great
10/18/2021 Great
10/17/2021 Did a great job!!
10/16/2021 NERDYPROF exceeded ALL my expectations! I needed a personal statement for my graduate school application. The essay is phenomenal, and it portrays all the personal and professional qualities I wanted to stand out. 10/10!
10/14/2021 Nothing but positive comments for NerdyProf! Original work was excellent with only one minor revision required which resulted in a final submission that exceeded expectations. 

10/14/2021 The professor was fast and amazing ! 
10/13/2021 Awesome as always 
10/13/2021 I asked the professor to practically redo my project a second time for me and he did so without hesitation and was very nice about it. Much appreciated, and highly reccommended! 
10/13/2021 Only received a 7.9/10 on my paper was really expecting an A or at least a B kind of disappointed. But the prof is always on time and easy to communicate with just a little let down. 
10/12/2021 Okay let me start by saying that I have been on this website for a couple of years now. I have woked with a variety of unemployed professors and no one compares to NERDYPROF! This week I had 4 assignments that  I had him do and I accidentally put the wrong due date and they were doing Sunday but I didnt even notice until Friday. Oh my gosh I wanted to CRY! I frantically messaged him because I mean it was all my fault. I explained what happened to and he put my worries at ease and said they would all be done by my due date and I just so grateful. He really pulls through and with QUALITY work. I am so grateful for him. He truly deserves the best of everthing. HE has helped me through my whole semester and I highly recommend him. You wont regret it! ITHANK YOU! 
10/12/2021 Great Job!! thank you so much
10/12/2021 WONDERFUL JOB !!!
10/12/2021 Thank you for taking the time to always get the details perfectly and for doing your best on my papers and projects
10/12/2021 Wonderful job as always! Thank you Professor
10/12/2021 ALWAYS a fantastic job!
10/12/2021 Awesome work as always!!!!! Thank you for everything you do. 
10/11/2021 Unbeatable work.
10/11/2021 Great, thank you
10/10/2021 Great work
10/10/2021 Great like always.
10/09/2021 Impressive work, prof asked for an extension but delievered more than it was expected
10/09/2021 Completed assignment earlier than requested due date and delivered an amazing paper. Thank you. 
10/09/2021 always good work! Thank you
10/09/2021 exceptional paper. did everything that was asked at a profressional level and completed before deadline. will definitely use this profressor again. thank you!
10/07/2021 Excellent work!
10/06/2021 THANK YOU!
10/06/2021 Nerdy prof was so good he did my cover letter as well as restored my fertility, thanks to nerdy prof my wife is now pregnant with triplets and and I got that job at NASA. Excelent at their craft and would recomend him/her to anyone. 
10/05/2021 This professor always does a wonderful and thorough job. I appreciate the hard work he does and that he is always there making sure that my work is exceptional and always asks questions to make sure that he has all the material he needs
10/04/2021 always the best work and on time
09/30/2021 FANTASTIC JOB! Thank you so much for asking me questions and striving to put out the best work possible from all the work you have done for me I can tell you put in a lot of effort and tried. You are a life saver and I appreciate you so much for everything you have done! Thank you so much!! 
09/30/2021 Such a thorough job I will always be using you for my projects and assignments thank you very much
09/30/2021 A wonderful job and a wonderful grade. I couldnt ask for more thank you so much
09/30/2021 Did a very good job and I appreciate the intellectual understanding and comprehension of my assignments thank you professor
09/28/2021 fantastic job
09/28/2021 Thank you so so much you have helped me with four assignments you are appreciated and done a good job!
09/28/2021 Simply Amazing 
09/27/2021 Always the best
09/24/2021 So many mistakes

Very poor work

One would expect that these sentiments will be easily backed with numerous examples, but I am STILL waiting for you to point out a single "mistake" many days later after reaching out. Looks like I need to brace myself for a long wait! I am a patient person, I will wait so I can satisfy my curiosity as to what YOU consider to be mistakes.
09/23/2021 Great!
09/22/2021 Great job like always! Thank you so much I greatly appreciate it so much
09/22/2021 Thank you for taking time to do your best and always giving out great work and fixing mistakes and whatever else. I trust you and your work and will always use you. I appreciate that you aren't rude like others on this site and you take your time
09/22/2021 WONDERFUL JOB! Like always thank you
09/22/2021 Great job like always and I always appreicate the great effort and dedication in my papers thank you so much
09/22/2021 I do not even want to write a good review because I dont want anyone to use him to the point where he is super busy. This guy is very thorough and does an awesoe job. He communicates with you and does a great job. I have been on this site for 2 years and I just started using him because I tried several other people and he is by far the best of the best 
09/20/2021 This professor is the best ever, you can never go wrong with him  
09/20/2021 Excellent job and received the finished project before the due date/time.  Highly recommend!
09/20/2021 Great
09/20/2021 Thank you
09/20/2021 Always great , thank you!
09/20/2021 YOU. ARE. A. SÚPER HERO!! Thank you so much, you did soo good ??????
09/18/2021 high quality, well written, great sources, and done before the due date!
09/17/2021 Nicely done, followed the directions as requested. Thanks a lot.
09/16/2021 Tier 1 UP!
09/15/2021 Amazing work, did exactly what the assignment required and right on time. 
Thank you!!!

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