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06/20/2021 I have trusted this professor with vital assignments through a very tough period and having to bury my father and he has never failed.
06/20/2021 I have trusted this professor with vital assignments through a very tough period and having to bury my father and he has never failed.
06/20/2021 Nails it everytime!!!  HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! You won't be disappointed.  
06/20/2021 Thank you!!
06/20/2021 Great thank you
06/20/2021 Thank you, Alwasy great.
06/20/2021 100% as always
06/17/2021 I have given all the bibliography material, however the essay was lacking strong sense of argument and only got a Pass mark. Everything was on time and professor was always available to communicate. Make sure to have a draft beforehand and maybe it would improve essay in the end. Would not recommend for final project essay...
06/17/2021 The essay was done on time, however it was written with a short notice from my side. I gave all the bibliography but the essay lacked proper structure and lack of argument, so it was only graded with a Pass mark. 
06/16/2021 Work was done on time and of very great quality! Followed the instructions very well! Not so great at responding to messages though.
06/16/2021 Awesome job! Thank you

06/16/2021 Return customer, once again. This professor delivers great work, on time.

06/16/2021 Rapid response extremly reliable. Always an A
06/16/2021 Got an A on this paper. This professor was responsive and quick to make necessary edits. Will use again. 
06/16/2021 The essay was very well written. I had to replace some things with my own wording/phrases/opinions so that I at least contributed some lol. It was delivered way before the due date. Checked for plagiarism and there were no signs of it at all.  I would definitely use this professor for any of my essays again! The only thing I would say is that the communication could've been a little better. Overall he/she/they were great! 
06/16/2021 Did a very good job, like always!
06/16/2021 Helped me in wordsmithing and refining my personal statement which got me accepted into a highly competitive program at an Ivy League university. The professor was patient and open to revisions in a prompt manner. Highly recommended!
06/16/2021 Timely and quick, don't think English is their first language 
06/15/2021 Thank you
06/15/2021 The paper was well written for the most part, but there were a few grammatical errors, some misspellings, and the paper itself was a few hours after the deadline initally set. 
06/15/2021 THANK YOU!!!
06/14/2021 Timely and amzing work!!!! Thank you so much
06/14/2021 Dissertation work was completed on time and very efficient! 
06/13/2021 ?? 
06/13/2021 thank you
06/13/2021 GREAT
06/13/2021 Always timely and meets the requirements
06/12/2021 Did great work
06/12/2021 Excellent!!
06/11/2021 Excellent!
06/11/2021 This professor does a very thorough job. He is neat an precise and he knows what he is talking about. I really appreciate him and all his hard work
06/10/2021 The best!
06/09/2021 The best thank you so MUCH
06/09/2021 GREAT
06/08/2021 This has been a huge help. Thank you. 
06/07/2021 I am a real student that used this service and I wouldn't really recommend it. I think these aren't actually unemployed professors, but rather just people in India completing papers for people. I had to rewrite a lot of this which defeated the purpose of using this service in the first place...the professor didn't really provide a perspective in the paper, just restated a lot of info from the case that was provided. The structure was ok, but that was after asking them to redo it...cutting it really close to the time I had to submit it. My grade was a 70% for the paper I submitted. Pretty abysmal and not worth the price I paid. Do not recommend.
06/07/2021 Fast and high quality
06/07/2021 GREAT
06/07/2021 amazing work. even under time pressure!
06/07/2021 As always on time and exactly what I asked for, thank you
06/06/2021 Excellent work and submitted well before the deadline 
06/06/2021 A+ on my paper. 
06/06/2021 Another A+ paper! You're the BEST!
06/05/2021 So quick, awesome work, super thankful!!
06/05/2021 Grade A work!
06/03/2021 Plugged me
06/01/2021 The work was done before the due time, however, it was not college level and had a lot of errors. There were no quotations around other author's work and I had to keep going back and forth between the sources and paper to fix these errors. Nonetheless to say, this paper was extremely expensive. It did help with some of the many essays i needed to write this semseter, though I feel like I did the same amount of work, if not more trying to fix this paper. 
At least the person responded to my messages in a timely manner.
06/01/2021 Great paper!  Very professional and highly recommend this professor.  Will continue using this professor for future papers!
05/31/2021 GREAT, Thank you
05/30/2021 One of my favorites!
05/30/2021 The professor asked for additional time past the deadline
05/30/2021 Thank you for the help.
05/30/2021 Very pleased with the work created - I'd absolutely recommend this professor. Thanks for the help!
05/29/2021 First time I ever bought an essay, Everything went perfec with the professor , before deadline. Would recommened.
05/29/2021 Great work done on time!
05/29/2021 Amazing work as usual.
05/29/2021 Assignment was well written and on time. 
05/28/2021 Received A on paper. Great work! No errors 
05/28/2021 I received a A on my paper and got lots of great feedback from my professor 
05/28/2021 My "go to" professor, never disappoints!
05/28/2021 Delivered far before the deadline and excellent quality work. Many thanks!!!!
05/27/2021 Honestly very impressed. I was quite nervous using this site for the first time. Assignment was done in a timely manner and returned well before it is due. I only made some minor adjustments but it really was not the writer's fault as I was not clear about this in the instructions. Overall very happy. Thank you for relieving some of my stress. 
05/27/2021 I would highly recommend. 
05/27/2021 Amazing Job! Thank you, always a pleasure!
05/26/2021 Was a bit more expensive than im used to but did wonderfully on my project with some actual high quality work unlike some other people on this site who like to pull a fast one and copy and paste stuff from the internet that doesnt get detected by plagarism scanners and was able to easily revise some issues I initially had. Overall I rate them 9/10 because it really is just very expensive considering my project was a 10 page powerpoint visual analysis case study on some shakespierre poems that probably didnt even nearly hit 500 words in the slides. Other than that everything else is exceptional. 
05/26/2021 Everything was good.
05/26/2021 GREAT as aways. Thank you
05/25/2021 Always phenomenal work!!!
05/25/2021 This professor had the work done before my deadline date.  He responded very quickly to messages.  The only problem was I had to ask him to revise it a couple times which pushed me past the date I wanted.  
Overall, I would use this professor again as the work was incredibly well done in the end. 
05/25/2021 This professor is quite good in formulating the general solution. I would not reccomend him for nuanced philosophy questions. He made quite a few mistakes in his use of terminology and made a view common mistakes. I needed to contact another professor to fix it. I do not reccomend this guy for philosophy, although his writing is quite nice.
05/24/2021 GREAT thank you
05/24/2021 Thank you so much.
05/23/2021 Thank you Thank you!!!
05/22/2021 This is a bittersweet rating.  This was my last project for my last class to earn my Bachelors degree.  I cannot thank this professor enough for all the hard work he has provided.  Papers were always on time or early and rarely needed any revision even if it was a draft turned in for grade and feedback provided from my college professor.  A true professional and master of his craft.  Always "A's" with this professor.  Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTING!!!!!
05/22/2021 On time and no correction needed
05/21/2021 I've had this professor complete a few assignments for me (for whatever reason the raiting system sometimes doesn't work) and I've overall been happy with them. I'd reccomend picking this prof for assignments as needed; he's pretty flexable as far as topics go.
05/21/2021 A well-researched essay, beautifully written and delivered on time. Thank you!
05/21/2021 Awesome paper as always!
05/21/2021 Professor submitted assignment on time and read directions in their entirety. 
05/21/2021 Nerdyprof delivered a top quality paper. I would totally go to them for my future art history classes. Thanks so much!
05/20/2021 150/150
05/20/2021 Always on point and on time. Still waiting on a grade but I am sure it will be great!
05/19/2021 Great reflection, 90/100.
Top notch work!
05/19/2021 Excellent work in such a short amount of time!
05/18/2021 This professor constantly overperforms and provides the best solutions from papers, powerpoints, blogs, etc.  I recieved a in the words of my professor, a "rare" 100% on my final capstone course projects.  I cannot thank this professor enough for all the hardwork that he provides.  EXCELLENT!!!!!! 
05/18/2021 Top
05/18/2021 Great!
05/18/2021 Excellence at It's finest.
05/18/2021 I didn't even have to edit it! That's pretty big for essays shot out on this site. 
05/17/2021 Worth.Every.Penny! Paper was on time and writen beautifully. 
05/17/2021 Fantastic!
05/16/2021 Genuinely surprised. My previous uses of this website has been sort of hit and miss. Nerdyprof delivered a really solid piece of work, with a topic that was completely different than what he supposedly specializes in, so I'm stoked. Absolute legend.
05/15/2021 Completed the assignment absolutely flawlessly.  Meet every single requirement and then exceeded it.  Absolutely love this professor.  Would definately recommend. 
05/14/2021 Thank you so much, super fast.
05/14/2021 Very responsive and on time. Quality work.  Repeat customer. 
05/14/2021 Finished work quickly, also accurate!
05/14/2021 Great job.
05/13/2021 So Awesome, did a great job and went above and beyond!!  Thank you so much! Will use again!
05/13/2021 I got a 95/100 thank you 
05/13/2021 thank you so much, great!
05/13/2021 Got assignment done in a fast timely manner! 
05/13/2021 Great paper!!
05/13/2021 Great paper as always!
05/13/2021 Awesome job on short notice!
05/12/2021 So great, thank you!
05/12/2021 Easy to work with, on time, and recieved 100% on paper 
05/12/2021 On time and recieved 100% on project. 
05/12/2021 Always on time and provides the best work out of any professor. 
05/12/2021 Amazing!  Would use again!!
05/12/2021 Another 100%, Wow!!!!  This professor is the best.  
05/11/2021 My man came in the clutch. Excellent work, a miracle worker
05/11/2021 literally just copied and pasted wikipedia
05/11/2021 literally just copied and pasted wikipedia
05/11/2021 Presentation was A+
05/11/2021 Great paper!!!
05/11/2021 Great paper!!
05/11/2021 Completed the essay on time and it was well-written, but could have been better at communication.
05/10/2021 Always pulls through with the highest quality work
05/10/2021 There really is no need to use any other professor on this site. This is my go to professor for any project, because they always deliver the best results. Terrific and on time EVERY time. This is truly the best professor on this site... Hands Down!
05/10/2021 Great work, BUT the professor did ask for a slight extension. Luckily I had set the deadline way before it was due so it was no problem, but this could have been bad if the project was actually due on the dealine. Would defintely recommend the quality of work though!!!!
05/09/2021 Great work!
05/09/2021 98.4 out of 100
05/09/2021 Fantastic!
05/09/2021 Awesome job!!! Thank you. Will use this service again. 
05/09/2021 Nerdyprof always pulls through for a man in need. Have used on multiple occasions, always provides great communication and work. Highly recommend.
05/09/2021 Didnt follow the prompt. Got an F
05/08/2021 Nerdy Prof is not only a native-English speaking writer (which is hard to come by), but he's an absolute pro at producing A to A+ papers. He clearly takes pride in his work, follows instructions carefully and has always delivered on time. 
05/08/2021 Very knowledgeable
05/08/2021 Delivered as promised and on time. Great writing, over the top knowledge of the subject
05/08/2021 Great work as always 
05/07/2021 Assignment was ok how ever i had the following issues:

- wrong reference style was used 
- assignement was only 3/4 done as per intstructions and i had to do the rest myself.
- Key aspects were missed
- spelling and grammar needed attention.

Assignment result 66% unfortunately.
05/07/2021 Great!
05/07/2021 Has written excellent papers for multiple different classes for me.
05/07/2021 Always delivers!
05/07/2021 Excellent as always!
05/07/2021 Thank you for the great work as usual
05/07/2021 Always great work done way before due time in such little notice!
05/07/2021 Awesome paper with very vague instructions for me. Thank you so much! 
05/06/2021 This professor is my go to professor!  Always high quality work and the projects are almost always completed early.  A day or two early for larger project assistance and hours early for smaller things.  I highly recommend!  
05/06/2021 Great essay and done early. 
05/05/2021 I think the best review would be to just show the comment from my professor regarding this part of the paper.

"Hi Dan, Exemplary! A rare 100% for 6.2 and you are heading for an unheard of 100% or the final paper! See my colored markups on your text and the APA references below for your next submission. Cheers, Mike "

Such an amazing writer!!!!!

05/04/2021 Great as always!
05/04/2021 Wonderful 70 pages thesis, did everything to help and tailor it to my needs even after the deadlne he still helped even though the thesis was perfect days before it. If you want someone to help you choose Nerdyprof becasue he's the GOAT!!
05/04/2021 Not bad. Not as thorough as I would have liked and it didn't meet the page requirement, and it didn't fully follow instructions. I'm going to have to do some extra work to fill in the gap. But it did most of the heavy lifting which was helpful.
05/04/2021 My go to professor! Always exceed my expectation! Thank you so much!
05/04/2021 On time delivery. Good review
05/04/2021 I got a 59/200 on this assignment all because I forgot to add a major part of the assignment to the have the professor include. No fault of the professor at all, great work and early. Thank you. 
05/03/2021 Had some hiccups, but they were corrected by the writer. Consistency is key especially when you choose to go with the same writer so keep old papers for reference if you like how your project was done the first time. Other than the hiccup and not being returned to be on time, the quality of writing is good.
05/03/2021 On Budget and Under Time.  

Thanks Again!
05/03/2021 got a 97/100
05/03/2021 Amazing!
05/03/2021 Great essay. 
05/02/2021 Thanks again, I'm very happy with the outcome of this assignment!  :)  
05/02/2021 I am extremely pleased with the results of my paper. It was sent to me a day early so I could review and ask questions if I had them. I will definitely be using the professor again. They were also willing to answer my questions before the paper was done when I asked for an update. Super impressed with the service. THANK YOU. 
05/02/2021 Always delivers the best papers, high recommend.
05/02/2021 Excellent work on my paper!  Timely, accurate, and exactly what the instructions asked for.  Highly recommend and will use this professor for papers in the future!!!!
05/02/2021 Consistently doing great work. My go too! 
05/02/2021 Good quality paper!
05/02/2021 Dependable- Gauranteed A all the time
05/02/2021 Excellent as always 
05/02/2021 It was okay
05/01/2021 If you want an A,go with this one!
05/01/2021 Great.......I received an "A"!
05/01/2021 Very easy to work with
05/01/2021 Thank you so much!
05/01/2021 The best professor on this site in my opinion.  An absolute amazing and talented writer.  I have used about 5 different professors from this site and he became my goto and has done probably 10 or 15 projects for me.  I can't thank him enough for the hard work that always shines through in the A grades I recieve.
05/01/2021 One more time a pleasure working with this professor! Always excellent papers and always before due date. Thank you very much. 
05/01/2021 NerdyProf's papers are beautifly written, well researched and exceedes expectations. Don't waste your money elsewhere!
04/30/2021 Great paper as always!
04/29/2021 Not as high quality as I expected for the expensive price I was charged... but hey I'll pass 
04/29/2021 Not as high quality as I expected for the expensive price I was charged... but hey I'll pass 
04/29/2021 Not as high quality as I expected for the expensive price I was charged... but hey I'll pass 
04/29/2021 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Another expertly done paper by nerdyprof! I always choose him first. Done ahead of time and well written papers. 
04/29/2021 Great and easy to work with. 95.5/100 on the assignement. Would highly recommend. 
04/29/2021 Nicely done
04/29/2021 This professor followed directions and did great with my stats paper! I got a 100%
04/29/2021 Was easy to work worth in order to perfect my project. Thank you!
04/29/2021 well written essay for political science however very liberal and one sided. 
04/29/2021 Great work!
04/28/2021 Great paper as always!
04/27/2021 Thank you nerdyprof, I didn't have time to do this assignment and you saved my ass.  It met my expectations and the requirements of the assignment.  Thanks again.
04/27/2021 Delivered on time/early and recieved an A, awesome professor. 
04/27/2021 :)
04/27/2021 Amazing work done by the professor! Thank you so much! 
04/27/2021 Perfect Work! Exceeded my expectations! Always a pleasure to work with you!
04/27/2021 Gave good context in paper, but grammar was off and I had to rewrite in better English a lot of the paper. Helped me with the knowledge of the book, but took about 2-3 hours to adjust paper to my liking.
04/26/2021 Received an A+ on the paper. I will continue to go this writing professor, I was incredibly impressed.
04/26/2021 excellent
04/26/2021 Very reliable!!
04/26/2021 Work was timely, but had quite a few corrections that needed to be done. Most likely the subject was not something this professor was too familiar with. They were communicative and submitted the work early. 
04/26/2021 NerdyProf is hands down my go-to professor. The only problem you can expect is that your paper might look too professional, and you might need to dumb it down a little so that your grader doesnt get suspicious. Would give 11 stars out of 10 if it was an option. He'll give you more value than what you pay for, so thats why I always tip and look forward to working with him (or her!?). 
04/25/2021 196 out of 200
04/25/2021 This professor is amazing! I have nothing but great things to say - Highly recommend 
04/25/2021 This professor completely missed the mark on my project. I paid $150 for a powerpoint where half the slides were nothing but unreferenced, giant graphics. Instead of discussing a health policy that affected the homeless population, they discussed homelessness in general, and then vaguely mentioned how policies should be changed to help them. I gave the rubric and the exact bullet points of what needs to be included in the project, and this professor didn't discuss any of them. Please make sure you're reviewing your project before you pay, don't make the same mistake I did!

I have to go back and look at the specifics of the project, and if I am complicit I will own up. I do my best to follow instructions and deliver the BEST quality, whatever amount of money is paid for the project.
04/25/2021 In a few words: the best, professional, always turns assignments before due date. Thank you! 
04/25/2021 A couple of misunderstandings, which the prof, promptly fixed.  Very Happy with the result.