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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
11/30/2023 Great work. Thank you!
11/29/2023 A perfect score each week. I highly recommend this Professor.  
11/29/2023 I always get full credit when using this Professor.
11/29/2023 Perfect work as usual!
11/27/2023 Did exactly what I needed, thank you!
11/26/2023 Excellent work and completed on time even though it was a last minute request. I got a 100% thanks again.
11/25/2023 Well Done !!! I would  definitely suggest this writer! 
11/24/2023 The only professor I will use!  Thanks! 
11/21/2023 Amazing as always!!

11/20/2023 Always on time or before!
11/20/2023 Life saver!
11/20/2023 Cant go wrong with Nerdy Prof.
11/20/2023 Amazing work!
11/20/2023 Amazing as usual!
11/20/2023 Not alll heros wear capes!
11/19/2023 fast service and well written paper. Thanks!
11/18/2023 The best
11/17/2023 Does great work every time! One of the best and my go to for sure. 
11/16/2023 DElivered on time; asked for a 7-8 literature review and was beautifully done. No plagarism. Thankyou!
11/16/2023 Great project. Thank you! 
11/16/2023 If I can give it a negative star I would. This was the worst experince. I provided a clear dealine (time and date), with instructions. The writer never asked for an extension of the project. I started to panic when the dealine came and went. I reached out numerous times to no avail. I will not use this writer EVER. I was stuck typing my paper (over 5 pages) in a matter of 3 hours because the writer never completed their task. Then the writer reaches out after midnight. Most papers are due the night of 11:59PM. I also reviewed the paper that the writer uploaded and I was not impressed for the amount of time and money spent, this should have been a better resolution. I am requesting a refund and will opted out of the free paper offer. I have 0 trust and my anxiety level is through the roof. Now I will have panic until my paper is graded. 
11/13/2023 I am always impressed with the professor and his timeliness as well as the quality of work. 

11/12/2023 Thank you. Great work.
11/08/2023 Very helpful and patient with making changes. Paper was accepted and got an A. 
11/07/2023 best prof 
11/05/2023 Always does an amazing job!! Highly recommend! 
11/05/2023 one of the best
11/04/2023 well written. provided what I requested.
11/01/2023 Thanks for a D...This is my teacher's feedback :
I appreciate your effort on this assignment, but unfortunately, it is not meeting the requirements for this essay. Your argument is very abstract and general, lacking details entirely. You make claims about how one version has more complex storytelling and character development, but you don't show how. Also, you make claims about Maleficent which are inaccurate, and seem to be describing a much more modern version of the character from the recent films. That makes me question the authenticity of your writing. Overall, I think this essay would benefit from a lot more detail and evidence to support your claims. 
10/31/2023 Perfect work!
10/30/2023 I can always trust this Professor to handle my projects. Always following the exact steps and the communication is great. laugh I got an A 200/200 no mistakes pointed out when graded. 
10/30/2023 I can always trust this Professor to handle my projects. Always following the exact steps and the communication is great. laugh I got an A 200/200 no mistakes pointed out when graded. 
10/30/2023 ALWAYS GETS THE JOB DONE!!!!!!!! yes
10/29/2023 --
10/28/2023 My work is always done in a timly manner, no plaigirism detected, and always get an A on all of my assignments!
10/28/2023 Amazing work. Thank You!!! 
10/23/2023 Good paper, but instructor said more detail would've given me a better grade
10/22/2023 On-time and quality work with no plagiarism! 
10/21/2023 nerdyprof delivered! another great paper! Thanks so much!
10/20/2023 Nerdyprof always does a great job. Very reliable and trustworthy and always follows the directions. Thank you!!!!!
10/19/2023 Great work like normal.
10/17/2023 nerdyprof has totally exceeded my expectations. Even before the deadline! 100% recommend them!
10/17/2023 Amazing as always!
10/17/2023 Excellent!
10/16/2023 Great
10/16/2023 Good work
10/15/2023 Great job! Thank you very much. Excellent paper! 
10/15/2023 horrible work and worst communication. EXTREMELY unprofessional

I am committed to the students I help and really do strive to ensure good communication. I delivered your project ahead of time and did not hear from you. Please get in touch regarding specific aspects of the project that warrant the critical assessment
10/13/2023 This professor was amazing. The work presented was very professional and this professor went the extra mile to ensure that my assignment was fully understood and completed in a timely manner. 
10/13/2023 Always completes my assignments with quality and is very helpful.
10/12/2023 The paper was sent to me on time, but it didn't meet the requirements that I had sent to the prof. I emailed them and they sent a revised paper, but the parts they added seemed rushed and were bullet points rather than APA style writing. I ended up editing it myslef before I submitted the paper since it was already a day late at that point and I didn't want it to be later by disputing it again. I've used unemployed professors before and never had issues, but this paper was not worth paying for...I'll choose a differnet professor in the future.
10/10/2023 another well written paper! Thanks!
10/10/2023 Wrote a phenomenal cybersecurity research paper. The professor was very communicative and timely. I will 100% use him again if needed, thank you!  yes
10/09/2023 Very good work, but changed the price day befor submission
10/08/2023 Exactly as expected!
10/08/2023 Great Work!! Highly recommend! 
10/08/2023 Thanks for a well written paper with fast delivery!
10/07/2023 Great work! vey happy with the paper!
10/05/2023 Great! Exactly as expected.
10/04/2023 Great job!!! 
10/03/2023 Well written nursing paper!
10/03/2023 Very pleased with the resolution of this assignment! Very well prepared project! I would totally recommend this professor for your nusing assignments!
10/02/2023 Great paper and timely!
10/02/2023 The ONLY professor I will work with on here.  NP is the man!  Thank you!
10/01/2023 A+++
10/01/2023 fast and excellent 
10/01/2023 This professor did well to meet my deadline and provide a researched and evidence based paper. There were, however, many problems with grammar and syntax. "Organization" consistently being written as "organ", over 50 improper or missing articles (the, a/an, one, of, etc.). In text citations were also not formatted correctly with current APA standard. I do appreciate the time this professor took to provide me with a paper, I just feel it is appropriate to inform others of the quality they might recieve. Ensure you double check and edit your papers.
09/30/2023 happy with the paper.
09/29/2023 Thank you
09/29/2023 great paper
09/27/2023 On time. Revised my work 
09/27/2023 Project was submitted on time and it got 100%
09/27/2023 Great essay, thanks!
09/26/2023 Adequate, but the prof didn't read the instruction properly beforehand, and then asked for more money literally last minute. Then what was produced was adequate but not useful. 
09/26/2023 Very happy with the resolution of this paper! well written with fast delivery! totally recommend!
09/24/2023 Provided quality work ahead of schedule. Would use again!
09/24/2023 Great and fast work
09/23/2023 Thank you for another great nursing paper! nerdyprof is my go to for reliable, quality papers!
09/23/2023 The best!  Will be back again! Thank you!
09/22/2023 Fast delivery with a well written paper equals awesome service! Thank you so much!
09/21/2023 Excellent work and it was submitted prior to deadline
09/18/2023 Thanks for the super fast service!
09/17/2023 Thank you for a great paper with fast service!
09/17/2023 Awesome as usual!
09/17/2023 Never lets me down!
09/12/2023 I am blown away by the quality of his work!  Will definitely use him again.  Thank you!
09/11/2023 Great Work! This professor has not let me down for my Nursing projects! highly recommend!
09/11/2023 Very happy with the work of this professor!
09/11/2023 Very happy with the resolution of this paper! Thank you
09/10/2023 This Professor 1st took my assignment in a short notice, I asked by Friday evening and he completed it within almost two days! I had a busy schedule this weekend and I was worried I couldn't complete it!t!! He did a wonderful job and I don't regret using Unemployed professor. I definitely will utilize this system again! Thank You so much 
09/09/2023 Amazing work like normal.
09/08/2023 A+ Job
09/07/2023 Always great
09/07/2023 Thank you always great
09/05/2023 Multiple errors (more than 10) I had to go back and fix before submitting and didn't follow directions on sources. Length of paper was good though.
09/05/2023 Thank you
09/04/2023 Amazing work as normal.
09/02/2023 Amazing work!
09/02/2023 great job
09/02/2023 awesome job as always thank you
09/02/2023 great job
09/02/2023 I had a very nit picky prof that would be really critical of all the assignments but the unemployedprof did an amazing job at taking in all the feedback that my uni prof provided and made something incredible. I got an A on my final. In my opinion, this prof is the best one. He works really hard and is diligent to make corrections and get things right. Always gives timely feedback and always does a good job. I could not recommend them enough. Thank you again nerdy prof for an inredible semester and year. I appreciate you very much. 
08/30/2023 Amazing work like normal.
08/29/2023 always writes phenomal work, recommend this professor 100% 
08/28/2023 I recommend this professor 100%, carefully looks over project and does well with communicating.
08/27/2023 .
08/26/2023 Outstanding job will use this professor for my next assignment.
08/25/2023 well written and well before deadline - great job
08/20/2023 A+ work 
08/20/2023 Great work everytime 
08/19/2023 Great work and on time!
08/18/2023 Top Notch! 
08/17/2023 good
08/15/2023 The work I receive from this professor is always thorough and written with care. I received a 144/160 on the project and I have come to realize my persoanl professor is just a hard grader. NerdyProf has always gotten me A's.
08/14/2023 Very good work in a short amount of time
08/13/2023 Not exactly on time but well written.
08/13/2023 This professor ALWAYS does an amazing job! He often goes over and above to fix any potential issue! If you're looking for a professioal professor you can count on that gets the job done right... youre in the right place!!! 
08/12/2023 Outstanding Job!!!!!!!
08/11/2023 ALways great
08/11/2023 Always great
08/11/2023 Thank you
08/11/2023 Met page requirement on my dissertation chapter draft
08/10/2023 Accurate, in time. 
08/09/2023 Thank you
08/09/2023 Amazing as always 
08/06/2023 so not happy I got F sad
08/05/2023 Outstanding Job!!!!
08/05/2023 thank you
08/05/2023 always great
08/04/2023 Fire and forget, Prof. ( This is a good thing) (like don't worry about it he's got it)

I had a lot going on and sent the assignment for a research paper, some shotty work, and a bibliography which he had to use to write the research paper, which probably made it way more difficult. Next thing I knew, the paper was done and ready to be submitted. My second time using him and not my last.
07/31/2023 excellent work!
07/31/2023 The best always!
07/30/2023 Thank you so much for always coming through with my papers! Very concise and always reliable.  Outstanding work and allows me to rest surely and have time to focus on other assignments!  Thank you for making my life easier. 
07/30/2023 Thank you so much
07/30/2023 Always GREAT
07/30/2023 fantastic work, went way above the minimum expectations for the assignment 
07/29/2023 Outstanding Job!!!!!!!
07/29/2023 outstanding job!!!!!!!
07/26/2023 Extremely well written. Second time using professor. Exceptional!
07/24/2023 Great work exceeds expectations. 
07/20/2023 One of the better editors I have had on here
07/19/2023 Excellent writing!  Thank you for getting this done before the deadline!
07/18/2023 I use nerdyprof every time.. always amazing work.
07/16/2023 Exactly what I needed!
07/14/2023 Excellent work and writing. Stuck to all of the topic points. I will definitely use this professor for future work.
07/13/2023 I got an F in this assignment 
feedback was
Quality of Knowledge and Research
Very poor
Quality of Evaluation
Very poor
Quality of Academic Communication

I am not one to mess around when it comes to my work as I take a lot of pride in it. Also, I don't shy from owning up to any slip-ups on my part as failure to do so is simply pride that most often precipitates to laxity. I Please get in touch so we can review in detail what went wrong here, as it is clearly the exception to the norm.
07/12/2023 Always great
07/11/2023 .
07/08/2023 So grateful you went back and fixed! Sorry for the confusion.
07/08/2023 Thank you!
07/08/2023 .
07/06/2023 .
07/01/2023 Got my paper very early and it was on a topic that was current military related and was very impressed on the knowledge that was on the paper. Very well written and I am looking forward to further papers with this professor 
06/29/2023 Delivered what was asked and on time!
06/29/2023 .
06/26/2023 Thank you very much for an awesome critique paper. It was delivered on time and instructions were followed to the T. I got an A on the paper! smiley
06/26/2023 Always does a great job, very thorough, & communicative. 
06/23/2023 Had to go over multiple portions of paper and check for verb noun aggreements. I did not feel this was a graduare prepared/written paper. Submitted assignment after spending 3-=45 minutes revising and awaiting my grade. 
06/22/2023 Ty
06/22/2023 Quality! 
06/19/2023 Amazing work as normal.
06/18/2023 great work and on time
06/18/2023 On-time and done well. 
06/16/2023 Always gets the paper done thoroughly. smiley
06/15/2023 Great work!!!!! ????
06/14/2023 well written, on time delivery, very happy with this paper. Thanks
06/13/2023 Thank you Always GREAT
06/12/2023 Well written paper! Hit all the areas that I requested! Was very well received by my instructor. Thanks!
06/12/2023 Got an A!!! Thank you so much!!
06/10/2023 This professor always does a thorough job. There may be a missed period here or there, but the quality of the work is superior.
06/10/2023 Delivered a great paper! well written, covered what I needed! would select this professor again!
06/09/2023 Great work in a pinch. Highly recommend. 
06/08/2023 Great paper! Thank you for the fast turn around!
06/08/2023 .
06/06/2023 Great stuff. On time and the work was spot on. 
06/05/2023 Great and timely work. 
06/03/2023 Thanks again!
05/30/2023 Great work as always! Good communication throughout project with great results. 
05/28/2023 Great work and on time!!
05/27/2023 good
05/27/2023 I received the paper on time and everything addressed. Great as normal.
05/25/2023 Awesome Job!!!
05/23/2023 Great work!
05/23/2023 My project came out amazing, I made some minor changes but nothing worth lower than 10 stars. I highly recommend this professor for assignments. 
05/20/2023 Great work like normal!
05/20/2023 .
05/18/2023 Great write. The professor provides academic resources which you can find online. I will strongly recommend using him for research papers. I got an A on my paper
05/17/2023 Received my discussion question on time and perfect!
05/17/2023 Awsome work thank you again. Will highly recommend and request future assistnace. yes
05/15/2023 Thanks for a well written paper!
05/15/2023 Great as always
05/14/2023 Thanks for being flexible! I had put a wrong due date for my assignment and this professor accomidated for my error! provided a well written paper the next day! saved my butt!
05/13/2023 Awesome work!!
05/13/2023 Thank you
05/13/2023 Thank you
05/12/2023 Spot on! Thank you!
05/12/2023 Good work!
05/11/2023 Great work and right on time. 
05/11/2023 Great work!

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