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09/13/2019 Thank you so much for your work!
09/13/2019 Wonderful work!!  This was my first time using this site and had i known you could tip definitly would have.  Got a 95% on my paper and just very pleased with the work.  Highly recommend.
09/10/2019 Provided a great product!
09/07/2019 Highly recommended!


The paper was great, it exceeded my expectation. It covers all parts I asked for with great care to details. Great communicator and very professional.


09/03/2019 The best prof I worked with so far.
08/23/2019 Extremely well written paper and very timely. He is very detailed and assured all of the areas of the rubics were covered. Thank you for thr great effort!
08/22/2019 The prof followed the instruction and delivered a high-level quality paper. Highly recommended!

08/18/2019 Well done. It was well written within the guidlines I gave them. I got a solid grade as well, well worth it!
08/16/2019 Perfect as usuall. Hihgly recommended!

Great communicator, following the instructions and delivering what you need with the best quality. highly recommended.

08/16/2019 Highly recommended!.

The professor is one of the best I have dealt with so far. Always following the instructions and delivering the best quality.

08/13/2019 The work was not done the way I asked. The number of sources I asked for were not provided. I need to redo the assignment. 
08/11/2019 This service exceeded my expectations. This professor was amazing with quick response times and an even quicker turn around time. I highly recommend these services you won't be dissapointed.
08/07/2019 This professor was extremely attentive. They worked really quickly and then sent me a nearly complete version of the paper. I was not happy with it, which may have been because I did not communicate the rigorous nature of the course. I then gave some very specific notes on what I wanted changed and pretty much everything was adapted. They really took the time (overnight, I might add) to fix everything. No half assed bullshit! Their writing style is clean and concise but passion for the topic was still well communicated. This is my last ever college paper before I graduate but will def recommend this professor to my friends! 
08/06/2019 Very well written paper!
08/06/2019 Great work. 
08/05/2019 I was very disappointed in the work sent from nerdyprof. Instructions were not followed- twice, when informed no response received until after the due date. And still, the assignment was done incorrectly.
08/04/2019 Amazing work every time! Thank you!!!!
08/04/2019 I had specific details for this paper and length requirements, after posting the questions in the actual paper and not answering part of the questions. (I had to delete the questions he copied over and extend my paper from there.) my paper still took 2 hours of my time to finish. Really not worth the cost of the paper. Will not use this service again. 
08/03/2019 Amazing!!! Asked for a paper the night before it was due and got above and beyond what was asked for.  Will update when the grade is relased but from what I can see it a a 100
08/02/2019 Like everyone has already said, great work, above all expectations!
08/01/2019 Nerdyprof has completed multiple assignmnets for me, and I have gotten an A on all of them. Amazing work!
08/01/2019 This professor was a few hours late with delivering my assignment but I read it over and it sounds great. I am anxious to see what I get on it. 
07/27/2019 Awesome work!!!
07/25/2019 Always produces amazing work! Definitley my go-to professor. 
07/24/2019 Got a B on the paper, referenced the author by "the author" a few times and my instructor wasn't a fan of it. Also the conclusion didnt reference main point from the sources provided. Also didnt provide one of the main sources on the work cited. 
07/24/2019 Knocked it out of the park again! I've been working with this professor on a multi step final project. So far the 2/2 assignments have been top quality with the 1st literally receiving an 100% with a hard to please professor, this is the review for the 2nd so grade yet to be received. I run it through 2 different plagiarism checkers and the only thing that comes back is the citations, so 100% original work. I have a few more assignments in the upcoming weeks and this is my only choice professor. You will not be disappointed WHEN you choose this prof. 
07/23/2019 Throughly completed my project. Hit every key point/requiremnt and did an outstanding job!
07/22/2019 Excellent work definitely will be using you again 
07/22/2019 FLAWLESS AS ALWAYS! you are one of the best unemployed professors! 
07/17/2019 First time using this resource and exceeded my expecations by a land slide. Best!
07/17/2019 Amazing as always, highly recommended!
07/16/2019 Thank you! 
07/14/2019 I have worked with nerdyprof on multiple projects. Great work, and I always receive and A. 
07/10/2019 good job
07/10/2019 Amazing, ran it through plagiarism  scan of my own just to be safe and no surprise it didn't contian any. Very good with the deadline, on time. I'll be requesting this prof going foward, I recommend you do the same if you want a detailed paper with all instructions hit on. 
07/01/2019 great Job. very thorough
06/29/2019 I love his work!! I always get an A, his writing is excellent, and the PowerPoint presentation he did for me was impeccable. 
06/25/2019 Did a great job 
06/24/2019 Sir,

I really loved your oresntation.  Im sure it will get an amazing grade!

cant say enough about the outcome of your work..Thank you.

06/17/2019 Excellent
06/17/2019 Great work! recieved an A on both assignments that were completed for me. 
06/16/2019 Great Work in a timely manner never lets me down.
06/15/2019 EXCELLENT WORK!!! It was thorough and actually went beyond the requirements. I would love to use again. 
06/14/2019 Excellent
06/14/2019 nerdprof,

You blew my project "OUT OF THE PARK!!!"  Magnificient!  Amazing! Thank you....

06/03/2019 Needed a research paper, and the professor provided a masterpiece. 
05/31/2019 Thank you
05/14/2019 Excellent work. 
05/01/2019 Super fast turn around, easy A. Thanks
05/01/2019 I had to change a few things and remove some citations because the majority of the paper were citations, other than that, it was great. Thanks. 
05/01/2019 Great paper, as always. Thanks.
04/30/2019 Great job!
04/28/2019 Great work and submitted why before the due time. Thank you 
04/28/2019 Perfect as usual. Highly recommended.
04/23/2019 Fast, Professonal, WORTH IT!!
04/18/2019 was a well written essay, couldnt have done it better myself

04/18/2019 Great work!
04/18/2019 as always, AMAZING work on a synthesis essay. by far my favorite professor on the site. 
04/15/2019 SO SO SO thankful for this professor! He helped me out when I needed a few more days to pay and he still submitted the presentation right in time!  Even though I didnt need any adjustments he was ready to make them if need be! Will def request this professor again in the future! Thanks a ton!!
04/14/2019 Good communicator. Did exactly what I was asking him. Highly recommended.


Perfect job. Highly recommended.

04/12/2019 The work was great and I got an A, only reason I didn't give 10 stars was when the professor quoted the project he/she did not apparently read it.  Why I say this is because this was a two part project.  When professor was completed with paper I gave him information about the second part of the project and I was told I had to list it so he/she could quote the project.  So when I accepted his/her bid I thought it included both parts as it was presented as such and then to find out I had to pay more....well at that point I had no choice!!!!!
04/11/2019 Thank you. On time. Detailed. Went above and beyond.
04/10/2019 Minor grammatical errors that were quickly resolved with a scan in Word. Content was on-point.
04/10/2019 There were some minor grammatical errors, but nothing major - a quick run-through of the paper and everything was ready for submission. Content was excellent and complete.
04/09/2019 This was fantastic! Blew me away.  Thank you so much for the help!
04/03/2019 Extremely pleased with this professors work! The paper was perfect
04/03/2019 Paper was great and exactly what I asked for and done in such shot notice!!
04/02/2019 Provided me with a great essay and was delivered right on time!
03/29/2019 good, genuine work--would highly recomend to all 
03/27/2019 Good, quick work.
03/26/2019 great communication and delivered on time !
03/22/2019 He did a great job! Had the paper ready by my deadline, and promptly made revisions when I had asked for them. Thank you! 
03/21/2019 Outstanding. Will use again in the future!
Nerdyprof always delivers on time and far exceeds expectations! Thanks again!
03/21/2019 Nice job - thanks!
03/20/2019 Nice work, followed the exact the guidelines.

03/18/2019 Great essay thank you so much!
03/11/2019 Great work! Thanks!
03/11/2019 Great work! Thank You!
03/08/2019 good paper
03/08/2019 good
03/08/2019 good work
03/06/2019 Absolutely incredible! Super smart! And beautifully written out! 10/10!! Will see you again soon! Thank you 
03/06/2019 excellent work! provided exactly what i needed in just the nick of time. 
03/05/2019 Nice work! 
03/05/2019 Great prof. Completed what was required promptly and with quality. 
03/05/2019 Very Good
03/03/2019 Excellent job.
02/25/2019 Wow, this paper is actually amazing and perfect. I have used alternative sites and not received nearly this quality and care. Hopefully I can some how find a way to get in touch with NerdyProf again to be able to get paper writing help again!
02/24/2019 Good work - thank you!
02/24/2019 Good work - thanks!
02/21/2019 Another good product.  Thank you.
02/20/2019 Got a low C on the paper...not bad for a quick fix but I could of got a C myself. I was looking for a high quality paper to get me through the class. APA formatting off
02/20/2019 This professor has done many projects for me. Always delivered on time and gives me exactly what I ask for. Even if it's not what I mean he will make modifications to give me exactly what I'm looking for. Highly recommend.
02/19/2019 Nerdyprof did a beautiful job! Completed the project before the deadline and was overall quite professional. Would recommend and use again. 
02/17/2019 Capable of working swiftly with efficiency and provides quality. 
02/17/2019 Good work - thanks!
02/17/2019 Good work - thanks!
02/15/2019 Great paper and ahead of time.
02/14/2019 Did great work. Would use again!
02/13/2019 Great work and also very timely.
02/12/2019 quick, even when I was unable to answer him back within a day. very well.
02/12/2019 Absolutely amazing, and right on time. 
02/12/2019 No question about it! This is one of the top professors out there! Paper was done before deadline and the teacher in class already was appalled by how great of a job it was! Will 100% use again!! Thank you somuch 
02/09/2019 Without a doubt, the best professor on this site! My work was completed fast and at amazing quality!! I can't thank you ENOUGH! Will definitely be working with you again soon, thank you!!
02/08/2019 Thank you! Well done!!!
02/03/2019 Great job.
02/03/2019 Nice!  Thanks
02/03/2019 Great work, thanks!
02/02/2019 Super quick and the paper far exceeded my expatations. If I ever get in a pinch again and need another paper, I will be using them again.
02/01/2019 One of the best professors I have used! Paper was beautifully written and met all of the guidelines. A+ work
01/30/2019 Excellent work, quick turn around time, would use again!
01/28/2019 All I can say is WOW, went above and beyond.  Will use again. 
01/28/2019 Awesome paper but it was given to me 2 hours past the due date 
01/27/2019 Amazing!!!
01/26/2019 Great work and produced earlier than requested.
01/26/2019 Fast and Effective, good work!
01/26/2019 Thank you so much!! Great work!
01/26/2019 perfect
01/21/2019 Wrote a solid four page paper in less than 24 hours! 10/10
01/20/2019 Great work! Competed before the given deadline and went over the minimum required page length!