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10/25/2020 Thank you for your work!
10/25/2020 Thank you!
10/25/2020 Excellent work! On time as well, would you again for sure!
10/24/2020 Thanks again for providing great work! 
10/23/2020 This Professor was great!
10/22/2020 good job
10/22/2020 Awesome paper! Really helped me out in a pinch. 
10/21/2020 Great job. Although I did not provide all the information up front, the professor was extremely proffesional to edit the solution for me. Thanks
10/21/2020 seriously cannot say enough good things about this guy right here. did the whole thing and went above and beyond when i didnt even ask! true gentleman and businessman. thank you 
10/21/2020 my mf'nnnn dawgg!!! love you dude. thank you thank you thank you. i hope youre happy and life gives you all you desire. thank you

Well, well, weell! What's there to say? 100% Loyal.
10/21/2020 Very quick!!
10/21/2020 10/10, definately recommend. 
10/20/2020 Exceptional work A++++++
10/20/2020 Good job! :)
10/18/2020 If you're on this site, I'm sure you've experienced how frustrating it is to commision a paper, to find it written in broken english and just, plain embarressing to read. With that in mind, I gotta say that it is increadibly refreshing to work with and he or she overdelivers every single time. This experience was definetly a 10/10. Thanks for your help!
10/18/2020 Very good for a last minute paper. He is good at getting back to my messages and any chages I threw his way before it was finished.
10/18/2020 I got the paper back early, there was only one minor correction (adding a comma), so I would definitely recommend this professor. Thank you
10/17/2020 Some grammar corrections were required, but delivered a great product on time.
10/17/2020 Always great work before due time. I will continue selecting this professor!
10/17/2020 amazing work!
10/17/2020 Went the extra mile and was very granular but concise in answers. 
10/16/2020 Followed all guidelines, used perfect grammar and finished before the time that I requested, definitely recommend!
10/16/2020 This is the only professor I will trust with my assignments! He is the best! Project was given to me ahead of time and I never have to stress when dealing with him.
10/15/2020 thank you!
10/15/2020 Very well put together essay and had it done within the deadline. Awesome.
10/14/2020 Great timing and paper. Paid attention to the directions...unlike many. Would love to work with again
10/14/2020 This professor completed my project 12 hours early and I didn't have to make any changes!!!
10/13/2020 Trusthy professor.  Satisfied work ~!
10/12/2020 Followed instructions for project well. Completed assignment 2 days early. Well thought out sentences and good grammer. HIGHLY RECOMEND THIS LIFE SAVER!!
10/11/2020 Always delivers incredible work!
10/11/2020 Good communication with good results, gave me extra time to focus on other projects. Thank you so much!
10/09/2020 AMAZING WORK! Thank you so much!
10/08/2020 Followed the guidelines and was able to return a well written response paper. BEST PROFESSOR I've had so far :). 
10/08/2020 Exceptional Professor A+++++++
Grea job
10/05/2020 awesome work!
10/04/2020 This professor is one of the best. The paper was everything I needed it to be. Extremely happy with the results. Highly recommended.
10/04/2020 Fantastic solution. Timely. Considerate. 
10/04/2020 Excellet trustyworth professor !!!  Beyond expectation on paper.  Thanks
10/03/2020 Thank you so much for an amazing paper!!
10/03/2020 Awesome work. 150/150 100% will be coming back for sure !
10/03/2020 Exactly what  I needed!
10/02/2020 The best professor ever
09/30/2020 Amazing work as always! My go to professor :) 
09/29/2020 You're a lifesaver! Thank you so much ♥?
09/29/2020 Amazing work
09/29/2020 This is just what I needed. Very helpful!
09/28/2020 He does a really great job
09/28/2020 Asked for an extra day to not berushed and the results were worth the wait!

10/10 stars!!!
09/28/2020 Excellent work delivered got 100%!! Thanks again for the awesome job! 
09/28/2020 Great professor, delivers A+ work and long before deadline! Will work with again. 
09/28/2020 Just perfect.
09/28/2020 Needed a few revisions but overall was good
09/28/2020 Finished on time... Good effort
09/27/2020 Great paper. I had to make a few grammatical corrections and such but I'm very pleased and I'll be looking for you for future stuff for sure.
09/26/2020 Great job. I highly recomand this professor. Looking forward to work with him again. Thx
09/26/2020 Amazing, did exactly what I asked of him. I highly recommened ! 
09/26/2020 Delivered early! Great work. 
09/26/2020 Punctual and precise.
09/25/2020 Great work but the professor took longer than expected.
09/24/2020 Great job thank you. 
09/24/2020 **Will update upon grade**. Paper is 4 pages longer than i paid for and seems very well written. Paper was finished well before due date. Would use again
09/24/2020 Great professor to do your essay or power point!! Get's the projects in on time!! 
09/23/2020 Great job
09/23/2020 Great job
09/23/2020 Excellent paper that checked every box and was done earlier than requested. Will 100% use this prof again.
09/23/2020 Great job!
09/23/2020 i will find you and i will hug you.

Lol! Don't keep me waiting too long for that hug.
09/23/2020 You are amazing, this is gold!

09/23/2020 Amazing as always!
09/22/2020 did a great job with my assignment. 
09/22/2020 Fantastic work as alway
09/21/2020 Amazing!
09/21/2020 Perfectly done!
09/20/2020 Thank you very much! You saved me! Before time due and excellent work. 
09/20/2020 Thank you for your work!
09/19/2020 Thanks!
Great job
09/16/2020 Amazing!
09/16/2020 Great work! Timely and professional. Well written with strong transistions
09/15/2020 This project was completed ahead of the deadline. The professor really goes above and beyond with the assignments. Highly recommend to any nursing student in the BSN program.
09/15/2020 Project was completed ahead of time and exceeded my expectations. I hate doing power point presentations but this professor did a wonderful job with this nursing assignment. I highly reccommend him to any student wanting an A.
09/14/2020 Perfect!
09/14/2020 Perfect work!
09/14/2020 Perfect!
09/14/2020 Great work!
09/14/2020 Amazing!
09/14/2020 Loved it!
09/14/2020 Awesome work!
09/13/2020 Great job! 
09/13/2020 This is my third time using this professor and I'm never disappointed. Twice in the past they have asked for a day extension, but the third time it was delivered by the deadline. Writting is concise and always approrpiate to the assignment. Only complaint on this third time is that there were three sentences that were almost direct quotes so they showed up on my Safe Assign report. Better rewording may have helped. Otherwise, it was a great final product that I barely had to tweek. Will continue to use this professor for future projects. 
09/12/2020 Exceeded expectations and got it done before the due date!
09/11/2020 Finished my paper not only fast, but above and beyond.
09/11/2020 Wealth of knowledge and patience.
09/11/2020 Excellent work!
09/11/2020 Met all the requirements requested, no questions asked. That is excellent work ethic and professionalism.
09/11/2020 The work is astounding
09/11/2020 nerdyprof does amazing work
09/11/2020 Wrote a paper I couldn't.
09/11/2020 Awesome writer.
09/11/2020 Passed!
09/10/2020 Fantastic in following instructions. No revision needed. professional and precise. recommend at 100%!
09/10/2020 Superb work I highly recommend.
09/08/2020 On time and passing grade.  Thank you and would use again.
09/08/2020 Always great work!
09/06/2020 Dependable! 
09/06/2020 Expert writer!
09/06/2020 He's very thorough!
09/06/2020 Amazing!
09/06/2020 A+ Awesome!
09/06/2020 39/40 Awesome!
09/06/2020 38/40 Great discussion post!
09/05/2020 Life saver! Very happy with his work.
09/05/2020 Excellet work. Thank you!
09/05/2020 Paper done in time and passed
09/05/2020 Perfect score
09/05/2020 Passed
09/03/2020 Perfect, and always on time
09/02/2020 Great job!
09/01/2020 Superb! I got my paper the next day! Very considerate and quickly responded to my questions. 100 stars. 
08/31/2020 Fantastic!
08/31/2020 Thank you very much, the looked great
08/30/2020 Thank you for great job. 
08/30/2020 Perfectly done!
08/30/2020 Amazing work!
08/30/2020 Received 120% grade and an amazing email from my professor commenting on the work :) :) :) 
08/30/2020 Loved it!
08/30/2020 Awesome!
08/30/2020 Amazing work!
08/28/2020 Recived a paper 2 pages short. "Fixed" issue when confronted except not really and ended up being 1 page short at the end. Did not get all the pages paid for. Did not read instructions properly; wrote about all topics, not 1, as listen in instructions. 
08/28/2020 Excellent work again delivering a high quality paper quickly. Very easy to work with nerdyprof.
08/28/2020 Finished my assignment quick while also delivering high quality work that addressed everything required.
08/28/2020 Continues to deliver excellent quality work in a timely manner.
08/28/2020 Excellent work as always
08/28/2020 nerdyprof delivered a well written essay that covered the topic, word count, references, and grammar and punctuation. I will continue to refer to him for future assignments.
08/27/2020 I have picked and trusted nerdyprof many times with my writing assignments and he always delivers by covering the entire topic of the assignment, meeting the word count (always going beyond), having excellent grammar and punctuation, and finishing my writing assignment in a timely and reasonably manner. I will continue to pick nerdyprof.
08/25/2020 I was very disappointed that my paper was completed and submitted for review after my due date. I am going to get an automatic 20 point reduction on my grade due to the professor not submitting my paper to me on time. This is my first time using this service and I would say it may be my last time using this service. 
08/24/2020 Just what I needed!
08/24/2020 Just what I needed.
08/24/2020 Great job!
08/22/2020 the time frame for completion was crunched, but this prof was late and then didn't follow the rubric. i had high hopes as they had helped me get a few A's previously but this time I recieved an F.
08/22/2020 best ever
08/22/2020 I truly cant thank him enough. because he is an amazing teacher. I got the best grades ever
08/22/2020 Despite my error in uploading links, they were able to get this to me just in time to submit. I finally recieved my grade and got an A!
08/22/2020 Thanks so much for doing such a great job. :)
08/19/2020 I got this back in time but there were SO MANY incorrect answers, and all the information was listed on the powerpoints I provided.  If I had not proofread this before submitting it, I would have received at least a C, which would have changed my entire GPA.  Very frustrated and wondering what I paid $150 for if I ended up doing it over myself.
08/18/2020 My goal is to only use this proferssor! Great paper!! A+ 
08/17/2020 Thak you for helping me out on this. 
08/16/2020 Followed directions perfectly, very clean accurate paper.
08/13/2020 excellent work. I had many projects with this professor and all were outstanding. I highly recommend the professor. Thanks again for a fantastic research and writing.
08/13/2020 Only got a 42/50.
08/11/2020 Always delivers excellent work!! 
08/11/2020 After using this professor for multiple assigments I can conclusively say that they struggle to adhere to assignment instructions, and did not produce work aligned with the expectations given.
Both recent assignments produced by this professor needed almost a full revision prior to being submitted, as none of the required content had been touched upon or provided. The majority of this paper was filler words that did not meet the assignment critera. It was a waste of time and money to use this professor. 
On a positive note, this professor did produce work on time and was reachable via message. 
08/11/2020 Didn't get the grade i was expectin 
08/11/2020 Didn't get the grade i was expectin 
08/11/2020 Speech was just what I was looking for.
08/10/2020 Nerdyprof is amazing! He handled a series of writing assingments for me and each paper was delivered early and was of the highest quality. His work ensured that I received an A+ in my course and I can not reccomend him enough. If you need a writing assignment completed in a hurry, that is A+ quality, by a writer that is responsive then Nerdyprof is the person for you! 10/10 would use again!!
08/10/2020 Thank you!
08/09/2020 Great work! Also finished before the deadline.
08/09/2020 Thank you! Amazing Work!
08/08/2020 Excellent Essay, followed directions to the "T". On time and did not need any edits. Thank you so much!!!!
08/07/2020 A material

08/05/2020 I've used this prof 4 times so far and not only was the work top quality, but I consistantly received a perfect or near perfect score without any alterations to the work once the professor was finished! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!!!
08/05/2020 great work! got 100% on my paper and got it ahead of deadline! thank you 
08/02/2020 WOW this guy is gooooooooood!!!
08/01/2020 Awesome work
07/31/2020 Job well done!
07/31/2020 Good paper and on time
07/30/2020 This project/paper was done very well.  The provided rubric was adhered to perfectly.  The paper was laid out nicely and really well written.  This pofessor did an amazing job.  The only hiccup was that the paper was turned in 17 hours late by the professor.  I submitted my project a week ahead of time to give the professor enough time, so this was not a last minute paper.  
07/29/2020 Timely and professional 
07/29/2020 Did above and beyond on my business plan. Delieved a 100% on time and had great communication throughout the process. I highly reccommend.
07/27/2020 very happy with my paper!
07/27/2020 Great paper - thanks
07/27/2020 Thank you ! - I learned more from your work than from my actual professor, which raises a few questions!
07/26/2020 great 5 star writers
07/26/2020 Always professional and timely
07/26/2020 Perfect!
07/26/2020 Awesome!
07/26/2020 Great work!
07/25/2020 Great Quality. Highly recommend.
07/25/2020 prompt response time so appreciated and great revision assitance. thank you. great job!
07/25/2020 The assignment was a research paper for a pharmacology course. The paper written was a good starting point however it was riddled with grammatical errors, the flow of the paper was off, there was a lot of repitition and multiple areas were missing sources. I asked the professor to correct the issues above before the due date and he did however, he sent me the corrections after the deadline. Thus, his edits were useless. 
07/24/2020 The best!!!!!!!!
07/22/2020 fast and awesome work!
07/22/2020 Amazing! My grade jumped up significantly. The paer was eloquent, clear, concise, and relevant, 
07/22/2020 Great work!
07/21/2020 I got A;s for most of my assignments. pick him
07/21/2020 He is the best proffesor ever
07/21/2020 He is the best you can ever have
07/21/2020 excellent work. I recommend this professor highly. Very professional, on time delivery, and great writing. Thank you and looking forward to work with him again.
07/21/2020 Literally soo amazing above and beyond
07/21/2020 Thanks!
07/20/2020 Only required monor edits. Went above and beyond what I expected. Initially wrote a bit too much, but thats ok, basically free content. The prof shortened it to the specification I needed and turned it out perfectly. Awesome job. 
07/19/2020 Great work as usual. Will continue to hire in near future. 
07/19/2020 Well put together Essay with great verbage.  Has great flow and clarity that pulls it all together.  I will be using this professor again.
07/19/2020 Great Job!!
07/19/2020 Did exactly as requested. Thank you
07/18/2020 Thank you so much for your work ! It's excellent