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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
01/28/2023 Thank you
01/27/2023 I got the course work back way before the due date!
01/27/2023 I was a little bit concerned because I didn't hear from this person at all until right at the deadline when they provided the completed piece, unfortunately it was not what I was looking for and I shared that feedback and asked them to rewrite - which they did. The second piece was much more along the lines of what I was hoping for (willing to admit that I am new to this site and I did not give great instructions at first so that responsibility is on me!). Really appreciate the time this prof took to rewrite based on my feedback. 
01/25/2023 Great work, thank you
01/25/2023 Thank you!
01/23/2023 I recieved a 93 out of 100. Work is always good never late. Would highly recommend 
01/22/2023 Perfect Thank you so much!
01/22/2023 Solid work as usual thank you!
01/21/2023 Thank you
01/21/2023 Thank you
01/21/2023 Thank you
01/20/2023 I am happy with the resolution of this assignment. This professor delivered what was requested. I recommend them for your nursing needs.
01/20/2023 Thank you so much!
01/20/2023 Quality work, follows guidelines, and great communication. 
01/16/2023 Well done.
01/16/2023 I really enjoyed working with nerdyprof. Nerdyprof simply gets the job done right the first time.
01/15/2023 thank you
01/15/2023 Thank you
01/15/2023 Always great
01/14/2023 very happy with the paper provided!
01/14/2023 Outsanding Work Thanks.
01/14/2023 Always quality work... never disappoints!
01/13/2023 Thanks for the timely resolution! you provided exactly what I had asked for!
01/11/2023 Nerdy prof received a good feedback from my professor. I had to ask him to change some little things during the progress of his writing but overall good experience... Will use again
01/09/2023 Awesome. Thank you!
01/09/2023 Always Great, thank you
01/09/2023 Always GREAT
01/09/2023 Awesome work and ahead of schedule!
01/08/2023 Thanks for the fast turn around! I am happy with the paper you provided!
01/08/2023 Thank you
01/08/2023 Thank you always GREAT
01/06/2023 This prof was great! I waited for myself to receive my grade for this essay before rating and well DAM! Highly reccomend. This will officially be my go-to when posting assignments now. Thanks again Nerdyprof!!!!
01/05/2023 POW! Great work and early too! Thanks 
01/02/2023 My final project for this class and I got a 100% thank you so much
01/02/2023 I got an A
12/28/2022 great detailed work and delivered before time frame given!
12/23/2022 Early and awesome!
12/23/2022 My project was completed per instructions and on-time!
12/23/2022 Very thorough paper
12/22/2022 Amazing work as always! Thank you!
12/22/2022 Amazing work as always! Thank you!
12/22/2022 Once again this professor has come through big! Many thanks!
12/21/2022 Medium
12/20/2022 tad bit late but perfect
12/19/2022 Thank you so much for uploading my paper earlier than expected. It was perfect. Thank you again. 
12/19/2022 You didn't do a full 5 pages.
12/18/2022 professional congrats 
12/18/2022 Done and professional
12/18/2022 Fantastic work!
12/17/2022 Solid work as always 
Thank you!
12/16/2022 Amazing job as always I have not recieved less than a A on any project that is Professor has done for me!!
12/16/2022 Another solid paper. Communicates well and always delivers quality work. My favorite professor. 
12/15/2022 .
12/15/2022 Awesome work!
12/14/2022 Awesome work, done the day of and before the deadline 
12/13/2022 Thanks for the quality paper!
12/13/2022 amazing!
12/12/2022 thank you
12/12/2022 thankyou
12/12/2022 Thank you
12/12/2022 Thank you
12/11/2022 You did an awesome job on the project.  My professor gave me a 136 out of 145 grade.  Thank you so much!!
12/11/2022 Delivered what I asked for! great paper.
12/10/2022 Great paper. Very detailed and explained.
12/08/2022 Thank you 
12/08/2022 Love him for quick little book reviews! Awesome, quality work everytime! And, always delivers before the due date. 
12/08/2022 Way too slow to respond 
12/07/2022 Could not have asked for anything more, perfect!!! 
12/07/2022 Always the best! 
12/07/2022 Life saver :D
12/07/2022 Excellent Job!
12/06/2022 A+
12/06/2022 Great paper! thanks for providing what I requested!
12/06/2022 Great job, but was missing something that needed to be added to the project, therefore my assignment was rated 5 points less than the total.
12/05/2022 takes his time to get the best outcome
12/05/2022 Fantastic Work!!
12/05/2022 Thank you so much/
12/04/2022 Helped me out in my time of need - incredible work!
12/04/2022 Got an A enough said. 
12/04/2022 Thanks for the great paper!
12/04/2022 Good Job paper was well detailed. Thank You
12/03/2022 Thank you 
12/03/2022 Perfect as always! Thank you!
12/03/2022 Great!
12/03/2022 I've said it a dozen times and I'll say it again, my favorite professor on here. On time, stellar research products, and guaranteed A's. 
12/03/2022 This is the tenth assignment they have completed for me and as always, I received an A+.
12/03/2022 I always choose this professor if available and they haven't let me down a single time. 
12/03/2022 I am addicted to this professor writing for me. Guaranteed A every single time. 
12/03/2022 Time and time again, this professor delivers. 
12/02/2022 did a great job.
12/02/2022 ALways great
12/02/2022 Excellent work and finished before due date
12/02/2022 Thank you perfect paper
12/02/2022 Great work! provided what I had asked for! Thanks!
12/01/2022 Excellent work !!!
12/01/2022 tks! smiley
12/01/2022 Great presentation along with a streamlined thought process. Awesome work and it was on time.
12/01/2022 Excellent quality paper and it was submitted 12 hours prior to the requested due date and time. The paper was reviewed and had almost no errors for me to revise prior to submitting. Awesome work professor!!
12/01/2022 excellent work done in a timely fashion 
11/30/2022 Excellent work!
11/29/2022 Excellent!!!! Great Work!!!!!!
11/29/2022 I was on a time crunch with multiple papers so decided to hand one off. Professor was amazing. Did a marketing paper for me and it looked great! Used this professor before for a IT implementation project and was awesome then too.
11/29/2022 THE BEST :D
11/29/2022 The best
11/29/2022 Thank you so much :D 
11/29/2022 Thank you
11/29/2022 Recevied 100%. Thank you!
11/29/2022 Very helpful!
11/29/2022 Nice essay nerdy prof
11/29/2022 Thanks 
11/28/2022 Excellent work as always, Thank you!
11/28/2022 One of the best here!
11/28/2022 Great work! Fast and accurate!
11/28/2022 Thanks for the great resolution! saved me a lot of time!
11/28/2022 100% on my paper, this professor is outstanding. 
11/27/2022 Was able to turn in my hw on time and review it as well. Did an amazing job! Thank you! Will request this professor again in the future!
11/26/2022 As always, delivered without issues or any major corrections. 
11/25/2022 You did an awesome job.  My professor gave me an A+.  Thank you!!!
11/24/2022 happy with this resoulution
I am very satisfied!!!
11/23/2022 Thanks for the great paper!
11/22/2022 He did a great job
11/22/2022 Thank you Always GREAT
11/22/2022 Thank you
11/21/2022 Very pricese, accurate, and timely. I always enjoy using this Professor!
11/21/2022 received 100%. thank you
11/20/2022 thank you
11/20/2022 u want the best paper? look no further
11/20/2022 Thank you so much
11/20/2022 Thanks so much! :)
11/20/2022 As always the best! Thanks
11/19/2022 very happy with the paper your provided. saved my a lot of time!
11/19/2022 Very easy to work with. Deliverd quality project on time.
11/18/2022 this prof did an amazing job on my paper . delviered on time. and was just amazing. thank you 
11/18/2022 Aewsome job on the paper!!
11/18/2022 Perfect just what I needed. 

An emergency/crisis came up in my life recently, and I could not realistically complete my science-based, data-driven nursing/public health project in time and get the grade I need to pass my course.  So, I turned to  And, I must give nerdyprof props for delivering the goods as promised!  My project was hard, but it was no problem for nerdyprof!  *Highly recommend*

11/17/2022 Very happy with the resolution! I would definitely recommend this professor. 
11/16/2022 Dude you always come through with the best papers! You bailed me out some heavy situations two times now! I'm coming back to this guy! You're a freaking SAINT!!!! This professor gets the jpb done, couldn't recommend more than what I am doing now!
11/15/2022 Well done!!! Not only did you deliver a completed project before the time set, the completed project was concise, well written and exactly what I was looking for without providing any additional guidance other than the instructions provided in the bid. Will reserve all of my projects with you. Thank you so much.
11/15/2022 Great job
11/14/2022 On time, well written and followed directions.
11/13/2022 great work
11/13/2022 Always the best :)
11/12/2022 If I could give this prof a zero star, I would! DONT LET HIS HIGH SCORE FOOL YOU!! He gets stuff from google and does a terrible sloppy job!!
11/11/2022 Fast response time?
11/10/2022 Did a great job on my case study!
11/10/2022 Thank you very much !
11/09/2022 Great work! 
11/09/2022 Exceeded expectations for my first time using Unemployed Professors. Thank you so much!!
11/09/2022 As always a job well done. Assignment was submitted prior to the seadline date.
11/09/2022 Great work!!! The project was completed and submitted prior to the due date requested. 
11/08/2022 this person really writes great papers! early delivery, and very good writing!
11/06/2022 Life saver! Thankyou smiley
11/06/2022 THE BEST 
11/06/2022 Absolutely amazing assigned today and delivered in just a few hours. As always the best nerdyprof yessmileyThanks! 
11/06/2022 A;ways GREAT
11/06/2022 Thank you so much
11/06/2022 Very good
11/05/2022 Always the best option 
11/05/2022 Always the best option 
11/03/2022 Highly recommend. I have never had an issue that this professor was not willing to correct. Always get A's when I use this Professor. 
11/03/2022 Always great work!
11/01/2022 Timely and an expert in the designated field of knowledge!
10/31/2022 Thank you for all you help
10/30/2022 The best thank you
10/30/2022 Always great
10/30/2022 ??????????! 
10/30/2022 Good product and excellent response time.  Highly recommend. 
10/28/2022 Exceederd my expectations
10/27/2022 Thank you for the great work!
10/27/2022 Thank you so much!!
10/27/2022 The structure and vocabulary were on par with what I was expecting.
However, nearly all in-text citations and references were incorrect, causing me to spend time redoing the reference page.
10/27/2022 Great responsible for the work and creative writing on the specific fields
10/26/2022 Great work 
10/26/2022 Thankyou for your AMAZING WORK!!!!!
10/26/2022 Great work !
10/25/2022 Very happy with the results
10/24/2022 ALways the BEST
10/23/2022 Thank you
10/23/2022 Great work done early
10/22/2022 ALways great
10/21/2022 Great work, will definitely use you again soon!
10/21/2022 Great work, will definitely use you again soon!
10/21/2022 Great professional work
10/18/2022 Thank you! 
10/18/2022 The paper came out better than expected!
10/17/2022 Very quick, very detailed! Great work
10/16/2022 GREAT paper!!! followed instructions exactly, and even included some of my own words that I mentioned in some notes. also, completed the project early. awesome work!
10/16/2022 Thank you
10/16/2022 thank you so much
10/15/2022 Thanks!
10/15/2022 did a really good job on my paper
10/12/2022 excellent work. finished early 
10/12/2022 excellent work. finished early 
10/12/2022 excellent work. finished early 
10/12/2022 excellent work. finished early 
10/12/2022 excellent work. finished early 
10/11/2022 On time

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