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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
06/26/2022 Always the best 
06/25/2022 A+
06/25/2022 On time
06/25/2022 Incredible.
06/24/2022 did a great job on my paper. Deliverd on time. Got an A on the assignment
06/24/2022 delivered before it was due. Paper looks great
06/24/2022 Saved me!
06/24/2022 This is my go-to professor.  Awesome work!  Followed the instructions to the letter and completed 24 hours prior to the deadline!  I highly recommend
06/23/2022 Absolutley the best!
06/22/2022 A plus!!!
06/21/2022 I am highly dissapointed in my project. Failed paper and instructions weren't followed. Very dissapointed to say the least given the hefty penny I paid for my research paper. 
06/21/2022 The best 
06/20/2022 Amazing as always!!
06/20/2022 yesyesyes Thanks so much !!!
06/20/2022 Always the best of the best !!!
06/20/2022 Life saver !! :)
06/20/2022 Always the best :)
06/19/2022 Thank you so much
06/19/2022 Always Great, Thank you
06/19/2022 Stellar!
06/19/2022 Great work!
06/19/2022 Excellent work and in a very timely manner. Went beyond expectations.
06/19/2022 The best prof on this website hands down
06/19/2022 There are no words that can truly show my appreciation for this professor. I feel so blessed. I have been using him for almost a year now and weekly. I use him ALL the time. He is the best and he is so thorough I trust him so much
06/18/2022 Thank you for this excellent PowerPoint project! 
06/18/2022 Fantastic job
06/18/2022 heartheartheart
06/18/2022 I've never had any problems with this professor, highly recommend them. I wish the site had a tutoring service with this professor because they are just that good.
06/18/2022 Highly recommend 
06/18/2022 Trust their work 100% The best by far
06/18/2022 Very knowledgeable and helpful. 
06/18/2022 100% recommend 
06/18/2022 Best professor so far, and my top go-to for any assignments I struggle with. very knowledgeable and thorough.Thank you!
06/18/2022 I asked him for multiple projects and he perfectly finished them as I requested
06/18/2022 Amazing professor, I always pick him for my projects since he is reliable and deadline oriented
06/17/2022 Fantastic!! I haven't recieved my grade but I already know it excceds all expectation and rubrci guide. Even in such a little amont of time! Highly recommand.
06/17/2022 Completed way ahead of schedule! Highly Recommended!
06/16/2022 He wrote a 12 page business report in 3 days and I got a 97.5% on the assignment!
06/15/2022 yesyesyesyesyes
06/15/2022 THANKS SO MUCH :)
06/14/2022 He never fails to provide an excellent paper!
06/13/2022 Life saver :) !!!
06/13/2022 Perfect score on my paper.
06/13/2022 My favorite professor!
06/13/2022 Always great work.
06/13/2022 10/10 stars for this professor. This professor is consistent with their excellent work.  I highly recommend!
06/13/2022 Life saver thanks Nerdyprof! 
06/13/2022 ALWAYS the BEST
06/13/2022 The best of the best !!! 
06/11/2022 Never disappoints! Great work. Highly recommend.
06/11/2022 Thank you
06/11/2022 Thank you GREAT as always
06/10/2022 Great work as always!
06/09/2022 Excellent work on this project!  This professor consistently provides 10-Start work done early or on-time!  I highly recommend
06/09/2022 greeat job
06/09/2022 Great job
06/08/2022 Outstanding! Very impressive work. I will continue to use this professor....
06/08/2022 Nerdyprof is simply the best of the best n here! 
06/08/2022 Always the best 
06/08/2022 Thank you. 
06/08/2022 Work was good just a day late
06/08/2022 This professor is always 10/10 in my book!  Consistent great work!  Always per specificiations, great communication, and projects copleted early or on-time!  I highly recommend!
06/07/2022 Always delivered before due date! Thanks so much :) 
06/07/2022 LIFE SAVER :) 
06/07/2022 You are just the best nerdyprof !! Thanks 
06/07/2022 Life saver !!! Thanks so much 
06/07/2022 Always the best of the best !!!
06/06/2022 Nerdyprof wrote a 7 page paper for me in 3 days and got a 100% on the assignment! 
06/06/2022 The prof is perfect in quality, never saw any copy/pasting and I alway give my project to him because he is reliable and he prepares projects before deadline.
06/05/2022 This was above and beyond what I expected!
06/05/2022 Have used them in the past and always had great results and today was no exeception. Needed a quick turn around time and it was delivered. Thank you again! 
06/05/2022 I love this professor. Always produces great work and always willing to revise! Will definitely be using again for future papers.
06/04/2022 Awesome stuff
06/04/2022 Excellent work on a difficult project
06/04/2022 Wonderful prof! Did a great job on my paper and got my paper done quickly when I messed up the due date. A+ will use again! Quick response to messages and followed requests/directions. 
06/04/2022 Could not as for better service! Needed something that was due the same day and he sure did make it happen! He is my go-to now! 
06/04/2022 Outstanding work on this management project!  Project finished ahead of the deadline and completed exactly to the project speicifications.  I highly recommend!
06/04/2022 Always great, Thank you.
06/03/2022 Thank you
06/03/2022 Received 100% on my paper, submitted in timely fashion, plenty of correct citations, very happy with service! 
06/03/2022 great work
06/01/2022 I requested a simple paper with an outline of the Scarlett Letter. I received an outline with no paper. I'm sorry, but this site is junk. They don't read the instructions; they send you what they want and take your money. Don't waste your money on this site. 

Not sure you looked through the entire paper. What you are claiming was missing was right there in plain eyesight
05/30/2022 Wonderful job 
05/30/2022 Well done on my assignment 
05/30/2022 I would give you 100 stars if I could
I seriously trust you so much and appreciate you more than words could say
05/30/2022 Always doing a very thorough job thank you
05/30/2022 fantastic job thank you
05/30/2022 I got a 100% on this assignment. Highly reccomend this prof
05/30/2022 I got a 100% on this assignment THANK YOU SO MUCH. I trust this prof so much
05/30/2022 the best, thank you
05/30/2022 ALways great
05/29/2022 Thank you GREAT
05/28/2022 Seriously the best! Always before due date and best work. Thanks very much :) 
05/28/2022 Nerdyprof is ABSOLUTELY the best! 
05/27/2022 THANKS SO MUCH 
05/27/2022 Always the best :)
05/27/2022 Always the best! 
05/27/2022 THANK YOU !!! :)
05/27/2022 great work! very happy!
05/26/2022 Very timely and did a great job! 10/10 would recommend!!
05/26/2022 I wish I would have just waited for Nerdyprof to bid on my assignment initially. The initial bid winner for the original assignment was Grace on this Unemployed Professors platform. She attempted 3x to revise the work and it kept getting rejected by my professor. Nerdyprof gave it one attempt to revise and it was perfect from his first attempt. He is the real deal on this website. Do not even consider anyone else and don't use Grace. Just choose Nerdyprof! 
05/26/2022 Beside PowerPoint, nerdyprof is good at writng assignments.
05/26/2022 Amazing professor! High quality, on time and always available. Highly recommend 
05/25/2022 Nerdyprof does it again! Another well-written, grade A paper! I fully trust Nerdyprof with my assignments. 
05/25/2022 very happy with the solution to my project!
05/24/2022 Great job as usual! Thank you prof!
05/24/2022 I got an A. I can always count on this prof to do a wonderful job
05/24/2022 I highly reccomend this prof. He does a great job 
05/24/2022 Did a fantastic job on a very important project and I got an A. 
05/24/2022 Hands down best prof on this website. 
05/24/2022 I got an A! Thank you !!!!
05/24/2022 I got an A, and I am so grateful thank you so much
05/24/2022 I got an A, and I am so grateful for your hardwork that you put into the assignments. You will always be my go to prof
05/24/2022 Wrote me a great cover letter thank you so much you are so seasoned in your writing skills. You can literally write anything. You are so talented and smart and I appreciate you
05/23/2022 Stellar!
05/23/2022 A+ work as always!
05/23/2022 Great work!
05/22/2022 Thank you always the best
05/22/2022 Thank you, always great
05/21/2022 Always before due date! The best. Thanks! 
05/21/2022 ??
05/21/2022 Always does an amazing job and does exctly as the instructions state. Recommend 100%
05/20/2022 Excellent work!
05/20/2022 Outstanding Graduate level business project!  I have used this professor to assist with many projects and always top results. I highly recommend!

05/20/2022 Life saver !!!
05/20/2022 ??
05/20/2022 Always the best 
05/20/2022 The project was done sooner than deadline, because I put the wrong date. But when I asked him, he prepared the document in very soon in high quality.
05/19/2022 thank you
05/19/2022 The professor was timely, and wrote a well-written paper, and made all necessary edits. I appreciate their time and effort. It truly came in clutch this semester!
05/18/2022 Fair pricing. Answers questions in timely manner. Outstanding work. Finished my project WAY before the deadline. I would highly recommend and use this professor again.
05/17/2022 Delivered on time and with a great quality. I highly reccomend this proffesor. 
05/17/2022 Delivered on time and with a great quality. I highly reccomend this proffesor. 
05/17/2022 This professor was such a strict grader and she LOVED the essay the nerdyprof wrote for me. I cannot reccommend him enough. He does a fantastic job every single time. I am so grateful to him
05/16/2022 I can understand why this professor is unemployed, clearly didn't understand the topic nor did they put much effort into understanding it. I spent the whole day rewriting, sourcing statements, and editing, can't believe how much I paid. This person must think no one actually reads the papers..
05/15/2022 Thank you
05/15/2022 Always GRAET, Thank you.
05/14/2022 Excellent writing! Thank you so much.
05/14/2022 Good.
05/14/2022 Thank you so much! This was a wonderful paper!
05/13/2022 Always does a great job! 
05/13/2022 I just have to say that this specific individual took the time to read the required info needed and provided a dynamite solution !!!!!!!!!   Thank You
05/13/2022 On time and great solution.  Thanks!!!
05/09/2022 This was my huge FINAL project for this class it determined the rest of my grade and this professor knocked it outta the park. He did so well on my work I got an A. Thank you so much
05/09/2022 Thank you
05/09/2022 Alwats great, thank you.
05/09/2022 Great job ! got me 90/100
05/09/2022 Super easy to work with!  Paper is pretty much perfect. Nerdyprof submitted it on time. I had to go in and change a few things to alter the style so it matched with my own writing style, but anyone with half a brain would do that.  Would definitely use him again in the future!  
05/08/2022 I love using this professor! 
05/08/2022 Marvelous work per usual.
05/08/2022 Normally a good writer. Not good for PowerPoints. No photos or animations. 
05/08/2022 10/10
05/07/2022 Fantastic literature review paper
05/06/2022 Great professor, got the essay done and helped a bunch to lighten my workload during finals! He got the essay done with plenty of time to make revisions (there were none really to be made) and followed the prompt I included and even used my sources, which I have had problems with in redards to other professors on here but not this man! Definitely reccomend choosing him and willl definitely prioritize giving him my essays in the future. 
05/06/2022 This is my go to professor for help with business papers and projects.  I have used him many times.  Always with top quality work and high scores.  I highly recommend.
05/06/2022 This is my go to professor.  I have used him many times.  Always with top quality work and high scores.  I highly recommend.
05/06/2022 On time and written exactly to spec. 
05/04/2022 Life saver !!!
05/03/2022 delivered what was asked. this professor was very willing to fix an error. answered questions promptly 
05/02/2022 A
05/02/2022 I'm glad that Nerdyprof and I are in agreement that my Business Law professor is just a huge pain. Yet, Nerdyprof remained patient with me and still continued to help me through MANY different revisions (because my business law professor kept sending things back (again at NO FAULT of Nerdyprof). Many of my classmates and I wish we would have looked up her rating on "rate my professor" before we decided to take her class (which had so many openings versus the other professor that had a long waitlist). I have been able to squeeze out a passing grade all because of Nerdyprof. He is the best on this website, and you can't go wrong by choosing his bid! Thank you Nerdyprof for helping me with everything this past quarter! 
05/01/2022 Followed the instructions flawlessly

05/01/2022 Thank you so much!
05/01/2022 Always GREAT
05/01/2022 Thank you
05/01/2022 Always the best !! smiley
05/01/2022 Good paper - was 3 days late of original due date
04/30/2022 Nerdyprof at it again with another high quality, A plus paper! Thank you for all of your help with my classes this past quarter! 
04/29/2022 Great paper thank you
04/28/2022 Did everything that I requested and followed the instructions perfectly!
04/28/2022 Magnificent work!
04/28/2022 This assignment was a VERY important research project for my final grade/final assignment. I do not even have the words to say to thank this professor enough. He works really hard to make the papers/projects/powerpoints/any assignments into A quality work. I trust him very much and will continue to use this professor for his professinalism and you can see his knowledge in his work. I got an A on this final reaseach project just like I do with all the other assignments. I greatly appreciate it thank you
04/27/2022 Just what I needed, recived a day early! Will use again.
04/26/2022 Perfect!
04/26/2022 Always does the best job!
04/26/2022 Stellar work!
04/26/2022 A+ work as always!
04/26/2022 Wonderful job!
04/25/2022 delivered exactly what i asked for!
04/25/2022 Always great work and very professional and timely 
04/25/2022 Great work!
04/25/2022 Great work!
04/25/2022 Great work and well before the due date!
04/25/2022 Excellent paper, delivered early
04/25/2022 Good
04/25/2022 Great job.
04/25/2022 Top work.
04/25/2022 Always the best 
04/25/2022 Thank you so much
04/25/2022 Awesome work, and when I had questions, went back fixed my questions :)
04/24/2022 Fast and accrate and well done 
04/24/2022 Always GREAT
04/23/2022 The professor did a good job.
04/23/2022 A+ Paper!
Nerdy Professor is the Best "Unemployed Professor" on Unemployed Professors 
04/23/2022 Thank you. 
04/23/2022 Listen to me when I say: pick Nerdyprof for ANY and ALL PowerPoint related assignments!!! He is the best at them! 
04/22/2022 Always does a great job with PowerPoint projects
04/22/2022 Delivers ahead of schedule. Super awesome work. 
04/21/2022 This professor is worth every penny!!! 

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