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10/14/2021 Nothing but positive comments for NerdyProf! Original work was excellent with only one minor revision required which resulted in a final submission that exceeded expectations. 

10/14/2021 The professor was fast and amazing ! 
10/13/2021 Awesome as always 
10/13/2021 I asked the professor to practically redo my project a second time for me and he did so without hesitation and was very nice about it. Much appreciated, and highly reccommended! 
10/13/2021 Only received a 7.9/10 on my paper was really expecting an A or at least a B kind of disappointed. But the prof is always on time and easy to communicate with just a little let down. 
10/12/2021 Okay let me start by saying that I have been on this website for a couple of years now. I have woked with a variety of unemployed professors and no one compares to NERDYPROF! This week I had 4 assignments that  I had him do and I accidentally put the wrong due date and they were doing Sunday but I didnt even notice until Friday. Oh my gosh I wanted to CRY! I frantically messaged him because I mean it was all my fault. I explained what happened to and he put my worries at ease and said they would all be done by my due date and I just so grateful. He really pulls through and with QUALITY work. I am so grateful for him. He truly deserves the best of everthing. HE has helped me through my whole semester and I highly recommend him. You wont regret it! ITHANK YOU! 
10/12/2021 Great Job!! thank you so much
10/12/2021 WONDERFUL JOB !!!
10/12/2021 Thank you for taking the time to always get the details perfectly and for doing your best on my papers and projects
10/12/2021 Wonderful job as always! Thank you Professor
10/12/2021 ALWAYS a fantastic job!
10/12/2021 Awesome work as always!!!!! Thank you for everything you do. 
10/11/2021 Unbeatable work.
10/11/2021 Great, thank you
10/10/2021 Great work
10/10/2021 Great like always.
10/09/2021 Impressive work, prof asked for an extension but delievered more than it was expected
10/09/2021 Completed assignment earlier than requested due date and delivered an amazing paper. Thank you. 
10/09/2021 always good work! Thank you
10/09/2021 exceptional paper. did everything that was asked at a profressional level and completed before deadline. will definitely use this profressor again. thank you!
10/07/2021 Excellent work!
10/06/2021 THANK YOU!
10/06/2021 Nerdy prof was so good he did my cover letter as well as restored my fertility, thanks to nerdy prof my wife is now pregnant with triplets and and I got that job at NASA. Excelent at their craft and would recomend him/her to anyone. 
10/05/2021 This professor always does a wonderful and thorough job. I appreciate the hard work he does and that he is always there making sure that my work is exceptional and always asks questions to make sure that he has all the material he needs
10/04/2021 always the best work and on time
09/30/2021 FANTASTIC JOB! Thank you so much for asking me questions and striving to put out the best work possible from all the work you have done for me I can tell you put in a lot of effort and tried. You are a life saver and I appreciate you so much for everything you have done! Thank you so much!! 
09/30/2021 Such a thorough job I will always be using you for my projects and assignments thank you very much
09/30/2021 A wonderful job and a wonderful grade. I couldnt ask for more thank you so much
09/30/2021 Did a very good job and I appreciate the intellectual understanding and comprehension of my assignments thank you professor
09/28/2021 fantastic job
09/28/2021 Thank you so so much you have helped me with four assignments you are appreciated and done a good job!
09/28/2021 Simply Amazing 
09/27/2021 Always the best
09/24/2021 So many mistakes

Very poor work

One would expect that these sentiments will be easily backed with numerous examples, but I am STILL waiting for you to point out a single "mistake" many days later after reaching out. Looks like I need to brace myself for a long wait! I am a patient person, I will wait so I can satisfy my curiosity as to what YOU consider to be mistakes.
09/23/2021 Great!
09/22/2021 Great job like always! Thank you so much I greatly appreciate it so much
09/22/2021 Thank you for taking time to do your best and always giving out great work and fixing mistakes and whatever else. I trust you and your work and will always use you. I appreciate that you aren't rude like others on this site and you take your time
09/22/2021 WONDERFUL JOB! Like always thank you
09/22/2021 Great job like always and I always appreicate the great effort and dedication in my papers thank you so much
09/22/2021 I do not even want to write a good review because I dont want anyone to use him to the point where he is super busy. This guy is very thorough and does an awesoe job. He communicates with you and does a great job. I have been on this site for 2 years and I just started using him because I tried several other people and he is by far the best of the best 
09/20/2021 This professor is the best ever, you can never go wrong with him  
09/20/2021 Excellent job and received the finished project before the due date/time.  Highly recommend!
09/20/2021 Great
09/20/2021 Thank you
09/20/2021 Always great , thank you!
09/20/2021 YOU. ARE. A. SÚPER HERO!! Thank you so much, you did soo good ??????
09/18/2021 high quality, well written, great sources, and done before the due date!
09/17/2021 Nicely done, followed the directions as requested. Thanks a lot.
09/16/2021 Tier 1 UP!
09/15/2021 Amazing work, did exactly what the assignment required and right on time. 
Thank you!!!
09/14/2021 This UP is dependable and reliable!!
09/14/2021 Nerdyprof is Awesome! 
09/14/2021 Great job like always thank you so much for doing a wonderful and thorough job
09/14/2021 He did a fantasti job will always use this professor for my projects
09/13/2021 Perfect as always- thank you!
09/13/2021 Great job!
09/13/2021 This was one of the best personal statement I have read. Thanks to your contibution. 
09/12/2021 Incredible. On time, and professional. Will be using this professor again without a doubt.
09/12/2021 This professor is the real deal. I have used them about 5 times, and every essay has been exactly what i asked for, on time, and gotten me a really good grade. 
The last paper they worked on for me was a rewrite of an essay that i wrote and was terrible. They re-wrote it and got it back to me within 24 hours! And i got an A- - which is my best grade so far for this paper.
Thanks heaps!
09/12/2021 Always GREAT.
09/12/2021 Thank you
09/12/2021 Thank you
09/12/2021 great work. spot on with the material
09/11/2021 I am so impressed with this website and this professor. He continues to impress with his great papers and projects that he has helped me on. 
09/10/2021 awesome as always
09/09/2021 Did a great job on the assignment and fallowed the instructions very well.
09/08/2021 I received an 160/190 on the paper.  
09/08/2021 Simply the best better than all the rest.
09/08/2021 Overall, great work. Paper did need a bit of refinement, but very little to be done on my side. Assignment was completed early and there was a plethora of references, which was great. I received a B+ which is more than satisfactory in my opinion. Would recommend this professor!
09/07/2021 I was nervous with this one and all the graphs he included. But I got an A, I'm so happy. Thank you!!!
09/07/2021 Great as always
09/07/2021 thank you
09/06/2021 Awesome, if I could give Nerdy 1000 stars I would 
09/06/2021 Awesome, if I could give Nerdy 1000 stars I would 
09/06/2021 great
09/05/2021 Simply the BEST 
09/05/2021 Very nice work!
09/03/2021 excellent as always and on time
09/03/2021 One of the best freelancers I have even worked with, not only on this platform. He is very cooperative and great communicator, and always deliver top quality work as if it was his own and follows all the provided guidelines, and when any modification is needed, he always reflect them with willingness and high speed. Highly recommended, truly you are not going to find anyone better than him.

09/02/2021 Very good have done many things for me and on time!!!!!????????Thank You
09/01/2021 Came out really well. 
09/01/2021 Stellar work as usaul.
08/31/2021 Thank you, I appreciate the help so much. Very well written and I'm extremely satisfied!

Thank you professor for you help! All great as usual!

08/30/2021 Thank you once again.
08/29/2021 Exceptional work!
08/29/2021 Exceptional work!
08/29/2021 Pure Genius!
08/29/2021 Pure Genius!
08/29/2021 Best Prof Ever!!!!
08/29/2021 Strong work!
08/29/2021 Thank you!!!
08/29/2021 High quality work!
08/29/2021 High quality work in a timely manner!
08/29/2021 High quality work in a timely manner!
08/29/2021 High quality work in a timely manner!
08/29/2021 thank you
08/29/2021 great job
08/29/2021 Great Thank you.
08/28/2021 Great professor, did exactly what was asked on the document. I will trust his work going forward.
08/28/2021 always ahead of time
08/27/2021 exceeds expectations and provides personal touch. 
08/26/2021 Very fast and effiecient with their work. They truly exceeded my expectations! Would defineitly recommend!
08/25/2021 125/125 on this project. This professor is a strong writer and always delivers solid work. However this assignment was 4 hours late. This is not the first time. I will continue to use this professor, I just may send them a message confirming the due date and time. 
08/23/2021 GREAT!
08/23/2021 Thank you so much. Always GREAT!
08/19/2021 great work,  above and beyond and EARLY!
08/19/2021 Really happy with the work done!
08/19/2021 Top professor on UP A1 service!!!
08/18/2021 A+
08/16/2021 Perfect work!
08/16/2021 Amazing work!
08/15/2021 Thank you
08/15/2021 Always GREAT, thank you.
08/15/2021 Wonderful job and I am so grateful thank you so much professor I hope to use your services again
08/15/2021 Great work. Very well done, and done in a timely manner.
08/13/2021 Thank you!
Overall, great work! Work was recieved a day later than the agreed upon, and is the ONLY reason I'm not giving 10 stars, but was great quality. This was a difficult assignment, and one where the professor essentially had to jump in, decipher the direction I was already proceeding in, and carry out that direction. I would definitely use this professor again.
08/11/2021 Did the job perfectly 
08/10/2021 A+ paper!
08/08/2021 Always on time! 
08/08/2021 Great work!
08/08/2021 Top professor!
08/08/2021 49.5 out of 50
08/08/2021 Fantastic!
08/08/2021 Perfect job!
08/08/2021 Thank you
08/08/2021 Thank you
08/05/2021 This professor did a phenomenal job on a case study for a financial anaylsis and reporting class. I highly recommend this professor, and will use 100% them again. 
08/05/2021 Highly recommend this professor!  Paper was spot on!  Will continue to use this professor if needed.
08/01/2021 So Great, thank you
08/01/2021 Always great
08/01/2021 Always great
08/01/2021 Great, Thank you
07/30/2021 I have submitted this project 3 days before the deadline and honestly did not expct much. Boy was I wrong! This professor not only submitted the paper before the deadline, they did an excellent job daying exactly what I needed to say in my essay. It is like they went into my mind and put words into all the feelings I have had based on a few crumbs I have left them in my original paper. I will be coming back and I will always choose them first because they did not just deliver a quality paper, they exceeded all my expectation about the length, words, and wisdom that is going to make me sound a lot smarter than I felt when I submitted this project. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 
07/30/2021 Life saver! Thank you so much, I really appreciate your help! Would recommend to all of the lazy bums out there! Much love! 
07/28/2021 Well written paper and delivered on time. 
07/26/2021 Great paper as usual however it was late (probably due to a website upgrade) but also was over 20% plagiarism, First time ever having an issue with this professor. Will still use him again. 
07/26/2021 Delivered paper before due date. Good paper
07/26/2021 My professor gave me a 0 because he said I completley missunderstood the assignment???

Now I have to redo it again and I have just wasted my money and gotten a penalty.k you misunderstood it
07/26/2021 Thank you
07/26/2021 thank you
07/26/2021 thank you
07/26/2021 the best ever
07/24/2021 Always "A" work!!
07/23/2021 Perfect!!!  Couldn't have asked for better service. Assignment was completed before the deadline and was excellent! This professsor delivers every time. Highly recommend! 
07/22/2021 Great work in a timely manner! 
07/21/2021 Great job as always!
07/20/2021 Thank you so much! 
07/20/2021 Received a B- failed to follow rubric
07/19/2021 Great Thank you
07/18/2021 Thank you
07/18/2021 Excellent job on my assignment!
07/18/2021 Would've enjoyed some more communication about project, but in the end was completed on time and hit the mark.
07/17/2021 Responsive, punctual, cooperative with making edits. Got a B+ on my paper. 
07/17/2021 Everything was good!
07/16/2021 Absolutely brilliant professor. Was skeptical at first if the academic background was suitable for my extensive project however I could not be more impressed. Terrific work and job well done in an incredibly timely fashion. THANK YOU!!!!
07/15/2021 Excellent paper as always!

07/15/2021 Excellent paper as always!
07/15/2021 Excellent paper as always!
07/15/2021 Excellent paper as always!
07/15/2021 exceeding my expectation 
07/15/2021 I like your work 
07/15/2021 I was very please 
07/15/2021 Outstanding job as usual.
07/15/2021 Top Notch 
07/14/2021 I'm happy with my assignment. It was well done and completed within the time needed. 
07/14/2021 Great quality writing.
07/12/2021 Excellent work as always.  Highly, highly recommend this professor.  Does an excellent job for each of the papers that I have needed.  Will continue using this professor for all papers
07/12/2021 Professor created excellent work! Was very organized, on time, followed all directions, and answered inbox messages. 
07/12/2021 Great work!
07/12/2021 Absolute Perfection.
07/12/2021 Thank you
07/12/2021 GREAT
07/11/2021 Great product with a quick turn around.
07/10/2021 Awesome!
07/10/2021 Finished the project earlier.
I am very happy with the reuslt.
07/09/2021 Awesome work!
07/09/2021 Top rated UP!!
07/09/2021 98.5 out of 100
07/07/2021 Great communication, completed revisions. Got a 94% on this paper.
07/07/2021 Amazing!
07/05/2021 Always amazing!!! ontime and very well written. 
07/04/2021 Great work!
07/03/2021 Great!
No Revisions Needed.
07/03/2021 49 out of 50
07/03/2021 A+
07/03/2021 Top work! Great professor!! 
07/02/2021 Great quality work.! I am extremely satisfied.
07/02/2021 Above and beyond what I expected.
06/30/2021 exactly what I needed
06/30/2021 Very helpful! Thank you!
06/30/2021 good work
06/29/2021 Money, as always. I literally only use nerdyprof for everything - the man can do it all. Solid writer. 
06/28/2021 I recived a bad mark, which is nathing like the promised one.
06/28/2021 WOW! Fast and exactly what I needed!
06/26/2021 Wonderful!
06/24/2021 Amazing work as always.  Highly recommend! 
06/24/2021 Professor did an excellent work.
06/23/2021 Thank you for the work it was perfect! now to turn in!