Date Comment Rating
05/23/2020 beautiful paper, amazing work
05/22/2020 The paper was excellent. Research and references were top notch. Waiting on final grade, however, truly impressed thus far. 
05/21/2020 Finished a day before due date. 
05/20/2020 Great job. I will definitely recommend this Prof. very responsive.
05/18/2020 Quality prof.  This is one of my go to for any project.
05/18/2020 Quality prof.  This is one of my go to for any project.
05/18/2020 Quality prof.  This is one of my go to for any project.
05/18/2020 Quality prof.  This is one of my go to for any project.
05/18/2020 One of the best profs on here.  Got my project to me ahead of schedule and went above and beyond to provide a top quality assignment.
05/18/2020 One of the best profs on here.  Got my project to me ahead of schedule and went above and beyond to provide a top quality assignment.
05/18/2020 One of the best profs on here.  Got my project to me ahead of schedule and went above and beyond to provide a top quality assignment.
05/17/2020 Fantastic work on statistics

05/17/2020 awesome work! thank you so much!
05/17/2020 I'm giving this professor 9 out of 10 stars because they delivered the paper late. But other than that they delivered a great paper and I got an A! Would definitely work with them again. 

It was a huge project that needed the attention to detail. Gladly, you were willing to grant the extension. As always, I give 110% and the results showed!
05/16/2020 Awesome
05/15/2020 Very impressed! Work was fast, correct and exactly as asked. Thank you so much!
05/14/2020 Fantastic job! Will use again!
05/13/2020 Great work in a very timely manner! 
05/13/2020 EXCELLENT AS ALWAYS! I highly recommend to anyone looking to get an A+
05/13/2020 Not sure what my grade is going to be but, I am optimistic after reading what a wonderful job he did on my paper.  Would definetly recommend this professor again.  I am also using him for another project as well.
05/12/2020 Hands down #1 pick, everytime! Handed me my paper after a late notice and got 50/50!
05/12/2020 Well researched, however wasn't that coherent and needed additional work. 
05/11/2020 ??
05/11/2020 I recieved a 90 out of 100 for this paper because one of the topics that was to be addressed was missing. I would use this professor again and make sure to review the work more thoroughly before submitting it. I am still content with the 90, but did wish for a 100.
05/09/2020 Perfect paper. Done on time. Just put your name on it. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
05/09/2020 What an amazing writer!! Thank you for everything 
05/08/2020 I never rate thia proffesor less than 10 stars. His work is always comes with excellent quality.
05/08/2020 EXCELLENT!
05/08/2020 Work delivered before deadline, on the day of my birthday. Followed all the instructions given and wrote a perfect paper. Can only recommend the service of this professor! 
05/07/2020 I got a 100!!!! on a 12 page paper!!! Im so happy!! I finished with an A!
05/06/2020 So helpful and really fast replying! The work is great! Thank you so much for your help! 
05/06/2020 Amazing service. 

Really easy to work. Took in feedback and did the most to make sure my work was completed. Very happy with the standard of work provided.  Definitely recommend 

Thank you 
05/05/2020 He started late and asked for an extension, but the work was acceptable
05/05/2020 Good paper
05/04/2020 Did an overall good job, have not recieved my grade yet, however did not use the proper amount of sources required. 
05/03/2020 Not only did this professor deliver my paper on time, they did exactly as I asked. And I got an A! Would definitely use this professor again.
05/02/2020 Well written and delivered ahead of time. Thanks so much!
05/02/2020 beautifully written work. looking forward to working with you again 
05/02/2020 Thank you for another timely and professional paper! 
05/02/2020 Great paper and was on time. Thank you.
05/02/2020 Great job! Even took the time to go back and make some adjustments. Thanks!
05/01/2020 Easy to work with, always great work, does not get offended when more is needed. 
04/30/2020 This is my first time using and this professor and I must say...I am very pleased!!! This professor completed my 15 page paper in less that 24 hours and submitted 4 hours before the deadline. The paper was well written and flowed perfectly. I will definitely be using this professor again. 
04/30/2020 Paper was a bit late but met requirements. Overall it was average.
04/30/2020 Paper was a bit late but met requirements. Overall it was average.
04/30/2020 Absolutely perfect. If you are unsure of who you should use to help with your paper, look no further. The paper was complete, clear, and well written. 
04/30/2020 Second time using this professor and once again I received exactly what was promise. You can't go wrong with this professor!
04/29/2020 Great Job! I got a perfect score.
04/28/2020 He's been writing for me for almost a year now and I don't regret a single assignment! Time after time, he always comes through. 1,000 stars if it was available
04/28/2020 Great job. thank you for being se respondsive.
04/28/2020 Thank you so much
04/27/2020 Amazing job!! Cant wait to continue working with you. 
04/27/2020 This was my first encounter with using Unemployed Professors, and I can't lie, I was nervous it was gonna be a scam lolol. But ALAAAS, it wasn't! He got my work done on time and the essay is amazing! I'm sure I'll receive an A on it. The writing is appropriate university level and flows super nice. Definitely will be coming back to this professor!

Thanks so much <3 :) 
04/27/2020 Very fast and efficient. Highly recommended. Thank you
04/27/2020 I always come back to this Professor, he always gets the job done!
04/26/2020 Phenomenal ! Fantastic quality that clearly illustrates a higher understanding of writing. Great research and very well put together, especially in a short period of time. Thanks alot !!
04/26/2020 very good!
04/26/2020 their work speaks for itself. top notch, every time. 
04/25/2020 Excellent job! Completed project well before the schedule time! I will definately recommend this Professor to others.
04/24/2020 Got it done in a timely manner and exceeded my expectations!!
04/24/2020 Nerdyprof is the person you need for your assignment if you want quality. He thoroughly followed the clear instructions I gave him and delivered an excellent piece of work.
Some professors might deliver faster but I doubt they match the quality he delivers. He does not rush and therefore does not omit any detail. Do not hesitate longer if you need an excellent paper. 
04/23/2020 Excellent paper!! Creatively written, followed directions, early submission. Just the best.
04/23/2020 He is the to go professor
04/22/2020 Words cant express my graditue to this professor, he is simply wonderfull.
04/22/2020 He is the best
04/21/2020 I picked this professor because I needed Formal & Contextual Analysis for some art pieces and this professor did not disappoint!
04/20/2020 Perfect paper! Received before due date. 10/10 would recommend. 
04/19/2020 best
04/19/2020 Professor is the most professional professor on here. I received a 95/100 on this assignment. It was well written and was delivered earlier than expected. Always provides great customer service and responds quickly to messages. 
04/19/2020 I am so happy with the work I recieved from this writer! It was delivered on time and stayed true to what I needed!
04/19/2020 Well deserved.  Met expectations and completed ahead of schedule.  Thank you!!

04/19/2020 Well deserved.  Met expectations and completed ahead of schedule.  Thank you!!
04/18/2020 Professor did a good job hitting all the requirements. He finished a day before the due date. It required 3 additional sources that he was able to revise and add when i asked. Overall good essay!
04/17/2020 best of the best
04/17/2020 Great job. It was beyond expectation. The professor did a great job writing the paper and editing after I send him the feedbacks. Defiantly recommended.
04/17/2020 Awesome work! You’re the best! Thank you! 
04/16/2020 pick him
04/16/2020 I received 100/100 on the assignment and received high marks from the professor. Definitely will only be going to this professor for all my assignments as this is the best mark I have recevied out of 7 papers I have submitted. 
04/15/2020 thank you did an amazing job . I have not gotten my grade yet but followed the directive to the button . 
04/15/2020 Great content; could have done without the abbreviations and the headings for each section.
04/12/2020 Amazing Work!
04/12/2020 beautiful work! thank you so much for the help! 
04/11/2020 He is the best
04/10/2020 Swift, great quality and professional 
04/10/2020 He's the best

?always satisfied! amazing work as always!

04/10/2020 Fantastic job, well written, timely, and seamless! Very happy with my choice of Professor to write this assignment!
04/09/2020 the best proff
04/08/2020 Thank you so much.. all assignmemts thus far were all A's, and the last assignments was a perfect 150/150.  This prof rocks. 
04/08/2020 I"ve been using this prof. for a while. my assignment has been great.
04/08/2020 Another Bomb Shell performance rocked my business plan project
04/08/2020 Excellent work, accurate and fast response. Will definitely work again with this professor.
04/07/2020 A+ work!!!! Professional and on time. Went above and beyond what i needed. 
04/05/2020 This professor is a magician, he has the ability to completely understand the requirements and deliver a paper better than expected. Not only he is a great writer, he also really cares about the projects as his own. He is also a great communicator and welling do as many changes as required to satisfy the client. He is without doubt the best of the best!.

04/05/2020 Returned my paper a day early and it was perfect on the first try. I'd recommend them and will use them again in the future.
04/04/2020 Great work and delivered early!
04/04/2020 I've used unemployed professors more than I'd like to admit. However, this professor is by far THE BEST! I promise you, this professor wont disappoint. If I could give 100 stars I would. 
04/04/2020 Awesome work! Thank you for going out of your way to help me! 
04/04/2020 Awesome work! Thank you for going out of your way to help me! 
04/02/2020 One of the best Profs i've used on this site as long as you provide clear instrution and resources this prof gets it done. always plagerism free work in a timely manner.
04/02/2020 Thank you! I appreciate your prompt professional work!
04/01/2020 Always exceptional work, never disappoints.. Thank you for all the work you putinto our work. 
03/31/2020 Always amazing work, never disappointed in any way shape of fashion. Always and A,, always!!! I would recommand in a new york Second. 
03/30/2020 He is the real prof
03/30/2020 Great paper. Use this professor!
03/30/2020 amazing work, as always. best professor on site! 
03/30/2020 Thorough and amazing essay. I could tell this was their expertise, thanks again! I highly recommend
03/29/2020 nerdyprof is my favorite prof on this site and will gurantee an A in my classes due to his amazing work. I've gotten all A's on my papers because of this prof and couldnt be happier! 
03/29/2020 This was perfect.  It was fashioned to the information provided. Thank you!
03/28/2020 Great work!
03/26/2020 Wow - great job.
03/26/2020 Perfect and assignment was received ahead of schedule.  Highly reccomend!
03/26/2020 Best ever. on time and great assignments
03/26/2020 He's the real prof. 
03/25/2020 Thank you so much for your work!
03/24/2020 The only prof for me... Always great work and great time. No matter the work, he come though with excellect work. No grades back but I have no doubt I will receive a good grade.
03/23/2020 He is an A professor
03/23/2020 gooooood
03/23/2020 amazing work ! 
03/22/2020 got a 100% on my project thanks!!
03/22/2020 Great work.
03/21/2020 PERFECT!
03/18/2020 My grade is not back as of yet, but this professor always delivers. I started using this service a semester when I had to undergo three surgical procedures, working full time and rasing my six yr old son. I have used one other profressor and quicky realize that there is only one professor I will use,  and it is this guy. When I tell you he does not half step, he works on the assignments as if he is was working for his own grade. 

His work is alway stellar and always on time as per the requirments from my class. I have become dependent on this professor and his work. 

Thank you so much for all that you do for me and I am sure anyone who uses you will always return. God know that I always will and have referred my co-workers to him despite the shame of using this service. 

PS: if you use this guy please leave a tip he always goes above and beyond always. 
03/18/2020 Finished way before the time! Love this Professor 
03/18/2020 He's my favorite professor on this site! All my papers come back with A's. This prof is a godsend. 
03/16/2020 This is a completely honest review. I had two pieces of work done back to back by this professor. They were both completed sooner than the deadline, and both met the word/page requirements. The professor is well spoken and a logical writer. That being said, there were issues with both pieces.

The first piece of writing first came half completed. I asked for the rest to be finished, and upon sending the second half it was 70% plagiarized. I had to spend five-ish hours fixing all the plagiarism and another two-three hours editing the entire piece of work. There were a lot of grammatical, format and overall sloppy mistakes.

The second piece of work was completed ahead of schedule, formatted properly and overall well done. However, it also came with issues. The writer did not fulfill the instructions I gave, requiring me to rewrite and add another couple hours of work. I did provide ideal examples of work that were graded 90% and above for the writer to follow along with my instruction. After this, I had to spend another hour or two fixing all the grammatical errors. 

All and all, this writer did the work but I would advise to double check all of it. I had to fix a lot, and ultimately write good portions of both pieces myself. The work the writer did I would rate 8-9/10, but the plagiarism and 8+ hours I had to put in brings this review down. I appreciated the work being delivered before the deadline; however, I believe that time could have been used to doublecheck the work this writer is delivering. Quality over quantity. 

Just wondering why you'd pick me for a second project if my writing is as sloppy as you claim it is. You indicated to me you were "more than happy" with both projects, so this rating caught me a bit by surprise. Feels like a stab in the back! When you need help next time, I will be here waiting. I don't burn my bridges.
03/15/2020 He is the great prof. by far
03/15/2020 Un-freaken-believable! This professor is by far the best on the site ??
03/15/2020 Great paper, delivered on time and follows all guidelines. 
03/13/2020 Perfect paper, as always!. Highly recommended.
03/13/2020 Great Job. Thanks for being so responsive. Great job editing the original.
03/13/2020 I had A's for all my assignments
03/12/2020 Goog work and delivered on time, I will use this proffessor in the future and would recomend him 
03/11/2020 This professor is my first choice with regard to assignment completion.
03/11/2020 Amazing work by this professor, I would definitely recommend him. 
03/11/2020 Always on time with my assignments
03/09/2020 Submitted the assignment on time... and was very understanding...thnx
03/09/2020 Delivered an exceprionally good introduction to a thesis. I'm very happy with the quality of work! 
03/08/2020 Has become my go to professor for my many papers! Great work and done on time. 
03/06/2020 All on time and very thorough
03/05/2020 He is the to go professor
03/04/2020 So good. 
03/04/2020 Wasnt even in proper english nor did it meet the requirements of the essay
03/03/2020 The paper was great, thank you
03/03/2020 This professor is the to go guy. He's the beast!
assignment ontime and best grade you could ever ask for
03/02/2020 Not sure how to edit my review from a few daysa go, so here's a new one. 

Update: Professor added citations like I asked. I am now satisfied with the solution. 
03/02/2020 .
02/27/2020 Great work. Thanks you!
02/26/2020 He did a great job. He is the one and only to go too.
02/25/2020 Awesome! Thanks!
02/24/2020 This paper was better than I hoped for, the information and layout of the paper was perfect. I am really happy with how this turned out, pretty positive I will get a very good grade on this paper. THank you!
02/23/2020 Grades not received but this guy rocks, and i will be more than surpised is my grade is less than an A
02/23/2020 Followed most of the instructions, but happy it was complete. Thanks! 
02/23/2020 Thank youuuu!!!!
02/22/2020 Absoulty wonderful, writes as it is his passion and work. All orginal all great quaility. 
02/19/2020 NerdyProf was awesome and got me my paper earlier than I expected because my deadline was moved up. I cant thank them enough
02/19/2020 One of my favorite professors! Always get exactly what I need!
02/18/2020 Meh, it was acceptable given the time frame and given that this was for a rough draft that I had forgotten about it worked for me. I don’t in any way think this was A quality work and would not be pleased to turn in for a final grade.
02/17/2020 Have worked with this prof before. Highly recommend and will work with thisprof over and over again! 
02/16/2020 Thank you, looks great!
02/16/2020 A' s all across the board thus far with the things he completed.
02/11/2020 Good paper!!!!
02/09/2020 AWESOME! A+ paper!
02/06/2020 Wonerderful!!!!
02/04/2020 Great Job! Solid A work here!
02/01/2020 I was stucck on this assigment and frankly this class and this prof has save me, my last two project was a solid A, I did not get my grade as of yet for this project but I am faithful. 
02/01/2020 Excellent work with a fast turnaround. PICK THIS PROF!!
01/31/2020 Great paper, professor provided timely revisions! WIll def use this professor again
01/29/2020 Very happy with results, would recommend
01/28/2020 Great work! Thanks so much
01/27/2020 He did a great job on this paper. I am really happy with it.
01/24/2020 Thank you so much
01/23/2020 I have a hard time trusting anyone with anything, but this prof. has totally won my heart and trust factor. Thank you prof, you are cool, confident and work like you are working for your own or yur love ones grade. Thank you so very much
01/19/2020 Very good, thank you!
01/15/2020 Paper was early, written well, and done exactly as I requested. Don’t hesitate to hire nerdyprof so you can drink your beer in peace while they handle the work.
01/13/2020 Excellent work, and delievered in the time promised!
01/13/2020 Excellent work, and delivered in the time promised!
01/12/2020 Outstanding work! The paper was delivered on time, and was well worth the cost. Grammar is exceptional, creative and detailed.
01/02/2020 A+++ 
12/20/2019 Good paper after a couple of quick revisions. 100% final grade!
12/19/2019 A little behind schedule, but quality at it's best. Thank you!
12/16/2019 Perfect paper! 
12/15/2019 Amazing work! One of the best! 
12/15/2019 Completed on time and with a great result. 
12/15/2019 I don't even think about working with another prof. He the best I worked with, and I always get what I asked for and more ( if needed). Highly recommended!
12/15/2019 The best there is to get an easy A+!
12/09/2019 Very good
12/09/2019 I wish there was a way to rate this prof with more than five stars. He is excellent at what he does, he keeps hi word with no stress and or anxieties, which I have had a lot of during this course. He is excellent and I will never us another prof as long as he is willing and able to hep he. 
12/08/2019 Strong writer and understood the assignment extremely well. 
12/07/2019 Excellent work A paper
12/06/2019 Great job, fast and met the requierments with no issues 
12/06/2019 thank you
12/06/2019 Does great work! 
12/05/2019 Excellent and on time!
12/04/2019 Fast and quality work. Thanks again.