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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
04/27/2020 good prof, i got an A on the assignment only after a decent amount of revision 
04/21/2020 AMAZING! BEST PROF ON THE SITE!!!! 10/10 stars this dude is amazing!!!!!
04/21/2020 This professor has written excellent Financial case studies!
04/20/2020 Great job!
04/19/2020 Amazing work, above and beyond!
04/19/2020 Great work completed well before the deadline... 10 stars!
04/19/2020 Well deserved.  Met expectations and completed ahead of schedule.  Thank you!!
04/19/2020 This was my second time using this professor, and he once again provided great work and got it to me early. I'm sure I will receive another A for this assignment
04/16/2020 Could have added more information lots of photos used, I had to add more info to get up to the rubrics qualifications.
04/15/2020 Short notice and well done. Thank You!
04/14/2020 Great job! Thank you.
04/12/2020 Super helpful, Answered question immediately.
04/12/2020 This Prof is A++. Very well written and got it to me early, even on an already tight deadline.  I was worried that it might not seem like  it was written by a nursing student, but he did a great job.  I would def reccommend for nursing projects.
04/12/2020 Great work done in a short amount of time!
04/11/2020 Excellent work, done very quickly overnight! 
04/10/2020 Amazing work!!
04/09/2020 Great work and delivered way before it was due!!
Thank you
04/09/2020 Excellent work, I'll provide further comment and review the rating following my professors assessment. Thank you
04/08/2020 I recived a 61% on a political science policy brief :(
He wrote more of a research paper. The work he did was definitely good work and I'm sure he wrote the paper with great efforts and intentions. Unfortunately, he failed to properly understand the inctructions. Would reccomend as long asyou are certain he properly understands the instructions and communicates that he can meet expectations. Unfortunate outcome. 
04/07/2020 The paper was on time and perfect form! Definitely saved me some major hassle. :)
04/06/2020 Great paper! Quick and great communication.
04/04/2020 Great Professor & writer. Extremely helpful and supportive; I was allowed to make small revisions to the paper to bump my final grade & the writer was extremely flexible and quickly made revisions for me. Thank you!
04/04/2020 The paper was straight to the point but had a couple of grammar errors... 
04/03/2020 professional. content delivered ahead of time and followed the prompts of rubric. 
04/02/2020 Timely and great end product!
03/28/2020 Great! Amazing! Terrific! Great Professor!
03/27/2020 C- Paper
Did not write in proper English. Maybe non-native speaker
Repetitive sentenses
Paraphrased other people's work
Overall, really bad quality.
03/22/2020 delivered ontime and well done. They know their stuff will probably use again
03/20/2020 Great communication and the writing is amazing! I will most definitely ask for smartdoc for help again! Thank you so much!
03/16/2020 thank you so much. the assignment was great better than expected!
03/12/2020 literally didnt asnwer the question, rewrote it twice wrong, offered to rewrite again. was a very poorly writtten paper with repeptitions, no quotes, no logical points and typos. not the level i would expect at all.
03/10/2020 Always on time! Great writing and research.
03/07/2020 Very well written, no complaints. 
03/06/2020 Always great work!
03/04/2020 He has done four of my papers and i've gotten A+ on all of them. He can write an 8 page paper in less than a day. He is amazing at what he does. He follows instructions and revises things that you ask him to change same day. I always request him. 
02/27/2020 Very good paper and met all of the requirements.
02/22/2020 Thank you for your help! I received an A
02/18/2020 This was probably the best paper I've had done through this site. Definitely would recommend this writer to anyone on any topic. Great writer!
02/17/2020 WIll Use again great work!
02/17/2020 Great work. Will use again.
02/16/2020 It was ok. Not too many spelling mistakes. Really lacked depth and research, so be prepared to edit and add. Also would recommend checking the references.
02/14/2020 Great stuff!
02/12/2020 Great paper completed on short notice!
02/11/2020 Great work. A+
02/08/2020 Early and on point with discussion points
02/06/2020 Thank you for your help! I appreciate it! 
Quick response with great results. I will use this professor again.
02/01/2020 Excellent work with a fast turnaround. PICK THIS PROF!!
01/29/2020 Fast
01/21/2020 Quick turnaround!
01/21/2020 Responded when asked questions. 
Great Communication 
Knowledgeable ,

01/16/2020 Many grammar and spelling errors.
12/16/2019 On time and exactly what I needed. Reasonable price too. 
12/15/2019 We had a difficult time communicating the book issue out but once we got it figured out the paper was turned in on time and I got an A. Great job
12/15/2019 Great work and on time. Definitely recommend!
12/13/2019 Gifted writer. Great job!
12/12/2019 Not at all a native English speaker. I sadly paid before proof reading thats on me. Not subject of Japan was there but thats the only recognizable thing of the initial assignment. I even gave documents I wrote to include as well as the rubric. Wont use again. 
12/12/2019 Was communicative and on time, great quality work as well.
12/12/2019 Good job
12/11/2019 This professor created a clean, concise research paper in a very timely fashion. Professor did a great job to help me this semester!
12/10/2019 He has done now 3 of my essay's and i've recieved an A on all three. He is my go-to professor and he responds really quickly and has your essay done in HOURS (IF NEEDED) He has revised my essays and added things if i've asked free of charge. He's awesome and he makes sure you are taken care of. He's amazing!!!! 
12/08/2019 Fantastic Work!!
12/08/2019 Fast and effective i so little time
12/07/2019 Very impressed and really appreciate you getting it done even earlier than asked. Exceeded my expectations!
12/07/2019 Did an amazing job !!! I will def use this professor again !! thank you so much and if you get him you will get excelent work :)
12/06/2019 Awesome!
12/06/2019 The best
12/05/2019 Thanks!
12/05/2019 I got a complete and total A on a 10 page geography research paper smartdoc wrote, thank you so much
11/26/2019 There were many grammatical and spelling errors. The subject matter was mediocre. Ended up having to delete so much that it wasn't long enough. I wish I'd spent the $125 on study drugs and written it myself. I guess that's what I get for taking a low bid.
11/26/2019 Perfect exactly what i needed
11/23/2019 Incredible work!! I am so happy I worked with this Professor! Latin America paper will be a hit!
11/17/2019 High quality work and fast service. 
11/16/2019 I enjoyed the work that was done by this professor. They did an amazing job on my paper 
11/13/2019 Phenomenal
11/13/2019 Excellent turn around time and on point with specific request!
11/11/2019 Just what I was looking for!
10/21/2019 Appreciate the effort. And trying to fix. Some instructions were missed the second time around as well. Had there been more time I am sure they would have fixed.
10/10/2019 He did it on time so that was good but the paper wasn't written like a native english speaker because almost every other sentence was gramatically incorrect, and you could tell that he tried to use some english sayings but they werent spelled or used correctly. He also disregarded like half of the assignment instructions so I had to fix that. I'm giving him 2 stars because I needed my paper done and he did it on time, but the paper was for an upper-level college course and it looks like something I wrote in 5th grade. I definitely wouldnt use him if you're trying to get a good grade/ or if it isn't a blowoff class.
10/08/2019 Awesome work! Got a A+
10/06/2019 Excellent work, Completed before the deadline. 
10/02/2019 great essay and perfect timing with the due date, thank you so much!
10/01/2019 gorgeous work
09/29/2019 I didn’t get the full grade, at beginning when I got the file and read I saw thesis is not connected to the prompt and He/she tried to fixed, but here is my main comment I got from my prof :

However, you had trouble sticking to the point in this essay. You also had a little trouble separating and organizing your ideas so that they're easy to follow. To help you see where I indicated on the paper itself where (and why) I got confused as I was reading it. It might help if you refresh your memory on what the purpose of a thesis statement is: it's simply an arguable statement, the point that your paper is going to be supporting. Anything in the paper that doesn't clearly help back up the thesis doesn't belong there (or perhaps it needs an explanation of how the info relates). You need to layout your logic more clearly for your reader to follow it.

09/25/2019 The project was on task and completed in a timely manner, will definitely use again.
09/25/2019 Gets the paper done in a short amount of time and has great content to it! 
09/25/2019 Done quickly and at high quality. This is my second paper done by this prof.
09/24/2019 Professor followed all of the instruction and wrote a very professional research paper. Totally deserve 10/10 stars.
09/22/2019 Excellent. Completed before the deadline. 
09/08/2019 Excellent results!
09/06/2019 quick turnaround and quick to recify request for more critical analysis.
08/29/2019 Smartdoc killed my history research paper! Got me a 95%! I highly recommend!
08/07/2019 Great essay!
08/07/2019 Great essay
08/07/2019 Great essay
08/07/2019 Great work
08/05/2019 Great essay
08/03/2019 This paper was well written and early. I wish I would have known about him earlier in my academic career. 
08/01/2019 I can't believe how fast my paper was returned to me. I found zero errors and 0% plagiarism when I checked the paper in my schools database. I will defenitely use this professor for futre projects. Thank you
07/30/2019 Perfect - Did everything I requested, and with multiple days to spare. Thanks again for helping me out of an absolute BS class. 
07/26/2019 Fast and reliable
07/15/2019 Did a great job, followed the rubric, and saved me from failing!! THANKS!
07/15/2019 This professor followed the guidelines, and delivered the paper in a very timely manner!!! 
07/15/2019 A few small mistakes which were corrected, however due to those mistakes I recieved a B. Quick responses and everything else, just small details in the requirements that were sent were missed. 
07/14/2019 good job
07/11/2019 exceptional work, completed BEFORE due date, would highly recommend 
07/10/2019 Okay, so first and foremost they provided a fantastic basis for a paper to be written. That being said, I had a 12 page paper that was written at a middle-high school level even though I am in college and specifically indicated such information. The largest problems include the following:
*Incorect line spacing (clearly indicated within instructions to be double space but was custom spaced to 2.4)
*Odd use of indentation and page alignment (assuming it was to make paper longer)
*After about 3 hours of editing to 
- Make the paper less choppy
- Provide clear structure
-Omitt out of place or irrleveant information
-Correcting spacing and format errors
the paper itself was a page short. I had specified the need to make the paper 12 full pages and although upon recieving the first draft the paper was 15 pages it became 11.

I was charged 300 dollars for this paper and I believe I recieved 80-120 dollar work. It was still helpful to have the jumping off point but what is the point of this service when it still comes up short on not only expectation but excplicit detailed instructions?
07/08/2019 Will use again! 
06/21/2019 Great work and received on time. Will be keeping an eye out for this professor should I need more services. 
06/13/2019 Great work - thanks
06/11/2019 Did exactly what I asked, paper turned out great! 
05/26/2019 Thanks for the fantastic work.
05/26/2019 This was awesome! Needed it quick and well written, and that’s exactly what I got!
05/25/2019 Very professional, and  excellent work!!
05/23/2019 Very fast and straight to the point which was exactly what I needed. Very well done.
05/21/2019 OMG! This is sooo legit! I am so thankful right now!!!!! 

Thank you! 
05/21/2019 No referrences included.
05/21/2019 high quality papers
05/21/2019 Always does great work no matter the subject.
05/18/2019 Really great work, got it done early and followed all my requests. Totally saved my life!
05/15/2019 Thank you!  You killed it.
05/13/2019 Thorough and before the deadline!!! Recommend.
05/10/2019 Very good
05/07/2019 Did it in a good amount of time 
05/06/2019 Wonderfully written and before time with everything I've asked!
05/06/2019 Excellent paper delivered extremely fast. Thanks!!! 
05/06/2019 Amazing prof. Is amazing at writing essays, research papers, anything. He will ask questions and will provide feed back. I’ve gotten 100 on everything he’s done for me! I 100% recommend him. 
05/05/2019 Awesome paper! Got it done before the date I requested.  
05/04/2019 Amazing Work! Very helpful and quick. 
05/02/2019 There were a couple of gramatical errors and run-on sentences that I had to rework, but other than that the paper was good.  It was the correct length and turned in 4 days before the due date, which was appreciated.  Overall, very happy with the results and that I didn't have the write the paper.  Would use again.  
05/01/2019 Thank you for helping me out. 
04/21/2019 Great Paper! Thanks for submitting well before the due date! 
04/20/2019 You are obviously very experienced in writing...great job!  Really appreciate receiving completed document few days before due date too.  I’ll certainly contact you again next academic year.  Thanks very much.
04/20/2019 You are obviously very experienced in writing...great job!  Really appreciate receiving completed document few days before due date too.  I’ll certainly contact you again next academic year.  Thanks very much.
04/17/2019 I failed this assignment and my essay was critically reviewed, the question was not answered, the essay structure was poor and hard to follow and did not meet the essay criteria 
04/10/2019 Project the was completed well before the deadline and is thorough.  
04/10/2019 Fast delivery , and great writing! 
Better than anything I could construct, but doesn't come off ridiculously advanced for the purpose of this assignment
04/09/2019 Didn't have the best experience with this prof. I asked for a paper to be written on DNA testing and how it related to someones identity.. I recieved a paper about race and age of consent... Good thing I read it and got it "fixed". Wouldn't recommend. 
04/08/2019 Finished ahead of schedule and exceeded expectations! No issues and definetly worth it!
04/07/2019 Good work.
04/05/2019 Got a 93% on my paper. Thank you very much. Paper was well-written and researched. 
04/04/2019 They did an amazing job !! Now i have a ittle less stress 
04/04/2019 AWESOME essay, I got an A!!!!
03/30/2019 Made a little mistake, but corrected it quickly and still made the deadline. Very impressed with how fast they worked.
03/30/2019 Helpful, fast to do it and reply and quick with corrections
03/29/2019 High quality work and quickly replies to any questions you might have. Wrote a 10 page paper in two days! High recommend smart doc!
03/27/2019 Right on target with this paper! Great job!
03/24/2019 Great work - thanks!
03/24/2019 Excellent work - thanks!
03/22/2019 Great Economics Essay. Followed guidelines, had no issues communicating with the professor. Would use again.
03/22/2019 I'm only docking two stars because his initial bid stated that he would have the paper done in 24 hours but it took about a week. Otherwise the paper was excellent, exactly what I wanted, He did a great above and beyond job.
03/20/2019 If something seems too good to be true it probably is. Although the paper was written in only a few days and sounded really intellectual, it only took one quote from the paper and a simple google search to find the original paper which was eerily similar to the one written for me. I had to end up rewriting the paper just so that I would not be accused of plagiarism which also only took one quick read from my professor to notice something was off. You're better off writing your own papers. 
03/20/2019 I received an A on my paper, thank you for your hard work!
03/17/2019 This professor is a life saver! He followed all the guidelines and submitted the essay to me on time. I accidentally made an error and needed the professor to make a few changes and he did without a problem in a timely manner. I would definitely use him in the future.
03/17/2019 He did an excellent job on my essay and even went back and redid it when i missed out some parts of my instructions. He did it in a wonderful time frame too. Thank you!!!
03/15/2019 Great
03/15/2019 Awesome, he delivered the project with no error.
03/15/2019 Quick, professional, just like stated!
03/15/2019 Great work, just what I needed for this class.
03/14/2019 Excellent prof A+. Thank you!
03/12/2019 I am glad that the essay was done on time and the professor was kind but the essay grade I received back was a C. It did worse than any essay I've ever written and definitely not worth my money. 
03/11/2019 Great Job on my paper 100% reccomend to anyone usig this site.
03/11/2019 Amazing, got the work in even early than requested and was able to add my own flare to it with plenty of time.
03/09/2019 Good paper, will use again 
03/07/2019 Amazing essay and done in 24 hours! 
03/07/2019 He wicked cool!!!
03/07/2019 Amazing job! Project done as I wanted it 
03/06/2019 Excellent quality, completed long before deadline 
03/06/2019 Excellent work. Thank You 
03/06/2019 Aamazing, my professor loved the work!
03/06/2019 Great job. Finished before deadline 
03/06/2019 Absolutely fantastic job! The paper was well done and very well researched. It was even completed over 24 hours before I requested it to be. Thank you!!
03/06/2019 Thank you!
03/05/2019 There were some spelling and grammar issues that needed to be fixed. Made some edits to make the essay more readable and easier to understand. Overall a good essay that I was able to put some final touches on.
03/02/2019 Smart doc does great work and comes through well before the deadline!! 
03/02/2019 Great transaction
03/01/2019 Great paper. Will use smartdoc again
 Thank You so much for the help.
02/28/2019 Good essay
02/28/2019 Excellent work, but worked a little past deadline without letting me know ahead of time. Thank you for your hard work!
Great paper and completed in a timely manner.
02/26/2019 great dude thanks for completing promptly. 
02/26/2019 Great paper by my due date! Will use again :)
02/26/2019 Great job, very timely
02/25/2019 Professor was quick and when I requested a revision it was done with no problem. Unfortunately, my paper still had some grammatical errors.
02/25/2019 Great product completed well ahead of deadline!  
02/24/2019 The paper was done great! It was a little shorter than I had hoped for but was well written. It was also done before the time I requested it by which was awesome.
02/24/2019 Very good work! My project was completed on time and met the requirements.
02/23/2019 Great paper delivered quickly.
02/23/2019 Smartdoc displayed excelent work and communication. Due of the lack of formality in the professor's messages, first impressions were slightly worrying but were immediately alleviated upon reciept of the product. I highly recommend smartdoc. Thank you. 
02/23/2019 Great work on a complicated topic. It could have been a little longer but I like what you wrote. Thanks for submitting earlier than the deadline! Will use this professor again. 
02/22/2019 Thanks. Good work
02/22/2019 good job, thank you
02/16/2019 Great job
02/16/2019 Great work, quick turn around!!
02/15/2019 Great job done quickly!

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