Date Comment Rating
06/24/2019 nice work, bad communications
06/23/2019 great job!
06/20/2019 Good paper, only problem was the bibliography, but everything else on point!
06/19/2019 If I could give more stars to the professor I would. They did a fantastic job and I will definitely be using their services again
06/19/2019 Has writen multiple papers for me and always goes above and beyond.  I am always happy with the work provided! 
06/18/2019 Excellent!
06/18/2019 This professor is EXCELLENT. Completed my assignment for a very difficult professor, in a very short time period and was very responsive and made sure that I was happy with the product and even allowed for free revisions! I will absolutely use this professor again, extremely professional and quick responses. Thank you! 
06/15/2019 excellent work. very kind and offers to make revisions at no extra cost. i highly reccomend!
06/14/2019 super thorough!
06/14/2019 Really helped me tie all the components of this course together. Thanks so much!
06/10/2019 great results!
06/09/2019 Always reliable...and always gets the job done. I highly recomend choosing this professor.
06/09/2019 Submitted the project in time and followed the rubic provided
06/06/2019 followed directions really well, few grammar errors however it's fixable. slight repititions however ovreall great paper! thank you so much.
06/05/2019 Very thorough, thank you so much!
06/04/2019 Alwaya excellent work :) Thanks!
06/04/2019 Responded qickly with bid.  My time frame was short and still got the job done in a timley manner.  Great work and good quaity as well.  
06/02/2019 Great Job and fast turn around time. very thankful 
05/29/2019 Thanks so much for working on this assignment! You went above and beyond and I am so grateful for your high quality work! I will make sure to request you in the future for sure. Also you beat my deadline request with plenty of time to spare! :)
05/29/2019 Amazing Work! 
05/19/2019 Amazing work!
05/15/2019 I've gone back to this prof twice in less then a month! This prof is great!
05/05/2019 Thank you!
05/03/2019 Good work; however, the onstructor was not satisfied.
05/03/2019 FAST and Easy to Deal with
05/01/2019 great job! submitted way before the deadline!
05/01/2019 Very good
04/28/2019 He/she managed to complete the assignment in a timely fashion. All though some of the requirements were left very broad in the assignemnt the professor managed to give me a perfect lay out of what i needed to do to fill out a few blanks here and there. The overall assignment was great and now I just have to wait for my grade.
04/24/2019 The paper was amazing and had a ton of sources! 
04/23/2019 SuperGeek dId a fantastic job on my paper. It was exactly what my teacher was looking for. During the time of writing my paper they answered all my questions and made sure everything was up to par. Not lonly that they are also an honest professor who is not afraid to own up and work with you if they were to make a mistake. Theres not many people like that today. I will defintely be working with them again if give the chance. 
04/22/2019 Amazing Professor!! 
04/22/2019 Professor did an amazing job! She asked questions and did exactly what the paper required. 
04/21/2019 My paper was supposed to be 3-4 pages. I submitted exact instructions for it and instead i got a paper that sounds like he took a bunch of stuff and put it together. I ended up with an exaggerated 8 pages that now i have to restructure and or do the whole paper over. For references it was supposed to have a certain amount just like the pages and instead i ended up with about 9-10....... Not happy at all with the paper. 
04/19/2019 Professor finished ahead of schedule. However, product contained NUMEROUS spelling and grammatical errors. Professor is not a native English speaker. Essay has numerous paragraphs that are incoherent and nonsensical. Reading their work, it is doubtful that they hold any credentials from any higher ed institution. Asked for PHD level book review and received something I wouldn’t turn in to an 8th grade English teacher. Do not recommend, 
04/16/2019 Very thorough! Great job making things work!
04/15/2019 Did exatcly as intructed. Tremendous work.
04/12/2019 This proffesser provided my paper well before the assignment was due and exceeded the quality of any paper ive ever written. I have not been graded but fully expect to receive an outstanding grade on this project as it is very proffessionally written and even exceeded the 500-750 word max with almost 100 words! Thank you!
04/10/2019 10 stars, always goes above and beyond!!!!!! Love working with this professor..... I dont' understand why people write bad about this professor cause I never had a problem and this is my ****10th**** essay with this professor, as long as you give a good deadline and the right amount of info. you shouldn't have a problem. And if you do, do your own essay and stop crying if you get a B or C, someone else is taking the time to do the work you don't want to do. And remind yourself, your essay isn't the only one there writing!!!!!! GREAT PROFESSOR!!!!! :)
04/09/2019 Completed assignment in a short period of time and did exactly what was required.
thank you !
04/08/2019 Got an F on the paper. Bad writing and did not follow instructions.

After careful analysis, it seems the professors was not at fault as he was given a wrong template (annotated bibliography) to use when writing the essay. By the time the customer was providing the correct template, the deadline had passed.
04/08/2019 Lots of repeated words in the beginning of sentences and an extra reference used (that at first wasn't mentioned). Overall pretty good paper. 
04/07/2019 Well done - thanks!
04/07/2019 Highly recommend. Will use again.
04/07/2019 amazing
04/06/2019 Amazing Job! Thank you thank you thank you!
04/05/2019 Supergeek was very accommodating in the bidding and accepting process. The paper has not been graded yet but so far, I am very happy with the result. I do notice that I do need to make VERY MINOR edits to make it sound like "me”, but I would highly recommend supergeek as a professor to anyone and I will send a personal invite to them if I choose to use Unemployed Professors again.

04/03/2019 Excellent work!
04/03/2019 Thank you, It looks good!!! A hope i get an A !!
04/02/2019 Fantastic work! Had very specfic instructions and they were followed perfectly. Was turned in signficantly before the due date as well. Could not be more pleased! 
04/01/2019 So amazing!!!!!! Great writer and super fast!!!!! thank you so much!!!! :) totally worth it!!!!
04/01/2019 The professor did an excellent job of locating and putting together the content.
04/01/2019 Great paper!
03/31/2019 well written and exactly what i needed thank you!
03/31/2019 I wanted to give supergeek 10 stars for redeeming themselves, but I simply cannot due to the quality of the final product. I submitted my project with over 2 weeks of lead time before the due date. I was given a completed project that was mostly well-written, but did not deal with the subject I had been approved for. Supergeek willingly wrote an entirely new paper to correct the mistake, and was able to provide the new one within 2 days. Unfortunately, the revised paper took me all afternoon to edit because most of the citations and references were incorrect or completely missing. After speaking back and forth all afternoon, supergeek kept sending me "revised" copies that were the same incorrect sources over and over again.
This was entirely too frustrating. Regardless of the fact that I didn't receive what I paid for until 2 days after I requested it; I still had to spend a bunch of my own time to make sure I wouldn't be flagged for inproperly citing sources. Honestly would not recommend supergeek, and I'm not going to give them my business again.

After careful analysis, it seems there was miscommunication between the customer and the professor. Supergeek had completed the assignment using the instructions on the project page,and the customer had no issue on the paper as it was well-written and completed on time. However, the student requested for the paper to be re-written using another topic
03/31/2019 Was not the full 5 pages that was required, and did not add any direct quotes.
03/31/2019 Amazing as always, wouldn't go to any other professor other then SuperGeek!!!!!! 10 stars all the ways!!!!! Great work, fast and great communcation!!!! :)
03/31/2019 Great job, few small tweeks but considering the scope of 15 pages and the in-depth topic you went above and beyond, thanks!
03/30/2019 Good communication. Glad to have in a time of need.
03/29/2019 10 STARS!!!!! Amazing work, goes above and beyond!!!! totatlly worth the money!!!! WIll be working with this great professor again!!!! :)
03/29/2019 Paper was very well written and provided a thorough analysis commensurate with the expectations of a graduate-level course. My only gripe is that I was approved for a specific industry to analyze with this topic, which I clearly informed the professor in the project description, but the final product included an entirely different industry in the final report.
03/28/2019 super fast turn around
03/26/2019 A superb job was done. I was super skeptical at first since this was the first time i ever used a service like this but the paper was definitely delivered. Definitely reccomend. 
03/25/2019 Amazing work as always!!!! 10 stars!!!!! :) happy with paper and was completed way before deadline :)
03/25/2019 Im so sorry I couldn't tip this time around as I didn't know that was an option until I saw it after. Thank you so much for this well written essay! If theres an option to tip outside of a project, let me know and I'll do it after I hand in my essay. Thanks again! This Prof is amazing!
03/24/2019 Went above and beyound
03/24/2019 Was able to complete a paper with a short amount of time. The paper needed to be in APA format and wasn't. It was missing an abstract and the subtitles within the writing. 
03/23/2019 Awesome. Thank you!
03/23/2019 Thank you!
03/23/2019 Thank you!
03/23/2019 10 stars!!!!! Amazning work and super fast!!!!! This professor knows what there doing!!!!! will be working with this professor again!!!!!!!! :)
03/22/2019 Amazing!  Completed my paper 1 week before the requirement.  Needed minor revisions that were completed with no issues! A+++ Professor and would Definately use again! 
03/22/2019 Did an excelent job and answered questions quickly
03/21/2019 Great job on my paper, great price, great communication and finished quickly highly recommend 
03/21/2019 Good work and by due date. 
03/21/2019 Very good
03/19/2019 10/10
03/18/2019 Excellent work, more content than I expected!
03/17/2019 Solid job on a tough paper and fast. Little expensive but worth it. 
03/17/2019 Great work!! Got done very fast and 110% focused on the instructions given.
03/15/2019 AMAZING!!!!!
03/14/2019 Pretty good paper minus a few repetitions. 
03/14/2019 DIdnt reach the page requirment and didnt use the correct sources. Will never use him again

Hello. After reviewing your instructions, I have seen that you had ordered 4 pages, and the professor provided 1289 words. Sorry, but that's even more than 4 pages.
03/13/2019 Paper was just what I asked for! Thank you so much!
03/13/2019 Be careful! submitted the paper after the due time without answering all the questions 

This is the first feedback of its kind. There was a misunderstanding about the number of questions to be answered. The professor had completed the project using the initial instructions, and when the instructions were adjusted, SuperGeek provided an extra one and half a page without any charges. The last paper submitted to the customer had all questions answered.
03/13/2019 Professor turned in assignment well before due date. Was extremely easy to work with. Passed with no issues and recieved great marks and feedback! A+++ will use and recommend to others! 
03/13/2019 Excellent essay, very few corrections and was completed within time cap. Excellent work thank you 
03/13/2019 Excellent paper! I received the paper 24 hours in advance of deadline. Thank you!
03/11/2019 Got the essay done on time, and also helped me figure out how to use the site! The only thing that could be improved is the price, but loved the work nonetheless!
03/10/2019 Great work!
03/10/2019 Paper was done in less than 24 hours. Very well done. Willing to use this professor again!
03/09/2019 Above impressed with the Essay. 
03/09/2019 Great content!
03/08/2019 great work
03/06/2019 The best ????????????
03/04/2019 excellent work.
Awesome job- thanks for the quick turnaround.
03/04/2019 Very good! Thanks!!!
03/03/2019 Great and early work!!!!!! 
03/02/2019 Super geek is really SUPERB! Excelllent work and got it done in a timely manner. Thank You!
Thank you!
02/27/2019 Thank you
02/27/2019 Great work! Finished the project on time, and did an outstanding job to top it off! Thanks you supergeek.
02/25/2019 I have received an extraordinary paper from this person which they completed within 24 hours. I am very staisifed with the work provided and highly recommend this person to work on your assignments. The work is 10/10 and very detailed. Highly reccomend