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06/14/2021 Awesome!! Followed the instructions perfectly for a really hard and vague essay question, work was well written and submitted prior to the deadline. I have no idea how he did that - incredible!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! <3
06/12/2021 Even with my short deadline, I still received a great paper and got an A! 
06/09/2021 Great work. I got what I asked for and it was on time.
06/07/2021 Other than just a couple of grammatical corrections, the essay for my Masters class was practically perfection. Thank you so much; will use this professor X again soon
06/07/2021 Great work on paper and it was a same day turn around! Thank you!
06/06/2021 If I could give a minus star for this assignment I would. Professor marked project as done and I went in to view it, and he has not attached anything, nighttime pass and no response. Needless to say, I failed miserably and semester is now over. 

06/06/2021 A+++
06/06/2021 A+ UE Professor delivers another 100%
06/06/2021 100% again :)
06/06/2021 another 100%
06/06/2021 Thank you SuperGeek. You were my first experience on this magical website. You delivered a near perfect research paper, only 4 points shy of perfection. I will continue to be very considerate of your time and enter my projects when they are assigned so that SuperGeek has an ample amount of time to deliver their outstanding work. I will maintain the laissez faire approach after you bid on my project and I accept your more than fair contracted rate. I will continue to pay SuperGeek for all contracted work within 24 hours of receiving completed project if not ASAP. I will express my satisfaction for the outstanding papers you write in the form of a generous gratuity. That means more than the $10 the site lets you select. Fortunately, I discovered I can keep tipping the $10 over and over as many times as I wanted. To the procrastinators that want SuperGeek to write your paper, the less time to write, the higher the fee. Factor the gratuity into your overall cost if you choose SuperGeek's bid. I want SuperGeek to be enthusiastic and happy to bid on my projects and multiple gratuities will keep me on SuperGeek's mind for my next project due. Thank you for the A paper SuperGeek, we finished that degree, on to the next. See you again soon. Stay healthy and safe and please don't quit this job until my PhD is completed. You are abundant in brilliance SuperGeek. Thank you again!
06/01/2021 Exactly what I needed. First time user on this site but will definitely be back. The essay was easy to read, yet definitely on the collegiate level I needed. 
06/01/2021 Great job 
05/31/2021 Thanks for the great work, and thanks for getting it in early!!
05/29/2021 Professor completed assignment on time. Two things that were not great were the references were not in alphabetical order and the professor did not cite the article I had referenced in my post. Other than that, my assignment was well written. 
05/29/2021 On time and no edits needed
05/28/2021 Did last minute project, really appreciate it!
05/27/2021 Good work
05/26/2021 another A+
05/26/2021 .
05/23/2021 Amazing job! 
05/23/2021 Great job! 
05/23/2021 Finished before time and done as expected
05/22/2021 Completed on time with adherence to the instructions.
05/21/2021 Quick and easy solution. Thank you! 
05/21/2021 Instructions were followed and professor wrote great content. 
05/21/2021 .
05/21/2021 .
05/21/2021 .
05/20/2021 My 1st choice when selecting professors! highly recommended 
05/20/2021 Highly recommended! 
05/20/2021 Meet all requirements perfect score! 
05/19/2021 Absolutley killed it! Appreciate it!
05/17/2021 good work
05/17/2021 Delivered paper in a very short window of time!!!
05/16/2021 .
05/16/2021 .
05/15/2021 The Professor was communicative and delivered exactly what I needed in the time frame I provided. I would recommend this professor!
05/14/2021 This Professor was communicative and punctual. They also used the text I provided which made this paper really work. I took one star off because they missed the mark on some specifics, but I did a quick rewrite in a few areas and was able to submit this paper confidently. 
05/13/2021 good work
05/12/2021 .
05/12/2021 .
05/11/2021 Great !! And on time 
05/11/2021 100%
05/10/2021 Wrote an amazing paper and even did revisions when asked.  I would use this writer again! 
05/10/2021 Great information and formated correctly. Even got it to me way early which I appreciated. 
05/10/2021 I got a C+
05/09/2021 excellent work!! 
05/07/2021 Great work!
05/06/2021 Great work.
Exquisite writing, everything was perfect, but one thing.
when I got it. 
it was due today, I needed it much earlier in the day so I had to do something myself last minute. Sadly I won't be able to use this wonderful essay, so it was a waste of $70
05/06/2021 another 100% on assignment
05/06/2021 another great assignment! 
05/06/2021 another 100%
05/06/2021 Received 100% on final assignment! 
05/06/2021 Super fast return! 
05/06/2021 Fantastic writing! Really understood the prompt and delivered a paper FAST and EFFICIENTLY. Would definitely use this professor again for any papers in the future. 
05/04/2021 I don't know what happened. This guy is usually good. He has even done an essay on a similar topic. This essay looks like it was written by a clueless 15 year old. Feel very cheated and will never use again.
05/04/2021 Great work, thank you for a great project 
05/04/2021 Supergeek wrote an excellent paper just as requested in an impressive amout of time.  Supergeek said they have a plethera of knowedge on my topic and I believe them. I am very sattisfied and I'm sure my proffeser will be as well.  
05/03/2021 did not complete task on time
05/03/2021 The best!
05/03/2021 On time and very professional. Accepts the work quick.
05/03/2021 Great work
05/03/2021 my favorite professor 
05/02/2021 Finished assignment on time and well written. 
04/29/2021 great paper about the casey anthony case, thanks!
04/28/2021 Alright professor, had to revise the paper after his revision, but saved me a lot of time.
04/28/2021 Great essay, exactly what i wanted!
04/28/2021 Great work, without your help I would've crumbled under stress.
04/28/2021 Beautifully done!  On time and communicative!  Hooray for you!!
04/26/2021 GREAT
04/25/2021 fantastic discussion. thank you so much 
04/25/2021 Good work. Delievered on time as promised
04/23/2021 Great to work with! 
04/22/2021 He's definitely helped with numerous aissgnemnts this semest. Kind and flexible. Wouldn't hesitate to use supergreek again. Highly recommend! 
04/22/2021 Great always
04/21/2021 260/260 on my final paper and this instructor was a hard grader! Thank you!
04/21/2021 Did an amazing job with a short amount of time. Will use again
04/21/2021 Amazing work
04/21/2021 horrible, horrible, horrible. Asked for 4-5 sources andonly gave me one and looks like they put mimimal effort twoards it. HE turnedit in to melast minute so now timefor himto redo it. Never going to work with thisprofessor again and want my money back 
04/20/2021 fast service
04/19/2021 Another great experience! They were able to work with me on a short deadline and give me the part I needed quickly on time and we worked out a new deadline for the remaining work due. Always very communicative, too! 
04/19/2021 THANK YOU!!!
04/19/2021 detailed 
04/18/2021 Supergeek nailed it with this assignment!!! 
04/18/2021 Don't choose this professor. 
04/18/2021 Timely 
04/18/2021 Great work
04/17/2021 Quick turnaround and very effective writing!
04/17/2021 Great writing skills! Quick and before the deadline.
04/17/2021 Amazing Essay. Touches on all requirements. Thank you again!
04/15/2021 Great job! Would recommend.
04/15/2021 work was complete and as expected however, prof was several hours late on submission. 
04/14/2021 received 100% on this assignment
04/12/2021 Great !! And always on time thank you 
04/12/2021 GREAT JOB
04/11/2021 Great work again!
04/11/2021 On time with great work!
04/11/2021 100%
04/10/2021 Great work!

04/09/2021 This was my first time using this site. I went in with a little skepticism. The professor absolutely delivered on my project and followed the format I provided. The only thing that was slightly concerning to me initially was the lack of frequent communication and the professor not providing status updates on the project. The professor's grammar and sentence structure in the chats also gave me pause. Nonetheless, I am happy with the final product received.
04/09/2021 185/190, APA style but did not include introduction or conclusion to the paper, but was still very willing to help. Thankfully I had enough time to write an intro and conclusion before turning it in. Would reccommend this instructor. Great paper.
04/09/2021 Great!
04/08/2021 Professional
04/07/2021 super quick turnaround! thanks!
04/07/2021 Amazing work. Thank you
04/06/2021 I got  a 100% on my essay! 
04/06/2021 In such a short time you delivered an excellent assignment. Thanks a lot ??
highly recommended ????
04/05/2021 Amazing content! Thank you so much! 
04/05/2021 Amazing!
04/05/2021 My project came in 3 hours late and did not even follow the prompt. I have to do the work myself at the last minute because the professor asked for more time but still did not deliver. 

I have done many projects through this site and this is by far the worst experience I have had. 
04/04/2021 Great work as always!
04/03/2021 Good work.
04/01/2021 thank you so much.
03/31/2021 great job, will use again
03/29/2021 great essay and on time 
03/29/2021 The prof did a wonderful job for my paper!!!
03/29/2021 .
03/29/2021 .
03/29/2021 As always, superb work and great communication! 
03/28/2021 amazing work! 
03/27/2021 Great Professor. Have used multiple times and this assignment received an A+ 100% grade! 
03/27/2021 Great Professor. Have used multiple times and this time received an A+ 100% grade! 
03/27/2021 Great Professor. Have used multiple times and each time is an A grade! 
03/27/2021 Great Professor. Have used multiple times and each time is an A grade! 
03/26/2021 absolutly perfect 
03/25/2021 Great Work!
03/25/2021 Perfect
03/25/2021 followed my instructions and overall did a very fine job in a timely manner
03/24/2021 I really thought I could trust supergeek, however they really dropped the ball. The solution given to me was 6 powerpoint slides with maybe one or two bullet points on each when I asked for a speech. It was cleary last minute work and not to the best of their ablility. I would use Unemployed Professors again but I would not have supergeek do the work. 
03/24/2021 Perfect paper, thank you so much.
03/23/2021 115/120; thank you!
03/23/2021 amazing recieved a 90 on my assignment 
03/23/2021 Nice work
03/22/2021 the bibliography was the only thing missing but other than that i appreciate the short notice help thank you so much
03/22/2021 Never fails me!
03/21/2021 Got back earlier than expected but they wrote it on a completely different topic than instructed 
03/20/2021 Very communicative regarding a quick turnaround. Went above and beyond. Always happy choosing this professor!
03/19/2021 Great! 
03/19/2021 Excellent! Thank you!!
03/19/2021 Amazing! Thank you. 
03/18/2021 Good effort (70%) given that it was a 2 hour time limited paper which was worth about a third of the course grade.

Answers provided was a decent assessment of the overall ideas espoused by the researchers. They also explained the different perspectives as requested. Could have included more course materials but that was on my part so for the quick turnaround, a 10/10!


03/17/2021 Great work.
03/15/2021 Thank you
03/15/2021 Excellent! 
03/12/2021 Very helpful and revised wonderfully
03/12/2021 I was beyond impressed. I highly recommend.
03/12/2021 Very professional and followed the basic instructions despite the short notice
03/12/2021 Very reliable. 
03/12/2021 Great work. 
03/12/2021 Thank you for being so awesome.
03/12/2021 Awesome. Followed the instructions and also provided a free page to ensure everything was covered.
03/12/2021 My first time using this site and I was impressed by the services I received from the company. Though I found it expensive, I can say its worthy every penny.
03/12/2021 Received full scores. Thank you
03/11/2021 Great paper. Thank you
03/11/2021 Thank you
03/11/2021 Excellent services and quick respond. 
03/11/2021 Uploaded the paper two days prior to my set deadline. The content was also great. I did no editing and I received 49/50

03/11/2021 The paper was beyond my expectations as it was very detailed. 

The professor was willing to revise the paper till I get above 95%.
03/11/2021 Good communication. I will be using you in my future papers
03/11/2021 Great paper. I received 100%
03/10/2021 Paper looks great and is worded perfectly, so didnt have to change much :)
03/09/2021 fast
03/08/2021 I received a C on this paper, I have no issue with people whose first language may not be English, but the writing of this paper seemed to point very obviously to a lack of skill in English. The paper was on Benjamin Franklin and the writer often referred to him as "Frank", and much of the writing seemed just overall grammatically incorrect
03/07/2021 Great work! Thank you 
03/07/2021 The "professor" took my money and didn't do even half of the work. So where do i start? Originally i asked the professor to write me a 4 page paper and then found out that i needed to have it be 15 pages. So i paid for my initial 4 pages and then was given a new price for the other 11 pages. I also paid the additional amount for the other 11 pages, but after submitting the 4 pages, they withdrew the funds and never finished the work.
03/06/2021 Very nice job!
03/05/2021 Amazing as always
03/05/2021 This professor did not follow the instructions on the assignment, never replied to my messages, and was late with the assignment. Avoid.
03/05/2021 Well written and delivered a day early.
03/04/2021 amazing!! came in clutch and wrote A+ work in under 5 hours. my hero. Thank you!
03/04/2021 Excellent work
03/03/2021 I think we misunderstood the assignment. the idea was to rate the group and how they were doing based on the chart provided/attached.
03/03/2021 Thank you 
02/28/2021 So good! I received a 100% on my 8 page essay. Will definitely use again! 
02/27/2021 Professor followed direcrions in full detail. Completed my assignment in APA 7th edition format. This was last minute and professor completed it for me last minute. Great work!
02/26/2021 Completed my assignment hours before the deadline! Great work. 
02/26/2021 GREAT
02/26/2021 They made adjustments and wrote great quality work in a timely manner. So great! Thank you.
02/23/2021 Great essay! Quilitity sorces and work! Thank you!
02/23/2021 Superb writer! 
02/19/2021 I'm writing to express my complete satisfaction of the service provided by supergeek. The professor deserve 10/10 as the professor is dedicated, enthusiastic, professional, organized and effective, among many other qualities. 
02/19/2021 Great job thank you 
02/19/2021 Excellent. Completed my paper in less than 6 hours. 
02/19/2021 Highly recommended and one of a kind. SUPERGEEK is knowledgeable and easy to work with. The service is of high quality and be assured the paper will recieve a good grade.
02/18/2021 I was beyond impressed. The professor operates in a very professional manner and the project was completed 2 days earlier than my set deadline. 
02/18/2021 Fully satisfied. I received 49/50.

02/18/2021 The grade I received was beyond my expectations. The professor is very professional and is even willing to offer free revisions just to make sure your paper receive the maximum points
02/18/2021 Excellent!! I received 100% 
02/18/2021 Quick turn around. 24 hours earlier and the quality of the paper is top-notch
02/18/2021 Finished everything on time, and did a great job! Thank you so so much
02/17/2021 Nice work. Quick. 
02/16/2021 thank you