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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
03/30/2024 Excellent 
03/28/2024 Man! This professor was absolutely amazing I submitted this post in less than three hours before the due date and they delivered amazingly.  I got my assignment back and got an A! 100 out of 100 And great feedback from my professor. Forward to hopefully working with this professor again to complete my project! 100% would recommend. Efficient, well written and just an overall great experience.
03/28/2024 Very pleased with the work done in such a short notice of time!
03/27/2024 perfect work
03/21/2024 Thanks supergeek, very well written paper delivered ahead of schedule!
03/15/2024 Excellent work, thank you!
03/14/2024 Perfect!
03/04/2024 Not pleased with the assignment that was done. I needed a project with a excel part of it. I received the excel part of it two days after when i asked about the other part of the project. i would think twice to use this again,. 
03/04/2024 well written paper, delivered before deadline. thanks for the great work!
03/02/2024 Thank you for a well written paper!
02/01/2024 Completed before I needed it!
02/01/2024 Highly recommend!
01/16/2024 Awesome! 
12/19/2023 Fast service! this professor delivered what was asked. would definitely recommend 
12/13/2023 very happy with this well written paper! would request this professor again!
12/11/2023 So helpful and great job in a short amount of time 
12/07/2023 well written, fast service!
10/25/2023 Awesome job AND got it early!!
10/14/2023 Excellent!!!! Thank you
10/14/2023 Great paper. Well referenced and cited

Overall great paper. The writer's attention to detail was shown for a great quality paper

10/12/2023 Good research and resources high marks thanks to the expert. Am happy with the results and work! Thanks!
10/12/2023 Good research and resources high marks thanks to the expert. Am happy with the results and work! Thanks!
10/09/2023 THANK YOU. I RECEIVED 100% 
10/09/2023 The assignment was done perfectly. I got a good grade . The professor follows all the necessary information to complete the project.

Nice assignment good work i got very nice grades for this assignment thanks good.

10/09/2023 Thank you for this great work. It is clear and lucid. The quality of work is outstanding. Most important, I was able to learn and understand great insights from your quality work. It is helping me a lot.
10/08/2023 Highly recommend
10/08/2023 Great paper

Excellent service! Your work is great and looking forward for more from your service

10/03/2023 Great. Thank you
10/03/2023 Spendid work!!!
10/03/2023 Thank you
10/03/2023 My order was completed in a timely manner with all the requirements completed

Thank you



good work. the writer was right on points, and independent materials was being presented matching



10/01/2023 Excellent work done. Worth the money
10/01/2023 Thank you for being timely
09/24/2023 I didnt have time to write a paper but i did watch the movie and I'm glad I did! Characters are mixed--not just what they did but even their sexes and parts of the paper are written with what seems like made up story lines.  I am now left to write a comprehensive paper that correspondes to the actual film!
09/07/2023 Super fast
08/27/2023 Super fast. Finished before the given time
08/23/2023 Thank you!
08/10/2023 Good Product. Would work with again. 
07/24/2023 Was done early and eberything I asked for

07/04/2023 If you need perfect assignment help; he’s the professor to go for.
06/26/2023 Excellent excellent paper!!!! Thank you very much for you work and dedication! Paper was received an entire day early with only a two day window. I am extremely grateful and the writing was wonderful!  
06/21/2023 on time and well written
06/13/2023 Excellent work! Only issues were grammar and a few cosmetic concerns. But, this is why you read through it to make sure! Thank you!
06/11/2023 Great job
06/06/2023 Got an A!!! Thanks!!!
05/30/2023 Great work!
05/30/2023 PERFECT!!!!!THANK YOU
05/30/2023 Very supportive
05/28/2023 Thank you for the support, really appreciated the in depth report needed to achieve the help i needed.
05/28/2023 He did a great work. A++
05/28/2023 Fantastic. The expert finished my paper earlier than I thought. 

I am extremely satisfied and pleased with the great service provided from my assignment, the support is always delivered at high quality of work and flexibility. I am continually impressed by the results produced, the team are also very supportive and amazing people to work with that made a huge difference for me personally and I really admire the work ethic.


05/26/2023 The coursework support provided was commendable. The team's prompt response and assistance greatly aided in my understanding of the subject matter. The guidance and resources offered were comprehensive and informative. It would be beneficial to incorporate more examples and practical applications in the future to enhance the learning experience.
05/26/2023 Great. I will definetly come back
05/26/2023 Thank you. It was well structured and written 
05/15/2023 Dedicated and helpful chat.
05/13/2023 good job
05/09/2023 on time and well written.
05/03/2023 Great job, I've used this professor before and they always delivers a well done paper. laugh
05/01/2023 Not sure what the grade will be but, I did most of the work. The material provided just help to create the foundation. I had to build and make corrections off that. Mind you detail instructions for the paper was provided and I could tell that the instructions were used as part of the subheadings for the paper. It was not worth what I paid, over $200.00! 
04/20/2023 Great work and early submission!
04/18/2023 Excellent job! Thanks!
04/02/2023 great paper! hit all the key points that I needed!
03/25/2023 All your needs are met with one click. Do not look further and let this professor handle all your assignment needs.
03/25/2023 Thank you. I scored 100% - The paper was well structured, perfect formating and referencing. Highly recommend to those want good grades.
03/12/2023 Very thorough paper, hit all the marks on the outline! Done very timely and great work! Thanks :)
03/10/2023 Thank you for following the instruction! Supergeek delivered what I had requested!


03/08/2023 I recieved my paper within 48 hours and the only thing I got dinged for is one of the references was not within the last five years, other than that it was an amazing paper and I will be requesting this professor in the future!
03/01/2023 Always in time and attentive to all the details and instructions. THE BEST
03/01/2023 I really appreciate the efforts that you always did for me to get good grades. You always send my assignment earlier than due date. Thank you for always being punctual 
03/01/2023 Great work for a dificult assignment
03/01/2023 All the requirements were met.
02/23/2023 Great work. Your service has been great, very professional, and above my expectations. 
02/23/2023 I would like to thank you for your wonderful help with my assignment. I received full marks. I will come back again for your help. Thank you 
02/23/2023 This professor is a very reliable writer to use when you need any type of assignment done even if its last minute. He reply very fast, do revisions when asked and offer an affordable price range. Thank you
02/19/2023 Got me an A from a very harsh grader professor. THANK YOU
02/19/2023 Great Job with the writing and detail that I was looking. thank you so much.
02/19/2023 Thank you. I got full marks
02/19/2023 The assignment was completed at the right time
02/18/2023 The work is done well and within the deadline, thank you! I will recommend this service and this tutor to people with similar homework problems.
02/18/2023 Thank you
02/18/2023 Your expertise and knowledge are truly valuable to those who seek assistance
02/18/2023 Great paper. I received a perfect grade
02/17/2023 Thank you so much for you help. I am really happy about the grade. I am looking forward to work with you.
02/17/2023 Thank you. 10/10
02/17/2023 SUPERGEEK did a great job. I will use your services again
02/17/2023 Thank you.
02/17/2023 Great work. The paper was delivered on time and all the questions well-explained
02/17/2023 If I could give negative stars I would! This professor agreed to complete the assignment and then submitted to me an assignment that had absolutley nothing to do with my assignment that he agreed to complete. When I messaged him about it he said he would complete mine and was almost done, a day past the due date! Then I never recieved any assignment from him and had to file a dispute. The advisor in the dispute refunded me my money and apologized for his actions. DON'T GET SCAMMED BY THIS PROFESSOR! He will waste your time! 

From the analysis, it was concluded that the paper was completed using the initial instructions provided but the student provided other attachments when the paper was almost due. It is advisable to provide all the instructions when posting the project
02/16/2023 paper was no good
02/13/2023 Got 100% for this assignment. Thank you so much. This is what i am expecting from this company


02/13/2023 Amazing work! Recommend to others
02/13/2023 Supergeek is a very good and professional tutor. He answered all the questions perfectly and he was quick to explain to me any area I didn't understand
02/13/2023 Thank you. The paper was beyond my expectations
02/06/2023 Thanks a lot.
02/06/2023 If there was anyway I couold give zero stars I would. This professor accepted the project, which was a simple cover letter, well ahead of time and gave no indications they would not have it in by the deadline. I only received one message the entire time, which is unacceptable. The sad part is, the work wasn't that bad, but it's worth nothing to me as it was sent over about an hour after the deadline. I'm not sure if maybe my project was deferred in favor of another, more lucrative assignment, but I can't believe I got burned by a site that has always come through for me. I guess I should have scrolled further down on their reviews, because I see this is somewhat of a common theme with this professor. They need their own tier below gold; trash would be acceptable. 
01/15/2023 Very happy with the paper provided! thanks

This assignment was well written. All requirements were met. I am very pleased with the work.

01/01/2023 Great communication and easy to contact and also understands the assessment very quickly.


01/01/2023 Great communication and easy to contact and also understands the assessment very quickly.


12/31/2022 Has been amazing to work with
11/30/2022 Quick turn around and the paper was beyond my expectations
11/30/2022 Great work. Everything was completed as per the requirements
11/30/2022 Excellent work, thank you for your guidance and well strcutured paper
11/30/2022 Thank you!! Completed the work ahead of time
11/29/2022 THank you for the perfect answers .
11/28/2022 Thank you. The work was graded 99/100.
11/28/2022 Everything was explained nicely and helped me grasp the topic more. Even my professor liked it.
11/28/2022 Nice and excellent work. really good effort and i got high flying marks. Really really impressed.


11/28/2022 The assignment was completed within my requirements and way ahead of the set deadline. 
11/28/2022 The work was tremendous. It was successful with my quiz. Thank you
11/28/2022 I'm greatly gratefuly for your good work always. My 15th assignment with this professor and all of them I have scored 100%. 
11/28/2022 Great work. The professor provided 2 extra pages to ensure all the requirements were met
11/27/2022 Great. Provided the expected solution
11/27/2022 The questions were answered completely and precisely and with relevant information
11/27/2022 The questions were answered completely and precisely and with relevant information
11/27/2022 Recieved a perfect graade. thank you
11/27/2022 Thank you
11/27/2022 The professor kept in constant communication and my paper was awesome.. Thank you
11/27/2022 Great paper
11/26/2022 work was not within word limit and aked for extra funds then bid amount.
also not original sketches provided as per question. 

11/26/2022 Great results
11/26/2022 doesnot deliver on client time zone and needs constant reminders
11/17/2022 Got it done early but didn't seem to understand the paper was supposed to be in essay format (even though it was clearly stated). Half of what I got was just definitions on a paper, not tying in any concepts. I had to fix just about everything and might as well just save my money and done it myself. It was supposed to be an economic analysis paper with a graph at the end. I will give this prof props though since they did try with the graph. Even though the graph was super wrong. But it wasn't the worst paper I've gotten off of here.
11/16/2022 Top-notch paper. 

Recommend Supergeek to others
11/16/2022 Great work. Completed on time
11/08/2022 Great work
11/04/2022 So this is the second time I've used this professor. The reason why I chose a second time was because my 1 st paper came out amazing , more than what I expected. I was really impressed in the detail and the work they put into it.  So this second paper I just recieved finished the professor did not let me down, gave me exactly what I asked for and I didn't have to wait long.  I am very impressed by the work done. I plan to only use this professor moving forward because now I know I can trust their work. Both of my papers were done for my Psychology classes.  I totally recommend using Supergeek !!! yes
11/03/2022 All requirements were met. The paper was well written and very detailed.
10/25/2022 Done correctly and swiftly!
10/25/2022 Excellent!!
10/23/2022 Thank you
10/21/2022 A++
10/10/2022 great work and on short notice!

Very easy process with very satisfying result! Communication was fast and even with the additional requirements the paper was done fast and competent.




10/09/2022 Thanks for doing my assignment. The questions were well answered and was backed up with examples


10/09/2022 Great..I will now be using your services
10/09/2022 Thank you for your work. It was marked 96 so I passed. 
10/09/2022 Amazing work, I got the grade I needed !
10/08/2022 Thank you Supergeek. I passed my class with satisfactory grade. All the requirements were made as per the given criteria.
10/08/2022 Really exceptional work was done for this assignment. Thank you so much for helping
10/05/2022 Good communication. Highly recommend. 
10/05/2022 Thank you. Top notch
10/05/2022 The paper was written and followed all the stated instructions. Thnx
10/05/2022 The work was good as I received the pass mark as requested. The professor is also very responsive.
10/05/2022 Great!!!
10/05/2022 Excellent paper. Thank you
10/05/2022 Very well structured and written. The professor also maintained a smooth working process with effective communication
10/04/2022 Done on time and an amazing job!

10/04/2022 “Oh boy. Where do I start! I’m a mature student with a full time job and a family so time is very limited and honestly… if it weren’t for your team; I would have not been able to complete my courses this summer. Your team went above and beyond so many times to not only to deliver outstanding results but also completing them ahead of time. I will definitely be continuing to use your services in the future and I can’t thank each and every one of you enough. Thanks for being so awesome!! :)””
10/04/2022 Supergeek is amazing! You can get a quote in as little as 10-15 minutes.

He is very quick to respond.
 He is also very professional in his grammar and vocabulary.
The assignments and papers I have received were all excellent.

I would recommend others to get any assignment that is difficult or challenging.

You can relax and let the Supergeek do his work while you take care of other matters.

10/04/2022 Thank you so much for a good paper
10/04/2022 Excellent wor. Very neat and delivered ahead of the set deadline. Thank you so much for your help
10/04/2022 Thank you!!!
10/04/2022 Great work!!! The professor was very quick and the response time is less than a minute. Thank you supergeek
10/04/2022 Thank you. I will use your services in the future
10/04/2022 Amazing work. 

Highly recommend!!!
10/04/2022 I received 100/100. Thank you supergeek for a good paper in such a short deadline
10/04/2022 Thank you for a perfect paper.
09/25/2022 10/10
09/16/2022  Didnt get the point 
09/15/2022 --
09/14/2022 i got 16 out of 30 for this assignment :(
09/14/2022 Great Work 
09/10/2022 I received an A.
09/10/2022 Delivered my paper 2 days early. 
09/10/2022 Thank you. The paper was great
09/08/2022 Thank you so much all good and perfect work agian
09/02/2022 Professor did not deliver the assignment in time. Was an hr and a half late.
08/24/2022 Thanks so much! This professor gave me a solid paper. I always add my own finishing touches to ensure originality, but I have a great paper to work with. I asked for one revision and it was done right away. Thanks again for helping me, Supergeek. These papers aren't cheap, but it's worth it to make my life less stressful. I really appreciate this site and all the smart professors here!
08/09/2022 Great job. Thanks!
08/03/2022 very happy with the resolution of my paper! 
07/26/2022 Thank you for a good paper
07/24/2022 Quick and thorough! I received the paper early and it was exceptional!
07/23/2022 I had to spend hours revising the assignment as it laden with grammatical and spelling errors, did not have fluidity, and barely followed directions. Formatting was also not completed throughout. Make sure you allot enough time to QA/QC their work. 
07/21/2022 Quality work and the results were above expectations.
07/20/2022 Amazing work. A++
07/20/2022 Thank you. 
07/16/2022 Amazing job
07/15/2022 Thank you for completing my paper on time
07/15/2022 Great work!!!! I received 100/100.
07/15/2022 Fast, reliable and quick.
I will use your services in the future
07/15/2022 Thank you. The paper was well structured and formatted
07/14/2022 Very explained and detailed paper. He knocked down my harsh grade professor
07/14/2022 Thank you.
07/14/2022 Perfect! This is quality work that was finished before the dead line. Thank You,I Iook forward to working with you again !
07/13/2022 SUPERGEEK ROCK. He/she is best at responding and the quality of the paper is top-notch
07/13/2022 Amazing work
07/13/2022 Great communication and thank you for the first draft. 
07/13/2022 This professor always go above and beyond to ensure all the requirements are met. Always there for revisions and till my paper is perfect. I will be definitely continue using your services in the future. Thank you for being so awesome. 
07/13/2022 The paper was delivered on time

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