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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
06/05/2019 Paper was submitted in a timely fashion, but required lots of editing due to spelling and grammar errors. It was repetitive, lacking an overall thesis, but still managed to recieve a pass.
05/04/2019 This paper was great and I recieved am A for a grade.
05/02/2019 I don't even know where to start. Not a single word of his paper can be used, and I have to rewrite the whole paper myself.
04/29/2019 I had to change some of the intro and conlcusion to sound like me but thats normal. I received an A. It was well written with a lot of information and finsihed faster than due date.
04/29/2019 This professor did not use the books that were required for this assignment. I was in need of quotes and they are from a totally different book. had some grammar errors and mistakes. My 700-word paper needed a few hours of research and fixing. although it was finished within 1 day of assigning the project with a 1-week due date. 
04/28/2019 Great work - thank you!
04/27/2019 Just really disappinted with the quality of work here. It seemed like lazy writing just to speed up the papers length.
04/27/2019 I really wanted to like this paper, but the grammer level he or she uses is just not on par with what I was looking for. 
04/25/2019 Great - thanks!
04/25/2019 Hey, It's me again. This guy fucked me over so hard that I felt the need to write two bad reviews. I already made my point, I just want my reviews to take up a bigger portion of his review page to give people a realistic idea of this guy. His other reviews seem really inaccurate, so I thought I would step in and give this guy what he deserves. 
04/25/2019 This guy was fucking awful. Not only did he not meet my word requirement, but he gave me my essay late. All that for $160. Biggest waste of money ever. The essay was a full page short and I received the essay far beyond the due time. Don't ever accept a bid from this guy. 
04/25/2019 Paper was done in time but needed multiple revisions. I asked the professor to do one, but ended up needing to still do some myself since the APA formatting wasn't completely correct.
04/25/2019 Such an amazing professor willing to help and make sure you get an amazing grade 
04/23/2019 Great! Thank you!!
04/23/2019 Thank You!
04/22/2019 Quality work in a short time. Would recommend.
04/22/2019 Awesome work and extremely thorough. Thanks for the “A” graded assignment. Would use this professor again.
04/22/2019 Thanks!
04/22/2019 The essay is sooo good and it got done on time and i’m so happy with the work!! I wouldn’t of been able to do this myself i’m really happy with what i received!
04/21/2019 great paper!! finished before the time requested!
04/21/2019 Amazing work, on time, and very polite. 10/10 would recommend. 
04/21/2019 Got it done in less than 2 days!! i have ran it through checkers and it was all original content and was exactly what i was looking for. followed the grading rubric and the instructions perfectly!!! 
04/20/2019 Always amazing work, always completed on-time/early. 
04/18/2019 Excellent paper and delivered multiple days ahead of requested time
04/18/2019 WOW exactly what i needed! thank you!
04/17/2019 Punctual, on time and able to help with multiple projects for a course. 
04/16/2019 Awesome work. Gave it to me before the deadline!!
04/15/2019 completed on time! nice!
04/15/2019 amazing!
04/15/2019 Work was not done up to the University level needed. Although communication was good, required a re-write to account for the basic instructions asked. 
Some good arguements and points, however, ideas were everywhere and grammer was extremely poor and rushed. I will be re-writing most of the paper myself.

04/15/2019 She did it again! Thank you!
04/15/2019 Perfect! I love using this resource to get my work done! Never disappointed with Sparta!
04/15/2019 This essay exceeded all of my expectations! I will definitely use these services again.
04/15/2019 Perfect! On time! Couldn’t have asked for anything better!
04/14/2019 very well done.
04/14/2019 Very well done and done in record time. I requested some edits due to formatting and it was completed within 90 minutes of reaching out.
04/14/2019 perfect and thank you so much!! You literally saved my life!
04/14/2019 very good, im glad i went with him/her. got my paper a few days after making the order as well.
04/12/2019 fast and on time 
Thanks got an A!
04/12/2019 Got my solution so quick! 
04/11/2019 Great work - thanks!
04/11/2019 Nicely done!
04/11/2019 Quick and efficient work!! Can’t say thanks enough!!
04/11/2019 Quality work and well before deadline 
04/11/2019 Good quality work, even did more than the suggested length!
04/09/2019 Excellent communication and response time. A few redrafts were made which I am very thankful for but I still need to work on it. 
04/09/2019 i appreciate it .. i hope my professor likes it as much as i do !!! you may have save my semester!!! 
04/09/2019 Very impressed with how soon they got the project completed in such a short amount of time. It was completed way before the deadline!
04/09/2019 I got the solution fast free of plagiarism and she had everything done very proffessionally, however I think the content of my paper was a bit off the topic thata i asked for and it was missing important points also I could tell the author didn't know the content of the book so I haad to fix some mistakes. However overall it is good considering a very early deadline.
04/08/2019 Thank You!
04/08/2019 Went above and beyond even on such short notice!
04/08/2019 Great work!
04/05/2019 Excellent writing and sources. Very quick turnaround! 
04/05/2019 Completed my assignment in a very timmely manner and the paper was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much!
04/04/2019 Great -- thank you
04/04/2019 Amazingly done, would recommend to anyone
04/03/2019 Awesome thanks!
04/02/2019 Assignment was finished quickly, and accurately.  Did an awesome job, cannot thank you enough!
04/01/2019 Very happy with my project! Very well written before a very rushed deadline. 
04/01/2019 Great work! Very responsive to messages and feedback. 

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