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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
03/12/2020 Nice work
02/18/2020 You can also order your paper at
12/16/2019 Multiple basic, grammar mistakes (ie: missing periods at end of sentences). And because the responses took so long I didn't have time to go back and forth about the corrections anymore. Only received a 68% and was accused of extreme similarities to two other essays that were on the web by my instructor.  I paid for the plagiarism scan but apparently that was also faulty. Would not recommend. 
12/10/2019 Awesome!!
12/10/2019 Awesome!!
12/10/2019 Highly recommend!!!


12/10/2019 Estelle always deliver
12/10/2019 Thank you!!!
12/10/2019 Thank you!!!
Recieved 100%
Received a perfect Score for my term paper
Finished before it was due. Always avaiable for questions or comments during the process. Great paper!!

Finished before it was due. Always avaiable for questions or comments during the process. Great paper!!

Finished before it was due. Always avaiable for questions or comments during the process. Great paper!!

12/05/2019 It was a great paper, a lot of effort put in. I got an A on it.
11/30/2019 This was my first time using this service.  The paper is a fair study guide; a decent place to start with writing my own paper.    There are a few typos. Also, the paper is a little shorter than requested but that is ok for me since I will be using this as a study guide/"jumping off point" for a paper.  I have read reviews online for this webpage talking about some of the writing submissions that students receive from the people they hire so I did not have very high expectations.  Again, the paper is fair, I would assume a solid B if I was to submit this study guide to school.  
11/26/2019 project done on time. good work
11/25/2019 A++++. God work Prof
11/25/2019 Received an A.
11/25/2019 Cooperated well
11/25/2019 Great work!
11/25/2019 Thank you
11/25/2019 She's very polite and responsive. Though I did make sure i mentioned to add photocopies and reminded her to let me know if she's confused, she hasn't told me anything which left us scrambling for time.
In the end, I couldn't turn in the paper and I didn't want to give someone money for a useless paper. We comprimised another deal where she can look over some written chapters edit them and give advice.
It seemed like she was willing to do it but it was taking too long. She promised to "have it finished by tomorrow evening" But never recieved an update since. Next thing I know, my funds are gone and I don't have a finished product. This was infuriating because I basically gave her $75 to lie to me about a project she's doing. This is not okay.
I have huge concerns to how this project went. It seems like this prof was waiting for time to run out to collect the money without submitting a completed project.
This may be a rare occurance but it was a very bad experience.
11/25/2019 I'm not recommending he/she if you need any of English paper at all. Here is just a few errors from this writer, even though I don’t think he/she is a professor. 

this is a solid reading of McCrae's poem. There is no single thing "wrong" with this paper that needs drastic improvement; instead, the "B" is a result of a bunch of little things you got docked for here and there across the rubric. Some of them are easy to fix: next time, be sure your thesis mentions not just the message of the short story you'll be writing on, but it also needs to mention the literary devices the paper will be exploring. Quoting a short story won't be tricky; you'll just give the page number. You might take my advice about using topic sentences, though.


forgot to mention literary devices in the thesis


it's not a complicated poem, so I get why the paper is on the short side, but really you could have backed up some claims better by illustrating with textual support. See comments in the margins for examples of where/how.


The first body paragraph threw me off because after reading the topics sentence, the paragraph went on to contradict it. So I don't think that was a topic sentence: the paragraph has several ideas, actually, instead of one main idea. I'd write a topic sentence that states the ONE main thing I'm supposed to take away from that paragraph. Then everything else in the paragraph should simply back it up with evidence from the poem.

grammatical and mechanical errors

11/21/2019 always on time and always quality!!
11/21/2019 always on time and always quality!!
11/21/2019 always on time and always quality!!
11/21/2019 Terrible, I don’t mind paying but I do expect a response in a reasonable amount of time. I had to reach out to the administrators and by the time she responded it was past the due date. I don’t recommend whatsoever, I wish I could give zero stars 
11/20/2019 great as always
11/20/2019 Timely, decent paper, meets all requirements. 
11/18/2019 very happy repeat client!
11/18/2019 Communication was lacking, and am still waiting for the final copy even though it's due today. Doesn't give you time for revisions. I had to ask for the rest of the pages as only half of one was initially written.
11/16/2019 Awesome work!
11/15/2019 very little communication (I regularly check the inbox), I offered my help or assistance with anything and asked for any questions regarding the assignment (got no response), they ended up doing the assignment wrong, they advertised to revise if need be but doesn't commit. Now I have less than a couple hours to complete this and im royally screwed.  I'd say chose another professor unless you like gambling your grades and wondering how you're assignment will turn out. The positive side is that they did the work (which is why I gave some stars) but its nothing I can use.

p.s. I copy and pasted the exact instructions my professor gave me for the assignment. 
11/14/2019 I will always return to Estelle now. I have payed for others but have been disappointed... never with her work. 
11/14/2019 She demonstrated excellency and expertise. I recommend you to accept her bid. She doesn't dissappoint.  100% brilliant. 
Thank you
11/14/2019 I am still amazed by the fact that my dissertation was written in 5 days! Yup, I’m bad at meeting deadlines, but this professor did the impossible! I got an A+, and that was a real blessing.
11/14/2019 Never thought such a serious assignment as a term paper can be done in less than 12 hours. This professor is awesome

11/14/2019 The project was exactly what I needed. Estelle produced a perfect paper that needed no editing. I need to send you a bottle of good scotch. Brilliant job!
11/14/2019  Awesome! Great work
11/14/2019 Great work done by an expert as I got distinction marks on this. I always recommend you guys in future.

11/14/2019 Thank you!!
11/14/2019 The paper was amazing. I received a good grade. 
11/14/2019 Price was little bit more but an assessment Got on time and it is according to expectations.

11/13/2019 great document
11/13/2019 91/100 A-.  My professor is a very tough grader but the essay Estelle did for me was considered "one of the best" in the class. She does good work! 
11/13/2019 Got a 100/100 A+
When something needed to be fixed, she promptly sent me over the revision! Will use again! 
11/13/2019 I will give 10 points on 10 scales. I received 99% on my assignment. This was my professor comment
“This time you managed to follow the instructions. Besides, your clearly articulated the required points. Keep it up.”

11/13/2019 I needed some help to gather facts and resources for my research work I was working on. Estelle came through for me, so I could focus on my work. She provided reliable services within the affordable prices. I am really satisfied with their great services. Very professional, quick, reliable, well worth the money. Thanks a lot for your brilliant support. I would highly recommend her fabulous services to everyone.
11/13/2019 Good communication. I requested for changes after receiving the final assignment and she did it without asking for extra pay.

11/13/2019 Good communication. I requested for changes after receiving the final assignment and she did it without asking for extra pay.

11/13/2019 It was a great experience to work with Estelle. The grade I received was above my expectations. I accepted her bid last minute and she still provided the project before the due time. She was very professional, and followed the basic outlines of the essay assignment. I will definitely use her services in the future and recommend her to anyone looking for help.
11/13/2019 Estell was very professional and I am happy that I took the risk of accepting her bid. She helped me a lot and save me a huge amount of time. I will be very happy to contact her for future academic work again.  

11/13/2019 The paper was quickly completed. Expertly written

11/13/2019 The paper was quickly completed. Expertly written

11/13/2019 I provided all the information for case review however they did not read it proper. I recieved  68% and did not pass.
11/13/2019 I recieved a 68% on my paper. Very Disappointed, mistakes add up and I didnt even recieve a passing grade.
11/11/2019 Estelle had literally been lifesaver for me and I have now been a regular satisfied customer. I also encourage everyone who may need any type of assignment help to do the same.

11/11/2019 Just received my results. I passed, got 96/100. Thank you
11/11/2019 A great writer who took the time to fulfill all my needs for the paper.

11/11/2019 My paper was complex. We did a number of revisions along the way but I am happy the professor cooperated with me all through to the end. Will be needing your help next session.

11/10/2019 Perfect, thank you
11/09/2019 Excellent!!! A++
11/09/2019 I highly recommend to any one who wants a good paper
11/09/2019 I passed. Received an A. Looking forward to working with you again
11/09/2019 A+++++++

11/09/2019 Thank you. Good paper
11/07/2019 very nice work and amazing personality 
11/07/2019 Sloppy work

The student wanted a 6 pages paper to fit in 1 page
11/06/2019 The paper was genuine and comprehensibe. I highly recommed this prof to anyone seeking a good grade
11/06/2019 Great paper, high score!
11/06/2019 Great Paper. Delivered on time and followed the given instructions 
11/05/2019 Highly recommend 
11/05/2019 Top Notch. The assignment was perfectly written and she clearly supported her claims. 
I recommend to accept her bid.
Thank you
11/05/2019 Recieved a perfect grade. Good communication, and ensure all your concerns are well addressed. 
11/05/2019 LIFESAVER!

11/05/2019 If seeking a quality paper, good grade and a quick turn around use Estelle.

11/05/2019 My hero, my actual hero. A++++. Super Excellent

11/05/2019 Estelle was able to provide an extra page for free in order to ensure all the requirements were met.

11/05/2019 I highly recommend to accept her bid. I received an 49.5/50

11/05/2019 The paper was written perfect and in the correct format. It was above my standards!! 100% for sure! I am very satisfied.

11/04/2019 Outstanding job. At first, I was extremely nervous about the assignment since it was my first site on this site. However, Estelle was outstanding and I received a perfect paper. I will definitely be back and highly recommend those who are on the fence.

11/04/2019 The professor was super helpful. Completed 15 pages with a 1 day and I received an A. Thank you
11/04/2019 I have been working with Estelle on all my assignments and any concerns have always been addressed to my great satisfaction.

11/04/2019 This is amazing. The essay was well written, hoping to receive a good grade once its graded.
11/04/2019 Good paper. I highly recommend
11/03/2019 I second the student who commented that she should be listed as a Diamond level professor. She's excellent in whatever she does. 
Thank you
11/03/2019 Estelle has never failed me. She’s definitely my go to professor when I have an important paper due and I am crunching on time! I would recommend her to everyone, very much satisfied!”

11/03/2019 Excellent paper. Delievered a few hours prior to deadline and she was open to revisions. 
11/03/2019 I received a perfect score for my assignment. I recommend
11/03/2019 This professor always gives first class customer service. I know that any project that Estelle write for me will be handled professionally and promptly. She’s wonderful and this site is lucky for having her.

11/03/2019 Estelle has helped me on my last five projects. When I was low on time, she helped me out.
My papers were always well written and submitted back to me on time.
My grades always remained high. Thanks for your great work.

11/03/2019 Best Prof. Thank you
11/03/2019 0.
11/01/2019 Great paper!  I got a good grade on it. 
10/30/2019 Completed my project 3 days earlier. 
The paper was also beyond my expectations
10/30/2019 Awesome. Thank you for a well-structured paper
10/30/2019 Always come through for my papers. I highly recommed
10/30/2019 Thank you Estelle. I received a perfect score for my paper. A+
10/29/2019 Wonderful paper addressed all of the questions. Finished before the deadline 
10/29/2019 Estele is Excellent. Thank you. I highly recomend 
10/29/2019 Thank you. The paper exceeded my expectations. 
10/29/2019 She's the reason why I always come to this site. Quick turn around. 
Received 49/50
10/29/2019 Amazing! The paper was perfect. A+++
10/28/2019 Don't know why she's listed as a Gold professor, she's deserve to be at Diamond level. Her paper was perfect, as she had completetly followed the rubric. As a result, my professor didn't have another choice than to award me an A. I am so grateful  for your help
10/28/2019 Excellent work. Extremely fast turn around on the paper. Will definitely use again
10/28/2019 Completed my two assignments very fast. Both of the assignments I have received 50/50. 
Estelle is very professional as she will go her extra ways to ensure the paper she delivers to you is perfect. 
Besides, she helped re-write another assignment that was completed by another professors without extra charges.
She's the best professor that I have worked on on this website

10/28/2019 Never fails me. Always there for tough assignments
10/28/2019 Awesome. Perfect paper. Excectaly what was required. 
I can't complain
10/28/2019 The paper was excellent.

Zero plagirarism.

I received an A. 

10/26/2019 This professor's work got me the grade I needed 3 times!! I will use again for my next project.
10/26/2019 This professor's work got me the grade I needed 3 times!! I will use again for my next project.
10/26/2019 This professor's work got me the grade I needed 3 times!! I will use again for my next project.
10/24/2019 I have used this professor twice now and I got A's on BOTH papers. Highly recommend. 
10/24/2019 I thought she will be good in business area from her profile but she didnt know the basic stuff. And fucked up my assignment
10/20/2019 thankssss
10/16/2019 Use Estelle and you won't regret. If anything happens on the paper, she owns it up and rewritte the paper again without extra charges. 
10/16/2019 Perfect score as always. I will definetly continue accepting her bid. 
10/16/2019 Estelle is very professional. She offered free revision after I had sent a wrong file. 
The paper was well crafted and followed the instructions perfectly
10/13/2019 Good communication, completed in timely manner, very professional
10/13/2019 Great writing, on time for the deadline given, and quick to respond  to comments, thank you Estelle!
10/10/2019 thanks!!!
10/08/2019 Thanks!
10/07/2019 Excellent case analysis that was completed in record time!highly reccommend!
10/05/2019 Thank you. I passed my paper
10/05/2019 Terrible 
10/04/2019 fast and complete
09/30/2019 Handled my complex project with simplicity. 
09/30/2019 Received 19/20. Thank you.
Always accept her bid, you won't be dissappointed 
09/30/2019 From the Mars. Excellent as always
09/29/2019 Amazing! On time, and just what I wanted! 
09/29/2019 Her work is impeciable! 
09/29/2019 I recommend
09/29/2019 She's the best!!!!!Thank you.
09/29/2019 Received 97. Thank you
09/27/2019 Great work! Provided assignment in requested time. 
09/27/2019 great work
09/27/2019 Thank you!
09/21/2019 One of my most trusted professors for sure. Always delivers quality work. A++
09/19/2019 A+ delivery. Thank you.
09/19/2019 Quality stuff. Def a great professor.
09/19/2019 Excellent work. Done well ahead of shcedule
09/19/2019 Great Professor! Would recommend 10/10
09/18/2019 She exceeded my expectations, the work was awesome. A lot better than anything I was going to write.
09/18/2019 Excellent work.

You have seriously helped me out with my work load!

Very much appreciated!
09/17/2019  Not only was she  able to go above and beyond to help me get a grade that didn’t look as suspicious, she was also able to be very communicative as well as offer free revisals. 
She was also very persuading with the reasons why she’d be a great fit for the project and seemed very genuine with fast responses. 

I will just leave this comment from my professor.

"You thoroughly responded to all of the assignment questions. Your ideas were presented clearly and your responses were well-organized and logical.

You supported your statements with thoughtful explanations. Your paper was well organized and was free from grammatical and spelling errors"

Thanks again for an excellent paper!"


Amazing work!  I had four papers written in less than a week and my professor came through like a beast!  All three papers earned me an A on each and some with no edits! 
Work was "thought provoking, creditble, and well written" so says my professor in class. 
THANK YOU so much for turning all three papers in on time and with an amazing price!! 
I highly recommend and have already hire my professor to write another paper for me.  Money well spent!


Estelle is amazing!! You might see my name on here a few times, but that's only cause I'll only use this professors for my next projects. He's saved my ass a few times and I've never gotten less than an A.
Easy to talk to, listens to what you need, always answers messages fast and nails it every-time. 


A++++++  Work was completed before due date and was above expectations as usual. 
This prof always does an excellent job and is a pleasure to work with.  There is a reason why he is one of the highest rated profs on the website. 
He communicates well and is always willing to make sure you are satisfied with the project.  Thanks again!

09/17/2019 This is excatly what I was looking for, and you were able to get it to me prior to the deadline. Thank you so mcuh. 
09/16/2019 Estelle created a masterpiece! Highly recommend!  
09/16/2019 Excellent work!
09/15/2019 Provided two extra pages to ensure all the requirements were met. Thank you
I will tip you in my next project which is coming in a week time
09/15/2019 Completed 3 pages in less than 6 hours. LIFE SAVER
09/15/2019 AWESOME. 
i will definetly use you for the next assignments
09/15/2019 The paper was well organized with an approprate introduction, thesis statements, body paragraphs with a topic sentence and a conclusion.
Top notch
09/14/2019 thank you so much! 
09/13/2019 She's Excellent
09/13/2019 Thank you
09/13/2019 Thank you
09/13/2019 Always hire Estelle
09/13/2019 Perfect. My paper was completed in less than 6 hours and strictly followed the rubric
09/13/2019 The solution wasn't what I requested and didn't answer the question presented. Was just a summation.
09/12/2019 Thank you
09/12/2019 Thank you. Good communication
09/12/2019 I highly recommend
09/12/2019 Excellent.
09/12/2019 My two projects were completed on time
09/11/2019 If Estelle bids on your paper. Just accept
09/11/2019 Awesome
09/11/2019 Great work
09/11/2019 Thank you
09/11/2019 Thank you
09/11/2019 My two projects were delivered on time
09/11/2019 Estelle always on time when it comes to delivering the paper. Apart from that, her papers are top notch
09/11/2019 Great Paper
09/11/2019 Awesome. 10/10
09/10/2019 Amazing paper. Received an A.
I will definetly come back
09/10/2019 Absolutey the best. The paper was amazing
09/10/2019 Thank you!
09/10/2019 Thank you Estelle
09/09/2019 Has continued her great work. Delivered early, again. Thank you
09/09/2019 WOW! Best Professor. Deserve 20 stars
09/09/2019 OMG, I cannot believe how absolutely how this paper is AMAZING this paper is.
09/09/2019 Outstanding word. Received an A
09/09/2019 Great product.
09/09/2019 super prompt service with great quality writting.
will definitely reccomend and use again in the future. 
09/08/2019 Great work, met all the requirements. Delivered ahead of schedule
09/08/2019 This professor consistently delivers top notch papers with minimal turnaround and responds quickly to messages. Besides, she made me smile while reading though her paper. Best professor I have ever hired on this site. 
09/08/2019 I highly recommend. She knocked down my harsh grader prof by producing 99/100. Thank you
09/08/2019 The paper was well written and organized. Estelle truely cares for the client. If you are looking for an A++, you have to accept her bid. She doesn't dissappoint
09/07/2019 Thank you so much for this I really appreciated it.

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