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06/24/2019 Although hardworking, I had to email her THREE times to explain the assignment in detail and STILL did not understand and did it wrong!!! It is 2:56am and I JUST finished editing her work after I sent emailed her THREE times asking her to please resend it to me. I feel bad writing this review for she was willing to help me, but she is just not ready for Masters level work. I am sure she will be fine for high school of the first two years of college, but not grad school. 
06/24/2019 She was an amazing writer, I got an A on my project.
06/23/2019 exellent,

received my work at the last moment, worrying
06/22/2019 this is my first time here, and im so happy witht he outcome
06/19/2019 Assignment arrived to me late and does not respond to messages in a timely manner.  
06/19/2019 Amazing essay in such a short time period, thank you so much ????
06/19/2019 The paper got done.
06/18/2019 Beautifully done paper. Definitely did an excellent job on creating an amazing paper. Was a bit late and lost some percentage on my paper, but none the less, was done nicely. Thank you again.
06/17/2019 Awesome paper, just what I asked for!!
06/15/2019 This professor is AMAZING! I just recieved my paper and well it was done for me a day early and I read it over it looks good. I am excited to see what I get. Thank you so much! I look forward to working with you on future papers!
06/06/2019 Delivered fast unique work! Expensive but so is everyone else. So worth it!!
06/01/2019 GREAT, thank you so much.
06/01/2019 Amazing!
05/26/2019 great work
05/22/2019 my reason for such a low reviews: 
i needed this professor to revise my paper as per my professor feedback
and she still havent reply back to non of my concerns. will never use this professor again 
05/22/2019 Got an F on the paper. Great at responding and making edits but the quality was subpar. 
05/20/2019 Late
05/19/2019 THANK YOU
05/18/2019 Estelle is great. She is very thorough with her work and offers free revisions!
05/16/2019 Did what I asked in a quick and timely manner. Much is appreciated!!
05/16/2019 horrible 100% plagrilized and recieved a 0 

After carefully, the paper was not plagiarized. Both the turnitin and copyScape report show 0% plagiarism. Besides, the student didn't produce the report of the plagiarism.
05/15/2019 Best Professor! Consistent & quality. 11/10 would rate Estelle!
05/15/2019 I have used many professors on this site and Estelle has been the best BY FAR. I have used her for multiple projects and have never been let down. Above and beyond for every assignment! Best professor on here!
05/14/2019 Thank you!
05/14/2019 Thank you so much. It was perfect!
05/14/2019 good work and quick
05/14/2019 I submitted a request the same day my paper was due. The paper was completed well ahead of my deadline with all the criteria needed. Can't thank you enough. *I was able to catch up on sleep after working 2 jobs all weekend. 
05/13/2019 This professor is excellent, she did just what i wanted and it truly helped me out a lot! if youre ever in a tough spot with school work this one professor has your back! :)
05/13/2019 She did the job but didn’t even ask me for any details before sending me the finish results - she does offer free revisions . I found the quality of the job quite poor. 
05/12/2019 Timely with great summerization and approach to the project. Thank you!
05/12/2019 Didn't follow the guidelines for paper requirements so I have to now re-do it.
05/12/2019 it is on time and great essay!! thanks a lot
05/12/2019 On time and comprehensive
05/12/2019 Great paper and finished earlier than expected! Thank you
The paper was on point with the subject matter. It was written in a timely manner.  Will definitely use this professor again.
05/11/2019 After maintaining a B average for most of my submissions and projects, I had a family emergency that kept me from handing in this project on time so I seeked help here. The work that this professor gave me was given a D, my University professor went on to tell me how this paper was very disappointing and said they expect more from me given how good my submissions were all semester. 500$ for a D paper when I could have half-assed it and got a C.

Very disappointed and most probably will never use this service again, "PhD" graduate my ass
05/10/2019 Awesome paper. She wrote one that was not just some generic run of the mill essay. It was a case study on a certain place, and she referenced it well. Hoping for a good grade.
05/10/2019 Excellent work for minimal instructions!  The work was done meaningfully and thoroughly.  I am so grateful!
05/10/2019 I would highly reccommend Estelle to anyone asking. I have used many different professors on this site none of which have done such an amazing job as her.
She followed the assignment instructions very well and had my paper to me right on time. The best part is that she is even offers free revisions after sending you the first draft but I didnt even need to have it revised because she did such an amazing job the first time!! Will definitely use her again. Thanks for doing such an amazing job. Use this prof!!
05/10/2019 This "professor" was completely unprofessional. She accepted to do my research paper, but my final result was ridiculous. Initial instructions stated that the research part of my paper required 4-5 pages, while the second part of my paper needed to be 2-3 pages. She submitted the paper with only 2 1/2 pages of research, so I asked if the essay could be edited to meet the initial requirements, she did not reply to my message. A day later I received an edited paper, which was just 2 paragraphs added. The newly added paragraphs were completely ridiculous, it was as if she was trying to write as many words as possible without getting to a point. The subject matter had nothing to do with the subject of the paper. I sent the professor a message in which i asked if the newly added paragraphs could be edited to where it made sense, she replied and apologized for the incovenience and assured me she would edit them and turn in a presentable paper. After all, I paid 175$ for a quality paper, so I expected nothing less. This morning, I checked for updates on my paper and it turns out my paper was showing as "submitted" and the money was taken from my account. Will never use this professor again. Please beware. There is no excuses, if the topic of this research was something the professor was not comfortable with then that professor should not have submitted a bid. The instructions were clear, I gave her plenty of time to complete the project as well. DO NOT USE THIS PROFESSOR. 
05/10/2019 GREAT!!! Super happy with way it came out.
05/10/2019 Thank you for lightening my final paper load :)
05/08/2019 Excellent work as always. thank you!
05/08/2019 This is a great paper. All the criteria was meet, and it was delivered on time ??
05/08/2019 Very well done
05/06/2019 I had to edit a good amount of the paper. Estelle is an experienced  writer but I would recommend to anyone that you check to see  if the prof’s background is suited for your topic
05/06/2019 The Professor was prompt to sending a bid on the paper.  However, they missed the due date I set which set me a little behind.  The assignment was finished 30 min late.
05/06/2019 Very good. I asked for a lot with a great amount of detail need for the paper and this professor came through for me. 
05/05/2019 GREAT WRITING ASSIGNMENT! Submitted before the deadline, thank you!!
05/05/2019 Great paper, submitted way within the time frame. Thank you again!
05/05/2019 Seriously the due date was one day, and was completed on time and sent to me with time to spare. Definitely worth the money spent and I would definitely recommend this professor.
05/05/2019 The paper being completed on time is the only positive thing I can say about this project. 55%, 55% and 34% are the grades recieved for this project. The professor is disgusted with the quality of the paper, I have a week to try and make something out of this rubbish. Absolute waste of money.

This is one of its own kind. The first negative comment prof Estelle has received. She's one of the best professors we have. If you have any issue with the quality of the paper, kindly write to her a direct message. She's very professional and she will do anything for you to get an A. Estelle offers free revisions.
05/04/2019 Did a great job!
05/04/2019 The paper was well written and I’d probably get a higher grade on it if it had been done the right way on time. I uploaded the instructions and messaged the professor about citations needing to be from the required text which she said she had access to. Late Friday night when the paper was marked as completed, I read it and it did not have any work cited from my required text. I asked the professor to revise however it was not revised until Saturday and by that time it was an automatic 20% deduction as a late penalty.
05/03/2019 Well written paper several hours before the deadline :)
05/03/2019 Great, original work. Make sure instructions are EXTREMELY clear.
05/03/2019 VERY difficult project completed early. This Professor takes assignments seriously and delivers first rate results. WILL use again.
05/03/2019 Really happy with the final result, especially when given only 2 days to complete it! 
05/03/2019 I got exactly what i wanted from the professor. I received the paper on time and are confident that I will recieve a great grade on this assignment!
05/02/2019 She did great work! Very much apprecited!!!
05/01/2019 Fabulous. 
05/01/2019 She turned it in to me hours before the time I asked for. Essay was great and original! Def reccomend her
05/01/2019 Very nice job.
05/01/2019 Thank you!
05/01/2019 Short deadline and a great overall job.
04/30/2019 Exceeded expectations! Did a great job!
04/30/2019 Estelle did a really good job and got me my paper on time. The only thing that was not as I asked was the spacing as I requested a 1.5 but double spaced. However, Estelle offered free revisions.
04/30/2019 Very well written essay and done in a timely manner. I highly recommed this professor. 
04/30/2019 well thought out.  Great job.
04/30/2019 great paper.  Well written.
04/30/2019 Great job! Even got my paper done a day early
04/30/2019 Great job!
04/30/2019 Great job and she even revised it again 
04/29/2019 Did a wonderful thourough job in a timely manner
04/29/2019 This paper is EXCELLENT! I am so glad I picked Estelle. I am in Kansas, she is in London, and she wrote my Kansas Senate Bill paper like she lives here. I can't believe how lucky I was to find her. If you are considering using Estelle for your paper, do so with confidence. She is truly gifted and I am forever grateful. Thanks so much!!!
04/28/2019 Better than I expected!!
04/28/2019 Literally INCREDIBLE. Totally exceeded expectations in everyway imaginable! Even created a template for name, title, and institution; the little things matter!!!! Super Awesome, would use again!
04/27/2019 Exactly what I wanted! Thank you 
04/27/2019 Thank you very much for your work! - It's great
04/27/2019 Great paper on a complicated project! Followed the rubric perfectly and included great, relevant sources !
04/26/2019 completed the project quickly! 
04/24/2019 Will work with you to get what is needed! 
04/24/2019 Complex subject tacked with ease. Organization is crystal clear, and English was smooth. 100% recommend.
04/23/2019 Estelle, finished my presentation in less than 24 hours and even revised a few things more me to make it pop out more!
04/23/2019 Great job
04/22/2019 Thanks!!
04/22/2019 Very proficient and prompt but there were grammatical and spelling errors
04/22/2019 Did alright, did'nt site the sources in the paper, but i got my paper early
04/21/2019 She was great and go it done in a timely manner but the format was wrong and i had to modify the paper and make edits to the paper desoite the fact that they should have been take n care of by her. the content was well written but i did have to makejust a few changes. The only other problem as no communication after the paper was written to make the edits i requested. AGAIN so was fast and got it done and the content was well written its just little things i think may be frustrating. 
04/20/2019 Excellet work. Did exactly as directed. Impressive work.
Many thanks.
04/18/2019 There was only one prompt, not 2...the paper was dealing with Catholicism, not has no mention of the actual character in the book the prompt asked of...there were multiple fragmented sentences and grammar errors...just unacceptable. Worst paper I've ever received, hands down

This is the only negative comment that Prof Estelle has received. She has been providing super quality papers throughout. However, after carefully reviewing the paper, the student seems to have changed the prompt 2 after Estelle had completed the essay. As a result, Estelle had to write a whole 7 pages within 2 hours.
04/18/2019 The assignment had one prompt and the writer wrote 2?

It was over the oppression of Catholics, not Christians. Lots of "Furthermore"s and "Nonetheless"s (like every other sentence) and had very sloppy flow. Spent a good 30 minutes going back over it to make sense, so this failed completely in what it was supposed to be. 

There seems to be misunderstanding here. Prof Estelle has been very professional in her work and she has never delivered a low-quality paper as shown in other reviews.
04/17/2019 Very swift, high quality work.
04/16/2019 Great results!!!! There were a few things I ended up changing, but they were small improvements. She finished it a whole day before the deadline so that she could make revisions if I wanted her to. She met all my assignments requirements and more. Overall, I enjoyed my results from this professor and would have her write future papers if needed.
04/16/2019 Was quick to reply to your messages and willing to make any changes necessary to the paper. I look forward to working with this prof. again.  
04/16/2019 better than expected!!!
04/15/2019 Great work everytime!
04/15/2019 Perfect work!
04/14/2019 Was done a day before dead line, amazing essay, saved my life for finals week. 
04/12/2019 thank you!
04/12/2019 very good work
04/12/2019 I definitely am thankful she was able to make corrections on my Literature Review and synthesize the information I already had. I am rating 8/10 stars because 1. It was very convenient and saved me hours of time in editing, 2. When I was reviewing the edits, I noticed a few errors including having to fix some words like "ap.roach = approach, 20018=2018, and having to go back and delete pronouns in my paper "they" in particular. 
I don't think this will deter me from using her again or using unemployed professors because with any online editing service, one should be mindful in what you are submitting and make any necessary corrections to your paper prior to submitting for grades. Thank you for editing my review and saving this grad student so much time to focus on more important coursework!
04/11/2019 great work
04/11/2019 Great customer service and quick to respond with questions or concerns.
04/11/2019 amazing work!! highly recommend!! 
04/11/2019 Amazing paper! She finished way before the deadline, and wrote in a very well language and had great references. Definitely would choose her again!
04/11/2019 A bit late on the deadline but overall very good work and paper!
04/11/2019 Very pleased with this professor. Gave me plenty of time to accept their bid, and with that being said still completed the essay with the little time they had in a polite manner. The essay hasn’t been graded, but it flows well and appears to have followed all of my requests, thank you Estelle. 
04/09/2019 I gave her one day to write my 3 page paper and she finished on time with an extra half page. Wonderful work and I would recommend.
04/09/2019 Amazing content and great prices, quick delivery with a buffer time to make any corrections and proofread.
Thank you!
04/09/2019 Submitted by deadline and followed step by step what i needed done. Thank YOU!
Awesome work!! I am very pleased!
04/09/2019 Great job with the Essay! Would use again for future!
04/08/2019  great work and on time deliverd