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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
06/08/2024 drhomeworkhelp completed the essay in a timely manner. She followed the directions I gave her. Had to make slight changes but nothing major. Will definitly be using her again. I haven't submitted it yet so lets hope I get a good grade on it.
05/28/2024 always does great work
05/25/2024 A+
05/14/2024 Another A.  Thank you.  
05/08/2024 Great as always
04/23/2024 Excellent!  Will use again!
04/15/2024 Another A.  
04/10/2024 Another assignment and another 100.  TY. 
03/23/2024 Worked on my persuasive essay in a timley manner and was thorough with the paper. I would recommend this professor!!
03/20/2024 WEnt above and beyond! Highly recommend and I will definitely be requesting future projects with them.
03/19/2024 Grade came through late but great work  Would use again
03/19/2024 Thank you so much. Excellent work
03/18/2024 The paper provided was technically as requested.  I find that 120.00 was a very high price for what I essentially used as a starting point or basis for my own paper.  The paper, as it was, from the Professor sounded like it was AI.  It was very difficult for me to read and make sense of and essentially just used its main points to re-write myself.  So while, helpful, I do not think that I would use this service again, it was way too expensive for what it turned out to be, at least for my purposes.  
03/11/2024 great work 
03/11/2024 another 100
03/08/2024 Amazing work as always
03/06/2024 Another excellent paper!
02/26/2024 Another excellent paper!
02/12/2024 99 out of 100!!! 
02/01/2024 A+ paper again!
01/24/2024 Excellent paper!
01/12/2024 Excellent job.  Exactly as advertised.  
01/02/2024 Another great job.  
12/27/2023 Thank you for the great paper!
12/26/2023 Another A. 
12/21/2023 Excellent paper thank you!
12/06/2023 Another excellent paper!
12/05/2023 Professor was personally recommended by a colleague.  Professor delivered as promised and scheduled.  Received a 98.  Will use again.  
11/29/2023 Excellent Paper!
11/09/2023 Thank you!
11/09/2023 great writing, lots of references
11/08/2023 Thank you @DrHomeworkHelp! One of the best in the business. If you are in a bind , have no fear, Dr. HH is here. 
11/03/2023 Such great writting thank you!!
10/31/2023 Very nicely done! Followed the instructions well :)
10/22/2023 A+++
09/27/2023 Excellent standard and would highly recomend
09/10/2023 Timely response time, quality work, and good communication. 
09/04/2023 Very easy to work with
08/16/2023 Well written in a timely manner...A+
07/25/2023 Professor was timely and provided a quality product.
07/21/2023 A++++++
07/17/2023 Good stuff as always 
07/17/2023 Good stuff as always 
07/05/2023 Great work!
06/30/2023 great work
06/28/2023 clutch! 
06/26/2023 Wonderful as usual. 
06/18/2023 Perfection! 
05/28/2023 A++++
04/28/2023 Highly recommend !!!!!
04/20/2023 Very good paper. Just exactly what I wa hoping for. Will use again.
03/27/2023 Always on time and quick turn around for any edits that needs to be made.  Very professionally written, awesome work.  
03/23/2023 I got the essay back before the deadline and it looks great 
03/18/2023 So good thank you
03/14/2023 Excellent work as always. Always on time and written very expertly.  
03/10/2023 On time and just as requested!! Thank you!!!
03/03/2023 Great job!
02/28/2023 The work was excellent and completed before the deadline.  Very responsive and makes corrections when needed.  Definitely will be using this prof's services again.
02/24/2023 One of the BEST! Blew me away about how fast she was able to produce the paper! 
02/18/2023 great paper, on time and hit all my requirements.
02/16/2023 Professor did a great job! Assignment was submitted early and complete! I recommend!
02/05/2023 There light errors I caught that I was able to revise. The in-text citation wasn't all that great, but the reference page was pretty good. I received the paper well before the due date which helped because I was able to make whatever changes I wanted.  
01/28/2023 completed project on time and correctly formatted.
12/14/2022 A++++++
12/11/2022 Very well done research paper!
12/09/2022 Very good paper and also fast in fast in applying changes. Saved me a lot of time and headaches :-)
12/09/2022 I highly recommend A++++
12/05/2022 great work!
12/05/2022 This Professor Provided a very well writen essay and days before the agreed due date. 
12/04/2022 Fantastic work that was delivered earlier than anticipated, giving me more time to review and submit. Would recommend drhomeworkhelp to anyone looking for quality work.
11/28/2022 Highly recommend!!!!!
11/27/2022 The solution was ahead of time, and absolutely met all the grading criteria. Would recommend 10/10!
11/21/2022 The work was great
11/20/2022 Thank you! 
11/17/2022 Highly recommended!!!!!!
11/13/2022 Paper was well written and sent before the deadline. I would highly reccommend again. 
11/11/2022 Highly Recommended!!
11/08/2022 Great, well written work! It was completed on time and met all parameters of the paper!!!! Great Work
11/06/2022 If you have an opportunity to select drhomeworkhelp, do not hesitate. You will not regret it. Drhomeworkhelp did an excellent job with my project. Where have you been all my life... I really enjoyed the way you approached and executed the project. I felt that you really put forth the effort and took the time breakdown each criterion and its applicability to the subject. You are the subject matter expert. 

I will certainly request your assistance on my future projects. I am learning the concepts in class and gaining additional value from your contribution to my project.

Thank you so much!!
11/05/2022 Gave extremley detailed instructions and they they delivered before i requested AND exceded my expectations. Of course, I doctored it a little bit BUT this was awesome 
11/05/2022 Awesome work! Easy to work with and a great paper completed! Thanks so much!!!!
11/05/2022 Amazing work! Thank you so much!
11/04/2022 Highly recommend!!
10/20/2022 Incredible work
10/16/2022 excellent work and great communication  
10/12/2022 Drhomework delivered an A+ product as promised. Communication before and after the project was phenomenal! Thank you!
09/29/2022 Great work done on a tight deadline!
09/19/2022 Quality of work excellent, delivered exactly when forecasted. 
08/17/2022 Can't stress how highly i recommend you choosing drhomeworkhelp. A++++++
08/03/2022 Did a fantastic job! My paper was delivered on time and sounded professional with scholarly sources. Will definately recommend. 
08/03/2022 A+++++++ Highly recommended!
07/22/2022 A +++++++  HIGHLY RECOMMEND!. Great work, great communication, and work was in time.
07/09/2022 A+++++
07/09/2022 Awesome! Report completed in a timely manner. Scored 93/100. 
07/02/2022 Quality, authentic product, met deadline and exceeded expectation. 
06/25/2022 Homework was submitted on time but he quality was not executed well. Alot of repeated information and repeated phrases in the document. I had to go in and revise it myself to meet my deadline. 
06/24/2022 Incredible writing, impecable grammar, followed all directions, and completed before my deadline. Excellent!!! 
06/24/2022 HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!!
06/20/2022 great work as awlways! A+ yes
06/20/2022 A+ on my paper. Thank you for the quick reposne and great work. 
06/16/2022 Great work! A+ on the assignment
06/02/2022 Delivered as promised. 
05/31/2022 Super thorough and always does a phenomenal job!
05/24/2022 Great job !
05/09/2022 Very good professor. Strict with the descriptions that you are providing and deadlines as well.
05/07/2022 Very good piece of work, provided on time by this professor. Do not hesitate to select him for your assignments. 
05/07/2022 Definitely recommend this professor. The work was done on time and met my expectations!
05/04/2022 Great work and with in the time frame needed. Thank you immensley!!
04/10/2022 I provided a draft of my thesis (over 80 pages of writing, and tables/graphs), as well as a powerpoint presentation about the project. I came here for re-writes and edits, but mostly the professor just added a little bit of fluff. The one section that I needed the most edits on - the discussion section - was as if she had not even read the already existing draft I sent her. And this is after she had requested an extension. I don't have the time or energy to try to get a refund.
04/05/2022 Very statified with the end result. I'm sure my professor will be as well. Many thanks and well wishes to you.
04/04/2022 The project was timely written and my requested correction was done prompty. I am satisfied with the outcome. 
04/02/2022 well I failed the project. none of the info I asked for was put in the paper. so a total waste of $90. can't say ill use this service again.
04/02/2022 Awesome paper. Exceeded my expectations.
03/31/2022 On time and the project was very good!
03/27/2022 Great job!
03/24/2022 The professor followed the rubric criteria, used the provided material with addition. APA 7 formatting was exactly what was asked for. I also received the paper one day before the requested date, which allowed for plenty of time to review. The only minor changes that were needed were an adjustment to the citing and subheadings. However, I didn't specifically mention this in my request, so I don't hold the professor accountable for it. I am very pleased and the written work taught me how to align the criteria. AWESOME!!!
03/19/2022 !!!!!
03/16/2022 very precise and always professional, great job!
03/16/2022 very precise and always professional, great job!
03/15/2022 Amazing
03/07/2022 This writer was quick and got the job done. She done everything I asked her to. Very pleased.
02/27/2022 Excellent choice, very intelectual, thank you
02/18/2022 Great job
02/09/2022 Awesome work!!
01/21/2022 DrHomeworkHelp, Thank you! Excellent work, very professional, and completed project before due date. I have 2 more projects I would like to hire you for.
01/11/2022 Great work
01/05/2022 A++++++ will use again. Went above and beyond my expectations and delivered promptly as promised, with no delays. This was a difficult task in my eyes but DrHomeworkHelp made it seem effortless, getting a whole dissertation done in just a week's time. Thank you!!
12/20/2021 This professor deserves all the stars, On time, great work, plus any adjustments needed were rectified accordingly. Excellent! I will be using this professor again in due course.
12/10/2021 Maintained communication throughout and delivered a quality project on time.
12/08/2021 Thank you, it was great
12/07/2021 ..
12/07/2021 Although I have not received my grade get, the material that was produced was AMAZING. Turned in on time, great communication, and extremely helpful. I will absolutely be using this professor again. 
12/06/2021 Timely and Professional 
12/05/2021 everything you need! quick and easy and delivers a quality product!
12/05/2021 Speedy and straight to the point.
12/02/2021 great essay! 
11/24/2021 On time and done well. Thanks again. 
11/19/2021 Once again, this professor came through in the clutch. 

10/31/2021 Used this professor numerous times and is always 100% spot on. 

10/30/2021 Quick turn around that hit all the requirments. 
10/18/2021 Great work as always. Thank you
10/17/2021 Truly great work even in a short time frame. I must highly recommend especially due to their confern for wanting to get the project exactly right and verifying details, which was very important to me.
10/17/2021 Excellent work, done on time and exactly withing specifications. The work was truly excellent and did not need any revisions. Will definitely use again.
10/17/2021 thanks on time and abele to complete task with minimal instructions 
10/17/2021 Great job!
10/16/2021 Was great did eveything I asked would recommend to anyone 
10/15/2021 Timely and precise delivery of the given task. 
10/10/2021 Delievered on time and just how i needed it. This Prof is always a great choice when i need help with a paper. 100%!
10/02/2021 Amazing
09/28/2021 The project was completed on time and the instructions were followed very well. Will use again. Thanks
09/22/2021 Great job on the paper. Was completed before I requested. WIll definetly use again!
09/19/2021 Great work, done right and in a timley manor.
09/19/2021 was able to link this essay to a previous assignment with ease, communication was fantastic and overall accuracy to the brief was on point. all that and it was done in a timely manner :)
09/12/2021 Thank you so much! Best professor who always listens to requests and amendments.
07/23/2021 Great paper, thanks
07/23/2021 A papers everytime. Thanks
07/23/2021 My #1 professor!
07/18/2021 Good paper, Some sentances had to be adjusted because they didnt make sense. However, overall it was good
07/16/2021 A++++ Best Professor! Always comes through
07/13/2021 Thank you for the work! I did find that one of the Citations is missing, It is cited in the paper but missing for the reference page, it was needed as apart of the paper. Overall Great job! I have found a few miss used words but there was only 2 or 3, not enough to ask that it is redone. I checked the plagiarism report by this site and it had it at under 20%. I have a week before this is due, so I wont have a grade for a few week. I will update later
07/08/2021 A+ paper!
07/08/2021 My number 1 Professor!! 
07/02/2021 A+ paper. Thanks
06/29/2021 Awesome job!!
06/25/2021 Great Job
06/18/2021 Fantastic paper!  Ran it through TurnitIn and got a 4 percent on the similarity.  Also, paper was well written, was over the requested amount of words, and was done before the deadline requested.  Highly recommend.
06/18/2021 On time, well written. 
06/18/2021 On time, well written. 
06/15/2021 Excellent writer with excellent resources. My Prof. worked with me the whole time and jumped on any suggestions made by my actual prof. 
05/27/2021 A+++++++++++
05/27/2021 My #1 Professor! 
05/21/2021 My favorite professor!
05/21/2021 Great papers! My go-to professor! 
05/13/2021 Excellent communication, was kept inform throughtout, quick and very well written essay
05/11/2021 I had projects upon exams upon exams, which is why I just didn't have time to fit in this paper. I got an A on the paper, but I got points off for organization and citation. I understand the paper was last minute and I appreciate the grade. I just figured if I was paying $125 for a paper, then it should be flawless. But either way, I'm happy with the grade!
05/10/2021 Got me a 100% on an final essay in a college level history course, I would highly reccommend drhomeworkhelp services!!
05/10/2021 5
05/02/2021 Great job on the paper, thank you
04/27/2021 thank you
04/23/2021 I was given a very very poor grade for my paper. The specific content of my class was not included in the paper, rather it was information that was common to any news article you could find on the internet. Might fail the class now. Should've just wrote it myself.
04/16/2021 Very well done, thank you so much 
04/16/2021 my discussion was well written and much appreicated. 
04/14/2021 First time user here on the site and this professor delivered a great paper. Much appreciated.
04/12/2021 Great experience! 
04/12/2021 Excellent work!
04/11/2021 great!! will use again. 
04/11/2021 Provided a very well done paper with more sources then I asked for. The paper was done a day before the deadline and had zero plagorism on turnitin. All around great job.
04/08/2021 Excellent excellent excellent!
04/04/2021 Amazing!! She returned the essay with more pages and references than what was orginally asked for. She also returned it over 24 hours before the turn-in time which allowed for plenty of time to review it! Definitely reccommend!! 
04/01/2021 Did everything I asked, gave a clear and consise presentation. Love it!
03/31/2021 I gave DrH quite a bit of material to base the essay on, just two days later she has provided a great document. Communication was clear and swift. Thank you
03/28/2021 great profsser got my 10 page essay done is less than 2 days very satisfied 
03/26/2021 Pretty happy with the professor's service! You can tell the professor did research and understood my essay proposal.
03/23/2021 Thank you!! Job well done!! 
03/10/2021 GReat work and timely done well done thank you and looking forward for more projects with you
03/07/2021 Easy to work with and finished project well within the time frame given. Thank you so much!!
02/20/2021 On time and good work

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