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Exquisite Writer

We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
01/11/2022 late
01/10/2022 Really well done. There were some (very) minor grammar issues, and some phrases repeated a little too much, but that's about all I can criticize. Also, my due date was pretty fast, so that may have played into it also. I do recommend this site and this professor. Will be back.
12/26/2021 EXCELLENT JOB
12/21/2021 100% ASSIGNMENT
12/07/2021 Understood the assignment very very well. 
12/06/2021 Absolutely amazing!! I received A on the project.  
12/06/2021 Decent work with a very restrictive time line.
12/06/2021 Quality essay and communication throughout the process was good.
12/05/2021 Clearly Understood the Assignment
12/01/2021 The best paper well done A
12/01/2021 fantastic work 
12/01/2021 Good stuff
11/28/2021 This professor handed me an unusable solution. I set very clear and easy parameters and expecations. It's a reflectoin paper, so as long as you can pull a couple of main points, anything goes. The first line of this solution wasn't even coherent english, they used "element" as an adjective (and no, it wasn't supposed to be elemental because that use didn't fit, either.) 

This professor was also working on another project for me, same exact style and expecations, just a different book, and that one was also terrible. They couldn't even get the author's name right, and misquoted the book. They also made statements like how it is impossible for women looking for professional work, even though most of their jobs are in charitable organizations. This professor is completely out of touch and reading what they wrote was shocking, let alone it having nothing to do with anything I asked for. 

I proof read the documents and realized I could not submit them. I gave my feedback (politely) and asked for revisions. The professor didni't bother to revise one at all, and submitted a revised document for the other one, only nothing was different it was word for word the same garbage (still had the author's name wrong, even though I specifically pointed that out in my note to them.)

I would never use this professor again, and honestly after this I don't know if I'll use this service at all. I was dealing with a serious family emergency during this time and turned to this site to help eliviate stress and pressure, and all it did was create so much more anxiety and work for me. Now I am stuck trying to write papers last minute while sitting in a hospital waiting room. I have asked for a refund but I don't know what will happen- but do not use ths professor. I am so upset with this experience and that they have my hundreds of dollars. 
11/24/2021 Wonderful job!
11/23/2021 Decent solution to the project I posted, asked for more funds and didn't complete the assignment until 7 hrs after the deadline. Wouldn't recommend. At what point do you get your money back, for people not completing anywhere close to the deadline.
11/22/2021 Excellent work and a guarenteed A. 
Thank you for saving my semester.
11/19/2021 Exceptional, fast, honesty, highly recommend
11/17/2021 Did an amazing Job with writing the paper. 
11/16/2021 The professor did a great job on the paper- correct formatting, met all expectations, etc. I asked for the paper on short notice and they were able to deliver it on time while communicating with me. 
11/16/2021 Very satified with the result provided by this professor. would definitely recommend for nursing projects.
11/16/2021 He did a great job and worked with me on my requirements. 
11/14/2021 Great paper. Very well written
11/12/2021 The work completed was as described, on time and looks great. 
11/12/2021 great
11/11/2021 great work 
11/09/2021 The Professor understood the assignment and did it very well! I will use her all the time!!
11/08/2021 Great Job!!
11/07/2021 recieved a 100%
11/05/2021 Excellent work. Will continue to use.
11/04/2021 Got an A+ thank you
11/04/2021 great
11/02/2021 100%
10/31/2021 I got 64% so the prof gets that.
10/30/2021 Fantastic
10/28/2021 Top work.
10/27/2021 good piece! thank you very much! I will revert in future
10/25/2021 .
10/24/2021 knocked it out of the park twice in a row!
10/23/2021 Delivered quickly on my history midterm essay and with excellent quality work. exceeded expectations, one of the better written documents I've seem on this website for the money. . 
10/21/2021 Amazing paper I love it!!!
10/18/2021 Thank you.. Excellent work!
10/16/2021 Excellent work! Thank you
10/15/2021 Great job, and very receptive to feedback to make the essay even stronger for my context.
10/14/2021 Excellent! 
10/09/2021 Very well done 
10/07/2021 Professor was punctual as I needed a paper within 45 minutes. Highly Reconmmend
10/05/2021 Super quick, rock solid paper. Thanks!!
10/02/2021 I gave Prof. Exquisite only a couple of hours to write a paper and they wrote an amazing paper I could not have done myself! Thank you a million times I am so grateful. Highly recommend!!! And will use again
09/25/2021 I ALWAYS try to select him... straight to the point and stays on topic ! 
09/21/2021 Perfect! Thank you!
09/17/2021 Great satisfaction. Much recommended!
08/16/2021 Nice
08/09/2021 Sources where not delivered as refernece list. Looked up the sources myself, most of them cant be found...

08/05/2021 Used the provided required materials. Kept in touch when there were questisons and delivered before the deadline. Thanks!
07/28/2021 Bussin as usual! Paper delivered early, all instructions followed and really easy to deal with!
!!!THANK YOU!!!!!
07/27/2021 Very skilled proffesor gets the job done and is easy to work with !!! would recomend and use again.
07/19/2021 Ty
07/19/2021 Ty 
07/19/2021 Ty
07/18/2021 Great work
07/18/2021 Great job
07/18/2021 Great work and accommodates to instruction and needs
07/12/2021 Great professor ! I forgot to send one part of my paper and at the last minute i sent it to him. He had no problem putting it into my paper. I will recommend him to anyone !!! AWESOME 
06/26/2021 Got it done in plenty of time!
06/22/2021 Did an amazing job on a 4 page paper I needed in 6 hours from my request with 45 minutes to spare for me to look through before submitting. Albeit nothing needed fixing anyway, so everything was great!
06/21/2021 Awesome work!
06/13/2021 So easy to work with, great and quick communication and 100% accurate work. 10/10 reccomend, and I will work with this professor as much as possible in the future.
05/28/2021 It was a last minute assignment but the professor was really fast and also quick with edits. Really great work!!
05/25/2021 Amazing. Good Job
05/16/2021 Even when the first draft they wrote was not what I was looking for, they were eager to fix everything the way I asked, and it came out great! They really listen!!!
05/16/2021 Professional, friendly, and so personalable. They're fun to talk to and always deliver. THIS IS MY GO-TO PROFESSOR!!!
05/16/2021 If you need something really specific and have passionate voice but suck at writing, this is your guy. They will literally channel what you need said in the best way possible. Highly recommend!
05/13/2021 Just what I needed and followed the instructions perfectly, great work! 
05/12/2021 Legitimate service
05/10/2021 Great work! My assignment was very specific regarding organizational development and change and this proffesor had the knowledge to take on what I needed. Also, I passed!
05/09/2021 My political theory project required a ton of background reading because it involved comparing/analyzing different political philosophy concepts and ngl I was kind of worried at first but he was great at communicating with me and totally pulled it off better than I expected. Really good work and great communication. I would def use this professor again. :-)
05/07/2021 The only professor on this site that consistently delivers A+ work consistently, early, and not written like a robot! I love this professor so much.
05/05/2021 This professor left me wanting more when it comes to following the rubric and the professionalism department in terms of writing. However, he was pleasant throughout and willing to edit the paper when it was returned by graders for revision. 

I was AMAZED!  I received my essays the next day!  It definitely met my needs!  Would work with this Prof again!

05/04/2021 Always doing a great job!
05/03/2021 I got an A+ from the work this Professor wrote for me! They genuinely care and get my message across, I love their work so much. Thank you!!! 
04/30/2021 Phenomenal job done. I couldnt be happier with the end results of what was given to this professor. Would definitely recommend using this professor and I would probably use again in the future! Also finished the project 2 days early!!!!! Really cant recommend more.
04/30/2021 The powerpoint presentation was great. The person wen tabove and beyond what I was looking fro and it worked out grreat. WIll definitely consider using again. 
04/25/2021 timely 
04/25/2021 Amazing work!
04/20/2021 Outstanding essay, fantastic communication and 100% deserving of a 10 star rating, would highly recommend this proffesor!
04/17/2021 Completed appropriately.
04/12/2021 Well thought out and detailed paper. Had some small grammar issues but that was probably because I only gave him a day to finish my 5 page paper. Regardless, he did a very good job. 
04/09/2021 Even under last minute circumstances, Exquisite Writer is worth every penny and produces high quality work!
04/07/2021 Exquisite Writer is the only Professor I work with on this site, they're truly phenomenal and and so smart! They're an actual Professor!!
04/05/2021 Didn't meet expectations on first draft but quickly worked to correct within 24hours. 2nd Draft still needed work but had the basics for me to tweak. For American History I would recommend American Professors as grammatics and take on American history may differ.  
04/04/2021 Fast and great work!
04/02/2021 Content quality - vague. Actual reccomendation and assessment - not great. Made revisions upon request no problem.
03/29/2021 Chemistry paper was literally written by copying and pasting abstracts, no original conclusions were given and the requirements not followed. Incredibly dissapointed with the quality of work, It is evident the writer is not well versed with chemistry what so ever. 
03/28/2021 Fantastic paper! Professor is extremely realiable and follows all instructions. I have the Professor for numerous assignments and will continue to do so! Highly recommend.
03/26/2021 Excellent paper! 
03/25/2021 Great work!
03/25/2021 Good timely work!
03/22/2021 Finsihed the work on time and accurately.
03/21/2021 Received 70. Decent writing for a reflection paper. 
03/19/2021 This is the best writer on this entire website, I wish all professors on here were like Exquisite Writer!!
03/19/2021 Always the best quality work!! I only take bids from Exquisite Writer at this point!! They always impress!
03/18/2021 Definitely my go to person. 
03/18/2021 Great paper! 12 hour turn around. Hoping for a good grade! Thank you so much!!
03/17/2021 Excellent communication and follow through. You will not be dissapointed. 
03/16/2021 TY
03/12/2021 Thanks for your help. I would definetly recommend :)
03/11/2021 Fantastic, will use again!
03/10/2021 Well written, properly cited, and reserached very well. Got an A on my paper! Use this professor if you can! 
03/10/2021 Amazing creative writer! 
03/09/2021 DId not apply any real health care quality improvement programs. No detail like asked in instructions, was supposed to be to sell to a healthcare team as an administrator. Did not use any real material that related to course. 
03/08/2021 Truly the most passionate and dedicated professor on this site. They embody the work and create something you are proud to turn in. My professor LOVED the everything they wrote! 10/10 RECCOMMEND THIS PROFESSOR!! They revise everything and are so timely as well!
03/08/2021 10 stars!
03/05/2021 If I could give 11 stars, I would. Truly cares about creating great quality work as if they were really in the class. Highly recommend if you ever need something, even on a time crunch. Takes revisions seriously as well. Wish I could freelance hire them for every project!
03/05/2021 Fantastic Work. Received ahead of time. 
03/04/2021 9/10!!
02/28/2021 First time I use this service.  So far i must say I like.  I was able to communicate with him and he answered all my questions.  
Thank you so much! 
02/27/2021 Excellent work! Had to go above a normal paper and did it well. 
02/26/2021 This is my first review, but I had to! This Professor is GREAT. Super resposive and helpful, and willing to go back and make adjustments per the class Professors requirements. (I do pay for the extra edit/contact servies) Just make sure to account for time zone diffrences becasue this UP is in a diffrent country. Would definitly use again!
02/25/2021 Excellent work!
02/23/2021 The paper was done in just about half the time so that was amazing. I still had to make a few tweaks. I ended up getting a 70 which was just above passing so I was very dissapointed in that. Since I am unable to re do my project, just had to stick with the grade I was given. 
02/21/2021 thank you!
02/17/2021 Paper was FULLY wrong. Did not read what i attached and mentioned. Was also LATE. I dont recommend at all. Gave him more than few days to complete the paper as well. 
02/15/2021 Great job. Completed paper ahead of schedules. Followed instructions. Highly recommend.
02/11/2021 Quick turnaround time and excellent content.
02/10/2021 Highly recomend this Professor. High quality work and finished my assignment in just 1.5 hours! 
02/10/2021 Great results and early. This was my second time using this prof and will use again. 
02/10/2021 Always exceeds expectations! 
02/08/2021 The professor turned in the paper on time (about 5 hours before the deadline), answered the prompt, and used the resources I asked to be used. The paper does include some minor grammar and formatting issues so you definitely have to take a bit of time to read through it. All in all, if you're in a pinch and need a gold star professor to do your paper, this professor is a good choice.
02/07/2021 amazing communication and fast + quality work! hope to continue workung with
02/07/2021 awesome work!
02/03/2021 super quick turnaround!! 
02/03/2021 great!
02/03/2021 Definitely worth hiring. Paper was written beautifully and completed earlier than requested!
02/03/2021 Completed early and everything as asked.  Great
02/02/2021 Excellent work as always! Thank you!
02/02/2021 Thank you!! Completed perfectly and in a time crunch (because I messed up the date)!!
02/02/2021 Meets expectations and exceeds them.
02/01/2021 Great job.
01/31/2021 Extremely fast and helpful
01/29/2021 Another fantastic paper!!!! Thank you
01/28/2021 Very good and very fast! Will change things if you need them changed! 
01/24/2021 Last minute paper and this professor delivered on time!! Thank you so much. 
01/23/2021 Received 58....

01/23/2021 I have used other profesdors on here.. but this guy right here is the true goat ! 
01/21/2021 quick and does great work
01/19/2021 Thank you!!
01/19/2021 Great work, completed ahead of schedule! 

01/17/2021 Thank You!!!!
01/17/2021 Thank you! 
01/05/2021 Definite A+, and great quality writting skills!
12/20/2020 I got a C on the essay. My professor said it was extremely difficult to follow.
12/19/2020 Great work.
12/17/2020 Excellent price and very professional work.
12/16/2020 The essay came a little after the deadline, but well worth it because it was a beautiful paper! Plus I gave very little time notice on the paper. Great work and really saved my grade!
12/14/2020 great!
12/12/2020 Great job! There were a lot of grammar, punctuation, and word choice improvements I made, but overall got the job done.
12/12/2020 I've been struggling in one of my Politcal Science classes and used this website as a call for help. I am so grateful that this professor took interest in my assignment. They completed the assignment within just a few hours after accepting the bid and it was beyond what was expected. The professor provided an outstanding paper that provided exactly what the assignment called for. Abosultely, 100% a grade saver. I cannot thank this profressor enough! Definetly would recommend and would use again!! THANK YOU!
12/09/2020 Great Work
12/09/2020 Great work!!
12/08/2020 Really good work! Thank you :-) :-) :-)
12/07/2020 Good professor when he has the time, i asked him if he was able to do a project in 12 hours he proudly and confidently said yes, me trusting him like an idiot he came in very late to the day he agreed he'll do the project and mentioned he will be around at the time i specified (he wasn't) so i waited and finally he accpeted my bid and did a whopping 200$ bid! i was like okay atleast he'll do good work.

you probably guessed it, he didn't. word limit was 2100 he submitted it with 1945 or less, time limit was to submit the project at 9pm (deadline at 10:00pm), he submitted it at 9:56 keep in mind that i had mentioned several times that i will get a zero if he does not finalise.

i had friends telling me they submitted hours ago and this joke of a proffessor needed till the last minute to complete this exam.

money fucking wasted, mark going in the shitter. life's great.
12/07/2020 I requested this professor to complete a discussion post for me and they went above & beyond, submitting more than the required minimum. It was excellent work and I truly appreciate it.
12/06/2020 Perfect work! followed the instructions perfectly and sent me the work before the deadline, I will definitely work with him again.
12/04/2020 Was able to quickly turn around the assignment with limited instructions and did a great job. Will be using them again soon!
12/04/2020 Wrote an amazing paper with really short notice. Use this professor!
12/04/2020 Did some chemistry lab reports for me. Thanks
12/03/2020 Finished on time, followed all the instructions, and wrote an amazing analysis. I can't recomend this professor enough!
12/02/2020 This professor submitted quality work and was willing to work with me when my professor had some comments. Although it was one day late for the rough draft it was paid back in quality of work. Will be using this professor again. Highly suggest!!!!
12/02/2020 on time and well written. paper received a great passing grade 
12/02/2020 good quality, had a slight hick up but the quality is undeniable; I look forward to using their services in the future
11/28/2020 Despite the paper coming in shortly past the deadline, the work was great. I got 100% on the paper, thanks!!
11/28/2020 awesome work
11/28/2020 10/10! On time and very responsive.  Not only is the writing perfection, but I walked away learning a lot about her writing techniques and will use this in the future. I also be sure to use exquisite writer again very soon!
11/27/2020 good paper overall but had to change a lot of words and fix sentence structure 
11/26/2020 Great service.
11/26/2020 Got a D for the essay ...
11/24/2020 Was good at communication and completed task on agreed upon date! 
11/23/2020 Good service.
11/21/2020 Good
11/20/2020 Was very accomodating and I feel like this can be a good long opportunity.
11/19/2020 What a stellar job. My deadline changed to a few days earlier than expected and the at no extra cost finished a day earlier than I needed it. 
11/18/2020 Great job!
11/18/2020 Great job!
11/18/2020 Great job!
11/16/2020 Well done!
11/16/2020 Wow! I was so amazed that he got my assignment done within hours, after I messed up and inputted a wrong due date! 
thank you thank you!! Lifesaver!!!

11/15/2020 It was well written but I asked for 4 pages and this professor barely wrote to the fourth page, so that was a little disappointing. Also, the solution was a few hours late. 
11/15/2020 This was my third time using this professor and it was great work yet again! 
11/15/2020 Asked for a persuasive speech outline and recieved a paper instead. I also asked the professor to please follow along the prompt and they didnt even after assuring me that it has been read and understood. I am very unpleased with the service they have provided to me and not proud at all... 
11/11/2020 ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Project was completed earlier than needed, which allowed for necessary edits. Was able to communicate easily with this professor and will definately be using again for future projects!
11/11/2020 Perfect! 
11/09/2020 Thank so much and I apologize for the short notice
11/08/2020 Best
11/08/2020 Did a wonderful job on my psychology (undergradute) paper. Would reccomend and I will use again.
11/08/2020 Detail isn't there, also paper was late. 
11/08/2020 Work was done before the deadline but there were a lot of grammatical errors that needed to be fixed. 
11/04/2020 awesome work and delicered on time

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