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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
05/05/2024 Good paper overall but it does not flow the greatest. Have had to go in and make revisions as well as correct the british spelling of words. Overall it is a good paper and I would probably use this professor again as we worked out a good price together. 
04/25/2024 Excellent work.
04/25/2024 Thank you. 
04/22/2024 Did an awesome job!
04/18/2024 on time and great work 
04/17/2024 I failed this exam. It was after the 48hours when I got my results so I could not dispute. 
04/10/2024 Very big round of applause to this UP. Not only did he notice others were trying to charge an unfair price and he offered a fair one, but he also got an A for the duration of the course. Platinum level UP 
04/04/2024 Great 
04/03/2024 Always does a great job
03/24/2024 Always does a great job
03/20/2024 Drop not follow what I told them to follow now I have the wrong price of work
03/16/2024 Project was was delivered early with GREAT work. 
03/14/2024 Another great job, very consistent 
03/14/2024 Another great job
03/09/2024 Responded quickly
03/07/2024 Did another great a job 
02/25/2024 No one else wanted to accept my assignment without giving me a hard time or unfair price, but this professor did. If you need math or writing this UP is worth it.
02/22/2024 finished in 2 hours!!
02/04/2024 ??
01/05/2024 He delivered my project in a few days, and way esrlier than the due date
12/01/2023 Great work! Thank you!
05/01/2023 Very good work! Delivered on time. 
04/16/2023 He did a great job on my paper. It was well thought-out and succinctly written. I haven't received my grade yet but I will be surprised if I get anything less than an "A". I will definitely be a repeat customer.
03/14/2023 Easy to work with
01/25/2023 Thank you so much for this great paper
12/22/2022 Amazing work as always! Thank you!
12/22/2022 great
12/08/2022 Dedicated, committed, resourceful and creative. 
12/04/2022 everything was done as asked!! thank you for helping me during this time :) 
09/27/2022 Awesome!!! And even came in early.
09/01/2022 I've used this professor multiple times and they always demonstrate excellent communication and service every time. 
08/16/2022 Amazing work as always 
08/16/2022 Thank you again
08/16/2022 Thank you as always, excellent work.
08/16/2022 Excellent work as always
08/11/2022 Highly recommend this professor! Will be using their services again! smiley
07/05/2022 fast. reliable. great work
07/03/2022 The writer did excellent work and met all requirements of the paper.
07/02/2022 Absolutely. Awesome. Thank you.
06/22/2022 This professor has helped me out immensely with projects over the past few months and I can safely say they have performed better than any other professor I've used on this site and I have used some of the top professors for previous projects. That's exactly why I keep going back.

Excellent communication, even when they have needed some additional time to complete the project they are honest and upfront about it which is very important and appreciated. 

I've never had an issue with quality even when there has been short deadlines for projects. This professor continues to consistently provide quality complete projects.

You can't go wrong with this professor, I highly recommend them. 

06/17/2022 This professor was great and communicated with me every step of the way. I received a 98% on my project!!! I will definitely reach out again. 
06/01/2022 Well done!
05/13/2022 GREAT
05/08/2022 Highly recommend for finance quantitative finance tasks
05/04/2022 Thank you! Another awesome assignment completed. 
04/28/2022 Top quality work and on time, excelent communication also. Highly recommended.
04/28/2022 Quality work and on time, my most recommended professor 
04/27/2022 Always great work and ahead of time!
04/27/2022 Thank you, professor, for your excellent work and the careful revision that incorporated my feedback. I'd love to work with you again!
04/20/2022 Awesome work
04/17/2022 Job well done!!! Delivered earlier than expected and it is amazing! Thank you so much.
04/15/2022 Very professional
04/10/2022 Good experience.
04/06/2022 Nailed it - so timely as well. Thank you, prof!
04/05/2022 Received assignment more than 4 hours after requested time
04/03/2022 Honestly the best proffessor on this website. Has helped me out muptiple times when I've been in a pinch. Keeps up regular communication and asks questions when need be.
03/16/2022 Got the project done early and did a great job.
03/09/2022 Professor did incredible work, helped me when another professor provided me with work that resulted in a failed mark. This professor saved the day
03/09/2022 Excellent work, very happy
03/01/2022 Excellent work.
02/27/2022 Very professional and my assignment was completed on time!
02/25/2022 Thank you!!!! Great paper!
02/13/2022 Great work!
01/27/2022 Professor was amazing! I needed edits a few times and it was done for me within the hour!
01/25/2022 good job
12/12/2021 Amazing work!
12/07/2021 thank you so much!! it was given to me right before the deadline and was the perfect length. in fact, it was a little longer which was perfect for me to go over and assess/make changes to as to help alleviate my own anxiety. through a plagarism checker, I also found this was 100% unique. amazing, and thank you so much for helping alleviate my anxiety! 
12/02/2021 Excellent work!!
12/02/2021 Great communication and project was done in a timely manner. 
11/29/2021 This professor goes above and beyond!!
This professor edits things right away!!
I totally recommend using this professor if you can not decide who to use! 
11/18/2021 The professor was outstanding !! I gave in an assignment a night before and it was done by the next day, which was the deadline I gave in! The 2 revisions I asked for was done in the next half hour! 
this professor it outstanding !! I totally recommend using this professor!!
11/09/2021 Great prof thanks so much!
10/31/2021 Great work 
10/20/2021 Quick and efficient, great communication, excellent work. Highly recommended

10/18/2021 Very easy to talk to and quick. Work was delivered early. Work was neat and error free.  I highly recommend this professor and would use them again !
10/15/2021 Essay completed in a timely mannar. Essay was steallar and expect to make a great grade! Will use this professor again.
10/12/2021 This professor does quality work and for me it was within a short time frame.  Thank you!
08/25/2021 cool, good language and on time
08/20/2021 Incredible work!! I highly recommend professor lohstroh.2019
 10 stars!!
08/18/2021 My go-to professor for all my projects. They result always exceeds expectation. I highly recommend LOSTROH.2019 !!!
08/12/2021 It hasn't been graded yet, but I think it was well done and he followed the instructions provided. 
07/27/2021 Failed my assignment!

The essay is structured around some key headings which give an in-depth review of the current requirements of corporate leadership approaches and comparison is made with the author’s organisation. The essay reads like a corporate textbook and is lacking specific critique of examples of leadership practice. There are some relevant references cited, but the list is rather short.


There is analysis of the strategic approach of the author’s organisation to promoting engagement and relational practices. There is also discussion at the strategic level of the predicted shortfall in leadership acumen and how this needs to be addressed. What is lacking are examples of leadership practice to illustrate the strategic context.


There is significant evaluation of current personal performance e.g. fostering trust, leading by example, encouraging open communications and a collaborative approach, but again the account seems very general and not illustrated by examples. It is not clear what personal plans for future change are being considered or what recommendations for improvement in organisational practice may be.

06/30/2021 Essay was late and I was unable to submit it for credit. I was given a zero for the assignment from my professor due to the assignment being late. If I did not email to ask where my assigment was I would have never gotten a response that the assigment was going to be late after my requested assigment cutoff time. 
06/21/2021 highly recommend exceptional work got a 100% on the paper
06/18/2021 FANTASTIC! Fast production of text that needs no revision. Seriously professional. 
06/18/2021 Got it done on time and was very detailed in their task. would definitely use this prof. again.
06/13/2021 Went above and beyon!!!
06/13/2021 ??
06/03/2021 Highly recommend and delievers great quailty of work.
06/03/2021 Great work! 
05/29/2021 Great work, done on time. 
05/28/2021 received 80% so professor gets the same rating.   Thanks so much.
05/27/2021 Finance Priciples assignement.  Yes my own fault for not checking the assignement or knowing the content.  But if you say you can do the work work, make sure you can.  After I asked to make sure the workings were shown, some questions still showed no workings and the answers were flat out wrong.  Assingmement got 40%, so the rating can as well.
05/26/2021 Amazing work, got it done in a timely fashion before the due time. Requested for some revision due to exceeding word count and revised it with no problems. 10/10 would hire again
05/20/2021 Didnt get me the paper on time.
05/20/2021 Amazing! wrote about  many points that I thought about without even having to explain much to him. Followed the outlne perfectly, there are are only minor thigns that i have to fix but nothing too serious. worth it!! 
05/20/2021 Perfect A score on m paper. 
05/19/2021 This paper had an overwhelming amount of instructions to follow and this professor knocked it out of the park. I got a 95/100 without lifting a finger. 100% would use this professor again!
05/17/2021 Delivered on time and a well written essay, very good english used
05/17/2021 Provided me with an amazing 10 page paper beyond my expectations. The paper was delivered timely, and on short notice. This professor literally saved me and my grade in this class. I am so beyond grateful. I cannot recccomend this professor enough. Incredibly in depth paper, no grammatical errors, and no plagarism. THANK YOU!!!!! 
05/17/2021 Fast and responsive! Thank you!
05/15/2021 Quick and proficient.
05/14/2021 professor killed a psychology case presentation on PowerPoint! Was totally happy with it. Just had to put my name on it!
05/13/2021 They wrote such a high quality paper for me in record time, and also made last minute revisions and took every pointer very seriously. Thank you so much!!
05/11/2021 Great Paper, love the writing style,  follows directions, will be using this prof again! little late with paper but it wasnt that serious since it was before my actual due date.
05/11/2021 Exceded expectaions amazing!
05/11/2021 Excellent quality paper. Arrived a little past the deadline but I had allowed time for that so no issue at all. 
05/10/2021 eacher didnt like topic but was well written. 
05/10/2021 Received 84%. You provided a good summary of the selected articles. However, the main weakness is the omission of sampling and methods that the researchers used. 
05/09/2021 Finished before the deadline with s good grade. 
05/08/2021 Great work and on time. Made revisions almost immediately. Would highly reccommend. 
05/08/2021 Great Essay  ! I would refer and look foward to working again :)
05/07/2021 Communication was lacking, the messages I sent were replied to but only with something along the lines as "noted" not actually addressing the content of the message. The paper itself started out stong, good intro, great adherence to formating rules, but the content was pretty bad. Some of the sentences just didn't make sense, incorrect words were used, and it was overall poorly researched. There were also many gramatcial errors, and spelling mistakes. Overall the paper had good bones, and the tone was professional and informative, but it required too many alterations, and I had to rearrange and delete and correct some non-sensical statements. Definitely not worth the price for this quality of writing. 
05/07/2021 So with this project I was in a pinch and I needed help badly! This professor came THRU. I appreciate this professor again and would use again greatly appreciate thank you so much wooooo
05/06/2021 Delivered on time, will use again
05/06/2021 excellent work
05/05/2021 Great work every time! Best professor
05/05/2021 Excellent and timely service. Great communication. Received a 100. Highly recommend
05/04/2021 This paper is fantastic, should get a great score on it. The professor only had a two day notice to put it together, and got it done on time. I'm impressed. Thank you so much!
05/04/2021 A little late but totally worth it because I gave terrible directions and it came out better than expected! would use again!!!!
05/03/2021 genuinely terrible work. Did not treat my request nor assignment with any real respect. 
05/03/2021 Stellar work, super informative and completed on time
05/02/2021 I asked for revisions which they stated theyw would do but did not. So I will need to fix it. Otherwise the assignment was fine.
05/01/2021 Perfect work! 
04/30/2021 Solid paper, not to over the top and answered all of the questions. 
04/29/2021 The PowerPoint presentation came out great.. thank you!
04/28/2021 Everything done in a proffesional and timely fashion. Thank you!
04/27/2021 Always do great work, thank you! 
04/27/2021 Unbelievable essay!
04/26/2021 amazing quality
04/26/2021 Paper was submitted early which was very appreciated. Great context and use of sources. Communicated very timely. 
04/26/2021 Thank you very much for your assistance on this. Much appreciated and highly recommend. very knowledgable and professional!
04/22/2021 Thank you so much for getting done even before the deadline time. Much appreciated! 
Highly recommend!
04/21/2021 Paper looks great
04/21/2021 Great paper. Submitted way before the deadline 
04/20/2021 Project was very well written, very clear, and what I needed. 
04/20/2021 Comprehensive and complete work. Never previously used the platform. If the quality is always to this level, I will use again.
Thank you for the essay! Read over it and it looks great. Thank you for completing it early!
04/20/2021 Did a above decent job for a very short time frame - really recommend!
04/19/2021 Project was done to standards and finished earlier than the requested deadline. I would definitely recommend!
04/19/2021 Thank you so much! Above and beyond expectations. Thank you again
04/18/2021 Great work and early!
04/17/2021 The job was done prefectly in short amount of time
04/17/2021 Very well written accounting project with strong attention to detail and adherence to instructions provided.
04/16/2021 Did a great job and delivered the job early!  Thank you!! 
04/14/2021 Project completed very well and on time! Thank you! 
04/06/2021 Solution was well above expectations and delivered on time.
04/05/2021 Excellent and so helpful thank you again!! 
04/01/2021 This was my frist time using this site, they did an excellent job on my papaer i am super happy. i would defently us this professor again and this site. defently worth the money. 
03/29/2021 Always the best! Thank you!
03/29/2021 Always amazing work, thank you!
03/28/2021 Overall very minimal errors and re-writing needed, would reccommend 
03/28/2021 effiecient, rapid and reactive!
03/27/2021 The Professor did an amazing job, and listened to my concerns and comments.
03/27/2021 He did a great job. Reccomend and would use again. 
03/24/2021 Got the job done with a great paper on short notice. Had to push the deadline back twice but I made the time earlier than the turn in time so it was all good. 
03/24/2021 Excellent!
03/24/2021 Thank you
03/22/2021 I have no compliants. i did receive an passing grade of a B on a powerpoint presentation. 
03/21/2021 Can't say enough good things.  Went above and beyond - found more references than the minimum, the paper was extremely well written and virtually zero mistakes.  Without a doubt my go-to professor.
03/21/2021 Good communication and a really good work
03/20/2021 Awesome work! 
03/19/2021 Great! Always willing to work with my complicated projects. 
03/17/2021 Great professor to work with. Answered all my questions and di everything I asked. 

03/16/2021 Great! I received a 98 on my psyc paper and I received the paper well before the due date so I was able to check it over and turn it in with plenty of time. Thanks so much!
03/15/2021 it was good and well organized
03/12/2021 Awesome work thank you ???? 
03/11/2021 Great job! I will definitely be using this prof again in the future :)
03/10/2021 First time user. This solution was out of the park. On time and way better than I could have done myself. References were on point. This professor took the assignment and did not need any input from me. I will be using their services again.
03/10/2021 Great work with a paper I was dreading writing! The Paper was done before the deadline.
03/10/2021 Very happy with the standards of work of prof. Lohstroh! Submitted before the deadline and received very fast replies. Would advise this prof to everyone!!!
03/08/2021 thank you
03/07/2021 perfecto
03/07/2021 Professor handed in such quality work and fixed any issue that I had with the paper really happy 10/10.
03/07/2021 Excellent work! 
03/07/2021 Amazing & reliable.
03/06/2021 Amazing work
03/06/2021 I have used this professor twice now and have been very satisfied with both of my business papers for master level classes.
02/28/2021 Great job! Really saved me due to my procrastination problem!
02/27/2021 Great job
02/27/2021 Great professor that delivered great work.  Thank you.  Also provided the project early.  
02/27/2021 Well done!!  I've used probably half a dozen of the professors and this is a professor I would definitely use again. Followed instructions and provided the paper over a day early.  This professor will definitely earn the next level shortly at this rate.
02/24/2021 A solid professor and if available is the one I go with since they only deliver A quality works so far. A two page analysis paper which was due same day received ~ 84%.

Thank you! 
02/23/2021 This professor provides a high-quality product and I received it before the deadline.

02/22/2021 Great work. Quick feedback. 
02/21/2021 Great, timely service for a last minute project! Thank you!
02/21/2021 The paper was submitted on time and included all the required points in the paper. There was no plagarism and it follwed APA format, as specified. The only thing I wish was done different, was the paragraph titles included the entire sentence prompt given by the teacher. I had to reduce there to something more realiastic and when I did, it made it so my paper was not the minimum amount of pages anymore. 
02/12/2021 Very well written. Will proabbly use again.
02/10/2021 Thank you for getting this paper done on time. Only mistake you forgot was to add the Header like the last project. other than that, great work. thank you!
02/04/2021 Thanks!
02/02/2021 Thank you!!
01/30/2021 Very good 
01/27/2021 Thank you for getting my project done in such a timely manner! I got an A for that assignment and look forward to working with you again!
01/22/2021 good job
01/22/2021 well done
01/21/2021 Waited until the last minute to work on my paper and i got analysis by paralysis. So I turned in a paper written by this professor. I lost sleep after turning the paper in and wondering if I'd get caught for plagiarism or somehow using this place... LoL I got a perfect score. Thank you professor! 
01/19/2021 Got an A in my liberal arts discussion! Highly recommend! 
01/14/2021 Thank you so much! It is very well-written in a very short period of time.

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