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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
11/08/2020 Good job! Did as asked!
11/18/2019 Excellent, finely tuned work. Went above and beyond my expectations! Thank you So much!!!
11/16/2019 To be fair, my project was on very short notice; that said, it was late and I almost missed the deadline. Beyond the timeliness, which is mitigated by the short notice, I got what I paid for. 
11/01/2019 You are the best .Thank you for your help.
10/30/2019 Essay full of errors top to bottom. Unusable! Do NOT screw yourself by selecting this “professor!”
10/30/2019 This professor provided a first-rate, quality product which recieved full marks when graded. Would definitely use them again and highly recommend!
10/29/2019 Responds effienctly and easy to get in contact with.
10/28/2019 I was concussed and desperate, and this professor helped me so much. The final product was high quality and he was so respectful and kind throughout the entire process. 10 stars!!
10/28/2019 Thank you so much for your help . you are the best .
10/22/2019 -Work was completed late
-Prof didn't follow the assignment instructions clearly, and even when I pointed out errors that should have been fixed, the prof insisted that he was correct. Evidently, my prof's feedback consisted of the same exact errors that I had pointed out, resulting in me getting a new 76. Had the prof followed the instructions clearly I'm confident I would have gotten an A.
10/22/2019 Excellent work that touched on all the key factors I was looking for.
10/21/2019 Loved the work done well ahead of time! Will definately come back to this Prof
10/19/2019 Was really happy with the work. This prof really went out of their way to complete a pretty large project in very limited amount of time, and did an amazing job on it. Would definitely recommend and use again. Thanks again!
10/18/2019 Incredible. I had a professor that was "supposed" to write my paper... but just ever responded and left me in a pickle. I resubmitted ir and BAM. He got my paper done in less than 24 hours, pretty sure it was that night he finished it. No plagarism, and MLA format was on point. Thanks for saving my butt!! Will request you again. 
10/18/2019 very fast and easy to communicate
10/18/2019 Absolutely LOVE this professor! Captures exactly what I need, and more. Great attention to details. I wish I could leave a huge tip but...student loans, you know! GREAT work! Would definitely recommend.
10/17/2019 Exactly what I was looking for! Excellent use of headings and keywords. Will hire again!
10/16/2019 high quality paper deliverd very quickly. Great communication from the proffessor. highly recommend!!!
10/16/2019 Reliable professor. 
10/15/2019 Great job
10/14/2019 Did a great job at producing the Pie Chart needed and the supporting Written work thank you
10/10/2019 Awesome work! Did everything asked and in a timely manner. Would definitely use again! :)
10/10/2019 Thanks for your help.

It was a reasonable effort. In places, there was a bit of repetition, and towards the end I had to edit the language to ask the reader to get in touch with me, rather than some other company. The word count was a bit below 500 to begin with, and after editing, it was closer to 400 than 500.

If you want to see the finished article, here is a link.

Overall, I am happy.
10/06/2019 Followed instructions. Submitted in timely matter.

Thank you. Welcome again!
10/04/2019 Good paper but done late

I'm glad you liked the paper. It only got an hour late because you delayed sending the needed files. Next time, be a little more prompt.
09/22/2019 Great Paper all I ask for and more

Thank you. Welcome again!
09/22/2019 Great paper exactly what Iask for

Thank you. Welcome again!

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