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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
11/22/2023 Perfect score!
11/22/2023 Great work. 
11/19/2023 Paper had several typos and punctuation errors, otherwise OK.
11/19/2023 A quarter of the requirements were left out of the solution.
11/14/2023 Nearly perfect score! 9/10 possible points 
11/07/2023 didnt  reply
11/06/2023 I received 7/10 points because no references were used- despite the assignment asking for 2
11/04/2023 Well done
10/04/2023 Did not provide any references
09/24/2023 she is amazing 
09/20/2023 Excellent work. I got a perfect score for this project. Much appreciated 
09/14/2023 I got a perfect score!
08/23/2023 Amazing work. Great communication as well
08/21/2023 Outstanding paper. I received 100%
08/21/2023 Thank you. Always on time
08/21/2023 A+ Excellent

My essay was nothing short of amazing. All the requirements were met and was able to snag an “A”. Will be using this website much more.

08/20/2023 Thank you
08/20/2023 Will use this professor again. Great communication and always provide your paper days before your set deadline
08/20/2023 The professor went beyond what I paid for so that I can achieve a high score. Thank you
08/05/2023 THE BEST!!!!
08/05/2023 Great.
08/05/2023 Delivered my paper before the due date and the paper was well written.
08/05/2023 Quality exceeded my expectations. Thank you
08/05/2023 She's my go to professor and always deliver my papers on time. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
08/05/2023 Excellent and effective as always
08/05/2023 The paper was perfect. Thank you

Thank you


My assignment was satisfactory! I love this professor and will always keep coming back to it!

08/04/2023 Highly recommend to others. Quick turn around
08/04/2023 Thank you. I received 100%. 
07/24/2023 Thank you so very much Prof. 
07/15/2023 First time using Unemployed professors and chose this professor based on reviews and the amount of Nursing based papers written. It was difficult communicating with this professor as she never responded to any of my messages or paid attention to my updated rubric. I had to file a dispute in order to get her attention. To be honest I skimmed the paper and wanted the process over with because I was frustrated. Once I accepted the solution, i realized what HUGE mistake I made. The paper was poorly written, lacked cohesion and it was horrible. I literally had to start over and rewrite the whole thing. Frustrating process, I will be very careful in the future before accepting a bid and also accepting a solution. Lesson learned !!!
06/14/2023 Excellent essay with quick turnaround.
05/28/2023 The best on this site hands down!
05/12/2023 Same-day service, well written essay
05/08/2023 This professor is awesome and I highly recommend them. 
04/28/2023 I missed the deadline to turn in. 
04/02/2023 Citations were not the proper format but the paper was really good especially bc it was last minute.
So was the response time
03/22/2023 The price could not be beat. I received my paper 3 days earlier than the deadline. References were outdated, but I never specified. The writer revised the paper and sent it back less than 24 hours later. Very happy with the service. 
03/04/2023 Follows instructions and gret turn around. 
01/31/2023 Fantastc!
01/12/2023 did a pretty good job considering the time frame and information required. 
12/22/2022 Amazing work as always! Thank you!
12/22/2022 Amazing work as always! Thank you!
12/08/2022 Great Job. Would work with again. 
11/27/2022 I am not sure what grade i will recieve as it was completed way earlier than expected. I found the paper to meet expectations on what was asked and did i say one week prior to due date. I appreciate your efforts. I will consider you for future projects.
11/21/2022 A lot of writing errors however, did produce a decent paper 
11/13/2022 She delivered a 5 page book review paper within a few horus notice. Delivered wuality work that met the requirements I had for my assignment. I would highly reccomend this professor.
11/03/2022 Excellent work in a time crunch! Great at communicating. You can count on catherins to get the job done. 
10/28/2022 Thanks I will be using you again. 
10/07/2022 Thank you!
10/02/2022 Major formatting errors and noticable gramatical errors as well. Not worth what I paid in this situation. 
09/29/2022 Great work! Thank you!
09/29/2022 Thank you!!
09/22/2022 Great work as always! 
09/22/2022 Thank you! 
09/15/2022 The best
09/14/2022 Amazing work as always, thank you so much! 
09/14/2022 Went out of their way to reach out to me about my project and completed it swiftly!
09/12/2022 Awesome job on the paper, and delivered early as well.
09/10/2022 She always does amazing work and ahead of schedule. Best professor on here!
09/10/2022 Wrote in absoultely amazing paper. she did in 3 days!!! awesome work thank you 
09/07/2022 Great
08/31/2022 Thank you!
08/28/2022 Thank you so much!
08/28/2022 Great as always!
08/28/2022 Always above and beyond with the quality she provides for all of my assignments! Thank you so much yet again!
08/26/2022 This professor should handle everything called assignments in my life.
08/23/2022 Perfection and on time.
08/08/2022 Great Paper, early delivery as well.
08/04/2022 Amazing work yet again! Thank you so much!!!
08/03/2022 She is prompt and on time w/her papers and her reivisions are quick. 
07/28/2022 Great paper, great professor!
07/28/2022 Love how they wrote my paper. It was generically written to fit perfectly with what the my instructor was asking for! 
07/27/2022 Well-written paper and early as well.
07/25/2022 This Professor goes above and beyond. The assignment was done early and had an ext tea resource. 
07/24/2022 Fantastic and was early!
07/20/2022 She went above and beyond on my project! She also revised quickly and was fantastic!! I would recommend her to everyone!
07/18/2022 A job well done
07/15/2022 Timely and Efficient 
07/13/2022 Great work done and delivered faster then i needed, leaving room for discussion and adjustments! Thank you so much.
07/07/2022 fast. reliable. easy A
07/03/2022 Thank you. I needed this in standard form as I included in the instructions but this is mostly correct. I will edit it and try to make it make sense. Appreciate your help
07/01/2022 Great paper! Very helpful, on time, and even helped with little revisions needed. Thank you so much! 
06/30/2022 Easy to communicate with but Final grade was far below what I was expecting (6/10) for the price I paid

Cannot say i fully recommend
06/27/2022 Awesome
06/21/2022 great job! sorry for the delay in pay.
06/05/2022 Some minor inadvertant typos, and required some additional work to completely satisfy the brief however was done in a timely fashion and received the work as expected in the end. Would certainly use her again in the future. Thank you.
05/25/2022 Fast, Exactly what I asked for.
05/25/2022 Fast, exactly what I needed and got a perfect score.
05/23/2022 Fast and exactly what I needed
05/23/2022 Great job! Early 
05/23/2022 Fast and perfect 
05/20/2022 Amazing and fast 
05/14/2022 Excellent work! Definitely went above & beyond. Worth more than I paid, to be honest. 
05/13/2022 The best ! 
05/13/2022 She is my favorite. 100 every time 
05/12/2022 Great job and on time
05/12/2022 Got a perfect score on time!
05/11/2022 Thanks!!
05/10/2022 on time, perfect
05/09/2022 Thank you!!'
05/05/2022 Went above and beyond for me
05/02/2022 I mean she met the paper length but she basically repeated every paragraph twice so you get half of what you pay for. But it's a nice start for your to build on.
04/19/2022 OOHOOO! 
04/19/2022 A++++
04/19/2022 Thanks!
04/19/2022 You should be the only professor that anyone chooses!!!
04/19/2022  I Couldn't have done it without you!!!
04/19/2022 You got it done as always!!!
04/19/2022 You Saved me Again!!
04/19/2022 Thank You!
04/19/2022 Awesome Thanks!!
04/19/2022 hank You as Always!
04/19/2022 My Hero!!
04/18/2022 Well written and formatted. Doesn't sound so smart that they won't believe I wrote it 
04/16/2022 High Quality
04/14/2022 first time they did the assignment it was done on time but completely wrong and did not follow any of the guidelines. i pointed this out and they redid it but did not finish until 2 hours after it was due for my class (latest due date possible) once they rewrote the narrative to actually be a narrative instead of analysis essay, it was good and solid writing.
04/13/2022 Thank you so much for completing my essay on a time crunch! 
04/05/2022 Work was done timely and written REALLY well. I asked for a reference list and was supplisd. 
03/28/2022 Great work. Got a perfect score on the assignment.
03/27/2022 excellent work and pays attention to detail. Thank you
03/23/2022 A++++++++ as always
03/17/2022 Thank You Again!!
03/17/2022 You're the only Professor I choose to help with my Assignments!!!
03/17/2022 You saved the day again!
03/17/2022 Way to go!
03/14/2022 The question is strategic planning you did not answer the question.
03/06/2022 Great Job!!!!!!
03/06/2022 Thank You!
03/06/2022 Awesome!!!
03/06/2022 You went above and beyond as usual.
02/27/2022 Half of assignment
02/26/2022 Great job
02/21/2022 Paper was completed on time. Just one or two things was missing from my paper but overall she did a good job.
02/18/2022 Fantastic job on the assignment
02/16/2022 Great work!
02/11/2022 You saved me again!!
02/11/2022 Awesome!
02/08/2022 Completed quickly, and the work is high quality.
02/07/2022 A lot of spelling errors and missing information.
02/04/2022 You saved the day as usual!
02/04/2022 Great Job!
02/03/2022 Wasn't able to grasp the point of my paper even after making adjustments. My professor said that the writing went in circles and needed more work.
02/02/2022 Yeah! Great job!
02/02/2022 Way to go!
02/02/2022 Thank You!
02/02/2022 100% Would Recommend
02/02/2022 Thank You!
02/02/2022 Right on!!!
02/02/2022 Excellent job!
02/02/2022 Thank You for the great job!!!
02/02/2022 You saved the day!!!
02/02/2022 I recommend you to everyone!
02/02/2022 Way To Go!
02/02/2022 A+++!
02/02/2022 Wow!
02/02/2022 Excellent Job!
02/02/2022 Fantastic!
02/02/2022 You Saved Me!
02/02/2022 Thank You!
02/02/2022 Great Job!
01/17/2022 Great work, understand the material given.
01/16/2022 I didn't get the essay I wanted and had no choice but to pay anyway.
12/24/2021 I am not sure what I am rating this professor for. I did not approve them for my job yet they "completed my job" but did no work. Money is gone. This site is a scam. No one will return any of my emails or reach out for contacts. VERY DISAPPOINTED with everything about this place. RUN AWAY!
12/18/2021 Good work
12/12/2021 This was perfect to the point! Thank you so much!
12/12/2021 Thank you for  completing the assignment , the slides are very crowded.  
12/11/2021 I gave them a small 11 hour time limit and they pretty much we're able to type much of my paper. I had to go back and correct a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes as well as type a little myself to improve it as a whole. Im grateful for them but the $125 was alot of money. 
12/10/2021 No stars professor did not complete the task on time or communicate with me. I did file a dispute but the site never replied to me. I had to pay someone else to complete the assignment the same day
12/09/2021 Amazing 
12/08/2021 Awesome
12/07/2021 Late but did a good job thanks 
12/04/2021 Thank you.
12/03/2021 Excellent  job on understanding  the content  of the paper. 
12/03/2021  Great Job! Did more than what i asked for. Thank You!
12/02/2021 I have used Catherins four times and she always impreses with the work that she does. Every work has gotten me great results and I am always confident that my work will not have issues.
11/30/2021 Did not deliver.
11/29/2021 Rushed job on my end- but cut corners. Overall decent
11/28/2021 Absolutely astounding product that followed the guidelines I gave. Thank you so much again!
11/27/2021 Nicely done
11/26/2021 Thank you so much 
11/26/2021 Thank you so Much 
11/21/2021 got less marks ... not reliable ... please start trusting your abilities and doing your work
11/21/2021 Great professor! Fast solution and great writing. Thank you!
11/16/2021  As a first time user I couldn't be happier with my choice of choosing to release this assignment to the hands of the professionals. The paper I received was beyond my expectations and perfect! 
11/15/2021 Very disappointed.  I asked if they were clear on the directions, they claimed they were.  I noted in my details that this would be multiphased and was given the "completed paper" before the requirements to actually complete it could be met.  They would not respond to my messages regarding this or regarding revisions.  I was holding payment until they commuicated with me and somehow, they still got themselves paid.  So i have a paper thats only half done and now have to pay someone else to finish it.  i reached out to management at  Unemployed professors and was told they can't help me because I already paid- which i did not.
11/14/2021 Very good work, thank you for your help! 
11/14/2021 Awesome work
11/13/2021 She's the best and I'm grateful for all the work she has done for me.  I was very skeptical at first but this person delivered every time.
11/11/2021 Paper was late and did not follow directions. Received a 'C" on the assignment. I would not recomment this professor.
11/07/2021 Amazing!!!
11/06/2021 Fast turn around. Done as requested with minimal grammatical errors and interruptions in smooth flow of wording. 
11/02/2021 Writing was well done however, the project delivered wa completely wrong. Professor did not use the example provided, did very little analysis beetween companies. If you're looking for a professor to due an analysis of any financial documents, it's not this one. So much 
11/01/2021 Literally my favorite prof to work with on this site. Highly reccomend!
10/31/2021 Highly recommend this prof. I will definitely be working with her in the future.
10/28/2021 Great.

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