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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
04/11/2024 As always, he understood the assignment.
04/11/2024 I'm incredibly grateful for the assistance with my ppt. The presentation was of exceptional quality and significantly reduced the time I needed to invest in its creation.

04/11/2024 Top notch! Great paper in deed.
04/08/2024 Carl was able to get my project completed well before the scheduled deadline and was able to edit the paper to my liking. Great work!!
04/03/2024 Quickly completed the assignment, above and beyond what I expected!! Thank you!

Thanks mate.
04/01/2024 Noticed some ai checkers are faulty checked with the professor and he assured  me his work was genuine confirmed with turnit in, overall great experience, thanks Sir.
04/01/2024 Followed instructions to the letter and gave a prompt response to all queries.
04/01/2024 Meticulously constructed!
03/22/2024 Thanks for all the help Carl.
03/22/2024 On time, revised accordingly & I am happy with my results.
03/22/2024 He handled my dissertation very proffesionally.
03/20/2024 Thanks!
03/03/2024 great, thanks.
03/03/2024 Very professional.
03/03/2024 understood the assignment and delivered according to my expectations,kudos!
03/03/2024 understood the assignment and delivered according to my expectations,kudos!
03/03/2024 Thank you for your assistance.
02/22/2024 Great
02/22/2024 Great
02/22/2024 Great
02/17/2024 Greeat dissertation and research.
02/17/2024 Great work.
02/17/2024 Thank you Carl for your great deivery ppt on point.
02/17/2024 Hands down best prof on this site!!!
02/17/2024 ??
02/13/2024 Once again, great work!

Thank you so much mate, see you again!
02/04/2024 I am extremely happy with Prof Carl's work. I have used dhim on multiple projects now and he stands out. 100% on my projects every time. 

Much appreciated mate!
01/30/2024 Well written paper, delivered very quickly!
01/21/2024 well exicuted and to standard in a short time frame. Very happy with the results. 

Much appreciated mate!
01/21/2024 Thank you for your great work Sir!
01/21/2024 Great attention to detail definitely using again.
01/09/2024 Great delivery.
01/09/2024 Timely, well written all instructions followed.
01/09/2024 Happy New Year! The best as always.
01/09/2024 Great work!
12/21/2023 So good!

You're welcome mate
12/18/2023 A fantastic product turned in a day early with a personal touch that included humor and personality. I will 10/10 use this professor again. 

A pleasure working with you mate.
12/18/2023 A fantastic product with a personal touch that included humor and personality. I will 10/10 use this professor again.
12/15/2023 Thank you sir!
12/15/2023 great work
12/15/2023 Very effecient , followed the rubric I do appreciate the professor's help.
12/15/2023 Timely!
12/09/2023 excellent
12/09/2023 Just in time for my final assignment, thank you sir.
12/09/2023 Great
12/09/2023 The professor never fails to impress me with the caliber of his work and punctuality.
12/08/2023 gave me a blank document 

Kindly check your inbox again.
12/08/2023 BEST PROF! He took my feedback and made quick edits.  and got me a 100
12/03/2023 Excellent, thank you 
11/30/2023 Great job as always.
11/30/2023 very effecient and on time always
11/30/2023 great service and feedback
11/28/2023 half did the assignment, in process of filing for dispute 

You ought to have added more funds to your PICOT assignment, infact I transcended way & above to ensure completion,after reaching out, you asked me to disregard.
11/21/2023 Literally pulls through for me everytime I need assistance. 

Thanks mate!
11/18/2023 Great job, professor noted all the prompts in the assignment and put the case study together in a cohesive manner that was easy to read. Exceeded my expectations. 

Cheers mate always at your service.
11/14/2023 Perfect and way out performed my expectations!
11/14/2023 Thank you.
11/14/2023 Well written and followed the instructions as listed.
11/14/2023 Great delivery and very communicative.
11/14/2023 This professor's material is always informative and meticulously written. I obtained a 98/100 on the project, and I've realized that my personal professor is merely a harsh grader.
11/09/2023 Grateful for your consistent and reliable assistance with my papers.
11/05/2023 I've been using this site for a few years now and I've come to rely more and more on Carl to deliver perfect work.  Other professors have delievered late or subpar work.  The more I use Carl as a professor, the more pleased I am with the results.  From now on, I don't gamble on the outcome.  I just request Carl.  

Thank you so much for appreciating my work, always at your service mate!
11/02/2023 I am deeply impressed by the professor's meticulous attention to detail, both large and small. Their work is truly exceptional, and I will undoubtedly seek their expertise again in the future.

Cheers mate!
11/01/2023 Well done!

Thanks mate!
10/20/2023 Great work, well formatted.

10/20/2023 Above and beyond, provided me with a free plagiarism report and was communicative.
10/20/2023 Great response, perfect excecution.
10/14/2023 On time, great delivery.
10/14/2023 A pleasure working with you Sir, thank you for all the help, I'll definitely stick around.
10/14/2023 Right on time proper in-text citations and references.
10/12/2023 I am beyond grateful for the amazing service I received. Every request I made was listened to attentively and fulfilled with care, which is just incredible. Thank you so much for your outstanding customer service!

Thank you,I really do appreciate.
10/12/2023 great work on my dissertation I do appreciate all the effort.
10/12/2023 great work on my dissertation I do appreciate all the effort.
10/12/2023 Very resourceful and communicative I got 100 percent on my test.
10/12/2023 He is very professsional and knowlegable  when it comes to excecuting difficult areas he definitiely ate ! Good job as always.
10/11/2023 It's embarassing to think that I allowed myself to be fooled into thinking that this was a legit operation. My project turned out to be a complete scam considering the amount of obvious plagarism withing the essay sent to me. Even the text that wasn't plagarized was an extremely poor representation of the subject. It seems as if a very poor version of some artificial program wrote it, and using any part of it would have resulted in an immietiate expulsion. Don't waste your money or your time unless you want to learn the hard way like I did. 

I certainly do not agree with you on the plagiarism allegations I checked before submitting your paper and there certainly wasn't any plagiarism , that would have been so wrong of me besides I've written thousands of papers yet no client ever complains of plag and if anything I'm always ready to do revisions.
10/11/2023 ????????
10/03/2023 Good job
10/03/2023 Followed all instructions great delivery.
10/03/2023 Indeed thoroughly impressed by this prof's work ,his attention to all minor and major details was really outstanding, Kudos! I'll definitely be back.

Thanks mate!
09/28/2023 Splendid, thanks Sir.
09/28/2023 Good communication skills delivered what I asked for.
09/11/2023 100%
09/11/2023 He always comes trough for me, best professor on this site.
09/06/2023 Great work. 

Thanks mate!
09/06/2023 Great!!!
09/06/2023 All instructions were keenly followed and delivered waay before the deadline.
09/06/2023 Done exceptionally well.
08/28/2023 Excellent skills! A+ on this assignment. Met all the critia. 
08/17/2023 This professor is so nice, easy to work with and timely. They offer many revisions and are affordable.
08/17/2023 Turned out great,splendid.
08/08/2023 received 100, kudos!
08/08/2023 Thank you for your patience and dedication.
07/31/2023 Far ahead of schedule, 100%.
07/31/2023 Accurately followed the rubric to the letter, splendid!
07/25/2023 Thank you so much dear Prof. 

You're welcome mate!
07/24/2023 Good work! Thank You! 

Thanks mate!
07/23/2023 GOOD JOB
07/23/2023 On time, and addressed all the  major key points, splendid!
07/18/2023 Good communication, overall great performance on all projects.
07/12/2023 great work. Fast and thorough.
07/12/2023 Let me tell you about my man, Carl.  I've used this site before and I'm always wary of plagarism in the modern era where someone can draft something using AI.  Not my man Carl.. If YOU WANT TO BE SURE THAT YOUR MONEY IS GOING TO GOOD USE and dont' have to spend the extra lah dee dah on a plagarism report just hire Carl.  As I've said, I been using this site for awhile and only recently did I have my first let down where another professor left me high and dry waiting on a report that was due.  I panicked and sent up a bid and Carl bid on it and he SWORE to me he would deliver within my requested time frame and he absolutely did just that.. A RUSH job at a reasonable price.  This guy picked up the fumble that another professor dropped and now i am convinced that loyalty matters.  Yeah the other professor eventually delivered, but for a 10% cut on my grade because he was late to post..  Not Carl.  He's dynamic, informed, precicse, and articulate.  I recieved an A on this grade.

Thanks mate!!! Always at your service.
07/06/2023 I recently had the pleasure of working with Carl and was blown away by their exceptional work on my dissertation. From start to finish he demonstrated professionalism, clear and concise instructions were provided, always offered valuable insights that helped guide me in the subject matter. What an educator!!!

Cheers mate!!!
07/05/2023 Did  through research and provided a detailed paper, very communicative.
07/01/2023 Very professional, scored full marks 
07/01/2023 He is a great writer and extremely knowledgable in his area of expertise, also very responsive.
06/25/2023 Great essay, timely delivery.
06/22/2023 Timely and professional work

Thanks mate!
06/16/2023 High marks received. 
06/13/2023 Carl has done a few projects for me. All have turned out great. Thank you!

All the best Amy, always at your service.
06/12/2023 Proper citations, all super sound in grammar and punctuation, good score.
06/12/2023 Above and beyond
06/12/2023 Got a C. Thanks for the help!
06/09/2023 Scored full marks, very satisfied.
06/09/2023 Thank you for your dedication and providing an awesome paper. I highly recommend your services to others 
06/09/2023 Well strcuctured , no grammatical errors
06/05/2023 The best work on this site thus far. He is excellent. 
06/05/2023 solid work , punctual!
06/02/2023 Got an A!! Thanks!!

Cheers mate!!!
05/26/2023 great work
05/26/2023 He understood the assignment, guidlines and instructions were followed to the letter, good job
05/25/2023 Well formatted and cited, great!!!
05/19/2023 Did all my coursework, great pass
05/10/2023 smiley
05/10/2023 smiley
05/10/2023 smiley
05/08/2023 Got  a good grade on my research proposal ,thank you.
05/04/2023 Fast response, correct and done well. Very happy. 
05/03/2023 Timely and well done! My only complaint was the paper eas toooo good, I was worried the professor wouldn't think I wrote it! wink

I understand not all clients want the perfect grade, we can organize next time on what best suits you, best regards thank you.
04/30/2023 Had an awful experience with a top rated prof here twice, randomly chose Carl for my next project even though I was skeptical about the website, I have no regrets so far, did a perfect research,was punctual. followed guidlines to detail did not just produce general work, my expectations were exceeded , splendidyes
04/29/2023 timely and well written
04/28/2023 Well organised , great communication, timely delivery.
04/28/2023 My third project handled by prof Carl, he took me through and delivered what was required, sent the material days before the deadline.
04/25/2023 Timely written, very organized.
04/18/2023 On time and well done. 
04/18/2023 Great work, no glaring errors, timely delivery.
04/16/2023 Great
04/12/2023 My project was perfectly excecuted, being a difficult paper the results were outstanding would definitely recommend 10/10.
04/12/2023 First time using the website, I'm impressed.yes
04/04/2023 Excellent work!
04/03/2023 Yet another great paper, submitted before due date, thanks Carl.
04/03/2023 A++++++
04/01/2023 good work
04/01/2023 The content was ok, and all the point needed for the paper were there.

However, I set a deadline that would allow for 4 hours before the paper was due and the professor sent me the final product well after the deadline. Subsequently now my paper was late, and points are automatically docked off. I understand things happen but there was no communication. First time this has happened to me while using this service.

03/25/2023 I am very impressed with my results, highly recommend, good job !!!
03/19/2023 Thanks Proff
03/12/2023 On time and followed all directions. 
03/06/2023 Fast and accurate, Incredible!!!
03/04/2023 All requirements of my assignment were met, indeed pleased with my paper.
03/04/2023 All requirements of my assignment were met, indeed pleased with my paper.
03/03/2023 Submitted in a timely manner,yes
03/02/2023 Great dissertation, thanks for the help.
02/28/2023 High quality paper , I got a perfect score.
02/26/2023 great citations 

You're welcome.
02/21/2023 Ahead of scheudle and spot on! 
02/20/2023 Sent to me beofre due date. great owrk! 
02/19/2023 Thank you for yet another great paper.
02/10/2023 my assignment was completed two days ahead of the deadline, thanks!
02/02/2023 Quick and thorough , got a perfect score
01/23/2023 I'm impressed, great delivery.
01/23/2023 Great work. Shall be returning with more! 

Always at your service Rathul.
01/22/2023 I really appreciate youer help with my paper, fast and reliable.
12/22/2022 GREAT!!!
12/22/2022 would recommend , amazing work
12/21/2022 Didnt follow guidelines
12/15/2022 I do appreciate the assistance, well done within a short time.
12/14/2022 Great work!
12/07/2022 Great dissertation, quick turn around.
12/05/2022 Followed instructions to the detail ,not mentioning how fast te paper was submitted and his prompt response, Kudos
12/04/2022 Did a great job in such a small amount of time! Thank you!
12/04/2022 Great as always
12/04/2022 Perfect work, thanks
12/03/2022 I requested 14 pages and got 6 maximum 
11/30/2022 Exceeded the word count, not complaining though, was worried the deadline could'nt be met was completed just in time.
11/30/2022 Very detailed paper, thankyou.
11/30/2022 I am not impressed with my score.
11/27/2022 Worth every penny, great work!!!
11/22/2022 Fabulous work agian, thank you
11/22/2022 I got a perfect score, thank you
11/22/2022 Great research paper
11/14/2022 Thank you for completing another paper for me on time.
11/07/2022 Great power point presentation
11/07/2022 Followed instructions, very detailed, will choose him again for upcoming projects.
11/04/2022 Extremely proficient , met all criteria 100/100
11/04/2022 I didn't have to pay for a plag report he freely offered, got a good grade on my assignment.
11/04/2022 Overrall decent , thank you Sir
11/03/2022 Altough I have worked with this professor for quite a bit now I am giving a 1 star rate due to the lack of detail orientation and not following the directions from the projects as of lately. Even the writing style has been off which I am starting to believe that this might be a completely different person under this username. This is a paid service that is NOT CHEAP, as a consumer I expect to trust the level of work without having to make revisions or look into the style of writing. This last work I requested APA style and thankfully I checked bacuse the in-textt citations were MLA style. Like, WHAT!? This is not a 10-25 bucks thing, we're talking about hundreds of dollars for mediocre service. I feel like I am constantly on the hunt for a reliable writer. I guess I need to continue on my quest while still paying overly priced work that I STILL need to revise and still get a grade under 90. If I would have not checked, I would probably been graded a 60 for something I paid almost $200 for!

I had to go back and check the work and in all honesty, the paper was formatted in APA style as per the instructions, I am sorry for any inconvenience caused I strive to give my clients quality work.
11/01/2022 Great
11/01/2022 Completed early, very professional, thank you.
10/30/2022 Excellent!!! Would recommend.
10/30/2022 great communication,well written,on time.
10/28/2022  Got 96% on my assignment , splendid
10/28/2022 Thank you for the dissertation, fast, would recommend.
10/28/2022 Did a good research paper well  before the due date, very efficient THANK YOU!!!
10/25/2022 Overall good ! Would recommend 
10/19/2022 Timely, thank you.
10/18/2022 Excellent and on time, as always.
10/18/2022 First time ever using Unemployed Professors , the paper was very well written and delivered before the deadline,thanks.
10/14/2022 Carl completed my paper within a short time and he's very proffesional ,GOOD JOB!!!
10/11/2022 I am wondering if you are able to help me with another project that is similar to the last one you did and uses some of the same information.

I am always here if you need any assistance, thank you.

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