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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
01/21/2022 Thank you for your fast and great work. The paper is perfect.
01/19/2022 Project delivered in a timely manner, well written, well done.
01/10/2022 I was nervous at first because it was my first time using a service like this. But I run my own business and just didn't manage my time well and was under pressure. I'm glad Carl saved me on this one. Will definitely use again. I should add that my due date was fast because I kept pushing it off, and this writer still made it happen for me. Thanks again.
12/20/2021 The essay consists of a series of words that are only tangentially related to the topic. There are no points or relevant information conveyed. This was a complete waste of money.
12/11/2021 Great understanding of materials. Great work.
12/11/2021 Carl has done all my papers for the semester and i got max amount of points in all of them. 
12/09/2021 Great reaserch paper, very well written. Life Saver!
12/08/2021 Great
12/07/2021 Great job with editing my essay and creating a biblography page. 
12/05/2021 completed a quality assignment for me on short notice. Thanks!
12/05/2021 Thank you so much I was very last minute and you exceeded my expectation??
12/05/2021 Fast, quality work. Would use again!
12/05/2021 Followed instructions for the assignment and wrote a high quality paper. Thanks!
12/02/2021 great as always!
11/28/2021 Great as usual 
11/28/2021 Great essay, turn around time was fast. 
11/23/2021 Great
11/23/2021 GREAT WORK
11/23/2021 Thank you. I received 100/100. 
A+ A+ A+

11/23/2021 Top quality papers from professor Carl. Highly recommend
11/23/2021 Good Writing Skill & Details explanation. Can deliver task given excellent. Very satisfied with the work.

Thank you


Very nice work. Hand in on time. Use good resources. Fulfilled all the requirements. Happy or this one.

11/22/2021 The information provided was expressed in great details and the grade given showed that. Professor was impressed.

Amazing help and detailed. exactly what I needed and what was requested. questions answered and referenced perfectly... Life savior



11/22/2021 Always helpful and details provided in the assignments has very accurate. Willing to work with him again and again. Highly recommended for urgent accurate assignment requirement every one have. Thank You
11/22/2021 Excellent work from Carl. The professor gave me an A
11/22/2021 Highly recommend. Top notch services from this professor.
11/22/2021 Extremely awesome. Thank you
11/21/2021 Good job!
11/20/2021 He did a great job, especially under the circumstances. We had a bit of a mix up, but everything worked out in the end. I would highly recommend this professor.
11/18/2021 Great work! 
11/17/2021 Detailed and informative 
11/17/2021 Was so late getting it to me I had to ask for an extension from my professor. Then gave me a plagiarized paper straight from wikipedia. I'll be asking for a full refund. I do not recommend this professor.

The turnin report, PlagSCan and CopyScape doesn't show that the paper was plagiarized. The three software indicate 0%.
11/16/2021 Amazing job!
11/14/2021 Great work

Here to help, thank you.
11/13/2021 Good
11/10/2021 Professor was over all fine. Essay was written in a timely manner, informative, passed plagarism check. However, I did attach the insturctions of the project. And a lot of the insturctions were overlooked. It was a research paper in APA format. The insturctor wanted Introduction listed, dicussion, principle questions being asked, major relationships, strengths, weakness, gernal conclusion and then an acutal concuslion. ALL listed in essay to distinguish each part. However, I was given an intro, body paragraphs (mostly strengths of the topic) 1 weakness, and a 2 sentence conclusion. I suppose its fine because the paper contained majority of the information I needed. However, I had to reformat and add on A LOT to the essay to make complete. Sources he gave were great and followed insturctions. 
11/09/2021 <3 The Best
11/07/2021 Thank you for your hard work sir 

I am humbled, glad you liked the work.
11/07/2021 Thank you for the patience.

Thank you, keep coming.
11/07/2021 Some key components for the paper were excluded. Reference requirements were not met. Some APA citing issues 
11/04/2021 Very organized and great work. 
10/26/2021 Thank you, good paper

Thanks, looking forward to working with you again.
10/25/2021 Great job
10/24/2021 Great job! I had a project due that I had forgotten about and he was able to get it to me the same day! 

I am humbled, thanks .
10/22/2021 Good job
10/22/2021 Not what i wanted at all. 
10/22/2021 Not what i wanted at all. 
10/19/2021 Very fast 
10/18/2021 Great Work. 
10/15/2021 Thank you much!!! Excellent 
10/10/2021 Excellent 
10/07/2021 Great!. Completed the assignment well before the deadline. Very good communication
Beautiful work!!
10/07/2021 Timely and accurate work
10/07/2021 met requirements, done on time
10/07/2021 Recommend!!
10/07/2021 The professor offers excellent services. Go for him and you won't regret
10/07/2021 Perfect essay
10/07/2021 The paper was delivered on time. 
10/07/2021 Great
10/06/2021 Thank you
10/06/2021 Thank you
10/06/2021 Thank you
10/06/2021 I’m very happy with the grade that I received.
10/06/2021 Recieved 50/50. Thank you
10/06/2021 Excellent services
09/29/2021 excellent delivery! thank you
09/28/2021 Thank you
09/28/2021 The paper was exceptional and completed within a few hours. 
09/28/2021 Thank you

Thanks to your efforts. It's well searched and well written your idea. Really helpful to me. thanks.



09/28/2021 Great. A
09/28/2021 Well done, I received 93% mark.
I am happy with my result and I recommend the services to al
09/28/2021 Did a really good job. happy with the work and the experts consideration on my rework request was phenomenal. thanks
09/27/2021 awesome!!!!got an A
09/27/2021 Thank you. Scored a good grade
09/27/2021 Sooner that I anticipated. Recommend
09/27/2021 Thank you. Perfect
09/27/2021 Quick delivery and met all the requirements
09/27/2021 Quick delivery and met all the requirements
09/27/2021 Thank you
09/27/2021 Amazing paper structure!!!!
09/27/2021 Great paper

The assignment was awesome, how the Professor presented the assignment according to the requirements, was truly mindblowing.




Thank you!






The paper was well structured and uploaded ahead of time. Thank you


I honestly can not give enough stars. This essay was by far the best essay I have ever received. The information was to a "T" exactly what I needed. This essay used references that where pertinent to the top rather than outdated left field references I have seen before. I have reached out to find out who the expert was so that I can request them again if needed in the future.

09/25/2021 Recieved 98/100. LIFESAVER!!!!!
09/25/2021 Thank you
09/25/2021 Great content! Highly recommend. Thank you

The quality of solutions was very good overall. I'll use this service again. I have not received the grade yet.


Very helpful, and I got a good grade on my class and ended the semester with an A. I would recommend 10/10.

09/25/2021 Thank you very much for your dedicated work, You really took extra time to care your customer satisfaction with patiently. I would like to propose your self to any student who need academic writing help and support. once a gain I wish you best of luck.
09/25/2021 Thank you for the assistance and following the request!! The grade received was an A


09/22/2021 Beautiful work, thank you so much its perfect
09/12/2021 Sent my assignment over a month late!
09/09/2021 Recommend. The turnaround is quick
09/09/2021 Beyond my expectations. Thank you
09/09/2021 Amazing work!!!
09/09/2021 I received 100%. Thank you
09/09/2021 I give Carl the highest recommendation.
09/09/2021 Completely satsfied with the final paper
09/09/2021 A++
09/09/2021 Thank you
09/09/2021 I got 100/100. The paper met the highest standards. The professor is easy to work with, and you can rest easy knowing that they will provide you with with an excellent, original paper. If you're not satisfied the professor offers free revision.
09/09/2021 Reliable and worth every penny. Thank you
09/09/2021 The paper was well structured and completed as per instructions provided. 
09/09/2021 Exceptional service, quick delivery and turnaround times. 

Thank you CARL
09/09/2021 I would definitely use your services in the future and recommend your services to anyone looking for any help.
09/09/2021 Keep up the GREAT work - emy
09/09/2021 Thank you
09/08/2021 Recommend
09/08/2021 Quick delivery. Thank you
09/08/2021 Great work
09/08/2021 Great paper
08/17/2021 Thank you so much for my perfect paper.
08/15/2021 I am currently rewriting the paper, it is essentially unusable with sentences like, "Another great topic that would help during conflicts is how to solve conflicts. This involves offering conflict resolution skills like considering every party and coming up with a joint decision that is a solution to the problem at hand."

Hardly graduate level writing. There is no way this professor or whoever did this writing, has an post-graduate degree. 

08/12/2021 I needed to fix quite a few grammatical errors but overall not bad.  Fit what I asked
08/10/2021 If there could be a zero star choice I would pick it. Completely unreliable, save yourself and do not let this person do your work. It will be late and terrible. He's awful honestly. 
08/08/2021 Good Job.
08/03/2021 Was Not in correct APA format, and did not state a thesis in the introduction so there was nothing to prove or disprove in this expository essay. 
08/03/2021 Late work and looked like a highschooler put graphs into a essay and was terrible. I received at 48. 
08/02/2021 Continues to offer great assistance when I'm in a crunch!!!
07/28/2021 Small snafu quickly revised and corrected. Excellent communication. Highly recommend and will seek Professor again. 
07/25/2021 Last minute paper and it was exactly what I was looking for - thanks Carl!
07/15/2021 Awesome
07/06/2021 Amazing work!!!!!
06/21/2021 Exactly what I needed I'd love to consult you in the future. Thanks
05/24/2021 I went on a whim and chose a professor I never selected or seen before for my final assignment before graduating based on his reviews. Much like any professor on this site, a bit of a lack of communication but did get back to me within a reasonable time and did an outstanding job answering three essay prompt questions within a day. I can highly reccomend Carl to anyone looking to get an assignment done welll and he'd likely be one of my choises for future assignments if I wasn't graduating.
04/07/2021 Carl did a fantastic job on my grad level term paper. I gave him instructions on how to complete the assignment, presented him my topic, and how to structure the paper, and I was not disappointed. I highly recommend him for any level of paper you need done. 
03/27/2021 Early and very communicative.
03/15/2021 Really took the time to read instructions and wrote a great essay. Asked for more information on course content. Exactly what you want in a professor. Delivered the best paper I've recieved from this site. Will definiely use again. Thank you
03/13/2021 Finished with plenty of time left and wrote a satsifactory paper.
02/28/2021 I am blown away by the skills that Carl posess!

Carl managed to write my admission paper with little detail about me and the education it self.
Carl has researched all kinds of details about the school and the education, even more than i requested - i am so positive about this!!

Will 100% go with Carl again, can only recommend! 
02/25/2021 Always good work! Just needs better citations, quotations, etc. My papers do get flagged for not properly citing direct quotes, etc.
02/18/2021 Good work. Thank you! 
01/27/2021 Edited and modified my Personal Statement. 
Finsihed the paper early.
Great quality. 
Thank you!! 

Thanks for the tip.
12/05/2020 Carl is insane! Even though I felt like I was asking for so much, he went past my expectations and did so much more! I can tell he is very reliable and motivated to help you earn the best grade. I got a notification at 2:30 in the morning that he started writing my essay and finished a couple of hours later. I would recommend him if you are looking for a very reliable and efficient writer!
11/29/2020 I have used Carl mulitple times now and he has always delivered exactly what I needed, with a B or higher grade; even in those instances where very little time was given!
11/16/2020 He is amazing! Definitely cares for his clients and makes sure to make them happy!Great job!
11/12/2020 Amazing job! Definitely recommend this person ????
11/10/2020 Carl is exceptionally  smart, fast, and loyal. Carl is very detailed, great researcher and ensures you get a top uality and excelllent job
10/26/2020 Great communication. On time and solids work. 

Thanks. I'm here to help.
10/23/2020 I recommend this Professor to everyone on this platform. He is exceptionally good, excellent and high quality paper. He is extremely fast and loyal . If you want an excellent and high quality job this professor is the best

Thanks for the tip.
09/15/2020 Great essay writer

Thanks. I look forward to working with you again.
09/14/2020 I appreciate this prefessors work! Did a great job!

Thank you. It was a bit challenging for a 4-page research paper with a 2-hour deadline at night. I am glad that you are satisfied.
09/03/2020 Excellent work and quick turnaround! Carl is highly recommended. Thank you!

Don't mention it.
08/08/2020 Highly reccommend!

I'm here to help.
08/02/2020 Will use again!

I'll be glad to help again.
07/16/2020 Stellar!!!

06/20/2020 great essay, very fast & made the amendments I requested super quick too. thanks man!

It was good working with you.
06/19/2020 Surpassed my expectations, I got a 90%

I intend to keep it that way.
06/15/2020 EXCELLENT

06/04/2020 Easy to work with, everything was submitted prior to deadlines given, and was willing to help make necessary revisions to achieve maximum grade! 

The pleasure is all mine.
05/28/2020 Began working on my assignment very soon and the work was completed and send to me in 5 hours. Very happy since the work he did was amazing and on such a short notice and time frame. I was worried of the deadline being met since I need to turn in the assignment on time, but trust me this professor can totally handle your work!


Thank you. let's work together again.
05/13/2020 I received a 95 on my paper! This professor is very detailed and thoughtful!

Thanks. I'm happy too.
04/21/2020 Well written paper. Could use shorter words to make it easy to read. I prefer a paper that is easy to understand over a paper that makes me look like a thesaurus. However, work was completed very early and fulfilled all the requirements. I cannot complain, I got what I asked/paid for.

Doing so would have distorted the original meanings of the selected excerpts considering that the project was examining Shakespeare’s work written in Elizabethan era English.
02/11/2020 Last-minute essay done very quickly with expectations exceeded. Would definitely use this professor again!

You are such a generous tipper. Keep coming.
02/03/2020 Doesnt get any better than this!

I always aim for A+, but I settle for A at the very least. Thanks for the tip.
02/01/2020 Very great and detailed assignment. He thouroughly read and followed the entire rubric. Thanks

You know quality lives here. I look forward to working with you again.
12/05/2019 a

The project you presented required a 4-page annotated bibliography and a 5-page research paper thereafter. The annotated bibliography was billed at $ 30 per page because I deliver quality work. It was perfectly done and it met your approval. The research paper was for the second part of the project which you were unwilling to pay for citing financial constraints. You should budget well in your future projects. I feel like refunding you the amount.
12/05/2019 I thought I was paying 120 for a annotated bibliography and a research paper turns out I paid 120 just for an annotated bibliography. Never would have paid that much if I knew it was just for an annotated bibliography

The project you presented required a 4-page annotated bibliography and a 5-page research paper thereafter. The annotated bibliography was billed at $ 30 per page because I deliver quality work. It was perfectly done and it met your approval. The research paper was for the second part of the project which you were unwilling to pay for citing financial constraints. You should budget well in your future projects. I feel like refunding you the amount.
12/03/2019 finished very quickly

I am humbled. It required critical thinking.
11/21/2019 Always great work

Thanks for the tip.
11/14/2019 Always timely and high quality.

Thanks. Keep coming.
11/10/2019 what i needed and came before the deadline! 

The pleasure is all mine!
11/07/2019 Well above expectations.

Thanks for the tip.
11/03/2019 very knowledgeable

In-depth research is my middle name!
11/03/2019 .

I am always at your service. Come back again.
11/03/2019 .

I'm glad you liked it.
11/02/2019 Great paper that was written. WIll return!!

Can't wait.
10/31/2019 Great work! Fast and delivered a paper well above expectatiins. Will definitely be using again.

Bring it on.
10/29/2019 Carl was very prompt and to the point.

You are welcome.
10/20/2019 Good

Come back for a refund if you get below A+.
10/16/2019 Very thorough 

Don't mention it.
10/15/2019 Everything was done WAY ahead of time, and professor attended to any concerns right away. 15/10 would recommend again!

In your happiness lies my happiness. Thanks for the tip.
10/10/2019 Carl is fantastic. I have worked with him several times. I can vouch for the fact that he communicates openly throughout the project, produces solid academic content and delivers requested materials every time!

Consider this your home in case of any difficult course work.
10/06/2019 .

Come back again.

Come back again.

Make your homework go away!