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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
02/01/2023 Didnt even get a pass with this report
01/27/2023 Great job fast delivery 
01/18/2023 Excellent work - quick turnaround. 10/10
01/12/2023 Received my coursework before it was due!
12/17/2022 Nice work in a timely manner. Legit
12/14/2022 Well done I am really impressed by this prof and he really has the knowledge to do his job incredible ! 
12/11/2022 fast and perfect transfer
would choose this prof again! :-)
12/08/2022 Great Job done on time!
12/07/2022 Thank you , very nice essay before due date which was very good . Helpful professor 
12/07/2022 Great work and right on time!
12/05/2022 perfect as always.
12/03/2022 Amazingly Good!
Awesome work everytime!
12/03/2022 Awesome! Fast work!
Would definitely recommend to all!!!
12/01/2022 Did great. Followed directions. Submitted a little late but got the job done.

Thankyou. Although the project wasn't late but submitted a day before . Maybe you checked the answer late.
11/04/2022 Thank you so much!
11/02/2022 Quality work, he did everything i asked and then some. thank you so much!
11/01/2022 Great service!
10/30/2022 Excellent work  and was on point with the assignment and finish before the deadlineyes
10/03/2022 Great
09/27/2022 Thank you!
09/08/2022 Work was good but had to have professor correct the paper to APA format TWICE. I don't know where the miscommunication was as the assignment stated APA format. 
06/27/2022 Great.
06/20/2022 Excellent writing with a very quick turn around.
04/29/2022 Great quality paper!
04/15/2022 Thank you.
04/15/2022 Great.
04/02/2022 Thank you.
04/02/2022 Good.
02/16/2022 Great job.
01/03/2022 passing and quick turnaround, thanks!
12/17/2021 Prof gave me the heads up when the needed more time well in advance and I got a great paper in return. Thanks again!
12/12/2021 Amazing work! He sent it to me on time as well! I recieved an A+ ! Thank you so much! 10/10
12/12/2021 Best Professor I've ever worked with.
12/09/2021 On time A work 
Great work, did a great job on completing the essay. It was even completed early. I will be using again and would reccomnd to others.
12/01/2021 Always A+ papers!
11/28/2021 Professional and on time.  Need to make a few minor changes and was prompt in updating. Will use them again.
11/20/2021 Amazing work i highly suggest, work is done with the most attention to detail and on time. You will not regret it . Thank you 
11/20/2021 Completed before requested. 
11/16/2021 Good job.
11/16/2021 Thank you.
11/11/2021 got 10/100
11/05/2021 Great job....finished on schedule and delivered a quality product ....Thank you
11/04/2021 Great job
10/28/2021 Godd job.
10/28/2021 Second time I used this person! HIGHLY recommend to anyone! Will be looking for them again in the near future!! 
10/26/2021 Did a great job and provided a well-written case study in a tight deadline. Highly recommend. Thank you!
10/24/2021 Great Work
10/09/2021 Papers are always on time and outstanding work!
10/09/2021 Excellent work!
10/09/2021 Great Work! Never disappoints!
10/01/2021 Great work!!! Very quick and responsive! 
09/30/2021 .
09/29/2021 Good job.
09/29/2021 Professor write great discussion answers.
09/29/2021 Great work!
09/23/2021 Quick and painless!!
09/19/2021 This project result was excellent AND returned early.
09/19/2021 Stellar work!
09/10/2021 Excellent. Look foward to working with them again!
09/08/2021 Once again, an excellent paper on short notice. Will definitely be using again!
09/05/2021 Excellent and quick turn around. Definitley using again.
08/16/2021 Great work!
08/14/2021 ty
08/14/2021 Ty
08/12/2021 Allways amazing job! 
08/12/2021 did the assignment as requested
08/11/2021 Ty so much 
08/08/2021 This was a wonderful paper.  I have not been graded on it yet, but I know that the grade will be great.  I didn't even suggest what to advocate for and it is actually something that I am quite passionate about, so that worked out well.  Thank you so much!!
08/05/2021 Thank you so much , excellent work. 
08/01/2021 Great communication thruout the project. Amazing paper. Would highly recommend.
07/30/2021 Excellent service, always excedes my expectations. 
07/21/2021 Great job!
07/14/2021 Amazing work! Only had a few hours to complete the project and I even received it early. would highly recommend 
07/11/2021 Love it
07/03/2021 Very nice! Thanks.
07/03/2021 Thank you.. nice job!
07/03/2021 Thanks! Solid work.
07/03/2021 Great paper.. thank you!
06/30/2021 Great job!!
06/21/2021 Very timely and responsive.
06/13/2021 Great Job , thanks.
06/04/2021 Great work! Finished just on time for submission! 
06/03/2021 Great job!! Paper was completed hours ahead of schedule.
06/02/2021 Great quality work and submitted paper on time!
06/02/2021 Thanks! Very nice.
06/02/2021 Nice job.. thank you!
06/02/2021 Solid work! Thanks.
06/02/2021 Thank you.. great paper!
05/31/2021 Too expensive for little work 
05/27/2021 Completed ahead of schedule! Solid paper.
05/27/2021 Great work.. and received a day early!
05/27/2021 Didn't pass the grade.. 
05/21/2021 Best on the site! Thank you.
05/21/2021 Good paper. Will use again!
05/21/2021 Very nice! Thanks.
05/21/2021 Thank you.. nice job!
05/21/2021 Thanks! Solid work.
05/21/2021 Great paper.. thank you!
05/21/2021 Professor wrote well but didn't complete in APA 7th edition format; instead used MLA.
05/16/2021 Great work! TY!
05/14/2021 Timely and outstanding work!
05/12/2021 Received ahead of schedule. Will work with this professor again. 
05/12/2021 Amazing!
05/12/2021 On time and recieved 100% on project. 
05/12/2021 Great papers 
05/12/2021 Honestly first prof to actually write out the assignment exactly how I need it. Answered all the questions throughly and didn't just dance around the answer. Awesome Professor!
05/09/2021 Great work & grade! 
05/05/2021 Great!
05/04/2021 Ontime and solid work
05/01/2021 highly recommended, meet the requirements.
05/01/2021 GREAT JOB!
04/30/2021 Excellent work within a short period of time ( 2 days).  Exceeded expectations. Highly reccomend.  
04/28/2021 Ty
04/27/2021 Ty
04/26/2021 Very thorough. Thank you for the assistance.
04/26/2021 Great work!
04/26/2021  Very Trustworthy and Dependable. Always on time and does great work!
04/24/2021 Great work. Followed instructions very well. Thank you!
04/24/2021 Finished Early and use instructions well.
04/24/2021 Excellent work, would do again!
04/23/2021 Highly recommend!
04/22/2021 Perfect!
04/21/2021 It was done earlier than due date and very well! Much more than the bare minimum.
04/14/2021 This professor always exceeds expectations, 10/10
04/13/2021 Nice job at the end!
04/11/2021 Wonderful. Very accommodating and communicative! 
04/09/2021 Looks awesome! Would use again!
04/04/2021 finished my paper very quickly and turned in early while still doing a great job! Thank you!
03/13/2021 Great job!
03/05/2021 Didnt Check work for errors when asked. 
02/24/2021 Thank you for your prompt response!
02/24/2021 The paper I received from this person was horrible. I had no time to ask for corrections and I honestly did not trust that they would be able to execute them appropriately. There were several obvious politically charged comments made that were completely unnecessary and would have been disrespectful had I submitted them. Aside from that, the essay itself was written at a high school or middle school level and had numerous grammar mistakes along with sentences that just did not make sense. To name a few, the writer used "motive" instead of "motivate". They forgot to use the words "to" in "pertaining to" and "of" in "consisting of". They also used the word "enquire" instead of "inquire". The numerous errors in this essay led me to rewrite the entire thing in a panic which is exactly what I was trying to avoid. This writer is incompetent and I will not be using them again. 
02/17/2021 Thank you. 
02/01/2021 Great Work!
01/29/2021 Without a doubt, one of the best professors here, if not the best. Seriously. 
01/24/2021 Great job!
01/22/2021 great job
01/21/2021 Be very cautious using this "professor." If you give a prompt for an essay and the writer finishes it on time and with the specified length, they will get paid regardless of the content. If you request a dispute over the content of the essay, this "professor" will make begin with condescending attacks and claim you are just looking for free work when nothing they have written is useful. This is the right "professor" to pick if you want someone to write a paper with awkward uses of "big words" in order to attempt to make a paper sound like it's graduate level and multiple unusable pages of fluff with no substance that never gets to a point.
01/21/2021 Perfect!
01/21/2021 A+
01/20/2021 Thank you. 
01/19/2021 well written. A+
01/18/2021 Good Work
01/15/2021 Nicely done.
01/11/2021 Amazing, amazing work thank you.  Highly recommended.
01/10/2021 Excellent work 
01/10/2021 Excellent 
01/08/2021 On time and high quality work!
12/18/2020 Thank you 
12/18/2020 Excellent work and did it in 2 days.
12/17/2020 Excellent! THANK YOU SO MUCH
12/16/2020 This prof delivered an amazing paper way before deadline, followed instructions perfectly and i could not be happier! Thank you!!! I definitely recommend and will be using this prof again for sure!
12/16/2020 The best professor on this site
11/25/2020 Great discussion post that was turned in well ahead of schedule. No errors and followed instructions to a T.
11/23/2020 Absolutly fantastic paper, couldnt be more thakful.
11/01/2020 Greatly satisfied! This professor worked super fast and I liked the writing style. He/she covered everything that needed to be addressed. I had to change a few words here and there because they were not part of my vocabulary and it would be obvious that I did not come up with those words myself. I would definitely use again. 
10/08/2020 Great work and always on time.
10/04/2020 Great work.
10/04/2020 Excellent work!
10/02/2020 Excellent work.
10/02/2020 A well formatted essay with good information although didn't really meet the specifications of the task. 

08/12/2020 Only managed a 40% was far to vague and although promised was able to go in depth in the subject matter clearly used own opinion instead of fact. Feel bidded for the work without any intention of researching properly. Won't be using again. Also didn't deliver on amount of citations, and those that were used were outdated and not presented without bias. 
08/09/2020 My first disappointment with! This paper was so repetitive. I made my instructions very clear. Yet, I could match the same sentences in different paragraphs at least 3x word to word. The content of each section of my essay was the same message over and over (he/she/they) did not even put the effort in to even reword the same content). I decided not to even message the writer and just contact the support center to report this writer's service directly. I do not want to ever work with the writer ever again.
07/28/2020 The work was perfect and exactly what I needed! 
07/19/2020 Awesome work submitted prior to the deadline for this international business paper!  Highly recommend!!
07/13/2020 Great work and project completed 3 days early!!  Highly recommend!!

07/13/2020 Great work with awesome delivery time! Thoroughly related my assignment to the reading material!
06/28/2020 Very nice! Success narrative was great!
06/21/2020 Awesome! I got an A on the 10 page research paper! Thank you!
06/14/2020 Great job! Essay was well written and on time.
06/13/2020 I had NO clue what to even do with my assignment yet it uploaded it and got it back on time, it was perfect and I got an A on it! Would absoultely recommend to anyone and use this professor again myself. 
06/03/2020 Thank you! The research thesis and outline were great!
06/03/2020 Another good job.. Source essay was very nice
06/03/2020 Good job.. Research essay was very nice
06/03/2020 Excellent! I got an A on my annotated bibliography!
06/02/2020 Awesome job! Argumentative essay was nice.
05/27/2020 Thank you! The speech was very well written.
05/19/2020 Very nice! Informative essay was great!
05/07/2020 Great job! Essay was on time and well written.
05/07/2020 Great job! Detailed outline was on time and well written.
05/04/2020 Helped me a bunch thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05/03/2020 got an 86 
04/29/2020 Great job! Outline was on time and well written.
04/26/2020 Great!
04/25/2020 Great prof.
04/23/2020 excellent job
04/19/2020 Well deserved.  Met expectations and completed ahead of schedule.  Thank you!!
04/19/2020 Well deserved.  Met expectations and completed ahead of schedule.  Thank you!!
Good communication and excellent work. Delivered what was requested.
04/14/2020 Great job! Essay was on time and well written.
04/10/2020 Wow! What can I say, this professor has been exceptionally amazing. He goes above and beyond to ensure that your project is exactly what you are asking and then some. Highly recommend this professor. 
04/07/2020 Very well written and received the paper early. 
03/03/2020 on Time and received fullk credit. Thank you!
02/16/2020 The professor worked with me and my needs. delivered before due time. Thank you!
01/15/2020 Fantastic work!! 100% thank you!!
12/23/2019 Great work. Will utilize again.
12/17/2019 Great work, completed in a timely manner!

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