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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
09/29/2023 I was amazed by the communication I received from you. You listened to every request and delivered an amazing job on time, with a perfect paper that was just fabulous. Your attention to detail and dedication is truly appreciated, and it's great to know that I can count on you for quality work when needed!
04/27/2023 Had my essay within 24 hours. Only minor adjustments needed to fit my writing style more, but saved me hours during finals' week on a paper! Thanking them so much!
04/16/2023 Great job!
04/08/2023 My profeessor did an AMAZING job. She went above and beyond. I highly recommend. 
12/03/2022 Awesome!!
10/25/2022 Amazing Work, My Proffesor Gave me an A+++++
10/21/2022 Great Communication throughout. Extremely satisified with the report and accompanying excel document analysis. Would work with again!!
10/20/2022 Perfect
10/20/2022 Shes does really great work I would recomend 10 out of 10 !
10/16/2022 So nice and done in a timely fashion! Thank you so much I appreciate it!
10/16/2022 Awesome work! 
Thank you so much!
I will absolutely choose this professor again!
10/13/2022 Great work! Will for sure hire again 
10/13/2022 Always on time and detail oriented thank you!
10/11/2022 I am very happy with my paper the professor was quick and open minded to my creative views.
10/10/2022 very good work and on time!
09/25/2022 Thank you for the quick and seamless communication as well as my assignment.
08/27/2022 Feedback from school: Exceeds Project Requirements

Thank you so much for the short notice assignment! I'm very happy with the work and I really appreciate you!
07/07/2022 The professor had to write three copies of the paper to get it semi-right, and even then it required a lot of editing from me. When I read some reviews (for all professors, not just this one) as I was selecting a professor, I was very worried about the negative reviews but I decided to ignore them. This was blissful ignorance. My professor wrote about completely off-topic things in the first two papers, and needed a lot of guidance from me on a simple prompt (For a 2000-level English course, I found this concerning). I would suggest you simply do the work instead of using this service. I appreciate the professor's willingness to help and try again, but I don't think that this should've been necessary. There was also massive issues with citations and sentences that should be cited, even in the final product. 
04/19/2022 great work
04/12/2022 The assignment was perfect. No changes were required. Looking forward to use this prof again. Thanks
04/05/2022 Thank you for the beautiful paper. I hope to work with you again.
04/05/2022 Amazing work as always!!  Thank you!
04/05/2022 Does not follw instructions !!!!
03/31/2022 Amazing!!!!! And done early.
03/21/2022 I used this professory for a business type of assignment! She completed the project on time and produced quality work! Thank you! I would use this professor again! Great writer.
02/23/2022 Excellent, thank you!
02/15/2022 Awesome!
10/24/2021 Great job and on time. Thank you
10/01/2021 Another amazing paper. Done exactly as asked with quality content. Will definitely use again!
09/27/2021 did good
09/21/2021 I had a mid-term that I knew I didn't have time to study for. This professor was able to help me get the mid-term completed in the requested time and with an awesome final score. Highly recommended for difficult tasks!
09/19/2021 Followed instructions for the assignment perfectly and delivered a high quality finished product. Very satisfied!
08/31/2021 Done exactly as asked for. Very happy.
07/20/2021 Few grammar issues, otherwise great.
07/15/2021 Ty great work 
07/13/2021 Ty
07/11/2021 This professor accepted my project. Then emailed me at 1 in the morning asking for info on a book, I emailed when I woke up and emailed right back still 11 Hours before the due time. More then enough time to finish the project it was a fairly short project. I didnt hear anything else back fomr this professor and as it got closer to the due time i emailed asking on the progress and didnt hear anything back until 7 hours after the due time saying she decided not to do it because there wasnt enough time. This woud have been nice to know before it was due she could of emailed me and told me she wasnt going to do it or even withdrew her big that i accepted whitch she didnt do so i didnt even have acces to the funds to get another proffessor to do it. Very disatisfied!!
07/05/2021 I have used this professor many times and my assignments are always done on time and directions are followed exactly so I get 100 percent every time. I will continue to use this professor for my assignments. 
06/27/2021 Absolute GARBAGE. DO NOT USE THIS PROFESSOR. Can not write in English, does not follow instructions.
Wish I could give ZERO STARS.
06/11/2021 She did a wonderful job and I would use her again she is very thorough 
06/01/2021 Used mutiple times. AMAZING WORK!
05/31/2021 thank you
05/31/2021 On time
05/29/2021 One of the worst experiences I have had on this website. The paper was awful with a lot of repetition. The essay did not even properly discuss the topic it was supposed to. Professor did rewrite it, but did not deliver the second version within the time he/she had promised and my essay was submitted late. 
05/29/2021 amazing! and on time 
05/24/2021 Quality work and good response time
05/24/2021 Not worth waiting.
05/19/2021 always good work
05/19/2021 Ty so much 
05/19/2021 Thank you so much!!
05/17/2021 Cheers
05/15/2021 The paper was full of repetitive words (filler content)and the paragraph's flow was not looking like a professor writing. In total the paper was not answering the assignment questions, rather it was collected from just one or two sources and transfered to the assignment paper without critical undrestanding of the topic.

05/14/2021 Used several times, each time fantastic and hits even short deadlines. 
05/13/2021 good work
05/12/2021 Passed on first attempt! Thank you!
05/12/2021 Finished before deadline!
05/11/2021 I always get top notch grades with this professor!
05/11/2021 Amazing work for my computer science classes!!!
05/11/2021 Amazing! 
05/09/2021 Not written or researched well.
05/08/2021 Outstanding work. Timely. Well-researched and well-organized. Excellent communications! And attention to detail
05/08/2021 Thank you I cannot thank you enough.
05/08/2021 The writing was wel- researched and authentic! Would use again. 
05/07/2021 wrote the essay in broken english and missed the entire point of the question
05/06/2021 Super fast turnaround. I foresee using many parts of the paper to help me ease the workload of the entirety of the project that needs to be completed for class. Recommend for future use. Thank you. 
05/06/2021 Ya know...this is the third straight time I have used this professor and I really don't understand how people are marking her down for maybe "spelling" or "incorrect format". In my eye's, if you're paying someone else to do your work, there is at least SOME effort you have to do on your end. Mannekis delivers excellent content, does serious research and connects the dots back to the thesis and onto the conclusion the exact way our college professors are looking for. Use this professor to get 90%-95% of the essay done then tweek it to how you need to present/display it. But she's great and with a hectic work schedule, she really saves me precious time to focus on other things. 

Use this professor, you're a fool not to. 
05/06/2021 The paper was riddled with plagiarism and needed to be rewritten. Basically, this was a waste of money, and I'm lucky I didn't submit it without looking at it, or else I'd be in a lot of trouble right now.
05/06/2021 This profssor definatly knows what shes doing when it comes to prusasive letters Amazing!
05/06/2021 Excellent work!
05/06/2021 If you need something done right this is your place. Save my life. 
05/05/2021 amazing!
05/05/2021 Hit it out of the park!! Was amazing!!!
05/05/2021 Finished ahead of time and exactly as I exptected. 
05/04/2021 The finished product exceeded expectations given the short amount of time that was provided for completion. They had a good understanding of the subject matter (microeconomics).
05/04/2021 Very accomadating and nice to work with
05/04/2021 Professor wrote decent paper but after my due date. I know the deadline was tight but she bid on it knowing the timeline and was exactly 3 hours late on delivery.I received a 0/150 due to the tardiness of the assignment. I'll know for next time they have a 3 hour "grace period" and to factor that in accordingly.
05/04/2021 10/10 ?? 
05/04/2021 Excellent work! Timely, professional. My paper sounds great! Thank you so much.
05/04/2021 Ty
05/03/2021 This was a well written essay, and I got it with time to spare. Thanks so much
05/03/2021 Great work! Would use time and time again!
05/03/2021 This professor bid and accepted the project quickly and completed the project several hours early. The paper looks great. Awesome work!
05/02/2021 Meeh 
05/02/2021 Great work! 
05/02/2021 Wonderful work, would use time and time again. Used the sources and information provided to create an excellent essay. 
05/02/2021 Great work thank you! Also has great communication 
05/01/2021 wonderful work
04/29/2021 Wonderful work!!
04/29/2021 The professor delivered a high quality piece of paper when I needed it the most!
04/29/2021 Honestly not very good at analyzing poetry... trying to be nice and reasonably priced but would likely earn me a C- or something 
04/28/2021 Did a great job.
04/28/2021 Did not follow exact instructions of the assignment
04/28/2021 Ty
04/27/2021 Got a 70/100. No plagiarism and super quick work. Thank you!
04/27/2021 It was a really niche topic and unfortunately the essay was really vague and just didn't hit the mark. I used about a tenth of the essay. There was no research or facts and a heap of generalisations that were just wrong. This person is good at creative writing and sentences flow well but they weren't helpful in answering the two questions I needed answered
04/26/2021 Excellent job! Thank you
04/26/2021 Recieved a good paper in perfect timeframe. i was able to edit and put my personal twist easily and the minimally low plagarism was such an important factor. Thanks for saving me! Reccommend this professor for your needs.
04/25/2021 Overall this assignment was assigned last minute and they only had less than 12 hours to complete this task, and this was a QUICK turnaround. Very responsive to chat when I sent messages to check in periodically. The case study was well written, minor grammical and consiseness issues that were easily fixed upon a quick review. I would recommend this professor for future projects. I would rate a 9.5/10. 
04/25/2021 Amazing work! Got my paper to me before the deadline set. Will use this writer again. 
04/25/2021 Paper was well written and back to me in enough time to read it and allow for any changes (which there were none). Always got back to me quickyly with answers to any question. Will definitly look them up for my next paper!!
04/25/2021 Super stuff. Did it before time and I was out late, 24h b4 due.. Thanks!!
04/24/2021 Great work. Got paper a week before due date. 
04/24/2021 Great work! I submitted my work on here and the professor had it done well before the deadline
04/24/2021 I've used many professors and this one in my opinion is the absolute best. She does the research and makes any corrections you need. 
04/23/2021 Completed as requested and on time.
04/22/2021 Overall good job. My school professor provided some feedback and I sent it to her and she fixed the things my professor commented on! Such a good job! Thank you
04/21/2021 Great work!
04/21/2021 I have used this professor a few times and I'm never dissapointed! 
04/21/2021 Thank you for being so quick to pick up my bid as well as writting a really solid paper. I have a feeling that I will come back to only you from now on. You finished in a timely manner and the paper is very well written. Thank you so much!!!
04/21/2021 Great paper! Made sure to follow the paper instructions closley. Also quickly ammended the paper after I had requested a few changes. 
Would recommend for anyone in a pinch. 
04/21/2021 If I could give him 0 stars I would. Paper was almost nothing that I asked for. Originally told me he would have it to me within 24 hours even though the due date gave him a week. He still took that week. I asked him numerous times if he has any questions. He told me no. He did not APA format and his writing was unprofessional. After I had him fix his mistakes he sent it to me AFTER the due date. So I lost points and had to write my own paper after paying $125. And the paper was still trash. He used references that he obviously didn't actually look at. Save. Your. Money. Get another professor. The whole site isn't trash just him. 
04/21/2021 great
04/21/2021 She does perfect work ! Ty 
04/20/2021 Outstanding, I will be going to this professor for everything ECON
04/19/2021 Excellent work and in a timely fashion!
04/19/2021 The meat and potatoes of the assignment were completed but I shouldn't have to take an hour to fix typos and grammar, and reword entire sentences to make sense. I plugged essay into Grammarly to do a quick fix.
04/19/2021 Amazing work, very efficient and quick to respond. Attentive to detail and was willing to alter my project to fit my needs. 10/10 would recommend and use again!
04/19/2021 Quality work done on time. Good communication
04/18/2021 Great essay and hit all points of my project. Also, done in a timely manner. 
04/18/2021 Very detailed paper, met the standard I was searching for and very promtpt. Finished my paper before the deadline.
Awesome wok! 
04/18/2021 Great work and super quick. I also paid for the extra plagiarism report which came back clean
04/18/2021 Very timely and did a great job. 
04/18/2021 Great work did exactly what I asked for
04/17/2021 If this professor would bid on another project of mine, I would immediately choose them.  Great products in a timely manner.
04/17/2021 Great product received when I was in a time crunch.  This professor charged more than the others, but a quality product was produced in a matter of hours...Highly recommended.
04/17/2021 The professor was very nice. The work was done sooner than deadline. Highly recommend this professor
04/17/2021 Thanks so much professor you saved me a lot of time and helped me earned a better grade you are awesome thank you again
04/17/2021 great followed directions
04/16/2021 Did a great job at a reasonable price.
04/16/2021 Thank you!
04/16/2021 Thank you for the quality work!
04/16/2021 Went above and beyond what was asked for. Thank you!
04/15/2021 great job!
04/15/2021 Excellently written essay and they accomodated me with revisions! Would use again! 
04/15/2021 Great Paper and completed within the required time. 
04/15/2021 Minniekas did a great job on my essay. I was suuuper skeptical about paying for this type of service online but it genuinely worked out and I am pleased. Minniekas even revised a whole section for me and was open to any further changes if needed. 10/10 recommend! 
04/14/2021 good work
04/14/2021 Good base but required a lot of editing by me. 
04/14/2021 Delivered the project on time. Well written.
04/14/2021 Great!
04/13/2021 Did a great job will be using this professor again ! Thank you 
04/13/2021 Love this professor! This was my first time using unemployed professors and this professor exceeded my expectations for the paper! They did their research on the topic and used multiple sources for my paper. It was formatted perfectly and there are no signs of plagiarism anywhere! I recived my paper with time to spare for edits (but it was already great so edits were not needed) and they also wrote two pages more than I was expecting (which is definitely a good thing!). I am so thankful to them for taking this paper on! 
04/13/2021 Impeccable, knowledgeable and timely. I will definitely be a loyal/ returning student to Minniekas. 10/10 I highly recommend !minniminniekasekas
04/13/2021 Amazing work. Thank you!
04/13/2021 I waited to the last mintue thinking I could complete the assignment on my own and was desperate for a 6 page paper in 4 hours time.  Minniekas delivered a well written 6 page artice review within the 4 hour timeline!  Thank you 
04/12/2021 Done in a hour. Good format.
04/12/2021 gave her less then 24 hours to write a 5 page essay and she got it done well before the deadline. Other than some grammar errors the essay was pretty good. 
04/12/2021 Highly reccomend! Thank you again! 
04/12/2021 Excellent essay with extremely comprehensive arguements
04/12/2021 10*
04/12/2021 Perfectly completed the task with a very short amount of time given. 
04/12/2021 good paper - fully revised after I asked to change something
04/11/2021 Sentences barely made any sense and required significant revision
04/11/2021 Small gramatical errors but was done on time and used the sources provided, exceeded the word count, and was done before the deadline. 
04/11/2021 10/10 recommend. Quick response time and quality work. 
04/11/2021 Quality work and executed in a timely manner.
04/11/2021 very good
04/11/2021 Thank you!

The professor completed the paper meeting all requirements FOUR hours before the stipulated time. The paper included proper APA formatting and cited the appropriate number and type of references. The professor covered all the aspects of the topic that I requested. Receiving the paper early allowled me time to do the revisions without rushing. 
One thing to look out for, and IT IS NOT THE PROFESSORS" FAULT, is that when setting the needed number of pages, the website calculates the number of words. In the end the pater fell somewhat short of the needed pages while the prefessor wrote 500 words over the word count calculated by the site based on the page number I set.
Thank you minniekas!

04/11/2021 Some grammatical and carry on stuff but over all I think it's well done and meets the requirements 
04/10/2021 Always great work!
04/10/2021 really spectacular work. 
04/09/2021 Quick delivery of a quality paper. Thank you very much
04/09/2021 Great job, couldn't have asked for a better essay. If you're looking for an essay for clinical psychology this professor knews what she was talking about! Thank you for your hard work! xx
04/09/2021 Great job, thank you
04/09/2021 Wrote a great paper with the references I provided! Only minor grammar adjustments and some sentences were rushed, but I was quickly able to fix it myself as it was submitted hours before the deadline. Thank you again!!
04/08/2021 Above and beyond
04/08/2021 Minniekas never dissappoints! - i know some of these other reviews seem "robotic" but trust me when i say that some gold level professors are better than the platinum ones and Minniekas is one of them!
04/08/2021 completed my paper before the due date and exceeded my expectations.
04/07/2021 Done in a timely manner. Good quality.
04/07/2021 Very good job!! Went above and beyond what I was expecting! Thank you :)
04/06/2021 My favorite Professor. She actually researched and delivers plagiarism free work!
04/05/2021 Amazing work. Responded to all my questions promptly and provided great work. 
04/05/2021 Awesome! 
04/04/2021 amaZING

04/04/2021 Amazing
04/01/2021 She completed on time
04/01/2021 This was finished promptly and very well! 
03/30/2021 Fast and efficeint!
03/30/2021 This was my first time using the site and Minniekas made the process very simple and was able to complete the task well before the due date. 
03/30/2021 Amazing job! missed one question of my essay but as soon as I told her she worked on it and sent it back to me ASAP. Recommend her! and I will continue to use her. Thank you so much yet again for another good essay!!
03/29/2021 amazing
03/28/2021 Good work 
03/28/2021 great job 
03/26/2021 Amazing communciation. Very nimble and made changes to the essay with no questions asked as well as went above and beyond with outside sources. Cannot give a high enough review. By far the best professor i have used on this website. No gimmicks, no fake promises. Thank you so much!!!
03/26/2021 nice
03/25/2021 Completed my assignment before the deadline. I am pleased with the work that was provided.
03/25/2021 I spent a 100$ on this essay, which firstly was given to me late so i missed the deadline. Moreover, half of what was written was nonsense (both logically and grammatically), i had to delete paragraphs because of the filler that was in there and do lots of edits before i could whip it into shape. I don't know whether it's because it was rushed or if they didn't have enough content but regardless not really worth the money
03/25/2021 Produced very high quality work for a University Economics essay. This Professor is very strong in the business - Economics and Finance field. 10/10
03/24/2021 Knocked it out of the park!
03/24/2021 10/10
03/24/2021 Great paper, thank you!
03/22/2021 Great job 
03/15/2021 Excellent, really good work.
03/15/2021 Excellent
03/15/2021 Awesome and very timely!
03/10/2021 Amazing job thank you so much!

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