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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
12/07/2020 Im happy with the level of writing and I got an A on the paper! Thanks a bunch! 
12/01/2020 Major part of the writing was general information instead of answering the question and it looks like it was copied from google and not being cited at all.There was no consistency and logic in some part of the paper.
11/05/2020 Great job and with alot of time to review. Thanks!
11/01/2020 I had my doubts as this wasn't one of his specialties, but I got a 100% original paper in time. I had a few corrections, but nothing serious. Would definitely use again.
10/28/2020 Wonderfully done excel budgeting project for me, Thanks mate.
10/25/2020 Awesome work, just a little late. Will defentily use again, but i will give more notice next time. 
10/25/2020 This is the second project with this prof, he did what I asked exactly. I asked a correcetiion after first draft and he did correct everything I asked. 

Really thankful for him. 

10/22/2020 Great. This prof did what I asked exactly. 
Received essay in timely maner and when there were questions about requirements he contacted right away!
10/18/2020 Cannot thank you enough. Drowning in lifes circumstances and work and you have been an absolute God send. thank you!!!
10/10/2020 Highly recommend!! Nice work
10/10/2020 The Prof was on time and delivered quality work as promised. Highly recommend!
10/08/2020 It was perfect!!!!
10/01/2020 Project was submitted early and editing was done right away.  Thank you for saving me a lot of time and headaches! :-)
09/25/2020 assigment was not complete and was finished after the deadline
09/22/2020 Report was as requested and I received an A! :-) Very happy to have spent my time on better things :-p 
09/14/2020 Great job
09/12/2020 awesome thorough work.
09/01/2020 Well written paper and completed ahead of time. Would use again.
08/30/2020 Great work
08/28/2020 Great Job!
08/20/2020 This was well worth the money spent. The paper was written in a timley matter and everything i asked for was done in excellence. He was in constant communication and answered all my concerns. 
08/19/2020 Thank you Sir. Sorry for the delay.
08/18/2020 Thanks for your hard work and getting me an "A".
08/17/2020 Got a B. References and in text citations did not match.
08/12/2020 Great with help
08/08/2020 Received a grade of 46 for the work. It was a scholarly paper and the APA formatting was incorrect, as well as the use of contractures throughout the writing. 
08/06/2020 Do not recommend this writer.  Poor syntax and blatant plagerism from the provided text.  I was beyond dissapointed.
08/06/2020 This professor is excellent with content, I took one star off because of some grammatical errors (not something grammaryly can't fix). They can be verbose that things almost sound repertitve but theyre not - honestly, this is  great if you're trying to make page limits; this professor can make a pargraph out of three words. I definitely recommend hiring them for you projects, just know that you will have to do a few very minor editing fixes. :D
08/03/2020 Great work! Thanks for your help very last minute.
07/27/2020 Met a very tough deadline for a long paper, a life saver. If you are reading this, he is your man for sure
07/23/2020 Awesome. So much help. LIFE SAVER!

07/22/2020 Awsome
07/19/2020 I got an A on my paper! I got more than I thought I could expect with such short notice! Great work. Would use this professor again :-)
07/12/2020 More advance anaylsis was lacking but overall quality of work was good.
07/12/2020 Great job. Thanks
06/26/2020 Communication could have been better. Assignment was turned in late when original message on bid stated I would receive it early to review first. Did not use a source I provided in an attachment then later sent a message to advise it was in the attachment. Overall, essay was written well. I received a 43/50.
06/25/2020 Not only did I recieve my paper incredibly fast, I scored a 94 on it!!! This is and will continue to be, my go to professor!! Thank you again. 
06/18/2020 Great job! Very well written paper.
06/17/2020 outstanding work!!!
06/15/2020 works from his own head, doesn't obey or even read the sent instructions. made me get a 0 on my outline although i asked him seversl times to revise the instructions paper in order to know what am i required to do altough he asked for a 100$. 
not recommended.
06/13/2020 Amazing work considering I gave them such a tight deadline! Great work mate! 10000% using you again!
06/11/2020 I really appreciate I got a great work.
06/07/2020 This is the second paper I've used seniorman for and he exceeds my expectations both times now. I will be using him again in the future. He is great with communication and always gets the paper done before the time I need it done. I highly recommend him!! 
06/02/2020 Super fast delivery! Thanks so much!
05/28/2020 Not the best work I have seen on here, but it was ok. Enough to get me a B.
05/26/2020 Amazing work. Very professional and even offer free edits 
05/26/2020 Great work in a timely manner. I will definitely be back! Thank you!
05/26/2020 Quick response. Quick turn around. Great work
05/25/2020 Amazing. Fast and professional. Thank you!
05/25/2020 The professor communicated well and addressed all my concerns. The order was also completed well in advance. I highly recommend this professor and will use him again
05/24/2020 Was very happy with the work! Did a great job and added more when I asked!
05/24/2020 he's an absolute chad
05/20/2020 He took my bid to write a physics paper with <24 hours before it was due and killed it. Very professional, timely, and well spoken. Thank you!!
05/20/2020 I respect the timely return, they honored the deadline. I received a full essay as well, but it had more than a few grammatical, spelling, and sentence style flaws. Ran it through grammarly and it was still choppy. But they were communicative and maybe I could have been more specific. Good essay overall. 
05/17/2020 Excellent work! Thank you
05/15/2020 66.5/100 grade. got the paper on time and was professional so added a couple stars.
05/15/2020 Excellent book report and done on time! Followed all directions and used appropriate sources. Thank you!
05/14/2020 The professor had my assignment ready before i even expected it, Good ,quality work
05/13/2020 Had to ask for edits in order to get all the instrcutions completed. Overall, very good.
My advice is to proofread everything before releasing the pay, however professor welcomes extra editing requests.
Paper was on International Relations.
05/12/2020 Day late, but overall great and communicated well! Would recommend and use again.
05/08/2020 Did a great job in less than 24 hours 
05/07/2020 Fantastic. Finished way ahead of the due date. Thank you very much.
05/07/2020 Excellent Job!

Thank you!
05/07/2020 Awesome job on this research paper.  Got a grade of 100%!

Thanks Unemployed Progessors especially seniorman!
05/07/2020 Amazing work
05/06/2020 Professor was very patient. He accepted several adjustments to the paper and followed the guidelines precisely. 
Excellent work/service, will definitely work with him again!
* Paper was on Political Science/International Relations 
05/06/2020 HORRIBLE!!!! Think Twice before you choose this Professor. I recieved a 66 on my assignment. TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT
05/05/2020 outstanding
05/05/2020 Very well written essay, met all of the requirements asked for. Completed the task within the time asked. 
05/05/2020 Good powerpoint, had a few small spelling mistakes... nothing difficult to correct. Thanks.
05/04/2020 Very well done!  
05/04/2020 Seniorman finished well before time and did an excellent job on my papers knows alot about chemistry. If I have any other major things I will definetly use him again! I would recommend him to anyone!
05/02/2020 Delivered paper very timely and made great revisons upon request. The paper got a B- so Im rating this an 8/10. Was good to work with!
05/02/2020 Got my assignment done, and thats all i needed.
05/01/2020 Thank you!
05/01/2020 Answers questions quickly and does great work! 
04/27/2020 Got the project done early but was one page too short and didn't include the correct amount of sources. One source was listed in the references but not cited anywhere in the text. Luckily, it didn't matter though and I still got an A. Only had to do minimal corrections. Overall, would reccommend this professor! Thanks again! 
04/27/2020 Great work delivered early. 
04/26/2020 My project was submitted early! Well done.
04/26/2020 I couldn't be happier with the results.  Thank you.
04/25/2020 Great work!
04/24/2020 Excellent work and delivered before scheduled time. 
04/24/2020 Excellent writing. The professor delivered a thorough, insightful, and effective solution - more than I anticipated. He is very cordial and delivered the project earlier than the stipulated time, which is awesome! Looking forward to doing more projects with you in the future, Professor Seniorman, cheers!
04/24/2020 Did a great job and was on time.
04/23/2020 Thank you so much! The article was perfect and just what I needed. I had a time crunch and they were able to complete it before the due time. Thank you again!
04/23/2020 Did a great job. Had it back to me in under time requested. Could not be more satisfied!!!
04/22/2020 Great paper. Even completed a day early!
04/20/2020 Impressive PAPER! Professional customer service and was very responsive with any revisions I needed made. I HIGHLY recommend using this Professor!! AWESOME JOB
04/15/2020 Always well done and ahead of schedule
04/15/2020 80%
04/12/2020 great work
04/10/2020 i can take a breath thanks to Seniorman! always delivers exactky what i need! his work ticks all the boxes 
04/09/2020 Great papers, always well written. 
always done before due date.
03/31/2020 Thanks so much i got an A on my bio paper :) super helpful in such a short timeframe it is much appreciated
03/28/2020 This Professor was truly amazing and understanding . They made sure that the work that was done in a short period of time looked as if you had spent weeks working in the project at hand . The work that was done was original and outstanding . I would use them again in the future . If I was you I would have them work on my project  .
03/22/2020 Excellent paper!!  I simply ran out of time to get two quality papers done. I had heard about this service on Instagram but never used it until now.  Even with all the craziness in the world and schools arwe shut down, I still want to submit my paper by the due date and now I can! Thank you so much!
03/19/2020 good job
03/18/2020 Honeslty, I should have just done my own assignment. I sent a well formed draft and there were maybe 5 changes. Not sure it was worth the money!
03/15/2020 Wonderful job and done with time to spare, thank you!
03/12/2020 no excuse not to use this professor again and again and again and again...has done several projects for me and never once had any complaints and always ahead of schedule
03/12/2020 took three projects and merged them altogether per instruction with no new go to professor
03/12/2020 produced project ahead of schedule and to the exact written instructions...thank you
03/12/2020 Speed and precise, thank you very much!!!  This professor followed instructions to the exact, definite must use.
03/07/2020 Thank you for your help!  Much appreciated
03/06/2020 Best work on this site!
03/06/2020 Smoked it!
03/03/2020 Awesome work!! Good in all aspects of the paper. 
03/01/2020 This Professor did exceptional work! They also got it to me ahead of time (at my request) which was greatly appreciated! With the shortened deadline, they still prduced a quality product! Will definitely recommend and use again!
Thank you!
02/26/2020 Finished the assignment earlier than I ordered and offered to revise it at no extra cost!
02/09/2020 Great Work, On time and did a thorough job.

02/09/2020 Good decsription that pertains to the scope of the assignment. A life saver for someone in a time crunch with too much to do already.

02/04/2020 Essay came out great. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the essay was not delivered in the preferred hour. This inconvenience is the reason for the rating
02/04/2020 Finished way before time that was requested, excellent paper
02/03/2020 A+
02/01/2020 The project was completed ahead of time but there were a good amount of grammatical and spelling errors.
02/01/2020 Great writer.
02/01/2020 only got a 60% because they went off topic and talked about way more than what i asked of them and what was in the instructions 
02/01/2020 Fast
01/30/2020 I passed with good grade.
01/26/2020 Thank you for your work! It is exactly what I needed! 
01/23/2020 SENIOR MAN HAS SAVED MY ASS! understood my requirements and sorted my issue so much quicker than the tie i had allocated. legend 
01/12/2020 Great Work!
01/08/2020 I feel like the professor tried his best in helping with any issues I had regarding the paper.
12/17/2019 I used this professor for 2 different assignments and he did an amazing job on it. Got A's on each. Will look for this professor for future work.
12/16/2019 You did a great job 
12/11/2019 I got a 52/100 on the assignment... Wish I got my grade back before I asked for assistance on a second paper from this professor... I had to re-read and fix grammatical errors. Waste of $$$
12/11/2019 An abosolutley terrible experience. I requested a workbook to be completed. It was similar to filling out a power point presentation. The first thing I received was a research paper. After clarifying the instructions Seniorman then copied and pasted the research paper into the answers on the work book and DELETED SOME OF THE QUESTIONS. After a third correction I decided to just do it myself since clearly the professor can't read or just didn't care. Listen to the other low star reviews in regards to this professor following instructions. This was a waste of 250 dollars. I am immensely dissappointed and my day is ruined. AGAIN, do not use this professor.
12/09/2019 I'm very impressed with the quality of the paper along with following my specifications and suggestions perfectly. He submitted the paper about 24 hours in advance to give me a chance to read and revisit if we needed to. I very much recommend seniorman for your project/writing needs.
12/09/2019 just fine .
12/05/2019 I was blown away at how quickly Prof Seniorman finished my research paper, a full 4 hours before I requested, meaning it was finished within 12 hours. Impressive! There were minor grammatical errors but the bulk of the research project was on point. Thank you for making my first time at unemployed professors a success!
12/05/2019 He did an awesome job and did so in a timley fashion! I was having so much anxiety over this particular assignment and now I am calm and able to turn it in! Thank you so much!
12/04/2019 Great Work! Great Professor! Thanks!!
12/03/2019 great work, appreciete it! Finished way before the deadline!
12/02/2019 The professor understood everything that I asked for in my personal statement and completed the project within 24 hours. Thank you!
12/02/2019 didn't give me 4 pages of text but did the majority of the work so I can't complain.
12/01/2019 The prof initially didn't follow the instructions, after pointing it out they changed some stuff but I still got a horrible mark. I was guaranteed an A and didn't even get a passing grade. Honestly just very disappointed and dissatisfied as never in my academic career have I gotten such a low mark. 
11/29/2019 Just what I wanted, and over a holiday! 
11/29/2019 Quick and seamless process. Good quality research papar. APA formatted correctly. Followed instructions precisely. 
11/28/2019 Amazing! I was I such a bind becuse I had multiple assignents due and this helped so much! Good quality essay and met all the requirments I had listed, as well as finishing ahead of the date I set. Absolutely recommend!
11/28/2019 10/10 quick essay with a quick response to the questions 
11/27/2019 Exceeded expectations. Would highly reccomend.
11/27/2019 MLA fomating quotations needs work and a lot of excess quotation marks for no reason around "words" that dont need them.
11/26/2019 Great job, done in a timely manner. Thanks for all your help!! Will use this service again when needed!!

11/26/2019 got my final paper done  in just a few days. it was a done a full week before I needed it. Great content.
11/25/2019 First submitted a project that was completely the wrong topic. Then literally pieced together my notes to form SOME complete sentences. I asked for a revision and still isn't up to par of what I expect nor have experienced on this site. Not sure what happened. I worked with him one other time with good results. It seemed that either English isn't is their first language or they pawned this off on somebody else to complete. Incredibly disappointed. Will not be using this professor in the future.

11/24/2019 Received assigment within deadline but unfortunately did not adhere to APArequirements as listed in directions. Overall, satisfactory work. 
11/21/2019 This guy was super fast and super efficient with writing my paper! He was quick to add a revision that wouldn't have even needed to be revised had I given him clear instructions. I got a 5% similarity match on turnitin and I've never been more at ease submitting an assignment. I look forward to using his service again. Thanks man!
11/21/2019 Professor was thourough and knoweledgeable about subject. Excellent communication.  After paper was delviered, I needed an additional page. Professor went above and beyond to make sure the changes I had were added to the paper. Extremely satisfied with timely deliver and quality of paper. Highly recommend!!
11/21/2019 Professor was thourough and knoweledgeable about subject. Extremely satisfied with timely deliver and quality of paper!!
11/21/2019 Absolutely impressed with all the key poiints the prof addressed regarding my paper as well as, the timely fashion in which it was delivered. Definitely exceeded my expectations. 
APA rules not applied correctly. Many typos and minor problems with the logic (use of connecting words such as “also”) and the punctuation (i.e. comma’s between the authors’ names are missing). Long confusing sentences and grammar mistakes. Mediocre

11/20/2019 Paper was done to expections and was done way before due date. I expect to recieve a A. Very pleased with results. 
11/20/2019 Great paper, it was turned in the morning of my due date which gives me plenty of time to make my own corrections on it. Some portions of the paper were longer than the outline I provided but overall LIFE SAVER! Quick in responses and dilegintly asked questions to get the correct format and clarification for this paper. 
11/19/2019 Thanks so much!! 
11/18/2019 Went above and beyond and wrote me an awesome essay that followed the rubric i gave! Only criticism is he went SO above and beyond (15 sources when I only needed 6) that I'm afraid my teacher will know I didn't write it myself. Other than my personal problem, he did an amazing job and I had my assignment back to me in 24 hours. 
11/18/2019 He did an excellent job and got my paper to me fast and even with me posting it the day before it was due!!
11/17/2019 Very Helpful and delivered the project on time while nswering all my questions. 9/10
11/16/2019 Everything I asked, I got!!!
The work was perfect and no mistakes.
It had no plagerism which I was concerned.
Highly recommended.

11/15/2019 Very easy to work with and very keen to do any needed changes! 

I'll definetly recommend it!! 
11/12/2019 Excellent work, high quality output tailored to the rneeds of the assignment. Glad to have chosen him!
11/12/2019 He did an excellant job! everything I asked for i recieved 
11/10/2019 Great work in a timely manner. Will definitely be using this professor again. 
11/09/2019 thanks
Outstanding work in a timely manner! Will definitely be using this professor again!
11/06/2019 not full 3 pages but still really good, thank you!
11/05/2019 This is my first time trying this website, I just cant describe how happy I am with my paper it came exactly how I wanted it. Overall, 10/10
11/05/2019 Professor was very easy to work with and delivered exceptional work on time. Highly Recommeneded!
11/05/2019 I had the paper back in just over 24 hours. It was exactly what I needed!! THANK YOU!! I will be using this professor again!
11/03/2019 Besides a few minor grammar problems, this paper was well written.will come back with more in the future!

11/03/2019 Great job, delivered as promised.
11/03/2019 Great job
11/02/2019 Received 100% on my grade - great prof, work, and communication 
10/31/2019 When the project was assigned, the professor immediately began work and was able to deliver the project early. Project was also close to perfectly written. The professor also responded timely to requests for edits and additions to the project. This professor went above and beyond with his work and I cannot recommend him enough.
10/30/2019 great work,.
10/29/2019 Half the essay wasn't even within the parameters of the prompt
10/29/2019 Great Essay! Nicely written, great format. 
10/27/2019 Did a great job and finished my paper in 24 hours!
10/27/2019 Paper was greatly written and on topic regarding the guidelines. Paper was also done early great for last minute! thank you!!
10/27/2019 Excellent work! really thankful!!! 
10/25/2019 Thanks 
10/24/2019 Great Job, Short notice work in a timely manner. the quality is there as well.-Chad
10/22/2019 got it done quickly, and very well done!
10/21/2019 Very helpful from beginning to end with my project. Wrote an amazing book review and finished in less than 3 days! Thank you Seniorman. 
10/20/2019 excellent job!
10/20/2019 Completed a last minute project for me! Much appreciated. Great work and timeliness. 

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