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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
05/19/2024 Lily was promp and did excellent work
05/17/2024 Thank you for following the instructions and completing the project on time. I am satisfied with the work!
04/07/2024 Thank you!
03/26/2024 Thanks Lily!
03/08/2024 Perfect! Thanks so much!
02/19/2024 Great job once again. 
01/30/2024 Liliy is EXCELLENT 
01/26/2024 Very easy to work with. I assigned the task, shared the study material, and she delivered a distinction! The best I have come across on here, and I will be using her again for future assignments.
12/11/2023 Did a good job but wanted more money once the test was started.
08/26/2023 Lilly absolutely crushed it by delivering a stellar product. I provided an immensense amount of guidance and beginning research and was honstly afraid that key aspects would be missed and that I would still need to provide a large amount of revision after reciving the project. I couldn't have been more wrong. Amazing work by a brilliant professor. The professor turned this 20 page research paper around in only a few days and one full day ahead of the deadline. I'll certainly come back to Lily whenever I am looking for this service again. Superior quality work completed at an amazing pace.
08/16/2023 Good writing style 
07/18/2023 Excellent writing!  I received exemplary scores in all areas of the rubric.
05/28/2023 Excellent work, and timely production.
05/15/2023 Kept me informed and completed task ahead of time
05/02/2023 This professor completed the large amount of course work assigned with relatively no issues. I received a good grade upon completion. I appreciate her work.
05/02/2023 My professor did a great job, and wrote the perfect paper. It was finished super quick, and exceeded my expectations
04/29/2023 Lily did an outstanding job on my paper. It was done on time and was very professional. All points were hit extremely well. Highly recommend!
04/12/2023 .
04/02/2023 did okay with the paper. It really was not a paper. I had to adjust quite a bit to make it good enough to turn in. 
03/30/2023 Please be careful when selecting these "professors". 
03/20/2023 Lily was fabulous to work with! 10/10
03/16/2023 Thanks Lily for making a painful university life better. Some people just aren't academic material and still struggle to go to university, which of course is me.
03/12/2023 Fast, kind, easy to worl with, understood the assignent
02/22/2023 thank you excellent paper
02/22/2023 thank you agian for all your hardwork and expert knowlegde , fantastic work
02/21/2023 one of the best professors, excellent work
02/17/2023 Absolutely perfect thank you so much 
02/14/2023 Amazing work!
02/08/2023 perfect paper thank you agian
02/08/2023 Fabulous paper thank you 
02/07/2023 awesome thank you so much
02/07/2023 Thank you for all your work, and making sure im on track perfect paper.
02/06/2023 My first time using this professor. I received an A. 
02/01/2023 thank you agian everything is perfect 
02/01/2023 your the best thank you 
02/01/2023 awesome thank you 
01/31/2023 awesome paper
01/31/2023 perfect thankyou I will post my next two queatins to classmates next
01/31/2023 aweome work thank you
01/30/2023 perfect thank you 
01/25/2023 thank you for everything , i really appreciate your work . Excellent paper 
01/25/2023 thank you for all you help , excellent job
01/24/2023 excellent once agian , thank you so much
01/24/2023 Thank you so much Lily 
01/24/2023 Fantastic responses, thank you so much
01/24/2023 Thank you Excellent paper. and done quickly
01/22/2023 Thank you ,pefect agian 
01/18/2023 Thank you , i really appreciate your fast work also
01/18/2023 excellent paper thanks 
01/17/2023 Excellent thank you 
01/14/2023 This professor really came through at zero hour. Awesome work and in record time!
01/11/2023 Thank you so much , great paper
12/13/2022 Fantastic work, quick turnaround, very responsive and engaged to produce the best paper possible. Thank you!
12/08/2022 Thank-you
11/21/2022 Thank you very much for the help. Extremely good communication!!! 
11/21/2022 Amazing experience. Defo recommend!
11/12/2022 Perfect thank you 
11/03/2022 got a 100 thank u/you
10/26/2022 Absoulety amazing.
10/18/2022 thank you agian
10/18/2022 Fantastic 
10/11/2022 Lifesaver can't thank them enough, highly recommend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10/08/2022 life saver. Indeed a superstar
10/04/2022 I would not be using this professor again. They promised to return my assignment sooner than asked and even said they could have a draft back within a few hours. In reality, neither occurred. I never got a draft, and the professor delivered the assignment 19mins before it was due. If you are looking for a professor that will keep you waiting and NOT communicate with you when you reach out, then this professor is the one. But if you are looking for a professor that isn't causing you anxiety from the stress of wondering if the assignment is done, then I recommend going with another professor.

Very disappointed no
09/28/2022 !!! life saver
09/22/2022 I would gladly ask this professor to help me with any future assignments I may need help with.
09/13/2022 Amazing work - on time, iterations covered and quick turnaround on any comments. Thank you!!
08/12/2022 Phenomenal work! 
06/23/2022 If I could give no starts, I would. To begin with, the teacher did not respect the imposed deadline and extended it with more than 12 hours. Secondly, they edited my paper (which was used as helping tool) without me asking, and they demanded a tip for it (to cite them: "hope i wll get a tip of an equal amount lol". Lastly, I asked them to write quite literally 225 words, and the whole paragraph was full of grammar mistakes. To whoever reading this, save yourself some money and never choose this professor.
06/19/2022 Lilly did an outstanding job again on this paper. Communication is excellent and she is willing to make changes where needed. I would recommend to anyone here. 
05/11/2022 Thank you so much!
05/11/2022 Perfect, thank you so much.  
05/07/2022 Cant thank them enough, got my paper ahead of time and received a good grade as well.  Will definitely be using them again! 
05/03/2022 timely, top tier work
04/26/2022 Excellent work
04/20/2022 Very fast
04/11/2022 timely and quality work
03/28/2022 great
03/17/2022 I cant speak higher of this professor. She had the unenviable task of sorting out a failed essay. She worked with me to perfect my essay based on the feedback from my institution to achieve the grade I needed to pass. Her communication was professional and insightful. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a personal and professional.Thank your so much !!! A++++.
03/17/2022 Had my paper completed and sent before the due time! Thank you!!!
03/14/2022 great work
03/06/2022 quality work
02/20/2022 Amazing job, will use again in the future!
01/05/2022 Excellent work and on time
01/05/2022 Excellent work. Really helped me out in a bind.
01/02/2022 Timely and well done. Highly suggest Lilly, I use her for most my projects.
12/22/2021 The essay was done on time and was overall good but you can see that they didn't put in their full effort because there was a lot of mistakes and there was stuff in the essay that didn't belong there.
12/01/2021 Great work and on  time!
11/12/2021 great work
11/12/2021 always delivers
11/12/2021 awesome work. will for use again
10/24/2021 quality work, fast delivery, doesnt get better, really deserves higher than gold
10/12/2021 Done with exceptional quality and delivered before the deadline with consistent communication. Would definitely recommend and use again.
10/09/2021 No complaints! Very responsive and good paper!! Will use again!
10/09/2021 Excellent work. Great with keeping communication open and having the project done on time. 
09/30/2021 Amazing saved my life! 
09/21/2021 I got a 5 out of 5! Thank you for providing me with great work! VERY SATISFIED!
09/17/2021 Didn't really understand the task to the fullest and had to revise work two three times but other then that the writing itself in the end wasn't bad.
09/15/2021 Great and very efficient. Amazing life saver 
09/15/2021 Great paper and down before deadline! 
09/12/2021 Great 
08/22/2021 Absolutely great got my paper done well before it was do.
08/09/2021 Great
07/12/2021 timely and quality work
07/07/2021 She did a good job, I didn't get a 100, but it's expected when the essay is so last minute. She didn't my sources and didn't even refrence them, but I wouldn't know since I didn't even bother to read the articles. overall happy with my results would definetly ask to do my project again but with a larger time frame.
07/05/2021 great work 
06/21/2021 great content 
06/13/2021 Great work always
06/02/2021 Excellent service and very professional paper. Provided pape way before the requested deadline.
05/23/2021 I got a zero on my final paper this semester because of plagarism.
05/22/2021 Recieved before the deadline, and answered the task very good. 
05/13/2021 Found out that my professor plagirized a significant part of the project. The project therefore had to be discarded. 
05/09/2021 Nicely done and very quick!
05/09/2021 Awesome job!
05/09/2021 Perfect, thank you!
05/01/2021 Good job
04/24/2021 Great. Fast. 10/10
04/24/2021 Lilly responds quickly and did everything that i asked for. she even turneed in the paper a lot quicker than i expected. A couple grammar mistakes, but that is okay becausee it is a simple fix. thank you aagain!
Great work! thank you lilly for the hard work! 
04/22/2021 Quality work
04/20/2021 Always quality work
04/19/2021 Excellent job, thank you so much!
04/18/2021 great work!!!
04/18/2021 amazing!
04/18/2021 Excellent work!
04/18/2021 Great work! responds quickly!
04/17/2021 Had to make some changes.
04/17/2021 Never left a review before but I felt compelled. Paper was a few hours late which usually happens because I ask for last minute help (like only a day or two) but not only was it late, it was not my assignment (I requested a one page quick help and got someone's eight page paper), so then I had to wait another couple hours for a response with my paper. Then my paper had only one citation when I requested three (because it reviewed three different companies). So I asked where the information came from, got sent the wrong paper again. Clearly I was frustrated at this point. Got my paper with added in citations but they scholarly journals (that didn't mention any of the companies or even what it was cited next to) when it was supposed to be reviewing three companies so I responded that I didn't need fake scholarly articles I needed where the actual information came from.
I got another paper back later but I didn't even open it because I was done at that point. Overall the content and writing was fine but felt useless with fake citations so I finished it myself. I must say that through my frustration, this person remained calm and responded to my messages and eventually I was the one to stop replying. Felt like I should've gotten my money back so probably wouldn't use again.
04/17/2021 love the way you write fluently and hand papers in on time!
04/15/2021 The professor wrote a nice paper for me, but I had to spend quite a bit of time going through and fixing grammatical errors and other issues, like missing words. For the amount of money I spent on this paper, I was just expecting it to be a little more polished. 

I would not recommend  this professor. very subpar writing   and doesn’t  really follow instructions . Pick somebody else for your essay/project

04/09/2021 Great work! Devliry was fast, beating my initial due time by about 8-9 hours! Only required a few small changes and tune ups, which were easy for me to do myself.
04/06/2021 Nice job - thank you!
04/06/2021 :)
04/05/2021 GReat timing and a very good job done 
03/11/2021 This was my first time using unemployed professors, and I am satisfied! Lily is the best, she's quick and accurate.  Going back to her soon! 
03/10/2021 Did not follow instructions. Do not choose this profesor. 
03/07/2021 great professor, no problem!:) 10/10
02/26/2021 great
02/19/2021 Nice work.
02/18/2021 High quality of exemplar work
01/30/2021 Absolutely killed my writing love it! Will use again. Oh yeah it was early too.
01/26/2021 Wonderfully done!!!
12/29/2020 Amazing job, I will use again!
12/21/2020 Thank you Lily, great essay with great initial version but now even better, after revising together
12/14/2020 excellent work ty
12/12/2020 Highly recommend Lily!!! good communication though out the project! Deliverly was impecable! 
12/08/2020 10/10
12/08/2020 Thanks!
12/07/2020 Completed the coursework on time and was professionally written. Only thing is, it didnt have the correct amount of sources to cite. Only cited one instead of the minimum of two. 
12/02/2020 paper is awesome
11/30/2020 Got full grade for my project! Thank you! She was punctual and met the requirements of the assigment. 
11/29/2020 did an amazing job on my paper. Got it done before the deadline too.
11/21/2020 Was my first time using UP. Chose Lily as my professor for a Business ethics and sustainabillty project. 
She finished the essay way before the set deadline and did a great job analyzing and answering the the question I have send here in adavnce. 
The communtication was great, she always replies within minutes. 
I am extremly satisfied with the result and will for sure choose here again for my next essay with that topic. 
11/20/2020 Does a very good job
11/14/2020 Great work 
11/12/2020 Lily is amazing, She did a perfect job with short notice. When I asked her to review the work she did it so quickly and perfectly and I was able to submit my work on time. I highly recommend her.
11/05/2020 Lightening fast! Great work
11/03/2020 lifesaver
10/31/2020 Great work and always delievers on time. 
10/31/2020 Thanks Great Work
10/28/2020 Great job thank you
10/26/2020 Great work. Most of all delievered on time. 
10/24/2020 100% recommend
10/24/2020 Great work. Definetely recommend. 
10/23/2020 Brilliant work. Highly recommend! 
10/21/2020 Great job, very thourough, quick response time, and quick turn around time, very impressed
10/19/2020 Good work.
10/18/2020 Great diligent work and on time!

This professor did an amazing job in just little time! Highly recommend!

10/08/2020 Thank you, Lily! I made a perfect score!! In very short notice, she proofread my paper and made it sound so much better! Being bogged down with assignments this semester, I moved onto another task while this one was getting edited to perfection. Thanks again!
10/08/2020 Thank you!
10/04/2020 Well written paper and delivered before due date. Thank you 
09/24/2020 Excellent feedback and very helpful. Great Job!!
09/21/2020 Great work, thank you for all the help.
09/20/2020 The professor is amazing. Got my assignment done in less than two hours. Thank you Professor. Definitely getting the help from you in the future.
09/18/2020 Nicely written paper with a very quick turnaround time. Thanks. 
08/16/2020 The project was only half finished!! not happy
07/25/2020 Absolutely amazing paper. On time, a great help. Thank you so much 
07/19/2020 Great report passed with no issues

07/03/2020 Did an amazing job
06/26/2020 10/10
06/19/2020 great paper, met all requirements and on time.
06/13/2020 ????
05/25/2020 Just perfect. Got the maximum points and on time. Will be choosing this professor again, that is for sure.
05/12/2020 I was not impressed with the first paper but I am extremely happy with the second! :)  Gladly tipped this professor for her work :) 
05/12/2020 Great! Thank you :) 
05/09/2020 Lily has written an essay for me before and it earned me a 98 and therefore I happily used her again. She is so sweet, quick to respond, and dedicated, always keeping me up to date and being pateint while I voice my high standards. She succeeds every time. She did an amazing job on my economics presentation and listened to all my directions to a T!!!!!! I can not recomend this lovely professor Lily more! I am so grateful for her! Please choose Lily, she is the absolute greatest and I have had many bad experiences with other professors before so trust me, I know. !!!!! Thank you Lily!!!!! 
05/06/2020 Lily is a sweetheart who pays close attention to detail and following your instructions. I previouslt had my paper written by another professor Grace who completely butchered my paper and ignored that the article she was analyzing had to be from the last 12 months despite me telling her countless times. Lily, on incredibly short notice, worked dilligently on my paper and included detail and professionalism, always responding to me quickly and making me feel comofrtable. She is a pleasure to work with. 
05/05/2020 She did an amazing job. Will be coming back.
05/05/2020 .
05/01/2020 Nice job
A+ work

The work delivered was really outstanding, every information given was considered and applied into the project.
Communication was always smooth and deadlines were met. 10/10 would recommend.

04/04/2020 Great Job and service! Thank you! :)
03/31/2020 Amazing
03/31/2020 good work
03/22/2020 DIdnt need the project anymore and she did the new one I gave her without a problem, that which required more pages in the end. Thankyou!
03/19/2020 Amazing work!

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