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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
01/20/2022 super good!! a lifesaver!
01/20/2022 Excellent work!!!
01/19/2022 This is the worst APA formatted paper I have ever encountered. Now I have to spend hours to work on this after paying so much money.
01/18/2022 Super fast paper, I mean less than 24 hours. Thank you
01/13/2022 Good work, as always.
01/13/2022 Excellent work and on time.
12/30/2021 AWESOME finished product. Came in well ahead of schedule and I received a 100/100 on my courses final essay. Couldn't be happier.
12/23/2021 So far so good! Still have to hand it in but no plagiarism detected, paper is the perfect length and it’s done on time! This is my first time doing this so I’m happy lol THANK YOU!! Saved me so much time
12/23/2021 Had a very short deadline for a nursing paper and was super fast and super accommodating! Got everything finished and needed little to no correction on my end upon receiving. 10/10 would use again!
12/22/2021 Great work. Finished a day earlier.
12/22/2021 Outstanding work. Finished 24 hours earlier than due date.
12/19/2021 Very satisfied...
12/19/2021 Excellent work.
12/17/2021 On time and written well. A few minor spelling errors but overall great!
12/16/2021 Finished 2days early
12/16/2021 Suerbly written paper. Fast. Easy to communicate with. Followed the prompt exactly. Will definitely use again. Got full credit.
12/16/2021 amazing work!
12/16/2021 very timely and efficant
12/12/2021 Great!!!
12/12/2021 Good job!
12/11/2021 Outstanding work. rehiring immediately. delivered on time, took an our to proof read and make a few adjustments. Brillaint professor
12/10/2021 On time...
12/10/2021 After a few edit requests, the paper was great. recieved 100% 
12/09/2021 followed directions and rfeplied quickly if i had any questions 
12/08/2021 Awesome Job. Thank you 
12/06/2021 hi, i was wondering what your name is so i can forward you my other assignments
12/06/2021 Great work, very helpful and on schedule. 
12/06/2021 Great work very responsive
12/05/2021 Great paper, and on time!!!
12/05/2021 2 days earlier. Thank you.
12/05/2021 Good work!!!
12/04/2021 Paper had a myriad of run-on sentences, most of which didn't make sense. The only required citation was used plenty, but the name was spelled wrong. It was turned in just in time so I didn't have time for corrections. Moreover, the key points were abstract at best and lacked significant context. With that being said, the assignment was completed on time and saved some time. 
12/02/2021 Great work, on time.
12/01/2021 Great paper!
12/01/2021 Good writting.
11/30/2021 Great Job!
11/30/2021 Amazing paper and on time delivery 
11/29/2021 It was finished on the time agreed, even though it was a short notice request (24 hours). 
Very approachable through Inbox and followed instructions rigorously. 
I can't recommend this professor enough. 
11/28/2021 This professor did an amazing and got the paper in early!!! Also did great work!! :)
11/27/2021 Nice work.
11/26/2021 Good work...
11/26/2021 Super work.
11/26/2021 Good work!!!
11/24/2021 Great job!!!!
11/24/2021 Handed work in on time.
Quality research.
However, didn't follow all of the instructions of the assignment and didn't fully follow the format of the sample paper.
Only got a 76 on the Peer Reviewed Analysis Paper when a high grade was promised.
11/24/2021 Nice work.
11/23/2021 Good work.
11/23/2021 Always does amazing work. Highly recommend 
11/21/2021 Work was done on time and I really appreciated the hard work put into this. 
11/21/2021 Great work.
11/21/2021 Got my paper done extremely quickly with no typos or grammer mistakes!
11/19/2021 Splendid!!!
11/19/2021 Great work!!!
11/18/2021 My paper was rejected for fabrication, and I will potential fail the class, I would definetley not recommend this writer. There were spelling and grammar errors and would have only earned a 39% if it had passed the plagarism test. I have never used this service before but was desperate, and gave into to the easy way, which could not cost me greatly. Prowriter has failed to respond to any of my messages.

DO NOT PICK HIM TO WRITE FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11/18/2021 Super!!!
11/16/2021 Great!!!
11/14/2021 Many grammatical mistakes, had to delete a lot of repeated sentences and sentences that were not comprehendable. The majority of the assignment was intro/background information, and not substantial information required for the assignment. A lot of wrong or missing citations. But at least handed it in early enough for me to make corrections.
11/13/2021 I got a perfect score! The paper was well written.
11/13/2021 Excellent work!!
11/13/2021 Excellent work!!
11/13/2021 Excellent work!!
11/12/2021 Great.
11/10/2021 Great!!!
11/10/2021 Excellent. Thank you.
11/09/2021 great work! I had originally submitted the wrong due date, this professor was very accommodating and submitted project the next day! saved my butt! thanks!
11/07/2021 greta work, very happy thank you 
11/06/2021 Excellent work.
11/06/2021 Superior work!!!
11/06/2021 100% A+
11/06/2021 Grand work!!!
11/06/2021 Great!!!
11/06/2021 Great work.
11/06/2021 Excellent.
11/05/2021 Thanks You!!
11/04/2021 Good Work!
11/02/2021 Awesome! You went above and beyond expectations! Thank you so much!
11/01/2021 fatastic is my go to prof on this site 
10/31/2021 The best
10/28/2021 Grade A work!!
10/27/2021 Great work!!
10/25/2021 Fast to respond and completed my paper in less than 12 hours after recieving my request, I will use this professor for future projects.

10/24/2021 On time and outstanding solution
10/20/2021 Good Job, Thanks 
10/20/2021 Did a great job and made all the adjustments I wanted!!
10/19/2021 Finished a day before the due date. Outstanding service
10/18/2021 fast service! great work! you will not be disappointed if you go with this professor for your nusing needs!
10/18/2021 This professor will go above and beyond to help you! I highley recomend him and his work. Very generous as well! Fast at replying! 
10/17/2021 Well done and outstanding support 
10/11/2021 I requested a lot of change but you only needed money,thanks to that I got F grade. The worst service ever !!
Beware all
10/11/2021 Went above and beyond what was requested in a quick turnaround
10/07/2021 fantastic! 
10/06/2021 Speedy and reliable. Thank you!
10/06/2021 Excellent paper , its exactly what i needed. thank you somuch
10/05/2021 Great speed and polite. Will be utilizing help again. 
10/05/2021 Great speed and polite. Will be utilizing help again. 
10/05/2021 This is the go to Professor.
10/04/2021 Thank you so much I appreciate you
10/04/2021 Quick and efficient. Great structure.
10/04/2021 completed last min assigment within the hour a posted and communicated the entire time i was at work. 
10/04/2021 completed the assignment super early and same day. communicated the entire time. 
10/04/2021 Excellent 
10/03/2021 10/10
10/03/2021 The work was good except directions weren't followed 100% which on my part I did not give thouroughly enough. I tried communicating the problem but we weren't on the same page the whole time. 
10/03/2021 Killer job!
10/01/2021 Provided a base for the paper but included many errors in APA style, misspelling references, etc.  
09/28/2021 Thank you so much , excellent paper :)
09/26/2021 Amazing work
09/20/2021 On time in a short window, very well written and everything was correct. Definitley recommend!
09/19/2021 Very fast, A+
09/19/2021 Awesome 
09/19/2021 Great Job!
09/16/2021 Great essay!!!
09/16/2021 Always reliable
09/15/2021 This professor had 4 attempts to complete a simple critical thinking 1-2 page paper.  He failed! I wrote my own.  I would never recommend or use this guy! 
09/08/2021 perfect paper once agian thank you so much
09/08/2021 I got a 52 which is a 2:2, a little disappointed as some other people on here have managed to get marks of 80+ however it was delivered on time and I did pass the class so I guess I can't complain. Thanks
09/07/2021 Fast work. Great job. 
09/07/2021 Great work and done way before the due time, will definitely look for this professor on the next assignment needed!
09/06/2021 Great work and fast! 
09/03/2021 Very on time 
09/03/2021 thank you for bidding on my projects, will now be a go-to writer from here on. great work.
09/01/2021 provided quality work!
09/01/2021 Excellent work! highly recommed! 
08/23/2021 Professor wrote my paper exactly how my professor instructed.  He communicated with me and delivered the paper when we agreed.  The paper that I received was well written.  Should I have to have another paper written, I will def use Professor.
08/22/2021 always on time
08/20/2021 Always a pleasure 
08/20/2021 Paper was returned VERY QUICKLY and is exactly what I was looking for.  
Thank you so much!!
08/18/2021 Thank you so much! Still waiting on grading feedback, but at this point I feel it was more accurate than what I was attempting on my own. Thank you again!
08/17/2021 He got this assignment done for me so much faster than I had anticipated. I needed all of the help I could get after recently losing my dad to COVID a few months ago I just really needed help with this paper. He definitely delievered.
08/13/2021 Great work!
08/12/2021 Great work and quick turn around 
08/11/2021 Professor was very professional and has done a great job with the assessment. 
08/10/2021 Thank you
08/10/2021 Thank you
08/10/2021 quick turn around with ease. Great paper!!
08/09/2021 Thank you
08/09/2021 The best professor!
08/08/2021 While the writing was fine and done before deadline, he didn't follow the instructions of what was needed and had to be revised by him 2 and I still had to add to it because instructions weren't followed.  
08/05/2021 Very quick turnaround and great paper! Will use again 
08/04/2021 Knocked the essay out of the park and got it to me early too. 
08/04/2021 Awesome paper, completed early, and I will definitely be using this professor again.
08/04/2021 great work and quickly responds
08/01/2021 Good Work
07/31/2021 Great work as always, highly recommend him for projects. HIs solid work and fast turn around are couple of the strengths. It is no brainer to select him for all the projects.
07/30/2021 Great work!
07/29/2021 Always on time
07/28/2021 quick work 
07/27/2021 perfect as alwasys, thank you agian
07/26/2021 Great work!
07/22/2021 Great work
07/22/2021 Thank you for another great paper.
07/19/2021 A great job and very fast
07/19/2021 Amazing work!
07/19/2021 Fast and impeccable! 
07/19/2021 Fast and impeccable! 
07/18/2021 I was hesitant at first but it really checks out, this writer did an exceptional job and I could not be more appreciative of his work!!! 10/10 recommend to anyone considering!
07/18/2021 Awesome work
07/18/2021 Awesome work
07/18/2021 Great Job
07/15/2021 Nice work
07/14/2021 Great work! Thanks :) 
07/14/2021 Fantastic job as always , completely done the way i wanted. thank you 
07/12/2021 quality work! highly recommend!
07/12/2021 great work! delivered on time!
07/11/2021 Love it
07/10/2021 Always on point, I get all A's when I pick this professor!
07/09/2021 Fantastic Work!
07/09/2021 Great essays
07/07/2021 great
07/06/2021 perfect as always,thank you
07/04/2021 Very quick service, thank you so much!
07/04/2021 My professor was amazing! He did everything I needed and asked for and had it done before I needed it!! I would definitely recommend him for anthropology pagers for sure!
07/03/2021 Finished 24hrs prior to the due date. Outstanding solution. 
07/01/2021 Fantastic, its absolutely perfect thank you so much 
06/29/2021 responded immediately
Great job and was given before the due time.
06/28/2021 Followed instructions, sources properly cited & relevant. Written in proper English with good flow.
06/27/2021 Punctual & willing to help!
06/27/2021 Submitted early and I scored a 100. Great job
06/23/2021 Received a 75 on one project, done. The directions were to cite in MLA, but it was formatted in APA. 15 points, loss!
06/21/2021 Quality work done within the time frame.
06/20/2021 Excellent service and submitted earlier than needed.
06/19/2021 Perfect paper. received well before due date. Couldn't recommend more. Great job.
06/18/2021 Great finsihed product and delivered earlier than expected. Definitely a professor to go to!
06/17/2021 Great, thanks!
06/16/2021 GOOD WORK!

06/14/2021 Great work! Accommodating to changes that I requested!
06/12/2021 Fast, accurate, followed the assignment to the letter.  Great work. Turn around time was far beyond my expectations.
06/10/2021 Solid work!
06/09/2021 Happy with the amount of content but the paper wasn't structured for what the subject called for. Supposed to be single-spaced but is double-spaced. Easily fixable on the formatting front but unfortunately, have to spend time re-writing the paper to match the subject it called for. 

06/08/2021 Very quick turn-around time. I had plenty of time to read and revise (provided) if necessary. Very reasonable quote. I am very pleased. 
06/07/2021 great work! delivered early so I had pleanty of time to review! thanks!
06/06/2021 Great work and received early! 
06/05/2021 Thanks for the A!
06/02/2021 I was really impressed with the work of the paper and how quickly I got the paper. Great job  I will definetly use them again
05/31/2021 Awesome work
05/31/2021 Did everything I asked, and with very good quality, as it was better than I could have ever done lol. Highly recconmend! 
05/31/2021 Completed the project in a timely manner. A few grammical errors but was accurate with the topic and assigment. I would definitely use again.
05/30/2021 Well written. I asked for a critique of an aritcle, but a majority of the paper seemed like it was a review of the article
05/28/2021 I recommend this professor! you will not be disappointed!

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