Date Comment Rating
06/21/2021 Quality work done within the time frame.
06/20/2021 Excellent service and submitted earlier than needed.
06/19/2021 Perfect paper. received well before due date. Couldn't recommend more. Great job.
06/18/2021 Great finsihed product and delivered earlier than expected. Definitely a professor to go to!
06/17/2021 Great, thanks!
06/16/2021 GOOD WORK!

06/14/2021 Great work! Accommodating to changes that I requested!
06/12/2021 Fast, accurate, followed the assignment to the letter.  Great work. Turn around time was far beyond my expectations.
06/10/2021 Solid work!
06/09/2021 Happy with the amount of content but the paper wasn't structured for what the subject called for. Supposed to be single-spaced but is double-spaced. Easily fixable on the formatting front but unfortunately, have to spend time re-writing the paper to match the subject it called for. 

06/08/2021 Very quick turn-around time. I had plenty of time to read and revise (provided) if necessary. Very reasonable quote. I am very pleased. 
06/07/2021 great work! delivered early so I had pleanty of time to review! thanks!
06/06/2021 Great work and received early! 
06/05/2021 Thanks for the A!
06/02/2021 I was really impressed with the work of the paper and how quickly I got the paper. Great job  I will definetly use them again
05/31/2021 Awesome work
05/31/2021 Did everything I asked, and with very good quality, as it was better than I could have ever done lol. Highly recconmend! 
05/31/2021 Completed the project in a timely manner. A few grammical errors but was accurate with the topic and assigment. I would definitely use again.
05/30/2021 Well written. I asked for a critique of an aritcle, but a majority of the paper seemed like it was a review of the article
05/28/2021 I recommend this professor! you will not be disappointed!
05/28/2021 Very happy with the work provided!
05/28/2021 great work!
05/28/2021 HIghly recommend!
05/21/2021 I appreciate the timely support and work completed.
It definitely was a challenge to complete in 1 day, and they have successfully done so.
Much appreciated.
05/20/2021 So professional and excellent work!! Thank you so much!!
05/15/2021 .
05/15/2021 I would not recommend this person/service to anyone. Required extensive corrections. Content was overly broad and repititive. 
05/15/2021 The size of the assignment was better than requested however, the content was overly broad and repititive.
05/14/2021 The work was done on time, but not done well. There were a handful of mis spelled words and odd word choices, but most importantly, the Professor did not follow the rubric I provided. There were very clear and simple instructions as to formatting and what was necessary for this paper. The Professor did not write it in the proper format whatsoever and didn't meet the requirements contextually. I am now having to do a full rewrite and can only use about 25% of what was written. I would not recommend this Professor for this style of paper (a hypothetical behavioral methodology observation for a human development course.)
05/11/2021 Great work!
05/11/2021 Decent quality for last minute work. 
05/09/2021 10/10
05/09/2021 10/10
05/08/2021 Great solution and finished before due date 
05/08/2021 Good writing, quick response, quick to hand it in, overall satisfied
05/08/2021 Gave me exactly what I needed and very quick did a great job now just to see what I get as a grade but my review right now is they did a great job and in a timely manner
05/07/2021 Great work! delivered on what was asked.
05/07/2021 very impressed with the short deadline given and the prof delivered the goods. Prof you're a life saver!
05/05/2021 Honestly, this paper was mediocre, thank goodness I received the paper in time to basically redo it. The professor has a background in IT and I was surprised and underwhelmed by the overall research paper. I provided an entire outline for the assignment and the paper was missing a lot of information. I had to rewrite most of the body of the paper to fit a Graduate level, which I informed the professor of prior. Word of advice, save yourself and pick another professor. I should have followed my gut and listened to the other reviews.
05/05/2021 Told me he was working on it for a week, then told me he didn't have the source material the day it was due
05/04/2021 Great work as always, even got it back to me a day early!
05/04/2021 Wonderful as always! Thank you so much for being so patient under the circumstances and he even got it to me eariler than expected. 
05/04/2021 He did a very good job and even got my project finished early. 
05/02/2021 Completed on time, very well written
04/28/2021 The paper I recieved was on time.  Few issues, it was not in APA 7 as requested, Vocabulary seemed limited as the professor kept writing " on the other hand" about 15 times in my paper.  Used references from 2007 and there was NO conclusion in my paper.  I am trying to write the conclusion now.  I pointed some of these issues out after I recieved the paper, was told they would get back with me, and still no word back. Get another professor to write your paper. 
04/26/2021 Great and relevant information, thank you so much for getting it to me on such short notice. 
04/26/2021 great communication, great work, done fast way ahead of deadline
04/26/2021 Thank you very much for your assistance! Much appreciated and highly recommend!
04/25/2021 Well writen and informative as always. Thank you so much. 
04/25/2021 I received a passing grade, but it was not an A or B
04/24/2021 Finished before due date and provided a great solution
04/24/2021 Was not able to successfully write and discuss the thematic role I prompted for the essay. All sources and background context was given however, the paper did not meet my expectations. 
04/21/2021 God tier. Absolute life saver. Thank you Mysterious Professor. Truly. Thank you!
04/20/2021 Awesome, timely and finished early
04/20/2021 I should've given my professor more time to work. So it's my fault that the assignment was late. Regardless of that fact, i got a 99/100 on my ETHICS paper. Thank you.
04/17/2021 This was my second time using this profesor. Project was completed in a timely manner and all instructions were followed.  The professor even revised the assignment after, upon request.  Highly recommended.
04/16/2021 Very great with communication and turn around time! Will be using again.
04/15/2021 on time and well writen paper
04/15/2021 killed it AND turned it in a day early 
04/14/2021 This was my first time using this site. My expectations were exceeded and then some! 
04/14/2021 received a B on this assignment
04/14/2021 thank you
04/14/2021 great work as usual
04/13/2021 African American History Assignment: Explain why poverty is persistent among African Americans. 

This Professor: Blacks are generally waiting for handouts from the government or welfare system. Generally they do not get hired because their black names. Lifestlye choices such as gangs, drugs, and violence. 

If you are looking for a professional paper, look for a different guy or write it yourself. I had to correct numerous gramatical errors, and rewrite the paper to provide factual information. One would hope to have a professionally built product with factual information, and not opinionated news articles. Maybe this professor needs to take this class to be more informed on the topic to produce a better product, or to change his personal view point on African Americans. 
04/13/2021 Excellent research and exuction. 
04/12/2021 Excellent work and quick turnaround time!
04/12/2021 The PowerPoint ProWriter did for me was fantastic! The information he inculded was great. Definitely recommened. 
04/08/2021 Saved my semester!!
04/08/2021 Responds quickly, finishes early/ on time. Thank you!!
04/07/2021 Thank you for your quality work.
04/06/2021 Work is always solid and prompt. Thank you!
04/04/2021 Great Job everything well structured. 
04/02/2021 Always great work. Will continue to message ProWriter every time I post a job as I have a lot of trust that they will do exactly what I need. 
04/01/2021 Ontime and great solution 
03/31/2021 Did not read the directions given or the material provided. 
03/31/2021 Great work as always. I will continue to use ProWriter in all of my future projects if I'm so lucky as to have them bid early enough!
03/31/2021 Great work!
03/30/2021 Professor didn't follow majority of my instructions. Unsatisfied with the work.
03/29/2021 Payed $150 and got a 65% on the paper. In my opinion I regret my decision of selecting this prof...
03/29/2021 Solid writting and on time
03/26/2021 not great
03/24/2021 Well done. Met most of the requirements. Thanks
03/21/2021 Professor Could have done better in a slide presentation. Maybe we could communicate better next time. Has done work for me in the past but im not sure slide presentation is a specialty but pretty well rounded in other areas in general. I recommened for general essay assignments. (most honest none disrespectful comment I can think of)
03/19/2021 100%
03/18/2021 I had 57/100 on an economic essay - really disapointed!
03/17/2021 You wrote about the wrong region.
03/16/2021 Very unhappy with the work from this professor. 
03/15/2021 good job
03/14/2021 Everything was great!
03/14/2021 Very well done! I had this paper do in a span of hours and they completed it with time to spare. Great job!
03/12/2021 Fabulous work , excellent fits the assignment perfect.
03/11/2021 Very good and in a timely manner
03/10/2021 Quick turnaround. Good paper. Very responsive and willing to make revisions.
03/09/2021 Wrote a terrific paper in less than 24-hours with minimal mistakes. Asked for revisions that were necessary and they were done quickly and effectively. Overall a job well-done. Would highly recommend.
03/09/2021 Paper received a D
03/09/2021 very fast but some misunderstandinng of the assignnment
03/07/2021 Good stuff! Came through as promised 
03/06/2021 Received a poor grade on my assignment, it was not done to specifications. I have used this professor in the past and did not have this issue so maybe the assigment was confusing. 
03/04/2021 Ty so much 
03/01/2021 Got exactly what I needed done on time.
02/23/2021 One of the best papers I have recieved from here. This is my 3rd time picking prowriter and I never regret it! 
02/22/2021 Outstanding paper and on time delivery as promised.  
02/22/2021 Great work,followed guidlines perfectly. Will definitely look to use agan in the future. Full stars.
02/21/2021 It is clear that English is not their first language as many sentences have tense and gramatical errors. Several sentences are repeated and several sentences don't make sense at all. Task was to CRITICALLY review journal articles, the essay just explained journal articles. Many paragraphs had no references and were completely off topic. Just a rambling mess really. It was too far away from what I needed that I didn't bother asking for it to be fixed, I have asked for an extension and I will need to start this project from scratch. Would not recommend.
02/21/2021 Was very timely and completed it very well.
02/18/2021 Excellent work and finished before due date. Thank you
02/18/2021 Excellent final product. Willing to go the extra mile to get it done right.
02/18/2021 Well written case study. Thank you
02/16/2021 Had an amazing turn around time and did everything I asked!
02/14/2021 Great, Timely work and is willing to make edits! 
02/08/2021 Great work!

02/07/2021 Couldn't be happier with how this came out!! Professor did amazing work and ahead of time!! And relates profoundly to what I needed done! Thank you so much!!
02/07/2021 Gave him a few hours to complete the essay but the outcome was more than I expected. 
02/05/2021 great work, highly recommended. My go to professor now.
02/02/2021 great work, completed work ahead of schedule.
02/01/2021 Professor did an amazing job, read carefully all the instructions and the assignment was completed ahead of schedule. Professor communicates frequently to understand what is needed. I highly recommend to pick this professor for your assignment needs.
01/29/2021 This professor understood the assignment well and did everything I asked within 10 minutes of my request. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. 
Thanks so much!!
01/21/2021 Well done!
01/17/2021 Great Job
01/13/2021 done ahead of time and did a great job.
01/13/2021 very good work, a deep research abd knowledge was given, as well as very wuick completion 
01/11/2021 This professor completed the assignment with perfect accuracy within a very short amount of time
01/10/2021 First time user of this site and to be honest I was very skeptical about what I will ultimately receive. I am very impressed with this professors work. Definetly worth my $60. Thank you!!!
12/22/2020 Did not follow the notes I provided and wrote incorrect information in my application essay. Even when I pointed out the mistake and asked for a revision the writer did not fix them. ended up writing the essay myself, stay away!!!!!
12/20/2020 Thanks again
12/17/2020 Repetitive sentences that didn't really make any sense. Research was a little basic and didn't really get to the point in some areas. I had to do a lot of editing when I received it and had a remove areas that made no sense to the reader.
12/16/2020 Great work , quick and revised without quesitons , highly recommend.
12/16/2020 Fucking terrible 
12/16/2020 Thank you 
12/15/2020 Great work! Recieved a day late though.
12/15/2020 The work was done well ahead of deadline which allowed me to review it in depth.

There were significant spelling issues, the whole submission came in at 43% plagiarised. I was able to re-edit the content to make it unique, but this caused me a lot of extra work.

Overall it got the job done, so I'm content. 
12/12/2020 Amazing!
12/11/2020 great! Finished before due. Thanks!!!
12/11/2020 Awsome work
12/08/2020 Everything was done well, quick, and consise. A few changes had to be made but he was very kind and willing to make those changes. I would definetly use again and would reccomend! 
12/07/2020 Thanks!
12/06/2020 Fantastic work!
12/03/2020 Excellent critical response and done on time. This professor is one of my go-to's
12/03/2020 Finished on time, followed all the instructions, and wrote an amazing analysis. I can't recomend this professor enough!
12/03/2020 Finished on time, followed all the instructions, and wrote an amazing analysis. I can't recomend this professor enough!
12/02/2020 This essay sounded like it was written by a toddler and I asked for it to be rewritten multiple times but it was still extremely disorganized and had no structure whatsoever. Waste of 150$. 
11/26/2020 Excellent work and long before due date!! 
11/25/2020 Everything is good! Thanks a lot!
11/25/2020 Answered all the required points 
11/23/2020 Fragmenty but overall pretty good
11/23/2020 Did not follow the project instructions. Have to re-do the whole project
11/20/2020 Amazing! I wouldn't want anyone else working on my paper.
11/17/2020 Fantastic Job!
11/15/2020 Excellent paper !! Will definitely used them again.
11/12/2020 Very quick with a solution and followed my instructions completely. Recieved an A!
11/10/2020 amazing
11/07/2020 Great work
11/01/2020 Great job!
11/01/2020 Great job!
10/29/2020 Had really high hopes with this professor after reading all the great reviews. I like to be fair but for this assignment only being 12 sentences the quality of it was not up to standard. There were many grammatical erros and sentences that were not consice and that did not make sense. Four stars because it was done on short notice and was not completely terrible. 
10/29/2020 Ok.
10/28/2020 Very good work and very quick deadline met with time to spare
10/25/2020 Great work, absolutely phenomenal. Finished the project and met all requirements well beyond the deadline. This Professor was extremely responsive and made multipe edits to my liking free of charge. I was very impressed with his knowledge of the medical field. Would pick again for future projects. 
10/24/2020 Great work and earlier than expected!
10/21/2020 Fantastic!
10/12/2020 Very thorough paper.  
10/09/2020 absolutely saved me!! I had a timed exam (2.5 hours) with an essay portion and they went out of their way to help me and were great at communicating with me throughout. I am so grateful, they absolutely went above and beyond with the quality and still finished the essay with well enough time for me to read it over before submitting it. Thank you sosososo much
10/09/2020 Did A FANTASTIC JOB and even turned back in to me EARLY with time to spare!  I culd not be happier.
10/08/2020 Third time I've used this professor due to the quick response, quality work, and understanding of the topic well. 
10/08/2020 AWESOME!!!! I had a last min paper due that I had forgotten all about. In less than 2 hours ProWriter had it compleated for me! Thank you!!
10/07/2020 Couldnt have picked a better Professor to do my case study. Thank you so much , followed all the instructions and was dilivered on time. 
The professor provided the paper in a timely manner and replied promptly to any changes.  This professor did not however follow the recommended changes when revising the paper.  If you would like a quick "C" average paper, this is your professor.
10/02/2020 Well organized and analytical 
10/01/2020 Top class performance. Comprehensive, accurate, unique work done in less than 24 hours. 

Highly recommend. 

Thanks a lot ProWriter. 
09/26/2020 Very well written essay and handed it in on time. 
09/26/2020 Exceeded expectations, phenomenal paper. Additionally it was submitted much earlier than anticipated. A+ and will definitely work with again. Thank you so much!
09/25/2020 Awesome essay! Definitely recommended and will use again soon! 
09/23/2020 Great job!!! 
09/22/2020 had a few hiccups but this professor was so nice and was able to fix the issue with no problem. great communication.
09/21/2020 Well Done!
09/21/2020 :)
09/20/2020 Quick and on time product, not disaapointed.
09/14/2020 Great work. Works super fast.
09/13/2020 You took that idea and streatch it to 3 pages, great job thanks
09/13/2020 The paper was early, very well written, great research, and above average! Second paper I've had ProWriter do on this topic and I will keep going back as it's been exceptional and easy to work wtih ProWriter. 
09/12/2020 Professor completely criticized the lack of title of powerpoint and the improper use of references in the slide presentation. 
09/12/2020 on time, well worded, all citations were on spot.  Great job! highly recommend.
09/10/2020 great work and precise on revision. recommend at 100%.
09/08/2020 Many gramatical errors, missing verbiage and sentencing that does not make sense. Deadline was met but you can tell the report was rushed. 
09/08/2020 Excellect job highly recommend!
09/08/2020 Very professional and on time. Helped me develop my existing ideas and vision into a masterpiece. Thanks again ProWriter!
09/07/2020 followed instructions
09/06/2020 On time, great work, and very accomodating. Would definitely use again!
09/02/2020 My project was to have a personal statement drafted for master's programs. I provided documents such as a CV and a full page of notes. The personal statement I received didn't even match the information contained within the CV. After clarifying expectations, the second draft was even worse. I paid, and got out of there. It served its purpose, which is a first draft which will undergo many, many corrections and additinoal drafts. 
09/01/2020 good job
09/01/2020 Awesome job and has great quality writing skills.
08/30/2020 Great job!
08/30/2020 Great job!
08/28/2020 Perfect score on this paper!
08/26/2020 Amazing work!! And done in such a short amount of time. Recommend a thousand times!
08/23/2020 Promptly placed bid & completed well before the time requested. thanks so much :)