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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
09/26/2023 Great job, Thank you for working with me.
09/21/2023 Great job!
09/20/2023 Very Excellent job, very fast. Thank you!
08/31/2023 Did a great job and formatted the assignment well. Great communication as well
08/23/2023 Thank you
08/23/2023 Great work
08/23/2023 Excellent!!! Lifesaver
08/23/2023 The absolute best work I have received on here so far. No need to send it back for revision. I will use you again
08/23/2023 Everything was done ahead of time and instructions were followed to the tee. Highly recommend this professor
08/23/2023 Beautiful work
08/23/2023 You did an excellent job. Thank you
08/21/2023 Great
08/21/2023 Thank you. Great paper that followed all the instructions
08/21/2023 Thank you, earlier than expected
08/20/2023 The professor came up with new view poinst that I had not thought about. He's the professor to go for
08/20/2023 Excellent work was done by MAXDILL. Communication was also prompt. 10/10
08/20/2023 Assignment was carefully written and submitted on time. I received 100%
08/20/2023 Thank you. Perfect work as always
08/20/2023 Thank you for a great work. Highly recommend
08/09/2023 Great work. Qucik turn around
08/08/2023 Thank you so much for completing the assignment and have it done before the date line. It looks good and waiting to be grade. I am confident I will pass. Thank you.
08/08/2023 The support I received was excellent. I received a perfect grade. Looking forward to working with you again
08/08/2023 Great.
08/08/2023 Thank you for a well-written paper
08/02/2023 Maxdill tried to slip fake references past me and then lied about it. The report was about Amazon and he used any reference that included Amazon in the title, with one even being about the Amazon rainforest. I raised this issue with them and I just got another set of fake references. After I opened a dispute, they tried to claim that they had in fact provided real references, but simply provided another report which used a whole new set of references again, this time finally being real references. Very painful experience, I do not reccomend this prof at all.
07/30/2023 The service was exceptional. Thank you
07/30/2023 Satisfied with the grade. 98/100.
07/30/2023 Great work
07/27/2023 Thank you to Maxdill. I cannot stress how awesome his services are! When you give him instructions, he will surpass your expectations plus he always deliver the final product way in advance of the due date. He has literally been lifesavers for me and I’ve now become a regular satisfied client. I truly appreciate everything and will continue to use his services in the future. I also encourage everyone who may need any type of homework assistance to do the same. Thanks a bunch.
07/27/2023 Thank you to Maxdill. I cannot stress how awesome his services are! When you give him instructions, he will surpass your expectations plus he always deliver the final product way in advance of the due date. He has literally been lifesavers for me and I’ve now become a regular satisfied client. I truly appreciate everything and will continue to use his services in the future. I also encourage everyone who may need any type of homework assistance to do the same. Thanks a bunch.
07/27/2023 Great paper. Quick turnaround

I am very happy with the work. I got great writing grades. And it was done on short period of time within the due date. Very impressive

07/25/2023 Well done with the paper. Thank you
07/23/2023 Quick delivery and the quality of work is really good. A+
07/23/2023 I have passed my assignent. Thank you for the good work. 
07/23/2023 Great work
07/23/2023 Thank you

The work is done with absolute perfection. Proper citation and referencing is done which is great. Also format is being followed.


Assignment received days before due date! Very good quality writing and knowledgeable. No issues with grammar.etc either! Good teacher.

07/12/2023 Fast service thank you! 
07/05/2023 No ICD 10 codes were provided for the Differential Diagnoses. No references for the differential diagnoses. Many misspellings. Only two references were provided.  Did not follow very specific format for a SOAP note. 
06/12/2023 The assignment was perfectly done and was completed before the deadline
06/09/2023 Thank you
06/04/2023 PERFECT AS ALWAYS. His work is always detailed and delivered hours before the deadline. THANK YOU
06/04/2023 PERFECT AS ALWAYS. His work is always detailed and delivered hours before the deadline. THANK YOU
06/04/2023 Excellent and Effective.
A+ paper
06/04/2023 He is my to go professor. Always deliver as promised 
06/03/2023 The result was completed within 8 hours. 3 days before my set deadline and I managed to score 100%. THANK YOU
06/03/2023 Excellent results!
06/03/2023 Great experience. I will use your services again
06/03/2023 In depth research was carried out within a short deadline. I recommend to others 
06/03/2023 The professor did an ablsolutely amazing work.
06/03/2023 Thank you. The paper looks great
05/30/2023 I got great score for this paper. I am very happy with it. Thanks for doing it in short period of time.
05/30/2023 Great paper. Thank you
05/28/2023 The content was great. The answers were very detailed. I ended up receiving full marks.
See you next week for part 2 of the assignment.

Thank you for the tip
05/28/2023 I'm happy with the assignment. 
05/28/2023 Thank you.

Good job done with proper references in well said time and neatly and presicely written all the information.

The professor has successfully reflected on the importance of employee assistance programs and workplace mental health.

05/26/2023 I appreciate your good service. I will recommend you to my friends
05/26/2023 Happy with my grade. 98%. 
05/26/2023 Thank you. The work is really good
05/25/2023 Did a great job and delivered ealier than timeline! Thanks!
05/23/2023 Got a 0 in the assignment 

After careful analysis, it was concluded that it's not possible for the customer to have received a 0 since all the instructions were followed and the paper was also uploaded a day earlier. Besides, we requested a screenshot of the grading and it was not been provided.
05/19/2023 Always does great work. I specifically look for this professor anytime I have a project that I can't complete and want to know I will get a perfect finished product.
05/14/2023 Got project done exactly as asked. Fast communication and on time completion.
05/10/2023 smiley
05/08/2023 My fir4st time choosing this professor and I have no regrets. Professor is very profecient and honest. I got more than expected, great work. Best wishes for your continued professionalism in meeting deadlines and producing what you promise. As students we ar happy when our assignments are submitted on time, or even better before the deadline. Looking forward to work with you in the future. yesheartkiss
05/07/2023 Very happy with the outcome of my paper and very timely! 
05/03/2023 Responds quick and did an amazing job! 10/10 recommend! heart
04/30/2023 I am extremely satisfied and pleased with the great service provided by this professor, the professor is very supportive and always deliver quality work. I recommend to use maxidill if you want to get high scores.
04/30/2023 Thank you. Delivered my 7 pages paper within 5 hours. G.O.AT
04/30/2023 Very fast response, follow the exact requirements, exellent work. Thank you very much
04/29/2023 The assignment is just perfect.There is no words to explain how glad I am ,as that was last minute order and the team has done perfect job.
04/29/2023 Very well summarized and good recommendation provided
04/24/2023 Thank you. I scoced 100%
04/24/2023 Great work. 
04/24/2023 Thank you. Great communication and offers free revisions
04/24/2023 Excellent and effective as always
04/24/2023 Completed a well-written paper in less than 24 hours. Followed all the instructions I provided.
04/24/2023 Third time receiving work from this professor and his work is always exceptional. THE BEST
04/19/2023 Thank you for your diligent work. I received a good grade
04/17/2023 Great!!!
04/17/2023 Thank you for your great paper. 
04/15/2023 Will use again. Thank you
04/15/2023 Maxdill is my go to professor, always on time and writes top-quality papers
04/15/2023 Excellent, earlier than I expected
04/15/2023 Thank you for your great work
04/13/2023 Timely and efficent 
04/02/2023 A+++++
04/02/2023 Didn't complete project on time, as promised. Did not fully understand the project as it was presented and was past the sue date without a solution. 
03/30/2023 Timely and effective 
03/26/2023 Professor is top notch and delivered above and beyond.
03/21/2023 Good Work provided early
03/17/2023 Slight misunderstanding regarding the format of the assignment but it was quickly corrected and submitted with a quick turn around time! Thanks so much!
03/13/2023 Everything looked good. Only thing that was forgotten was the TOC page. 
03/12/2023 JOB WELL DONE!
03/02/2023 Extremely timely. 
Had mild rating for plagialsim.
Overall recieved B+. 
Great to work with!
03/02/2023 This professor is great and on time. My grades have always been top notch when I use this professor.  Thank you for all of your help!
02/20/2023 Timely and effecient! 
02/17/2023 The work was satisfactory and i recommend you to my friends the expert work was outstanding and in future i will continue to contact you and i strongly recommend to my friends that you deliver the work in time.
02/12/2023 perfect and on time 
02/07/2023 Good work, and quick 
01/04/2023 Did what was asked got a good grade
01/01/2023 Got full marks. Was well written and structured. I am happy with the service. Instructions were properly followed.
12/07/2022 Always does great work!! 
12/02/2022 Got this paper done a day before I asked for it. Good work and organization through the paper and simply well done.
11/16/2022 Good job 
11/12/2022 Always great to work with! 
11/07/2022 Really amazing, Thank you!
11/03/2022 It was a well written paper. Thank you so much for this paper. I made an A on this paper
11/03/2022 Excellent paper. I was well structured and good english...I received a perfect grade
10/27/2022 great essay, Just some spelling errorsTHANK YOU
10/22/2022 So satisfied with all the grades I have been getting from the assignments completed by this professor.
10/21/2022 Thank you
10/11/2022 perfect paper
10/11/2022 excellent paper
10/08/2022 The expert did a very good job, despite the short notice you were still able to deliver. I am happy with the grade and want to appreciate your effort. You will be recommended by me to friends and colleagues. Thank you.
10/05/2022 excellent paper
10/05/2022 excellent paper
10/04/2022 Good paper.
09/23/2022 always reliable!
09/22/2022 Thank you so much perfect as always
09/20/2022 paper was right on point, thank you
09/20/2022 Excellent paper thank you
09/13/2022 Fantastic work,communative, and completed way ahead the deadline! I will be using their services again smiley
09/12/2022 Completed the assignment very quickly and provided a great essay that was formatted correctly. The grade wasn't as high as I had hoped because some of the points in the essay needed to be developed a bit more. However, I liked that the writing style was clear and easy to follow.  
09/05/2022 Delivered on time and great price
08/04/2022 I got an 83%. Waited around for days for the essay to be properly cited.
08/02/2022 Great paper
07/30/2022 Quick response and ability to hit all aspects on the rubric
07/26/2022 Recommend. 
07/21/2022 The paper was done very fast and I received 98%.
Way above what I paid for. 

07/20/2022 Perfect paper as always. I have now become a regular satisfied client
07/20/2022 Thank you for quick turnaround.
07/15/2022 Great work. Thanks Carl
07/15/2022 Amazing assignment a little over the word count. but a job well done. Everything was discussed very well.
07/15/2022 Amazing work. RECOMMEND
07/15/2022 Thank you.
07/14/2022 Amazing concise work. I was pleased with the work given as I received 94%, which is satsfactory for me
07/14/2022 Thank you. The paper was delivered 3 days ahead of time.
07/14/2022 I 100% recomend the prof if you need a good score.
07/14/2022 Thank you. I recieved a good score
07/14/2022 I got a satisfactory in my assignment. Everything was completed on time and the corrections were also quickly made. I recommend
07/13/2022 Any paper done by this professor is always A++.

I don't remember getting a bad grade as long the assignment is completed by this professor. I look forward to continue working with this professor. 
07/13/2022 Super-fast and followed all the instructions.
07/13/2022 Excellent. I can’t ask more that this score.
07/13/2022 Quick turnaround and still managed to score an A.
07/12/2022 Good communication and I highly recommend to others to use this professor.
07/12/2022 Great results within a short notice.
07/12/2022 Greak work.
It was beyond my expectations
07/12/2022  Thank you very much
07/12/2022 Excellent presentation and results. Thank you very much
07/12/2022 Thank you
07/12/2022 I have received excellent grades from all the assignments completed by this professor.
07/12/2022 Thank you, professor. I t was a great paper and I will come back again.
07/11/2022 Do not use this professor if you want your assignment completed anywhere near the deadline. 
06/27/2022 Thank you for the great work!
06/21/2022 I am so happy that I went with this professor. Thank you for cleaning up a mess from a failed paper!I appreciate the assistance! Will be happy to use this professor again in the future. Thank you, Thank you!
06/19/2022 Grat Work! Followed the assignment instructions and work was submitted ahead of suspense. High recommend using the this professor.
05/10/2022 It was difficult working with him he did deliver always on time. but it would get extremely frustrating because he would give me a bid than tell me it costs more...
04/28/2022 I gave clear instructions and to include a reference page, that was not done. Everything else was perfect, plus, they got me the paper early, which was extremely helpful. I'd use them again. 
04/17/2022 Very professional and gets the work done in timely manner
03/17/2022 Second time in a row coming to this prof!! Always sends back on time too. Thank you again Maxdill!!!
03/12/2022 Good paper!
03/09/2022 Followed directions clearly
03/05/2022 Thanks
03/03/2022 Sent back my assignment two days earlier than requested deadline with everything that I hoped for! Thank you so much
02/26/2022 Awesome assignment writing, wrote brilliantly and excellently. I got very good marks
02/26/2022 Great. Scored 48/50. Thank you
02/26/2022 Great work and it was on time , really recommended to student who are struggling for it
02/26/2022 I really appreciate the revision. I apologize for not giving you the name of my state on the first one, but the information is well written and explained. Again, thanks for your excellent work.
02/25/2022 The assignment was well done and detailed, the course instructor described the work as one of the best in the class.
02/25/2022 I have passed my assignment. I got my assignment back on time. Thank you very much.
02/25/2022 Thank you
02/25/2022 The information provided is very clear and used good examples and references. There are no grammatical mistakes at all and the standard of writing is very good. Thank you for the support.
02/25/2022 very good paper, all aspects covered by the author, which was not easy given the scope
02/25/2022 Thank you for the effort. The topic is excellent, and I hope to continue at this high level. I wish you a nice day
02/25/2022 Great content
02/19/2022 i will not select this professor anymore because they clearly do not follow instructions
02/14/2022 Great job. I will use this professor again.
02/11/2022 Your services have always been honest and fair, and I have enjoyed working with you over the past one year.
02/11/2022 For anyone having doubts out there, give him a chance and he will blow your mind away. I will always come back for help
02/11/2022 I can recommend this professor with a lot of confidence and happiness to other students. He has exceptional customer service, quick delivery and turnaround times, and very reasonable prices. I was always able to ask for any changes after receiving the final assignment and this gave me a lot of comfort and security. I cannot emphasise how happy I am to have this professor by my side helping me throughout my academic career.
02/11/2022 Great
02/10/2022 I got 100% on this one...Thanks
02/10/2022 Excellent work.
02/10/2022 Thank you
02/10/2022 The paper was top-notch and I received 49/50. Thank you
02/10/2022 Very quick and the content was great. Recommend
02/10/2022 Thank you
02/06/2022 This professor did my assignment wrong. I asked if he understood the assignment he said yes but still did it incorrectly and I’m wondering why he was paid for this assignment especially since I told him it was wrong after several attempts

Have clarified with the customer that she had attached a wrong template to follow.
01/24/2022 Did have to ask for edits due to missing parts of the assignment. Final grade for this assignment was 78%.
01/23/2022 Absolutely amazing!!!! Thank you so much
01/20/2022 Saved me
12/19/2021 Work was completed on time thank goodness, but honestly this was the bare bare bare minimum that was needed for the project. In fact, the conclusion that tied all of the elements together as was stated necessary ijn the rubric I shared was completely missing. It is enough for me to pass my class but for $200, I might have just pulled an all nighter and done this myself.
12/18/2021 Good prof, always completes my work on time and as a pass!
12/17/2021 Great paper and finished it on a time crush. Much appreciated!
12/12/2021 The work was of excellent quality and thorough. Max did a fantastic job. He hit all the points on my prompt, and I can tell he looked over the examples I gave him. The only issue for me was that he submitted it late. I initially requested him to submit it to me by 5 pm, and he asked for an extension to submit it at 8 pm since he had to do another revision on someone else's paper which set him back. I agreed since I had only given him two days to complete the 5-page paper. But, I didn't get the paper until after 10 pm, and I had already informed him that my paper was due at 10 pm. I am just bummed because my teacher even said she would have given me an A if it wasn't late. So, I got a B instead. (I'm in a graduate program, so teachers are more strict with deadlines.) Still a passing grade, and I was still impressed with his work. So thank you, Max! But, maybe don't bite off more than you can chew next time.
I understand that I only gave him two days to complete the essay, but he must've started the essay on the day I wanted it submitted to me, making him barely have even a day to work on it (when I gave him two.)  If you select Max, make sure you're giving him a lot of time to complete your assignment, so you don't have this happen to you. Don't choose him for your project if it's due in the next few days. I wish the website would give partial credit back to customers who get their assignment after their requested due date/time. We shouldn't have to pay full price when we don't. 7/10

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