Date Comment Rating
09/21/2021 Great paper, recieved full marks, professor communication was the best I've experienced yet. 
09/19/2021 Great!
09/12/2021 Great job! No complaints!
09/10/2021 Got the paper done in a timely manner and had no issues!
08/29/2021 Dear people who read this. To all who require amazing essays on a multitude of subjects! Attention! This proffesor HAS DONE OUTSANDING work in s span of less than 2 weeks and scored me amazing results I aimed for. Amazing cooperation and communication. Trustful and responsive! You can count on him! You know the feeling when you await for your work to be done and have anxiety and worry? I 1000% guarantee you that with Proff Rogue you are going to be able to breathe and forget all anxiety. This person guarantees 100 ORIGINALITY and very good comments from your proffesors at Uni. I have been on this website for several years now when tight on time or busy. I have tried several proffs. THIS IS THE ONE I STICK with for the last 2 years! Give him clear instructuions and material and he will deliver 70-75 and higher no problem!
Where do I begin? This has been one of the most succesfull and amazing cooperation I ever had with you. I trully grasped what it is to be a true proffesional - its you.
I have received results for all the multiple pieces of work you have don for me. Yes Proff. roguehas done multiple!!! over the course of my Uni when I was tight on schedule. All of them in the 70-75 area! 
These results satisfy me completely. Tough subjects which you have tackled amazingly in a short time. 2 weeks for a big piece and 11 Days for multiple essays. You are truly a talented individual. I have prayed to wish you luck, health and the best for you and your loved ones, honestly, gods truth. 
This has been on hell of a ride with you. I will finally hopefully graduated and await for my Diploma. I hope the future and you grades open doors for me in the future. Apart from my crypto this has been one of the greatest invesments I did till this day. 
08/18/2021 Amazing!! Saved my ass...Don't hesitate or use anyone else. Prof. Rogue is the best.
08/15/2021 fast correct thanke you
08/09/2021 Whenever I want to use unemployedprofs for my academic work I become very anxious because I dont know which BID to choose. All profs have good reviews (real or fake) so I have to take hours figuring out who to choose because my grade truly matters to me. 

I have worked with Professor-Rouge twice and I was satisfied everytime. He responds to messages on a timely manner, he is very respectful and actually cares about the assignment's instructions and what needs to be done. 

For my final assignemt I received 85%. The essay was very well written with great vocabulary. There were some minor errors, but I am very happy with the mark I received. 

Thank you! 
08/05/2021 Excellent
07/28/2021 Simply amazing! So understanding and amazing paper. Thank you!
07/28/2021 If you're taking a course in Poli and need an experienced expert writer, you'd be settling for second rate if you looked elsewhere. He knows his stuff and knows how to translate the work into high grades. Excellent work.
07/28/2021 This was a short assignment, but he more than nailed it. He even was kind enough to delay submitting the assignment on my request. 

Thanks Theo!
07/28/2021 Puts in effort on small and big projects. Have never received less than As working with him. Communicates with you to ensure that assignment is tailored to your course. 
07/28/2021 He is by far the best user on this site. Not only will he give kick-ass work, but you'll always get timely feedback, earnest (never rushed) effort, and assignments that follow rubrics to the endth degree. Bonus, he'll never bid on something that he feels an A is beyond reach. I only work with a couple of people on this site - he is on top of that list. 

Excellent work as always. 
07/17/2021 Always comes through with the best work and always on time. I have never been dissapointed.
06/23/2021 Did excellent work would recommend. 
06/22/2021 If I could give this professor 0 stars I would. Before I turned it in,and recieved the work it was nothing of what I explained. It was horrible. I read some of the reviews and this is a diamond level professor so I expected the best. I am sure this professor can do good 1 page essays but I  had tasked him with 10 pages and I got an awful score. He didn't look at the prompt thoroughly. Believe the bad reviews. I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt but never again. My overall grade in the class suffered. I guess with this website it is always a risk. I am faithful to one professor only I do not know why I thought to change it up. If anyone wants a good professor go see GarKGee. He is platinum level and I never get anything below an A. Talk with him and give him all the details and he will do a way better job. I can only blame myself for choosing this guy. Be forewarned!!! Diamond level means nothing! 

Thanks for your feedback. As we discussed, the problem with your assignment was that you had never mentioned that only the class materials should be used. That's information that I would really have needed you to provide as it was not in the prompt. All the best, Theo
05/24/2021 So, I've been going to PR for a couple of years with various writing projects ranging from busn to poli sci. If you've read reviews that include anything but praise, please take them with a grain of salt. Nearly all of the output has been A or A+ level. He works with you very closely to ensure that the rubric of the course is precisely completed. I for one stand by his work as much as he does. Thanks again PR. 
05/21/2021 Delightful. 
05/19/2021 Excellent job
05/17/2021 Excellent written work on poli sci assignments. Thanks!
05/11/2021 I gave them an assignment with like a tight 48 hour deadline and they finished it well before that, giving me plenty of time to reread and restructure some sentences so they are more in my voice. Pretty solid job, not much analysis as there was summarizing, but it's all good. Beggars can't be choosers. Thanks!
04/29/2021 Simply the best! 5 Stars
Nothing more to say, the best there is. I have worked with other professors on this site and none compare to Prof Rogue. Don't look any further and don't bother using anyone else. 
04/23/2021 Fantastic work A+
04/23/2021 Very few people on this site are as reputable and effective at writing as PR is. I've worked with several times over the span of 1+ years. He has never delivered anything less than excellent work. Thanks!
04/23/2021 Excellent at incorporating key concepts and tying them into the paper. Has a real knack analysis and is overall a highly skilled academic writer in management studies.

04/21/2021 Even though I normally do good in my other courses regardless of what kind of work they are, Professor Rogue has saved me once again. Due to many complications going on in the outside world today, my school decided it was a good idea to close the semester A WEEK early than normal. I was awfully stressed out of my mind and had so many things to do that and it did not help at all when your time is cut short. 

"note" I also notice that some people had some major issues with meeting up the requirements for their particular projects. I feel like you really need to tell them the very main objective of the paper very clear and precise so they can understand what you really want. Professor Rogue have always made sure I have everything sent t him on what I wanted exactly in the paper. Although there was some repetitive phrases I had to edit, I am still satisfied with this work!
04/20/2021 The assignment was completed on time and definitely exceeded my expectations! 
04/18/2021 Professor-rogue wrote an political science essay for me and I requested a few complicated revisions that needed pay. I was quite happy with the revisions although there was probably still a lot more to be edited. The paper didn't end up recieving the best grade (almost a fail) but that wasn't all professor-rogue's fault so I would give 8/10 and would encourage students to use professor-rogue in the future but just to give yourself time to review the essayy yourself before you submit.
04/18/2021 I asked professor-rogue to work on a 2500 word political science essay. Overall, the essay was alright. It was a complicated subject that needed a lot of research, however, I found that the writting had a lot more filler than argument. The essay was also pretty disorganized and the thesis kind of got lost. There wasn't really much of a thesis at all. The mark recieved on the paper was 6/10 HOWEVER that was not entirely due to professor-rogue as I had another professor on this site look over it and they inserted a few tidbits that turned out to be factually incorrect. But the essay on its own wasn't very strong which was a little disapointing.

Commucation with professor-rogue was very good and although at some points I'm sure they were frustrated with me they never got angry which I appreciated a lot. They also offered revisions within reason. I paid seperately for more complicated revisions.

While I didn't have the best experience this time, I do encourage future students to use this professor and just give yourself time to review the essay yourself and ask for revisions when needed. He is legit.
04/17/2021 Happy with the result. Thank you.
04/09/2021 Great paper, got an A. Great communication. Highly recommended.
04/07/2021 Excellent
04/05/2021 Always gets the project in before the due date, makes any changes I ask for. Such a great professor!
04/05/2021 I really can't say enough good things about this professor!
04/05/2021 Amazing work! Never any complaints.
03/25/2021 Once again PR helped me through a writing assignment which included thorough research, extensive knowledge in a business course, and applying the material to the assignents.Received an A. Thanks again PR. 
03/25/2021 PR is a genuine good guy, but he's also incredibly gifted (acedemically). I've been working with him throughout the last couple of years and have never once been dissapointed. He is an excellent commuicator, always works with you to achieve your goal, and I have never received a grade lower than A when working with him. He will come through for you since he only chooses projects that he is skilled in. Absolutely recommend him. 
03/22/2021 Do you want to sound like a world renowned Dr. who is the leading expert in your field? If so, hire this guy. This man could shit out a paper that's made of gold, I can't even begin to rave enough about his work! I'm never going to anyone else!
03/19/2021 Great prof to work with. Would highly recommend! 
Very responsive, kind, and accomodating. 
03/19/2021 This professor always does the best work. I have been using him for a long time and i am never dissapointed. 
03/19/2021 Home run...EVERY.TIME.
03/14/2021 Great
03/12/2021 Perfect paper not plagiarism flags. Highly recommended 
02/28/2021 Best
02/27/2021 Excellent! A beatiful masterpiece. Turned in on time and included everything that was instruted. 
02/26/2021 Great writter, i have no complains about him. 
he is very knowledgeable in social sciences 
02/25/2021 Professor Rogue is the man to go to. I'm sure a lot of you read these and wonder how true are they? Well, he's legit. Hands down the best. He's always there, he's always easy to get a hold of, his papers are always on point (Never recieved less than an A) and he's very good at understanding what the student needs. DON'T waste your time with anyone else. 
02/24/2021 I'm giving an 8 out of ten which is like the 80% on got on my last paper from Theo. After deleting all the filler and parsing a concise paper, this paper no longer met the five page requirement of the project and what I paid for. Too bad for me. Theo is generally consistent but he has good days and bad days like anyone else. Out of the three papers he did for me this semester, one was good, one was loaded with filler but overall OK, and one was a distaster that I had to request TWO revisions on before it was in submittable shape. I do have high standards though for what it's worth. The average person paying for school papers probablly wouldn't care as much as I do.
02/24/2021 A+++++
02/20/2021 I am very satisfied. Good research, own ideas and aspects, yet always linked to what we discussed.
02/19/2021 Words cannot begin to express how AWESOME this professor is. By far, the most articuate scholar I've ever encountered. Always top notch, always on time, always goes above and beyond. Thank you for another masterpiece!   
02/19/2021 Paper was written very well and the professor followed the instructions fully!! I would recommend a million times! Thank you so much.
02/18/2021 Theo, you are an absolute MONSTER!!!!!!  Amazing work!!! 
02/10/2021 The BEST professor, hands down! Perfectly polished and articulate, always full credit. Thank you for another beautilfully executed project! 
02/09/2021 He always provides quality work. Always wonderful with communication and quality of work!
01/22/2021 Theo goes above and beyond to write a great paper. He does it consistently and with a professional and positive attitude that is much appreciated. I highly recommend him and after using several writers here on UP, I can confidently say he is the best they have.
12/28/2020 Proofreading/editing business papers 
PR helped me improve the overall quality of the paper. He was extremely helpful and communicative. I have worked with other professors on this site, but you'd be hard pressed to find someone more professional and hard working as him. If he bids on your project (which means he's an expert in the field), do not hesitate in working with him. 

12/21/2020 Execellent 
12/16/2020 Good communication. Pleasant. Excellent paper.
12/14/2020 Completed on time, and as promised.
12/11/2020 Always provides great work and always on time with their work!
12/08/2020 Done well and on time. Missed some instructions
12/05/2020 Don't waste your time with the others, not saying they're bad, but Professor Rogue is the best! Easy to talk to, responds promptly, and excels at just about every subject. I've never had to even send back for revisions. If I could give more stars I would. Trust me....
12/05/2020 Professor Rogue is my go to. This guy never lets me down, and has always been there when needed. By far the best
12/03/2020 The absolute GOAT, love this professor. Very professional and knowledgeable in the subject given, corresponded to each of my messages within the hour and delivered on the previously determined date. I would highly recommend anybody who needs some work done to hire this professor, they know what they're doing.
11/23/2020 Perfect work and good communication - reliable!
11/19/2020 Have used this professor for many projects and he always delivers quality work and responds quick to all of the messages. Would recommend 100 percent. 
11/16/2020 Always very communicative with others, making sure your papers are at it's fullest potential! Very fast with his work even if they are last minute with perfection! Awesome work on your papers! Thank you!
11/10/2020 Another stellar piece! Thank you so much for a wonderully written paper!   
11/06/2020 he is awesome! 
11/05/2020 Sent amazing work in a timley manner, would definitley use again! 
11/02/2020 he wrote 3 short essays for my Biomedical Ethics course and i received an A on al of them. He followed instructions perfectly. will use again
10/29/2020 Theo was awesome to work with. Receptive, writes bomb ass papers, and super friendly. 10/10 would work with him again except he just helped me graduate college so I don't need to. Bittersweet!
10/29/2020 Great Work. Thank you
10/29/2020 A+
10/29/2020 Fantastic work, best Professor by far!! Always get an A no matter what the subject
10/29/2020 A++
10/29/2020 Best Professor on the site
10/29/2020 Outstanding work. A+
10/29/2020 A+++
10/29/2020 Always get an A no matter what the subject. Thanks Rougue


10/29/2020 A paper. Thank you

10/23/2020 I am more than happy with my paper, thank you so much!
10/20/2020 Great job as usual.  This professor follows all instructions and actually makes sure he understands the assignment before starting it.  From now on I will not be using anybody else for my papers ! 
10/17/2020 Delivered a high quality paper that exceeded my expectations. Will be using again.
10/16/2020 This professor does an amazing job with all of the assignments he takes on. I am super happy with his work, would recommend to everyone! 
10/07/2020 Professor Rogue is by the best on this site. If they had a raiting higher than 10 I would give it. Don't use anyone else in my opinion. 
10/07/2020 You legit saved me at the very last minute of my due date. I was soo stressed out with mid-terms coming up, but Professor Rogue really helped me out! Thank you!!
10/07/2020 AMAZING!!! I hope to work with you again in the near future. Thank you for such a well-written piece! 
10/05/2020 Always the best! Would never go to anyone else!
10/05/2020 Don't bother with the rest. Go with the best. I promise you won't be dissapointed
10/04/2020 Thank you very much, always on time with a top notch piece. 
09/28/2020 God bless this prof for dealing with me all weekend while the prof grading my papers started asking for extra sh*t that's not in the rubric. No fault of Theo's, the paper is phenomenal (like always) and he was super responsive to my messages as I tried to figure the mess out. I'll keep giving him my $$ for sure!
09/27/2020 Fantastic essay. Thank you so much.
09/25/2020 The best! What else can I say... Ithe only professor I work with. Prof Rogue provides clear communication, prompt responses and excellent work. He geniunely cares and loves his craft, and that shows across the board. I recommend you look no further than right here if you want the best quality work with a personal touch. 10/10.
09/24/2020 I have worked with this professor for a long time on a variety of different projects.  Very approachable when you send him a message. It doesn't feel like I am talking to a robot or anything.
Follows instructions and does excellent work each time! He will always be my go to. 
09/23/2020 well done
09/22/2020 Life saver!! What can I say that hasn't already been said....DON"T USE ANYONE ELSE!!!!!
09/21/2020 Super happy with the work this professor does. Will be using him a lot more!
09/20/2020 This was my first time using this site but since I was kinda nervous I read all the reviews & profiles and chose this professor. The work did not disappoint and he cranked my paper out in like 5 hours while I hung out with my kid all day. I got an A! Will be requesting this professor the rest of the term for sure.
09/18/2020 A+++++
09/12/2020 Theo, AKA ProfessorRogue, is by far the best writer on this web site. Not only does he deliver high quality papers on time, he also provides excellent customer service and is a great communicator. I don't say this lightly. I have very high standards for my papers and he consistently meets and often exceeds my expectations. Thanks Theo! 
09/11/2020 Did a fantastic job with my paper.
09/07/2020 I've used Prof. Rogue for a few papers now. His work is always A+, would recommend again and again and again.
09/05/2020 very quick and well presented and well researched. absolutely top
09/03/2020 Perfection. Absolute perfection!
08/31/2020 Outstanding work on a very difficult subject A+
08/31/2020 On time and good quality work!
08/28/2020 Another great passing writing assignment completed on time.
08/28/2020 Theo had finished my writing assignment, but I requested too late that I needed some references/citations from the required textbook, and he said no problem! Revised the completed essay and got it back to me swiftly! I like his work ethic and commitment. He is a real one.
08/28/2020 Good quality work in a timely manner. Very professional work ethic. I will refer to him again.
08/26/2020 ??
08/22/2020 Best professor on this site
08/12/2020 OUTSTANDING TO WORK WITH!!!  He was on-time or early with every assignment and he worked with me on minor adjustments I wanted to see.  This is BY FAR THE BEST PROFESSOR to be doing your work!!!
08/11/2020 This professor did a fabulous job and took great direction. Thank you. 
08/07/2020 Amazing work, and well written! Perfect grammar! The rhythm was outstanding!
08/03/2020 Once again top notch work. Easy to get ahold of, finishes projects on time, easy to work with for edits.
07/23/2020 great work
07/21/2020 Theo did a fantastic job writing a 15 page paper from scratch. Followed all required parameters, and was on time with delivery. Very happy with the finished product. Will definitey select Theo in the future.
07/21/2020 Theo was highly accomadating, especially with this being my first time using this site. He was very helpful in explainin the process, what exactly he needed from me, and was on time or early with all required documents. Will definitely pick Theo again in the future.
07/19/2020 $$
07/17/2020 Paper was completed on time, proper length, and proper amount of sources asked for . 

The paper itself I found stated the same point in different ways for like 6 of the pages. Lots of editing needed afterwards which is frustrating when you are paying so much.
I really like this professor but will probably stick to him for shorter assingments that dont require as much detail . 

07/11/2020 Once again, ProfessorRogue has produced a beautifully written paper! Highly reccomend.
07/10/2020 Great!
07/06/2020 Okay
07/06/2020 Received a 95%
07/06/2020 Very well written essay. Done in a very timely manner. I received a 94%. Thank you!
07/06/2020 Outstanding paper that got an A!!!  Communicated well and often along with delivered the paper early.
07/01/2020 Crushed it in a crunch. Thank youi.
06/27/2020 Paid a sh-tload of money and just got a pass after waiting for him to edit it over and over again

Hey there, Feel free to get in touch with me. I haven't received a request for edits from any student in the last two months. So I'm a bit confused by your review. Please do get in touch however. Cheers, Theo
06/27/2020 So repetetitive, does not sound sophisticated and did not get me a good result. 
06/27/2020 amazing to work with
06/26/2020 Followed the instructions to the T! 
06/21/2020 Professor Rogue saves the day yet again. The only one I use and he never dissapoints. 
06/15/2020 great work
06/15/2020 great work
06/13/2020 Amazing!
06/13/2020 Nice working with you again. 
06/06/2020 Always a pleasure working with this professor!
06/05/2020 Completed early and followed all directions.
06/05/2020 great work and on time
06/03/2020 Easy to work with. Received my paper on time and I passed! :)
06/01/2020 Awesome paper!! The professor went the extra mile to deliver earlier than was due so I could have time to read and review before submitting, PLUS added a little more than the page requirement! Wow so pleased and this effort definitely showed, got an A+ !!!! thank you!! (:
05/27/2020 A++
05/27/2020 Great work 
05/25/2020 Have used several diamond/platinum level professors on this site, safe to say this one is the best. Very responsive as well :) 
05/23/2020 Was very satisfied with the work. Will be using him again in the future. Thank you for the great work!
05/20/2020 Brilliant and delivered ahead of schedule
05/14/2020 Got exactly what I wanted
05/12/2020 Let me start by sayin that I was about to give up on the website. I read reviews online from other sources and the offers I got on my proposal seemed a bit sketchy. I gave my post a day or so to collect offers and saw Professor Rouge pop up and he easily seemed like the best choice. His communication was great, replying in less than a few hours while also taking my feedback and incorperating sources that I requested. He promised to deliver on the day and delivered right on time. 

I thought maybe reviews and profiles would be fabricated (and I am sure they are) but reading Prof. Rouge's profile made him seem like the real deal.  I can account that they are indeed, the real deal. Prof. Rouge emphasizing that they would only take projects they are interested in shows in their work. As they took an approach/perspective on the paper as if they were writing it for themselves to submit.I have absolutely 0 complaints. Glad I waited it out and got lucky enough to get someone who would actually produce something of quality. 

?I came here for the piece of mind and I got it. I would recomend Prof Rouge to anyone who wants the same thing. If they offer on your bid accept it ASAP if you want quality work!
05/12/2020 Can't go wrong with him!! He's the best
05/10/2020 Very Nice work and considerate to the needs of the user.
05/07/2020 Far exceeded expectations!
05/04/2020 Got my paper back and I received an A. Thanks Theo!
04/30/2020 Great Job!
04/30/2020 AWESOME!!!!!!
04/30/2020 Great work and on time!
04/28/2020 never disappoints!!!
04/25/2020 Informative paper, appreciated the communicaiton!
04/24/2020 Perfect!
04/23/2020 The BEST!!! Professor Rogue is the best, he's always on time, easy to relay information with, and he helps in any way he can. I've used him a few times and i've never been dissapointed. Go Rogue!
04/22/2020 This professor was super easy to work with and the product (solution) was perfect. This professor stands out amongst others because he is extremely communicative and his responses and questions are in line with the project he is working on. I have worked with other professors on this site that give very vague information or communication, therefore the products is more generic. I highly recommend this professor!
04/19/2020 This prof writes a great essay. My paper (political science/history) was beautifully written and had strong, well-supported arguments.  The prof responded to all of my questions quickly and was super easy to work with. I always request this prof whenever possible and I highly reccomend them. 
04/18/2020 Great job, received it before I requested. Love working with this prof!
04/07/2020 Another A paper from this professor! Thank you so much!!!
04/05/2020 This prof was knowledgeable, friendly, and was easy to get a hold of when needed. He returned a well written, well researched paper that exceeded my expectations. I will definitely use him again when I am swamped in the future!
04/04/2020 Professor Rogue is the best! I promise you wont be dissapointed. He's available anytime, he responds almost immediatly and is easy to talk to. Hits a home run everytime
04/04/2020 Super reliable and very helpful! delivered everything well before my short deadlines and i got As on everything. If Professor-Rogue bids, you cannot go wrong accepting
03/31/2020 The best of the best!!! 
03/31/2020 Fantastic in EVERY way. 
03/26/2020 Fantastic! 10/10, would recommend! 
03/26/2020 Helped time after time, always very helpful and willing to take into account any edits etc
Highly recommened and been working with this Prof for nearly 2 years!
03/24/2020 Best professor on the site! Great paper, great score!
03/24/2020 The very best! Quick turnaround and only the highest level of work! Always delivers a great paper! 
03/24/2020 Continues to be my go to professor! Always delivers excellent work, prompt and great communication! 
03/21/2020 great work!!
thank you 
03/18/2020 Got a 98% on my paper!!! Thank you so much for always coming through with excellent paper! I wish i could meet you in person to thank you!
03/18/2020 awesome paper once again.
03/18/2020 perfectly written. will def work with them again!
03/17/2020 Amazing! very professional throughout the process and very easy to communicate with! Will be using again!
03/15/2020 Followed the prompt and some! 
03/12/2020 Another A paper. Thank you so much!!!!!
03/10/2020 Awesome Work, Crushed it!

03/10/2020 Professor Rogue is awesome, Great Communication and a Solid A+ paper! 
03/09/2020 Great!
03/09/2020 As always, AMAZING work...delivered before due, great grade, excellent communication. Best professor on the site! 
03/08/2020 Great work and on time!
03/06/2020 Amazing work! Even finished my project a little ahead of time. Very responsive when I had any questions as well. Will definitley be using Professor Rogue again!
03/06/2020 Good job
03/03/2020 Timely communication and thoruogh work
03/03/2020 Never fails to deliver an A paper!
03/03/2020 Another A on my paper. Thanks Prof!!!!!
03/03/2020 Outsiding!!!! Amazing!!!! #thisone
02/29/2020 I've used Professor Rogue many times and he's never let me down. Great communication, always on time and most importantly, he's always on point. Once I found him, i've never used anyone else. Don't think twice...choose Professor Rogue
02/26/2020 Hands down the best!!!