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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
03/18/2023 Amazing 
03/10/2023 The only professor I will use on this site. Amazing!!!! Thank you!! 
02/19/2023 Still great. 
02/18/2023 Phenomenal! First time on this site and I'm super happy with my experience. Despite it being a short and oddly specific assignment, Theo took great care with my project and made sure to follow the rubric/word count closely. Excellent communication overall (very kind when responding to me regarding project status!) and delivered top quality work. I definitely feel confident choosing him for future projects!! :)

So happy you liked my work. Looking forward to working with you in the future :) Cheers!
01/30/2023 This PROF is excellent. Worked with them almost the whole term. 10/10 reccomend using them. Work is always stellar and grades are high.
01/16/2023 This PROF. gets the job done! Highly recommend working with them for an entire semester or a single class. The work is impeccable. 
01/11/2023 I've said it before and I will shout it a million times more "BOOK PROFESSOR ROGUE"! You cannot go wrong. Punctuality, professionalism, courtesy and intelligence executed every single time. I have literally booked Theo throughout undergad and for several of my assignments in my master's program. Dont second guess it, book and get the grade you want! This professor DOESNT FAIL. Expectations will always be exceeded and I'm willing to bet my last dollar on it. 
01/09/2023 Amazing work!
01/02/2023 Great as always
12/27/2022 Thanks mate, awesome work :)
12/19/2022 Followed instructions but wording and thoughts were quite scattered. A lot of typos.

I'm sorry to hear that you see the paper this way. Feel free to reach out to me at any time to see if I can make your issues right.
12/15/2022 est professor on this site. Can't ever go wrong with him. 
12/15/2022 Great professor. Always delivers
12/13/2022 Always Excellent!
12/07/2022 no plagiarism found. great work.
12/01/2022 97/100. Incredible work. I've said it before and I'll say it again; I've learned more from this professor's work than I have all semester. 
11/29/2022 Awesome, thank you! :)
11/26/2022 The Prof did an excelletn job taking the feedback from my instructor on my Lit Review and revising it perfectly to align with their guidance and my instructions.  

Thanks a lot for the great work.
11/20/2022 You can't go wrong by choosing this professor!
11/16/2022 99/100 on this paper. Prof Rogue is the real deal. I learned more from this paper than I have all semester. 
11/08/2022 THE best professor on this site
11/07/2022 He did awesome and he communicating with me very well I told him exactly what I needed and what I wanted and he did everything plus a little bit more if you have any questions about him my instagram is glo.lysssa he is great tho 
10/27/2022 Great as usual!
10/26/2022 Can't go wrong with this Professor!
10/18/2022 Best Professor on this site! 
10/17/2022 Excellent. Thank you.
10/12/2022 Best professor in this site. He always delivers quality!
10/09/2022 Professor Rogue has a WEALTH of knowledge. I have learned more from his assistance than I have from class. 

That's so kind - thank you :)
10/08/2022 Great. Thanks.
10/05/2022 Excellent. Thank you.
10/03/2022 Amazing!! This is my second project with Mr Rogue. The first project he got me a 98! 

My second time with Mr Rogue was no different. 

He provides an excellent service. He is quick to reply to message and easy to talk to. What I like about Mr Rogue is that he goes into depth with what  he aims to do with your project. You have the ability to discuss the project in length with him. He makes sure he has included what is required for the project. He is very personalable and continues to ask questions and updates you on the project. 

I came to Mr Rogue due to a terribe experience with another professor on this site. I gave an professor over 2 months to complete the project. When I received the project it looked rushed, had spelling mistakes and ovee the word count. When it came to editing the paper the professor would take days to reply. Honestly, I could have done a better job. However, I was on here to aim for the high 90s.  Rather then wait for the professors reply, due to the deadline approaching, luckily enough I came across Mr Rogue who was able to complete the project from scratch. He gave me the finished piece of work within 48 hours. I got a 98!!!! 

Do not waste your time with other professors on here. I highly recommend you guys to send Mr Rogue an invite whenever you have a project due. 

thanks so much for your kind words. I'm really glad it worked out.
10/03/2022 Best unemployed professor on here!
10/03/2022 always great!
10/01/2022 Great material sent way before the deadline. 10/10. 
09/29/2022 Got it before the deadline and received 95/100. Will use again.
09/22/2022 Excellent. Thank you.
09/21/2022 Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
09/11/2022 Excellent. Thank you.
09/06/2022 Great work. Thanks.
09/06/2022 Great job.
09/06/2022 Excellent. Thank you.
09/05/2022 Superb work. Thanks.
09/05/2022 Great work!!!
09/02/2022 Excellent. Thanks.
08/31/2022 Professor Rogue never fails to get the job done. Work is always seemless and timely. Even if something needs slight revision, he is kind about it. I've never received anything less than an A when booking this professor amd I have booked Theo for some undergrad assignments in the past and currently for masters level assignments. 
08/21/2022 Excellent. Thank you.
08/16/2022 Excellent. Thanks.
08/06/2022 Excellent revision of a paper for one of my courses. Additionallly, he added content from the source material to strengthen the argument of my thesis. 
08/03/2022 Rarely you will find someone with his intellect, yet genuine and earnest care into the work you are supposed to be doing. You won't find a user who checks more boxes than he when it comes to ghost writing. 

08/03/2022 Helped me piece together a paper for one of my courses. The results were amazing. Absolutely delighted with the caliber of work and his ability to follow course rubrics
07/27/2022 Super as always.
07/27/2022 Great work Excellent.
07/21/2022 Great...
07/19/2022 Great work. Thanks.
07/19/2022 Excellent as always.
07/17/2022 Perfect!!!
07/16/2022 Great. Thanks.
07/12/2022 Superb work!!!
07/12/2022 Super. Thanks.
07/10/2022 Splendid. Thank you.
07/10/2022 Excellent!!!
07/10/2022 Great work.
07/07/2022 This Professor is the best! Best assistance I've ever had on this site. 
07/05/2022 Simply a pleasure dealing with this professor......
07/02/2022 Absolutely recommend! I have instructed this Professor more than once and he always delivers high quality, following the instructions provided and complying with the established deadlines. The price that you pay 100% matches the quality that is delivered! I have used the services of other professors charging less and as a result had to spend hours editing and amending the paper - this one was essentially ready to hand in!
07/02/2022 GOLD STAR! You really get what you pay for and I can assure you that it is well worth it. This Professor deliveres papers of high quality, throroughly following the instructions provided and complying with the established deadlines. I have used other professors in the past of a lower rate and spent hours editing the paper and adding bits of research to it, which didn't happen this time. Absolutely recommend!
06/30/2022 Perfect. Thanks.
06/29/2022 Splendid.Thank you!!!
06/29/2022 Excellent.Thanks.
06/27/2022 Great work!!!
06/27/2022 Excellent.
06/27/2022 Great.
06/25/2022 Excellent!!!
06/22/2022 Good work!!!
06/20/2022 Followed instructions to the letter, produced perfect text, delivered early and could not be better. 
06/18/2022 Excellent. Thanks.
06/13/2022 Excellent communication and met expectations perfectly.
06/13/2022 Great work!!!
06/11/2022 Excellent. Thanks.
06/07/2022 Best REAL professor on the site. All the others are just bidding away at anything. With him, you will always be taken care of. 
06/06/2022 Cogently wrote a 300 word piece on a leadership course - got 96 on it.  Great prof
06/01/2022 Oustanding paper, thank you very much. Will be back!
05/31/2022 Amazing work as always!
05/28/2022 Excellent. Thanks.
05/27/2022 Excellent!!!
05/27/2022 Great work!!!
05/27/2022 Splendid...
05/24/2022 His work is godly. If you give this guy instructions he will follow them precisely as anyone I've ever seen. All of his work is cited accurately so there are never any questions of academic integrity. Thank you!!!yesyes
05/23/2022 Perfect. Thank you.
05/23/2022 Excellent. Thanks.
05/20/2022 Great job as usual!
05/20/2022 Amazing work! Well done!
05/19/2022 Good work!!!
05/19/2022 Excellent, timely, work!!!
05/19/2022 Good job...
05/17/2022 Superb work!!!
05/17/2022 Great as always.
05/17/2022 Great job.
05/17/2022 Excellent work!!!
05/14/2022 Theo is the real deal. Top quality papers & always on time. Thanks mate! Let me know if you are ever down under x 
05/14/2022 Splendid!!!
05/14/2022 As always, great!!!
05/12/2022 Best real professor on the site! Always delivers excellent work. 
05/12/2022 Excellent. Thanks.
05/09/2022 Good work...
05/09/2022 Excellent work and delivered project exactly the way I asked for it to be delivered. Great prof!
05/08/2022 Excellent. Thanks.
05/07/2022 amazing work
05/05/2022 Produced high caliber work in short order. Major life saver (life saver candy emoji). yesyes
05/05/2022 I found that I actually wasn't very knowledgeable in this topic so I put this paper up for a bid and went with Prof Rogue. I am so happy I did that because I ended up with a great result on my 4th year uni course. 
05/05/2022 Followed instructions perfectly and helped secure the grade I wanted. Thank you!
05/05/2022 Superb, and a couple of days earlier.
05/05/2022 Excellent work!!!
05/05/2022 Great job...
05/04/2022 Great work. And good delivery on time!
05/02/2022 Hands down, best real professor on this site! Others get fake reviews. Trust that all of his here are real. Great results every time!
04/29/2022 Fantastic!
04/29/2022 Amazing work, the professor could not have been more accurate and in line with the instructions given. 10/10!!!
04/24/2022 Excellent!!!
04/24/2022 Very nice, thank you.
04/24/2022 Great as always...
04/24/2022 Before deadline, good job!!!
04/24/2022 Well done.
04/24/2022 Splendid...
04/24/2022 Good work!!!!
04/20/2022 a BLAZING piece of work. Thank you!!
04/20/2022 The prof worked genuinely hard on this assignment to the point where I felt guilty for not having provided him with the right information to get the job done. Even with my lack of attentitveness and clear instructions, he went out of his way to put the misses pieces of the puzzle together and I got an 85 on the assignment. This makes sense because he is an extremely gifted writer and effective researcher. 
Thank you for your help PR! You saved me once again. 
04/20/2022 Followed all of the instructions I provided and helped me secure an excellent grade for my business class. Despite the fact that there were some instructions missing, he was extremely patient and worked with me to ensure all of the grading rubric requirements were checked off. What a life-saver. Thanks Theo
Grade received on the assignment: A
04/17/2022 The absolute best!
04/13/2022 A couple of days earlier. Excellent!!!
04/13/2022 Superb work!!!
04/13/2022 Splendid!!!
04/13/2022 Great work...
04/11/2022 Great work...
04/11/2022 Splendid, great work!!!
04/11/2022 97% excellent.
04/11/2022 Great job...
04/11/2022 Excellent!!!
04/06/2022 The absolute best!!
04/06/2022 The best professor on the site hands down. 
03/31/2022 Well spoken, friendly yet professional, made me feel easily understood and produced a great essay.
03/30/2022 Always great! Best prof here. Highly recommended
03/29/2022 A+ writer and projects always get completed on time (if not a day or two early). I wouldn't go with any other prof.
03/28/2022 Good job!!!
03/28/2022 Excellent work...
03/26/2022 Amazing!
03/26/2022 Leadership Coursework (ongoing work for 4 months) There are very FEW profs (I'd say legit 1 or 2 others) on this website who have the capacity and knowhow to deliver the way Theo does. I randomly posted a project to test out my theory: that most people on homework sites are charlatans (and unfortunately I was right). PR always delivers, communicates, and genuinely makes an earnest effort to secure your grade. I recently noticed on this site and others clone accounts with qualifications similar to his (ie. PhD from a big state school), but I can tell you without an iota of doubt that they are clones with the intention to rip off his work - which makes sense, because his work is nearly always meticulous and has the review history to substantiate it. Be wise with your money and time. Make it easy on yourself. Go with PR
03/22/2022 Hands down the best Professor on here. Always before the deadline, impeccable work, and just overall awesome; can't see a reason to use anybody else.
03/22/2022 Amazing work again!
03/20/2022 The best essay I have read! Extremely well-written essay knows APA formating and used academic resources. I got an A, and congratulations from the reader!
03/18/2022 My go to for all assignments!
03/18/2022 The best!!
03/17/2022 Theo is amazing! Professional, prompt and my number one professor. Thanks so much :)
03/15/2022 A++
03/15/2022 Best Professor on the site by far
03/15/2022 Thank you for the fast turnaround and great paper
03/15/2022 A++
03/15/2022 Outstanding work thank you
03/15/2022 Excellent Work
03/14/2022 ????
03/13/2022 Great work!!!
03/13/2022 Excellent. Thanks.
03/13/2022 Super work...
03/13/2022 Excellent job!!!
03/09/2022 Amazing work!
03/09/2022 Good job!!!
03/09/2022 Splendid!!!
03/09/2022 Superior work!!!
03/09/2022 Great work as always.
03/09/2022 Excellent work!!!
03/09/2022 Excellent work and on time.
03/09/2022 A+
03/09/2022 Excellent!!!
03/06/2022 As always incredible work, done before the date requested, and just overall awesome to work with.
03/06/2022 A+ work!! Do not use any other prof. He always delivers on time and 100% his own work.
03/04/2022 A+ Great Work
03/02/2022 Amazing work always!
02/27/2022 Truly the best! Cant never go wrong choosing him.
02/27/2022 Extremely pleased with the final product. Cannot recommend this professor enough
02/27/2022 a+ work per usual. Don't go with any other prof
02/27/2022 I never use anybody but this Professor, the work always incredible.
02/27/2022 The professor completed the assignment, but I had to spend 20 minutes in spell check correcting grammar, spelling, and other basic things that an "unemployed professor" would know better about when writing an essay. Not worth the quoted price for the amount of work I was given after correcting the extra words and grammar used to lengthen the essay. The piece was lazily written and used elementary language and simp[le, not that of a collegiate level for a university-style paper.

Hey there, Sorry to hear that you feel this way. I try to maintain a standard of writing that is in line with the level requested by the client. If you feel that there is unnecessary or redundant language, feel free to send me a message and I would be happy to take a look, and go back over it. Cheers, Theo
02/26/2022 Great job as always!!!
02/20/2022 Absolutely wonderful. A papers every time.
02/19/2022 Theo has done fantastic work on many of my projects going back 5+ years- consistently good papers and always on time. Thank you!
02/19/2022 Absolute life saver. 10/10 recommend.
02/17/2022 Great work. thank you
02/15/2022 Great Work!! A++
02/12/2022 I've got a long project I'm working on with Professor Rogue. Very simply, I'm glad I chose you! We've had some really nice, funny conversations along the way, too. Also, your knowledge and commitment to producing genuinely interesting texts is astounding:)
02/08/2022 Followed all instructions to the letter, I am very pleased with the results.
02/08/2022 As always, splendid work, and on time.
02/08/2022 A+
02/04/2022 A+ Thank you for the great work
01/31/2022 Got 95% on this assignment. Great work...
01/31/2022 Excellent work!!!
01/31/2022 Very informative, and on time.
01/31/2022 This is my go-to professor for any significant project. This writer's work ethic and communication is 100% every time. Thank you.
01/30/2022 isn't so devoid of meaning and joy when you make good decisions (choosing the right professor). And to think that I was on the verge of getting into nihilistic philosophy. Thank you! Awesome work.

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