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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
05/19/2021 Great writer, very timely and got my essay to me earlier than expected. Thank you!
05/17/2021 Just amazing work. Genuinely, went above and beyond and completed my assignments exactly how they were supposed to be completed. Unreal work, thank you!!!!
04/28/2021 Professor Platium did an awesome job! 
04/22/2021 First time using this service so I did not know what to expect. P's writing style is brilliant. I'll be back for more :) 
04/18/2021 Very determined to make sure assignment is done to perfection of instructions.
04/17/2021 Will use again! Got my paper to me at 4pm, when I asked to have it done by midnight. A whole 8 hours early!! Paper doesn't need a thing changed to it. Great communication. Thank you!!
04/16/2021 Great communication and polite. My paper is was handed in on time and I didn't do it, so I'll give full stars. Hopefully I get a high mark. 
05/12/2020 My professor thought it was a good star, so I give 10 stars. Recommend to anyone
04/15/2020 Excellent paper and completed in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend this professor to anyone.
04/11/2020 This professer has been my go-to for TWO papers so far in my history course. The first paper written for me recieved a perfect score as well as extra credit points!! Thanks so much for your hard work platinum!!
04/11/2020 The English Annotated bibiliography for my research paper that was completed was an A, so i was very satisfied especially with the communication. Will be using this professor in the very near future. 
03/26/2020 Another 10 starts for another paper from platinum. You are an aboslute lifesaver!
03/25/2020 This review is for the second paper platinum wrote for me. Another awesome essay related to criminal justice. Thanks again plat!
03/25/2020 This is a review for the first paper platinum wrote for me. It was an essay for a criminal justice class and it was great! Platinum does great work and you should definitely hire them!!
03/09/2020 Awesome work.
03/03/2020 Received fukk credit. Great research on the topic. Received 97.2%
02/15/2020 Great work. Asked for an extension but it was ok and delivered as promised. 
Fast replies.
01/09/2020 Prompt and well written 
01/08/2020 Great work! 
09/17/2019 wow
09/17/2019 Professor was very good, extremely supportive and delivered my project well before time.

05/26/2019 Thank you so much!
05/22/2019 Thanks 
05/20/2019 Outstanding work, my second time using this professor.
04/17/2019 Very top notch work!
04/14/2019 Really great paper! Super creative and just what I was looking for. Thanks!
04/10/2019 Good job
04/09/2019 Excellent paper and service! High quality work was produced and very impressive! Thank you for help!
04/05/2019 Amazing work on short notice
03/31/2019 Would definitely use again. 
03/25/2019 Great Professor to work with, still waiting to get my final grade on my paper but it was very well written. Will be using again in the future!
03/25/2019 Quickest order fulfillment I've had yet.
03/16/2019 Excellent work
03/13/2019 Great work
02/16/2019 Thank you’re the best 
02/14/2019 The paper was written very well and followed the guideline.
service was fast and done timely.
Thank you Professor!
01/20/2019 had a clear undestanding of what to deliver and was spot on with the context of the topic.
12/20/2018 Amazing! He replies back very fast, he turned in my paper 2 hours before it was even due so it was great. I GOT AN A!! 98/100 . Definitely recommend (:
12/18/2018 Amazing Job! On such short notice! Will definitely choose Again! 
12/17/2018 Great report so far. Will update when I recieve my final grade. Prompt and on time Feedback was a plus. 
08/12/2018 Overall not a bad experience. Asked for an extension but I was only able to give them an extra couple hours.  Provided a pretty complete product that met the requirements. I haven't received a grade yet but I expect somewhere in the B range.
07/06/2018 Don't even have my grade back yet but I will let you know this writer repsonds incredibly fast and is with you through the whole process. This service is worth the price. His writing skills are unmatchable. Absolutely a repeat customer.
07/02/2018 On time and excellently written...thank you
06/30/2018 Platinum wrote a research paper for my literature class and I got a 100, he sumbitted it to me on the due date, and doesn't overcharge. It was such a relief using this service and professor for my project. Thanks Platinum!
06/23/2018 Paper was legit, got an 84
06/16/2018 Solid
06/03/2018 Lots of ; use to make very very long single sentences. But with minor editing I recieved the desired results. Would use again.
05/18/2018 I was iffy to use this sight at first but im glad i did, this professor got me an A in my paper and he did it in a short time notice (a day before due) and delivered a well thought out paper even though the prompt was difficult, he communicates with you throughout the process and responds quick, will be using this professor again thank you !!!!!!!! 
05/17/2018 Perfect paper. Great communication. Really cares about his subjects and the writing shows it. A. 
05/15/2018 Very helpful and excellent work!
05/15/2018 Excellent work!  I got it on time and I got an A. 
05/07/2018 Got an A. Perfect paper. Thank you.
05/02/2018 Very well done
04/19/2018 Great, great work! I was super impressed and even recieved my paper early! Thanks!!
04/17/2018 Great work. Thank you very much.
04/12/2018 Extremely well-written.  Logical arguments supported by solid evidence, good vocabulary and flawless in-text citations.  I'm not going to lie here, I had some serious misgivings about this service pertaining to the quality of work I would receive but Professor Platinum came through with flying colors.
04/07/2018 Got a high score and shoutout by the professor. Good work
04/05/2018 Essay was late and mediocre at best. Ending up rewriting most of it. However, the basic essay structure was solid and he seemed to have a decent knowledge of English literature. 
04/04/2018 Great Essay! Matched all the criteria and was well-written. 
04/03/2018 I got a 65 on my essay. The arguments were good I thought but not university level.
03/30/2018 Delivered early, only minor punctuation changes needed. The paper was provided in the requested MLA format with the maximium amount of sources by the professor, and accurate citations. 
03/27/2018 Had to edit after "completed" stuffy paper full if filler words.
03/23/2018 Very, very pleased with my paper. Only edits necessary were one or two minor grammatical erros. Vocabulary exceeds traditional undergraduate vocabulary. Communication was easy and the paper was even completed early. 
03/22/2018 really great communication skills 
03/22/2018 Amazing, everything I asked for and even adjusted timeline and got it done WAYY early, would recommend!! Thank you! 
03/20/2018 This professor did an incredible job, I highly reccommend him and would definitely use him again. The essay he produced for me was organized, clear, well thought out and overall very well written. He followed all of my instructions as well and I didn't even have to ask for any edits. 10/10!! 
03/16/2018  I paid extra for the plagiarism services, and it wound up at 1.5% GREAT JOB! This was completed in less than 24 hours with a 48 hour deadline. Kudos to PLATINUM!
03/14/2018 Wonderful job!
03/06/2018 Got the assignment done ahead of schedule. 
03/02/2018 Did notstart project until after initial project deadline.
02/26/2018 Thorough. Timely. Extremely well written. Will use again. 
10/27/2017 Got amazing marks for this.
I highly reccomend Platinum
09/12/2017 Awesome paper, needed to submit to and it passed authenticity! Would definitely recommend website/professor if you don't have time to write an essay/paper. Thank you again!!!
08/23/2017 Great paper! A+
08/23/2017 Excellent work!
08/23/2017 This was exactly what I needed, thank you!
08/23/2017 Excellent work! Thank you!
08/19/2017 Late. But good essay. 
08/19/2017 Late. But good essay. 
08/19/2017 Late. But good essay. 
08/19/2017 Late. But good essay. 
08/15/2017 Good work. 
08/15/2017 Good work. 
08/15/2017 Good work. 
08/15/2017 Great work. 
08/15/2017 Great work. 
07/27/2017 two spelling errors several grammatical errors. Your vocabulary was generally good, but the article didn't have much personality. I don't think you understood that it was an article not an essay for a journalism class. 

I think if you are paying for an essay, grammatical and spelling errors should be inexcusable. Especially when the buyer (me in this case) specifies the article is for a graduate level course. 

Good customer service, but still spent a few hours making corrections. 
07/17/2017 Paid for pages that were not written, recieved the paper late, and failed the assignment because there was not enough content besides quotes and paraphrasing. 
07/06/2017 Got a 175/200 on the assignment. Not too impressive, considering the price I paid. However, the assignment was delivered before the deadline, so that was nice.
07/04/2017 A great paper, just handed in a little late. I would still recommend the writer as he wrote a fantasical paper. I would work with again. 10/10 paper with very little mistakes. Excellent communication.
06/21/2017 Pleased with the project and would gladly pick this UP again.  I was not thrilled that I got an 93 on the paper as it was solid and the instructor deducted for something that was not required.  The A was low but the UP afforded a great project.
06/21/2017 Pleased with the UP and the project.
06/16/2017 He had took an extra day from the due date givee BUT wrote an extra page to make up for it which I originally needed but could not afford.

The paper had looked like good work, however I received a 74% on it. The professors comments seemed justifiable as the writer did not use enough supporting evidence from the documentary he chose to analyze. I don't know if he was trying to avoid watching 2+ hours of film or not.

I was very disappointed in the grade as with stricter time restraints I was able to get a higher mark than this on a previous assignment in the course. 

The value of this purchase for me comes in the time I saved not having to write this paper since I was very busy and didn't think I could produce good work, however I was hoping for a higher mark. 

05/03/2017 Started last-minute and missed the first deadline, but wrote a solid A paper. Good writer, would recommend.
04/08/2017 I got an "A" great work!
04/05/2017 Last minture paper, excellent work.
03/31/2017 Excellent, Came on time completely plagiarism free. I'm very happy with my purchase.
03/07/2017 I received my paper with a very short turnaround. This paper was definitely worth the money invested in Platinium. I am very pleased with the end result. I did not have to make any changes aside from my personal information. Thank you!
03/03/2017 Great work, submitted 2 hours prior to deadline which was nice. Will definitely use again.
03/02/2017 I got an excellent grade on my paper!
03/02/2017 Will update if necessary, I turn the assignment in tomorrow. Notes so far: Very professional communication, generally quick to respond. Had me worried when he asked for an extension but then he didn't even need it. The paper itself feels slightly disjointed, and somehwta poorly structured but lets be honest, you're reading this because you want someone else to do your work for you. I believe the work is good enough to pass, probably even with a good grade, and that's all that matters, right? Notes to Platinium if you see this, thesis statement was somehat unclear but I don't really care. Also, thanks for the header template and using more sources than you needed to. I should've clarified about one of the sources mentioned in the prompt, that's on me though.
02/26/2017 He simply delivers!
02/21/2017 Amazing Work!
02/12/2017 Couldn't ask for better work! Amazing.
02/10/2017 Amazing Work! 
01/25/2017 Got exactly what I asked for in a timely fashion. I would recommend this prof!
01/17/2017 Love working with this Professor.  Always delivers and A+++!
12/11/2016 Great paper and great professor
11/20/2016 Amazing prof ! Great time even he got a bid of food posing he did what he promised recieved an A!!!!!
10/22/2016 Good thing I read it before handing it in.  
There were a couple things that looked to be typographical errors or changes that spell-check made that were not intended.  

Otherwise, the paper was well prepared and all that I could have asked for.
09/19/2016 Platinium was very responsive and completed my work even faster than specified.  He did an excellent job following my instructions and produced high quality work.  I will look to use him for many more assignments.

Thanks for your work.
09/13/2016 Great job
08/21/2016 fantastic!!! exceeded my expectations with the letter of recommendation that I needed for medical school!!! Must go to Platinum if you want the best.
08/14/2016 Exceptional communication involving the project and areas that were unclear. There were a few sticking points that we were able to compromise on and get to the end goal. Paper was exceptionally written and even amazed me with his grasp of the subject matter. Went above and beyond on references and in-text citations as well. I would definitely choose this writer again and again. Keep up the great work!!!
08/13/2016 Professor Platinum always delivers an Excellent paper to submit.
I am always eager to read them. I love his style of writing, commitment, and eagerness to write the paper the way student needs to be written.
This is an important aspect for BUSY people who have a lot on their plate.
Thank you once again!
08/13/2016 Excellent work! I was very pleased with the quality and quantity of my paper. I look forward to working with this professor again in the future!
08/11/2016 Excellent work, as always!
08/10/2016 Well Done once again! Thank you.
08/09/2016 I wish I could give Professor Platinum 11 out of 10 stars!!! Truly exceptional work. Go to Platinum if you need your work to be on another level!!! I needed help with my personal statement....Platinum turned my rough ideas into an eloquent, compelling work of art!!!!! I am definitely going to use Platinum again! 
07/26/2016 High quality solution was provided on time while surpassing expectations! Highly Recommend!!
07/22/2016 great work and on time would defiantly recommend!!
07/20/2016 This Professor constantly delivers A+ work.  Thank you!
07/20/2016 Eloquently written!  Thank you so much!  A+  
07/20/2016 Very good at communication. Helped me out, immensely, with a situation I had with my jerk professor and l put in more effort than was expected. Thanks again. Would highly recommend. 
07/17/2016 The solution for this project is outstanding. Thank you for meeting the deadline.
07/01/2016 Excellent Work
06/15/2016 Brilliant and consistent work. Prof. Platinium will surely deliver a satisfying result for your papers.
06/05/2016 One of the best professors on this site
06/01/2016 Great essay wrote it exactly how I asked. 
05/19/2016 Platinium delivered an incredible paper that met all of the needs of the assignment. 11/10 rating.
05/16/2016 Thank you!!!
05/12/2016 Great professor to work with! Delivered an excellent 8 page research paper in the required time frame. Highly recommended! 
05/11/2016 Super helpful!
05/08/2016 Excellent writing which adhered not only to the prompt but also to the notes/outline provided.  Thank you for your intelligent analysis of the subject matter and your commitment to providing a superior product.
05/04/2016 P,
I cannot thank you enough for a beautifully written paper.  I am extremely impressed with you work & will definitely be inviting you next time I need a project done!  Immacculate!  
05/01/2016 Finished my project early and was exactly what I asked for.
Great essay !
04/18/2016 You're in good hands with Professor Platinium. He completed my essay within 3 days before the deadline, and I got 100%...didn't even think it was possible to get a 100% on an essay, but that just goes to show how good he is!
04/01/2016 Outstanding is an understatement Professor Platinium Didn't just write a paper... He wrote a literary Masterpiece. I would recommend Prof P. to anyone.
Very please with assignment. Will be using Professor P again!
03/18/2016 Communicated with me frequently like I asked, and that really put my mind at peace. Did a fantastic job on an essay about politics too. 
03/16/2016 Well written paper for my econ class
03/14/2016 Brilliantly written, thank you Platinum. This is a great Job !! :)
02/20/2016 Thank you so much! I highly recommend!!!
12/10/2015 Thank you so much!  I received an A+ on my paper!  It was written perfectly!
12/02/2015 Perfect!
11/17/2015 Half assed admissions essay. After posting my project and accepting Platinums bid months in advance from when my project was due he asked me a day or two before it was do if I could extend the due date. Won't be using Platinium again. 
11/06/2015 Excellent work. 3rd time working with P and couldn't be happier.
09/24/2015 Outstanding Paper, would reccomend!
08/31/2015 Always a pleasure working with you. Quality work all the time, every time.
07/27/2015 PLATNIUM IS AMAZING!!!!
07/08/2015 Assignment was on time and they did a really great job with my paper. 
06/25/2015 Excellent work and very understanding and communicative. 
06/24/2015 Fantastic paper written by Platinum. Completely nailed the prompt and delivered on time. Thank you!
06/23/2015 Awesome Paper!  Well written and went above and beyond!  And I got an A!  Thanks!
05/26/2015 Absolutely the best professor on this site. 
I got an A!  Thank you for your work on this project and for improving my GPA!
04/24/2015 Professor Platinium writes with confidence! He did everything that I was looking for in my paper and even went above. I needed a minimum of 4 sources for my paper but he included 9 instead. The paper had a strong argument and like I mentioned before, is well supported by the sources that he used throughout the paper. He also responds in a timely manner so I had no troubles getting in contact with him. I highly recommend Professor Platinium
04/09/2015 I would highly recommend, i got the paper in a decent time i have no complaints. Will defiently be using this professor again in the future
04/09/2015 WOW! I am amazed at how well written this paper is and in how fast it was written!!!! Don't know if he read the book or not but this professor is def very knowledable.
  • Brilliant job!
  • Outstanding work!
Brilliant work! Outstanding Job!
  • Brilliant job!
  • Outstanding work!
03/12/2015 My special thanks to you for the wonderful job you did on the project. I was delighted with the presentation and especially appreciated your suggested modifications. The extra time and effort you put in were certainly worthwhile.
03/12/2015 I am very pleased with the project outcome. I had only a vague notion of what I needed, but you translated it into an exceptional paper
03/12/2015 I want to commend you for your efforts on the project. The professor noticed and appreciated your attention to detail and relentless determination.
02/25/2015 Excellent and outstanding work was presented. Easy to work beside and answers all inquiries in a timely manner.
01/07/2015 Thank you so much! 
12/16/2014 Got me 70% on my essay.
12/14/2014 ABSOLUTELY wonderful!!!!! Thanks!
11/23/2014 Without a doubt, essay was perfect! my teacher gave me an excellant grade!
10/05/2014 This is amazing, thank you so much!

Platinium is great to work with and has an amazing ability to turn a few details and a prompt into an amazing essay!
10/03/2014 I have been fortunate to have Platinium help me out on multiple occasions. Every single essay he has completed for me has been top work. Yet, this essay is the best by far. He is truly an expert at what he does.
10/03/2014 Thank you for producing such quality work. I was in a bind and you got me out of it with flying colors.
10/03/2014 Timely and excellent work
10/03/2014 Can't beat an A+
10/03/2014 I could not be more happy with your work. Will definitely use again!
10/02/2014 Great job.
09/30/2014 Platinum provides excellent work on application essays and at a great price. Product was delievered on time and to standard.
09/30/2014 I recieved a 100 on my assisnment! I would highly recommend Platinium to help you out! 
09/30/2014 Top notch essay! Thanks for helping me out.
09/30/2014 Great work!
09/30/2014 Needed some serious help in a short amount of time and Platinium came through. Very happy with your work!
09/30/2014 Top notch essay. 
09/30/2014 On time, excellent work, and great communication. What more could you ask for!?
09/28/2014 He/she worked very hard to produce the results that I needed to do fairly well on assignments. Consistently delivers!
09/24/2014 A+ work
09/24/2014 This is a phenominal statement.
09/23/2014 Recommend highly 
09/21/2014 Platinium is a winner and he will make sure you are too.
09/18/2014 best work yet
09/18/2014 Thanks for the great work!
09/18/2014 Excellent work. Cannot wait to use again.

09/18/2014 A+ work every time
09/13/2014 A+++++
09/13/2014 Platinium holds himself to the highest level of professionalism. He will produce excellent work worthy of the highest grades. 
09/13/2014 The most thoughtful statement in my application was written by Platinium. My only wish was that I used him exclusively. 
09/13/2014 Will definitely use again!
09/13/2014 Excellent work and on time!
09/13/2014 I cannot recommend Platinium highly enough! He is the go-to person for all academic needs. 
09/13/2014 A+

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