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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
11/12/2019 Always the best, highly recommended 
07/16/2019 Solution came out looking great. 

03/27/2019 Solid and insightful writer. Gets work in on time.
12/12/2018 A very well written paper and met my expectations. Actually, he/she went beyond! Although I wish I was not stressing on time, there was a slight miscommunication with the time zone apparently. I would use this professor again.
10/22/2018 This professor's writing style is quite remarkable and worthy of praise. Highly recommended and thank you as always
08/29/2017 Very good paper! It was on time and she followed my instructions exactly. highly recommend 

Don't use this professor if your work is on a deadline. Even if you post your assignment saying it has a deadline, it won't matter. I received my completed assignment three days after the date I wanted it. Contacted her but I got no response until I contacted the admins of the website. She seems too busy to be doing this for people who really need the service. I had to rush to get my assignment printed out and I had to correct a couple of things that didn't add up in the writing. You will still have to pay in full, that's the sad part, and that is why she will probably continue to work like this, there are no repurcussions for shoddy business practices and disrespect. If you value where your money is being spent, I urge you to consider the other professors before giving this woman any of your money because she will not respect you or your time or your money at all. Will clearly never choose her again.

04/02/2017 Purchased the books I needed to include, was done before the deadline. Very well written paper with perfect Chicago citations. Thank you HM!!!
03/26/2017 Fast timing. Thanks!
03/19/2017 Did an amazing job and fast too! I got an A on my paper :)
03/05/2017 Thank you. One day late, double spaces after periods are only complaints. 7.5/10
03/05/2017 Essay was submitted early and it was accurate on what I wanted. She was very helpful in accomedating my request. Amazing Essay. 
11/17/2016 quick to reply to all questions, and paper is A+ material, will choose again in the near future!
05/18/2016 Professor missed deadline by a day. I asked for references from a list of books I gave, understanding that this can take time I somewhat understand the needed extension. However it would have been preferable if this was taken into account before acceptin my project and the deadline. Other than that looks like a fine essay.
05/13/2016 Even she wrote 4 pages in double spaced (Which should be in 1.5 spaced and I highlighted it multiple times), she wrote well. The essay was very good and I got an A- for my term paper. Thank you History Mistress.
05/10/2016 awesome paper!!! It's exactly what i asked for.
Paper was great, I got an A.  I would recomend her highly. 
The essay was wonderful and I recieved a great grade. The only thing more impressive was how helpful and quickly she helped me. Thank you so much.
04/27/2016 Great Work, thank you for the rush job!!!
04/08/2016 The only thing I can say about History Mistress that wasn't outstanding was that it took an extra day to get my assignment wrapped up.  She took extra time to make sure it was perfect and even though it was 1 day late, I scored 100%!!  History Mistress communicated with me and made sure she understood the project fully and truly did an excellent job.  In the end, I would recommend her as well as use her in the future.
03/04/2016 Submitted the paper to me over an hour late and I missed the cutoff time. The paper delivered to me seemed rushed and did not fill 5 pages as required.
02/15/2016 Paper was well done and followed my specifications
04/20/2015 Im not happy with this paper.  History-Mistress did not include all of the sources she used on the works cited page, she did not cite one of the sources she used in the actual paper.  Now I have to do the research to find out where to enter the in-text citations for that source.  I had ONE special grammatical reqirement; she ignored it and when I asked her to fix it, she barely changed anything and I must now edit the whole paper.  There were two glaring errors of fact that I asked her to fix and she didnt.  To anyone reading this, I recommend Mr. Harvard.
03/15/2015 Once again, everything looks awesome.  I apologize for the time constraint, that way my fault.  Thank you so much!
03/15/2015 I am exremely happy with what you've produced.  Thank you so much!  If I ever need this again, I will most certainly use you!
12/07/2014 an amaing work!
12/01/2014 Well I found the essay well written, but it seems written in a hurry. Moreover, it's not upto to the standard to get A or A-. But still works for me. 
11/09/2014 2 days late and not a great essay. Will do for my easy class but annoying that she was very late and didnt communicate with me. Wont be using her again
11/09/2014 You are amaizing, thank you so much!
06/22/2014 She got my paper to me on time and followed all instructions. It wasn't over done, it was believable quality work. I got a A. Great with finding sources. Thanks again!
03/26/2014 Sucks, I had to extend the time for her. Also she rarely even answered the prompt which I ended up getting a C. Very disorganized and I received it a day late due to whatever problems that she occured. Overall not satisfied with her work. 
03/01/2014 Great Writer!
02/14/2014 Where is the references citation page? I NEED this as well.
Also, in my instructions I stated that I needed at least 4 resources to be cited...

01/16/2014 AWSOME RESUME!
12/23/2013 Exellent work! I was in a time cruch but you truly came through...can't thank you eanough! You saved my semester!!
12/12/2013 sorry for the concusion in the last few minutes but i got the essay and it looks good

12/05/2013 Really well done and sent it on time. thank you
12/04/2013 Great Work!! I like her writing
12/01/2013 Her work ia great but we had disputes on the due date of my essay which she agreed on... Overall, her work is still good! 
11/25/2013 awesome !
11/20/2013 History-Mistress was very helpful and did an awesome job! I would highly recommend her!!!
04/23/2013 Did not do the reading I have sent her. Did not provide references.Did not follow my instructions.Perhaps because she thought I was some braindead since I actually paid her 550$ (!)  for a ten page essay. Nonetheless, it was a big waste of money as the project was worth 100% of my grade and my teacher found the quality of the produced analysis very dissapointing. Be careful what topic you chose this professor for I guess.
04/03/2013 Great work! Thanks so much.
04/02/2013 Great essay! Perfect sources and amazingly written
04/02/2013 Amazing essay! I would have to say almost perfect.
04/02/2013 This professor is a fantastic writer.  My essay was sourced as they guarantee and was a pleasure to deal with.
10/08/2012 Extremely thorough, thank you!
07/30/2012 Great paper. Exactly what I needed.
06/11/2012 Excellent writer!! THANKS SO MUCH!
06/05/2012 good writer!
03/27/2012 Outstanding job!
11/15/2011 Loved your writing style

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