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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
03/15/2014 This guy gets the job done always!!!! And great always
03/13/2014 This was long overdue but this unemployed professor made it happen for me. Thank you for being wonderfully articulate in describing my events.
09/12/2012 Good paper, saved me at the end of the semester
09/09/2012 I received an A on my paper. AWESOME person and great communication. Would do business with again in a heartbeat!
07/10/2012 I want him for all my papers. Truly professional. Grades have been nothing but perfect.
07/10/2012 Outstanding work. Very easy to communicate with.
06/11/2012 College-Knowledge took on my project, assured me that everything would be finished as the deadline approached, and then dropped off the face of the earth... No communication. No responses. And no paper. Very unreliable. Bottom line: He clearly doesn't care about you or your grade. His price might be less than others, but if you are counting on having your paper on time (or at all) go with someone else.
06/10/2012 Didn't finish the assignment, didn't provide feedback whether he'd finish it or not. Ended up having to do it myself on the day it was due.
05/11/2012 The only reason this is not 5 stars is because of some minor communication problems. The paper itself was great. I was very satisfied with this project. Length, citations, and content were all very good.
05/09/2012 great work, got an A!
04/30/2012 I am disappointed in the quality of the work that was done given the fact that college-knowledge failed to meet the deadline as offered in the initial bid, which essentially compromised my final grade. The paper was not delivered in the time promised which made it difficult for any revisions or editing. I did not think that a relatively lower bid would result in a mediocre quality of essay. Had I known that, I would not have picked him, considering that the difference from other bids was only $75. College-knowledge definitely needs better time management skills and learn to prioritize tasks that are more crucial and time sensitive. If you can't keep your promise, please do not commit at all. I am sure he has great potential but when you rush things the quality of work gets compromised. sadly.
04/29/2012 Great Professor. Quick Responses, and great work!!!
04/27/2012 on time. communicaton was good. amazing paper. great price.
04/24/2012 Paper was perfect! Got to focus more on the other stuff in life. so much stress lifted! Thanks a lot college-knowledge! Hopefully one day we can do business again!
04/24/2012 Solid turnaround, quick and diligent.
04/16/2012 Very well written. Got an 88 on a paper I wasn't prepared to write during a very busy week. Take note that the paper itself and the cooperation of the prof deserves 5 stars. The 4 star rating merely represents the anxiety I felt as the deadline was not met due to the prof taking too much on. However, there was plenty of reassurances and everything came out great!
04/14/2012 I have been working with this Professor for the past few months.... He is heaven sent he's a great writer , he gets you your assignments in a timely fashion....Plus he is reasonable in price... This is my go to Professor **Thanks for the great work
04/12/2012 Great paper.
04/10/2012 Superb work! You're a lifesaver. Just took the time to check for spelling errors, but other than that it was great.
04/10/2012 Finished paper in one day, and it is very well-written as such. To be honest, this paper was late when I started the bidding, so if I get a bad grade, it's no fault of your's. Thanks very much!
03/27/2012 For being the cheapest option out of the bidders the paper came out very well. Although he/she explained how they took on too much, and thus the delay in shipping it to me, make sure to give yourself plenty of time to get the paper back before your deadline.
03/01/2012 Outstanding work! The paper was completed in minimal time at a very reasonable price. The paper was well-crafted and very thorough. The information was well researched and presented in an organized and effective manner. The writing reflected an understanding of the objectives and desired outcome of the project requirements. I sincerely hope to work with this provider on future projects, and would not hesitate to recommend his services and creative capabilities to others.
02/29/2012 The work was not bad, the paper he produced was only average with a 75% for the final mark (referencing errors, grammar errors, unclear statements, and gender errors when referring to authors). Didn't follow initial instructions that were outlined in the assignment, however, did make the revisions when asked. Also, paper was not delivered in the time promised in the initial bid, making it difficult for all revisions and edits to be done. I think there is potential for good work, but need to be careful with deadlines, receiving appropriate edits and a true understanding of the material.
02/27/2012 This writer did a fantastic job! My paper was written in an incredibly short period of time for a very reasonable price. I ended up getting a 92 on the paper. This paper was graded by a rather strict professor for a graduate level research class.
02/23/2012 Excellent Work.....

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