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10/23/2020 On time, great writing, PROFESSIONAL. I look forward to working with this professor in the future!!
10/23/2020 First time working with Deleuzienne.. The business case study was perfect. Thank you!
10/23/2020 This professor did an amazing job addressing the prompt. I got 100% on the essay. I would definetly recommend.
10/22/2020 second time customer. very happy with the work
10/20/2020 Written well and met all standards. Thank you.
10/19/2020 I wish all my professors were like this. Great writing, fast communication. It's easy to see why he is among the top rated on the site. 10/10 will use again.
10/18/2020 Excellent work
10/16/2020 Essay was delivered on time, and all instrucftions followed.
The writing and content were professional, and to a very high academic standard.
I received an A- for this paper, which is incredible as it saved me from failing the course.
Thank you!!
10/14/2020 Received a 94 on the paper after a few minor revisions. Thank you!!!
10/11/2020 Thank you for completing the project.
10/07/2020 Thank you, really saved me on this one
10/04/2020 Excellent work
10/01/2020 Professor went above and beyond, thank you. I made 100%!
10/01/2020 Great discussion post, I made 100% Thank you!
10/01/2020 Took the ideas of my personal statement, and made it much more coherent and concise. Definitely sounds better!
09/29/2020 excellent work for my Biomedical Ethics class. The professor went above and beyond for my essays. will use again
09/29/2020 This guy gets it done.  Paper was great... waiting for my grade. Remember to read through the paper, make it sould like you and that also helps in finding mistakes. This guy is always working and he's human- he can't be perfect so just do a bit of  proofreading before sending it in. 
09/28/2020 On-time completion and eveything I asked for in my paper. A lifesaver once again!
09/28/2020 Excellent Teacher,
Always here to help and ALWAYS comes up with the best work you could ever ask for ! 
09/26/2020 Another paper completed on time & well put together.
09/25/2020 Awesome. Couldn't ask for more. 
09/21/2020 Amazing! My go-to professor when in need of great work!
09/21/2020 100% perfect job as usual! Thank you
09/20/2020 Amazing!!!! I am SO happy and will return for any assignments when I am in need. I had so much stress this week from lots of assignments and he really took it off my shoulders. 
My expectations are beyond met. Thank you :) 

Deleuzienne did a perfect job for my project.

09/19/2020 He followed my instructions perfectly. 
09/14/2020 Completed ahead of schedule and was very accodomating after I had requested a change in due date. Material was excellent and crystal clear. Would recommend 100%.
09/13/2020   A last minute personal occurance came up, and I needed a political science paper completed in a matter of days. He swooped in and saved the day! The paper was written so exceptionally, I won't hesitate to return for the next bind I find myself in. 
09/12/2020 Outstanding work as always!
09/09/2020 always does a great job!

09/07/2020 Flawless!!
09/06/2020 Recieved a perfect score on my paper. 
09/06/2020 1600 word essay that needed to be handed in last second back back to me 2 hours before the deadline at top quality. im impressed!
09/05/2020 Delivered an amazing paper yet again! Was very open with communication about project and completed on time. My go to professor. Thanks!
09/01/2020 You went above and beyond to help me. Honestly there needs to be more professor's like you in this world. THANK YOU!!!

08/28/2020 Completed assignment ahead of schedule. Followed rubric as requested & hit every nail on the head. WIll definitely utilize services again soon. Thanks!
08/25/2020 Received an A on psychology assignment. Thanks!
08/19/2020 Deleuzienne is a wonderful writer and followed all of the instruction given to him. I received the results back on my first assignment and received a 90. I am very pleased with his work and highly recommend him for your next assignment. 
08/10/2020 Great job!
08/08/2020 Project was completed on time, all instructions followed & no issues with plagiarism. The essay is incredible - well written, cohesive & thought provoking. Excellent work! Thank you!! 
08/05/2020 Thanks!
08/04/2020 FLAWLESS five page paper. Followed directions perfectly. A++
08/03/2020 This Professor got me an A on an essay with insane specifications (literallly pages of instructions) for a class with a notroiously difficult professor who doesn't give A's on essays. I couldn't be more thankful!
08/03/2020 This Professor went above and beyond for this assignment. They got me the highest score I could achieve on it. I highly recommend them!
08/03/2020 I got close to 100/A+ on this essay written for absolutey impossible Film&Lit professor I had. This professor does great work no matter how specific the topic and instructions are.
08/03/2020 This professor did a great job, was thoughtful, and very helpful.
08/02/2020 This professor wrote an essay that received a 95 from a very difficult professor who typically doesn't give above a 90 on any essays. Couldn't be more thankful They worked quickly and followed my professor's extensive and complicated instructions. I highly recommend them, they are very much worth their rate.
08/02/2020 Revised/basically re-wrote my paper that I couldn't get higher than a 79 on (no matter how many times I resubmitted) and I got a 94 with a VERY difficult professor. Thanks so much!
08/02/2020 Good communicator! Job well done!
07/31/2020 Creatively written! Awesome job.
07/29/2020 Great Job on my work. I did have to go in and "make it my own" so it would be consistet with the work I had submitted in the past but that is to be expected. Thank you so much! Would 100000000 % use again
07/27/2020 I've used this professor for so many different papers and assignments. Always an A+ every time ! Thank you Deluzienne ! Only professor I fully trust on here
07/26/2020 Very happy with the end result. I got a good background personal statement to work with and make minor tweaks to it. Thank you!
07/25/2020 Deluzienne delivers 100% quality work every single time . Assignments have always been on time and the work is exceptional. I will never use another professor on this site.
07/25/2020 overpriced but quality work
07/20/2020 AMAZING WORK! I LOVE THIS MAN. I had told this prof that I had bad luck on this site before and he went out his way to make sure my work was A+ material. I asked for 3 sources, he gave me 23!! He reached out to me multiple times to ensure the work was the best it could possibly be. I cannot thank you enough. 
07/18/2020 Reliable and super coomuncation! Great work quality.
07/13/2020 He simply nailed it!  Definitely will be using again!
07/10/2020 This professor is one of my favourites on this website. I payed $180 for an essay, and got 79% on it. My advice for those looking to get  A+, don't just settle with their solution. Read over it as if you're the professor marking your paper, and ask for your paper to be revised if you feel the professor writing your paper hasn't followed through the instructions thoroughly. I'm starting to learn that this is key to getting a better grade. I wish I would've done it for mine, because I know this professor would've listened to my concerns and revised the paper have I asked. But to me it seemed perfect, however, my professor gave me a lot of feedback on it that I overlooked. So just keep that in mind. I wish I'd gotten an A but again, I should've taken it upon myself to see error and communicated them with him. He's still a very good writer and get the job done well. 
07/10/2020 Excellent job 
07/08/2020 Submitted on time. Adhered to the instructions. Creatively written! I received an A on the paper. I will ALWAYS choose this professor if given the chance!
07/07/2020 Great work :)
06/29/2020 Fantastic.  Came through in a pinch.  Thank you so much.  I will definitely utilize your talent in the future.
06/25/2020 I am very pleased with the final product. The professor stayed in contact with me and delivered on time while following instructions. I would use this professor again.
06/21/2020 Amazing attention to detail, and profound sense of the moment. This person is very authentic and will no doubt surpass your expectations.
06/18/2020 Project was right on time and very professional!
06/04/2020 The writing was good and the project was delivered on time. Missing a small part at the bottom that ill have to add myself which isnt a big deal . Overall good work.
05/29/2020 always a pleasure working with him
05/26/2020 Very pleased with this prof's delivery, I recieved a perfect grade on my assignment because he followed my instructions. He was also professional and finished before deadline. I will select this prof again for similar works. Thank you! 
05/26/2020 I waited to get my score back from my prof before rating, and I must say I'm pleased with this prof's delivery. I got a perfect score on my assignment and he was professional all throughout. He followed my instructions to a T. I will select him again to do similar work for me 
05/23/2020 PERFECT. I haven given this prof a wide variety of topics to work with and he hits it home with every single one. 
Thank you so much!!!!!!!! 

05/10/2020 The speech was fine, but I had to go back and edit becuase sources were insufficient.
05/05/2020 Absolutely happy with the solution, excellent work and better than I could have done for sure!!!
05/04/2020 GOOD
05/02/2020 Well written and delivered ahead of schedule. Thank you so much!
05/02/2020 I'm a returning customer and I will definitely be back. This professor follows directions precisely and their writing is excellent. Additionally, their communication is great and returns the finished product on time. Got an A on this assignment and a ton of compliments on the writing. Thank you!
05/02/2020 I'm a returning customer and I will definitely be back. This professor follows directions precisely and their writing is excellent. Additionally, their communication is great and returns the finished product on time. Thank you! 
04/30/2020 Great work! Thank you. Would love to work with you again.
04/29/2020 I got a 24/25!! (200 point essay i'm not that lazy) Thank you so much :)
04/29/2020 Thx
04/28/2020 Literally amazing! Week after week, he's helped me with my course work! I've recieved great grades (95-100) because of him. Definitely in my Top 3 profs!

He's not Diamond level for no reason
04/27/2020 Unlike 99 percent of ghost writer's on web, this professor is almost guarenteed to be more literate and cultured in the English language than you probably are.

If I were to say 'he overdelivers,' that would be an understatment because this high performer operates on another level. 

As far as I'm concerened, Deleuzienne is your best and only option if you're in need of a top tier paper. 
04/25/2020 Amazing job as always 
04/23/2020 This paper was PERFECT. exactly what I needed, I'm so excited to see my grade! Thank you
04/14/2020 Solution was delivered on time and got me a perfect score!
04/12/2020 Amazing quality!! 
04/06/2020 made the correct revisions when asked and very quick turn around. very nice as well. when I expalined that there was a problem in formatting he was very understanding and quickly changed the format. thanks!
03/31/2020 This paper is wonderful! Although I typically enjoy writing myself, I dreaded the thought of having to do this paper since the topic didn't pique my interest too much... the paper turned out better than expected. I truly appreciate it.
03/31/2020 Oustanding work!!!! Delivered beyond what was expected. 1000% will be using his servisces again. 
03/25/2020 AMAZING
03/19/2020 Great Work!!! :) 
03/19/2020 Always great work!
03/16/2020 One of the few profs that actually does a good job
03/16/2020 Amazing job thanks. Will definitely use again. 
03/11/2020 Amazing!
03/11/2020 Always the best!! Thank you so much!! 
02/24/2020 I've worked with Deleuzienne on multiple projects and have found his work to exceed expectations on every assignment. He clearly takes pride in his research, writing and ability to help you understand the material he delivers. If you seriously need a professional who can be relied on for authentic and well-thought-out papers, don't bother looking anywhere else. I honestly belive this prof is the best ghost writer out there. 
02/24/2020 This professor was helpful from the very beginning. I recommend!!! 
02/14/2020 My favourite professor on the site. The writing is so well thought out and you can tell time is spent on your project! The content is gold. 
Thank you for once again providing me with A+++++ content! 

02/12/2020 Helped pull me out of a prediciment and wrote a great essay!
02/11/2020 this review accounts for many projects. I used this professor for man projects, just shy of 1000.00$ this semester. He was worth every penny. he writes very well and i would reccoment him. i would advice you to make sure you give him enough time to get the work done on time. I advise you dont make your acctual due date the date you need your paper on, this is for anyone you use. i would use him again, and i will. he worked with me on my final, i couldnt pay the amount he auctioned so he went and changed it to the competing bid. overall, he is very knowlegible and a sure bet for an A. 

10/10 stars. 
02/06/2020 great job
02/04/2020 The paper was in APA format, there were no headings, there were numerous grammar errors. The subject matter was not addressed in a substanitive way, I got a 65%, after spending $200. Terrible! Not sure why this professor has such good ratings.
02/04/2020 The assignment was supposed to be in APA format, which was specified before starting the assignment. There was no cover page or headings, which are required by APA formatting. There were numerous grammar errors and incredibly long, run on sentences. The information was not even addressed, in other words, the questions were not even answered. I received a 60%, I paid $200, Not Happy at all!

You'll notice that Deleuzienne stands apart from all the professors immediately, because he gives you a genuine and thoughtfull inquiry, while everyone else is copy pasting their 'hire me' proposals while using verbaige that sounds like they're English-as-a second-language students. Every step of the process, he's been thoughtful, orgonized and capable of delivering a well-written and origonal material. 

01/31/2020 There's something increadably refreshing about Deleuzienne's writing, attention to detail and delivery of well-written material. I can't compare his professionalism to any other ghost writers because he's on a whole different level. As far as I'm concerened Deleuzienne's shop is a one-stop-shop to help you get past any writing hurdles. 
01/22/2020 Such a good prof. Writes super well and communicates well too!
01/21/2020 Amazing! He does fantastic work, is very attentive, and genuinelty wants to help you to succeed! Will definitely be using him again!
01/18/2020 As always, an amazing job. The detail and research that goes into each project is outstanding and beyond expectations everytime. I cant thank you enough. 
01/16/2020 Amazing! Got the essay to me early and did exactly what I needed! Will definitely be using him again!
01/14/2020 On time as promised.  Wrote at the level appropriate for the class level.  Would hire again!
12/17/2019 Phenominal research and input information, will use him again for future essays!
12/17/2019 Always fast and always a great paper. Specifically request him on all my work
12/15/2019 Excellent service and Poignant. 
12/12/2019 Out-standing work and EXACTLY what I asked for! Thank you!! 
12/08/2019 10/10 A+
12/05/2019 Another fantastic paper by Rogue.

100/100  He's worth every penny and a tip.

12/02/2019 Impeccable, nice, offers to edit but never needs to because he gets it right the first time and gets it to you with time to spare.
11/29/2019 Great paper! Will be using this professor again!!
11/22/2019 Wonderful work. 
11/19/2019 A+
11/19/2019 This guy/gal does insanely good work. This was the 2nd time he's done an assignment for me in this class and I've gotten a 100/100 from a very tough grader on both. Not only that, this was a much more complex assignment and I needed him to make substantial shifts and direction. I gave him a heads up as soon as I could and told him totally understandable if he needs an extra day. Well not only did he make the requisite changes, but he did not need the extra day.
11/06/2019 Always on time and always an A graded project!
11/02/2019 Always delivers a great paper
11/01/2019 Awesome. Went above and beyond the guidelines and delivered a knockout essay.
11/01/2019 Excellent job. Worth every penny.
10/30/2019 Solid, well-crafted essay. Got an A- 
10/22/2019 recieved an A+ on my paper. 
10/17/2019 Awesome! Stayed in touch, saved my butt. If you're lucky enough to have this prof bid on your project, pay em!
10/16/2019 Followed directions and was knowledgable. Thanks!
10/16/2019 Had a very, very specific economic assigment that was handled is a brisk and well-crafted manner. Solid gold!
10/15/2019 good
10/15/2019 Really love this professor! Does everything that's required and follows all the instructions that are given! Got one of my papers back and got an A! 
10/14/2019 Excellent job. Went above and beyond expectations and stayed in touch the whole time. Well worth the price of admission.
10/11/2019 I was pleased with the outcome. Not too flashy. Just the right tone. 
10/08/2019 perfect work.
10/07/2019 Another A paper from my man Mr. D. He's prompt, professional, and cranks out great papers like nobodies business. The piece of mind I get with his papers makes it worth every penny. Always free of spelling and grammatical errors, always quality sources. Very well composed and coherently laid out every time. Mr. D is my guy! 
10/07/2019 Mr. D scored me a A with this paper. Top quality work delivered by the deadline. I've used a few "Profs" here and he's the best there is. Consistency is key and for me not to have to worry about proofreading a paper and making corrections like I've had to with other writers here is priceless. 
10/05/2019 Wasn't the cheapest prof that bid on my project, but I bit the bullet because of the rating history and their educational background. We had a relatively short chat about the essay and my prof's expectations and  everything was hashed out before the project was even started. The essay was delivered on time, and was perfectly done. Ended up getting over 90% on the finished product (required almost no editing on my part, and almost all the editing I did was adding regional dialect). 
10/04/2019 Awesome work and delivered as promised.  I will definitely recommend this professor and I would most certainly use him again if needed on future projects.
10/02/2019 I've used this professor 5 times and all 5 projects have recieved a 100% score. 

09/29/2019 Excellent work, as always. I will continue to ask this Professor for help.
09/28/2019 Perfect score once again.
09/28/2019 Never using anyone else! Perfect score. 
09/23/2019 Stayed in touch, good paper,... what else can you ask for?
09/22/2019 Thank you so much for your work!

09/21/2019 Got an A, that’s all that matters. Good communication. I’ll be using again soon. ????, a tip is to submit your project in advanced, not only to this professor but to all. It really helps them in being able to make your paper that much better rather than rushed. 
09/18/2019 A
09/17/2019 I cannot say enough about the quality of work this professor provides every time. 

Just completed my 5th project with this prof and once again they provided a top notch paper.  

I'm a 38 year old father, husband, and I have a career that has me traveling 2 weeks every month. I'm 4 classes from my MBA and this professor will be a huge reason why I graduate in January.  

09/16/2019 I chose this professor because he's rank #1 but I didn't like the paper I received. I had to rewrite a lot of it and there were a couple of sentences that didn't make sense!
09/16/2019 Excellent
09/16/2019 Perfect.
09/15/2019 Super responsive to messages, followed instructions exactly! Thanks!
09/15/2019 Mr. D wrote me an excellent paper and delivered right on time. Couldn't be happier. I've used him several times now and he consistently delivers great papers. Highly recommended. 
09/14/2019 Solid writing, did a thorough essay.
09/02/2019 Right on time. 1.9% was the amount of identical text on the plagarism report which he already cited correctly in the paper. Thank you so much for the work. Will def use again!
09/01/2019 Thank you so much for your work!
08/31/2019 Outstanding work by a great professor! He not only exceeded expectations, but really knows the materials and cares about the well-being of the client. He truly wants to see the client succeed and do great in school. If you are looking for a great professor for help, this is the one I recommend.

08/29/2019 Amazing and saves me a lot of valuable time I can use elsewhere. Thanks a ton!
08/27/2019 Great work...much appreciated!
08/25/2019 A fanatastic writer for humanistic subjects. I can't recommend this professor highly enough.
08/22/2019 Perfect!
08/18/2019 Great as always!
08/15/2019 This Professor has single-handedly saved me from failing a class. Excellent work, and always delivered on time. Users of Unemployed Professors would do well to check through ratings and comments before selecting a professor. I have absolutely gotten ripped off by a couple of them before I found this one. He is in constant contact to make sure that he is delivering a quality paper. I would definitely use again!
08/12/2019 Excellent paper, couldn't be more pleased. I didn't even need to edit it, which is rare. Wonderful to work with, too.
08/09/2019 Did an awesome job, thank you!
08/09/2019 another sucessful essay. thank you again for being a life saver. After getting full credit on the first essay I submitted using this website, I decided to give it another shot with the second essay. and I couldn't have asked for more, my essay was nicely written. again thank you so much!!!!!
08/08/2019 Once again this Professor delivers! During the course of this assignment, this Professor had emergency gallbladder surgery. He kept me updated the entire time, and still had an excellent paper written on time! Where else do you find that level of commitment??
08/06/2019 Second time I've worked with the professor and he delivered a dynamite paper AGAIN.  They clearly enjoy research and writing as both instances the professor has gone above the required reference count as well as page count.  Will specifically be inviting this prof to do my work in the future. Highly recommend. 
08/06/2019 Once again this Professor delivers! He swooped in at the last minute and saved a project. Excellent work delivered earlier than the agreed time.
08/05/2019 Great Work! On Time! Was fast to give me progress updates, will use again for sure!
08/04/2019 No complaints!! Great job!
08/03/2019 Was 3hrs... late but great paper
08/01/2019 Simple wordage, great grammar, went above and beyond on my essay. He not only followed the directions of the assignment, he also seemed to have a comprehensive understanding of what he was talking about, what points were being made, etc. Best person I've ever hired on here.
08/01/2019 Awesome job!!
07/31/2019 This professor consistently delivers top notch assignments with minimal turnaround and responds quickly to messages.  Great to work with and highly recommended!
07/29/2019 AWESOME PAPER!! I was stressing over nothing, he did exactly what I wanted. I was freaking out because I had exams to study for and homework to catch up on and of course I procrastinanted on writing my paper so I figured I'd give this a try, being my first time using the website,I couldn't be happier! I will definely be coming back. He communicated whenever I had questions or concerns, I would recommend him. Thank you so much, you're a life saver!!
07/28/2019 Excellent!!!!! Got a perfect score in my paper! 
07/28/2019 I was satisfied with his case study for psychology even though i gave instructions but forgot to give access to my class. I was satisfied with his paper. I was so busy during the week. All i wanted was a B on the assignment because i already held an A plus out of the class so i finally decided to give this a shot. I'm very happy with the results.  
07/28/2019 Thank you!
07/26/2019 Did good work, and it submitted (barely) on time.  I didn't get the "VIP Service" for which I paid extra.
07/19/2019 Best Prof you can use.  he has wrote more than 5 papers for me and all received high grades. 
07/15/2019 He went a bit past the deadline, but all's good! The essay is quite well written.
07/14/2019 I actually needed these changes as writing CV is not easy. Already looks beautiful, made me smile! Thank you!!!
07/12/2019 Creative
07/10/2019 The paper absolutely exceeded expectations and was delivered on time. I was so happy with it that I bought his book. Would definitely use again.
07/08/2019 Quick turnaround, thorough and great writer. Thank you!! 
07/04/2019 Just recieved my Grade! it did amazing!
The work this professor does is outstanding, I trust this professor with my work and would highly recommend him! 
You won't regret it (:
06/30/2019 The professor wrote and absolutely stellar paper and I got an A. I would definitely recommend this prof and will probably work with them again in the future.
06/23/2019 Excellent writer, thank you for your help.
06/19/2019 Prof did an excellent  job with my assignment. Only had to make very minor changes to fix formatting and assignment requirements. Only hiccup was a time zone confusion as this website runs off EST and this prof runs off PST. However, it was an easy misunderstanding that didn't cause any real problems. Highly recommend this prof and I will be back!
06/13/2019 Great work completed under a very tight deadline despite busy family life
06/13/2019 Thank you for your work
06/12/2019 awesome thanks!
06/09/2019 Great work!
06/04/2019 Very Professional and puts the care, time, and effort that one would desire in a paper. I would highly recommend this professor. 10/10 Stars
06/04/2019 Thank you so much! its excellent and just what i need. I will definetly be returning. :)