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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
09/12/2023 Outstanding.
09/07/2023 Thank you 
08/26/2023 OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!
07/07/2023 Timely and competent as usual <3
07/01/2023 Deluzziene did not have any communication or transparency with me throughout the writing process. I got a 70 on the essay because they made a historical cult essay political when it was not supposed to be, as well as not adhering to the rubric when it said to only use the book as a source and they used multiple sources in the paper. It also read as 35% AI generated on Turnitin which got points off. He was also extremely rude and sarcastic with me when I messaged asking if he was almost done with the paper a couple of hours before the due date. I messaged since I had heard absolutely nothing from him beforehand and I wasn't even confident whether he was working on it or not since it is my first time on this platform. I may not be using this platform again if I have to pay $180 for an essay that gets me a low grade and rude comments. What a waste of my money.
06/27/2023 Assignment was great, just late
06/25/2023 Phenomenal work on the first part of a long, complicated project. Excited to work with this prof for the rest of the project. 
06/19/2023 Great work by this professor! Couldn't have asked for anything better.
06/12/2023 10/10
06/12/2023 The absolute best work. Always listens and provides edit to the work according to instructions.10/10 would recommend 
05/21/2023 This professor absolutely crushed the project. Went above and beyond on word count and delivered the desired product and then some.
05/20/2023 Great job. Sorry for the miscommunication at first. 
05/20/2023 The solution was completed late and was also detected as AI writing. The grade received was a zero.
05/09/2023 Used this Professor many times, I never had a problem until now. My assignment was 8 pages 1900 words and I got 4.5 pages and 1400 words. This professor is usually very thorough, maybe it was just an off day but I will not be back. The assignment was turned in late but due to communication I offered a  2 hour extention, thinking it would be helpful only to get a half done paper, no thank you. angry
05/07/2023 Did a great job, worked through complex questions and was very responsive and attentive
05/03/2023 Very well articulated and detailed. Recommend this writer.
04/30/2023 A+ with a very fast turn-around, thank you !
04/30/2023 A+, with a 3 hour turn-around, thank you !
04/29/2023 Got an A!
04/26/2023 Fantastic work, done on a tight deadline.
04/20/2023 Great work thank you!
04/20/2023 FANTASTIC level of research on very difficult topic. 
04/09/2023 Great writing, it was clear and easy to read. 
04/08/2023 The best! 
04/01/2023 The best writer!
03/31/2023 Deluzienne did a great job on the paper, communication was easy throughout and made for an easy experience. I highly recommend him. 
03/31/2023 Not reliable. 
03/31/2023 What is the point of being a good writer if you aren't reliable or cared about your customers? Paid almost double their rate because I thought they were worth it, only to get my paper 3 days late.  They also agreed to do two essays for me and the final exam. Time comes for the final exam and she dissapeared for 5 days and simply told me "i was sick", not even an apology. I pay a writer here to take some stress away from my life, instead i'm going crazy waiting for a reply and slowly realizing that I've just paid almost a thousand dollars to this writer only for them to fuck me over and leave me out to dry. 
03/25/2023 Good
03/15/2023 Excellent communication and delivery. Highly recommend. 
03/15/2023 Would not recommend. This professor never communicated with me during the writing process and I had to reach out to them to ask about the assignment being submitted. They submitted the assignment over 24 hours after the requested completion time. The essay that they wrote received a 70 out of 100, barely a passing grade. They did not understand the assignment. The writing was vague. You could tell they didn't watch the movie for the assignment and the essay was written at the last minute. I have used other professors before and this is by far the worst experience I've had. no
03/14/2023 I am eternally grateful to Deleuzienne for the quality, professionalism and dedication.

beyond my expectations! 
03/07/2023 Provided highly professional, detailed thesis
03/06/2023 3 hours after the paper was due, I had to message him asking where it was. He asked me questions that he should have asked the day before at the least and said he had to go out for a bit then he would work on it.....3 hours after it was already due! I thought he was a professional based on his "platinum" status but clearly not. I've used UP for many years and I have never had this terrible of an experience. Grateful I was able to get a refund of my money!!
03/06/2023 Exceeded my expecations by a mile! Beautifully written with flawless reasoning, formatting, and citations. Really appreciate that he read the project details and included a personalized note with his bid. While I ended up dropping the course, I'm really glad I worked with him on this assignment because his writing is clearly on a level ABOVE other diamond profs. (Book him and see for yourself!) Can't wait to re enroll in the course and work with Deleuzienne for my future Eng assignments!
03/06/2023 Timely, well written, easy to work with, and overall a good paper. yes
03/05/2023 Wonderful work within impossible deadline.
03/01/2023 Quick and efficent on a short notice project. Great communication and project completed on time. 
02/28/2023 100% on my project
02/27/2023 Excellent and fast. Specific to my problem 
02/23/2023 did my stuff quick, thanks m8
02/04/2023 Project was masterfully done - Deluzienne is genuinely a great writer and extremely knowledgable in his area of expertise. Paper got me an A from one of the hardest marking profs in my program.
02/04/2023 Very happy with this professor. He is the best. Always in time and attentive to all the details and instructions.
02/04/2023 Been using this site for years and this professor will never disappoint. 
02/02/2023 Great writing as always! Genuinely written and you can tell time was put into it!
01/22/2023 Well done! Timely and researched well. Will use again
01/20/2023 An amazingly written, naturally sounding and detailed paper! I'm incredibly happy with all they've done and appreciate their honest and humane communication :) Can't wait to work again in the future.
01/06/2023 The best! 
12/24/2022 No matter how cold it gets, or the fact that the holidays are upon us, this professor completes the job with flying colors. 
12/19/2022 Received a 100/100 on my final essay.
12/17/2022 The best professor!
12/16/2022 Challenging topic to be sure, but the results made the project look easy! Easily the best professor on this site. 
12/04/2022 great, ORIGINAL, well thought-out work! would defintely work with again!
12/01/2022 Went above and beyond, work was awesome :)
11/25/2022 I did recieve an A for this assignment, professor omitted the opening statement and conclusion which netted a 7.25 out of 8. 
11/23/2022 Great work for a difficult assignment 
11/21/2022 Great work, thank you!! 
11/18/2022 Great job.  Followed instructions well.  A+
11/15/2022 He was great! He really understood the assignment and passed the plagiarism check. He also turned the paper in earlier which was nice. 
11/14/2022 did an amazing job! thank you! 
11/13/2022 10/10
11/11/2022 It was a pleasure to work with this professor. 
11/11/2022 Great work
11/06/2022 Excellent work, very detail oriented
10/31/2022 great work!
10/24/2022 Recieved a 100% on my paper, thanks Dr. D
10/23/2022 Good
10/20/2022 Excellent work, answered all my questions, very knowledgable on the subject
10/16/2022 Exceptional and on-time.  Provides clarification and more support than any faculty I've encountered on campus. 
10/15/2022 Great
10/13/2022 Amazing Prof. Did great work and on time with a tight deadline for a great price.
10/13/2022 amazing work.. quick and  just amazing 
10/12/2022 Excellent as always, a pleasure to work with.
10/10/2022 Project had plenty of time and was finished well before the due date. quick responses to questions/concerns about the paper.
10/06/2022 Completed the assignment on time. Communication was good. Appreciate the help! 
10/01/2022 Excellent paper and messaged me to get the details correct
09/25/2022 10/10
09/11/2022 Great work done on a tight deadline!
09/06/2022 I honestly thought I was being scammed until the very last minute.  This work has exceeded my expectations, I'm speechless.  APA citation throughout, logical flow of ideas, superb writing, exceptional work. 
08/31/2022 great to work with!
08/30/2022 Great professor 
08/28/2022 I've used this prof over 6 times now and everytime delivers quality work.
08/25/2022 Exceptional!
08/13/2022 Excellent work 
08/12/2022 Best professor on this site! Highly recommend!
08/10/2022 Perfect as always! I will always recommend this professor 1st! 
08/10/2022 Went above and beyond to personalize my project. Eloquently written and accurately portrayed my thoughts. 
07/31/2022 Great back and forth communication and work was exactly what I was expecting.  
07/22/2022 This professor is the best! You should request them every time. My paper was early. The works cited were perfect! I cannot say enough good things!
07/21/2022 Awesome job!!! Thank you! 
07/21/2022 10/10 recommend
07/15/2022 Best professor hands down
07/15/2022 Quick turn around. Very professional and communicated throughtout process. Would recommend 10/10 times
07/14/2022 Perfect as always! Highly recommend and definitely worth the price. Not afraid to ask questions. Cares about the quality of work and your grade!
07/06/2022 Accurate and fast solution. Highly recommend.
06/28/2022 amazing work
06/27/2022 Top work.
06/22/2022 This was not an easy project and the results were above expectations. APA formatting was stellar.
06/17/2022 Quality work and fast
05/23/2022 Great, as usual. 
05/18/2022 The assignment was done on time and within the desired requirements set by me. 
05/01/2022 great experience with this porf. Very helpful and fantastic paper.
03/19/2022 Always the best essays.
03/09/2022 Perfect!!!
02/16/2022 Another great paper!!!
02/10/2022 Above and beyond.
02/02/2022 Another great paper! I highly recommend this professor!
01/31/2022 As many stars as there are.
01/25/2022 FANTASTIC work to the highest possible standards in every way.
01/18/2022 Another great paper! highly recommend this professor.
12/11/2021 .
12/10/2021 superb work - mindful of deadline and resourceful in a time of uncertain end goals/instructions
12/10/2021 went above and beyond despite the tight deadline; so eloquent and mature - i love the finished writing product.
12/06/2021 Great!
11/30/2021 I was very happy with the project. Thank you.
11/30/2021 As always 100%...thank you.
11/30/2021 Excellent work.
11/30/2021 Went above and beyond. Thanks.
11/30/2021 I got 100% on this one...Thanks.
11/30/2021 A+ work.
11/30/2021 Great as always...
11/30/2021 Great work!
11/30/2021 Excellent and on time.
11/30/2021 Splendid work!!!
11/29/2021 Great job as always
11/25/2021 Communicative and produced what was asked for.
11/25/2021 Communicative and produced what was asked for.
11/25/2021 Communicative and produced what was asked for.
11/19/2021 Deluzienne consistently kills papers! Their dedication to solid scholarship is admirable.
11/15/2021 Amazing as always!
11/14/2021 He did a great job and communicated very well!
11/10/2021 Another great work! I highly recommend this professor! 
10/29/2021 Wow! Astonishing work! Very nicely written!
10/26/2021 Deluzienne was awesome to work with on this project. First time using this service and I was really happy with the result. Received a distinction - which was awesome.
10/18/2021 .
10/11/2021 Got a 100%
10/07/2021 Got the job done in a timely manner.
09/02/2021 Wonderfully written essays in before the deadline, would certainly recommend!
09/02/2021 Paper was delievered on time!
08/22/2021 The work was giving before the time and he did a great job. I
08/16/2021 thank you so much, you really saved my ass with this paper
08/01/2021 Awesome work!!!
08/01/2021 A+
07/27/2021 Very happy with this professors work. The project was completed at the time that was discussed. I got an A on the paper. I did omit a lot of his work and incorporated some of my own. I am a beginner at writing essays and his/her work was very advanced (for my own writing). Great communication! They replied promptly to my messages. Would definitely recommend!
07/22/2021 Very helpful when I needed him, and has a fantastic amount of comunication and literacy skills. I highly recommend him if he decides to bid!! Really helped me come through.
Submission did not sufficiently focus on parts of the assignment and also had some minor mechanical mistakes. 
07/17/2021 The paper was just what I needed! 100% will use this professor again!
07/03/2021 What happens when I need to add 10 pages onto an already 40 page long research paper at the last minute? Deleuzienne gets it done ahead of schedule and I get an A! I've said it before and I'll say it again.. the absolute best professor on the site!
07/03/2021 A 40 page research paper that gets me an A.. no problem for Deleuzienne! The absolute best professor on the site!
06/29/2021 Fast and efficient, would absolutely use again!
06/29/2021 met requirements, done on time!
06/21/2021 DELEUZIENNE: a name, a guarantee.
06/14/2021 Fast, amazing, can't thank you enough!! 
06/01/2021 Incredible as always. 
05/28/2021 was qucik and effecient - recommend ! 
05/23/2021 Got a 100 on my final essay and the professor loved it.
05/21/2021 Great communication, well written, and on time.
05/21/2021 Great communication, well written, and on time.
05/12/2021 A genuinely well written and well researched research paper. Due to unforeseen difficulties and the own difficulty of writing the paper it came in after the due date posted on the website, but that's why you should always post requests like this a few weeks early (like I did). You shouldn't hold this against Delu at all because he delivered FAR past my expectations for a ghostwriter. Well worth the money.
05/09/2021 Great job. thank you.
05/06/2021 Really great job. My professor is a very scrupulous grader and this essay definitely got the thumbs up from her. The professor wrote me a history essay that was impeccable - no grammar or spelling corrections were necessary. Recieved the paper and it was ready to turn in. Many professors on this site have provided me subpar work, and I can confidently tell you after working with many different professors that this professor will be your best bet. I could not say enough nice things about this one - mindful of your time, punctual (got my essay to me early), and most importantly quality work. You'd be going wrong choosing any other professor. If they are avaliable choose this one! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
05/03/2021 Finished a complex English assignment 24 hours before it was due. I read it and thought it was incredibly well written with a pro's pro's pose. 
04/29/2021 The Discussions & Conclusions paper was very well witten.. thank you!
04/28/2021 always the best professor on here 
04/28/2021 fantastic
04/28/2021 perfect
04/28/2021 amazing 
04/28/2021 AMAZING work!! 
04/27/2021 Got a 73 gave 7 days for a paper. Format was not followed in instructions . For a diamond professor I am honestly not happy and very underwhelmed considering the status of this professor. Ive had better experience with gold level professors. 
04/27/2021 high quality delieverable 
04/23/2021 Excellent as always thank you
04/22/2021 The paper I received was just what I requested! Thank you!
04/21/2021 Great, extremely understanding, super responsive
04/20/2021 WOW. No words, he's top of the line! 
04/20/2021 Such an amazing paper. Seriously so grateful. Went way above and beyond will only be using him for now on. Came 10 mins after the due date which was totally fine but if it happens to everyone just know he will do it for you . THANK YOU
04/19/2021 Amazing work and timely! Thanks so much for helping me out!!!
04/18/2021 Outstanding doesn't even begin to describe this professor. No need to look anywhere else, this professor is the best!
04/13/2021 The paper was perfect.. thank you!
04/10/2021 Amazing work
04/10/2021 Amazing work
04/10/2021 amazing
04/10/2021 I always try to post detailed instructions and requirements for my assignments, and I have consistently found that Deleuzienne turns in the very highest quality of work in response. 10/10
04/08/2021 The Outline & Narrative were very well written.. thank you!
04/08/2021 Very nice. Thanks!
04/07/2021 Thank you
04/07/2021 Yep received a 100 on this assignment the teachers exact words "if I could give you more then a 100 I would. I wrote down 'A++'"
04/07/2021 Yep received a 100 on this assignment the teachers exact words "if I could give you more then a 100 I would. I wrote down 'A++'"
04/03/2021 Excellent as always
03/27/2021 Great work and was done on a very short notice. Great porfessor to work with!
03/24/2021 Great work.. thank you!
03/24/2021 Perfect paper!
03/23/2021 Thorough, timely, and well-written. Very pleased!
03/17/2021 It has been great working with this professor, they are always on time with responses and know how to complete assignments well. They have helped with on about 3-4 online tests and have helped me receive an A. Thanks so much and will continue to work with them! :D 
03/16/2021 Amazing!
03/14/2021 AMAZING professor. It was a very diffcult paper and he had no issues with the material. Wrote an outstanding paper. Would HIGHLY recommend. 
03/13/2021 Great work.. thank you!
03/12/2021 Great
Consistently amazing work! Another job well done. A+++ paper!

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