Date Comment Rating
07/15/2019 He went a bit past the deadline, but all's good! The essay is quite well written.
07/14/2019 I actually needed these changes as writing CV is not easy. Already looks beautiful, made me smile! Thank you!!!
07/12/2019 Creative
07/10/2019 The paper absolutely exceeded expectations and was delivered on time. I was so happy with it that I bought his book. Would definitely use again.
07/08/2019 Quick turnaround, thorough and great writer. Thank you!! 
07/04/2019 Just recieved my Grade! it did amazing!
The work this professor does is outstanding, I trust this professor with my work and would highly recommend him! 
You won't regret it (:
06/30/2019 The professor wrote and absolutely stellar paper and I got an A. I would definitely recommend this prof and will probably work with them again in the future.
06/23/2019 Excellent writer, thank you for your help.
06/19/2019 Prof did an excellent  job with my assignment. Only had to make very minor changes to fix formatting and assignment requirements. Only hiccup was a time zone confusion as this website runs off EST and this prof runs off PST. However, it was an easy misunderstanding that didn't cause any real problems. Highly recommend this prof and I will be back!
06/13/2019 Great work completed under a very tight deadline despite busy family life
06/13/2019 Thank you for your work
06/12/2019 awesome thanks!
06/09/2019 Great work!
06/04/2019 Very Professional and puts the care, time, and effort that one would desire in a paper. I would highly recommend this professor. 10/10 Stars
06/04/2019 Thank you so much! its excellent and just what i need. I will definetly be returning. :) 
06/04/2019 This professor was amazing in analyzing all my supporting material and producing a great piece of work. He made everything fit perfectly like a puzzle, and produced one of the best works I have ever seen! Will definitely be using them again, they saved me! Something I struggled with fixing for time, he was able to dedicate his time too and be patient with into producing it timely!
05/16/2019 Did a good job, very minor speling mistakes, nothing spellcheck couldnts fix. Completed based on guidlines.
05/14/2019 Very well researched and superb paper. If your professor is a stickler on number of sources, you should have zero worries with Deleuzienne. Would highly recommend him; if you think this is a shill review, google his name and look for his reddit ama. That's how I decided on him and have zero regrets.
05/11/2019 Paper came back looking great. Without any instruction, he actually nailed my own writing style with a clever hook in the opener to draw the reader in.  11/10 would recommend
05/09/2019 Writes really striking arguments and writes it really well... A few days late, but great job nontheless!!!!! Would definitely reccomend!!! 
05/07/2019 Always on time and professional 
05/04/2019 AMAZING !! worked with this professor countless times, just got my grade for the work he has done before and I got a very high mark!
Completely reccommend, I trust his work !
05/03/2019 Does great work and gets the job done on time. Can always count on him
05/02/2019 Amazing! Definitely reached my expectations. 
04/28/2019 This professor is amazing I will highly recommend it to anyone !
04/12/2019 Got an A, on time and great work.  Will use this professor again.

04/09/2019 Great paper, I would use again! 
04/05/2019 Great professor! Trustworthy, and my essay is great. 10/10 recommend. 
04/01/2019 Very good
03/24/2019 Recieved a high quality paper however, it was a day late. The professor did respond in a timely manner after reaching out to get a status update. Would use again.
03/22/2019 Great professor! Responded to my feedback in a timely manner and got me an A!
03/19/2019 As always great to work with, always on time and amazing work each time!!!!! 10 stars!!!!!!
03/19/2019 AWESOME!!!
03/18/2019 Went beyond my expectations and took his time with my paper. I am now just waiting for my funds to process so I can tip him because he deserves it. Will be contacting again :)
03/15/2019 10 stars all the way!!!!!!! fast and understanding!!!!!! will be working with this professor in the future
03/15/2019 Absolutely brilliant and would highly recommend.  I was a bit nervous as this is the first time using this site, however, I had no need to be. Very impressed and incredibly relieved.
03/10/2019 Did a great job and completed on time!

Great paper! Done on time! Got a great grade! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

03/06/2019 Work was compelted on time and received an it receied a grade of an "A". Required some minor editing, but overall a well written paper.
02/26/2019 The work that was submitted was perfect exactly what I needed based on the requirements I gave. Also submitted the paper on time.
02/24/2019 Awesome thank you!
02/21/2019 The best
02/17/2019 asdf
02/17/2019 Has a poetic sense of wordplay and a flexible ability to write in many voices. 
02/15/2019 Excellent work and very careful and consdierate
02/13/2019 Excellent work as always.
02/13/2019 Excellent work as always.
02/13/2019 Excellent work as always.
02/13/2019 Excellent work as always.
02/10/2019 The essay surpassed all of my expectations by a mile and was completed within 1 day.  Incredible job and great open communication.  If possible, I will use this professor for everything!!  Thank you so much for your help!!!!  
02/10/2019 Great writing and meet all paper requirements - thank you!
02/05/2019 A+ . Followed all instructions . Great writer 
02/04/2019 I messed up the deadline by a few hours and was still able to receive a great paper in time for submission. Thank you!
01/28/2019 Got an A+ on my paper, got the paper in time and such a great writer! Excellent work! 
01/16/2019 Perfect. Thanks again!
01/13/2019 Solid paper with a few grammatical and spelling errors. Paper was late and I did not get any type of notification that it would be hours late. Professor went over the 4 pages that I needed but didn’t charge me for it. Would give 10/10 if communication was better. 
01/07/2019 Awsome work.  Thank you very much !
01/03/2019 Thank you. The paper was great.
12/23/2018 Thank you so much got a 230 out of 240...
12/17/2018 This is my first time using this service, and my essay was completed perfectly.  This essay is very good.  Hopefully, I won't have to use this service again, but if so, this is definitely the professor you want.  Thank you again.
12/15/2018 Thanks
12/15/2018 If you are gonna take an American Cinema class and don't want to do any of the work yourself, just pay this guy to take the course for you(assuming it's an online class). I got full credit on every single movie essay. He took my Midterm AND my Final and he aced them both with a 96% and a 90%. If you have a film class you need help with, THIS is your guy. I greatly appreciate all your work this semester.
12/10/2018 I'd recommend this professor to anyone. I asked them to write me a piece about 3 weeks before the due date and I got it on time and written to a very high standard.

I study at university level so the quality of the work was of great importance. After worrying about the due date, I started to dig deeper for online for reviews which only made my anxieties worse, there are a numer sites that for whatever reason are highly critical of unemplyed professors. I then began to look at the reviews for Deleuzienne and noticed a number of complaints concerning late hand ins. I brashly set the due date for the essay a day before my actual hand-in, which of course created even more stress. Because of this I sent Deleuzienne multiple messages explaining my fears which he replied to - all within an hour. It transpired that we both lived in seperate time zones so for my essay to be completed in time for the university hand-in Deleuzienne had to work for longer and faster for me which they did at no extra cost. The originality and plagarism score showed 13% which is a lower than anything I've written myself, I won't get the grade back for a month but when I do I'll update this review with it.

In all, the professor does exactly as advertized, I could not recommend them more. If you have the money, lack of moral fibre and volition to use this service, be sure to use Deleuzienne. 
12/09/2018 Went the extra length to make sure my paper was perfect. Asked all the right questions in order to get the information needed to put together a wonderful essay.

12/09/2018 Always getting me full credit on these American Cinema papers.
12/09/2018 Awesome work as always. Thank you
12/09/2018 Thanks for saving my ass with these criminology papers. 
12/09/2018 10 stars. You continue to provide excellent quality papers.
12/09/2018 A+++++ Excellent worl, aways a positive result
12/08/2018 Awesome. A+
12/08/2018 Strong writer, very pleased 
12/08/2018 The guy!
12/08/2018 Man works hard. Paper is excellent 
12/08/2018 Seeing that I didn’t understand the paper directions the professor killed definitely A+ work 10/10 would use again 
12/08/2018 The professor turned in the assignment 5 minutes before the essay was due, and I didn't realize until after I had turned it in that he didn't follow the rules of the essay that I provided in documents saying specifically to write in third person which he did not so I ended up receiving a C+ on my paper. He also didn't follow other rules in which in turn got me the grade I received. 
12/07/2018 Work was done very well and on time.
12/06/2018 Replies to messages promptly, but my paper was 6 hours late. I received a refund from the company on his behalf, because it was not what I was promised at all. I do not reccomend him.
12/04/2018 The professor did an incredible job on my paper. Thank you!
12/04/2018 On time and what I needed.  Thank you  
12/02/2018 Great essay! Got a 91. If you are thinking of picking this prof, do not hesitate and do it now! You will not be disappointed.
11/28/2018 My essay was very well written and I’m sure my professor is going to love it 
11/27/2018 Excellent service, promptly finished the paper with a few hours before deadline. Would recommend.
11/25/2018 I’m very happy with the results of the essay! On time, and filled with details that I would not have picked up on. Very pleased. 
11/24/2018 always great
11/23/2018 Did not reply to messages except when I sent multiple in a row and when he finally did, he gave back rude responses. Also, did not turn in the assignment on the specified date. When I reminded him, he blamed the site having "downtime" and said he was with family and would get back to me the next day, which would then be two days past the due date. Would not use him again.  
11/22/2018 Great work!  Thank you for my A!
11/22/2018 Thank you for all your help!  Great work and quality.
11/22/2018 Great work. I have used this professor mulitple times. 
11/22/2018 Great work!  I highly recommend the quality of the work you will receive
11/22/2018 Great work!  I have used this professor multiple times.  The work is solid and I recommend.
11/22/2018 Thank you very mcuh
11/21/2018 3rd time, still great as day one!
11/20/2018 One of the most reliable professor. 
11/19/2018 I would highly reccommend. I had given the wrong due date, a week later than it should have been. I notified the professor and told him I would give him additional monetary compensation in order to rush the papers. Both papers came out great. I appreciate the understanding. 
11/19/2018 Nicely done.
11/19/2018 I have never wanted to reach through the computer and give someone a hug more than this guy. 
Not one of those awkward "OMG get the heck away from me hugs" but one of those "OMG you saved my life, you're going on my Christmas list, you're invited to every cookout, you're always good in hood" type of hugs. 
When I have had to email him, I got a timely response. The paper was written exactly like I requested & the teacher gave me an "A". 
I lucked up with Deleuzienne doing my paper. He has a customer for life here. 

Thanks again! 

11/18/2018 Perfect Thanks
11/17/2018 Nice work! Recommened. 
11/16/2018 Pretty decent writing, however, it was turned in nearly 3 hours late even though project was accepted a week in advance. Not responsive at all. Does the job and nothing more.
11/16/2018 Well done and on time.
11/16/2018 Solid Paper, stressed myself out since this was my first time using unemployed professors. Totally worth it. No need to stress.
11/14/2018 I asked for 250 words and he went above and beyond that. Gave me over 400. Thank you for another well written paper. 10 stars ! 
11/14/2018 Awesome paper. 10 stars. 
11/13/2018 Got a C on my paper. 
11/09/2018 I've done a few projects with this prof and he always does a great job!
11/09/2018 This guy is the best I wouldnt use or trust anyone else...
11/09/2018 Thank you so much. This service is a national treausre.
11/09/2018 Perfect A+. The very best, hands down 
11/07/2018 Such an amazing job!!! HIghly reccomend!!
On my second paper now
11/06/2018 Decent paper with good flow and comprehensive information and content but was finished late. Insturctions were followed for the most part but it was an analysis paper and a good chunk was summarized. Also major point after getting this paper back was CLARITY was serverly lacking. Kept receiving comments about it but other then that would use this professor again if desparate. 

Here are my professors comments after getting a B- grade back: 

I'm not sure why the paper doesn't have one cohesive document (the title page should be attached to the rest of the paper); if you need help with formatting, please feel free to ask
this is confusing - work on writing clarity here
Not sure what this statement means here... (This comment was for the very first sentence btw! Opening statement)
work on writing clarity in the first few sentences here in the intro
not sure what this on writing clarity
work on writing clarity - this is an incomplete sentence clause
11/05/2018 On time and excellent work
11/05/2018 Great stuff, thank you very much! Really informative and interesting read.
11/04/2018 Once again, a great paper on very short notice. I appreciate it. 10stars!
11/04/2018 Great communication.  Pleased with the quality and timeliness of work. 
11/03/2018 Only got 50% for my 2nd year psych report :/ we require a 70% (which I stated in the description) so that sucks :/ 
10/31/2018 Super Efficient and great to work with. I have an additional app to check for plagiarism and my papers came back very clean.  
10/31/2018 Thanks for another paper on such short notice! 
10/31/2018 Thanks for the paper on such short notice. 10 stars
10/31/2018 10 STARS. Another A+ paper!!!
10/31/2018 OMG. THIS GUY TOOK MY MIDTERM EXAM FOR MY ONLINE AMERICAN CINEMA CLASS AND PASSED WITH A 96%. I provided my username and password for my school portal and he logged in and followed my instructions. I gave him the material he needed to study via Google Drive and it worked out perfectly. Important side note: He used a VPN service to get an American IP address to avoid getting caught. Make sure you remind him if you're in the US like me. THANK YOU !!! 
10/31/2018 10 STARS! Another A+ paper!!!
10/31/2018 10 STARS! Another A+ paper!!!!
10/30/2018 Great job. Quality writing and instructions were followed perfectly.
10/29/2018 Great
10/27/2018 Another amazing article!
10/25/2018 Excellent work, received 100% on my project
10/23/2018 A++++ service and great work! Highly recommend
10/22/2018 I was worried at first but he followed through with my essay. I suggest giving clear instructions on what is required. I should have mentioned font style and size because I switched it to Times New Roman/12 font, I was short half a page. Nonetheless I added a paragraph and did some minor tweaking and was pleased with my essay...So was my professor, I received an A! Also, he was right on time. If you have a paper due, make sure you give enough time for yourself to proof read before you turn it in.
10/21/2018 Top notch
10/19/2018 Amazing job!
10/16/2018 Once again, another A paper. Thank you for providing high-quality assignments.  10 stars!
10/16/2018 "I liked your analysis of Boggie and the film. I agree that in some ways Casablanca seems very dated, but it is still relevant because of when and how it was made." American Cinema teacher. Thank you for the well written paper.
10/11/2018 Thank you so much!!
10/08/2018 For people on the fence, please read this review:

I'm sure you'll scroll down and look at the negative reviews to see whether you should hire this guy. Let me tell you this - this person is, by far, the best professor on this site. And I've used quite a few of them.

You'll notice that the negative reviews focus on turnaround time. People - don't hire people at the last minute! I always give this man a few extra days to complete the project, and he always does a MASTERFUL job. He is a brilliant writer, and I've actually improved my own writing by using him over the years for projects I simply don't have time to complete due to course overload. 

GIve this man a clear guideline, time to work and he will deliver an A+ paper. He's also a very kind man, and goes out of his way to tailor the paper to your needs. 

10/06/2018 great!! 
10/04/2018 Great essay
10/01/2018 would not reccomend. Essay was overpaid for, on the basis of providing a narritive of self-growth for college essays, given his "extensive expertise". Instead, I recieved a clichie few bits of story, that did not reflect anything about me as a person. It seems clear to me that little thought was put into the essay. Im sure he knows what he is doing in other fields, but dont higher him to write anything personal. And prof, dont sign up to do something you are goinig to do a poor job at, now im out $100, for a shotty 2 page essay. Disatisfied. 
10/01/2018 would not reccomend
10/01/2018 Awesome, exactly what I asked for 
10/01/2018 "Another fantastic response" - my Intro to American Cinema teacher. Will continue to use your services. 
10/01/2018 Guys awesome
09/30/2018 I have not received my grade on this assignment yet, but I want to give all the stars and more for your help. I submitted my assignment with only days for it to be completed. I had a death in my family and was SERIOUSLY freaking out about getting all of my work completed before it was all due. I am really thankful for my assignment looking like how it was suppose to be done, having all the things my professor was asking for, and having it in on time where I can submit it on time. I would definitely reccommend for your school needs!! I truly believe my assignment above what I was expecting and really do think I will get full credit on my assignment. CANT GO WRONG HERE!
09/30/2018 GREAT!
09/29/2018 Always the best!
09/27/2018 Wrote a thousand paper European History paper and did a great job. Will definitely assign for future assignments! 
09/26/2018 excellent work as always. Give him the right instructions and he will do a great job every time, guaranteed!
09/24/2018 Always on time, and always a top notch paper.  Thank you for all your help!!
09/24/2018 Delivered on time and extremely well written. If you have any movie review assignments, this is your guy. "I particularly enjoyed reading your response. You clearly have a background in film or at least a genuine love of film. I am excited to read more of your work this semester. Very well done!!!" - my Intro to American Cinema teacher hahaha.
09/23/2018 Another A!! Comments from my Professor "You thoroughly responded to all of the assignment questions. Your ideas were presented clearly and your responses were well-organized and logical. You supported your statements with thoughtful explanations. Your paper was well organized and was free from grammatical and spelling errors" Thanks again for an excellent paper!
09/22/2018 Another great purchase from a professional :) thank you for helping me in this class!
09/20/2018 Thank you again !!! This guy rocks! Always on time with great work. His writing style is bound to get you a good grade on any assignment. Extending my thanks to him is only right as he has been a great help to me. If you're lucky enough to see him bid on your project do yourself a favor and accept his bid. His writing style is very unique and I often save his work to look at his writing, which has helped me in other classes of mine with work i've completed myself.
09/20/2018 Amazing work!  I had three papers written in less than a week and my professor came through like a beast!  All three papers earned me an A on each and some with no edits!  Work was "thought provoking, creditble, and well written" so says my professor in class.  THANK YOU so much for turning all three papers in on time and with an amazing price!!  I highly recommend and have already hire my professor to write another paper for me.  Money well spent!
09/20/2018 Amazing work!  I had three papers written in less than a week and my professor came through like a beast!  All three papers earned me an A on each and some with no edits!  Work was "thought provoking, creditble, and well written" so says my professor in class.  THANK YOU so much for turning all three papers in on time and with an amazing price!!  I highly recommend and have already hire my professor to write another paper for me.  Money well spent!
09/20/2018 Excellent paper!  No edits and received an A.  
09/18/2018 Fantastic!
09/16/2018 The best
09/16/2018 Always on top of his game, the best!
09/16/2018 failed my class, 12 + hours late, it was supposed to be 2 pages, she he changed the font to a random one and once i changed to normal, it was 1.5 pages. thank you so much. 
09/13/2018 Received an A
09/09/2018 Paper was well written and delivered a day earlier than expected.
09/05/2018 Perfect as always I look forward to reaching you again! thank you
09/05/2018 Quality paper A+
09/05/2018 Great work!
09/03/2018 Finished on time
09/01/2018 Another excellent article.
09/01/2018 Excellent article for my blog.
09/01/2018 Fantastic service as usual.
08/31/2018 Excellent. Read all directions. 
08/29/2018 Do you want your paper writen extremely well and by a professor who cares? If the answer is yes then this is the professor you should choose!
08/27/2018 Never dissapoints! Excited expectations!
08/24/2018 You did absolutely wonderful! You now are my first and favorite professor and will gladly be sure to recieve help from you! Thank you :)
08/23/2018 As always, flawless work. Could not have asked for more - reliably brilliant!
08/22/2018 Great Job
08/21/2018 Exactly what I needed.
08/19/2018 Excellent as always. Thanks again!
08/19/2018 Thank you so much! 
08/16/2018 I asked to take my admission essay to the next level and this is exactly what he did!
08/13/2018 He has done great work, there has been miscommunication on my end. He has written fantastically. 
08/08/2018 Great work like always, even though it was some confusion on the work i wanted done and had to trash the paper
08/07/2018 This was my first time using this site and I am quite impressed! Thank you so much! and please dont judge me haha 
08/01/2018 He did a great job! 
07/31/2018 Horrible communication, delivered my order almost a full day late. Asked for an extention after it was several hours late, then missed that deadline too by many hours. Only completed half of the order and it was all wrong and had to be rewritten. Company refused to offer any refund for missing the deadline and for not doing the work right. Avoid.
07/21/2018 Paper was excellent in quality, I even had to dumb it down a little to pass it off easier as my own. The professor was a bit late on the deadline, but the amazing detail in the paper was worth it.
07/15/2018 Delivers great work every time!
07/14/2018 Great essay! exactly hit all requirements!

Just a stubborn teacher who gives everybody lower marks for god knows what but not this professor did the work justice
07/08/2018 10/10 every time! 
07/05/2018 Great Job! Turned in assignment on time and had good content. 
06/30/2018 10/10 stars every time! 
06/24/2018 Perfect! No extra work needed and a great price! I will definitely use again. 
06/18/2018 Thank you so much! Awesome paper!
06/17/2018 This professor never disappoints! 
06/09/2018 awful experience
06/09/2018 .
06/09/2018 Missed my deadline by 20+ hrs, lost all credit on the assignment. Tried for a refund but the company did not respond to numerous emails. I've used this company for years. I'll never use this Professor again.
06/09/2018 I would leave negative stars if I could. Prof did not follow directions AT ALL. 

Gave me my order almost 8 hrs late after asking for a 2 hr extention when 5 hrs late. I agreed, then that deadline was missed by an hour. I ended up getting a zero because it was too late to be turned in. Prof told me it was my fault because it is a weekend. Weird.

Also, the work was completely wrong and did not follow directions so I had to redo it when my college professor decided to allow me a chance to turn the work in for some credit after all. I ended up doing the entire assignment myself.  I tried repeatedly to get a refund, the company ignored me. No refund, no credit, no explanation.

TL;DR, I paid $200 for work that wasn't anywhere close to correct AND was given to me almost 8 hrs late. I paid $200 to spend the day stressing and waiting and then doing the work myself.

Avoid the hassle, choose someone else for your work.

06/08/2018 Love this professor! 
06/06/2018 Quality work, delivered on time.
06/05/2018 Absolutely amazing! Life saver!! Great work, and communication was efficient. Would absoluetely recommend to anyone