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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
04/28/2016 Great job! Very quick turn around and quick to answer any questions you may have. Would definitely use again
12/16/2015 Thank you for the speedy completion. I hope I don't find myself in the situation of requiring your service again, but if I do I'll know where to look. Happy holidays.

Kind regards,
11/26/2015 Quick, helped me out in a jam. Great service
10/08/2015 The only professor I've used on this site to have given me a distinction! Thanks again!

09/30/2015 MAGNIFICENT!!!!!
08/01/2015 This essay was good, looks really worth a letter grade.
03/21/2015 Very well done, not exactly how I saw things but it raised some interesting points of discusion.  I will be submiting it today and will give you feedback from the professor.
12/06/2014 Thank you so much! very helpful! and right on time! 
12/04/2014 Pollitically-Suspect is the best! He followed the instructions for the project to the “T” and delivered in record time. The amount of passion and detail he puts into his paper really shows and his intelligence and grasp for the subject at hand is top notch. Definitely will hire again!
11/26/2014 This guy always comes through and with great work!
10/26/2014 Delivered top notch paper in less than 24hrs. My go to professor for sure.
10/24/2014 Followed instructions perfecetly and managed to incorporate some of my own arguments that I'd supplied in my notes. Really happy with the result. Also, great price and delivered earlier than expected. Brilliant work :)
10/22/2014 It doesn't do Ms. Politically-Suspect justice to receive an "Outstanding" rating, because the questions she asked me and the paper she so meticulously wrote were truly beyond "Outstanding."  I am extremely grateful for her and this website.  Give her a bonus...I know I did!
10/17/2014 I have yet to meet this person's equal when it comes to POLSCI writing.  Very well done.
10/12/2014 Quality work, delivered a head of schedlue, overall completely satified 
09/14/2014 Politically-Suspect produces excellence. He worked with me on an application essay and turned my draft into a polished paper worthy of submission to a top graduate school program.
09/06/2014 Politically-Suspect finished my essay in a day! The paper was awesome and the quality was exactly what I was after.

References were done as requested, and all subsections were completed. Thank you so much!
08/17/2014 Essay was well written and followed all guidelines of the project.  Will do business with again if needed!
08/13/2014 I am very pleased with the way this turned out. Thank you very much for working in a timely manner to complete this task. Very much appreciated. Will use again.
08/11/2014 I will never go to another Professor to write my assignments besides Politically-Suspect! He is simply brilliant! He followed my instructions very carefully and gave me a perfectly written research assignment, throroughly researched even though it was a completely new topic for him, and he brought an original argument and argued it perfectly. The citation system I needed was very specific and he also did that perfectly. He was always punctual and gave feedback quickly, I recieved both of my assignments from him EARLY. Even if he charges slightly more that the other professors, it is well worth it.
07/22/2014 Amazing Job! Would Highly Recommend!
06/27/2014 great work!!!
06/21/2014 Once again, fast turnaround and excellent content from PS. I will be back!
06/20/2014 Another excellent transaction with PS. Roughly 24 hour turnaround time for a 300+ word Civ Lit essay with quality content. Thanks!
06/20/2014 Very soldi paper. There were a few editing changes that I had to make but overall the paper was great and I received an A!
06/19/2014 Perfect all around. Quality content and turnaround. 388 word Civ Lit essay within 12 hours of initial posting. Thanks PS!
06/16/2014 Phenomenal job! 
06/08/2014 Great paper, expecting at least an A-... Even better was that the writer responded to my critiques on the essay and promptly made the requested changes. Will definitely use this writer again!
04/29/2014 I've engaged a few different writers on this website and most of them just seem like fairly decent creative writers, but this guy is a bona fide academic, and a great writer. I've relied on him for a number of assignments over the past year and he's helped me ace every one of them!!
04/28/2014 An absolute amazing creation! Outstanding communication! 5-Stars all-day-long!!
04/14/2014 This was the key assignment from this class and again he did a great job.  Thank you.
04/14/2014 This was a or challenging assignment but he came through again!  Thank you.
04/14/2014 Another great job!  Thank you.
04/14/2014 I was really glad to get this paper.  This is why I have hired this professor many times.
04/14/2014 Great work.  This paper really helped me do well in this class.
03/09/2014 Professor Politically was excellent and finished my everything early!
03/08/2014 Punctual, professional, and I got a great product.
03/06/2014 Great work....thank you!!!
03/06/2014 Professor Politically Suspect was on time, on task, and on point with my paper.  He delivered a fast quality product.  Highly recommended!
03/03/2014 Politically-Suspect is simply a wonderful writer. He stays in touch and communicates well throughout the whole process. I gave him my thoughts and ideas on the subject and with that he crafted a brilliant A+ paper.
03/03/2014 Pricey, but worth it. He goes beyond standards and he has no limits. Every essay is very well-written and in detail. 
03/02/2014 Followed all instructions and did a phenomenal job. Was right on time with the paper. Would highly recommend!
02/27/2014 This guy is phenomenal. I asked him to work on an assignment with less than 24 hours and he pulled through with a remarkable piece of work!
02/26/2014 Very well-written!
02/19/2014 very professionally written, given on expected date, excelent work proff !
02/14/2014 Thank you for the essay and a BIG thank you for always being on time!
02/13/2014 Overall I was dissatisfied with the service I got from politically suspect. He started off strong but twice made deadlines he did not meet; stated he would have it done late Tuesday, and then Wednesday. I requested the paper be given to me well before it was due so that I could review it and add anything I wished. I instead got it at 2 am Thursday only a few hours before it was due. The paper itself was average and significantly worse then what I was able to write in four hours but I do not fault politically suspect for this really. I will defiantly not be using this service in the future.
02/07/2014 Outstanding work again! I can not only say that I intend to work with this professor again, but that I already have many times because of the excellent quality of his work.
02/03/2014 Always on time and always writes the best essays! 
Thank you!
02/01/2014 This paper was outstanding it was  done on time and well written.
Thanks P-S
02/01/2014 Great Work!
01/26/2014 This was great, Thank you! 
01/24/2014 Amazing! Completed on huge time crunch and still an excellent paper. Exactly what I needed. Thank you so much! Highly recommended! 
01/19/2014 2 of 2 papers from this individual with an extreme time crunch and both papers were solid well written papers.  i will be coming back to this professor for more quality work for sure
01/19/2014 paper was well written and done in my last minute asking...highly recommend this individual...thank you very much
01/13/2014 This guy's credentials almost seem too good to be true, but his work reflects the high standard you would expect of someone with such a prestigious background.
01/02/2014 Well researched project and articulates arguements well.

Will assist research already undertaken to give a balanced debate.
12/18/2013 He did an absolutely knock out job in a super time crunch. Extremely happy and surprised at how good it turned out. defiantly will use him again.
12/15/2013 Great professor. He was on time and paper had great quality.
12/13/2013 On time delivered. Good service provided. Thank Politically-Suspect :)
12/13/2013 A++ for the essay I recieved. Needed very little correcting and he followed the instructions perfectly. I would definately use Politically Suspect again.
12/11/2013 Another excellent job done for me by Politically-Suspect. If I could, I'd request this writer for all my assignments, his works is unparalleled!
12/07/2013 Politically-Suspect put together an awesome paper of me and did it on a Saturday to boot.  The work is very intelligently written and covers all the points I requested.  I will be using Politically-Suspect again in the future.

Thanks Politically-Suspect
12/04/2013 very nice essay. great job. excellent delivery time.
12/04/2013 Another fantastic piece of work! I personally requested this writer as he has done great work for me in the past and he did not disappoint
12/03/2013 Excellent book review. I've had multiple projects worked on for me through this website and this was easily one of the best! Thanks P-S
11/29/2013 great work.
11/22/2013 Professor Politically Subject did a great job on my project. It was pretty open ended and required some creativity to tie the project together, but he nailed it. All I did was up load my college professors notes on the site and with out any issues came out an awesome end project.
10/10/2013 Absolutely outstanding work! He was like a tutor, helped me along the way and even made important judgment calls, when I was unable to respond in time!
09/25/2013 He is a awesome writer, you will not regret your choice!
09/21/2013 This was the second paper I have  the professor write for me within a week time span.  As stated in my previous post, an excellent job!

Someone in a previous post made a comment that you could see his passion for the subject in his writing. I would agree.  It takes more then good "technical" skills to write a paper. There has to be a natural flow and cadence that only comes from the enjoyment of the subject material.

Thanks again!
09/21/2013 As a masters level student I need my essays to be well written and researched thoroughly. The professor did an outstanding job delivering what was requested and providing the depth needed.  A few key points stand out.

Good communication, if either of us had a question it was answered quickly

The professor provided me with extra references to include if needed. The references were done appropriate for a masters level APA paper.

Pricing was reasonable, not always why I would choose one over the other, but a good tie-breaker when making that decision.

This was my first time using the service, the professor set the bar.
07/08/2013 Fast response and he makes it look like it was done by a college student!
06/30/2013 I was a little hesitant to use this service at first however, the time constraints of the project were a little too much for me. I posted the project word for word and had a bid within minutes. I not only received a quality paper, I received more than was actually required in about 24 hours! You could clearly see the professor's passion for the subject in the paper. It was an amazing read! Well worth the money. Thank you so much!

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