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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
12/16/2014 This person is amazing. Paper turned out great and everything went well. Cheers. 
09/03/2014 Outstanding work as usual.
05/08/2014 Amazing Work.
05/08/2014 great, timely work!
05/08/2014 Great readability and tone. Very fast turnaround!
05/06/2014 Dr-Rob-Serling completed my request early, the paper read beautifully, and it met all my specifications.  I am very pleased with Serling’s outstanding knowledge of History and the work he produced for me.   

Thank You Dr-Rob-Serling Excellent Work
05/03/2014 I have worked with a couple of these professors and I can tell you my experience has been GREAT! Dr-Rod-Serling is an absolute professional! Quick communication and thoughtful craftsmanship top the list of this professors skills. I highly recommend him! You will not be disappointed!
04/30/2014 Legit just a perfect paper... Couldn't have asked for better.
04/18/2014 Excellent
04/13/2014 Amazing work!!
04/03/2014 Solid. Gave a detailed project outline and it was followed to a T.
04/02/2014 great work. Finished ahead of schedule.
03/27/2014 He is the best hands down, finished it a day early and understood what I needed. Very professional and well worth it.
03/27/2014 I got got what I asked for, very happy
and I learnt something from the essay too lol
03/24/2014 Dr. Rod delivered once again with a solid paper, recieved a B in the end, which I was happy with given the time he had to write it. Have used him many times, always a good product.
03/24/2014 He delivered on time... though the work was a bit too good, it required a bit of editing on my part so it didn't seem like I had a PHD. I earned a B- on the paper, however this teacher who assigned the paper was terrible to begin with so I don't blame Dr RS.
03/24/2014 Very good work. Easy to work with this professor, he knows his stuff and will deliver in a timely manner. I recieved an A on my 1000 word english analysis paper.
03/18/2014 Wrote a great essay for me on the subject of political economy and was very responsive to my feedback. Hope to work with again!
03/06/2014 Excellent work. Thank you very much. Very prompt as well.
02/26/2014 On time. Well written. Definitely worth the money. Would highly recommend.
02/26/2014 Extremely, impressively prompt in replying to conference msg.  Successfully completed on time.  Final product was so beautiful, nearly brought me to tears.  Highly recommend!
02/19/2014 DR. STERLING IS THE SHIT YO. No seriously, this guy can freaking do it all and probably run America. He's like, super smart and made me sound like a genius. It was so good I had to dumb it down, but I really didn't want too. He actually MADE me understand what the hell Spinoza and Descartes were bitching about. 

For short:
- Trust this guy, he's amazing
- Top quality work (seriously.)
- Got it to me fast. Like, The Flash, fast.
- Totally communicated well. He was even kind enough to sum it down from 927 words to 600. I was a dumbass to ask for 3 pages for my essay and I didn't know it was going to be that much.
- No typos. Wwo Maan, Wowo.

I have so much to learn from this guy... YOU DO TOO.

02/05/2014 My essay was delivered 1 day ahead of my deadline, it was well written {a couple of typos easily fixed} and well structured.  I've injected my own personal opinions on the topic on top of Mr. Serling's {luckily his opinions were similar to mine}.  Thank you for setting up the title page for me as well.  I would happily do business again in the future.
02/04/2014 Dr. Serling was great! My paper was early. I asked him to add references and he did, and he did them correctly. He had real examples and knew what he was talking about. I would definitely recommend him for papers for political science.
02/03/2014 Amazing!! Highest grade in the course 92%
01/29/2014 Very well written essay. Only problem was that my professor did not want this paper to exceed two pages and Dr. Rod Serling typed three. Overall, I would highly recomend this professor.
12/15/2013 Prompt and on time, thanks!
12/03/2013 I would give Dr. Rod-Serling and "Outstanding", but when it was originally delivered, he was two pages short. I apologized for what happened and returned a new paper with 2 more pages of non-crap/fill-in work. He actually added 2 more pages worth of great information about the topic. It was delievered on time, but his references weren't always 100%. I carefully checked all of his references and quotes, and had to doctor it up a lil bit so everything was correct with the reference and quotes. I will let yall know about my grade when I recieve it. 
11/25/2013 I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for help with an english paper.
11/10/2013 Good essay, few mistakes here and there... very good delivery time!
11/03/2013 Thank you very much. This is exactly what I needed. I hope to do business again with you in the future. 

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