PROFESSOR REVIEWS FOR: sane-psychologist

Date Comment Rating
10/12/2020 Absolutely perfect!!! 
10/09/2020 Excellent paper, couldn't have asked for more!
10/07/2020 Great job!
10/07/2020 AMAZING JOB!
09/15/2020 the work for my psychology course is wonderful
08/08/2020 Absolutely nailed the assignment right down to the citations from the provided, annotated bibliography. This is my new go to professor!
08/02/2020 Great work!
07/26/2020 Thank you!
07/14/2020 I got 100. I definily use this professor again. 
07/14/2020 I got 98. I am so happy.
06/24/2020 It was a wonderful A paper!
06/10/2020 Great work!! Highly recommend Sane!
06/09/2020 Got 70/100 (distinction) for my assignment 
06/02/2020 Gets the job done and with excellent results
05/31/2020 great
05/31/2020 great work 
05/21/2020 Great :)
05/19/2020 Amazing as usual!
05/12/2020 Amazing!!
04/29/2020 Perfect paper everytime! Highly recommend to anyone looking to get an A+!
04/13/2020 By far the best professor on the site. Genuinely works with and wants to do the best possible job. 10 out of 10 everytime. 
04/13/2020 Thank you for the completed project, main idea was correct, formattiing was great, given in a few hours early as well. Unfortunately, there were multiple grammatical and spelling errors throughout the paper, and wording was slightly awkward and repetitve. A lot of words for something that could be said more consisely. Had to re-write more than half the paper, and notes were incomplete. I have yet to recieve a grade but this is the third time i have significant issues using this site. 
04/06/2020 I got a perfect score . thanks so much
03/31/2020 I have used this prof several times and as always, excellent work.
Thank You!!!
03/09/2020 Fantastic essay, 95% was my final grade.
02/25/2020 Delivered on time and did a wonderful job. THANK YOU!
02/11/2020 Sorry the delay rating but I was waiting for my grades to be put up. I got a 9/10 (European grading). I also had a last minute paper that was due but that got a 7/10 but it was still done on time. Thank you again! I'm looking forward to working with SP in the near future =)
01/31/2020 Done on time, high quality work. Grammer and syntax top notch.
01/27/2020 amazing assitance in a timely manner
01/23/2020 well written, on time and quick response time. i highly recommend
01/09/2020 I am extremely pleased with the results and timeliness. 
12/27/2019 Professor carefully read and applied the instructions given, had assignment on time. Did an amazing job would definately recommend this professor with no reservations.
12/19/2019 Horrible piece of work
12/15/2019 Pleasure to work with 
12/14/2019 My go to prof all the time! Never lets me down!
12/13/2019 Got an A+ on my final assignment. Excellent, excellent work.
12/12/2019 Wrote a great paper but completly messed up the format and was not willing to help correct the format without charging more money. It cut off a whole page when I fixed the format. When you use this professor pay for more pages. 
12/11/2019 San psychologist did a great job on my paper in a short amount of time. i professor loved the paper and i recieved an A! Thank you for a job well done!
12/08/2019 Thank you for providing a phenomenal paper!!!
12/08/2019 Excellent Professor.
12/05/2019 good on time work answered promptly
11/26/2019 Excellent writer for your psych papers. Beat a tight deadline by quite a bit! 
11/25/2019 A++
11/24/2019 First time using this Professor, and first time I have received a truly high quality paper, with no need to correct spelling, grammar or formatting.  Plan on using for all my future projects.
11/20/2019 I have used this prof for 2 years and the work never dissapoints! Remarks have always been an A. The professor works with you and responds quickly.
11/09/2019 good work and turnaround
10/27/2019 Amazing job!!! Very efficient with responding and accepting the project quickly, as well as getting it done in a timely manner! Thank you so so much.
10/27/2019 This professor delivers all the time!
10/27/2019 The best professor here! She's super thorough and doesn't make a lot of errors.
10/13/2019 Best Professor I had so far here! All the instructions were taken into consideration! 
09/22/2019 Excellent work as usual!
09/14/2019 Great work!
09/10/2019 Another "A"! My go-to Professor. Fantastic work, always on time, and responds quickly. Look no further. You found the right one. 
09/10/2019 Excellent work as always! Thank you!!
08/30/2019 Great essay! Highly recommend.
08/13/2019 The best professor I have used yet, thank you so much.
HIgh quality work, exceeded my expectations, really well written. 

Hope to work with you again :) 

08/12/2019 I made a couple of changes and editing when I received my paper. This professor did a fantastic job, the paper received 97/100.
08/09/2019 Great work, I only had to make a couple edits. It was turned in one day early, which was helpful. Thank you.
08/06/2019 Was easy to work with and got it done on time. Got a decent grade and was happy with the result. 
07/10/2019 Amazing work! Did very quickly and did way more than I expected. So very pleased! Best $$ I have spent. 
06/27/2019 Excellent summary and timely delivery!
06/24/2019 Incredibly thorough and sensitive to time constraints!
Accomplished what was needed in a professional manner and ahead of schedule.
06/13/2019 Professor did a great job- no edits needed to be made- followed all directions and submitted work on time. Will be requesting their work again in the future!
06/09/2019 very good communication. save my life. 
06/06/2019 Amazing. Great communication and did exactly as asked. Will 100% use again in the future. Thanks prof! :D
06/01/2019 Best writing. Always on time. Always an “A”.
05/27/2019 Adequate work, but I was expecting a better quality since I requested for paper a month in advance. 
05/26/2019 The best writing. Always on time!
05/22/2019 Simply the best. Always on time. Excellent writing.
05/18/2019 Simply the best writing. Excellent and prompt. 
05/18/2019 Simply the best. Always on time. Always an A. 
05/16/2019 Paper was done well and had all the info I needed
05/15/2019 Awesome, Provided a great paper and in a short time.
05/13/2019 great
05/10/2019 AMAZING AND GOT AN A! 
05/10/2019 AMAZING AND GOT AN A! 
05/10/2019 AMAZING AND GOT AN A! 
05/08/2019 great work uin a short period of time
05/06/2019 This was my first paper on this site and I was sketched out at first and did feel the price was steeeep. After getting my paper (on time), I was actually amazed at how well written and accurate it was. Will only be using this site for papers in the future.
05/06/2019 Second psychology paper written for me by this prof. and to put this simply, SECOND A received. No joke these people are legends. Thank you.
05/04/2019 Very good paper, my only issue was the paper was not a full 5 page body like asked. Everything else was great! No plagerisim.
04/08/2019 Perfect!
03/29/2019 Good Professor, well written paper
03/27/2019 Excellent work. Pleasure to work with
03/27/2019 Outstanding writing. Always prompt and on time. Great communications
03/27/2019 Best writing. Always on time.
03/26/2019 genuine, good work, would highly recommend to everyone
03/14/2019 Best writing! Always on time. Always an A.
03/14/2019 I got 100. very professional. 
03/08/2019 Always on time with excellent writing. Always an A. Highest rating!
02/27/2019 Excellent research and writing. Always on time. Great communication!

02/27/2019 Great work and writing. Always on time.
02/27/2019 Outstanding. Always on time and always an A
02/17/2019 Amazing thank you! Can’t wait for the rest! 
02/14/2019 Excellent writing. Always on time and great communication!
02/01/2019 Excellent paper. Always an A. Highly recommended!
02/01/2019 Simply outstanding writing. Always on time. Great communications
01/18/2019 The best. Always on time and top quality.
01/12/2019 Outstanding. Highly recommended. 
01/12/2019 Excellent. 100%. Got an A
12/12/2018 This paper was amazing. Great work. Would use this professor again.
12/08/2018 Last minute assignment completed on time, excellent work. Highly recommend this writer. 
12/08/2018 Excellent detailed work on project, great communication with this writer as well.  Received A++. I Highly recommend. Thank you so much for your help. 
12/08/2018 The writer is amazing and super cooperative. Strongly recommend this writer, Brillant work. Received A++ on paper
12/07/2018 This man is good, did it beyond my expectations and even added an additional page!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
12/07/2018 Very proficient in stats! In a couple days he merged all my important files and created a perfectly formatted APA table!
12/07/2018 Very good work as always. Going above and beyond and noticing mistakes I missed! Highly recommended!!!
12/07/2018 This guy worked around the clock to get this at just the right time!! The best!
12/07/2018 Once again always the best!
12/07/2018 Such a hard worker! Fast turn around, impressive attention to detail!
12/06/2018 Wow all the reviews for this professor must be fake. The paper they wrote me was absolutely terrible and reads as if a seventh grader wrote it. The paper failed to even be in the correct APA formatting style which is interesting as this person labeled themselves with the term "psychologist". Such a joke and waste of money. Embarrassingly enough, they wrote a whole introduction citing the DSM with no other literature reviews which anyone who's taken a basic psychology class or read one psychological paper would know is incorrect. Please kick this "professor" off the site. 
12/06/2018 essay was poorly written
12/04/2018 Outstanding writing. Always on time. Perfect!
12/04/2018 Always excellent and on time!
12/01/2018 Simply the best. I messed up the dates, and this professor was able to turn outstanding assignment in less than 1 day. The BEST!
11/30/2018 Paper was well done, but I asked for four pages and got a little over three. I'd still use this professor again though. Thanks for your help!
11/29/2018 Thank you!!! Received an A. Very happy. 
11/27/2018 Gave this professor just over 24 hours for a paper I forgot was due. 6 pages, reference page etc. Completed it just in time and exceeded my expectations. 

Would recommend and hire again!!!!
11/23/2018 Amazing work, thank you!!!
11/21/2018 Great work. Have used this professory twice so far, and have had nothing but great work returned. Thank you for the help.
11/20/2018 Awesome job!!!  
11/17/2018 Great Paper. Got an A. Thank you. Always on time.
11/17/2018 Excellent reserach and  summary! Great timely delivery and outstanding communications.
11/17/2018 Excellent paper. Simply outstanding writing. Always an A. Always on time. Thank you
10/31/2018 Best writing. Always on time. Great communications. Highly recommended
10/25/2018 Best writing. A+
10/11/2018 Great and timely write-up as always. The best!
10/11/2018 Excellent writing. Always an A+. Highly recommended!
10/05/2018 Best paper. Always an A.
09/24/2018 Excellent write-up. The best. A+++
09/19/2018 The best out there. Always on time. A++++
09/13/2018 Great writing. Always on time. The best. A+++
09/06/2018 Best work ever. Straight A. Always on time and very knowledgeable. Highly recommended!
08/23/2018 Great paper. Well-researched and organized. Always on time.
08/23/2018 Excellent writing. Simply the best. Always top notch and on time. Highly recommended. 
08/16/2018 Outstanding writing. Highly recommended
08/11/2018 Completed a psychology case study for me, it was completed on time and was done very well. I would definitely recommend!
08/10/2018 Outstanding write-up. Highly recommended.
08/10/2018 Great paper. Always on time.
07/26/2018 Absolutely outstanding writing. Always on time. Strict APA. Highly recommended!!!
07/13/2018 Great writing. Always on time
06/19/2018 Simply the best source for excellent writing. Always on time. Highly recommended. Excellent communications
06/19/2018 Excellent paper. Well-referenced and well-organized. Highly recommended.
06/19/2018 Top Notch as always. Very reliable and knowledgeable. Highly recommended!
06/13/2018 The solution was alright. I definitely had to fix a lot of grammer and content issues. Even after rewriting I only got a B. I recommend paying a little more for better quality from another writer.
06/08/2018 Didn't follow written directions
06/04/2018 Stellar, as always!
05/31/2018 This Professor had my assignment on time, in fact, one day early, I have not had a chance to review the entire document but so far he has really gone above and beyond. If I find any issues I will update my rating
05/26/2018 good
05/24/2018 Great reserach. Highly recommended! You won't be sorry
05/24/2018 Got about an 80% on the paper that was written.

Not much communication throughout the paper at all, but it was done on time and up to my specifications. 
05/17/2018 ABSOLUTELY GREAT presentation. Well-researched and "punchy". Highly recommended
05/14/2018 great work
05/04/2018 Excellent as always. Top notch research and writing. Always on time.

The best paper yet.  I got a 99% on it.  Still an A paper, but shy of a 100% because there was a source added on the works cited page that was not in the paper.  But non the less.  Best paper ever.. Thank you!!!!!!

04/27/2018 Best Professor. Always on time. Strict APA. Excellent research and references. Highly recommended.
04/26/2018 Fantastic. Flowed well, given sources used effectively. Additional sources were perfect for the project. Grammatically wonderful, no redundancy. 11/10 recommend
04/26/2018 Did an excellent job on my stats project. 
04/23/2018 Great work has a lot of patience definitely recommend this writer 
04/20/2018 Outstanding write-up as always. Thank you. Highly recommended!
04/15/2018 Terrific write-up. The best. Highly recommended.
04/09/2018 Excellent work. As always. On time. Well-researched. Highly recommended!
04/08/2018 I received an F for this assignment unfortunately. It did not meet the criteria of the rubric and missed and entire section. I gave 5/10 stars due to the fact that the sections that were complete were done very nicely and that I should have reviewed it thoroughly before submitting it so I do blame myself partially. 
04/04/2018 Thank you for consistently providing A+ work!
04/02/2018 On time and exactly what I needed.
04/02/2018 Excellent writer. Very prompt. Got an A.
04/02/2018 Excellent writing. I have been using the services of this professor for years. Always an A.
04/02/2018 Absolutely the best writer. Great research and organization. A+
04/02/2018 Absolutely the best. Got an A. Highly recommended@
03/30/2018 So wonderfully done. I will come back again and again!
03/28/2018 After the long internal debate about using the services of UE, I finally settled in on the right decision.  I'm so very happy with the what I've received, and looking forward to joining forces with sane-psychologist again.  I highly recommend using this prof.

Thank you! 
03/27/2018 Fantastic !
03/18/2018 Awesome!
03/18/2018 Everything looks great!! Saved me tons of time on a subject i could find no info on!! Definitely recommend if you are looking to save time!
03/18/2018 100 A++
03/18/2018 10 out of 10!!
03/14/2018 Great work and on time !
03/12/2018 Thank you for your assistance and A+ work!
03/07/2018 Got an A. Great writing. Very nicely done!
03/04/2018 great, definitely recommend, finished before the deadline!
03/04/2018 great, definitely recommend, finished before the deadline!
02/27/2018 Great work!!
02/27/2018 A+
02/22/2018 Absolutely the best. Highly recommended!
02/16/2018 She does a great job! She is an expert in Psychology. I changed my major to Management, but she still throws her hat in the ring. I think she is awesome!
02/16/2018 4 out of 4 on my assignment!
01/31/2018 Simply outstandung
01/28/2018 Thank you so much!!!
01/28/2018 Always and excellent A+ product!
01/21/2018 20 out of 20
01/21/2018 10/10
01/21/2018 20/20
01/21/2018 100!
01/16/2018 Best and most reliable
01/16/2018 Absoiutely the best. Knows his stuff. Always on time.
12/22/2017 Perfect paper!!  Will request this professor again!
12/19/2017 Paper was well done and even delivered earlier than the due date!