PROFESSOR REVIEWS FOR: sane-psychologist

Date Comment Rating
09/14/2019 Great work!
09/10/2019 Another "A"! My go-to Professor. Fantastic work, always on time, and responds quickly. Look no further. You found the right one. 
09/10/2019 Excellent work as always! Thank you!!
08/30/2019 Great essay! Highly recommend.
08/13/2019 The best professor I have used yet, thank you so much.
HIgh quality work, exceeded my expectations, really well written. 

Hope to work with you again :) 

08/12/2019 I made a couple of changes and editing when I received my paper. This professor did a fantastic job, the paper received 97/100.
08/09/2019 Great work, I only had to make a couple edits. It was turned in one day early, which was helpful. Thank you.
08/06/2019 Was easy to work with and got it done on time. Got a decent grade and was happy with the result. 
07/10/2019 Amazing work! Did very quickly and did way more than I expected. So very pleased! Best $$ I have spent. 
06/27/2019 Excellent summary and timely delivery!
06/24/2019 Incredibly thorough and sensitive to time constraints!
Accomplished what was needed in a professional manner and ahead of schedule.
06/13/2019 Professor did a great job- no edits needed to be made- followed all directions and submitted work on time. Will be requesting their work again in the future!
06/09/2019 very good communication. save my life. 
06/06/2019 Amazing. Great communication and did exactly as asked. Will 100% use again in the future. Thanks prof! :D
06/01/2019 Best writing. Always on time. Always an “A”.
05/27/2019 Adequate work, but I was expecting a better quality since I requested for paper a month in advance. 
05/26/2019 The best writing. Always on time!
05/22/2019 Simply the best. Always on time. Excellent writing.
05/18/2019 Simply the best writing. Excellent and prompt. 
05/18/2019 Simply the best. Always on time. Always an A. 
05/16/2019 Paper was done well and had all the info I needed
05/15/2019 Awesome, Provided a great paper and in a short time.
05/13/2019 great
05/10/2019 AMAZING AND GOT AN A! 
05/10/2019 AMAZING AND GOT AN A! 
05/10/2019 AMAZING AND GOT AN A! 
05/08/2019 great work uin a short period of time
05/06/2019 This was my first paper on this site and I was sketched out at first and did feel the price was steeeep. After getting my paper (on time), I was actually amazed at how well written and accurate it was. Will only be using this site for papers in the future.
05/06/2019 Second psychology paper written for me by this prof. and to put this simply, SECOND A received. No joke these people are legends. Thank you.
05/04/2019 Very good paper, my only issue was the paper was not a full 5 page body like asked. Everything else was great! No plagerisim.
04/08/2019 Perfect!
03/29/2019 Good Professor, well written paper
03/27/2019 Excellent work. Pleasure to work with
03/27/2019 Outstanding writing. Always prompt and on time. Great communications
03/27/2019 Best writing. Always on time.
03/26/2019 genuine, good work, would highly recommend to everyone
03/14/2019 Best writing! Always on time. Always an A.
03/14/2019 I got 100. very professional. 
03/08/2019 Always on time with excellent writing. Always an A. Highest rating!
02/27/2019 Excellent research and writing. Always on time. Great communication!

02/27/2019 Great work and writing. Always on time.
02/27/2019 Outstanding. Always on time and always an A
02/17/2019 Amazing thank you! Can’t wait for the rest! 
02/14/2019 Excellent writing. Always on time and great communication!
02/01/2019 Excellent paper. Always an A. Highly recommended!
02/01/2019 Simply outstanding writing. Always on time. Great communications
01/18/2019 The best. Always on time and top quality.
01/12/2019 Outstanding. Highly recommended. 
01/12/2019 Excellent. 100%. Got an A
12/12/2018 This paper was amazing. Great work. Would use this professor again.
12/08/2018 Last minute assignment completed on time, excellent work. Highly recommend this writer. 
12/08/2018 Excellent detailed work on project, great communication with this writer as well.  Received A++. I Highly recommend. Thank you so much for your help. 
12/08/2018 The writer is amazing and super cooperative. Strongly recommend this writer, Brillant work. Received A++ on paper
12/07/2018 This man is good, did it beyond my expectations and even added an additional page!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
12/07/2018 Very proficient in stats! In a couple days he merged all my important files and created a perfectly formatted APA table!
12/07/2018 Very good work as always. Going above and beyond and noticing mistakes I missed! Highly recommended!!!
12/07/2018 This guy worked around the clock to get this at just the right time!! The best!
12/07/2018 Once again always the best!
12/07/2018 Such a hard worker! Fast turn around, impressive attention to detail!
12/06/2018 Wow all the reviews for this professor must be fake. The paper they wrote me was absolutely terrible and reads as if a seventh grader wrote it. The paper failed to even be in the correct APA formatting style which is interesting as this person labeled themselves with the term "psychologist". Such a joke and waste of money. Embarrassingly enough, they wrote a whole introduction citing the DSM with no other literature reviews which anyone who's taken a basic psychology class or read one psychological paper would know is incorrect. Please kick this "professor" off the site. 
12/06/2018 essay was poorly written
12/04/2018 Outstanding writing. Always on time. Perfect!
12/04/2018 Always excellent and on time!
12/01/2018 Simply the best. I messed up the dates, and this professor was able to turn outstanding assignment in less than 1 day. The BEST!
11/30/2018 Paper was well done, but I asked for four pages and got a little over three. I'd still use this professor again though. Thanks for your help!
11/29/2018 Thank you!!! Received an A. Very happy. 
11/27/2018 Gave this professor just over 24 hours for a paper I forgot was due. 6 pages, reference page etc. Completed it just in time and exceeded my expectations. 

Would recommend and hire again!!!!
11/23/2018 Amazing work, thank you!!!
11/21/2018 Great work. Have used this professory twice so far, and have had nothing but great work returned. Thank you for the help.
11/20/2018 Awesome job!!!  
11/17/2018 Great Paper. Got an A. Thank you. Always on time.
11/17/2018 Excellent reserach and  summary! Great timely delivery and outstanding communications.
11/17/2018 Excellent paper. Simply outstanding writing. Always an A. Always on time. Thank you
10/31/2018 Best writing. Always on time. Great communications. Highly recommended
10/25/2018 Best writing. A+
10/11/2018 Great and timely write-up as always. The best!
10/11/2018 Excellent writing. Always an A+. Highly recommended!
10/05/2018 Best paper. Always an A.
09/24/2018 Excellent write-up. The best. A+++
09/19/2018 The best out there. Always on time. A++++
09/13/2018 Great writing. Always on time. The best. A+++
09/06/2018 Best work ever. Straight A. Always on time and very knowledgeable. Highly recommended!
08/23/2018 Great paper. Well-researched and organized. Always on time.
08/23/2018 Excellent writing. Simply the best. Always top notch and on time. Highly recommended. 
08/16/2018 Outstanding writing. Highly recommended
08/11/2018 Completed a psychology case study for me, it was completed on time and was done very well. I would definitely recommend!
08/10/2018 Outstanding write-up. Highly recommended.
08/10/2018 Great paper. Always on time.
07/26/2018 Absolutely outstanding writing. Always on time. Strict APA. Highly recommended!!!
07/13/2018 Great writing. Always on time
06/19/2018 Simply the best source for excellent writing. Always on time. Highly recommended. Excellent communications
06/19/2018 Excellent paper. Well-referenced and well-organized. Highly recommended.
06/19/2018 Top Notch as always. Very reliable and knowledgeable. Highly recommended!
06/13/2018 The solution was alright. I definitely had to fix a lot of grammer and content issues. Even after rewriting I only got a B. I recommend paying a little more for better quality from another writer.
06/08/2018 Didn't follow written directions
06/04/2018 Stellar, as always!
05/31/2018 This Professor had my assignment on time, in fact, one day early, I have not had a chance to review the entire document but so far he has really gone above and beyond. If I find any issues I will update my rating
05/26/2018 good
05/24/2018 Great reserach. Highly recommended! You won't be sorry
05/24/2018 Got about an 80% on the paper that was written.

Not much communication throughout the paper at all, but it was done on time and up to my specifications. 
05/17/2018 ABSOLUTELY GREAT presentation. Well-researched and "punchy". Highly recommended
05/14/2018 great work
05/04/2018 Excellent as always. Top notch research and writing. Always on time.

The best paper yet.  I got a 99% on it.  Still an A paper, but shy of a 100% because there was a source added on the works cited page that was not in the paper.  But non the less.  Best paper ever.. Thank you!!!!!!

04/27/2018 Best Professor. Always on time. Strict APA. Excellent research and references. Highly recommended.
04/26/2018 Fantastic. Flowed well, given sources used effectively. Additional sources were perfect for the project. Grammatically wonderful, no redundancy. 11/10 recommend
04/26/2018 Did an excellent job on my stats project. 
04/23/2018 Great work has a lot of patience definitely recommend this writer 
04/20/2018 Outstanding write-up as always. Thank you. Highly recommended!
04/15/2018 Terrific write-up. The best. Highly recommended.
04/09/2018 Excellent work. As always. On time. Well-researched. Highly recommended!
04/08/2018 I received an F for this assignment unfortunately. It did not meet the criteria of the rubric and missed and entire section. I gave 5/10 stars due to the fact that the sections that were complete were done very nicely and that I should have reviewed it thoroughly before submitting it so I do blame myself partially. 
04/04/2018 Thank you for consistently providing A+ work!
04/02/2018 On time and exactly what I needed.
04/02/2018 Excellent writer. Very prompt. Got an A.
04/02/2018 Excellent writing. I have been using the services of this professor for years. Always an A.
04/02/2018 Absolutely the best writer. Great research and organization. A+
04/02/2018 Absolutely the best. Got an A. Highly recommended@
03/30/2018 So wonderfully done. I will come back again and again!
03/28/2018 After the long internal debate about using the services of UE, I finally settled in on the right decision.  I'm so very happy with the what I've received, and looking forward to joining forces with sane-psychologist again.  I highly recommend using this prof.

Thank you! 
03/27/2018 Fantastic !
03/18/2018 Awesome!
03/18/2018 Everything looks great!! Saved me tons of time on a subject i could find no info on!! Definitely recommend if you are looking to save time!
03/18/2018 100 A++
03/18/2018 10 out of 10!!
03/14/2018 Great work and on time !
03/12/2018 Thank you for your assistance and A+ work!
03/07/2018 Got an A. Great writing. Very nicely done!
03/04/2018 great, definitely recommend, finished before the deadline!
03/04/2018 great, definitely recommend, finished before the deadline!
02/27/2018 Great work!!
02/27/2018 A+
02/22/2018 Absolutely the best. Highly recommended!
02/16/2018 She does a great job! She is an expert in Psychology. I changed my major to Management, but she still throws her hat in the ring. I think she is awesome!
02/16/2018 4 out of 4 on my assignment!
01/31/2018 Simply outstandung
01/28/2018 Thank you so much!!!
01/28/2018 Always and excellent A+ product!
01/21/2018 20 out of 20
01/21/2018 10/10
01/21/2018 20/20
01/21/2018 100!
01/16/2018 Best and most reliable
01/16/2018 Absoiutely the best. Knows his stuff. Always on time.
12/22/2017 Perfect paper!!  Will request this professor again!
12/19/2017 Paper was well done and even delivered earlier than the due date!
12/06/2017 Excellent Work!
12/06/2017 Excellent Work!
12/06/2017 Excellent Work!
12/06/2017 Excellent!
12/05/2017 Let me just say that i dont usually go out of my way to give reviews because im lazy like that. HOWEVER my experience with this professor was HORRIBLE! I would not want others to go through this same experience. This is probably my 6th time using this website and i have never had a bad experience until now. The professor clearly did not follow the guidelines, instead he copied and pasted the grading criteria that i sent to him ONLY as a reference.He literally copied and pasted each bullet point into the "essay" and answered the questions directly. No thesis statement, no introduction, no conclusion, and no logical transitions between ideas. He basically did a report rather than an essay. Also, it was supposed to be 3 pages and instead he sent 2 pages plus the reference page which does not count.They obviously did the bare minimum and put no effort . This was a complete JOKE! I did not get any credit for this assignment and lost my money. Honestly, the worst professor i have encountered thus far, you're better off just doing your own paper. Lesson learned! 
11/27/2017 Very well put together and organized paper. Exactly what I needed. Had to proofread for gramatical reasons, but well worth it. Will use her again.
11/17/2017 Great job
11/11/2017 ?Well written, easy to comunicate with, covered all bases and delivered on time
?Overall great result.  

11/08/2017 Great work, finished before deadline. Was nervous about websites external reviews but this guy saved my butt.
thanks guy.
10/26/2017 Well written paper! I got an A and max points for that particular module! Easy to communicate with and fixed minor requests in a timely manner! I will defitnitely request by name the next time I'm in a jam or plain ol lazy lol!
10/25/2017 Paper was very well written! The paper was perfect for an intro to psych paper, it was not overdone. She followed the APA format perfectly. Paper was also done early. Highly reccomend!
10/25/2017 Outstanding. Simply Outstanding. Can't say enough great things about this professor.
10/25/2017 The best. Very thorough. Great writing and very organized. Always on time. Or early.
10/25/2017 Simply outstanding. Got 100% on the final long assigment.
09/28/2017 Excellent
09/22/2017 Excellent use of mindmapping software. Got good grade
09/22/2017 Excellent writing. Got good grade
09/22/2017 Excellent work as always. Got an A
09/22/2017 Excellent paper. Got good grade!
09/22/2017 The BEST!
08/26/2017 On time and great quality!

08/22/2017 Got an A. Great writing. Thank you. Best.
08/22/2017 Got a terrific grade. Excellent APA writing. Simply the best. 
08/22/2017 Got and A. Excellent paper. Best!
08/21/2017 Excellent job!
08/21/2017 Excellent work!
08/21/2017 Excellent job!
07/24/2017 Excellent paper. Always on time. Great writing. Got good grade. Thank you.
07/24/2017 Excellent paper. Got good grade. Highly recommended. Thank you
07/24/2017 Excellent paper. Got a good grade. Thank you
07/24/2017 Got excellent grade. Thank you
07/24/2017 Didn't use APA format, didnt cite from the research at all, several gramatical errors including using the word "basically" 5 times in a 500 word paper. This was for grad school so the calaber of writing is expected to be much higher than, say, psych 101. Not thrilled with the work. Got a C. 
07/19/2017 I got an A on this paper but it did take a little polishing on my part to fix some formattin issues and it had an outline font setting embedded in the document that I could not change.  Although it looked fine on the screen, it printed crazy looking.  I had to export the entire document to another word processor (Open Office) completely reformat it and print it from that system instead of being able to print it from MS Word.  I eventually tracked down and eliminated the formatting but it was the hardest I ever worked on a paper to just get it to print with the required font.
07/07/2017 Great Summary. The best. Good knowledge of APA reference style
07/06/2017 Mark of 50% received for the work completed by "sane-psychologist".
?I recieved by work on time.

07/05/2017 Simply the best. Good a good grade. Thorough and thoughtful. Thank you.
07/05/2017 Simply the best. Good a good grade. Thorough and thoughtful. Thank you.
07/05/2017 Simply the best. Good a good grade. Thorough and thoughtful. Thank you.
07/05/2017 Simply the best. Good a good grade. Thorough and thoughtful. Thank you.
07/05/2017 Simply the best. Good a good grade. Thorough and thoughtful. Thank you.
07/05/2017 Simply the best. Good a good grade. Thorough and thoughtful. Thank you.
07/05/2017 If you are in need of doctoral level course work.. I would not reccomend this professor!!! I gaurentee you will very disappointed and rquest for a refund
amazing work you have done
Amazing work
05/29/2017 Got 100% on the paper. Seriously did not believe that this could ever be done especially considering this service was too good to be true. Definately will use this professor and service again!!!
05/26/2017 Awesome. Absolutely the best. Top notch. Got great grade.
05/26/2017 Awesome. Absolutely the best. Top notch. Got great grade.
05/26/2017 Awesome. Absolutely the best. Top notch. Got great grade.
05/26/2017 Awesome. Absolutely the best. Top notch. Got great grade.
05/26/2017 Awesome. Absolutely the best. Top notch. Got great grade.
05/26/2017 Awesome. Absolutely the best. Top notch. Got great grade.
05/26/2017 Awesome. Absolutely the best. Top notch. Got great grade.