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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
03/16/2016 Happy with the paper
11/16/2015 Excellent work yet again!  Highly recommended 
02/07/2015 10/10 would hire to help me cheat on stuff again.  
01/26/2015 The best. You can't go wrong with this professor.
12/16/2014 Received a B+ for the paper.
12/16/2014 One of the cheapest yet delivers extremely well thought out quality papers. <3
12/16/2014 The Best Ever.
12/16/2014 Please keep bidding on my papers because you own only provide great works of art.
12/16/2014 What can I say? Always pumps out A material work. Whenever this professor bids I will gladly select.
12/10/2014 Did a truely outstanding job. Was on time and well written. Thank you
12/05/2014 Some minor errors, got me an A-
12/02/2014 As always, a wonderful job!!! Enjoy your holidays!!!
12/02/2014 Great job and really put in the time and effort. Thanks!
12/02/2014 Great work 
11/12/2014 I, once again, have no words to express my thankfulness for this lady who, literally, saved my life this term! Events have occurred that stopped me in my tracks and caused a severe depression, which also runs in my family, to happen. Without the finances to pay for adequate treatment, I resorted to lessening my work load in the worst class of my last term. Thanks to her (and Prof. Dez) I can still graduate on time and, hopefully, keep my 3.8 GPA that I, yes I, worked so hard to achieve up to this point time. Sometimes in life, though, we have to admit when we need help and since I was receiving none from my university, I turned here. So glad that I did because I don't know what would have happened. THANK YOU AGAIN!!! P.S. A little disappointed that we can't give tips to Professors after receiving quality work. This should be a feature on this site! It might only be a couple of bucks, but hey, it is the thought that counts!!!
11/09/2014 I have always gotten around 78% on the assignments in this class. I was finally able to get that A with History-Warrior! Thanks so much!
11/07/2014 History-Warrior really delivers, all papers that have been written by this professor have been graded as A+! This professor goes above and beyond with work that is really introspective and simple but not self-important or complicated! Choose History-Warrior!!
10/27/2014 There were lots of places with citations missing. My professors are huge on citing every word in the paper that comes from another source. I also thought the paper had several statements that were overtly biased. However, it was well written and thought out. It did require some editing as well.
10/22/2014 great job!
10/19/2014 On Time. Got me an A. I love you.
10/06/2014 History-warrior did a great job with my essay. Followed all my instructions . And most importantly wrote my paper before my deadline. Also history-warrior's bids are way more reasonable than others . 
09/28/2014 Great Job on my paper! Couldn't be more pleased!
09/23/2014 really good loved it and recieved an A, this professor delivers and does the job right on schedule!
09/23/2014 95 on the essay. Thank you!
09/19/2014 Outstanding!!!! She finished my paper earlier than she promised and gave me a perfect paper. When I asked her a few revision to make, she also did an outstanding job on that. Thank you. I appreciate of your hard work. Will work again with her!!!
09/18/2014 I have nothing but good things to say about this writer. The paper was written exceptionally well and even delivered days before the due date! Wholeheartedly recommended for any and all projects.
09/15/2014 The review was introspective and interesting. I would never have been able to come up with so many great ideas on my own. Thank you!
09/15/2014 great review!
06/14/2014 Just perfect!.... Thanks
05/08/2014 Absolutely impressed with the paper, it turned out perfectly as requested, with time to spare. Outstanding work, thank you so much! Hopefully we can work together again!
05/08/2014 Thank you so much for the lovely piece! Everything was done exactly as requested and your writing style is lovely. CompIetely original with a turnitinscore of 0% (best score possible) Will most definitly use you again if your avaliable.
05/02/2014 Awesome! Very fast and prompt. I got a 98 on it and also she added more pages than what I had asked. Could you write all of my papers? :p
04/28/2014 10/10
04/23/2014 Great Professor, Understood the requirements and got it done on time. Ended up getting a B on a paper for Western Civilization which was good enough for me. Communication was excellent and she was able to get me an annotated bibliography early as well. Would do business again.
04/04/2014 Truly an enjoyable read. I could not have written it better myself. Thank you.
04/02/2014 Great quality essay, specifically written to what I wanted covered, highly recommended! 
03/23/2014 Excellent paper, A+ writing.
03/06/2014 Amazing!! Finished it on time, and the essay was really good!! I will definitely be coming back again.

03/05/2014 Awesome! professor knows what I want! I recommend this guy!
03/03/2014 Gave the essay just in time and the quality was just what I had hoped for.
02/28/2014 I posted this assignment with very short notice.  It was tedious for me, and I had a very difficult time keeping the word count right while addressing all points needed. History-Warrior bid quickly, and completed the assignment in half the projected time. I am posting the review before getting the grade because my instructor is a slow grader abd it may be a couple weeks but I suspect I will get all points. Good, clean, prompt work, very reasonable pricing especially considering extremely short notice.
02/25/2014 This was an awesome professor! She kept in touch and provided updates. Even finished my paper a day early and got an A on it. Thank you! 
02/21/2014 I would highly recommend this professor.  I can not say enough good things for the quality, price, timeliness, and communication provided!  Please do not hesitate using, the final result was provided long before deadline, and was of quality, with no qualms what so ever.  I would definitely use again!   
02/12/2014 very good essay and at a low price too. thanks a lot!
02/11/2014  "A"  again ... WOW.    thanks so much History-Warrior!  Good price, perfect work..
01/31/2014   Pricing was Awesome!! Paper was Awesome!!  I highly recommend History-Warrior.. 
01/31/2014    Grade on the assignment A!!  Very quick response time and work was excellent.. 
01/15/2014 Great Professor! Did a great job in a short amount of time, thank you!
01/10/2014 I highly recommend this professor, she did an excellent job and returned my paper back to me earlier than she projected, very reasonably priced and I received a 98 on the paper!!! She also stayed in constant contact with me as to her progress, made my first time experience a lot less stressful. I also had to turn the paper in to and only had 5% unoriginal material (which were quotes, and they were cited properly). I will definitely be using her again!
01/04/2014 Outstanding work for a super low price. I love this woman. Comes highly recommended.
12/26/2013 Good work. I am quite satisfied. 

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