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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
02/09/2019 Timely, professional, and great at keeping me up to date with my project progress. 

Happy to help! Glad you're satisfied.
11/13/2018 Amazing paper got an A with short notice. 

Awesome! Glad I could help!
10/09/2018 I couldn't have asked for a more helpful professor. Very timely and assured that the work he provided was high quality. His communication was amazing!!!!!

Glad to hear you're satisfied! That's all I ask for. :)
10/09/2018 By far greatest paper ever. He wrote it in a timely manner and is very helpful with communicating his needs to get the paper done correctly. Amazing professor

Thank you so much! I do my best to please!
09/26/2018 This prof helped with all my questions and followed the instructions down to the letter! Highly reccomend .

Glad I could help! It was a pleasure!
05/27/2018 Thank you for your hard work! It is very much appreciated! 

A pleasure! Thank you for choosing me.
05/23/2018 Great work. Professor completed the project on time and I received a 100/100 for the final score. 

That's terrific news! So happy to help!
05/09/2018 My paper came out on time, and it's awesome!

A great student! Super-easy to work with. Thanks for choosing me!
02/13/2018 Only received a 43% mark
12/09/2017 Got my tax paper to me about an hour before the deadline, but kept in contact with me giving me updates so I wasn't worried it would be late. Good paper and no plagirism issues at all.

Unfortunately sometimes things cause delays, but I always try to keep students informed as much as I can when complications arise. Thanks for being so understanding!
12/08/2017 I was honestly worried that this website was a scam and I saw a few horror stories but I am relieved that this is real. Professor Chaos did an excellent job. So happy. So relieved.
12/06/2017 Got a 97%! This professor was amazing to work with so nice!! Will use again
12/05/2017 He did a brilliant job on my project! I could not have done any better, thank you for such a great job, I will be using him again! 
11/26/2017 The professor was able to finish this assignment on time and adhered to the instructions well. The main complaint was that the sections needed to be described a little more fully but I received an 89% so that was good enough for me. 
11/21/2017 Top quality work!
11/13/2017 Was the only professor to honestly reach out to me to discuss taking on my project. He first evaluated his ability to take on my project, where he contacted me to discuss his available times and what he can do for me. Because of this, I knew exactly what time I would be getting my project sent to me, allowing me to plan accordingly. The price he offered me seemed fair, so no haggling required, unlike some of the people on this site who bid 4x what Chaos asked while not even contacting me at all.

The work he did for me was exactly as expected, and assisted me greatly in my endeavor. I wholeheartedly endorse Chaos as a UP, and if I need anything in the future again will be sure to go back to him.
10/11/2017 I was very hesitant about using a site like this to complete my assignment but I'm so glad I spared myself the headache and took a chance! Professor Chaos produced a quality paper with the exact specifications I asked for delivered on time! If I get anything less than an "A" I'll be surprised! 
10/09/2017 Quick and effecient.
08/13/2017 Excellet job, I posted the due date way too close to the actual due date and Professor Chaos turned it around extremely quick! 

Thank you so much!!!! 
08/09/2017 Went above and beyond
08/01/2017 Good work overall.  Had to ask to edit some direct quotes to be paraphrased but he responded promptly and immediately made the changes.
07/17/2017 I needed this project in very short notice and Professor Chaos delivered a well written paper! Received a 100% A+! I will definitely use this professor again in the future, and I highly recommend this professor for any in search.
07/16/2017 The professor was great. Very communicative and was very prompt with the project. I would definitely consider using them again and would encourage others to try the professor out.
07/09/2017 Really great work, great communicator, and was able to finish the assignment early! Aces across the board.
07/06/2017 GREAT
07/02/2017 Follow guidelines and delivered eariler than expected!! Very please with the work!!
06/07/2017 Cannot thank PC enough! Got my essay to me in the short time frame I required and saved me from failing the subject!! 100% recomend to anyone thinking of using this professor and this site. Thanks again!
05/02/2017 This was perfect. Thank you.
04/17/2017 Great, I received the work early and the content was exactly as requested.
04/12/2017 This professor wrote a very entertaining essay for my comm class! Delivered the paper early! High reccomend.
04/10/2017 Fair price, high quality, fast resuts
04/04/2017 Had a full month to do project, used contractions in a college level paper. 
Used wiki and I had points deducted. 
Did not follow instructions. 
I almost failed this paper. 
03/26/2017 hey-y M-orty you see this *burb* Professor over here? Real top notch papers here Morty. 

-Yeah Uncle RIck, Bu-bu-but don't you think its like uneaithical or something Rick? i mean- 

S-shut up Morty it got us way more free time to spend at BLITZ AND CHITZ!!! WOOOOOOOO!! ROY 2 SONNN. 
03/14/2017 Awesome work!
03/09/2017 This professor did an amazing job! I got a perfect score on my paper and it was very reasonably priced. Would give more stars if I could! Absolute professional, 10/10 would recommend.
03/02/2017 Absolutely excellent work! I am so happy! I was really nervous about this project, but Professor-Chaos was extremely competent and professional. Thank you so much Professor! Definitely the best Professor that I've worked with! 
02/27/2017 The quality was amazing. Any corrections that he made was reinforced with very good reasons. He finished the project early, and I was extremely satisfied by his work.
02/10/2017 ***Great Work***
11/30/2016 poor executed paper! Please know that peoples grades are affected by poor work. 

Sorry to hear that this student was unsatisfied, but there were no concerns expressed after returning it to the student.
11/24/2016 Awesome!
10/27/2016 Professor Chaos is esy to work with. Great results!
10/05/2016 A great professor to work with
10/05/2016 The best!
10/02/2016 Grade A work for an A grade.
Great Servive.... Amazing communication. I will highly recommend and how to work with again soon.. Thank you
09/12/2016 Terrific and thoughtful UP.
Paid $275 for 15 pages (or more)....its a blur now.
The hard part were the 20 references needed.
Excellet work!
09/07/2016 A+++++ Work
08/31/2016 The best!
08/11/2016 Easy to work with. Follows instructions perfectly! A+++
Now that's what I call PhD level writing! So let me start by saying I wish everyone wrote like Professor-Chaos.  If you have professional development among you, he should lead it.  S/He is the best I have experienced in using multiple resources and making a generalized argument using several texts to make a point.  Thank you for doing a superb job for me during my time of need.
07/23/2016 Highly recommended. Went beyond my request of a 10 page paper.  Had 35 references!
Got A on paper (on class curve)  Teacher is tough grader.  Perfect APA.
Thanks.  Case study analysis marketing paper.  
Great Work! Your professionalism at paying attenton to detail is second to none.
07/20/2016 Professor-Chaos is incredibly easy to work with. Very creativeand knowledgeable.
07/09/2016 Amazing!  HIGHLY RECOMMEDED.  (if your're lucky enough to get a bid) 
Project was done early, and Professor Chaos went beyond the call of duty!  Excellent, beautiful ORIGINAL work!!
I hope I can work with again.
07/07/2016 10/10 rating! Easy to work with!
Great job!  Thanks for being prompt and taking on such a difficult project for me. It received an A+
06/06/2016 very nice and fast :)
04/23/2016 Looks spectacular!!! I haven't turned it in yet, but the professor went above and beyond what I could have ever imagined, let alone done myself! If I ever have something in this spectrum again, I would love to work with this professor!
04/19/2016 Best of the Best! Very Good Communication! 
02/23/2016 Awesome
A+++ Work!
09/28/2015 Fantastic execution, received an A in the course. Most importantly, Professor-Chaos has wonderful communication throughout alleviating a ton of stress on my end and really showed the dedication to it's importance. Will definitely work with again.
Delivered the solution quickly!
08/19/2015 Got a great grade on my assignment. Thanks!
08/19/2015 Easy to work with and follows instructions perfectly
Received an A on my paper! Great work!
07/29/2015 Extremely happy, again! 
07/29/2015 Did amazing!!
07/29/2015 I have used Professor-Chaos’s services on numerous occasions and I have been extremely impressed by the work presented. I would say that the work done by this person is the best I have received and I have gotten an “A” on every assignment done for me. If you are in need of a good essay or paper, you should choose Professor-Chaos. You will not be disappointed! 
07/23/2015 Great work! Thank you!
PC does great work! Assignments are always on time.
06/06/2015 Professor-Chaos did a perfect job on my essay... A++++ . I highly recommend Professor-Chaos!
05/01/2015 Great work!
where is my paper
04/11/2015 Got a great paper!
03/23/2015 Highly recommended. Quality, professional, excellent communication. This ghost provided exactly what I asked for within the time frame it was needed.

I WOULD BE MORE THAN HUMBLED to work with this professor again.

Thank you kindly, for a job well done.

12/18/2014 Professor completed project exactly as I specified and exceeded expectations! He also stayed in contact and kept me updated the whole time! It was well worth it for the bid he offered me. 
12/16/2014 The paper had all the required Elements, and was written very well.  I am very happy with the paper, other than notnhaving the 5 scholarly sources.  The sources used were good sources, but not scholarly.
A+ work from PC
12/04/2014 Absolutely wonderful!! Will definitely seek Professor-Chaos' expertise and help within the future. I also will recommend him to many of my friends as he remained very professional. Constantly maintaining in contact to ensure that the work I needed was perfected, as well as being very detailed within his writing. You can tell that he puts a lot of effort into his work as he is meticulous about getting details correct. Absolutely wonderful :) Thank you so much Professor-Chaos!! 
12/01/2014 This paper was great!! professor- Chaos is very kind and does a wonderful job. I would refer to him again for any future projects.
11/26/2014 Prof. Chaos strikes again... another great paper!!! Thanks Chaos!
11/23/2014 WOW, Prof. Chaos writes amazingly!!!!!!!!!! Provides constant communication. I will continue to use him. Highly recommended!
Amazing paper again! I will use Professor Chaos for all of my papers!
11/19/2014 Professor Chaos did an excellent job and exactly what I asked. Every instruction was followed to the T. The result is definitely original and A+ quality. I will be back as a repeat customer!
11/12/2014 Professor Chaos has always done great work for me. Highly recommended.
11/09/2014 Chaos writes superbly well!!!!! I will definitely use him again!
11/05/2014 Professor Chaos wrote me a great paper while also providing great communication along the way. Will use again. Highly recommended!
11/05/2014 Professor-Chaos did a fantastic job for me. The professor is creative and always makes sure that the requirements are completely satisfied. I would highly recommend Professor-Chaos for your paper needs! Thank you again for all your help in getting through this semester!
11/05/2014 Professor Chaos delivered an A+ paper. The paper was so good that I received a B on the entire project before even giving the oral presentation that accounted for 20% of the grade! Thank you Professor Chaos! We shall meet again!
10/28/2014 Happy with the result as well as affordable. If I ever need a personal statement written again, I will hire him.

Professor Chaos submitted everything on time. The assignment was high quality. Great to work with.

10/06/2014 Very high quality wriiting! I strongly reccomend Professor Chaos!
I gave PC a tight deadline of one day and everything was taken care of. Answered any questions I had propmtly. Formatted the assignment to the way I wanted, very easy to work with.
09/24/2014 Professor Chaos helped me on a stats  assignment and did a great job. easy to work with and gave maximum effort.
09/18/2014 Wrote an outstanding paper for me! Of course, I received an A+ on the assignment. Thank you very much!!!!
09/14/2014 Great Presentation got 100%.
09/12/2014 Chaos followed every instruction and communicated properly! High quality business writing!
09/11/2014 Professor-Chaos followed the instructions perfectly! The paper called for creative writing instead of straight research and it was done very well and on time.
I would use Prof. Chaos again without reservation.
09/10/2014 Professor Chaos is great to work with. Follows instructions, asks questions. Goes above and beyond.
09/10/2014 Chaos is the best to work with. Attentive to even small details. I hope to work with Chaos in the future!
09/02/2014 High quality work and EXTREMELY easy to work with. Hope to work with PC in the future.
07/26/2014 Great communication! Finished assignment on-time. Great work! Will defininitely contact for future assignments!
06/29/2014 The Writer is fraud/scam & super late .... The task to rewrite the paper, instead he sent me a few comments and asked to rewrite!!!

The writer Comments:
1.     There are several spots where I believe you need to add additional citations; for example, towards the beginning of the paper, you say that there has been little research done on NGOs and social media. That would be a prime example of a spot where citations are necessary.
2.     Add any relevant citations or other material according to notes. I focused on this as a strict rewrite of the work you’ve already done and did very little additional research. I believe that, if you are going to “own” this paper, you should have some say in its final form. I hope this makes sense."
>>> Well I know that and I know that the a paper needs work and that's why I asked the writer for help me to rewrite the paper and he agreed to that .. The task was to rewrite and meet the requirements. instead he’s asking me to work for him and rewriter ..
I have no idea what the funds was released by the admin without checking the work!

I just wasted three weeks + my resources

This student hired me to revise his paper, but actually seemed to expect me to write something entirely new from scratch--and that's not what I agreed to. Furthermore, he ignored a number of messages, didn't provide requested information, and apparently expected me to read his mind. The ample number of positive reviews that I have received from other students should underscore the highly unusual nature of this particular incident.
06/16/2014 Exellent work!
05/30/2014 Was given a personal statment assignment and delivered writing quality that was absolutely top notch.  Would definitely hire this professor again.
05/06/2014 Excellent and thoughtful work worthy of an A. Professional and receptive to feedback. Would highly recommend and will use again.
05/05/2014 Absolutely Amazing! I have had assignments done by 4 different professors so far, and they all have been excellent.. BUT Professor Chaos is the BEST!! The delivery of the assignments are done very quickly and the quality is uncomparable to anyone else's. If you need help with anything psychology related, I HIGHLY recommend Butters...Err i mean, PROFESSOR CHAOS!
03/24/2014 Professor-Chaos did a great job on my research paper. He was professional and responded very quickly. I would recommend him to everyone! 
03/24/2014 You've done it again!  Fantastic job!  Thank you Professor-Chaos!  Definitely 5 Stars!
03/23/2014 very well-written paper, much appreciated
03/23/2014 Excellent work...received a 99% on this assignment...
03/18/2014 Written, multiple research papers for me, would recommend and everytime does an excellent job.
03/17/2014 Great first experience with using Unemployed Professors!  Professor-Chaos was quick to respond to my questions and did a fantastic job on my assignment!  Will definitely be using Unemployed Professors again and hopefully working with Professor-Chaos again!  THANK YOU Professor-Chaos!  
03/07/2014 The paper looks great! Thank you so much!
03/06/2014 Super fast revisions and wonderful job!
03/06/2014 Very good and delievered on time. Plus he helped me after payment!  Would recommend
03/04/2014 Great job with the story and easy, fast communication is amazing!
03/03/2014 Great essay. Amazing writing skills. very good communication through the whole process
03/03/2014 Perfect! Thanks again pal, hope to do business again!
02/28/2014 Very courteous. Maintain communication. Highly recommended.
02/19/2014 I would really like to keep working with you! Thank you very much. Good story
02/14/2014 Amazing job!
02/12/2014 Completed my project very quick and the work is excellent, definitly will use again thank you!!
02/11/2014 Thank you very much. I love your name btw! PROFESSOR CHAOS!!!

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