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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
03/01/2016 bad time management. lot of corrections needed. not that recommended... 
06/06/2015 A+  -- thanks for an awesome paper. 
03/16/2015 Petra did an awesome job to say the least!
The gentleman have been very communicative along the way and wrote proficiently about the subject!
He listened and took into account my requests and provided the paper well before the deadline.
He took into consideration where in the world I am from and wrote about the subject accordingly, I wasn't expecting something that accurate and good to be honest.
If it wasn't for the fact that I am a self-financing broke student, I would have happily paid the double for that quality essay!

Highly recommended professor that I sure will hire again and recommend if the need rises again!
Thank you a million Petra-Pirate, you are a diamond! The world needs you!
03/14/2015 Petra provided great step by step instructions for improvement, and did some great editing. 
03/14/2015 Petra is a great comunicator - with a grasp of Paleotology and an intrest in the litrature!
03/01/2015 Great work. 5/5
02/25/2015 Assignment was a brief single-page online discussion board response for a general writing class. Petra-Pirate was very reasonably priced, provided quality content, and fast turnaround. Assignment was completed within just a few hours of acceptance. First time with this prof and I am highly satisfied. Thanks again!
PP did an excellent job on my assignment. A+
01/03/2015 Petra Pirate did great work and delievered exactly what I specified.
Petra-Pirate did a a great job on a long paper regarding energy/oil. A+++
Petra did a wonderful job on my essay. Very knowledgable.
Petra-Pirate did a great job on my paper. Communication was clear. Awesome to work with!
Petra-Pirate does amazing work. Completed work by due date, asked questions, and very easy to work with.
09/18/2014 Petra-Pirate always does great work!
09/10/2014 The best to work with!!! I got an A+ on my essay.
09/02/2014 Great work as always!
07/20/2014 Petra always does great work!
07/15/2014 Petra follows directions and completes projects on time. Petra is always reliable.
06/28/2014 Petra always does great work. Asks questions and gets everything just the way you want it. Extremely easy to work with.
06/01/2014 This guy was very patient and gave me what I wanted. You will not regret your choice!
04/22/2014 Petra did a great job. Followed instructions perfectly. Citations were complete and thorough. Couldn't ask for a better effort.
03/31/2014 Fantastic essay. Was worth every penny and every question I needed answering was, and promptly too. Completed within the stated time and all requests were met. Petra is a fantastic professional who evidently takes pride in the work.
10/10 would recommend.  
03/18/2014 Very fast and well written. Thanks Petra!
03/16/2014 I have chosen Petra for 2 of my projects and he always delivers high quality results!
03/13/2014 Great communication and writing style! Petra provided the essay almost a day after I uploaded it. He was very quick on updates and provided an excellent quality essay that I wanted it to look like. Thanks Petra!
03/12/2014 Oh my god what would I do without Petra-Pirate. A final draft was finished in 3 days(it was so good that I could've turned it in right then and there) after the project was assigned to him. The final paper was flawless. This paper was written on the topic of Geochemistry - and he was extremely knowledgeable and factual in this topic. The perfect professor for this project. Thank you so much!
03/05/2014 I have used Petra on a few projects already, absolutely excellent 
03/05/2014 Petra was extremely helpful and answered all of my questions quickly. I highly recommend Petra for anyones future work
03/05/2014 Recieved what I needed real quick and Petra answered any questions very quickly. 
03/05/2014 Recieved what I needed real quick and Petra answered any questions I had very quickly. 
03/05/2014 Recieved what I needed real quick and Petra answered any questions I had very quickly. 
03/04/2014 I highly recommend Petra. He communicates constantly and finished my project ahead of time. His critical analysis and writing skills are superb. 
03/02/2014 Did in a limited amount of time, good job, I appreciate the effort.
03/01/2014 quick, fast and on time...stated it would be done in a day and a few hours later, it was done...excellent service
03/01/2014 Good, communicated throughout.
02/28/2014 Very courteous. Maintain communication. Highly recommended.
02/25/2014 Petra was easy to work with. Completed assignment on time and followed the instructions perfectly. I will definitely be looking forward to with Petra again. Petra will be my first choice for my next assignment.

If that isn’t enough Petra is also a pirate. A++++
02/23/2014 I had a small paper due, hired Petra-Pirate on a reasonable bid. He knocked it out in a couple of days and I got an A. I will use him again if needed.
02/23/2014 I had Petra-Pirate do a scientific paper on a fairly obscure subject and it turned out amazing. He did everything I asked for and I am very pleased with the product. The best part wasnt even the paper, it was that Petra-Pirate was very vocal. He always answered my questions and keep me updated through out the process. Bonus he finished the paper early.

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