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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
11/03/2014 A- paper. Very good. Thx!
09/02/2014 Great work. Thanks
07/24/2014 I got a decent grade on my paper. It was a B and after I edited it myself and added things from the chapter that I did NOT ask him to do, BUT I did ask for it after the paper was finished. I did not think it was a big deal to have it edited a little. He asked me to pay 25 more for editing.

This is how he talked to me.... he even threatened to turn me in.....copy/pasted from the message board:

I bear you  no grudge, but talk about biting the hand that feeds you.   Really buddy.  The only problem here is your own attitude and the ridiculous email you sent me.  You acted like a totla asshole toward someone who had alkready demonstrated exceptionally good customer service.  It boogles the mind,   You even deign to call me "rude."  Unfucking believable.
I have located your college and your course and will be more than glad to get you expelled.  It would be my pleasure.  Just say the word.
07/13/2014 Could not be more pleased. YS provided a good inital paper, and I forwarded payment. After completion, of their own volition, YS made another revision that further expanded on assignment requirements in time for submission without additional compensation. ~600 word Civ Lit essay this time (8-9 assignments so far). YS has been an invaluable asset throughout this semester.
07/11/2014 I got an A+.... PLUS 5 extra points for extra credit because it was a little longer than it was suppose to be!!! THANK YOU!! I WILL be back!! Never had a better grade from a paper before.
07/04/2014 Another A qualilty Civ Lit essay from YS. Thank you!
Yoga-Samuri is def. my "go-to" professor! Anytime I contacted him regarding my paper he answered me right away. His work was thorough and very well written. He was also more than happy to make any changes I needed once the paper was finished. I couldn't be more pleased & should I require the services of the site again, I will no doubt be using him. Thanks again YS
06/30/2014 Seventh time dealing with YS. Reliable, high quality work with a fast turnaround, reasonable pricing, and most important, consistentcy! Excellent throughout the entire process; YS doesn't stop, even when your paper is done. ~650 word Civ Lit essay this time. Thanks again.
06/25/2014 Professor Yoga-Samurai does OUTSTANDING work, with a quick turn around time! Exceeded my expectations! Thanks!!

06/24/2014 Amazing paper, followed instructions perfectly and had the paper some so quickly. Highly recommend !!!
06/20/2014 Another quick and quality Civ Lit essay from YS. Thank you!
06/20/2014 This is my Go To ..... He gets the job done!!!!
06/17/2014 Thanks again, YS. Couldn't be more pleased with the work and turnaround time.
06/16/2014 YS provided a paper that was exactly to my specifications! I haven't received a grade yet, but I assume it will be an A!
06/11/2014 Professor YS did a great job. Not only was the paper outstanding, but the paper was completed really fast. I accidentenly put a later due date, when i realize this i contacted the professor. The professor was able to give me the paper in an hour.
06/11/2014 Wonderful guy, he went the extra mile to make sure that my paper was 100% done correctly and made the edits for me instead of having me search for them and doing them myself.
06/11/2014 Four assignments so far with YS. Four A's. I couldn't ask for a better experience.
06/03/2014 Yoga-Samurai is by far the most talented writer on this site! She got me double back-to-back "A" grade papers for my non-fiction film class. I seriously will use no one else to write my papers from here on out. If you want the best, look no further. 
06/02/2014 Another great transaction with YS. Thanks.
06/02/2014 Repeat customer. YS offers quick turnaround, quality original content, and excellent communication.
05/26/2014 First time using the site and I was not disappointed. Less than 24 hr turnaround for a Civ Lit essay. Looking forward to using your service again in the future. Thank you.
05/23/2014 Excellent work! Completed essay within 1 hours of project posting and submitted more work on the essay than I even requested. I definitely want to work with Yoga-Samurai again! Thank you so much!!
05/22/2014 So within a really short time frame and for a fair offer he delivered a well-written essay, fullfilling all requirements. Can recommend this prof to everyone.
05/04/2014 Yoga-Samurai will go above and beyond.  The papers I have received have been far above what I was expecting well written and sourced,  These have all been for Masters level courses and not one less than an (A).
PS Please do not forget me when I need you
05/03/2014 Awesome Work!

04/27/2014 Great! Thanks
04/23/2014 Really well done research paper that is certaintly going to get me an A, and was easy to communicate with.
04/19/2014 Amazing as always! Promot, reliable, deliveres before the deadline AND is willing to help to make last minute chages. Please, please choose this professor. A+++
04/14/2014 Met all of my requirements, did good research, and was on time.
04/13/2014 solid professor, great writing style. went above and beyond my expectations ( extra sources, well organized, made revisions, done early etc)

Highly recommended and will use again :)

(used for 18c History assignment, very specific topic, top tier university) 
03/28/2014 Yoga-Samurai is the best. Not only did he finish the paper before the time due, his eye for detail and determination to do a great job really shows. He really cares about making sure that he did everything he could to make you happy with your project.  He is a very kind individual who takes pride in his work and I will definatly be using him again in the future. 
03/27/2014 Very well written! 
03/26/2014 This professor is very good. Keeps you informed and has a lot of great knowledge will use in the future. Thank you sir.
03/25/2014 My professor just corrected the say and gave me an A. Im very, very pleased with this particular professor. On time, prompt, ready to make last minute changes, competitive price too. Please guys, if you are debating, chose him/her. You wont be disappointed. Happy student! 
03/25/2014 Absolutely amazing! He completed work within an extremly tight schedule. Very impressed and pleased by the quality of his work and his communication. A+++
03/24/2014 This homie saved my ass haha. Got me a good grade and he even redid the entire thing because it was on the wrong topic. This cus knows whats good lmao
03/21/2014 Excellent writing! I will be in touch...
03/18/2014 Yoga is a great writer and wrote my 10 page paper under a very short deadline. He researched the material before accepting the offer and was highly invested in the project. I recommend him entirely. 
03/10/2014 Went above and beyond
03/07/2014 I got 87% on my History research paper. I would recoment yoga-samurai to anyone, I know I will be using him for all my future assignments. 
03/03/2014 Even before I paid him to do my assignment he did research and composed a very well written essay. Awesome pricing for students.
03/01/2014 I give him 5 Stars he was great I will come back to him every time he communicated very well with me. He did the come paper to the exact standards my teacher asked of me in more than enough time and besides that it fit my major perfectly
Best price.  Super fast turn-around.  Followed all instructions to a T. Definitely looking forward to working with this professor again!
02/28/2014 Very well-written! 

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