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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
12/08/2018 Amazing paper! Got an A-. Thank you :) 

Glad to hear that. Sorry for the missing hapf-grade. It is a little tough sometimes to write for a professor that I don’t know much about.
12/06/2018 The writing style was not college level. Lots of run-on sentences that I had to organize and fix. Also, I was not given a full page for my essay as requested. Eventually, I was given enough for the full page. The paper also did not include references for a college level paper. The professor’s response was that it was not included in the paper description. So, make sure you specify if you need references for this professor.

Yes! It is extremely helpful for the writers that the project details are...detailed. When it asks how many citations, say how many. When it asks for reference style, say which reference style. (When it says, "None"--well, what are we to make of it? When it asks how many pages, list ALL of the pages that are needed. The project description listed two pages. After accepting the project with the agreed upon price, I'm told the student also needs three outlines on three writers AND a two page paper. The solution was well over what was agreed upon. We don't work for free. And we can't mind-read.
12/02/2018 Perfect Work Thanks a lot

And thank you.
11/28/2018 This professor was great! Super easy to
communicate with and my work was done really fast! Totally using again! 

You, too, were easy to communicate with. Which makes things go smooth. Be sure to tag me on your projects.
11/16/2018 This essay was so incredibly written! Extermely happy with the results :)

Glad to hear that. Hope your semester wraps up nicely.
12/08/2017 I've worked with several profs from this site due to the workload of full time University and a full time law firm job. I have to say this was one of the 2 long term projects I have worked on with this site and felt I needed to write a review. The long term assignment inclued 3 writing excersises, which led to the final paper. THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST PROF I HAVE WORKED WITH ON THIS SITE. From the reasonabe price, to the grades I got back on each paper, to understaning instructions, to the communication, to the quality of work and education on the topic at hand, to the timelines- everything was to a T! Absolutely amazing prof, so poliet, a person I would want to meet in person. I can't wait to work with this prof again.
11/06/2017 Got a 98
10/27/2017 You get what you pay for, and this professor is worth every penny. 
08/21/2017 Excellent work!
07/02/2017 Solid work, I literally have to dumb this paper down some. On time and excellent communication as well. Would use again.

04/25/2017 Quite a long paper done in not a lot of time with next to no notice. Still GREAT quality and a few hours early too. Would certainly recommend.
12/20/2016 Great communication and amazing work!
12/10/2016 Couldnt be happier with timing, price, communication, and the paper was great. Thanks for saving me
11/30/2016 poor written paper based on reading an article. the paper was not even sent to me in the proper asked format. Overall i got a 50 out of 100. I have noticed a trend on many of he professors here that like to be paid but give out a poor paper. Please know that people that use your services do for important papers and assignments that are worth a lot of their grade. I will never use this professor again. 
Amazing Theology paper!!! Thank you!!
11/24/2016 I got an A on my discussion post. He's thorough and accurate.
11/06/2016 Fantastic job!
10/27/2016 Great job! Highly recommended!
08/02/2016 Professor-Guttersnipe is the best! Always A+ papers
08/02/2016 Great paper!!!
05/29/2016 AMAZING service !! always on time and excellent work always
12/15/2015 Awesome! Very helpful. 
11/11/2015 easy to understand, reasonably bid and got an A+ [90/100]  on the essay! 
08/30/2015 This has turly been one of the worst experiences of my life. The professor did not respond to my messages, I waited two weeks past the due date. I ended up failng the class due to the lateness of the paper. The citations are not properly cited (in text) and the paper seems a bit disorganized. This has been HELL!!!!! I may be able to use the paper for another class after many hours of editing and proofreading. 
08/14/2015 Paper was graded above the instructors standard. Thanks.
Absolutely Fantastic! My professor gave me 110% out of a 100%!! Thanks Professor-Guttersnipe!
04/19/2015 My paper brilliant and witty. I put this professor through some obstacles and the professor managed to go above and beyond for me. I had to change my deadline to a sooner date and the professor percievered throught the adverasary. Not only was my paper perfect it was brilliant. I hope to work with you again professor. I would rate he or she higher than outstanding. 

04/06/2015 Great paper! 
03/14/2015 Quality work and delivered in a timely manner
03/01/2015 Great paper!  Just what I needed.  
02/23/2015 I needed an assignment completed in a short amount of time and Guttersnipe definitely came through for me! I will be using his services again! 
11/21/2014 Amazing paper, feedback and delivery. Without a doubt one of the best papers I've read, much less submitted. 5 stars, this dude is awesome. For sure using Professor-Guttersnipe's services again!
07/30/2014 Great quality and followed all directions. Got an A. 
06/30/2014 Communication was on point and wrote exactly what I was looking for. 
06/25/2014 I have Professor-Guttersnipe do two 8 page papers for me now, he is great! Definitely got a strong A on both. Great communicator, pays attention to detail and instructions, and overall great to work with. Thanks again!! 
06/24/2014 Amazing! I got an A! highly recommended!!!!!
06/16/2014 Excellent paper! I received an A!
06/14/2014 Good job! Good comunication!
05/19/2014 As usual, Professor Guttersnipe delivered a top-notch and highly personalized essay/research paper.
05/08/2014 Very Professional!
05/07/2014 Another great expereince with Professor G!
05/02/2014 Professor Guttersnipe is always great to work with and delivers top-notch and thoughtful work.
05/02/2014 Professor-Guttersnipe did an amazing job with my essay. Not only did he follow all the instructions, but he also asked me for the books/topics that were discussed in the class to incorporate those elements into the essay. 
The best part of it all was that I learned from reading his essay just as he claims in his bio. I would definitely love to work with him again if I get the chance.
04/28/2014 Amazing times 100! A+ work! It was personalized so much that I kept forgetting that I did not write this paper. My Son was even mentioned with I totally didn't expect. My opinions on Facebook were different from this, but after reading it, my opinion has changed! The paper was so good that it changed my opinion on something I love. WOW sums it up. Paper was on time, longer than it needed to be, and no edits were needed. I would of never been able to write a 9 page paper in a couple of days that turned out this well. Works cited was on point as well.  If I use this site again, which I'm sure I will, I don't want anyone else writing my papers. I had a previous bad experience, but I desperately tried one more time and now I am blown away.
04/22/2014 Professor-Guttersnipe did an outstanding job and i could not be happier with his work! Communication was quick, kept me informed and delievered on time. If i have something like this in the future i hope he bids on it. 
04/14/2014 I had a REALLY BAD experience previously on, in which the teacher never even sent me my paper. However,when I decided to give this site another shot. professor guttersnipe provided me with everything I asked for and more! Everything was so detailed and all instructions were followed & it was sent to me within the delivery dates promised. Thank you again!
04/11/2014 Great work...again! 
04/08/2014 Very well done. Would highly recomend! Professor-Guttersnipe provided quality work early and tailored to my every need!
04/07/2014 Professor Guttersnipe wrote an excellent paper and in a 24-hour deadline. He stays in constant communication and is easy to contact. If you need a paper that relies upon sociological concepts and theories then Professor G is your best bet. Thanks again :-)
04/03/2014 I am in a second year Criminological Theory Class. I usually get 75%+ but after receiving a 70% on my midterm and a 70% on an assignment I decided to go to this website for help. It was a 10 page essay on the effets of women in gangs. Guttersnipe had less then a week and managed to get an 80%. Considering how tough the marking was and that the class average was in the 60's, I am VERY pleased with the result. Thank you Guttersnipe. I hope we work together next time!
03/28/2014 Thank you for your work. I will be using you again!!!
03/27/2014 Got the job done right on time!!!
I actually understood the essay and what the essay was talking about.
worth the money I paid for!!!

03/23/2014 awesome...I got my paper  5 days early..and everything was done as directed plus more...iwm so happy with the services and hope to use prof. G in the future again...job well done!!
03/19/2014 Guttersnipe provided stellar communication. He worked with me on time constraints and exceeded my expectations! I hope he bids on future work. A+
03/13/2014 Wrote a great and detailed paper. Fast communication. 
03/13/2014 The professor wrote an awesome paper job in a very short time.
03/11/2014 Outstanding work! Professor delivered on a 10 page paper due in less then two days. Got an A! Definitely recommended.
03/05/2014 Looks great. Thanks again

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