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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
06/01/2020 great work!

Thank you!!
05/26/2020 Great job.

I really appreciate it!!
04/02/2020 Great work, fantastic communication. Beats deadlines by days. 

03/21/2020 Professor wrote a speech for me and I got an 85/100. Met deadline but unfortunately did not get an A which is what I was expecting. 
03/19/2020 Accurate and great communication! 

Thank you!
03/16/2020 High quality and accurate every time 
02/27/2020 A+ work 

Thank you!!
02/27/2020 Prompt, accurate and great communication! 
02/15/2020 Exceeds requirements every time A++++
02/13/2020 Prompt and accurate A++++

Thank you!
02/07/2020 Great communication, provided early. Highly recommend. 
01/25/2020 Great communication, work provided accurate and early ! 

Thank you!
01/20/2020 Responsive. Asked clarifying questions. Great work. On point. 

Great to work with you. Thank you!
12/15/2019 AMAZING PROFESSOR!!!!
12/01/2019 The professor communicates well espacially if something is unclear on the assignment. The paper was exactly what I was looking for and did a great job! Would recommend and use again. 

Thank you!
10/04/2019 Fantastic
09/07/2019 You did an excellent job on my paper.  I received an A+.  Thank you!!
09/03/2019 Grey-Matter is awesome! Great communication and overall writing. Would recommend and work with again.
08/20/2019 You did an awesome job on my paper.  I received an A on my paper.  Thank you!!
08/16/2019 Great Work, Fast Delivery
07/08/2019 great job
05/27/2019  I have been using this professor for a while. Anything education related is good to go! The writing has a slightly informal academic style (which I like) yet adheres to all the citation rules. Again, my go to professor on all matters educational.  
11/25/2018 Expertly crafted paper devised under remarkable time constraints. Not to mention, over a holiday. 9/10 would (and probably will) use again!
11/23/2018 Great! Thank you!!
10/16/2018 As good as always!
06/23/2018 She always pulls through. I always go to grey-matter for my assignments. She’s trustworthy and does a great job! Thanks! 
09/18/2017 was not bad
09/05/2017 I truly cannot believe how this individual has such a high rating. I submitted my admissions essay draft to be reviewed. Boy was it butchered, as key points were removed. In addition, at least five or six grammatical errors were inputted into my draft. I would not recommend this person.
08/08/2017 60/60 received on a 1,000 word essay! The professor wrote that it was a unqiue choice (was a more informal, review type assignment, so Grey-Matter chose the subject) and his favorite in the class! Quick turnaround time and necessary changes were made when I asked. 
08/08/2017 Detailed discussion posts delivered the same day with very competitive pricing! Exactly what I was looking for and went above and beyond in length! 
Thank you!!!!!
04/24/2017 I dont know what happened with the last couple of reviews because I think Grey-Matter is the best. I got an A on my last paper with them and so I invited them to work on my next paper and they gladly communicated with me on it and turned it in on time as well. Happy with the paper. Will def choose Grey-Matter for my next as well! My favorite professor on this site!
04/10/2017 Pretty average work. Essay lacks coherence and there are quite a few grammatical errors. 
04/07/2017 I would never in my life recommend this "professor". The first draft was late/horrific and didnt follow anything that I asked for. The final product was a joke with errors even in the very first four words. It was also 4 hours past when I had asked for it. DO NOT be fooled by this website or their so called "professors" this shit is a scam. I hope Grey-Matter takes the money that I paid them to educate themselves on how to write. Thank you for wasting my time and money. 
03/21/2017 Took my original idea for the concept, and made it even better!  Quick communciation back and forth.  If I was ever confused or needed help with a question Grey-Matter acted like a true professional.  Excellent grade as well.
03/06/2017 Grey-Matter is literally doing God's work for us real life lazy bastards.
02/15/2017 Got a C- on my paper. Was not "in depth" enough. Was a couple minutes late on the deadline when turning in the paper. 
02/10/2017 1st time trying out website and trust me I will come back. Great work!!!
09/23/2016 I really appreciate you keeping in touch with me throughout the process and sending me little questions.  It makes me feel like you are "really" working and someone has not forgotten me.

05/21/2016 Thanks :)
05/08/2016 I found a few grammar errors, but the price was well and communication was good.
04/28/2016 Fantastic. Essay: A+.
04/11/2016 Made an 85 out of 100. 
03/15/2016 Awesome work, every time.
03/15/2016 Great stuff!
02/23/2016 Exactly what I was looking for. Responded to all messages in a timely manner, and produced quality work. 
02/02/2016 Excellent paper very well done.
01/31/2016 Wrote an admission essay for my from just a resume and a personal statement, really impressed with this professor. Answers the prompt well and has good communication.
01/31/2016 Did an admission essay edit for me. Did a wonderful job cutting the essay short and simple. Highly recommended.
01/06/2016 An absolute pleasure to work with. The essay they wrote me got me admitted to the college of my choice. Thank you so much!!!
12/10/2015 Great work
10/18/2015 Thanks for the great work and the creative mind. I sure hope things will be okay with you and your family! Take care.
10/11/2015 Thank you so much you saved me alot of stress.
07/02/2015 Delivered profound knowledge and experience about the topic. On-time and excellent writing skill. Highly recommend!
06/09/2015 great work! thanks!
04/25/2015 Amazing work. Very responsive and even offered to keep doing as many edits as I needed. I also submitted his document to turnitin and only got an 8% match which is very good! Not sure what grade I'll get but this person is the real deal and from what I can tell after reading it, top notch work. Would use again.
03/02/2015 I can tell Grey-Matter put the time in. Really helpful and very fairly priced. Thanks again!
02/08/2015 If you want someone who is going to communicate with you on your project, if you want someone who is going to keep their word and deliver your project on time, if you want someone who is going to give it their all, if you want someone who is truly superb then you need to pick Professor Grey-Matter.  This professor is absolutely a true professional and will produce the very best work.  Hands down the best professor that I have worked with thus far.  Don't waste your time or your monies on any one else.  This professor is the professor that you want!  
01/19/2015 great
12/09/2014 one of the best professors that i have worked with.
12/02/2014 Great work
11/24/2014 Absolutly, Hands down, amazing writter! She will give you an A! There is no doubt about it
11/05/2014 Thank you so much for your hard work. I was really impressed by the quality of your work and the way you communicate with me throughout the process of writing the paper. She really knows what she is doing and tries her best to give you the best work. After she handed me a first draft, I asked her a bit of revision and she did it for me perfectly. Thank you again and I will definitely come back to you! 
10/24/2014 Absolutely fantastic work! He allows us to edit previous works in exchange for a new grade on them. You'd have plenty of time to edit and revise the works I'd select but considering the work you did on this I would love to give the work to someone I have experience with. Besides I'll have a hard time explaining how this was my writing so you editing my previous works will give some credibility to my claim that my previous works were the result of rushing and failure to proofread. Once again fantastic work and I look forward to working with you in the near future.
10/16/2014 Just plain brilliant. Even though it took a little longer than the estimated date, Grey-Matter helped me solve my college essay with ease. It even still sounded like me! Grey-Matter would make a brilliant professor to choose for projects. I know that if I had another project, i would choose Grey-Matter.
10/15/2014 Was responsive and did exactly what I requested. I am very happy. Thank you!! 
10/06/2014 Outstanding writting. I highly recommond Grey-Matter if you are taking American Literature. Communication is unreal. She literally takes care of you. I will be returning to her again for sure!!
07/26/2014 Great communication! Finished assignment on-time. Great work! Will definitely contact for future assignments!
07/26/2014 Great communication! Finished assignment on-time. Great work! Will defininitely contact for future assignments!
05/03/2014 Amazing communication
04/27/2014 I had Grey-Matter edit a paper done by another professor on here. The paper was a mess and missing details (before the edit). I chose Grey-Matter to do some serious editing and detailing and he did so great!!! His communication was GREAT and the paper was also GREAT. He addressed everything that I asked. Also, he got me my paper back about 4 days early, cant complain about that! Will definitely be choosing him for future papers. 

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