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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
07/02/2024 Excellent as always
06/26/2024 Excellent
04/27/2024 The professor completely forgot about the assignment, despite having more than 10 days to write 3 pages. I sent a follow up, and the professor tried to extend the timeline. I had to tell him that it was due and I needed it by the deadline that was posted with the assignment. I received the paper and had to make a handful of edits, it wasn't formatted correctly to APA at all. It was very clear that it was a rush, last minute product. Very disappointing as I paid over $100, gave ample time, clear instructions and have used this service numerous times without issue. 
04/20/2024 Excellent work
04/20/2024 Paper received 87% (A) and was delivered in a timely fashion. 
04/20/2024 HP is an amazing writer, always delivers on time, and the work is top notch. As long as you provide clear, detailed instructions an A is basically guaranteed. 
04/20/2024 Best prof on the site.
04/02/2024 Timely delivery and well written
03/26/2024 Paper recieved 85%
03/26/2024 Really great work!
03/20/2024 Amazing as always :)
02/27/2024 HP always does a terrific job and delivers in a timely fashion.
02/16/2024 I truly can't recommend Humanities Portent enough. If you are in need of an academic saviour, you will not find anyone better. HP is able to deliver high quality work, often within a short time frame. HP wrote over 42 essays and assignments for me including my final essay for my MBA. They are incredibly talented when it comes to writing essays. As someone from China who does not write English essays very well they were also very understanding and kind and accomodating to my situation. Now I have a business degree. My parents are so happy and now I too am very satisfied.
02/10/2024 Best prof on the site 
02/10/2024 Excellent 
02/06/2024 Superb work!
12/18/2023 Phenomenal 
12/18/2023 Excellent work!
12/13/2023 super efficient, pays attention to detail and overall such an amazing prof! would always work with them again :D
12/10/2023 HP is an amazing prof to work with! Very helpful and always is open to any editting or concerns I may have. HP literally saves my life during finals every time, 12/10 would recommend!
12/10/2023 My prof absoltely loved the paper, got a 95%! thanks HP!
12/02/2023 Awesome work 
12/02/2023 10/10
12/02/2023 Amazing work I truly can't recommend HP enough 
11/29/2023 Superb, top quality work. 
11/29/2023 Excellent 
11/29/2023 HP is simply the best. They are so incredibly talented. 
11/12/2023 10/10
11/12/2023 HP's work is truly superb 
11/12/2023 Impeccable 
10/14/2023 Simply the best. Highly recommend HP. 
10/10/2023 HP is absolutely brilliant. 
10/02/2023 Superb
09/27/2023 Brilliant!
09/27/2023 Amazing work
09/25/2023 HP is consistently fantastic, simple as that. If you need a prof to deliver an amazing product, look no further. 
09/12/2023 Simply superb work. HP is the best prof on this site. 
08/06/2023 Best professor on this website. Thank you again!
06/02/2023 Was not properly APA formatted (for example, references were not in alphabetical order) and had well over 15 grammatical errors. My spell check caught most of them which means the professor didn't proofread the work before sending it back to me. Otherwise, the content was good.
05/30/2023 Great and helpful professional writer.
05/23/2023 Thank you
05/14/2023 The absolute best! 10/10 
05/02/2023 Amazing work by my professor. I will definetely keep doing business with youi guys in the future.
04/13/2023 Great work, and super helpful when it comes to feedback! 
04/03/2023 The best! 
04/01/2023 Always willing to help when I have last-minute assignments, truly an amazing and understanding prof!
03/29/2023 I posted the project with a small turn over time and the result was still remarkable and ahead of the due date requested! HP is saving us all during this season!
03/27/2023 The absolute best! Hands down! 
03/26/2023 never fails to amaze me! 
03/16/2023 Amazing as always, delivers quality work every time. The only prof I will always have faith in, Thanks HP!
02/28/2023 Very proffesional and on time.
02/27/2023 Humanities-Portent is hands down the best of the best! Always on time if not early, follows directions, and writes clearly and cogently. 

P.S. I wrote the review below on 02/13 and just want to clarify that when I said “Humanities-Portent never fails to disappoint” I actually meant to say that they “never disappoint.” 
02/26/2023 Done perfectly and on time. Very happy with my paper.
02/18/2023 very good work 
02/13/2023 As always, Humanities-Portent never fails to disappoint. Excellent writer, always provides clear and well formulated arguments, and is always on time if not early. 10/10 from me! 
02/09/2023 Good
01/30/2023 Best of the best
01/15/2023 Great work! Thank you!
12/17/2022 Great work and personality 
12/01/2022 Obtain a A- on my paper about political paper. Will go back to this professor for any philosophy paper. 
12/01/2022 Obtain a A- on my paper about political paper. Will go back to this professor for any philosophy paper. 
11/28/2022 Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11/17/2022 AMAZING AS ALWAYS! 
11/17/2022 THE GO TO FOR ANY HISTORY RELATED ESSAYS AND THESIS! works well with anyone and everyone!
11/16/2022 Excellently written. Thank you! 
11/07/2022 Great working with this professor. We understand each other well.
11/01/2022 If you want it done right the first time, there is no better!!!  Great work, timely and professional!
11/01/2022 Great paper. Would defitiely recommend !!
10/24/2022 HP is fantastic prof, you can't go wrong.
10/20/2022 On time, followed all instructions and generally awesome, this professor has me at a solid A for the semester.
10/20/2022 Thanks mate! See you next semester!
10/15/2022 Excellent work.  Could not have asked for better!
10/15/2022 Excellent work.  Could not have asked for better!
10/13/2022 Another excellent essay, got a solid A for this!

Thank you!
10/07/2022 Good quality product but delivered it late after I asked if it was ready. I would use again but ensure to request an earlier delivery time. 
10/04/2022 Excellent work! Thank you! 
09/15/2022 Great communication, great turnaround time, great product and overall great professor! You might deal with a simple typo here and there but the content is golden. Will be specifically requesting him/her for future projects and you should too!
09/07/2022 Amazing. Best professor on here.
09/03/2022 Thank you so much for completing a weird assignment for a weird paper i am accidentally doing! Awesome, incredible and amazing work as usual :)
09/03/2022 Thank you! Excellent paper as usual and delievered on time.
07/15/2022 Punctual, very flexible, and excellent-grade work. Thank you!!
06/30/2022 Once again!!! Another amazing job!!!
06/25/2022 I got a 100% my professor loved the essay!!! Thank you so much very much appreciated!!
06/02/2022 Thank you! Another thoughtful & well executed paper <3
05/23/2022 Always amazing work! Truly the only prof I trust to complete my projects correctly and to produce great work! 
05/09/2022 Thanks professor you did an amazing job.
05/06/2022 Great paper, up to date sources, and very clearly written. 
04/28/2022 Really good paper. A few typos here and there, so be sure to run it through Grammarly, but the content itself was great! 
04/27/2022 Followed all directions perfectly! Corresponds in a timely manner and allows for revisions if you need. Will definitely be using again. Thank you so much !
04/20/2022 Extremely well worded paper and done before the due date. The professor was communicative and thorough in his explanations. I am very pleased and will be sure to request him the next time I am in need! 
04/11/2022 To have a BA in English Literature "Honors" from an Ivy league school i expected a better paper. I had to re-write passages and add further analysis to the paper. no

The client provided a sample paper which was followed closely. Furthermore, I always include a free round of edits with my work, and this client never requested any changes or edits It’s a shame that this person chose to leave a negative review based on their own unprofessional assessment, without actually knowing what the grade would have been. *shrug*
03/30/2022 Best one on this website
03/20/2022 Great job ahead of due date.
03/19/2022 Outstanding paper - well researched, points were well argued and defended. This is my last course and I would still come back to this professor for everyday writings. Well done!
03/12/2022 Great work. Got an A and was told it was the best paper in the class. Will use every time.
03/06/2022 I came on this website because no matter how much I read and no matter how many hours I spent on my essays, I could never seem to get A's. Humanities-Portent helped get me an A on my essay, what more can I ask?
02/28/2022 Great
02/13/2022 Another knock out of the park. Excellent work.
01/14/2022 A phenomenally well written piece. Seriously top notch. THIS is the professor you want to hire!
12/19/2021 Amazing work as always, never disappoints. When I say that HP is the only prof on here that is worth paying, I totally mean it! Truly terrific work and is always available to help you along the way with the project.
12/11/2021 Always on time, never have to worry with Hp working on your paper. Well worth the price because you will always get an A.
11/29/2021 An absolute godsend. Delivered way ahead of schedule and the quality was impeccable.
11/24/2021 Another great paper!!!
11/13/2021 Wow! The paper was perfectly executed and he got it to me early in the day on the due date. I will mark this professor and send all of my projects to him in the future! By far the best paper I've gotten from this website. 
11/11/2021 Great work as always
11/08/2021 Brilliant work every single time! Don't even consider another prof, HP is the only one you need! 
11/06/2021 Amazing as always! The only prof on this entire site that I would recommend!
10/27/2021 .
10/24/2021 exceeded expecations. 
10/13/2021 Excellent paper and timely completion.
10/03/2021 excellent work and delivery! this professor is very easy to communicate with. I will be working with him again. I highly recommend.
10/03/2021 Great work and professional 
10/01/2021 This Prof is amazong! Ive used him back to back alreayd and will continue to request hime for all of my other assignment/essays! I've gotten 100 on both of my assignments from this prof! Select him and you will not be disappointed. 
05/18/2021 Fantastic Job, well written
05/15/2021 Perfect! Delivers exactly as asked and planned! Definitely reccomend and will use in the future :)
05/04/2021 I asked for multiple amendments to be made and HP delievered at a high standard on each. Great result, would definitely recommend him!! 
05/02/2021 HP delivered on time and hit every mark for my Philosophy prompt! Amazing work HP; I highly recommend this professor!
04/28/2021 Will absolutly be using this Professor again! Phenomenal work! 
04/27/2021 Phenominal essay, recieved an A from a professor who is notoriously diffiuclt at a college with a rigorous grading standard. 
04/23/2021 Delivered a solid work, very good!
04/21/2021 Always delivers. Have used him more than 5x!
04/17/2021 Simply amazing work
04/17/2021 Great paper
04/14/2021 Fantastic
04/12/2021 Great work
04/12/2021 Incredibly well written essay, delivered on time, and on short notice. 
04/07/2021 Amazing as always 
04/03/2021 As always, HP has exceeding my expectations and wrote an amazing paper! Don't even think about accepting bids from other professors! He's a straight 11/10
04/03/2021 Did a great job and delivered on time. 
04/03/2021 10/10
04/03/2021 Brilliant work and finished before the deadline. HP does amazing work. 
04/03/2021 Simply amazing work
03/30/2021 Does a great job on Spanish essays! Couldn't do it without him.
03/28/2021 very communicative, transparent and reliable professor - high quality concerning the content connected with professional writing skills!
100% recommendation!
03/25/2021 Do you want great work done fast? Prof HP is the one for you!

Provides instant and thorough communication throughout the process.

Prof HP is very knowledgeable in their field of work.

Always remember to give Prof HP clear and detailed instructions, exact to your specifications.

And I am certain you will get a project that surpasses your expectations if you choose Prof HP.
03/23/2021 very awesome and helpful!
03/21/2021 Amazing work
03/07/2021 AMAZING PROF! HP is very detailed in his writing, and was considerate of all my ideas that I wanted to be included in my essay. I appreciate his communication and the fact that he thoroghly reads all the instructions of the assignment. It makes all the difference in the finished product and I couldn't be happier! I'm recovering from a car accident and this essay took a lot of stress off my shoulders, thank you so much HP! WOULD RECOMMEND 100% 
03/03/2021 Excellent work and the essay was delivered long before the deadline giving me time to go over it. Received 88%!
03/03/2021 Brilliant work
03/03/2021 This prof is simply the best. He is consistent, courteous, understanding and the work always receives an A. It's worth paying the extra money if you want your assignment done right. 
03/03/2021 Great work as always
03/03/2021 Simply the best
03/03/2021 Essay received an A. You can't go wrong with this professor. He knows what he's doing and is an incredibly talented writer.
03/03/2021 Excellent work and delivered much earlier than the deadline. 
03/03/2021 Humanities Portent is one of the best if not the best writer on this site. Top notch work and always meets deadlines

I’ll be honest, I was not happy with the outcome of this project. I tried disputing but ultimately I lost the dispute.

My problem was that the project was later than we’d discussed, the “solution” was rushed and I didn’t experience very great communication with this professor once I accepted the bid. I will admit that I put my request on Humanities-Portent very last minute and it wasn’t fair of me to expect so much in a short period of time; however, I just wish they wouldn’t have accepted the request and just would have said no.


This is just a warning on here that the professors on this site are only human and that people looking to do essays should try to request the “solution” a few days or a week before their actual deadline so that they have time to ask for revisions if needed.


02/16/2021 I have never in my life used an essay writing service but after I got a concussion and my university did not give me an extension I couldn’t concentrate enough to finish my essay on my own. I chose to go with unemployed professors because I’d heard of their service in the past and I really didn’t know what else was out there. After looking over all of the bids and reviews I decided to go with Humanities-Portent and I crossed my fingers that everything would work out.


To give the details I had already had a 2500 word essay outline for a 3000 word paper; however, the outline has a lot of big quotes and needed to be changed quite a bit. It was due a few days after I posted the request. Humanities-Portent was fantastic with the turn around time and when I asked if the essay could be done slightly earlier than the deadline they were able to do this pretty efficiently. The bid that they placed was $210USD for the assignment which was in line with many of the other bids placed by other “professors.” From what I’ve heard the prices on Unemployed Professors are a little steeper than most places but I like the fact that I am able to choose who is doing my work.


02/04/2021 well done, few typos, that's it
01/13/2021 Handled a project that was too complex for me. Quality work. 
12/16/2020 Impeccable work. Relatively short turnaround time for the complexity and breadth of the project, but still produced a rigorously well-reasoned, organized, and articulated paper. Followed instructions precisely and asked questions when something was unclear. Definitley not just churning out unintelligible garbage like some other ghostwriters. If you get a bid from HP you can rest easy knowing your paper is in good hands.
12/11/2020 Got an A. Professional and great to work with.
12/10/2020 Another excellent paper!
12/02/2020 Simply the best
11/17/2020 Truly excellent work.
11/16/2020 Seriously amazing work- if he bids you I would accept it
11/15/2020 great work
11/11/2020 The absoulute best and hands down go to for any History or Politics paper! 
10/25/2020 Thank you for the great work!
10/22/2020 The overall quality of the work is good and no plagiarism was detected, but (a) it did not touch exactly at where the two sources I provided pointed and (b) the number of pages should obviously refer to content without adding cover page and bibliography to the count. I understand that I might have given insufficient instructions, so I am still giving a good rate. However, the essay provided was still something with which I could have come up. A lot of editing will need to happen to make it worth an A.
09/23/2020 Fantastic work. You'll never be disappointed with what this professor produces for you.
09/23/2020 Great to work with, quality writing!
09/22/2020 I recommend Humanities-Portent. Easy to work with. Does great on my Spanish papers. 
08/21/2020 got 80% im sure i could of got higher if i asked for some slight revisions but the essay was well written and deservse 110% in my opinion
08/13/2020 Had the essay done on time and with good content
08/01/2020 Fast and effective.
07/25/2020 Always my goto prof and I have used several. Great work, thanks again! 
07/25/2020 Beautiful work as always! Thanks!!
07/25/2020 Never disappoints, if you get a bid from this prof, take it! Amazing work every time. 
07/18/2020 Very great work. Went well above what was asked and had it delivered in a fast manner. Would highly recommend!
07/08/2020 Well done! As expected =D 
07/08/2020 The BEST! Thank you Prof. 
07/08/2020 Perfect score! I have used other Professors, but this one never disappoints. 
06/29/2020 Was very happy with the finished assignment! This professor was intouch with me through this process and sent my paper to me on time. Also gave me one paper for free since i requested three pages but to thoroughly complete the essay to get a good grade more information was needed. I am very happy I found a professor that I can trust with my assignments for now on! 
06/29/2020 This professor right here is the one you want. Never been disappointed.
06/26/2020 10/10
06/13/2020 Perfection! Every. Time. Thanks again!!
06/13/2020 Prof did an excellent job on a discussion post with extremely short notice! Thank you!!
06/11/2020 Very, very well done! All within the timeframe. Should ace this test. Much thanks
06/04/2020 Never disappointed. Always excellent.
05/22/2020 Great work, great professor!
05/07/2020 Top quality work
05/05/2020 Very easy to communicate with, followed every guideline provided, and wrote a great paper! My professor loved it and I got an A. I would defintely reccomend!
05/01/2020 Great work and very prompt
04/26/2020 Don't hesitate to try him. I got an A
04/26/2020 Great person to work with, definitely use him
04/26/2020 My professor loved the work. Would recommend!
04/26/2020 Saved me and charged a fair price. Got an A!
04/26/2020 Listens and does a good job. Got an A
04/26/2020 Got an A. Would recommend 
04/26/2020 Fantastic job. I got an A
04/26/2020 Amazing job!
04/26/2020 Did a great and thorough job. I did well!
04/26/2020 Did a great job! I got an A
04/26/2020 Did a great job! I got an A
04/24/2020 Quality work and delivered on time
04/17/2020 Delivered on time, great work which included references I needed to use and professional manner. Thanks again!
04/13/2020 Well done and timely. A+

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