Date Comment Rating
05/18/2021 Fantastic Job, well written
05/15/2021 Perfect! Delivers exactly as asked and planned! Definitely reccomend and will use in the future :)
05/04/2021 I asked for multiple amendments to be made and HP delievered at a high standard on each. Great result, would definitely recommend him!! 
05/02/2021 HP delivered on time and hit every mark for my Philosophy prompt! Amazing work HP; I highly recommend this professor!
04/28/2021 Will absolutly be using this Professor again! Phenomenal work! 
04/27/2021 Phenominal essay, recieved an A from a professor who is notoriously diffiuclt at a college with a rigorous grading standard. 
04/23/2021 Delivered a solid work, very good!
04/21/2021 Always delivers. Have used him more than 5x!
04/17/2021 Simply amazing work
04/17/2021 Great paper
04/14/2021 Fantastic
04/12/2021 Great work
04/12/2021 Incredibly well written essay, delivered on time, and on short notice. 
04/07/2021 Amazing as always 
04/03/2021 As always, HP has exceeding my expectations and wrote an amazing paper! Don't even think about accepting bids from other professors! He's a straight 11/10
04/03/2021 Did a great job and delivered on time. 
04/03/2021 10/10
04/03/2021 Brilliant work and finished before the deadline. HP does amazing work. 
04/03/2021 Simply amazing work
03/30/2021 Does a great job on Spanish essays! Couldn't do it without him.
03/28/2021 very communicative, transparent and reliable professor - high quality concerning the content connected with professional writing skills!
100% recommendation!
03/25/2021 Do you want great work done fast? Prof HP is the one for you!

Provides instant and thorough communication throughout the process.

Prof HP is very knowledgeable in their field of work.

Always remember to give Prof HP clear and detailed instructions, exact to your specifications.

And I am certain you will get a project that surpasses your expectations if you choose Prof HP.
03/23/2021 very awesome and helpful!
03/21/2021 Amazing work
03/07/2021 AMAZING PROF! HP is very detailed in his writing, and was considerate of all my ideas that I wanted to be included in my essay. I appreciate his communication and the fact that he thoroghly reads all the instructions of the assignment. It makes all the difference in the finished product and I couldn't be happier! I'm recovering from a car accident and this essay took a lot of stress off my shoulders, thank you so much HP! WOULD RECOMMEND 100% 
03/03/2021 Excellent work and the essay was delivered long before the deadline giving me time to go over it. Received 88%!
03/03/2021 Brilliant work
03/03/2021 This prof is simply the best. He is consistent, courteous, understanding and the work always receives an A. It's worth paying the extra money if you want your assignment done right. 
03/03/2021 Great work as always
03/03/2021 Simply the best
03/03/2021 Essay received an A. You can't go wrong with this professor. He knows what he's doing and is an incredibly talented writer.
03/03/2021 Excellent work and delivered much earlier than the deadline. 
03/03/2021 Humanities Portent is one of the best if not the best writer on this site. Top notch work and always meets deadlines

I’ll be honest, I was not happy with the outcome of this project. I tried disputing but ultimately I lost the dispute.

My problem was that the project was later than we’d discussed, the “solution” was rushed and I didn’t experience very great communication with this professor once I accepted the bid. I will admit that I put my request on Humanities-Portent very last minute and it wasn’t fair of me to expect so much in a short period of time; however, I just wish they wouldn’t have accepted the request and just would have said no.


This is just a warning on here that the professors on this site are only human and that people looking to do essays should try to request the “solution” a few days or a week before their actual deadline so that they have time to ask for revisions if needed.


02/16/2021 I have never in my life used an essay writing service but after I got a concussion and my university did not give me an extension I couldn’t concentrate enough to finish my essay on my own. I chose to go with unemployed professors because I’d heard of their service in the past and I really didn’t know what else was out there. After looking over all of the bids and reviews I decided to go with Humanities-Portent and I crossed my fingers that everything would work out.


To give the details I had already had a 2500 word essay outline for a 3000 word paper; however, the outline has a lot of big quotes and needed to be changed quite a bit. It was due a few days after I posted the request. Humanities-Portent was fantastic with the turn around time and when I asked if the essay could be done slightly earlier than the deadline they were able to do this pretty efficiently. The bid that they placed was $210USD for the assignment which was in line with many of the other bids placed by other “professors.” From what I’ve heard the prices on Unemployed Professors are a little steeper than most places but I like the fact that I am able to choose who is doing my work.


02/04/2021 well done, few typos, that's it
01/13/2021 Handled a project that was too complex for me. Quality work. 
12/16/2020 Impeccable work. Relatively short turnaround time for the complexity and breadth of the project, but still produced a rigorously well-reasoned, organized, and articulated paper. Followed instructions precisely and asked questions when something was unclear. Definitley not just churning out unintelligible garbage like some other ghostwriters. If you get a bid from HP you can rest easy knowing your paper is in good hands.
12/11/2020 Got an A. Professional and great to work with.
12/10/2020 Another excellent paper!
12/02/2020 Simply the best
11/17/2020 Truly excellent work.
11/16/2020 Seriously amazing work- if he bids you I would accept it
11/15/2020 great work
11/11/2020 The absoulute best and hands down go to for any History or Politics paper! 
10/25/2020 Thank you for the great work!
10/22/2020 The overall quality of the work is good and no plagiarism was detected, but (a) it did not touch exactly at where the two sources I provided pointed and (b) the number of pages should obviously refer to content without adding cover page and bibliography to the count. I understand that I might have given insufficient instructions, so I am still giving a good rate. However, the essay provided was still something with which I could have come up. A lot of editing will need to happen to make it worth an A.
09/23/2020 Fantastic work. You'll never be disappointed with what this professor produces for you.
09/23/2020 Great to work with, quality writing!
09/22/2020 I recommend Humanities-Portent. Easy to work with. Does great on my Spanish papers. 
08/21/2020 got 80% im sure i could of got higher if i asked for some slight revisions but the essay was well written and deservse 110% in my opinion
08/13/2020 Had the essay done on time and with good content
08/01/2020 Fast and effective.
07/25/2020 Always my goto prof and I have used several. Great work, thanks again! 
07/25/2020 Beautiful work as always! Thanks!!
07/25/2020 Never disappoints, if you get a bid from this prof, take it! Amazing work every time. 
07/18/2020 Very great work. Went well above what was asked and had it delivered in a fast manner. Would highly recommend!
07/08/2020 Well done! As expected =D 
07/08/2020 The BEST! Thank you Prof. 
07/08/2020 Perfect score! I have used other Professors, but this one never disappoints. 
06/29/2020 Was very happy with the finished assignment! This professor was intouch with me through this process and sent my paper to me on time. Also gave me one paper for free since i requested three pages but to thoroughly complete the essay to get a good grade more information was needed. I am very happy I found a professor that I can trust with my assignments for now on! 
06/29/2020 This professor right here is the one you want. Never been disappointed.
06/26/2020 10/10
06/13/2020 Perfection! Every. Time. Thanks again!!
06/13/2020 Prof did an excellent job on a discussion post with extremely short notice! Thank you!!
06/11/2020 Very, very well done! All within the timeframe. Should ace this test. Much thanks
06/04/2020 Never disappointed. Always excellent.
05/22/2020 Great work, great professor!
05/07/2020 Top quality work
05/05/2020 Very easy to communicate with, followed every guideline provided, and wrote a great paper! My professor loved it and I got an A. I would defintely reccomend!
05/01/2020 Great work and very prompt
04/26/2020 Don't hesitate to try him. I got an A
04/26/2020 Great person to work with, definitely use him
04/26/2020 My professor loved the work. Would recommend!
04/26/2020 Saved me and charged a fair price. Got an A!
04/26/2020 Listens and does a good job. Got an A
04/26/2020 Got an A. Would recommend 
04/26/2020 Fantastic job. I got an A
04/26/2020 Amazing job!
04/26/2020 Did a great and thorough job. I did well!
04/26/2020 Did a great job! I got an A
04/26/2020 Did a great job! I got an A
04/24/2020 Quality work and delivered on time
04/17/2020 Delivered on time, great work which included references I needed to use and professional manner. Thanks again!
04/13/2020 Well done and timely. A+
04/12/2020 amazing !
04/01/2020 The Best in the buisness and my favorite one to use! 
03/26/2020 Very nice and caring. I have been using him a lot.
03/26/2020 great work! Thanks 
03/23/2020 I got an 87 on the paper which is good to hear but I feel that I shouldnt have had to pay the full price for a non A paper but nontheless is was well written and appreciated even if it was pricey.
03/21/2020 Really really happy! The paper he has written is better than anything i could have done. He also communicates everything with you throughout the process of him writing the paper which is amazing! Thank you very much!!
03/18/2020 I wouldn't want to use anyone else.
03/18/2020 Great person to work with, and always concerned with quality.
03/07/2020 The Best Professor! I have used him twice for different classes and both times I received a 99+. If he bids on your paper, accept it! You can't go wrong =D
02/22/2020 always does a good job
02/14/2020 I really loved the paper . Thank You so much
02/02/2020 Great paper, made sure writer had the right information.
01/31/2020 Awsome! Thank you! great piece of work will definitely use your srvices once again when need it. 
01/23/2020 This profile stated they attend Ivy League University, which just cannot be true considering the wrote they produced. They are somewhat lazy and used repetitive sentences to bulk out the essay word count. Alot of what they said didn't make much sense. I recieved a 50% grade which is the bare minimum for my continuation of studies at my College, definitley not worth the £120 price tag. Do not trust this person they are a liar and scam artist

Obviously this person has a very different perspective from other hundreds of reviews on this site. Since there is no way to know which project this was, I am not able to respond directly. However, my approval rating is over 98%, and this speaks for itself. The specific comments are so far off from my actual style that I have to wonder if this person is literally confusing me with someone else. Or maybe what I wrote didn't "make sense" to him/her because they lack the intellectual capacity to grasp good writing????? And the 50% grade at the "college" (sounds like a technical college) could very possibly be that the professor knew perfectly well that this person did NOT write the paper, since it was way over his/her head. I do advise clients: If something I write does not sound dumb enough for you yourself to have written it, ask me to dumb it down!
01/21/2020 Awesome quality. Always a pleasure to work with.
01/13/2020 Another A+! Thank you!
12/10/2019 My professor was honest, helpful and transparent. He respected my preference yet spared no valuable insight based on his great experience. He also completed the work at a considerable speed and provided high-quality work. The work met all the standards set for me and was highly successful. 
12/10/2019 excellent. 
12/08/2019 Hp is just overall the best one on here, you should always go with him. Always delivers excellent work.
12/08/2019 The work exceeded all expecatiotns. Exceptionally well written. 
12/06/2019 my professor finally graded my research paper and gave me a 100%. thet even announced how great it was to the class, do I feel guilty? yes! but life is hectic and research papers are not my strong point. THANK YOU!
12/05/2019 A beautiful writer. An extremely good paper on the Odysey.
11/23/2019 A paper writing ace! Literally. I saw them shoot down 11 enemy papers over the Pacific.
11/23/2019 Found a great perspective on race relations and really expressed it through their writing.
11/23/2019 Fatastic command over the facets of political science.
11/21/2019 Great as always!!
11/18/2019 The paper was completed before the deadline.  There are minor issuses, but such is to be expected when the rubric was explained rather then shown.  Overall this paper is something I am glad to hand in, and my experience was rather enjoyable.
11/17/2019 As I would have done it, had I done it. Thank you.  
11/17/2019 Another A+ on my assignment. Thank you again HP!
11/14/2019 got an 86% on the paper, he helped when I needed revisions, and the paper looked great.  Thank you for the help!
A++++++++++++++++++ Thank you for your assistance in this project.  This prof's work is excellent and always above expectations.  He delivers before the deadline and stays in contact to make sure the customer is satsified.  I have used him on several occasions and look forward to a successful future with his guidance. 
11/09/2019 Great work on the paper! Nailed the requirements! I will definitely want to use their talents again!
11/08/2019 good but not amazing i got an 80% in SL english 
11/07/2019 The Best of the best. coordinates well with instructions and asks for relivant info regarding the paper/projexcts. Also! handed it in much 4 days before the orginal deadline. Fantastic to work with and will be working with this professor again in the futire! 
11/07/2019 Excellent. 
11/04/2019 Great as always!!
11/02/2019 A very straight forward and clear political writer.
10/31/2019 HP is awesome and completes any deadlines and even gives you his opinion to make your papers that much better. I will always use him. He never disappoints.
10/28/2019 Great work as always!!!
10/27/2019 Always on time and I always get an A
10/27/2019 Very well researched to a very specific subject! would hire again!
10/26/2019 He never disappointe 
10/25/2019 This professor went above and beyond what I was expecting and delivered a high-quality product in a very short period of time.
10/23/2019 Amazing work. Trustworthy. Highly recommend using this professor!
10/21/2019 Great as always!!
A+++++++  Prof delivered just as expected.  Work is above expectations and I am satisfied.  This prof is one of the best and should be chosen without hesitation.  Highly recommended!
10/17/2019 multiple projects with this professor and always quality results thank you
10/12/2019 Outstanding quality every time! Always on time and creative.
10/12/2019 Great writing as always
10/09/2019 I was assured that the research proposal is 100 % plagiarism free but upon checking on Turnitin.

I found that it has 31% similiarity index. 

This is outrageous 

The only reason that there would be a 31% plagiarism rating would be because the student did not remember to remove the bibliography before running it through Turnitin. Of course all references (both in-text and bibliography) WILL show up on Turnitin! In this case, the bibliography was over two pages long, with 15+ sources. That type of bibliography will obviously skew the result, if the student has not removed it. The actual body of the paper was completely original work, as all my work is, and did not produce a significant similarity index on Turnitin. Furthermore, Unemployed Professors offers plagiarism checking, and clients are encouraged to use this service to identify any issue prior to submitting work. I am alway happy to work with my clients if a problem arises. The project in question was from January 2019 (ten months ago), so it is extremely odd that the student waited this long to check their project. Very suspicious...
10/07/2019 Never disappointed with HPs fine work.
10/07/2019 Great work!
10/06/2019 awesome paper couldnt have asked for better!
The project was finished with no problems.  Continuously provides excellent work and always meets the requirements.  This prof communicates well, making sure the student is completely satisfied.  Highly recommended!  A++++++++++++++++++
Work completed in a timely manner with no errors.  I am completely satsified and will continue to use this prof in the future. 
09/16/2019 Exceptional work by this prof.  Looking forward to working with him in the future.  Great communication and ensures you are happy with the finished product.  Highly recommended.
09/12/2019 Awesome work, clear thought out perfect score, thank you!
09/05/2019 A+
09/05/2019 A+
09/05/2019 Always superb, thank you
09/05/2019 A+
09/05/2019 A+
09/05/2019 Consistent quality and communication, best professor on here
08/27/2019 A solid professor for history and sociopolitical assignments.
08/14/2019 Probably THE ONLY PROF worth your time, money and marks. Assignments were completed on time and to perfection. Got an A on the last one. Another 2 submitted. I have no doubt what the marks will be. LOVE THIS PROF!
08/14/2019 This prof is too good for words. Absolutely PHENOMENAL. If you provide clear instructions with rubric, this prof does the work to a T! Perfection at its best.
HP was so patient and listened to my every request, and even suggested ideas that would be more suitable for my coursework. 
Spoke through adding revisions with me. Furthermore, extremely accommodating!
I definetely recommend 100%. 
Not surpised at all of such good track record on the site. 
08/10/2019 Excellent work, and extremely courteous and professional. Thank you!
08/09/2019 Amazing Work. The work was on time, the prof goes through the rubric provided and really gives constructve feedback once the assigment is completed in order to make sure nothing is missed. 
08/07/2019 Fantastic paper!!!! 
08/07/2019 Fantastic job. HP has done several papers for me, and they have all been "A" papers. Do not worry about anything; your paper will be done right and on time. If you need Ph.D. level work, this person is for you. 
08/06/2019 The assignment was completed on time and I made an A+, thank you so much for saving me this semester! 
07/30/2019 I got a perfect 100% on my paper!!  Thanks for coming through again!
07/28/2019 HP never disappoints 
07/23/2019 I got an A+ on this assignment. Most definitely recommend.
07/21/2019 Awesome Prof. He did all my assignments on time, kept an open commmunication, incorporated any adjustments and his work is legit. I am just waiting to see the mark I get for the essay, so i can post that as well. 
07/20/2019 Great work. HP has saved me yet again.
07/15/2019 perfect score 
As always, this professor is excellent and goes above and beyond anything that I ask. I appreciate the way this professor was there for me for this assignment at the last minute and worked diligently to answer all my questions. Never was I made to feel bad when I asked a question about my own project that I should have known the answer to but couldn't think through it at the time. I appreciate this person so much and highly recommend them. They stayed up late to ensure I had what I needed. They are superb.
07/08/2019 I got a B on this project.
07/08/2019 I got an A.
07/05/2019 Paper came out looking great and followed all project instructions.  Great citations and utilized required sources. Paper flowed logically and very closely mirrored my own writing style, which is an added bonus. Will definitely work with this professor again. 
07/04/2019 Wonderful! Excellent! Best writer on this site. I could say so much but appreciate their work more than words can say. 
07/03/2019 Essay was delievered way before it was due, we were able to communicate throughout the project, very professional and spot on with my essay.  The finished product was well worth the bid I accepted and I will be requesting him again if I need help in the future.
07/01/2019 Very fast and what I ordered.
06/30/2019 Excellent! Professional! On time! Definitely looking forward to continue using HP Professor in future assignments.
06/29/2019 Highly recommend this professor, he was very detailing
06/25/2019 Second project I've done with this professor and I am very pleased. Followed instructions to a T! Thank you!
06/23/2019 HP is a very good writer and really fast. This was my first time using this site and I am very pleased with his work. He took on my paper with only one day before it was due and finished early. I will come back and report the results but I am sure I will get an A. I will be using HP again.
06/23/2019 Awesome paper! The professor was professional and helpful, I definitely will use again. 
06/23/2019 I've had a few papers done on this site, and some of them came back OK, some great, and some excellent. This one topped them all. From the content, to the citations, to the fantastic writing, hands down the best I've seen from someone on this site. I'd say I'd use again, but, I graduated! HA! 100% A+ work.
Perfect as always. Thank  you so much.
06/07/2019 Excellent!
06/06/2019 I had to change a few things here and there but only because I wanted it to sound more like me but overall great work I got an A
05/27/2019 Great job! 
05/27/2019 Yet another perfect score on my paper from HP! You cannot fail with HP! He has hever written a paper or assingment that has gotten me less than an A. Thanks HP!!
05/20/2019 Great work, understood my instructions very well. He communicated through inbox with me the entire time. Very profeesional, I look forward in working with him again. 
Thank you much! 

05/19/2019 Simply the best!
05/16/2019 Great Work !
05/15/2019 100/100 on my paper! HP is the best professor on here! 
05/15/2019 Very efficient!
05/12/2019 thank you!!!!
05/11/2019 AMAZING!!!!! A++++
05/11/2019 I am so excited that I just got my mark back for the research paper that Humanities-Portent completed for me and I got an A+ on it! This was a 16 page intense esearch paper being marked by the toughest TA (in terms of marking) that I've ever had so I was not expecting even an A. I'm so grateful to you! Thank you again for an amazing job!! You followed instructions to a Tee and pointed out things to me that I hadn't even noticed. Fantastic!
05/09/2019 Excellent work. I've come to expect nothing less from HP.
05/07/2019 Highl quality work on a very niche topic. Impressed
05/06/2019 absolute wizard 10/10
05/06/2019 HP delivered a professional, well-put-together project (worth 25% of my mark) needed for my last course to apply for graduation. The content was exactly what I was looking for and needed for the industry partner. He put together an HR training plan with 6 templates in a matter of a few days, which to me, is an amazing feat. Thanks so much for your hard work. Highly recommend this professor A+++. 
05/05/2019 Wonderful job on a last minute paper! Provided more than expected!
05/05/2019 Finished on time and was well written in my opinion. I changed maybe 2 things that were not a big deal at all. It was a total of 13 pages including works cited and title page. I received a 93% A on it. So I’m happy! Also it honestly gave me an idea on how to write a research paper that I’ll use as a template for when I most likely have to write a sociology paper next semester. If I procrastinate (I have 2 kids under 3) I might just use this website again, especially this “professor”. Thank you.
04/30/2019 Helpful and attentive professor. However, I got an 84/100. I feel like I paid too much to get a B.