Date Comment Rating
09/12/2019 Awesome work, clear thought out perfect score, thank you!
09/05/2019 A+
09/05/2019 A+
09/05/2019 Always superb, thank you
09/05/2019 A+
09/05/2019 A+
09/05/2019 Consistent quality and communication, best professor on here
08/27/2019 A solid professor for history and sociopolitical assignments.
08/14/2019 Probably THE ONLY PROF worth your time, money and marks. Assignments were completed on time and to perfection. Got an A on the last one. Another 2 submitted. I have no doubt what the marks will be. LOVE THIS PROF!
08/14/2019 This prof is too good for words. Absolutely PHENOMENAL. If you provide clear instructions with rubric, this prof does the work to a T! Perfection at its best.
HP was so patient and listened to my every request, and even suggested ideas that would be more suitable for my coursework. 
Spoke through adding revisions with me. Furthermore, extremely accommodating!
I definetely recommend 100%. 
Not surpised at all of such good track record on the site. 
08/10/2019 Excellent work, and extremely courteous and professional. Thank you!
08/09/2019 Amazing Work. The work was on time, the prof goes through the rubric provided and really gives constructve feedback once the assigment is completed in order to make sure nothing is missed. 
08/07/2019 Fantastic paper!!!! 
08/07/2019 Fantastic job. HP has done several papers for me, and they have all been "A" papers. Do not worry about anything; your paper will be done right and on time. If you need Ph.D. level work, this person is for you. 
08/06/2019 The assignment was completed on time and I made an A+, thank you so much for saving me this semester! 
07/30/2019 I got a perfect 100% on my paper!!  Thanks for coming through again!
07/28/2019 HP never disappoints 
07/23/2019 I got an A+ on this assignment. Most definitely recommend.
07/21/2019 Awesome Prof. He did all my assignments on time, kept an open commmunication, incorporated any adjustments and his work is legit. I am just waiting to see the mark I get for the essay, so i can post that as well. 
07/20/2019 Great work. HP has saved me yet again.
07/15/2019 perfect score 
As always, this professor is excellent and goes above and beyond anything that I ask. I appreciate the way this professor was there for me for this assignment at the last minute and worked diligently to answer all my questions. Never was I made to feel bad when I asked a question about my own project that I should have known the answer to but couldn't think through it at the time. I appreciate this person so much and highly recommend them. They stayed up late to ensure I had what I needed. They are superb.
07/08/2019 I got a B on this project.
07/08/2019 I got an A.
07/05/2019 Paper came out looking great and followed all project instructions.  Great citations and utilized required sources. Paper flowed logically and very closely mirrored my own writing style, which is an added bonus. Will definitely work with this professor again. 
07/04/2019 Wonderful! Excellent! Best writer on this site. I could say so much but appreciate their work more than words can say. 
07/03/2019 Essay was delievered way before it was due, we were able to communicate throughout the project, very professional and spot on with my essay.  The finished product was well worth the bid I accepted and I will be requesting him again if I need help in the future.
07/01/2019 Very fast and what I ordered.
06/30/2019 Excellent! Professional! On time! Definitely looking forward to continue using HP Professor in future assignments.
06/29/2019 Highly recommend this professor, he was very detailing
06/25/2019 Second project I've done with this professor and I am very pleased. Followed instructions to a T! Thank you!
06/23/2019 HP is a very good writer and really fast. This was my first time using this site and I am very pleased with his work. He took on my paper with only one day before it was due and finished early. I will come back and report the results but I am sure I will get an A. I will be using HP again.
06/23/2019 Awesome paper! The professor was professional and helpful, I definitely will use again. 
06/23/2019 I've had a few papers done on this site, and some of them came back OK, some great, and some excellent. This one topped them all. From the content, to the citations, to the fantastic writing, hands down the best I've seen from someone on this site. I'd say I'd use again, but, I graduated! HA! 100% A+ work.
Perfect as always. Thank  you so much.
06/07/2019 Excellent!
06/06/2019 I had to change a few things here and there but only because I wanted it to sound more like me but overall great work I got an A
05/27/2019 Great job! 
05/27/2019 Yet another perfect score on my paper from HP! You cannot fail with HP! He has hever written a paper or assingment that has gotten me less than an A. Thanks HP!!
05/20/2019 Great work, understood my instructions very well. He communicated through inbox with me the entire time. Very profeesional, I look forward in working with him again. 
Thank you much! 

05/19/2019 Simply the best!
05/16/2019 Great Work !
05/15/2019 100/100 on my paper! HP is the best professor on here! 
05/15/2019 Very efficient!
05/12/2019 thank you!!!!
05/11/2019 AMAZING!!!!! A++++
05/11/2019 I am so excited that I just got my mark back for the research paper that Humanities-Portent completed for me and I got an A+ on it! This was a 16 page intense esearch paper being marked by the toughest TA (in terms of marking) that I've ever had so I was not expecting even an A. I'm so grateful to you! Thank you again for an amazing job!! You followed instructions to a Tee and pointed out things to me that I hadn't even noticed. Fantastic!
05/09/2019 Excellent work. I've come to expect nothing less from HP.
05/07/2019 Highl quality work on a very niche topic. Impressed
05/06/2019 absolute wizard 10/10
05/06/2019 HP delivered a professional, well-put-together project (worth 25% of my mark) needed for my last course to apply for graduation. The content was exactly what I was looking for and needed for the industry partner. He put together an HR training plan with 6 templates in a matter of a few days, which to me, is an amazing feat. Thanks so much for your hard work. Highly recommend this professor A+++. 
05/05/2019 Wonderful job on a last minute paper! Provided more than expected!
05/05/2019 Finished on time and was well written in my opinion. I changed maybe 2 things that were not a big deal at all. It was a total of 13 pages including works cited and title page. I received a 93% A on it. So I’m happy! Also it honestly gave me an idea on how to write a research paper that I’ll use as a template for when I most likely have to write a sociology paper next semester. If I procrastinate (I have 2 kids under 3) I might just use this website again, especially this “professor”. Thank you.
04/30/2019 Helpful and attentive professor. However, I got an 84/100. I feel like I paid too much to get a B. 
04/30/2019 HP is one of the best professors on here! Papers are always completed early leaving plenty of time for any changes (which is extremely rare), always is very responsive, and follows all requirements of the assignment. I always get great feedback from the professor. Thanks again HP!!
04/30/2019 I have used HP several times this semester, and his writing has consistently impressed me. He never fails to address any concerns or issues. He has proven over and over that his writing is A+ work. If you’re hesitant about having someone write for you, choose HP and you won’t be disappointed. Phenomenal writer! 
HP is the best professor here. I cannot say enought great things about HP's work and professionalism. I appreciate HP more than words can say. HP only does the finest quality of work. You will never regret using them.
I would strongly recommend this professor to any other student. If you want someone who is professional and always provides top quality and excellent work, then HP is the professor for you. You will not regret selecting HP as your choice.
04/29/2019 HP has delivered my assignment days in advance and has met all the requirements. Thanks again for your awesome work in producing an excellent paper!! 
04/29/2019 Great work and was done well before the deadline
04/29/2019 Wonderful work that got me an A grade. Would totally use again
04/28/2019 my man came through and gave a great paper that i've been too busy to write during finals. 
04/28/2019 HP does it again!!!!!! A+++++
04/28/2019 Great as always 
04/27/2019 Excellent! Excellent! Excellent work! HP always does the best work of anyone, anyone I've ever worked with. 
04/27/2019 Humanities-Portent is a rock star!  Here are the comments from my professor on my most recent assignment, authored by HP:
"In brief, a wonderful job on this bibliography and presentation. Your sources are varied, your annotations thorough, and the document well-organized and clear. I was particularly happy to see Steve Barza's name on your list. You have given your classmates a solid head-start for critical research on Joyce Carol Oates. Bravo! Grade: A"
04/26/2019 HP always follows directions, is thorough, writes professionally, and goes above and beyond anything that is asked of them. I admire and respect this professor and their work more than words can say. 
04/25/2019 Great paper just what I asked for . 
04/24/2019 HP delivered my project on time, met all the requirements, and ensured that work is clear and coherent. Thanks again!!
04/18/2019 got a 94 on my essay!
04/17/2019 This professor... seriously is awesome. I had a short deadline project and it was done flawlessly. Can’t thank him enough. I really appreciate it. Would highly recommend.
04/17/2019 A++++++ I have NEVER gotten less than an A from HP!
04/16/2019 Amazing as always!
Wow! What an excellent response! What an excellent job! I am amazed at your talent and ability. You were born to write!
04/15/2019 He always does great work. Receved an A on my last paper.
04/13/2019 Surpassed all expectations 
04/13/2019 Great work. Exceeded expectations on all fronts, especially in terms of communication and professionalism. Would definitely use again - thank you! 
04/11/2019 Great job one of the best papers i have recieved
04/11/2019 Great quality and effcient. 100% will be using HP again.
04/10/2019 I received 67% on my paper. It was well written considering I did not give him much time to complete it and whatever I would have written in that time frame would have been worse. The feedback from my professor was that I failed to approach the paper along the guidelines given. While I expected a better paper given how much I paid for it, it was a complicated topic and a short deadline. I'm sure HP is capable of writing excellent work, just make sure you leave enough time to revise it.

Thanks for the feedback. I am sorry that you did not get the grade you hoped for. Although I always aim for A+ work, sometimes this is not possible for a number of reasons that are often beyond my control. Also, I am not able to see which client or which project this was for, so please feel free to reach out to me privately so that I know which paper this was. It is helpful to know.
04/09/2019 Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! There's not a better professor on this site!
04/09/2019 Great work as always!!
My favorite professor on this site!  Never disappoints!

04/09/2019 Excellent work. Very well put together, detailed, and thorough. Looking forward to handing it in today. Thanks so much!!
04/06/2019 I wish I could write like HP. I already have one doctorate and I'm working in my second, a Ph.D. I know what I'm talking about when I say HP is the best writer here. HP is helping me with an electives course; however, when I need someone to help with dissertation revisions, I know whom I can ask and who understands what it means to write like an academician. 
04/05/2019 Don't hesitate, best prof on the site:)
04/05/2019 Best professor on here!!!! A+++++++++
04/05/2019 You will NEVER  go wrong with HP! I have never gotten less than an A and professors love the papers! HP always follows the instructions of the assignment and never fails! Thank you HP!!!!!
04/03/2019 My first project from HP was outstanding. My expectations were low, having been stung by services that outsource work to non-english speaking writers. This assignment was for a highly selective university, and the paper was extremely well written and met the assignment criteria 100%. HP also delivered the paper a full day ahead of schedule. I cannot recommed highly enough!
04/02/2019 Great work, he is my go to guy!!
03/31/2019 HP is the only professor I use because HP writes like I write. HP delivers PhD level work, superior quality, excellent communication, and reasonable costs. I won't use anyone else ever unless HP isn't available. 
03/24/2019 Great work will be using again very soon.
03/23/2019 Yet another A from HP! HP always completes assignments in their entirety and before the due date. Always writes an impressive paper!
03/22/2019 Another excellent, superior job by HP! HP is the epitome of a true writer. 
03/21/2019 Great job, thanks again!
03/21/2019 Excellent work! My prof decided to make last minute changes. HP delivered in record speed. Thanks again!
03/20/2019 On time and beautifully written, This professor spared no expense in writing an amazing essay.
03/20/2019 Amazing and excellent work!!! This memorandum will make anyone reading it feel like they are involved in an actual case. 
03/20/2019 I will never be able to find the words to express HP's talent and ability. I will never use another professor. I've tried several. By far, in all aspects, from writing ability to communication, to following directions, to citation, to originality, this professor is perfect. I've had to self-correct every paper I've received but with the exception of HP's. Thank you for your help. 
03/18/2019 Fantastic, superior, Ph.D level work. I've used others in the past. This professor is the best I've had. Thank you so much for your professionalism. 
03/17/2019 Fast quality work! Very impressed. This paper used more sources than needed and wrote a concise paper in less than 4 hours
03/17/2019 I asked HP to help me with an assignment very last minute with about a days notice. He not only came through for me but got me an A even with it being a last minute request. Thanks again HP!!!!
03/17/2019 Yet another A+ from HP!!!! HP is by far the best professor on here! Papers are always well written and always meets the requirements. Always get the completed project early and with enough time to make any changes (which is rare). Thanks HP!!!!!!
03/09/2019 My professor decided to change things last minute and HP did an awesome job editing and changing. Great job! Thanks so much!!
03/08/2019 My assignment was well done and all requirements were met. Thanks again!!
03/06/2019 This guy is insane, he got me perfect score over and over again. 
03/04/2019 Perfection!! Thanks again for your excellent work. I am excited to hand this in. Have a great day!
03/04/2019 Excellent work yet again. Thank you very much!
03/04/2019 Excellent paper, thanks again!!
03/03/2019 Excellent :)
02/27/2019 I mistakenly got the due date wrong on a paper deadline (which was the next day). HP gladly expedited the work and I was able to hand it in on time. I am relieved and very happy. Thank you sooo much!! 
02/24/2019 Excellent work, highly recommended.
02/24/2019 Timely (delivered before the deadline) and excellent work.
02/24/2019 Simply fantastic.
02/20/2019 Thank you for the fast responses and well-articulated work. I am so pleased and amazed that you could cram that much information in over 250 words. Not to mention, it flows smoothly from beginning to end. Looking forward to many more!
02/19/2019 HP is the only person I will go to on this site for now on. 
02/18/2019 Excellent work as always, and I look forward to seeing more! 
02/17/2019 HP is an extremely talented writer! He is thorough, and his attention to detail is near perfection! I will definitely keep him in mind for future projects. If you’re in need of having an essay written, or anything of the sort, HP is your guy! 
A+++++++++++  Great work!  Delivered on time and the result was above expectations.
02/14/2019 Great Paper!!!!
01/27/2019 Excellent work!
12/24/2018 Very in-depth and well structured work! perhaps the best I've come across this site!
Follows the outline if you showed one, which got looked over a couple of times by other professors so I'm very pleased (:
Would highly recommend this professor you won't regret it!
Will definately be a returner for his work.
12/20/2018 Hope you have the best chrimast hp, you deserve it:)
12/19/2018 Once again, even with a variety of tasks and format changes, HP has come to my aid; His work is elegant and inspires thought. This the must use source for unemployed professors!!!!!
12/19/2018 Once again, even with a variety of tasks and format changes, HP has come to my aid; His work is elegant and inspires thought. This the must use source for unemployed professors!!!!!
12/19/2018 Once again, even with a variety of tasks and format changes, HP has come to my aid; His work is elegant and inspires thought. This the must use source for unemployed professors!!!!!
12/16/2018 HP does it again! I got an A on my paper and my professor was very impressed by it! Thank you HP!!!
12/15/2018 Delivered excellent work!
12/13/2018 Really great paper, saved me a ton of time! The professor knew what he was writing about. Other than a few grammatical errors, the paper was almost perfect. I received a low A, which works for me! Recommended!
12/11/2018 Absolutely outstanding service!
12/10/2018 This professor not only is 100 percent plagerism free, his work is elgently written and presented well. He analzyses text material very well and is an adaptive writer. Absolutely use this professor!!!!!!!No questions asked, the best.
12/07/2018 Excellent work and writing style. Thank you for the useful tips and information. I look forward to sending many more papers your way!!!
12/06/2018 Thank you so much! It was a great essay, and did it before the due date! 
12/06/2018 I definitely recommend this professor on any research final or any paper. Went above and beyond to make sure the paper was on point, and also gave my paper to me to look over ahead of time. 
12/05/2018 Professor was helpful, but I didn't think that after paying that much I'd receive a B. 

Sorry to hear that you were disappointed. Unfortunately, it is never possible to guarantee a specific grade. There are many factors that are beyond my control. Professors often have different grading criteria. I also depend entirely on the student to provide the appropriate information, and often there are elements that are missing, or the student has failed to understand what their prof is looking for (and therefore I have no way of knowing, on my end). In any case, I always strive to provide A+ work, even if the grading professor does not agree, for whatever reason.
12/02/2018 My teacher loved the paper, spot on.  Follows instructions, easy to communicate with and does A+ work.  GOT AN A!
My go to professor, always on time and A++++++ work.

12/02/2018 Another A from HP!!! 
12/01/2018 Amazing work! Got me an A+!
12/01/2018 Worth the money!! He’s a little more expensive then other people but does a very good job got a 100% on my final exam paper!
11/29/2018 Great, and timely!
11/29/2018 Beautifully written paper!! Stayed exactly on topic and understood the concept very well. The use of the literature was appropiate yet complex. If you are doing a paper on English Literauture this is your guy!!!!! Would use again anytime. 
11/28/2018 HP communicated effectively with me and made sure the key points for the paper were answered thoroughly. Overall, HP has proven to me that he is the most competent and genuine professor on this site. A+++ Thank you, HP!
11/25/2018 Great paper, very flexible with the topic, and early with the delivery date! Would hire him again 10/10!
11/24/2018 Great job, especially in a subject that not a lot of writers on here are willing to do
11/23/2018 I only have one thing to say: this is a beautiful, original essay.

?Thanks again HP. 

11/23/2018 10/10, HP delivered to the highest standard. Easy to communicate with and work with.

11/23/2018 Really well written, I got an A. Thank you!
11/22/2018 Completed the assignment with careful attention to the instructions. Replied to messages in a friendly and timely manner. Great work! Would for sure use again. 
11/20/2018 Great, just amazing.
11/19/2018 Essay was too good! 

Expect quality results. I have to turn this prof's essay down a notch in order to appear authentic! 

At least HP completed it well before the deadline date, allowing for these modifications to be made :)
11/18/2018 Amazing work and done way before my expected deadline. 
11/17/2018 Work is always better than expected.  This prof is easy to work with and is always willing to make sure you're satisfied with the final product.  No grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors.  Highly recommended.
11/16/2018 My paper was well written and sophisticated! I got an A+ on the assignment and my professor was very impressed! It was exactly what I asked for! HP was very responsive to any questions I had and was great to work with! As a single mom working full-time HP was my life saver!!!!! I will definitely be using HP again!!
11/16/2018 My essay was written clean and professional. Next essay I have written on here I will definitely choose HP.
11/11/2018 Extremely helpful and Class A product!
11/08/2018 Another fantastic job!
11/03/2018 11/10
11/02/2018 Best prof on here:)
11/01/2018 Awesoem work! Got an A-
10/31/2018 Got a 100!!!!!!!!
10/31/2018 Got a 100.  My go to professor
10/29/2018 Very well written paper by this professor. I got an A on the paper!
10/28/2018 He did an amazing job. I asked for the paper to be handed in by midnight and he sent it to me 12 hours before to make sure I was satisfied. Amazing Job!!!
10/26/2018 Excellent paper! I did not have to make any changes, it was ready to turn it.  I would definitely choose Humanities-Portent again. 
10/26/2018 Excellent research and writing style.  No grammar or spelling errors noticed.  Turned out better than expected.  I will recommend this prof and plan to use him in the future.
10/23/2018 HP is my fave! 
10/22/2018 My essay had zero errors and was done in less than 24hrs, thank you!!
10/19/2018 HP is very understanding and replies incredibly quickly. 
10/19/2018 I highly recommend this prof, he is a fantastic writer that follows your requests and instructions well and is very helpful. I will definitely be requesting him for my next project!
10/18/2018 Great job.

10/18/2018 Awesome awesome awesome!!! Got an essay written by HP and it didn’t require correction!! Such a relief!!
10/18/2018 Very well done! Thank you for your work!
10/18/2018 the professor is amazing
10/18/2018 I wish I could give more than 10 stars. HP always delivers a top quality project.
10/16/2018 Great paper. Got good comments.
10/15/2018 Great work as always!
10/14/2018 Great work! Would choose again!
10/12/2018 Great paper, delivered before the deadline
10/11/2018 Prof did a really amazing job. I am completely satisfied with the essay I got.
10/09/2018 The author clearly took the time to read the instructions for the assignment and even asked for further details.  The returned essay met all requirements. The author recognized that the assignment was for a freshman class and wrote an essay that reflects that level of writing accordingly without being too technical in nature. The writing style reads clearly. The essay meets length requirements and points are made, it does not come across as fluffed up.
10/08/2018 Great work!
10/08/2018 My assignment is excellently done and on time. I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out. Thank you so much again for being able to complete this for me at such short notice. Your hard work is evident and very much appreciated.
I look forward to many many more in the nearest future!
10/07/2018 Great work!
10/06/2018 Great Work 
10/05/2018 Fast, delivers, and responsive
10/03/2018 My assignment was received well before the required due date. Everything was well sourced, authentic, and thorough. I highly recommend this professor and would not hesitate to hire again for future assignments! 
My go to professor!
My go to professor, never disapoints and always on time with a great paper!

08/24/2018 Puts a lot of effort to make sure you get what you want, points are clean and well written.
08/22/2018 Comparitve Politics Research paper:

I absolutely love this professor. I had a bad experience with another one so he was such relief and very reassuring. The paper was cited correctly, flowed so smoothly, and was intelligent. He really knew what he was talking about. I am so happy with my paper, I'd probably say I'd use him for everything when visiting this website.  
08/17/2018 Did a great job again despite such a short notice!! Thank you so much!
08/14/2018 I asked if the assignment could get to me a day early and it was no problem at all! When I asked for updates on how the assingment was going, he replied quickly and with detail! I would for sure hire this professor again! Great work! Very impressed with the content of this essay!
08/10/2018 Great job! Completed my essay despite a very short notice and he did a great job! Very easy to work with and good communication!
06/26/2018 A+++++++++++++++++