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03/18/2019 Fantastic, superior, Ph.D level work. I've used others in the past. This professor is the best I've had. Thank you so much for your professionalism. 
03/17/2019 Fast quality work! Very impressed. This paper used more sources than needed and wrote a concise paper in less than 4 hours
03/17/2019 I asked HP to help me with an assignment very last minute with about a days notice. He not only came through for me but got me an A even with it being a last minute request. Thanks again HP!!!!
03/17/2019 Yet another A+ from HP!!!! HP is by far the best professor on here! Papers are always well written and always meets the requirements. Always get the completed project early and with enough time to make any changes (which is rare). Thanks HP!!!!!!
03/09/2019 My professor decided to change things last minute and HP did an awesome job editing and changing. Great job! Thanks so much!!
03/08/2019 My assignment was well done and all requirements were met. Thanks again!!
03/06/2019 This guy is insane, he got me perfect score over and over again. 
03/04/2019 Perfection!! Thanks again for your excellent work. I am excited to hand this in. Have a great day!
03/04/2019 Excellent work yet again. Thank you very much!
03/04/2019 Excellent paper, thanks again!!
03/03/2019 Excellent :)
02/27/2019 I mistakenly got the due date wrong on a paper deadline (which was the next day). HP gladly expedited the work and I was able to hand it in on time. I am relieved and very happy. Thank you sooo much!! 
02/24/2019 Excellent work, highly recommended.
02/24/2019 Timely (delivered before the deadline) and excellent work.
02/24/2019 Simply fantastic.
02/20/2019 Thank you for the fast responses and well-articulated work. I am so pleased and amazed that you could cram that much information in over 250 words. Not to mention, it flows smoothly from beginning to end. Looking forward to many more!
02/19/2019 HP is the only person I will go to on this site for now on. 
02/18/2019 Excellent work as always, and I look forward to seeing more! 
02/17/2019 HP is an extremely talented writer! He is thorough, and his attention to detail is near perfection! I will definitely keep him in mind for future projects. If you’re in need of having an essay written, or anything of the sort, HP is your guy! 
A+++++++++++  Great work!  Delivered on time and the result was above expectations.
02/14/2019 Great Paper!!!!
01/27/2019 Excellent work!
12/24/2018 Very in-depth and well structured work! perhaps the best I've come across this site!
Follows the outline if you showed one, which got looked over a couple of times by other professors so I'm very pleased (:
Would highly recommend this professor you won't regret it!
Will definately be a returner for his work.
12/20/2018 Hope you have the best chrimast hp, you deserve it:)
12/19/2018 Once again, even with a variety of tasks and format changes, HP has come to my aid; His work is elegant and inspires thought. This the must use source for unemployed professors!!!!!
12/19/2018 Once again, even with a variety of tasks and format changes, HP has come to my aid; His work is elegant and inspires thought. This the must use source for unemployed professors!!!!!
12/19/2018 Once again, even with a variety of tasks and format changes, HP has come to my aid; His work is elegant and inspires thought. This the must use source for unemployed professors!!!!!
12/16/2018 HP does it again! I got an A on my paper and my professor was very impressed by it! Thank you HP!!!
12/15/2018 Delivered excellent work!
12/13/2018 Really great paper, saved me a ton of time! The professor knew what he was writing about. Other than a few grammatical errors, the paper was almost perfect. I received a low A, which works for me! Recommended!
12/11/2018 Absolutely outstanding service!
12/10/2018 This professor not only is 100 percent plagerism free, his work is elgently written and presented well. He analzyses text material very well and is an adaptive writer. Absolutely use this professor!!!!!!!No questions asked, the best.
12/07/2018 Excellent work and writing style. Thank you for the useful tips and information. I look forward to sending many more papers your way!!!
12/06/2018 Thank you so much! It was a great essay, and did it before the due date! 
12/06/2018 I definitely recommend this professor on any research final or any paper. Went above and beyond to make sure the paper was on point, and also gave my paper to me to look over ahead of time. 
12/05/2018 Professor was helpful, but I didn't think that after paying that much I'd receive a B. 

Sorry to hear that you were disappointed. Unfortunately, it is never possible to guarantee a specific grade. There are many factors that are beyond my control. Professors often have different grading criteria. I also depend entirely on the student to provide the appropriate information, and often there are elements that are missing, or the student has failed to understand what their prof is looking for (and therefore I have no way of knowing, on my end). In any case, I always strive to provide A+ work, even if the grading professor does not agree, for whatever reason.
12/02/2018 My teacher loved the paper, spot on.  Follows instructions, easy to communicate with and does A+ work.  GOT AN A!
My go to professor, always on time and A++++++ work.

12/02/2018 Another A from HP!!! 
12/01/2018 Amazing work! Got me an A+!
12/01/2018 Worth the money!! He’s a little more expensive then other people but does a very good job got a 100% on my final exam paper!
11/29/2018 Great, and timely!
11/29/2018 Beautifully written paper!! Stayed exactly on topic and understood the concept very well. The use of the literature was appropiate yet complex. If you are doing a paper on English Literauture this is your guy!!!!! Would use again anytime. 
11/28/2018 HP communicated effectively with me and made sure the key points for the paper were answered thoroughly. Overall, HP has proven to me that he is the most competent and genuine professor on this site. A+++ Thank you, HP!
11/25/2018 Great paper, very flexible with the topic, and early with the delivery date! Would hire him again 10/10!
11/24/2018 Great job, especially in a subject that not a lot of writers on here are willing to do
11/23/2018 I only have one thing to say: this is a beautiful, original essay.

?Thanks again HP. 

11/23/2018 10/10, HP delivered to the highest standard. Easy to communicate with and work with.

11/23/2018 Really well written, I got an A. Thank you!
11/22/2018 Completed the assignment with careful attention to the instructions. Replied to messages in a friendly and timely manner. Great work! Would for sure use again. 
11/20/2018 Great, just amazing.
11/19/2018 Essay was too good! 

Expect quality results. I have to turn this prof's essay down a notch in order to appear authentic! 

At least HP completed it well before the deadline date, allowing for these modifications to be made :)
11/18/2018 Amazing work and done way before my expected deadline. 
11/17/2018 Work is always better than expected.  This prof is easy to work with and is always willing to make sure you're satisfied with the final product.  No grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors.  Highly recommended.
11/16/2018 My paper was well written and sophisticated! I got an A+ on the assignment and my professor was very impressed! It was exactly what I asked for! HP was very responsive to any questions I had and was great to work with! As a single mom working full-time HP was my life saver!!!!! I will definitely be using HP again!!
11/16/2018 My essay was written clean and professional. Next essay I have written on here I will definitely choose HP.
11/11/2018 Extremely helpful and Class A product!
11/08/2018 Another fantastic job!
11/03/2018 11/10
11/02/2018 Best prof on here:)
11/01/2018 Awesoem work! Got an A-
10/31/2018 Got a 100!!!!!!!!
10/31/2018 Got a 100.  My go to professor
10/29/2018 Very well written paper by this professor. I got an A on the paper!
10/28/2018 He did an amazing job. I asked for the paper to be handed in by midnight and he sent it to me 12 hours before to make sure I was satisfied. Amazing Job!!!
10/26/2018 Excellent paper! I did not have to make any changes, it was ready to turn it.  I would definitely choose Humanities-Portent again. 
10/26/2018 Excellent research and writing style.  No grammar or spelling errors noticed.  Turned out better than expected.  I will recommend this prof and plan to use him in the future.
10/23/2018 HP is my fave! 
10/22/2018 My essay had zero errors and was done in less than 24hrs, thank you!!
10/19/2018 HP is very understanding and replies incredibly quickly. 
10/19/2018 I highly recommend this prof, he is a fantastic writer that follows your requests and instructions well and is very helpful. I will definitely be requesting him for my next project!
10/18/2018 Great job.

10/18/2018 Awesome awesome awesome!!! Got an essay written by HP and it didn’t require correction!! Such a relief!!
10/18/2018 Very well done! Thank you for your work!
10/18/2018 the professor is amazing
10/18/2018 I wish I could give more than 10 stars. HP always delivers a top quality project.
10/16/2018 Great paper. Got good comments.
10/15/2018 Great work as always!
10/14/2018 Great work! Would choose again!
10/12/2018 Great paper, delivered before the deadline
10/11/2018 Prof did a really amazing job. I am completely satisfied with the essay I got.
10/09/2018 The author clearly took the time to read the instructions for the assignment and even asked for further details.  The returned essay met all requirements. The author recognized that the assignment was for a freshman class and wrote an essay that reflects that level of writing accordingly without being too technical in nature. The writing style reads clearly. The essay meets length requirements and points are made, it does not come across as fluffed up.
10/08/2018 Great work!
10/08/2018 My assignment is excellently done and on time. I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out. Thank you so much again for being able to complete this for me at such short notice. Your hard work is evident and very much appreciated.
I look forward to many many more in the nearest future!
10/07/2018 Great work!
10/06/2018 Great Work 
10/05/2018 Fast, delivers, and responsive
10/03/2018 My assignment was received well before the required due date. Everything was well sourced, authentic, and thorough. I highly recommend this professor and would not hesitate to hire again for future assignments! 
My go to professor!
My go to professor, never disapoints and always on time with a great paper!

08/24/2018 Puts a lot of effort to make sure you get what you want, points are clean and well written.
08/22/2018 Comparitve Politics Research paper:

I absolutely love this professor. I had a bad experience with another one so he was such relief and very reassuring. The paper was cited correctly, flowed so smoothly, and was intelligent. He really knew what he was talking about. I am so happy with my paper, I'd probably say I'd use him for everything when visiting this website.  
08/17/2018 Did a great job again despite such a short notice!! Thank you so much!
08/14/2018 I asked if the assignment could get to me a day early and it was no problem at all! When I asked for updates on how the assingment was going, he replied quickly and with detail! I would for sure hire this professor again! Great work! Very impressed with the content of this essay!
08/10/2018 Great job! Completed my essay despite a very short notice and he did a great job! Very easy to work with and good communication!
06/26/2018 A+++++++++++++++++
06/26/2018 So bad this website doesn't allow me to give 100 stars. 
06/26/2018 Professor HP will never let you down. Super nice and communicative. 
06/18/2018 Professor HP is a true life saver.  His work is of impecable quality and on time with time to spare.  Professor HP nailed the instructions I gave him to the T! Truly awesome, He is a must use!
06/10/2018 amazing work.
05/31/2018 The professor followed the syllabus down to the letter plus more. Completed the project before the due date with a good allowance on time. He also contacted me when he had a question about the project instead of just doing it on his own. The work is done perfectly and really looks like an honor student did it if not a professor. 
05/15/2018 Did a fantastic job on my final year political science essay. On time and of great quality! Legend.
05/08/2018 Fantastic job. Got it done earlier at my request and followed the project requirements perfectly! 10/10
04/30/2018 Greatr work and prompt service.  Would defintely use again
04/29/2018 Awesome work and delivered before the due date 
04/27/2018 I would have given him 100 stars if that's doable. 
04/27/2018 Got me 10/10 again. Professor HP never let you down. 
04/27/2018 The best ghostwriter you can ever find on this website. Period. 
04/27/2018 I've been using this website for 2 years. And Professor HP has never disappointed me once. The best ghostwriter you can find on this website. Period. 
03/27/2018 a class!
03/20/2018 Amazing. Very well written. Would highly recommend. 
03/08/2018 Humanities-Portent is the best! The writing was fluid, eloquent, and the argument was well-formulated. I haven't recieved my grade for the paper yet but after reviewing it can't imagine it being anything less than an A. I only had to make a few minor edits on misspelled words or punctuation but otherwise it was great work. He also was able to have it done well before my deadline so I could look over it. This is the professor to use for your project no question.  
03/07/2018 Really great Professor was willing to work with me and produce the paper a little before the deadline. Will definitely use him in the future. 
02/15/2018 If you want a stress free experience, then you need to hire H.P. to do your project. The assignment is always on time (if not early) and always what I wanted. Talented writer.
My go to professor NEVER disappoints always A+++++ work.  You would be disappointed.
02/13/2018 I posted the wrong date on when my paper was due. Humanties went the extra mile a completed my paper anyway so that I could turn it in on time. The paper was great! Highly recommended!
02/12/2018 H.P. always goes above and beyond with his work and I swear he's a mind reader! Wonder job and the only professor I trust with my projects. You won't be disappointed with his work. 
02/11/2018 Good job. 
02/04/2018 Amazing as always. You can't go wrong by picking HP as your writer. 
02/04/2018 Amazing as always. You can't go wrong by picking HP as your writer. 
02/02/2018 What can I say? HP is amazing. He's worked on several projects for me and each time he blows me away with his skills. Impressive is an understatement. I'll never use anyone else but HP for all my projects. 
02/01/2018 HP is the best! Always on time and always outstanding work. 
Went above and beyond on this project!  Made an A on it.  THANKS! 
01/30/2018 Can't say enough good things about this professor.  Will never disappoint A+ everytime.
01/30/2018 Will never disappoint!  My go to professor!
12/19/2017 Outstanding work, I received 100% on the paper.
12/14/2017 I had a book review due after thanksgiving and hadnt even read the 500 page biography! so I decide to give this website a try and he was my first essay through unemployed professors. My professor was really impressed with the book review and I got an A! At first I was a little scared of plagarism but everythyng was original and very well written. Will be using him soon!
12/12/2017 I have been working with Professor HP for a year now. He has never disappointed me. He's the kindest and most skillful writer you can ever find on this website. 
12/06/2017 Absolutely amazing! The professor is really nice and willing to communicate. He even integrates my professor's advice given in the middle of his work. Will definitely cooperate with him again!
12/03/2017 Always the best. 
12/02/2017 Incredibly knowledgeable and helpful professor. Highly recommend him and his quality work. Will definitely use him again.
12/01/2017 Would give 11/10 if i could, absolutely amazing!
11/29/2017 This guy is the absolute best out of anyone. I've used this site a few times and I have had a couple of bad papers come off here but never from this guy. He is always consistent and very thourough. Would always recommend. 

Waited until I received the grade for the paper written by this professor before reviewing – good job, graded above a Pass. Was well written and structured. I will be using this professor again in the future! :oD


11/21/2017 Amazing work. The best on this website. 
I have used others on this site, no one compares.  Quality work, follows instructions and on time.  Great to commuicate with!

11/16/2017 Great professor, will use everytime!

11/16/2017 A+ work, follows instructions and delivers quaility work ON TIME! Everytime!
11/16/2017 You won't be disapointed A+ work everytime!
My go to professor, I won't use anyone else! 
11/15/2017 Incredible and on time
11/06/2017 Amazing work and the communication was great, i recommend HP to everyone looking for a quality paper :)
11/06/2017 Fantastic work, Got an "A" on the paper. I highly recommend using Humanities-Portent for your next paper.
11/05/2017 HP did a great job with my project, far exceeding my expectations. There was a small bump with the time frame but HP stayed in contact and delivered an amazing paper.
Ahead of schedule and A++++ work.

On time, quality work as always! 
10/26/2017 Will never disappoint, professional, on time and A+++++++ work.  My go to professor, I have used others on this site and none compare.  You will not be disapointed!
Never disappoint, my go to professor always on time and A+ work.  easy to commuicate with.

10/17/2017 Another A on this paper! 

Thanks for doing an outstanding job, as usual! 

My #1 go to professor!
10/17/2017 Got an A on my paper, as usual. Best professor ever!
10/16/2017 HP is always wonderful and on time. He is the only Prof on here I trust with important assignments. 
10/16/2017 You need a quality professor to write your essay? HP is the one you'll want. I've never been disppointed with the quality of work received, and neither have my markers.
10/16/2017 Fantastic work as always! Thanks you, HP, for another high-distinction.
10/13/2017  I have no complaints.Humanities-Portent did a terrific job and all instructions were followed. The research paper was delivered before the due date. Working with this Professor was smooth and I would gladly use him again.
10/12/2017 Excellent writer! delivered exactly what I needed in the time frame I had. A++++
10/12/2017 Highly recommend!  EXCELLENT always A+ work, on time and follows instructions :)

10/06/2017 Will never disappoint!  A* every single time, I have used this professor on many many projects.  Will continue to use, I have used other professors and no one compares.  You will not be disapointed, great work, great communicaton and always on time.

10/03/2017 A++++++++++++++++ will not disappoint!

09/26/2017 My go to professor NEVER disappoints A++++++
Will never disappoint A every time!

Will not disapoint!  My go to professor EVERYTIME gets an A.
09/10/2017 My go to profressor, never disapoints.  A++++++++++++++ always.  Thank you.

My favorite professor, always delivers A+++++++++ work. 
09/06/2017 Most recent work by HP scored me two high-distinction-grade marks. Love it. Looking forward to working with HP again soon. You won't be disappointed by any work you have this professor do for you.
08/29/2017 My second time working with this prof - great work....well researched and written, and good communication during the process....overall would highly recommend
08/07/2017 On time, well-researched, and well-written....can't ask for much else. 
07/26/2017 HP is an absolutely wonderful writer. Another great paper this semester. I definitely recommend if you want an "A".
07/23/2017 Thank you so much Humanities-Portent! With only a few short days to write my philosophical issues paper with very loose prompt Humanities-Portent delievered a beautiful crafted paper. There were a few grammartical errors, but nothing a quick read through could not fix! The jargon was perfectly on point and the sources were well used. I will definitely be using Humanities-Portent again for future projects!
07/22/2017 DId not follow the directions and paper was not what I requested. I now have to write the paper myself.

The client did not provide proper instructions for the project and then wanted a re-write for free. When given the opportunity to provide better instructions and clarify for revisions, s/he did not respond, and instead chose to leave negative feedback.
Another great paper! This professor is amazing and I will definitely use again. Thank you for another wonderful paper.
07/15/2017 Great essay with detailed explanation!
Thank you
07/11/2017 Used this prof for many assignments and have nothing bad to say.  Great work and always on time!
07/11/2017 This is the second paper HP has done for me and they have both been outstanding. Will definitely use in the future. Thanks again for another awesome paper.
06/30/2017 Proofread with amendments delivered at short notice. 
06/12/2017 Proofread, edited and improved my essay in a smart and timely manner. Highly recommended! 
05/31/2017 No fuss; just extremely professional with an excellent product. Highly recommended. 
05/24/2017 Absolutely outstanding experience. Humanitties-Portent produced a beautifully crafted paper that perfectly addressed every requirement. He/She (Alien? Supreme Being?) was attentive, thorough, and asked all the right questions. The paper was delivered on time and properly formatted.

One point of advice for anyone requesting papers. No matter how good your writer is, the success of your paper is highly dependent on how well you write your requirements document. The information and instruction you provide is crucial to allowing the writer to adequetely assess, plan, and execute your paper. Without establishing clear expectations, you will not receive what you expect to receive. Spend at least 15 minutes really writing the requirements doc. This will enable the writer to do the best possible job for you.
05/13/2017 This dude is awesome.
05/07/2017 I haven't had my prof look over the paper yet, but even just reading it over, I can tell that this paper is leagues ahead of any other paper that I received from this website.
If there are any issues/edits to be made, he is more than willing to work with you until you are satisfied with the product!
05/04/2017 Got me an A on my course highly recommend and will look for again
05/04/2017 It was everything that was required and more than expected. I am so impressed with everything and how the paper turned out. Next assignment, I will most definitely keep this professor in mind. He is more than qualified!
05/03/2017 Above and beyond.  Highly recommend
05/02/2017 Got a B on my paper, a few corrections, otherwise satisfactory.
05/02/2017 On February 15th, I chose Humanities-Portent to write the most important research paper for the semester & he was given until April 01st to complete it. I gave CLEAR details of exact requirements for doing so.

I got a C- on my paper! Comments that were left by my professor stated it was not organized, jumps from topic to topic, there were SEVERAL corrections as far as wording, & the works cited isn't in MLA format (which was one of the requirements I also made perfectly clear) 

I paid $175.00 for a C-
Disappointed to say the least.

05/01/2017 Really well done and completed on time.  Exactly what I asked for.
05/01/2017 English Lit 101 - Paper 

Communication 10 /10
Writing Quality    10/10
Errorfree             10/10

His bid was higher than other profs, but I didn't want to risk it on a  3 page paper that was due within 3 days. Unfortunately, he became ill, but worked with me to ensure that I was satsfied. I would highly recommend working with him because he takes pride in his penship. Overall I received 86/100, which was lower than what he expected. I ended up with an A.  

Thanks HP!
04/28/2017 Excellent once again. Swift, professional + understanding in dealing with all criteria that are posed to him. I would 100% recommend anyone using this service for the 1st or 100th time to use HP for their assignments.
04/26/2017 Great Job
04/25/2017 This paper was very poorly written, not something that should have been paid for. The professor asked for more time as well, and the result did not refelct that any extra time was put into it. The paper was written in Cambria, not times new roman, making the paper page length a whole page less when converted to the approrpiate font. USE ANOTHER PROFESSOR.

Nonsense. The client left negative feedback before receiving the grade--which very likely was an A. Some students literally cannot tell the difference between excellent writing and poor writing!
04/25/2017 Well written essay but my professor said that the content didn't align with the assignment he gave us so I got a 72%.... I could've gotten a better grade if I did it myself. 
04/23/2017 Received a 91 overall on my final paper. Professor was in contact within due time and delivered decent work. Would possibly consider again for future projects.
04/23/2017 I got a B the profs work was well done. It was for a law class so it's hard to get more than that without actually going to the classes and understanding what the prof really wants. Overall I'd pick him over the other profs I've used and is the only one that has got a B or above.
04/22/2017 well done. fast turnaround. Humanities-Portent is the only prof I trust. 
04/21/2017 He exceeded my expectations, kept in contact with me the whole time he was writing my essay, asked me to provide him with the notes and sources I wanted him to use and drivered a beautifully written piece of work. Thank you so much
04/19/2017 Very good service highly satisfactory 
04/18/2017 Thanks!
04/16/2017 Excellent work