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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
02/12/2015 Fantastic work, thank you again!
12/03/2014 Bid 5 days on the project.  Completed the project in 10 days.  The paper was way late and past the due date.  The professor submitted a document that was not complete and incorrect.  When questioned he stated he sent the wrong paper, and then followed up with another document stating this was the correct one.  When attempting to open the new document it was "corrupt".  When following up for a legitimate file he kept resending the same corrupt document.  After two attempts of sending the same corrupt document he no longer responded to any requests to provide the completed work.  I ended up with the initial paper that was plagiarized and did not cover any of the objectives for the paper request.

I have used this site about 10 times now and have had no other issues with any other professors, but this one.  I made the mistake of hitting the pay professor button without fully reviewing the intial work submitted as I have used the site multiple times with no issues.

11/25/2014 Quality of work was good.  My paper was done in a very short time. Though revisions were needed, the turn-around for those revisions were incredibly quick (measured in hours to a single day).  I am quite impressed and will definitely keep this instructor in mind for future projects.
11/18/2014 A+
11/18/2014 A+
11/14/2014 This essay clearly satisfied the request that was asked and really went above and beyond ! excellent work. I was interested while reading it and I find health care very uninteresting. best money i've spent
11/13/2014 Biology-Bum delivered such a thorough and clear essay. While I was unsure if his/her biology background would limit the ability to write a historical analysis, this was one of the best papers I've recieved. On time and well done. 
11/12/2014 My first time using this service so I dont have any other professors to compare Biology-Bum to but the work was all done extremely fast and extremely well in my opinion. I think it was a bit pricey but nonehteless very nice work. 
11/12/2014 Great Job as always!
11/10/2014 Outstanding Work!!!
11/09/2014 The paper was exactly what I had envisioned. Also, thank you for delivering it in a speedy manner. I am very impressed.
11/09/2014 Awesome work. Followed the criteria exactly as specified and did even more than expected. I could really see a lot of effort was put into it.
11/02/2014 Works quickly and the work is always top notch.
10/31/2014 Perfect!
10/30/2014 Appreciate the effort put into it.  A little later than deadline, but no complaints about the writing   Easy to reach.
10/30/2014 Great paper.  Received an A.
10/29/2014 Assignment was completed extremely fast especially given the short time frame. Great work!
10/29/2014 Great Job!!
10/28/2014 Great job by Professor,

Prompt and stayed in communication with status.
10/28/2014 Did exacly what i wanted and did it within a small time frame, even though BB is more of a science guy. Biology-Bum writes, analysis and deconstructs an essay quite well. 

thank you. 
10/25/2014 great work!
10/23/2014 Biology - Bum went above and beyond on my assignment and recommend this professor when it comes to reports. Even with a looming deadline and a short time span to get the report done Biology-Bum completed the report with more than enough time for me to revise the work if needed.
10/23/2014 Awesome work always an A+
10/16/2014 Lifesaver
10/15/2014 A lot better than I had expected. Thanks!
10/13/2014 Excellent job! very good! thank you!
10/13/2014 Outstanding work, very impressed thanks!
10/13/2014 Produces a very well written paper based on requirements and is always avilable to give updates. 
10/12/2014 Biology Bum did a fantastic job on my final research summary paper!!! Highly recommended!!!!
10/11/2014 Great Job!! As  always!!
10/11/2014 Biology-Bum, you are awesome!!!!  Exactly what I needed way before the deadline and sent me a intro to make sure you were on the right path, thank you so much.  Highly recommend! 
10/09/2014 Excellent work. Followed detailed directions exactly as requested! Will use again!
10/03/2014 This Guy Gets the job done
10/02/2014 Awesome job, hit it out of the park!
10/01/2014 Great Job!!
10/01/2014 Great Job!!
09/25/2014 Perfect as always!!
09/23/2014 great!
09/20/2014 Had the paper done way faster than expected.
09/19/2014 Biology Bum wrote a 5 page research paper for me that was simply impeccable! Great communication throughout the entire process. BB rocks!
09/18/2014 Biology Bum comes through everytime! For any of your writting needs, count on Biology Bum for a great paper delivered even before your dealine. 
09/17/2014 Great Job as always!!
09/12/2014 Perfect as always!
09/10/2014 Bum did great work on some math problems, made corrections where needed. Easy going and nice to work with. Received an A on my assignment.
09/06/2014 Biology Bum always comes through with excellent written papers!!! Makes it happen regardless of the lead time given. Highly Recommended!!!!  
09/05/2014 Perfect Job as always!!
09/04/2014 Great Job! as always!!
09/03/2014 Once again Biology Bum delivers another outstanding paper! Don't let the "Biology" in the name worry you. Any paper, any topic, any time!!!
08/27/2014 Biology Bum delivers excellence yet again! Never disappoints!!!!!!
08/27/2014 Completed an interested and indepth presentation for me and completed it to spec. Very pleased. Will use him again.
08/25/2014 The alias Biology-Bum can be misdirecting. I took a bet with my hotel management assignment and the report by the Professor was astounding. All criterias such as the formats and word count are met. Thank you for your service, Professor.
08/21/2014 Thanks alot, I will try and learn as much as I can from the brilliant essay you have provided.
08/19/2014 Always does a great job and is super fast!!
08/10/2014 BB did a great job communicating with me about my project and even gave me a couple options to choose from.  Like others this was a business paper and all I can say is don't let the name fool you.  Highly recommend and will consider in the future!
08/07/2014 Great Job! as always!!
08/02/2014 Great paper! Met every expectation!
08/01/2014 Great Job!!
07/31/2014 I wasnt sure how a Biology -Bum was going to do on a terrorism related assignment. NAILED it! Fast!! Great work with references!!! Thank You!!!
07/26/2014 Great communication! Finished assignment on-time. Great work! Will defininitely contact for future assignments!
07/26/2014 Great communication! Finished assignment on-time. Great work! Will defininitely contact for future assignments!
07/26/2014 Great communication! Finished assignment on-time. Great work! Will defininitely contact for future assignments!
07/26/2014 Great communication! Finished assignment on-time. Great work! Will defininitely contact for future assignments!
07/25/2014 another solid paper....100% Thanks! I really like how I am checked with periodically on the progress and he will let me read some of it before it's finished so I can make sure it is going in the correct direction.
07/25/2014 Amazing! Completed on time with great results! 
07/25/2014 Project was delivered on time and completed Perfectly. A+ Biology-Bum is the real deal
07/24/2014 Great Job as always!! Thank you!
07/24/2014 Another amazing paper! I don't know what I will do if I didn't have biology bum here for me. Summer semester is going so smooth for me. All As!!
07/23/2014 Great jobas always and ahead of schedule!! 
Thank You!
07/22/2014 100% better than my last experience in here. I got 100% grade with this professor, while the other professor I got 60%.
I recommend him than the other. 

Ps. Price with him is negotiable, which really satisfy me.
07/19/2014 The best professor.
07/18/2014 Great Job!! As always!
07/16/2014 Great Job!!
07/16/2014 My paper was PERFECTION! It was awesome! Definitely choose him!
07/16/2014 This prof is a god send.  Quick, helpful, and responsive, he/she produced an excellent end product that went above and beyond what I asked for.  Fielded questions after the project's completion as well.  Would give 6 out of 5 stars any day.
07/13/2014 Outstanding work... 
07/12/2014 Outstanding work, completed quickly.  I highly recommend!
07/12/2014 Took the money without finishing the project. Bid for 5-7 pages and bibliography edits. Only did half a page and bibliography edits. The half page of original material was never revised to reflect my recommendations. "Professor" repeatedly submitted small edits that sounded like a non-native english speaker. They had very strange syntax and vocabulary choice. I suspect this whole site is a scam. There is no way this person is a professor. I am fairly certain this person did not even finish an undergrad degree.
07/11/2014 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I got an amazing paper in less than 12 hours for my Psychology class. It was personalized and not just telling a story like a lot of papers you might get from a site like this. A++ THANK YOU BIOLOGY BUM!!!!
07/10/2014 Great Job! Thank You!!
07/10/2014 BB is highly recommended, the work he submits is top notch, many thanks for your help.
07/09/2014 Great Job!! Thank you!
06/29/2014 I highly recommend Biology -Bum. Outstanding results I will use his services again.
06/26/2014 Extreamely satisfied!
The writer completed a very well laid out professional paper. Thanks so very much.
06/25/2014 Another great work completed, a high felxibility to work with, quick responce, and delivers on time.
Definitily I next assignment will be with professor "Biology-Bum" (if needed)
06/25/2014 Great work
06/23/2014 Beautifully written papers is all this Professor can produce, so if you don't want an A, I recommend you find another Unemployed Professor. BB will forever be my sciency guardian angel!!!
06/23/2014 Solid work, and gave me time to spend acclimating to a new job! Thanks BB!
06/23/2014 BB isn't even a IT major, yet he created a document so full of information on network architecture it blew me away. I was expecting a C paper at best, but I think the product he delivered will  be an A for sure (if I were using it for anything other than...uhh...research that is). Thanks BB you are an impressive individual!
06/23/2014 BB is by far the most dependable professor on this website. He was ridiculously fast and churned out paper after paper like a machine. I think he saved my grad and I honestly doubt I'll ever use any other professor on the site.

Thanks a Million BB!
06/18/2014 The work completed was excellent and it was completed way before the deadline.
06/08/2014 Quality work with a quick turn-around! Communication was top notch during the process of completing the project, drfts were posted for review, and there was immene attention to detail! I'm about to commision another project and I hope BB can do it. You'll be in good hands(to those considering)
06/03/2014  I am completely smitten with this website now and Biology-Bum is an asset to the site. The work was well thought out and exactly what I asked for. This Professor did an excellent job with my project. Great work.

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