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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
01/25/2016 Went through multiple drafts to write a great application essay for me. Really friendly and communicative! Choose TE for all your needs. :)
07/18/2015 Great!
07/18/2015 Best one here!
07/08/2015 Assignment was on time and they did a really great job with my paper. 
04/02/2015 The best one in this league. Sometimes he is too busy, and can't take on my projects, and I notice the difference in the quality of work, and then in my grades. Never received less than "A" with this guy!
02/18/2015 Thoreauly-Educated did a excellent job for this assigement fixing all the problems we have to deal with and the communication was really good always answering straight away even with the time diference. Best professor I worked with in this website so far. I highly recommend choosing Thoreauly Educated.
12/03/2014 Super excellent!
12/03/2014 Super excellent!
12/03/2014 Super excellent!
12/03/2014 Super excellent!
12/03/2014 Super excellent!
12/03/2014 Super excellent!
12/03/2014 Super excellent!
12/03/2014 Super excellent!
11/23/2014 Without a doubt, essay was perfect! my teacher gave me an excellant grade!
10/27/2014 Best writer ever!
10/10/2014 Excellent!
08/26/2014 Couldnt ask for a better paper! It was well written, on time and he worked with me. This professor works so fast and it'squality work. If you go with this professor I promise you wont go wrong. He's on it!
08/26/2014 Another "A"! I dont know how he does it but its awesome!
08/26/2014 I have used this site for many papers and I would have to say this is my go-to guy. He went above and beyond what I needed. This professor rocks!
08/26/2014 This professor is on it! If you want your project done right go with this professor! 
08/11/2014 Professor T.E.  is an  exceptonally skilled writer and  produced a  well researched paper. He presented his arguemens in a clear, logical and creative way. I would not hesitate to use his services again.

08/07/2014 My go to professor! Highly recommend!!!
08/07/2014 Simply the best. Great communication and awesome writer. Highly recommend!
08/03/2014 Amazing work!
Very satisfied... Professor Thoreauly-Educated completed a very well laid out professional paper. Thanks so very much!
07/24/2014 Did an excellent job with a quick turnaround. My go-to! You will get nothing but the best from T.E – I highly recommend. 
07/15/2014 Amazing job (as per usual)!! :) Thank you so much for everything, TE! Couldn't be happier with the outcome! :) 

07/14/2014 Once again I am very happy.No disappointments from TE.Highly recommended.No regrets
07/14/2014 TE has done it again!! Truly an amazing job, and very thorough! I couldn't be more greatful for all your help!! 

If you want an awesome essay written by someone who actually cares about doing a great job, TE is your professor!
07/14/2014 What an awesome job!! Thank you so much once again, TE! Highly recommended!!!
07/07/2014 Thoreauly-Educated Did an absolutely outstanding job on my assignment. Not only did it score 100/100 but it was longer than I requested and well worth every penny ( which by the way was cheaper than other Bids). My assignment was completed within the allotted time and the instructor was quick to respond to messages and welcomed any feedback I had. Thoreauly-Educated will be my go-to professor for any future assignments. Highly Recommended
07/06/2014 sorrry just doing this now! but you did amazing thanks so much !
07/04/2014 Absolutely amazing work that was turned in even a sooner than expected!! I couldn't have asked for more! TE is an excellent writer and is a very pleasant person to work with!! Thanks for all your hard work!!
07/01/2014 Awesome work! Will use again.
06/28/2014 TE,

Thanks again for taking on my project, way better than expected for the results.  I will use you again in the future.
This is my first time using this site and I will recommend to others in need, 
06/25/2014 Beyond impressed!!! Thoreauly-educated has turned around 5 papers for me now and all of them top notch and ahead of schedule. if you are lucky enough for him to bid on your work its a no brainer, choose him.
06/22/2014 Thoreauly-Educated is a great writer. Highly recommended, no regrets for sure.Excellent communication.
06/22/2014 Just wanted you to know that the Opec Paper got a 100%!!!!!!!!  Could not have done it without you and it ensured an A in the class (it was worth 35% of the total grade).  You are an exceptionally talented writer and I will most certainly be using you again. A 100 from this Professor says something since you know what I've been through with her!!!
06/13/2014 I was very impressed by the quality of the essay. It was not totally free from errors (sadly, it seems that no essay purchased through this or any service is), but it was overall of a very high quality. The provider was very responsive and delivered the essay before the deadline. I would definitely consider using this provider again.
06/04/2014 Excellent Work, Excellent Communication, and on time: Overall Outstanding ******5 Stars*****!!!
06/04/2014 TE provides exceptional work time and time again. If you're looking for quality work from a person with a vast wealth of knowledge, look no further than TE!

05/31/2014 This was and incredible paper. Not only did he notice the assignment was a couple pages longer than what I had requested and did the work of his own volition, he made a very broad prompt into a sepcified, thorough essay and used incredible sources (including pictures). I also really appreciated the format of his work as well. Don't hesitate in picking this professor !! He'll get you an A 
05/27/2014 Thoreauly-Educated is an amazing writer... I know this because we had a challenging re-write due to a professor on some type of ego trip.  T-E not only delivered a great re-write she took the time to stay in contact with me through the whole process and delivered the paper back to us in record time.  She actually had 5 or more days before the paper was due... incredible.  I would definately reccommend her to anyone needing a well written A+ paper!!!!  Thank you again for all of your expertise and for understanding "our" situation!  
05/26/2014 The finished project was above and beyond my expectations. Not only was it delivered days ahead of schedule, but it was also garnered an A+ Grade. 
05/22/2014 Great job!!! Really appreciate TE help. His professionalism and experience make him great professor to work with. Quality of my paper was outstanding. Thank you
05/20/2014 Thoreauly-Educated saved the day!! He/she took my project on that was due the next day and wrote such a sophisticated and thorough essay. I couldn't praise Thoreauly-educated more and if you have a project, pick this professor! 
05/13/2014 Thoreauly-Educated really did a fantastic job!  I was in a bind and needed the assignment done quickly, not only did he deliver it early, but he bought the book required for this assignment too!  My paper looks amazing and he followed every guideline I set, as well as anymore i asked of him after he accepted the assignment!  I really loved that he responds to my e-mails within 5 or 10 minutes!  
05/12/2014 Another Outstanding project completed in record time! I am now ready for publication with extreme confidence! 
05/12/2014 5-Stars All Day Long! Hit it out of the Park! Amazing ability to accomplish everything needed, even when tasked seconds before the closing bell sounded!
05/11/2014 This is a great professor! He wrote me an A paper fast and on-time. Dont be skeptical of him by the lack of reviews, he is a new professor on this site. Definitely one of the best one out there! I will be working with him again for sure.

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