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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
04/03/2018 Felix did a great job on a very challenging Masters Thesis topic outside of his area of expertise. He put in many more hours of work than originally expected and worked very diligently despite the massive amount of information that he had to process to make up his gaps in knowledge. I don't think any of the professors here would have had as much initiative to dive into a lightly researched area in a highly specialized topic, educate themselves on the basics of the field, look far and wide for the very few books available regarding the topic and then formulate and flesh out an original thesis. The deadlines were cut very close, and I did have to ask for an extension, but the end result was a good pass and recognition for making new contributions to the field. 

Thank you so much Felix-write-a-matic, I hope you have recovered from all those sleepless nights to help me make my deadline!

Highly recommended, he is in high demand for a reason.
02/25/2018 My Professor was very thorough and open to communication. He asked relevant questions and made requested changes without hesitant. He went above and beyond to ensure that what I turned it was top notch. 
02/06/2018 This was a last minute assignment that was going to determine my final grade! He/she exceeded all expections by thoroghly following directions and completeing the assignemt on time. THANK YOU! You saved my life and I passed my class! 
02/04/2018 Professional... timely... perfect!!!
01/12/2018 He was extremely helpful with communication on the assignment and revising any segment which I did not feel comfortable with. I would reccommend him to anyone in need of a well done assignment 
12/17/2017 Saved me time and time again! He doesn't leave you out of the loop like most would. Felix really works with you to get you a great paper. 100% will use again!
12/12/2017 Great paper!Great communication! Would use again and recommend to others
11/21/2017 Felix has been my go to this semester and I've gotten an A on every paper so far. Good communication and has gone above and beyond to ensure quality content. Was a couple hours late on one of the deadlines but he was messaging me the whole time and made sure it was alright for him to go past the deadline. There are always a few grammatical errors which have cost me a few points here and there but I guess thats partially my fault for not editing the papers before turning them in. Wish the price was a little less but I'd rather pay than do it myself.
10/22/2017 A bit late since he wrote this for me last quarter, but just wanted to say I am quite happy with the paper and it fulfilled all of my expectations.  Received a B+ in quite a short time-scale.  Thanks Prof!
10/12/2017 Very impressed! EXCELLENT! Ahead of my deadline on such a short notice! Will return if ever necessary!
10/09/2017 Excellent work on my assignment that needed extensive research. 
08/10/2017 Fast and actually communicates.
07/26/2017 super quick! did my questions for me in about an hour!
07/01/2017 Does good work but is very disorganized. Felix accepted my assignment with over a months notics of the deadline. He seemed to be unlcear on istructions and how to structre the paper (because he was doing it at thelast minute) after bragging to me when accepting that he was an MBA TA in the University of Chicago's graduate school of business, so needless to say I was dissapointed. Felix ended up giving me the final acceptable copy a day and a half over the original deadline. This is unacceptable. I have never had a professor do this on here before. Every other professor has been extremly competent and understanding of the work and instructions. This did not always seem to be the case with Felix.
05/29/2017 Got an 8.8/10 which is still amazing considering I would have most likely failed if I had to do it on my own. Was a little late in submitting the final portion however it was mainly due to my lack of communication. Definately recommend and would use again!!

05/25/2017 Felix does a great job communicating with you during your paper process. If you are vocal and communicate what you want this professor, he will get it done with excellence. I highly reccomend anyone to select this professor. 
05/22/2017 He was able to examine the text and get the jist of what analysis I needed but there werea lot of shortcomings. He has ASSURED me it would be done well within the due date and I got the finished product three days past the due date, said it would be "no problem"... not sure if maybe he bit off more than he could chew since it was finals time for a lot of people. Also the essay itself was much more a philosophy essay than a literature essay. I said I needed quotations analyzed and cited but he didn't really do that at all. I have to rework the whole paper basically and some of it is unreadable, filled with typos and also much longer than I needed. It was definitely a rushed job. Had to spend hours reworking it. feel kinda played!!!
05/15/2017 Incredible work. Understanding, compassionate, and delivered well ahead of schedule (I had a problem on my end). 
Highly recommended.

05/13/2017 Amazing to work with, wrote it exactly how I would but obviously much better, got a great grade. Thanks!!!!
05/08/2017 I deserve to have my money back. I got a C on a paper he wrote me and I had to ask him to revise it once before turned it in because it was so poor. His original version he sent me I probably would have failed. Terrible and should be fired. If he has any sense of pride in himself he would give me my money back. Piece of shit.
05/07/2017 .
04/29/2017 Very good work. However, i felt the sentences were too long and there was a lot of fluff
04/25/2017 Great writer and very personable! They continued to go the extra mile and said they wanted to get it "just right". Very much appreaciated, and would defintely use again! A life saver!
04/21/2017 Didn't originally follow all of the directions (in that there wasn't even originally a thesis), but was receptive to the improvements I asked him to make
04/17/2017 Really well written. The essay was clear and easy to read highlighting the crucial points
04/03/2017 Well, Felix got it done, but with literally 3 minutes before it was due. I would not use again as I would like to actually review the paper before submitting. Not sure of the grade yet as the teacher has not graded it.
03/14/2017 I had Felix for 2 projects. One on methodology and another for a part of my literature review.  Felix has incredible knowledge in this field.  He went out of his way to help me with the rest of my thesis and I wish I had him as my supervisor for this project.  If you choose him, you will not be disappointed.
03/14/2017 I had Felix for 2 projects. One on methodology and another for a part of my literature review.  Felix has incredible knowledge in this field.  He went out of his way to help me with the rest of my thesis and I wish I had him as my supervisor for this project.  If you choose him, you will not be disappointed.
02/22/2017 Guy's good.  If you need a Philosophy paper, this is the man you want.
02/16/2017 If you want quality work then look no further.
02/16/2017 quality paper! well written with logical discussion and choice examples, very few revisions needed to be made
02/14/2017 Great Work!
02/09/2017 Felix was relatively responsive, always polite, and submitted the assignment to me on time. I noticed one or two spelling errors and a few too many colloquialisms for a university paper, but overall, the work he did was good. Worth the price! 
02/06/2017 Excellent work!
02/05/2017 paper was well written, i can tell it was uniquely written by them to directly address this prompt given the sources permissible. they answered the question directly and eloquently, and kept the page limit in rough accordance with what i asked for. i can tell they answered the post accurately and catered to what i needed. they saved my ass
01/30/2017 Excellent, work, on time and well written, followed paper details perfectly. 
01/24/2017 Unbelievable help. Definitely take this writer, helped out even though it was very last minute on my part still was able to complete paper on time with all requirements met. Will use again for future projects w/out. a doubt 
12/20/2016 Amazing work! Highly recommended!
12/19/2016 Would choose again 10/10
12/05/2016 Solid summary, solid grade
12/05/2016 Great job on assignment
12/01/2016 Was very unhappy with this work. It was given to me several hours later than the discussed time and was a page too long for the requirement.  Even after several edits I had to quickly make myself before handing in I got a 71. Definitely not worth the money.
11/07/2016 Felix-the-great, was awesome.  This was my second time using with great success.  Very attentive and responsive.  I received full credit for my essay and have hired him for a second.  Thanks.
10/09/2016 I'm a bit tardy in my review of Felix-th-Write-o-Matic - this proff helped me out a couple of months ago for a psych class and I recieved full credit for the paper which was done in a very short time period and read wonderfully well.  I wouldn't hesitate to use this professor again esp if the course is in psychology.
09/20/2016 Yeah, I really didn't want to leave a bad review just because this professor really seemed to be flexible and willing to work with me but he made quite a few promises that he ended up backing out on. This was almost a complete waste of money. It was turned in late, he then said he would make revisions to the original which were incredibly miniscule and pointless. I'm incredibly upset and disappointed, I've used this website a few times before and it has never been a problem at all until now. 
09/12/2016 Dr. Felix-the-Write-O-Matic saved my life.
Paid $262 for a 7-page project that ended-up being 14 pages and a true piece of art.
I needed a business proposal response to an RFP.  
This UP went beyond the call of duty for the proposal, research, and final presentation.
The UP knew more about what I needed than I thought I needed.
The thought and investigation on my behalf, as well as the extra energy put into the final product was not unnoticed. 
08/19/2016 Very responsive and willing to make revisions until I was completely satisfied with the result. The paper got full credit. Thanks!
Referring everyone I know to you, thank you for the amazing essay!
08/05/2016 This professor provided a well-researched, well-written project ahead of schedule. He communicated well and responded quickly. I am very pleased with the quality and quantity! If I ever need assistance with my coursework again in the future, I will seek out the expertise of this professor.   
08/01/2016 This professor was very easy to talk to, responded quickly, and composed a well written paper.
07/31/2016 exceeded expectations and did fast and great work!!
VERY well written. The amount of work that went into my assignment shows. My gratitude towards you is endless especially since I am a horrible essay writer. Thank you again!
07/17/2016 exceptional job on a few things for me.  Highly recommend.  On time, well done.
06/29/2016 saved my essay! did more than i expected!
06/25/2016 nicely done
06/12/2016 Fast and great work as always!
06/06/2016 Felix-the-Write-o-Matic provided prompt response and excellent work.  I was so impressed I presented a second project for them to work on!
I had to redo a lot of it. I found several theoretical, grammatical, and punctuation mistakes. A page and a half of my five page essay included direct quotes from a single passagej. I requested that the author paraphrase or summarize these passages since this is the preferred method used in academic writing, particuarly at the PhD level and in my program. I did not hear back from them at all. I released payment and paid for the service because I used them, and I knew the risk I was taking. However, I was not pleased with the overall quality of the document at all. It was delivered on time however and I do use portions of it in my final submission. Thankfully, I requested it a day early so I would have time to do this.
05/24/2016 Hands down most cluch person of 2016, if you need a paper written go to this guy 
03/11/2016 Got an A on the paper. Done on time and was more than willing to go above and beyond to ensure that I got an A.
02/26/2016 failed the assignment that this gentleman was paid $175 to do. learned my lesson, never again!
11/26/2015 This professor is amaing!!! Pulls it out for you in a crunch and nails it. I don't ever blow smoke up someones butt but if you need a professor to pull it out for you in the 9th inning then Felix-the-Write-o-Matic is the one. Cheers
11/24/2015 Felix the Write o Matic did an excellent job with my paper. I was worried that my topic was too specific but he surpassed my exppectations and alas got my the A I needed so deperately!
11/23/2015 Did a fantastic job! Looking forward to more work again in the future
11/16/2015 I give this professor a fair rating only becaue it was late. The work itself was acceptable.
11/02/2015 Great! Posted the new project. Great writing!
11/02/2015 Great! Posted the new project. 
10/30/2015 Great paper in less than 24 hour turnaround!
10/22/2015 Thank you immensely for your help, and thank you for putting up with the eccentric time/date changes. you were awesome. have a great night!
10/12/2015 Great writer, excellent paper was produced.
08/13/2015 A fine gentleman. A fine gentleman indeed!
08/07/2015 Got an A in the Class
08/04/2015 Great prof.
07/25/2015 Flexix-the-Write-o-Matic is an amazing prof! He followed all guidelines and was very easy to talk to. I would defeinitly recommend him! :)
06/28/2015 Just make sure to remind him like 2 days before it's due, and then... it will be great, and he's great to work with. He was a little late, but the papers he did for me were great, so everything was great in the end. 
05/23/2015 Really worked with me till the last minute. 5/5, fantastic.
05/12/2015 Awesome job 
05/11/2015 Professor Felix-the-Write-o-Matic saved me in a pinch. I had a Business Law research paper due for my MBA program and had started but couldn't complete that task. Felix finish in the "nick of time" with an outline before for me to proofread. Super grateful thank you for hard work and last minute effort. 
04/28/2015 Felix-the-Write-o-Matic is the man! always on time and on target.
04/24/2015 excellent paper!!!!!  Thanks so much!
03/27/2015 Got the paper to me in time, received an A
03/24/2015 Professor turned in assignment last minute literally. I looked it over, and changed one or two things to follow the guidelines better, however turns out the professor did not follow the guidelines exactly as layed out, and plagarized a good chunk of my essay. My professor brought me in to his office a week later, and now I have to rewrite the assignment. Nice guy, but not someone I want writing my paper if all his assignments are taken off a source like this without properly citing. 
03/17/2015 Got an A!  Awesome writer, asked him to do another.
03/17/2015 He's awesome.
03/06/2015 Mixed review. Posted and awarded the paper on 1/24, asked that it was due to me by 2/17. I won't go into detail, but after much back and forth from 2/16 through 2/26, I finally got my paper on 2/26.

I got a B+ on the paper but ended up with an A overall so I can't be that angry. However, throughout the experience previously described and working through this site, I am surprised I did not develop an ulcer. If I use this site again, I am not sure I'd go with Felix, and I may pay a bit of a price premium with someone else to ensure my mental health.
12/15/2014 I will NEVER use felix again. My paper was supposed to be given to me Tuesday Decemebr 9th but he still has not sent it to me (DEC 15).  He made plenty of excuses, was a porr commuincator. Worst prof ever!!!!
11/01/2014 Good.
10/23/2014 Great work!
10/09/2014 Felix-the-Write-o-Matic is amazing! He followed the instructions to the tee and was prompt about making last minute corrections to the paper. Very intellectual and thorough- I would highly recommend to those who want high quality work. Thanks again!
08/26/2014 Great professor and another great paper!
08/26/2014 Great professor!
08/19/2014 A great 20+ page paper with much more research than I expected to get.  Extremely well written. The only issue would be Felix's time management; especially meeting the deadline.  It always went to the last second, so if you are comfortable in just turning in a paper without having time to make changes, I highly recommend Felix.  
08/14/2014 Great paper, received an "A". It did have a somewhat high alert on the SafeAssign check though. 
08/14/2014 Great job!!!
08/07/2014 This paper was amazing!
06/29/2014 I would not recommend Felix, and I will never use his services again, unless I want to pay money for a paper that will score 15 out of 25 points
06/24/2014 This guy is on it. I was a little worried he might not have it done by the deadline...but he came thru and looks awesome. I will Def. use him again.
06/20/2014 Hi I see pricing has a lot of information and I can finish where u left however there is a lot of uncited work. Can u fix that and what are the updates on the other two papers

06/19/2014 Slight delay, but satisfied with the content. Thanks!
06/18/2014 Cannot get enough of this guy!
06/18/2014 Highest grades recieved come from this guy! He researches the topic and makes magic!
06/15/2014 My first time using Unemployed Professors - I chose Felix-the-Write-o-Matic.  I was very happy with the paper he produced in a 5 day time frame. He covered all requirements that were neeed.  If I were to use this service again, I will most definlty chose this professor.  Thanks!
06/13/2014 The quantity of the work was extensive (far more than I had asked for, perhaps even too much). The quality, not so much. On first read, I spotted numerous grammatical errors and the overall structure and organization seemed to lack a certain flow. Despite this, the ideas behind the essay were solid (even if at times poorly expressed). It took some revising on my part to get the essay to a satisfactorily high quality (the essay delievered may have merited something around a C or B). I have gotten better written essays for less both through this site and other services.

Communication with the provider was good, but not exceptional, as there was, at times, considerable delay. The essay was delievered several hours after the assigned and agreed upon deadline (though it did, at least, come in time for it to be useful to me).

I would not say my experience was poor. Overall, I was relatively pleased with the work, though it did leave some things to be desired. I might consider using this provider again, but, realistically, there are better options out there.
06/09/2014 Super Detailed and Concise. This Guy ROCKS! WIll use him again and again!
06/09/2014 Super Detailed and Concise. This Guy ROCKS! WIll use him again and again!
06/09/2014 PERFECT SCORE! This guy might be new to this site, but he is one of the best! Will Not dissapoint!
05/26/2014 Felix Is awesome. Great communicator. Will research any topic fully and write a masterpiece!
05/19/2014 On Time! Super well written! Very Impressed. Saved my butt in a crunch!
05/18/2014 Just Simply Outstanding work. On time, concise, clear and not too snobby. Great communications as well!
05/16/2014 Felix-the-Write-o-Matic did an OUTSTANDING job on my paper! I needed a paper for my Human Development class that was about policy. I needed the paper in 24 hours and he did the job. Very thorough and seemed to enjoy the topic. Also, he was great at communicating with me. Will be using him for future assignments. 

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