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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
11/24/2018 Good
12/20/2017 He has great writing skills and could probably go on and on about any topic.  He was easy to communicate with and did revisions without any hesitation.
12/06/2017 Professor completed the paper quickly. However, it wasn't in the correct format that I required. The paper needed to be 4 pages long and was only 3-1/3, maybe 3-1/2. I am not looking for a perfect grade on this paper, but page requirement should be a given. There were numerous spelling errors, in the first paragraph alone there was AT LEAST one error per line. I am thoroughly convinced that after reading this it was completed under the influence of something absolutely intoxicating. If I had a dollar for every spelling error that was in this paper THE PROFESSOR WOULD HAVE TO PAY ME. This is my third time using this site and by far the worst result I have gotten. Only time will tell how well it actually is when I recieve my grade. After correcting the numerous spelling errors the content of the paper wasn't too disappointing, but at some points it seemed as if he was trying too hard to make the paper sound good. 
12/06/2017  I haven't recieved a grade yet, but overall this paper was pretty well done. 0% plagerism and it was done on time and in the right format. I will use this prof again !
11/13/2017 Very pleased, showed genuine interest in project and went the extra mile.
11/11/2017 Horrible paper. Had to edit almost the entire thing. Would not use this proffessor again. 
10/01/2017 Outstanding and very thorough. Great knowledge of Excel. Great communications
08/25/2017 Top notch, if pricey...but worth it. Had a large research paper that was needed to be written with dozens of technical sources, and sections were always completed at or before the date he specified. He maintains excellent communication throughout the process, is quick to respond, and gets the job done well. I required several revisions and edits (nature of the paper) and all were done quickly and professionally. I only had to do minor edits/formatting, and received an A- which was probably way better than I could have done on my own. Very thoughtful and intelligent in his writing, he is technically proficient and knows what he writes about. I'd definitely choose him again for any future big projects.
06/05/2017 great writing ability... for stanford 
05/13/2017 Amazing to work with. He is obviously an extrmely skilled writer! But when he gave me a copy that wasnt totally what the assignment was aiming towards he was extremely quick and reliable to understand and make the correct and perfect fixes. Have used this professor twice and will again. Thanks.
05/02/2017 Amazing work! Thank you!
04/20/2017 Finished two days early, and wouldn't have known it by reading it. Very thorough and exceeded my expectations. If you need a project done in a timely manner, and a professor who ensures that your a satisfied with the completed work (offered to make revisions if it was not up to my standard) then you NEED to choose CuttingReMArx. 10/10 
04/13/2017 Was unable to write a good paper. LIked to use random examples such as the material, texas holdem poker and other things that had no releveance to the topic. Try to avoid this proof because it is a waste of money. Paid 300$ american for an awful paper.
First and foremost, the most helpful professor I have had on this site. Very receptive and willing to take time to make revisions. Overall, great! Have just chosen as professor for two projects totaling 21 pages and very excited to see his work. Would 10/10 recommend!
04/11/2017 Extremely quick, provided drafts well before deadline and was quick to fix and answer questions. Great experience overall, thank you!
03/16/2017 Too many issues, could not deliver even when guidelines were clear. Draft needed to be redone. Complete waste of time and money. Would not recommend. 
02/28/2017 awesome job! will use again! thank you!
10/09/2016 Quality paper and on time. Its what I asked for. 
05/16/2016 Did a pretty good job, was not insanely amazing but he gave me something good. Thank you!
05/06/2016 Very good work! Thank you very much! 
05/06/2016 Good work.
05/01/2016 The project ran past the deadline and missed two successive promised dates. An uploaded "not final" paper started the payment clock running before the final paper was delivered.  Paper was graded by course instructor as grossly lacking because requirements detailed in the project description were not met, specifically statistical tests and visuals.  Professor did attempt assignment but I would not recommend him for statistical assignments.  I also find it upsetting that he would suggest that being a patient in a hosptial is as life threatening as being an infantry man at the height of the Vietnam War.  This is particulary distasteful as I am a Vietnam Era veteran of the Women's Air Force having served during this time and attended many military funerals as a result of my fellow military members service.  
04/04/2016 Although the professor handed in the paper later than the time it was due, I must say it was excellent.
03/14/2016 Great Paper!!!!
Thank You
03/09/2016 This was not graduate work and definitely not reflective of scholarly writing of a research paper. I would fail if I submitted this paper. 
02/23/2016 Awesome!!!
11/13/2015 Admissions essay. I didn't get admitted but that's because of weaknesses in other parts of my application. The essay itself was an insightful work.
10/23/2015 Essay was amazing! I needed some changes done and he made them quickly.
10/20/2015 Did a wonderful job putting together a personal statement for my law school app.
10/08/2015 he did not understand what I want even though I gave him extra time. his solution was the waste of time and money.
10/06/2015 Very fast and well written. Professor listened and delivered amazing results while being extremly courteous. Would highly reccommend this professor.
09/27/2015 He was very efficient and responded to my questions and concerns right away. Also wrote the essay and made the corrections very fast.
09/17/2015 Great paper that was wonderfully written. Got an A on it.  Thanks!
09/07/2015 Excellent and fast communication, great work produced and fast turn over 5/5
08/06/2015 Communicated with me throughout and produced a great paper. Thanks!
08/05/2015 Assignment was a ~20 page argumentative essay for senior seminar. Professor had extensive professional experience with the chosen topic (healthcare & technology related). Absolutely supurb paper, no qualms with the content. Received a 98% on the assignment. I've regularly used this site for over a year and this was by far the best paper I've received. Thank you again, prof!
07/27/2015 I have had outstanding work from this professior in the past, he took an assignment from me that was out of his depth and he admitted it up front after he started working on it. He offerred to refund the money and I worked with the admins to just have half returned since he did make some progress. 

Will defintly use this professor again, this project just didn't turn out how I would have liked
06/09/2015 AMAZING! So happy with the outcome and final product of this assignment!
05/26/2015 This prof once again came in and saved the day for me, he took the task that was written from another prof and fixed it so it would pass. I have used this prof many many times in the past. will contiue to use in the future
04/19/2015 Not only was my paper brilliant but it was done fast and before my due date. This professor keeps you udated and shows you his progress throughtout the process of the paper. 
04/11/2015 If you need someone to pull through for you, this is the guy. He went above and beyond with the requested paper. Absolutely the best decision I made.
04/07/2015 CuttingReMarx amazed me at their ability to fully articulate my ideas while remaining objective. Their word choices reflected true knowledge of the subject matter and helped to create a great piece of writing. I am thankful for their time and talent in regards to my project!

03/27/2015 This is a very late feedback review. But I had CuttingReMarx write something up for me back in 2014 and it was very well written. Would recommend to anyone
03/15/2015 Cutting ReMarx was great! He helped me with a 10 page Critical/Research paper, that involved stiff instructions, in which all were completed. The report was also completed on time, in the 2 days he promised. I will be using him in the future! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 
02/09/2015 Finished my project early and it was done exactly as expected. I always get great work, highly recommend!
02/09/2015 Outstanding work again...
02/09/2015 Terrible.
Did not submit the paper on time (almost 14 hours late). Did not even communicate to me that it would be late beforehand. Got back to me the next day. Did not follow instructions and when I asked for further edits, I was refused. 0/10 would not recommend. 
02/08/2015 He did not respect the world limit which made me go over the document and edit it the whole thing. I was forced to re write numerous paragraphs and it was given on the due date but there was numerous edits needed.

01/30/2015 great work! Finished 4 days early! Thanks
01/28/2015 Excellent work again. Will use in the future, great communication as well. FInished project earlier than requested.
01/19/2015 Professor CuttingReMarx is great! He provides outstanding communication and was able to work with me on getting a project corrected when I upload a wrong file. Highly recommend! Another A+
01/04/2015 This professor has been awesome ! delivered when he was suppose to and was available for revisions. I needed a few revision to complete the assignment and he turned the revisions around in 24hours....... will definatlly use this professor again ! highly recommend 
12/13/2014 Outstanding!
12/07/2014 Got a C+ was hoping for at least a B, B+ for 145 especially since it was late but I suppose the blame falls on me as well for waiting so long. Either way it was done while I sat on my ass and watched football so I can't complain too much, can I? Happy holidays.
12/06/2014 very unique form of writing
This was my first time using this site and everything worked out smoothly and perfectly. CuttingReMarx is exactly what one would want and expect from using this website. He was very helpful throughout the process as well as made changes due to turnitin potential problems. Thanks CuttingReMarx, ill be requesting you for future projects as well.
11/30/2014 Thnks again for your help!
saved me big time!!!

11/30/2014 GREAT!
11/29/2014 Great work!

He worked with me on several revisions to apease a picky professor. Will work with him again! Recommend highly!
11/25/2014 Follow through with what I asked and I am more that happy with the outcome.
11/23/2014 Without a doubt, ppt was perfect! my teacher gave me an excellant grade!
11/23/2014 Without a doubt, essay was perfect! my teacher gave me an excellant grade!
11/22/2014 Finished the project the same day! Skillful writer, well done!
11/21/2014 The paper was completed exactly as I had instructed and there was no problem of communicating between the two of us. I highly regard CuttingReMarx for any project that you have.
11/20/2014 CuttingReMarx is an extrordinarly reliable source ! He finished my project on time and he did an amazing job. I would reccomend him to anyone! Also he did it at the best price!
11/18/2014 A+
11/14/2014 CuttingReMarx wrote me a good-standing admission letter for Physical Therapy school.  The reason I didn't write it myself is because i don't like assays and I have many mistakes. I need the this assay to be perfect so I turned to this website and CuttingReMarx wrote me a good assay which I'm sure the admitting committee will like
11/09/2014 Professor CuttingReMarx did a wonderful job of revising my goverment paper. His communication skills are awesome and he finished the project in record time. Would highly recommend. 
11/07/2014 Some communication errors (on both our parts) which lead to a less than outstanding result. However, CuttingReMarx should be prasied for the speed with which produced the material and for that I am grateful. I just wish he'd paid more attention to the messages I sent, as they could have avoided some issues with the paper.
10/28/2014 Hello professor,
i think this essay is excellent, however i am afraid is too technical in general. i know this is a draft, so please it would be perfect if you could make it less proffesional, notice that english is my second language. 

best regards

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