Date Comment Rating
10/21/2020 Money
10/21/2020 I highly recommend this professor. The quality of the paper exceeded my expectations. They were professional and provided a quick turnaround. 
10/21/2020 Amazing work, quick and reliable. Exceeded expectations!
10/18/2020 Excellent work! My project was completed in a matter of hours and I received 90% on it. I will definitely be using Mr. Harvard's services again!
10/09/2020 As usual. 
10/04/2020 Great work!
10/02/2020 Excellent work and always on time
09/28/2020 As usual. Thank you!
09/24/2020 Did great work and was on time for my economics and finance class!
09/11/2020 If I could give more stars I would. Mr-Harvard went above and beyond my expectations for what could be delivered in a tight timeframe. The solution he returned needed minimal editing (even going so far as to put everything into UK English as opposed to US English) and was really quite comprehensive. I definitely couldn't have written something as good as he has! Thank you Mr-Harvard!
09/05/2020 Did a wonderful job on the paper. Careful attention was placed on the sprcific requirement i had and the result delivered was more than satisfactory. Overall i am delighted 
09/03/2020 Paper was well done, thank you!
08/31/2020 Awesome as usual thank you!
08/27/2020 Got an A-
08/27/2020 Did a great job.
08/27/2020 Mr-Havard wrote a great paper for me. After reviewing a few professors that bid on my project, I chose Mr-Harvard because I got the all around best feel from him. There are going to be people who are unsatisfied with their work and leave bad reviews but as long as you have the intuition to pick the right professor regardless of the trolls, you'll do fine. If you don't have the intuition and are just stuck on who to chose, pick Mr-Harvard.
08/21/2020 HE was great,
08/21/2020 Thanks for all of your help. It was great
08/15/2020 Excellent first-paper resolution. On time, well-written, well-sourced, and passed without requiring any revisions. Recommended.
08/11/2020 Exceptional Work. Mr- Harvard is the best. Personally we had some aspects of my assignment which got lost in translation Howeber, Mr- Harvard helped me and took his time and effort to get the job done no matter what. He was very understanding of what had to be done. Amazing work, very considerate, worth every penny.
08/10/2020 Paper was great. No plagrisim. Did it ahead of time.
08/06/2020 Really fantastic work. Worth the $.
08/05/2020 He was amazing. Did a great job and was very communicative.
08/02/2020 Very good work 
07/28/2020 amazing, thank you. 
07/27/2020 Great work! 
06/15/2020 Great work!
06/12/2020 Got me out of a tight spot on a last minute paper
06/10/2020 This was my first experience using this resource and I was blown away with how easy the process was! Mr. Harvard is a rockstar and exceeded all expectations! 
06/10/2020 Great job, easy to work with, I received full credit. Thank you! 
06/09/2020 well researched and well wriiten paper!
06/08/2020 This Professor produced an absolutely amazing product. I highly recommend using their services. Thank you!
05/28/2020 Always quality work.
05/21/2020 This professor is 11/10 Stars. Was unsure about UEP at first however decided, I had nothing to lose and everytinge to gain. I went with this professor for my first project a stats exam and such a sucess was able to have Mr-Harvard complete several other projects for me. All with extreme professionalism, discretions and 90% and higher on all projects. Will be recommending and returning for future needs.
05/11/2020 There was some mild challenges around specific assignment format/structure - but this prof's work and writing is strong, skilled, and thorough. They were patient and worked through revisions well. It was my first time using this service and so was pretty nervous and maybe a little too peticular about it all - this prof wrote a great paper. Thank you so much!
05/11/2020 Sent incorrect solutions. I had to do it myself before the due date.
05/10/2020 Well done work. Will likely use again for future help.
04/28/2020 Returning student and again, perfect work. Very satisfied with this professor. Thanks!
04/21/2020 Wonderful! Very professional and responds quickly! Would 10/10 recommend. 
04/20/2020 Excellent, thank you!
04/20/2020 Mr-Harvard took my stats exam online and got an A! Did it well before my specificed due date as well. Will due business with him again if needed. 
04/19/2020 Great communication, honest, thorough, overall reliable. Worked with him again and will continue to do so in the future. 
04/19/2020 Well deserved.  Met expectations and completed ahead of schedule.  Thank you!!

04/19/2020 Well deserved.  Met expectations and completed ahead of schedule.  Thank you!!
04/12/2020 Great professor, was very thurough and got me an A on a online exam. I also apreciated the personal message attached to the bid and not a "copy & paste" response you typically. It showed that they actualy looked over the assignement and read my description. As a first time user of UP this made me feel much more comfortable. Absolutely recommend this professor! 
04/06/2020 Always on time, actually knows what he is writing about, and is a good writer.
04/05/2020 Thank you
04/02/2020 Every professor suggests you pick them, because they are expert and can write well. This professor really can deliver on the hype. Will use again for sure. 
03/31/2020 Completed the assignment quickly and did an outstanding job. Communication was great. Don't hesitate to select him for your assignment.
03/25/2020 The professor wrote a general paper when I specifically asked for a specific one. I recieved a B- and that was generous. Would not work with this professor again, and I suggest you don't either. 
03/24/2020 Received a D on the assignment. This grade unfortunately speaks for itself. 
03/20/2020 Excellent work! Wrote an incredible paper sooo fast!! Thank you so much!
03/17/2020 Mr. Harvard was great. He got me the paper before the deadline and wrote a much better paper than I could have ever written. He is surely a trust worthy writer. Thanks Mr. Harvard!
03/16/2020 good work
03/14/2020 Very well done
03/03/2020 Helped add personality to my paper by toning down the heavy wording to something easier and enjoyable to read 
02/28/2020 Felt like no one was able to help, and this professor came along, very helpful and quick.
02/27/2020 This professor exceeded my expectations! 98% overall for course and I couldn't be more satisfied with his professionalism and commitment. I will definitely be using him again and will refer him to friends. 
Thank you, Mr-Harvard! 
02/19/2020 This prof has excellent writing, even if their sentences are complex and at times a little convoluted. Got me an A+ and was very responsive to revisions. 
02/18/2020 Fantastic profesor. Completed the assignment within a few short hours of accepting it. Highly reccomend.
02/17/2020 Great professor! Very detail-oriented and offers free revisions in a timely manner, no questions asked. Follows instructions clearly and will not hesistate to make any adjustments. Very happy with the output.
02/13/2020 Thank you!
02/12/2020 Great guy with a great golf swing
01/28/2020 This guy is amazing. He is highly recommended and I will continue to engage him on any future needs. 

Some background;

it started out on the right foot when his original bid came through as a NON-CANNED response which means he actually read the project details before replying. I see a lot of generic copy/paste bid responses of resources who didn't even look at the request details, which is frustrating. 

I engaged him for support on my online statistics course. He scored in the mid 90s on all projects including mid-term, final exam, and all mastery exercises. 

I am a very happy customer and I will be passing this course thanks to him. 

Thanks Mr.Harvard!

01/27/2020 Well written paper.
01/21/2020 Amazing! Great quality qork and he delivered my paper in less than 24 hours, well before the deadline. Will be using again!
01/19/2020 Unbelievably quick and professional. Hands down best experience ive had with the service. 
01/17/2020 excellent job and delivered on time.
01/13/2020 Got all my work done before the deadline and written in a very professional manner! top rate work. 
01/08/2020 Top notch experience. Highly recommended. Great communication, timely solutioning, excellent results. Will absolutely contact again for future projects. 
01/04/2020 Finally found a professor that writes clearly and seems to be a native english speaker. I am very pleased with his work. Thank you!
12/16/2019 Great lit review for my thesis
12/15/2019 gifted writer and hard worker 10 stars
12/11/2019 This is the dude to go to for statistics!
12/09/2019 Excellent turnaround and analysis. He is a stud when it comes to stats. Thank you!!
12/08/2019 The professor completed the project very quickly and did a thorough jon.  happy witht he results.
12/06/2019 This professor is terrible. He got the whole assignment wrong, I got almost zero on the assignment and he kept lying about how he answered questions. I quoted exactly what he wrote on the word file and why it is wrong but he kept ignoring. He was late in submitting the assignment and the late assignment was wrong. If you do not know the assignment, then let someone else take a chance on it. I wasted $200 on bs he wrote. Terrible guy and a terrible person.

I should have never accepted this project -- no other professor would bid on his work, and now I know why. First, I've learned that this student has changed his username because professors will no longer work with him and he's tried to be refunded from the website for several projects he posted that were completed successfully. He is unreasonable in his requests, makes derogatory and untrue statements, pushy, and downright rude. Second, he pressured me into accepting the project (one that I was not entirely comfortable doing), then told me I had less than 16 hours to complete it. I rushed to complete the project in his specified 16 hours and sent it over with 30 minutes to spare. 24 HOURS LATER he comes back and has new guidelines and wants additional work that was not in the original request! I ended up doing 3 rounds of additions and spending several extra hours on this only to be met with a message from the student that said, 'any changes you make now are useless as this is way past the deadline'. My hope in writing this, is that any student reading it realizes the importance of providing ALL of the information before your chosen professor starts the work! Also, if you have a very tight deadline, be readily available and super responsive! I've completed thousands of 10-star projects for students and I know there will be students who are disorganized and late, it's just discouraging to spend so much time and effort helping such a student that will still blame you for everything.
12/06/2019 Great as always thank you
12/05/2019 Absolutely amazing! completed within days, will certainly be using again. 
12/03/2019 Thank you so much!
11/30/2019 Great work in a short period of time!
11/21/2019 Exceptional work and completed the task quickly. 
11/19/2019 Very good essay!!! Thanks!!
11/11/2019 Mr-Harvard exceeded all of my expecations despite my relativly sparse instructions. Would definitley recommend them for a top notch project.
11/07/2019 The end result was perfect! I highly reccomend this professor for any type of assignemt you have!!
10/24/2019 Very timely and responsive!
10/06/2019 Great paper, followed instructions perfecty. Got an A
08/28/2019 Exceded expectations, was very quick to get soulution back to me before due date. 10/10 would reccomend. I will continue to use this professor. 
08/28/2019 Exceded expectations, was very quick to get soulution back to me before due date. 10/10 would reccomend. I will continue to use this professor. 
08/23/2019 very good at statistical analysis
08/12/2019 Amazing A++++++. This is perfect for what I asked for. Go tit to me way before I asked and hit everything on the head. Thank you. Defiantly will ask this Prof. again.
08/10/2019 Good work done by this professor. I got a 92 on the paper :)
08/05/2019 Although managed to get this done in a quick time frame the work was not of high quality, mark scheme was provided along with the details and yet only 55% marks. Hoping that with more time this prof could achieve better results. I used him for two projects at the same time on similar projects the other got a Lower 50% but still not what I was expecting. 
08/05/2019 Although managed to get this done in a quick time frame the work was not of high quality, mark scheme was provided along with the details and yet only scraped 50% marks. Hoping that with more time this prof could achieve better results. I used him for two projects at the same time on similar projects the other got a slightly higher 55% but still not what I was expecting. 
07/25/2019 Fantastic paper with all instructions followed and completed way before due date!
07/21/2019 Excellent work, did not meet the deadline.
07/09/2019 I did not receive a great grade on the book review provided. My professor felt it was more of a summary, instead of what the assignement was looking for. The work was delivered on time and needed very little corrections.
07/04/2019 Just recieved my grade! It did very well! thank you very much for the effort and understanding !
Mr.Harvard put changes when asked and was very easy to communicate with.
I highly reccommend him.
07/03/2019 My professor was very helpful and responsive, however there was a discrepancy about the due date that caused us both a bit of stress. 
06/26/2019 I got dinged for APA formatting in a powerpoint presentation, but other than that, the presentation was great!
06/19/2019 I need to take back my last review.  Professor completed on time and provided correct answers. : )  I would recommend. 
06/18/2019 GREAT WORK
06/17/2019 I like how he was able to submit in short time. However, there was one part on excel sheet that had an error "#N/A"  and I sent a msg and there was no reply. =( 
As of yet, no reply, I'm still hoping he replies. 
06/07/2019 Great work!
06/06/2019 Completed my paper perfectly. Well before the due date.
06/04/2019 Mr. Harvard is absolutely remarkable!! My assignment was due in 5 days. I posted my assignment yesterday evening, and he delivered it this morning in both word and excel format. He is clearly a hard worker, and has a natural talent for finance and accounting. I definitely plan on becoming a return customer and contacting him in the near future to do more similar assignments for this course. Thanks so much!!! Highly recommend this prof. A+++++++ 
06/02/2019 Mr. Hardvard, has Harvard quailty. 9/10. 
05/29/2019 Excellent work :)
05/23/2019 beautiful work mate. life saver
05/22/2019 Sick job dude, many thank yous. 
05/21/2019 Thorough and excellent work, i hope to work more with you in the future! 
05/17/2019 He/She did a great job on two assignments, however when it got to the next assignment he asked me to place the money as a tip so he can get started on it. Tipped him $150 to do my final and he did not start it on time. We made a deal that he could do my next two assignments at $75 each to make up for the final he missed and the money I put through. He has not done anything or responded to my inquiries for the next assignments, and robbed the $150 from me.

This is a false claim. The student procrastinated on the payment for over a week and didn't pay until after the final was closed. Because of this, I was not able to get into the exam to take it. I completed two additional assignments for the student with 'A' grades and he wanted more work done for the price of $150. I even have screenshots of these grades. Sorry, but posting a negative review will not get me to do more of your work for free.
05/17/2019 This prof went above and beyond for my project and was very cooperative!!! Great writing and researching skills!!! Would definiytely use again. 
05/16/2019 Fantastic. I needed an extra pair of eyes on my application materials. This professor, having sat on an admissions board, offered the insight and notes needed to make sure I put my best foot forward. 
05/16/2019 Excellent work. Great at feedback which is most important to me. 
05/15/2019 Great job!! Thank you! 
05/15/2019 It's all good man! I'll be in touch for managerial accounting! lol
05/09/2019 Great product in a short turnaround time. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for a legal article or essay. 
05/09/2019 A++++
05/08/2019 Specifically requested Mr Harvard because of his work on a prior assignment and his familiarity with the topic that the assignement was on. Exceeded my expectations once again in writing style, content and timeliness. Would recommend 10/10 and will absolutely go to him again when I am in need of high level writing for an assignment. Thanks again 
05/08/2019 Mr. Havard met all expectatations and in some instances went beyond what was required to complete a difficult project. I was truly impressed by the quality of work.
05/07/2019 A+++++
05/06/2019 It got an 18% on plagiarism checking software but I was able to rewrite and tweak it so it ended at 3%
05/04/2019 A++++++
05/02/2019 A+++++++++
05/02/2019 A+++++++++
04/30/2019 Great business paper. Met all the guidelines. Finished with plenty of time to spare.
04/26/2019 Amazing job. Great work on my thesis
04/26/2019 Good job
04/21/2019 Excellent service  alongside a great character and a proper professional. Mr. Harvard is easily one of top professors on here and is well worth the investment. 
04/20/2019 Really good work. Kept it straight to the point. 

04/20/2019 Did not follow instructions. 
04/16/2019 Excellent!!!
04/09/2019 Came in before the deadline.  I needed to tweak the formatting but its all good becasue I got an A.
04/08/2019 Will be usin them again for this continued project. 
04/08/2019 Overall well-written paper, but professor lifted a paragraph STRIGHT FROM WIKIPEDIA.

This professor did an impeccable job on a project re-write. I would highly recommend them, not only because of the quality of work, but also their ability to respond to any changes you may want in their first draft. They are quick to respond, and they incorporated the changes needed into the paper. Thank you, Mr-Harvard!

04/04/2019 Absolutely wonderful work. Turned in the project the next day even though there was a 5 day deadline. There were some things that needed to be fixed, but the professor took care of them quickly and without hassle.
04/04/2019 Got me 94% no need to say more 
04/02/2019 A+++
04/02/2019 A++++
04/02/2019 Well done.
03/31/2019 Nice job - thanks!
03/30/2019 After proofreading, the paper seemed rushed especially after a turnaround of 4 days I had to go in and make quite a few changes as the flow of the paper often didn’t make sense. Definitely left a lot to be desired. Pretty disappointing.
03/28/2019 Great work in such a short time frame !
03/28/2019 Quick with the deliverables!
03/26/2019 Amazing Work! 
03/22/2019 I got an A- for this. Just made a few formatting corrections, but overall, the professor thought it could have had more depth and clarity.
03/20/2019 Thank you! Can I invite you to some other similar writings as well?
03/20/2019 Amazing paper
03/18/2019 Hi did a overall good job however te standard was not high enough and i had to hire a second professor to finish my work 
03/17/2019 great paper, got a B- tho :/
03/14/2019 I have used unemployed prof. before to frustratingly verbose results.  Harvard is amazing, kept within my prescribed formating, was able to access obscure source materials, and returned my project before my due date. 10/10  
03/13/2019 Very good report, just what i needed, came before the deadline i set for the professor. 
03/13/2019 I got my paper within few hours of submitting it. I got an A, I am very happy. 
03/11/2019 Thanks.
03/08/2019 A++
03/08/2019 The essay was poorly written. The quotes were poorly integrated. Some quotes weren't even analyzed and were just placed there as sentences.
03/07/2019 The paper was very underwhelming.  I asked him to fix it and provide substance, but he added maybe two words.  This was not a graduate level paper, nor was it written by a Harvard level graduate.  
03/05/2019 would recommend, delivered as promised and on time.
03/05/2019 Great Job thank you!
03/05/2019 Did an amazing job on my finance final!!! 
03/04/2019 Delivered excellent work even though I gave him very little time to get it done. Sent the essay EARLY to allow me time to revise. Would highly reccomend!!
03/03/2019 Didn't read the instructions, I recevied a F. Nonetheless, he tried.
03/01/2019 Did a Great and timley job.
03/01/2019 The content was super solid. Exactly what I needed for my project. Just threw an MLA format on it and sent it off. Definitely would work with again! Super understanding guy 10/10 best first experience with unemployeed professors. 
02/28/2019 Fast completion, followed instructions and got everything done.
02/28/2019 Thank you for going above and beyond to help me out of a tough spot. 
02/27/2019 Excellent paper!! I got an A plus! Would definitely do this again! 
02/27/2019 He is truly one of the best. You won't regret working with him.
02/27/2019 Quick turn around time. Met all requirements. Great paper. Thank you. 
02/27/2019 Amazing work that passed with flying colors.  Very responsive when I sent messages.  Would highly recommend!
02/26/2019 Did an outstanding job wiith my project and followed the instructions correctly. Definitely the best professor on this site and will definitely have him write more of my papers and projects.
02/26/2019 This professor wrote an amazing 50 page thesis in under 1 month.  Highly recommend. 
02/26/2019 Profs like this are what make the site worthwhile. Not only technically skilled , Mr Harvard operates in genuinely warm and upscale manner. I would highly recommend him to anyone either new to the site or seeking an established math professional. Really well done work, Cheers ??
02/25/2019 Not very well written at all, failed to address the essay prompt directly and did not engage with the supplied references/materials. This paper required a lot of work to revise to an ACCEPTABLE level.

I literally had 4 hours to research and write 6 pages. I warned this student that even though I could likely get it done, I wouldn’t have time to go over and edit this. Also, it’s just not feasible to read through dozens of pages of reference material in this amount of time in order for the essay to properly engage with the text. Bummed about the review, but we can only do so much!
02/25/2019 Very beautiful piece! I couldn't have asked for a better paper, and the topic was perfect. Thank you so much!
02/25/2019 Incredible essay and the most help in the world. He was very easily contacted as well and made sure everything worked out.
02/24/2019 Comepleted essay way before due date, and was great at answering questions and messages. 
02/24/2019 Great Professor for your essays. He does a great job he’s a really busy guy so don’t get frustrated if he doesn’t answer immediately. Totally recommended him to my friends.
02/22/2019 Suoer fast and awesome. Thanks!
02/22/2019 Well done
02/22/2019 Great
02/21/2019 Overall good job, just saw a few areas that seemed too simplistic or where certain words came off convoluted, but otherwise I appreciate the time and effort.
02/21/2019 Excellent! Help me delivered a very nice Powerpoint project:) always does a good job on my assignments:
02/19/2019 Great work!
02/19/2019 Paper turned out great! I recieved the paper within one day 
02/19/2019 Awesome work! Very fast and effective! Thank you!
02/18/2019 I got an Amazing Paper.
02/18/2019 FLASH! I was in a pinch on 3 assignments, two 200 wood responses with short readings and one 500 words, short reading Essay. I requested same day delivering and within hours. This Professor delivered and early! The product was on point. THANK YOU!!! The 3 assignments were on one document, which I would have loved for them to be separated by assignment in their own word document.  Again, thank you for the quick and accurate solution! 
02/17/2019 really kind professor
would use again
02/17/2019 Precisely what I asked for yet surpassed expectations -- I highly recommend this professor
02/17/2019 Good work - thanks!
02/16/2019 Very good work however I still had to put some work into it.
02/13/2019 Communicated with me throughout the process to craft a paper that met the thesis guidelines.  Done ahead of time as well!
02/13/2019 Done quickly
02/11/2019 great job! it was a tad shorter than I had wanted/ instructed but that was on my end I probably was not clear enough!