Date Comment Rating
03/18/2019 Hi did a overall good job however te standard was not high enough and i had to hire a second professor to finish my work 
03/17/2019 great paper, got a B- tho :/
03/14/2019 I have used unemployed prof. before to frustratingly verbose results.  Harvard is amazing, kept within my prescribed formating, was able to access obscure source materials, and returned my project before my due date. 10/10  
03/13/2019 Very good report, just what i needed, came before the deadline i set for the professor. 
03/13/2019 I got my paper within few hours of submitting it. I got an A, I am very happy. 
03/11/2019 Thanks.
03/08/2019 A++
03/08/2019 The essay was poorly written. The quotes were poorly integrated. Some quotes weren't even analyzed and were just placed there as sentences.
03/07/2019 The paper was very underwhelming.  I asked him to fix it and provide substance, but he added maybe two words.  This was not a graduate level paper, nor was it written by a Harvard level graduate.  
03/05/2019 would recommend, delivered as promised and on time.
03/05/2019 Great Job thank you!
03/05/2019 Did an amazing job on my finance final!!! 
03/04/2019 Delivered excellent work even though I gave him very little time to get it done. Sent the essay EARLY to allow me time to revise. Would highly reccomend!!
03/03/2019 Didn't read the instructions, I recevied a F. Nonetheless, he tried.
03/01/2019 Did a Great and timley job.
03/01/2019 The content was super solid. Exactly what I needed for my project. Just threw an MLA format on it and sent it off. Definitely would work with again! Super understanding guy 10/10 best first experience with unemployeed professors. 
02/28/2019 Fast completion, followed instructions and got everything done.
02/28/2019 Thank you for going above and beyond to help me out of a tough spot. 
02/27/2019 Excellent paper!! I got an A plus! Would definitely do this again! 
02/27/2019 He is truly one of the best. You won't regret working with him.
02/27/2019 Quick turn around time. Met all requirements. Great paper. Thank you. 
02/27/2019 Amazing work that passed with flying colors.  Very responsive when I sent messages.  Would highly recommend!
02/26/2019 Did an outstanding job wiith my project and followed the instructions correctly. Definitely the best professor on this site and will definitely have him write more of my papers and projects.
02/26/2019 This professor wrote an amazing 50 page thesis in under 1 month.  Highly recommend. 
02/26/2019 Profs like this are what make the site worthwhile. Not only technically skilled , Mr Harvard operates in genuinely warm and upscale manner. I would highly recommend him to anyone either new to the site or seeking an established math professional. Really well done work, Cheers ??
02/25/2019 Not very well written at all, failed to address the essay prompt directly and did not engage with the supplied references/materials. This paper required a lot of work to revise to an ACCEPTABLE level.

I literally had 4 hours to research and write 6 pages. I warned this student that even though I could likely get it done, I wouldn’t have time to go over and edit this. Also, it’s just not feasible to read through dozens of pages of reference material in this amount of time in order for the essay to properly engage with the text. Bummed about the review, but we can only do so much!
02/25/2019 Very beautiful piece! I couldn't have asked for a better paper, and the topic was perfect. Thank you so much!
02/25/2019 Incredible essay and the most help in the world. He was very easily contacted as well and made sure everything worked out.
02/24/2019 Comepleted essay way before due date, and was great at answering questions and messages. 
02/24/2019 Great Professor for your essays. He does a great job he’s a really busy guy so don’t get frustrated if he doesn’t answer immediately. Totally recommended him to my friends.
02/22/2019 Suoer fast and awesome. Thanks!
02/22/2019 Well done
02/22/2019 Great
02/21/2019 Overall good job, just saw a few areas that seemed too simplistic or where certain words came off convoluted, but otherwise I appreciate the time and effort.
02/21/2019 Excellent! Help me delivered a very nice Powerpoint project:) always does a good job on my assignments:
02/19/2019 Great work!
02/19/2019 Paper turned out great! I recieved the paper within one day 
02/19/2019 Awesome work! Very fast and effective! Thank you!
02/18/2019 I got an Amazing Paper.
02/18/2019 FLASH! I was in a pinch on 3 assignments, two 200 wood responses with short readings and one 500 words, short reading Essay. I requested same day delivering and within hours. This Professor delivered and early! The product was on point. THANK YOU!!! The 3 assignments were on one document, which I would have loved for them to be separated by assignment in their own word document.  Again, thank you for the quick and accurate solution! 
02/17/2019 really kind professor
would use again
02/17/2019 Precisely what I asked for yet surpassed expectations -- I highly recommend this professor
02/17/2019 Good work - thanks!
02/16/2019 Very good work however I still had to put some work into it.
02/13/2019 Communicated with me throughout the process to craft a paper that met the thesis guidelines.  Done ahead of time as well!
02/13/2019 Done quickly
02/11/2019 great job! it was a tad shorter than I had wanted/ instructed but that was on my end I probably was not clear enough! 
02/07/2019 Completed a Case Study 15 Page paper in less than two weeks. YOU BLEW IT OUT OF THE WATER AND YOU DESERVE A GRAMMY. Thankyou, Thankyou so much for assisting me in my studies!! You rock, WORK WITH hARVARD  its worth every pennie. Literally. 
02/05/2019 Great experience and did a great job overall, very quick too! 
01/30/2019 fantastic job - turned in months before the deadline - thank you
01/21/2019 Only thing I need to edit is some formatting and creating a title page, which was not listed in the scope. Overall, the writing nailed the project's requirements and was done in less than 48 hours. I was very reluctant to use this service, but ultimately worth the investment. 
01/15/2019 He even read the prompt and helped me figure out I had to do less than I thought I had to.
01/04/2019 This professor did a great job! Assignment was well-written, done to my specifications and delivered ahead of time. I received my grade and I I got an A. Would highly recommend working with this professor!
12/27/2018 Mr Harvard did an excellent job and went above and beyond expectations. Would 10/10 recommend. 
12/19/2018 Great paper and done before the due date!
12/19/2018 I got a 60%, so you do too. Was actually astounded at the low quality of writing when I received the paper, looked like it was written by a tenth grader. Improper citations, using almost completely non-scholarly sources... very unhappy with this service and I will not be using it or recommending it to anyone in a bind in the future. 
12/18/2018 Quick turn around and great research. Nice first start to my project. Happy to have all the sources so I can dive deeper on my topic
12/17/2018 paper was amazing, worth the money!
12/16/2018 Can I give zero stars? Maybe negative stars? This is easily the worst paper I’ve ever read AT ANY LEVEL. I’ve seen kids in elementary school write better. This wasn’t even a paper. It was just separate paragraphs with no flow, nothing. It was all brainstorming. Unless your assignment is to hand in a heaping pile of dogshit, then don’t use this professor 

I'm not sure this is a real review...
12/15/2018 Wow! You did a really great job comparing both states using the metrics! However, i am a little lost on the excel shredsheet. Would it be possible to simplify it only showing the five metrics in comparison to both states and attaching it to the paper towards the end?
12/15/2018 Delivered the project early, and accurately. Best experience I've had on this site hands down. Writes articulately. Would use again!
12/15/2018 Excellent finance and data work! Thank you! Highly recommend! 
12/14/2018 Extremely happy with the result, the work created followed the rubric perfectly and the turn around time for the amount of work was very impressive. Very professionally written and i will return to this professor in the future. 
12/14/2018 He did a great job and did exactly what a I needed! 
12/13/2018 Pretty happy with the result! It wasnt exactly the page length I requested but the content was strong and the prompt was followed pretty well.
12/12/2018 amazing work
12/11/2018 paid $250 for a paper that was half ass done , and my final mark came back today. 66% ARE YOU KIDDING. absoulte waste of time and money I need my money to be refunded ASAP. IM SOOOO MAD i coudlve done a better job blind folded. LIKE WTFFFF.

I specifically asked this student if he needed his project completed with a completely new research question, or to use the same research question he posted. The student never responded. Once I completed the project he was upset that I used the same research question and expected me to re-do the entire project. I tried to meet him more than half way (re-doing the whole project for $100 as opposed to $250) and his response was, 'I will do it myself'. Obviously the student didn't do a great job, because the outcome was a 66%. I wish this could have gone differently, but I'm not sure what else I could have done. Getting a 1/10 review because of the students lack of communication is disappointing, but such is life...
12/09/2018 Excellent work. 
12/09/2018 The essay was written very well! It earned me the grade I was hoping for. My actual professor requested to use mine as an example for the rest of the class to see how it was supposed to be done. Great job!
12/09/2018 AAAAAAAA +++++
12/08/2018 Great and on time!
12/07/2018 Great paper and completed quickly
12/07/2018 Thank you so much for your work! The content and style of the essay is great.
12/07/2018 Less than 24 hr turn around for a 250 word marketing response paper. He sent me the another paper by mistake, but corrected it within hours. Professionally written, sounds great, will be using Mr. Harvard again.
12/06/2018 Did a good job will use service again.  Was done quickly and fast.  Simply did not want to do the work and it was done efficiently.
12/05/2018 You're the man! Thank you so much for my last second paper!
12/03/2018 Really great, the only thing was it needed to be 10 pages and it ended up only being 8. I read over it however and the writing was amazing!! I added some things here and there and made it ten pages easy!
11/28/2018 She loved my paper !! THANKS !! 
11/28/2018 Math work was done rapidly!
11/25/2018 This professor did exactly what was asked for and on time. I highly recommend him and would be glad to work with him again.  
11/21/2018 As always
11/21/2018 The best on the site 
11/18/2018 The project was done and handed in. It has taken me so long to reply as it has only been marked not too long ago and graded and returned. it was a late submission (accepted previously). Hence the late report and marked work. I didn't appreciate the continuous emails regarding your payment - which felt to me that I was not going to pay you.I was just waiting for the return of feedback which has taken longer than expected. on that note, the amount of money I paid and the grade I got was not parallel. I expected a  1st and what I got was a 2.1. not happy as you can imagine after spending so much money on something that I expected the best in. As a professor, I expected more from you and was expecting my work to be at a 1st class honours level. It is unacceptable that you took so much cash and did not produce said type of work. I am very disappointed.
11/17/2018 I was really looking forward to my final grade in a project of mine. Unfortunately, he dropped the ball I recieved 40% on a project. Luckily, I convinced my Prof to let me re-write it. If a service is offered I should expect the best work. This includes reading the descripton of the project, rubric and following the users instruction. Listen I undersrand I could do this myself but if i recieve a failing grade and I paid for the service, (which is expensive for a student) I expect the utmost best product of a paper. 
11/16/2018 Had consistent communication throughout the whole writting process. Completed on time. Met requirements of assignment! Thank You!
11/16/2018 The professor did a great job and on time. Highly recommended.
11/14/2018 very diligent and extremely prompt 
11/14/2018 Great!
11/09/2018 This professor is my first experience on here and I can't believe him. First, he was super shoddy with his timing (hence i had no time to go through the work or make any adjustments), he didn't even see the materials I had attached with the project and just kind of wobbled his way through the whole thing at such an exorbitant price. 

I scored 50%, so I'm of course LIVID! I'm worse off financially and with my grades.

This is the review given by my own professor: 

You have set out some description of the position of V-Soft in this market. There is scope to develop this further, and in this think and state more carefully Vsoft’s position relative to; {i} the ideal segment requirements in terms of features and benefits  - you also need to state the other firms’ positions too in more detail in terms of where they are positioned; {ii} Look more at the other P’s and include analysis more on channel. For example, if Vsoft is positioning itself as a manager-assistant-artist firm it should be doing this through channel 1 and working on building this channel proportionately to the interest from consumers here.

This project would have been made much easier if I could have gotten my hands on the source material needed. As it were, the material was available on Amazon, but the student did not leave enough time for this project to order the book and complete the project in time. I had to give this project a best effort without the material in place, and I guess this student expected an 'A' quality grade with no proper source material and very limited time. I wish it could have turned out differently!
11/05/2018 Really great 
10/28/2018 great work, waiting for results, but i think good!
10/25/2018 This was my first time using unemployed professors. 
After the original submission the paper required two minor revisions, Mr-Harvard adjusted and submitted the revisions within days.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I will be using your services again in the future.
If you are on the fence about using this site, I assure you, You will not be disappointed.
10/24/2018 Produced the paper in less than a day! Crazy fast. Thanks!
10/19/2018 Great work, received 9.5/10 
10/11/2018 Does not follow instructions. 
10/01/2018 Thank you!!
09/23/2018 Quality of the paper was absolutly top notch. Would reccomend!
09/16/2018 Absolutely incredible work. Everything I could have asked for and more.
Will definitely be seeking more assistance from Mr-Harvard in the future. Thank you so much!!
09/12/2018 loved the paper. thank you so much. 
08/23/2018 Thanks again, I read the essay and it's fantastic! Very strong essay while not quite implausible for a student in this class to have written- exactly what I was looking for. 
08/02/2018 Ran 2 days over the soft deadline I set for the paper. Ultimately the paper was completed in less than a week and was perfect and original work. Much appreciated.
07/28/2018 Wrote in terms of my perspective of given information. Superb grammatically. Not overly verbose.
07/08/2018 Comes through with great work every time I've accepted his bids.
06/12/2018 did not listen or do what i asked- and when i asked him to fix it he never sent me the paper back
06/09/2018 Greater than I had anticpated, I was able to review it weeks before it was due and use the information for other assignments. 100% made my life easier and stress free. I'd give more stars if I could. 
06/09/2018 Got an A-. Thanks!
06/09/2018 Fantastic job! Wrote exactly what I needed!
06/06/2018 Delivered on time and with a professional look to the paper. He even did some revisions without any problems or excuses. I would definitely use him again.
06/02/2018 I wish all of my professors were like you. 
06/01/2018 Thanks MR Harvard - a great basis that I can rewrite for my assignment saving me days of effort. Would have liked a conclusion included but that was easy enough to cover. Thanks again.
06/01/2018 Project was completed on time and received maximum credit! 
05/31/2018 Great  Paper!
05/27/2018 Awesome paper, used and cited all sources I gave them. Got it done early! Would highly recommend!
05/20/2018 Great cooperation and full-star work 
05/14/2018 another job well done! and another A+ paper
05/14/2018 Great work.  Don't hesitate - choose this professor.
05/06/2018  Paper was extremely well done and would highly reccomend again in the future! 
05/05/2018 was willing to make changes 
05/02/2018 Incredible work. A+
05/02/2018 AMAZING 
04/28/2018 Absolute top quality work: not overly verbose to fill pages, clearly researched the subject, and delivered almost two weeks early -- Not choosing MR-HARVARD for your paper would be a mistake!
04/25/2018 Great job as always. Mr Harvard always knocks it out of the park and delivers on time.
04/25/2018 Mr. Harvard always goes above and beyond! He has always uploaded the assignenments well before the due date. I seriously recommend working with him!!!! 
04/25/2018 Mr. Harvard always goes above and beyond! He has always uploaded the assignenments well before the due date. I seriously recommend working with him!!!! 
04/21/2018 It truly was a masterpiece. Well done 
04/17/2018 Asked Mr Harvard to write an article crituque, got back an article review that made little to no sense.  I essentially had to re-write the entire paper.

Writing - 2/10
Referencing: 2/10
Following instructions: 2/10
Communication: 7/10

Please dont use Mr Harvard for univesity level papers, you will only get high school level papers.
04/16/2018 Excellent work 
04/16/2018 Great Job! Very helpful! Provided great results!
04/14/2018 Was a very well written paper
I had to tweak many things but thats mostly because there were very strange requirements for the assignment.
If i ever get desparate enough or cannot complete an assignment myself I will return to this site. 

Also be very clear with exactly what you want and give a decent ammount of time to do it. 
04/08/2018 Project was late and wasn't formatted correctly. It did hit all of the requirements,  however its clear that minimal effort was used.. I'm editing a lot and adding some stuff to spice it up, but I guess I will see what grade I get after i spent $200 on a paper that looks like it took them 2 hours. 
04/06/2018 Well done paper 
04/04/2018 Awesome
04/02/2018 Thank you so much! Very satisfied with the results of my Ecology Paper! followed all of my instructions and provided an amazing paper in only 5 days! I know I will be getting a good grade for this assignment. I was skeptical of this website and of how reliable it would be, but I now know who I will be coming back to if I ever need this service again! once again, thank you Mr. Harvard, you are a life saver!
04/02/2018 Delivered a great paper
04/01/2018 Great work, hit all of the requirements that I needed for the paper. Thanks!
04/01/2018 Great paper
03/28/2018 My paper was not to phd standard as I asked or expected. At a stretch it was at best Maters Level. I was very dissapointed.

There was little critical analysis as I would expect from a phd person. The structure was okay as was the syntax. I paid never-the-less given the person did the work. I will not be using Unemployed Professors. 
03/27/2018 Mr. Harvard has completed multiple art history assignments and papers for me. He always sends them before the deadline and they are always top notch! Serisouly amazing! I highly reccomend using him for your next assignment!!!!!! 
03/25/2018 Mr. Harvard completed my capstone project which was a 20-page formal research paper.  The work was absolutely fantastic.  I received a 95 on the paper and I would highly recommend him if you need a project similar to this one.  Mr. Harvard is very professional and will respond to you with any questions you might have.  Thanks again Mr. Harvard.
03/25/2018 Mr. Havard is great.  Project completed in a timely manner and top-notch work.  I will continue to request Mr. Havard for all of my assignments.  Thanks again.
03/21/2018 Absolutely horrible. I'm out $150 and got an F on my paper. Don't waste your money.

This student never provided me any type of feedback on the project -- I highly doubt this review is reliable.
03/19/2018 Amazing performance. Great detail, ready before deadline, will use again for sure.
03/18/2018 Professor H delievered an excellent paper that followed my instructions very well, and on time.  He was quick with corresponding to any concerns that were had and proved his worth! Thanks!
03/13/2018 Paper handed in way before the deadline, well written, maybe too well written because it doesn't sound like me at all. Will only have to make minor edits. Overall this Professor is super talented and you couldn't go wrong if you have him do your work!
03/13/2018 Paper was quality work and was done in less than half the time that was given!
03/12/2018 Very well written and a day ahead of schedule! Would recommend 10/10
03/09/2018 Pretty damn good essay
It is very simple to rate this work 10/10. The paper was delivered early, well written, analyzed sources and had a unique spin. If you do not use this professor you are missing out!
03/05/2018 Mr-Harvard does it again! Impeccable work - highly recommended!!
03/04/2018 I got a great grade for this. On time, and professional. Communication was good too. Thanks
02/24/2018 So I had my project set to be done on Thursday and it was done on Saturday. I didn’t care because the paper was actually due on Saturday. The fact it that he isn’t reliable and to me that means a lot so I can’t really look pass that. I have not yet received a grade for my project. I also never got a chance to go over it for myself because he didn’t get it done in time. 

Thank you!
02/19/2018 Thanks so much for getting this done in such a short amount of time.
This is perfect for me to edit and helps get me started.
02/18/2018 although slightly late, I was impressed by the paper
02/17/2018 I had a last minute request and Mr-Harvard delivered not just with speed but with great quality and a carefully written piece. Definitley made a right choice from the pool of seemingly unapporachable and unfriendly professors. If you need a quality essay, regardless of the deadline, choosing Mr-Harvard would be a wise decision. 
02/16/2018 Mr. Harvard did an amazing job on my Network Proposal. I submitted everything he needed and he delivered 100% what was needed. It was also plagiarism free, verified by Turnitin. I couldn't be happier with the result of my grades and overall score in the class, due in part to his expert writing. He also finished it in a very timely manner, 3 weeks before the deadline. I highly recommend and will hopefully be using Mr. Harvard in the future.
02/16/2018 it looks amazing, exactly what I wanted! thanks for your hard work
02/15/2018 Mr-Harvard is also a math whiz in case you didn't know!! He's been such a huge help with finance and economics for me - highly recommended!! 
02/15/2018 Highly recommend!!! I will definitely use this professor again!
02/03/2018 not good, failed the paper

Unfortunately, this student did not provide the rubric and all of the details for the assignment and was not allowed any revisions before submitting for a grade.
01/27/2018 one of the best!!! highly recommended.
01/25/2018 Great paper was delivered before time. I undertook some minor formatting on the paper though.
01/17/2018 Mr. H was a huge help to me. The paper came in a timely fashion and he was great about revisions. Would definitely use him again. Thanks Mr. H!!!!
01/10/2018 This "professor" wrote the best paper I've ever seen. He/she had problems with the research (and I admit that I was worried that the professor would complete the project), but when I looked at the finished product, it looks absolutely beautiful. I love this professor. This professor is kinda expensive, but you get what you pay for, and I definitely received the perfect service. 
01/10/2018 Worth every penny! Mr. Harvard is a great prof and had great communication throughout this large project! Only needed 1 minor revision and he was very quick to respond. Use with confidence and have peace of mind!
01/07/2018 Delivered an amazing paper in very little time! Highly recommend! 
01/02/2018 Did exactly what I wanted him to do and exceled in it. Would recommend to anyone!
12/26/2017 highly recommend!!! quality work delivered on time. will deff request in the future :) 
12/22/2017 Awesome job!  Will definitely request this professor in the future!
12/19/2017 Outstanding work, I received 100% on the paper.
12/15/2017 The paper was amazing, I got an A. I would keep using this professor always from now on.
12/12/2017 Great writing from Mr. Harvard! I recommend this writer for your future assignments no matter the topic.
12/10/2017 Nice job Mr. H.  The paper is spot on!!  Truly appreciate your exceptional work on the paper.

12/08/2017 excellent job...was really slammed with hurricane and health issues....he came through in a pinch...used my source materials and I got an "A"....could not be happier....many thanks ...
12/06/2017 Very easy to work with and delivers as promised!  Comprehensive reivew that stays on point.
Quick, good, to the point
12/05/2017 As expected. Excellent work.
12/04/2017 My professor delivered in a timely manner, though the format was incorrect as per the project statement. However, I was responded to very quickly and the project was reformatted to my satisfaction within a day. I would gladly use this professor again. Sometimes it's more about owning up and making it right than getting it right the first time. Use this professor!
12/02/2017 Best writer I've had using this service! Highly recommend Mr. Harvard! Legit!!
11/21/2017 This is going to sound cheesy, but words cannot express the.... everything that Mr. H provided me!
Lookinng back, I could have been more detailed to what I needed,  but because of the strong communication Mr. H provided, I was able to clarify what, and how my 25 page paper was to be completed. 
Not only was he able to provide sections of my paper at a time for review, he accomplished the enitre paper a whole week before I needed it to be completed. I can garauntee you that if there are any reviews that are less than 10 stars, it was not due to the professor. If there are enough details that are given on our part, Mr. H will come through like he did for me! Once again, sir, thank you very much. You have relieved much stress from my life!!!! If there ever is a reason to use this site again, I will absolutely be requesting you!
11/17/2017 Amazing!!
11/17/2017 Excellent work on such short notice! Thank you AGAIN Mr Harvard. 
11/16/2017 really great professor. goes above and beyond. seriously, try this one for sure!
11/16/2017 The professor uploaded the assignment a few hours before the deadline. Everything looked really professional. I ended up with a 94% total on the assignment..not bad.
11/15/2017 I just spent the past two hours revising a paper supposedly written by someone with a PhD.
11/15/2017 MR-Harvard produces extremely high quality work and covered fully covered my requirements. I would not hestitate to use again for future needs.
11/15/2017 100% Perfect and a Big A !!!! Thank you very much !!!!!!
11/13/2017 Finished in a timely manner, kind of dissappointed that it didn't follow the format I had sent but it's whatever I guess, not that big of a deal.
11/13/2017 Thank you so much! If I ever need anything else I'll make sure to come to you!
11/10/2017 The review matches the grade.
11/10/2017 excellent paper...nothing to correct....on time and good work...thanks
11/09/2017 Well writen and covered everything I asked
10/31/2017 Great prof.
10/31/2017 Very good
10/29/2017 This my second time working with him, as always he did a great job. Excellent.
Give most Prof enough time and they will deliver most times.
Thank you, Prof.