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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
07/05/2020 My paper required a revision in order for it to be accepted. I contacted the professor and he agreed to make edits however, he never did and he stopped responind to my messages. 
06/27/2020 Professor Polymerase is my go-to for help with my projects!  Professor has assisted me with great work on Economics and Accounting assignments, and has furthered my understanding of the materials.  I highly recommend Professor Polymerase if you want the job done corrrectly and on-time!! 
06/14/2020 Always does a great job that is detailed and time efficient, 
06/14/2020 Great, Timely flexible with time. 
06/13/2020 A+ Excellent 
06/13/2020 Excelent 
06/13/2020 Excellent job Thanks you 
06/13/2020 thanks you ! Always on time 
06/11/2020 awesome job. Definetly going to use this professor again. The paper was great and the topic he chose was perfect. 
06/08/2020 Outstanding paper.
05/31/2020 always A plus work
05/29/2020 I will use the Prof again
05/29/2020 Thank you! 
05/19/2020 Great paper! I received a 100%
05/19/2020 This professor rocks! super quick responses to questions.  High quality product!!  I will use again in the future!
05/18/2020 great job and timely 
05/16/2020 Excelent!! :)
05/12/2020 Great! Very on time! 
05/11/2020 Good work 
05/08/2020 This was my first time using a professor and I'm so thankful I did! Prof. Polymerase was quick to return my project several days ahead of schedule and was very communicative during the process. Many thanks!!
05/06/2020 Thanks so much for helping me out with a short notice! This was exactly what I needed!

05/06/2020 Absolutely amazing, original, paper. I had the general idea of what I wanted to write about and provided an outline and Professor polymerase organized the essay exactly the way I wanted to. I supplied the sources I want used, and the Professor used those and added other sources. The essay itself was well thought out and thoroughly researched. Do not hesitate to select this professor for biology papers. I seriously cannot thank Professor Polymerase enough! 
05/04/2020 Amazing work
05/03/2020 Project delivered to perfection hours before it was due. 
05/03/2020 Helped me so much in such a quick time last minute. Awesome ! 
05/02/2020 Always does his best, no matter the situation
05/02/2020 As always, quality work. Will use again. 
04/30/2020 Great work and communication

04/30/2020 Well written paper and delivered on-time

Thank you!
04/30/2020 Thanks!  Macroeconomics paper deliverd early and completed per instructions.  Received an 'A' on the assignment.  Highly recommend

Thank you!!
04/30/2020 Received a 100 on 2 hour notice. Thanks!

I appreciate it!
04/29/2020 Fantastic job, the assignment was not easy because of lack of information and he did a great job. Recommend!

04/28/2020 Response was quick. The paper was solid. Got 85 on the assignment. 

Glad to hear it.
04/28/2020 Great work! 

Thank you!
04/28/2020 Knows there stuff and puts in a ton of work. My favorite professor!

Thanks a bunch!
04/27/2020 He is an awesome Professor! The assignment was done very well and i will definitely choose him again for my future assignments. 

Much appreciated!!
04/26/2020 If I could rate them at 20 stars, I would. A lifesaver. Great product. Delivered early. Great communication. Will use again!

Thank you!!
04/26/2020 quick delivery, A++

Thanks a bunch!
04/26/2020 Outstanding work

Thank you!!
04/25/2020 You are a lifesaver, thank you!

Much appreciated!!
04/25/2020 Excellent work, very pleased with the final product and the communication throughout the process. Will definitely use again. 

Thank you!!
04/24/2020 Really helpful and through! 10/10 would use again.

04/24/2020 Assignment was done quickly and with excellence! Thank you!

Much appreciated!!
04/19/2020 Exactly what I needed and got it to me incredibly fast! Thank you so much! 10/10

My pleasure.
04/14/2020 Exelent work, Thank you so much! Paper was written perfecty. 

04/14/2020 Great work! 

Much appreciated!
04/14/2020 A+++

Much appreciated!
04/11/2020 Definitely the right person for anything science related. Great work and was done before the due date. 

04/08/2020 Fantastic job!

Thank you!!
04/06/2020 I miss-clicked the wrong date for a week after the project was due and I didn't relize until the day of the due date.  I immediately messaged him and he got it done that day!  Thank you again man.

Much appreciated!
04/06/2020 Great work and very reasonable! 10/10 would use again.

Glad to hear it!!
03/31/2020 Detailed essay, very well written = impressive result. Will use this professor again for sure. 

Much appreciated!
03/30/2020 This an amazing job. Will definitely be requesting future work. 

03/29/2020 Great tutor easy to work with. Eager to help and with the right attitude. He gives you what you ask for and even more 

Great work. Will use again

Glad to hear that.
03/17/2020 Did now follow instructions barely passed by 3%

Hello. I am sorry you were disappointed. As I mentioned in our prior conversation, you cannot expect one to write a 10 page paper and then ask them to re-write the entire paper after you provided the wrong topic. I understand your frustration, and was willing to generate a new paper for you with the new topic, but I expected to be compensated for my time.
03/10/2020 Finished my project 4 days early! Super quick and excellent work!

03/05/2020 Dude is the bomb

03/03/2020 Excellent paper!! Got an A!! will recomend this professor and i will definitely be usig him again!! 

I'm glad you liked the paper.
03/01/2020 Recieved my paper before it was due, page number and number of citation was more than what was needed - and a great paper on top of that! Thank you very much!!!

It needed more sources than was requested to make an excellent product.
02/27/2020 Done in a very timely manner

02/11/2020 Great work. Will def use this professor in the future

02/11/2020 Best professor for Lab work. Hands down. A++
02/08/2020 I have used this Professor more then I should have this semester, but every penny is well worth is. This professor is a great writer,communicator and has patience. I would like to say more but to whomevers reading this, this professor is worth your money and time. 

...Undergrad,senior, science coursework 
review 2/8/20
01/18/2020 Great
01/18/2020 Great
01/17/2020 Excellent work! Delievered on time. Addressed minor needed correction. Outstanding quality and absolutely nailed my assignment! This is the Go to for science work!!!!
01/13/2020 First time using this prof and I received a well written paper. 
01/02/2020 WOW!! Went above and beyond with this presentation. I asked for a brochure as well as the presentation and was shocked by the quality of both. I WILL definatley be working with this professor again. 
12/23/2019 Great
12/18/2019 Great professor great work
12/15/2019 Great
12/14/2019 10/10 (higher if I could). Highly recommend this prof - have worked with them several times now and has provided amazing results time and time again. Great communication throughout the process. If you want quality work (masters) this is your prof.

12/08/2019 Did a great job
12/08/2019 great job and on time
12/05/2019 2nd time using this professor and won't be the last! Prompt and professional work - great communication throughout project. Highly recommend.
12/03/2019 Good work

Please message me and let me know what the issue was. I would appreciate the opportunity for improvement.
12/01/2019 Bomb a$$ paper and super quick
12/01/2019 He went above and beyond, I received 100% on this assignment- and my prof does not give 100%. He wrote a well thought out paper in perfect format and in a very short period of time with 0 plagiarism. Thank you again!!!
11/26/2019 Great job as usual
11/24/2019 Well written
11/21/2019 Awesome work and completed prior to due date!  This is the second paper from this professor.  Highly recommend!  
11/21/2019 Very good job and very easy to communicate with the professor. 
11/18/2019 Great job
11/15/2019 Great economics paper!  Quick work and only very minimum edits required on my end to make it sound more like me.  Highly recommend
11/15/2019 Great and thorough work! 
11/13/2019 Thank you for your beautfully put words.
11/13/2019 Thank you for your beautfully put words.
11/13/2019 Excellent work! Thanks a lot!
11/13/2019 Excellent work! Thanks a lot!
11/10/2019 Would use again 11/10/19
11/03/2019 Great work
11/02/2019 Thank you! I am very satisfied with your work.
11/01/2019 well written and faster than expected. Thank you! 
10/28/2019 Delivered a complex case study on advanced pharmacology in under 24 hours. I will 100% use again.
10/28/2019 Excellent work! A prior professor completely botched this job, but this one hit it out of the park. Thank you!
10/27/2019 Excellent and timely in the delivering the project!
01/10/2018 Great work!  Fast responses and all around great to work with.  Nothing but the best work.
12/15/2017 I have used this professor for two years now and this was the first time I got a bad grade onthe paper. Overall he is very good and i would recommend it 
10/08/2017 Another job well done!
10/07/2017 Excellent original work. Always on-time. Never had any issues with his work. If you want a dependable person, this is the man. 
Got an A.  Will use again.

10/01/2017 Always follows the Rubric as well as comprehensive writing skills!
09/25/2017 Always comes through with a solid A!
09/16/2017 Top Notch Work once again.  Each and every time original "A" paper!
09/15/2017 Fantasitc!!!  Came through with an A...
09/10/2017 Always solid original work!
09/06/2017 Fantastic
09/01/2017 Excellent work... yet another solid A!
08/31/2017 I can't go wrong with this Professor!  Always get an A+ and delivers on time!
08/28/2017 High quality paper that delivered exactly what i needed.
08/28/2017 98 A+
08/23/2017 My favorite professor, always does an awesome job A++++++++++++++++++++
08/20/2017 Always completed according to requirements with solid writing.  Greatly appreciate time and time again the quality work.
08/09/2017 2/5 assessments came back with revisions. Professor was completely unavailable for two weeks. Not upset over all good work for the most part.
08/07/2017 Excellent work! Definitely recommend Professor-Polymerase.
08/07/2017 Excellent work! Definitely recommend Professor-Polymerase.
07/28/2017 Always On Time!!!
07/28/2017 Great Case Paper!! 
07/28/2017 B+ on my Case Study Project. The project was perfect! I blame the "Nutty Professor" for being a poor grader.
07/28/2017 I got an A in Project Management!!
07/28/2017 She is the best!!! 50 out of 50. 

07/28/2017 Great Job!
07/28/2017 Good work - Law Course Work
07/28/2017 Good work - Law Class
07/23/2017 Answered all multple choice questions correctly & on time!

07/15/2017 In spite of his busy schedule, this professor never ignores the detail. He is the best, thus far.
07/15/2017 I have been using this professor time after time because of his quality work. He is always timely as well.
07/15/2017 Excellent writer. Very thorough and detail.
07/13/2017 Good Job!
07/11/2017 Only got an 85/100. Paid quite a bit. Professor did not follow the correct format, and was extremely rude when I requested it be fixed. Second time using this professor, have never received an A. Will not be using again.
07/11/2017 Excellent work! Recommend!!
07/05/2017 Did a wonderful job on my biology research paper. Layed out all the directions and guidelines clearly and was given back a superbly crafted college level research paper. You cannot go wrong in choosing her to write your papers.
07/03/2017 Absolutely wonderful.
07/01/2017 His work is outstanding!!!!!  I have been getting the top score with his work. Simply the best!!!!!
07/01/2017 Best writer! Always thorough, follow instruction well and timely!
07/01/2017 This professor is the best thus far!
06/28/2017 Well done and researched.  I would definitely use again.
06/26/2017 Excellent Work! Ensures projects are checked for high level of plagiarism.  Always on point.
06/25/2017 Professor Polymerase is the real deal.  Her feedback speaks volumes about her writing abilities and the content she produces is authentic, organic, and of a very high quality.  I chose her largely based on her academic credentials and having a well-written profile introduction.  Upon accepting her bid, she asked the right questions which helped build my confidence in choosing her.  While her bid was slightly higher than the others, the old adage applied well with her: you certainly get what you pay for.  I used this service for a one-time need due to a very busy and hectic professional life however if I ever have a need for top quality academic papers, I will be sure to seek her out.  Thank you!!
06/18/2017 2 THUMBS UP
06/18/2017 Amazing 
06/17/2017 Great communication!
06/15/2017 Outstanding work and went over and above what was asked. Only professor I will use in the future. 
06/13/2017 Efficient and provides excellent work!
06/13/2017 Excellent work and timely completion.
06/13/2017 This professor is an excellent writer. Followed instruction well and completed the paper before the due date.
06/12/2017 Professor-polymerase was an excellent choice.  I gave this project to the professor as an additional task for the professor on top of another one I was already having done.  It was completed in a timely manner and and the work was excellent.  Professor -polymerase was very patient and willing to adjust the paper multiple times throughout hthe course of our interaction.  We had lots of communication back and forth and responses to my questions were always very quick.  Professor-polmerase is well worth the money. 
06/12/2017      Professor-polymerase was an excellent choice.  I had an incredibly difficult project for the professor. It was completed in a timely manner and and the work was excellent.  Professor -polymerase was very patient and willing to adjust the paper multiple times throughout hthe course of our interaction.  We had lots of communication back and forth and responses to my questions were always very quick.  Professor-polmerase is well worth the money. 
My assignment was completed far beyond my expections. Prof Polymerase is the BEST hands down.......always avaliable and has great responsiveness when I've needed anything!
06/11/2017 Professor-polymerase is the real deal.  He quickly responded to my inbox messages which is actually uncommon on this site.  He followed the several pages of detailed directions perfectly.  This was for a bachelors of nursing course.  10/10!
06/10/2017 Wonderful work and excellent writing!
06/05/2017 Exactly followed the directions I had stated. Superb writing too.
06/05/2017 Provided quality work and on time. Definitely recommend!

Fantastic Work!!! Highly Recommended!

Thank you


06/04/2017 When having trouble uploading the final work, this professor kept in constant communication about the project. Quality work from a highly reccomended professor.
06/04/2017 This professor is an awesome writer! Highly recommended.
06/03/2017 Will only use professor-polymerase for my projects.  Writes a very comprehensive paper with requirements and outlined to follow rubric.    
06/01/2017 Did an amazing job, highly recommend!
05/30/2017 Great work, professionally done.
05/30/2017 Thank you!  A+ Case Study paper!  Professor Polymerase constantly delivers ontime and A+ work!
EXCELLENT WORK!! Definitely recommend using professor-polymerase.
05/28/2017 Awesome!!

05/28/2017 A+
05/28/2017 I think you did an excellent job. I hope you are not having many problems with the other. 
05/28/2017 Great job
05/27/2017 Very well done edit to my research paper and good explination of edits done. Worth the price.
Very happy with this professor's work. Very professional and formal with the time of completion.
05/22/2017 Excellent work!
05/22/2017 OMG this paper was beautiful, I got 100  points on my grade !!!!!!!!
05/22/2017 great work and on time !!!!!
05/22/2017 Love his work !!!!!!!!!
05/21/2017 Great work as always !!!!!
05/21/2017 I am always happy with his work, I wont use anyone else. 
05/21/2017 woderfull job as usual
05/21/2017 I can always count with this professor. I have been using him for over a year. Recommended it 100% 
05/21/2017 He got me an A in the course!

professor-polymerase is good and reliable!!

05/21/2017 A+ Paper!
05/19/2017 Got a 100% on my paper.
05/18/2017 Fantastic, quick, easy, and communicative.

Hire this prof. 
05/18/2017 Very high quality paper on a subject not in the writer's desired field of study. Professor is quite capiable of producing work in the sciences at the level of student need. Ensure one provides writing samples to tailor to one's writing style.
05/18/2017 The quality of work from Polymerase is equivalent to the price of their services, you really do get what you pay for. Ensure enough time is left between project completion and due date to review the project as well as tailor to one's writing style as needed. Projects in general are not intended to be ready for submission upon receipt.
05/17/2017 Great work, and finished before deadline!  Thank you
05/15/2017 Thank you, you did a great job in the little turn around time.
05/12/2017 Professional, Timely, and well-written.
05/11/2017 Perfect paper right on time
05/09/2017 Is a great communicater and was timely with responses to any questions or updates asked for.   Would highly reccommend.
05/09/2017 Paper was spectacular; nailed every requirement to a T; received a A.  Can't thank the Prof enough.  I left nine of out 10 starts because the bid (only one I received) was a little pricey!

Thanks again!
05/09/2017 Assignment was beyond my expectations.  On time.  Very easy to commuicate with.  Highly, highly recommend professor-polymerase!
05/08/2017 Executed a scholarly level project paper in a remarkable amount of time. Few grammatical errors, but nothing that would cause me to leave a lower review. Can't wait to see the grade the paper gets. Thanks!
05/08/2017 Great delivery of my assignment!

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