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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
03/25/2021 This guy has a brain and doesn't f around when it comes to your assignments. Save your money and get your sh*t done correctly the first time. Have gone with him for multiple law assignments and have never received anything less than an A. 
12/20/2020 I used Casper for a 7 page paper for an undergrad philosophy class; I've not seen better writing than the work he's produced. It shows a clear and exceptional understanding of the source material and its nuances. I've no doubt I'll receive an outstanding grade. I look forward to working with him in the future.
12/16/2020 Great and timely essay!
05/22/2019 Not only does Casper do great work, but he does it with passion which is rare and cannot be priced! Hes very very very communicative and genuinely wants you to do well in your assignments. Go Casper or go home. 10/10 
05/13/2019 would give more than 10 if i could
05/13/2019 Go Casper or go home!!! 10/10 work, only want to work with him now 
05/09/2019 Submitted the assignment on time and was a great comminucator. I would highly recommend using this professor! The paper was really well written. 
05/07/2019 Casper was a pleasure to work with: super puctual, communicative, & wrote a great paper!
05/05/2019 Very knowledgeable, prompt with feedback, and excellent 
04/29/2019 excellent.
02/10/2019 Consummate... 
08/14/2018 This guy knows his stuff!!!
04/17/2018 Casper you did an amazing job. It is a great response to the requirement of the assignment, and extremely well written. 
Thank you!
04/05/2018 11/10 and great communication! :) 
12/20/2017 My second time using Casper, and I could not be more satisfied. Wish I could rate more than 10 stars. You truly do get what you pay for - excellence, communication, and a banging essay/paper. Will certainly be continuing to use this professor.
12/18/2017 What are u waiting for you already found the best option---CASPER---
12/18/2017 Casper or just do it yourself
12/18/2017 i only choose Casper anymore
12/18/2017 Casper to me is what "the Dream' is to Beyonce
12/18/2017 Casper is not only a friendly ghost, but a smart and complete ghost writer
12/18/2017 How are u gonna get an A? Use Casper
12/18/2017 Casper is the best, Dont waste time with anyone else
12/18/2017 I always get the best quaity work from Casper
12/18/2017 10x better then any other professor on here
12/18/2017 best prfessor out there
12/17/2017 Outstanding Essay 
12/16/2017 Great guy, great writier, great everything. I haven't seen someone communicate so instantaneously in my life. Well worth the money and easily one of the best on this site. Will not hesitate to ask him for anymore help. 
12/15/2017 Amazing job on a very difficult and specific subject matter. 
12/05/2017 The professor gave thorough answers to the writing prompt. He delivered amazing work.
12/04/2017 Casper all day every day, he won't let you down.
12/01/2017 Casper completed a 60 page monograph for my most difficult
class. I attend a top ten law school and the professor personally
complimented me on the work. I wish it were possible to give a
professor more than 10 stars. I've barely received passing marks
from the other professors on this site, and one or two failures.
From now on, I'm going to save up, and make the investment in
getting the job done the way it should be done.
100 Stars!!
11/08/2017 Well Done Again! Casper is the best!
11/07/2017 I could not be more pleased with the work done by Casper. He was on time, his work was phenomenal, and his communication was perfect. If only there were a way to go rate one more than 10 stars!
11/07/2017 Charges more than others, but is well worth it! 10/10
11/06/2017 Complete and clear full answers, turned in well before it was due, and awesome communication. Choose Casper if you want the best.
11/03/2017 Casper is not only a friendly Ghost, he is the best Ghost writer I have ever seen! Casper is the only Ghost Wirter I use anymore. Dont go cheap for high level work, go Casper!
11/03/2017 So well written, and full complete responce to the prompt, Got me another A+! Pick Casper for the best work!
11/03/2017 Still the only professor i trust to complete high level work! killed it again! turned in way before the due date. Dont hesitate choose Casper!
10/26/2017 Casper is a lifesaver!!!!!!!
10/18/2017 Another pristine paper from my boy Casper 
10/14/2017 I have used this service a lot and this is by far the best quality work out of all 10+ professors I have used. 
09/24/2017 Very late review, my bad. This professor wrote a good essay, it recieved a B+ and I was happy with the results.
06/30/2017 100%!
06/30/2017 100%!
05/18/2017 got me an A on a very difficult assignment, whatever he is charging is worth every penny, casper is my go to professor
05/18/2017 Ill keep this simple, Want a A? come to Casper 
05/09/2017 Dr. Capser is the person to go to for all your paper needs, Work is done very well and the communication is great. 10/10 would use Dr. Caspers services again 
05/08/2017 Great essay
05/01/2017 Completed the project in a professional matter and responds very fast. He will work with you to make sure you are satisfied with his work. I would recommend to anyone. Will use again.
04/29/2017 PhD quality work, fantastic with staying in touch and taking all of the stress of your hands.
04/29/2017 Excellent writing, diligently checks in to keep you posted on progress and stays in contact to provide whatever extra help is needed on the work. Flawless execution on this essay.
04/26/2017 Casper has been an absolute gem throughout the entire process. He is extremely knowledgable and concicse in his instructions and has been not only extremely professional, but is extremely approchable. I highly recommend his services. You will not be disappointed. 
04/22/2017 Very friendly, and willing to work with you. Does great work and delivered well before the due date. 10/10
04/18/2017 Great and quick writing, very undrstanding, and responds fast. 10/10
Professor Casper is an ace. I've used him twice now. 10/10 through both experiences. 
04/09/2017 Professor Casper was easy to communicate with, fast in his work, and outstanding in his execution. 10/10. Will use again.
03/30/2017 Worked with me through my extended dead lines (3 of them), Easy to get in contact with and very friendly. This is my second time using Dr. Caspers service and I'm very pleased with the out comes. 
03/28/2017 The service was great.
03/26/2017 My project that he did for me was right on time and well structured, beget than what I could've done with the limited instructions that I got from my prof. I will have to do some editing so it sounds more like my writing style. Overall, it was really well done and exexuded effectively. 
03/19/2017 Amazing work for a extremely short period of time. Definitelywill use Dr. Caspers services again!
03/15/2017 Excellent and prompt reply! Fullfilled the exact essay requirements throughtfully.
03/08/2017 awesome
03/06/2017 Nice work!
03/05/2017 Casper did an outstanding job with my PhD level paper on a very short time frame. He answered questions quickly, was thorough, and gave me more than I could have asked for or expected. Seriously, he is worth every penny. You will not be disappointed, even at advanced degree levels. 
03/02/2017 THE BEST
03/01/2017 A bit pricy (my fault for the same day due date), but the work was excellent. The project managed to be elegant despite the short length assigned.
03/01/2017 Extremely fast and reliable!
02/26/2017 Dr Casper wrote an essay that was above my expectation, his responses t omessages were also very quick and professional, and delivered my assignment earlier than what I have posted for. Will definately ask him to write me another essay if needed !!
02/26/2017 Casper exceeded my expectations- and returned my personal statement essay to me hours before the given deadline. I gave him a seriously rough draft of what became my law school admissions essay. He not only corrected all grammatical errors, but made my paper sound 100 times more professional while still maintaining my voice of my ideas. With personal experience on admission boards, Casper knows what schools are looking for in candidates. I admire his writing style, and would recommend him to anyone needing an extra push to achieve a stellar essay. Thank you!
02/24/2017 Casper was fantastic to work with. He is an amazing writer and delivered the assignment early. 
02/05/2017 I got an A! Thank you. 
01/18/2017 Busines Law 

Casper is an elegant writer and delivers on time. His work is meticulous and is worth paying more to get the job done the first time. 
12/06/2016 Great job with quick turnaround! 
12/06/2016 Absolutely phenomenal. Professor followed instructions to the letter and was always very quick to reply to messages and addressed any and all concerns. Will be using this professor in the future for sure. The work is excellent from arguments/evidence,to structure, to grammar. The breadth of research was fantastic as well. This professor completed an upper level research paper for me and I could not be happier with the result. Truly fantastic work.
12/06/2016 Absolutely phenomenal. Professor followed instructions to the letter and was always very quick to reply to messages and addressed any and all concerns. Will be using this professor in the future for sure. 
08/06/2016 Excellent, PhD level work. 
05/10/2016 Casper did an awesome job with my project.!
05/09/2016 Came through once again!! Great work and on time!!
04/25/2016 My project required completion is a very short time frame.  Casper completed the project in the time frame provided.  The work was high quality and left me at ease knowing it would receive high marks.  I recommend Casper.  Thank you.  
01/20/2016 One of the best I have ever used. Gave me the paper 3 days into the writing process. recommend for everyone
12/17/2015 This prof provided an AMAZING 8 pg paper in less than 7 hours and it was worth every penny.
12/05/2015 Amazing paper!!!!!!!
11/23/2015 Did not  meet the deadline. 
11/22/2015 Casper is amazing! Absolute greatness in his work!
11/06/2015 Casper, is the BEST of the BEST. He was able to follow my professor's instructions extremely well and churned out an excellent finished product. Not only did his writing surpass my expectations, but his professional attitude and hard work were both noted. Casper had my paper done several hours before the recquired deadline. I cannot stress enough how impressive that is. I could not recommend this professor enough and i look forward to employing his work again. 5 stars!!!
05/04/2015 Casper provided an excellent outcome considering the very exceptional circumstances and tight timeframe. Thank you!
04/28/2015 Good job on the annotated bib.  Thanks for the fast turnaround on it also.
04/28/2015 Casper did an excellent job on my paper.  I actually needed to dumb it down a little bit to my level.   Thanks for the good and timely work.
04/23/2015 My second paper with Casper...both the quality and attention to detail were immaculate! 

Casper is undoubtedly the top writer on this site.  

04/16/2015 Really great work and easily availible! 
04/15/2015 Although there were issues with timing, the final product is great and very well-written.
04/15/2015 Extremely well-written. Thank you.
03/31/2015 I have been blessed to have Casper assist me. Each work he has completed for me has been top work.  He is a master at what he does.
03/25/2015 I appreciate Caspers enthusiasm, knowledge, and passion for the subject . Outstanding work!
03/25/2015 The professor was professional and timely. He did an excellent job. I had a few stylistic and wording changes, but my paper recieved an "A." I attend a top 15 Law School.
03/23/2015 Thank you for the preparation you put into this effort. It was one of the best!
03/22/2015 You are a lifesaver.  Thank you for pulling everything together on such short notice.
03/15/2015 Casper wrote me an incredible law school admissions paper...the amount of thought and the degree of meticoulousness was amazing! 

03/15/2015 I would like to compliment Casper on finishing the work  before the deadline. I appreciate the timely completion and the excellent workmanship.
03/12/2015 Many, many thanks for the outstanding work on this project. The caliber of this work is exceptional, and will have a major impact on my final grade.
03/12/2015 Warmest thanks for all of your hard work. I recognize how much time and energy this assignment demanded, and I deeply appreciate all of your efforts to make it a great success.
03/10/2015 Casper was great in his paper.  I have a bad time at history, but have to take the course.  I ended up getting a 90% on my essay with Casper's help, which is great in my case. Casper followed the guidelines to a tee, and my paper was done on time.  I will definitely use him again in the future, and recommend him to anyone.  Thank you Casper!! 
03/04/2015 This professor is second to none in regard to research. Spot on with sentence structure, grammar, format, etc. This is the first time I have worked with this ghost and he has certainly 'set the bar'  for research projects in my book. I have worked with several ghost writers on this site and Casper is by far one of the few who has performed on a superior level, beyond any expectation I have ever had. I HIGHLY FAVOR AND RECOMMEND THIS PROFESSOR, without any reservation. I will add that the communication is equally as superior as his work. There was not a single email that went unanswered and almost immediately.

Casper is a quality individual with an unparalleled ethic. You cannot go wrong with this professor.

03/03/2015 Extremely good writer. Would recommend to other students over other professors if you have the choice.
03/02/2015 Great paper completed under an intense time constraint. 5 stars. 
03/02/2015 Great paper under a major time constraint. 5 stars. 
02/05/2015 Let me just say that you will have no regrets if you choose Casper to write any of your papers. Just provide him with all the directions that are needed to follow and he will consider every little detail you mention. I would definitely choose Casper again for my future assignments. Thanks Casper!

Casper did an amazing job with writing my 7 + page research paper in under 2 days. In general, if you see that you don't have the time to write a paper and need someone else to write it for you, just come straight to Casper. He may be a bit pricey, but he gets the job done with quality and your satisfaction. He will communicate with you too if you need any additional help such as edits with the finalized paper. I would highly recommend this professor to anyone needing help in English or really just any type of writing assignment.

02/02/2015 Really well done. Thank you!
01/28/2015 Excellent writer with a passion for perfecting essays to one's standards. I don't think there is a better writer than Casper himself. He has not only written a great paper for my English class, but took the time to break it down for me if I had any questions throughout what he wrote in the essay. Simply the best writer you can have for almost any subject matter.
01/22/2015 Well-written paper with a creative writing style. I would reccommend anyone to Casper for their English assignments since he is one of a kind writer. Very open to ask any questions and would write your paper in a timely manner. Did a superb job on my paper.
12/31/2014 Another amazing piece of work that Casper created. I can't recommend him enough. He really knows his stuff. He helped me big time once again
12/29/2014 Loved his work. I had him do more because I could trust his content. He had great communication. I highly recommend him! If you are not sure who to choose, I can assure you Casper is reliable! 
12/21/2014 Casper was really hands-on and for that, I'm one extremely satisfied client. I needed to submit a short draft to my actual professor before getting the final paper completed and Casper was willing to quickly turnaround one for me. After that, Casper managed to include lots of good information in addition to my own ideas. Overall, it was truly a collaborative experience and Casper was always quick to respond when I had questions. FIVE STARS!
12/16/2014 Casper did an amazing job writing my final exam essay for my English class. He wrote the essay in 2 hours of time that was given and was able to provide a strong argument with only 4 pages of writing. I can't think of a better person who could have written my essay than Casper himself.
12/07/2014 Incredible!  Did my 5 page research paper in a day, communicated with me giving me updates, and did it at a very reasonable price!  I give this professor 5 stars!  He even had knowledge on the topic which made him an even better candidate!  
12/06/2014 I was really pleased in the really really short amount of time that Casper was able to reply and finish the project very well. I did get an A and all thanks to him! Thank You!  
12/05/2014 Casper did a great job! I plan on going to him for my future papers!
12/03/2014 Great job!!! Thank you!!! great communication and essay! 
11/30/2014 Using this service for the first time, all I can say that it was just above and beyond my expectations. My professor, Casper, who wrote my research paper managed to finish it within 2 days (not to mention it was during the holiday weekend). More importantly, Casper dedicated extra time to answer any questions I had in regards to the finalized paper. If something was unclear, he basically took your suggestion and made it crystal clear. 

Make your homework go away!