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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
08/21/2017 Excellent!
08/05/2017 very well done essay well structured! highly recommend this professor! 
06/30/2017 100%!
05/17/2017 Fantastic English skills, well written and very, very comprehensive got me a C+ so I am pretty happy with that!
04/24/2017 i used this professor before and he did great work, im sure he still does, but on the most recent paper i used him, i recieved a 0 for plagarism. I wouldnt tell you not to use this professor because his work is great, but just double check and make sure he knows.
04/11/2017 Truly awful work. This "professor" borrowed heavily from wikipedia, to the point where almost every section of the wikipedia article was copied with a word changed here or there in a feeble attempt to disguise this fact. The result was utter nonsensical crap that I wouldn't turn in for a grade even if I was sleeping with my professor. A terrible experience. I feel dumber for having read through the "completed" paper. I can't imagine having a worse experience. Do not waste your time.
04/06/2017 I got this guy to bid on my project a month ago. He backed out on the last second don't use this professor very unreliable.
04/06/2017 Got it on time, and it was just as i asked. Though few minor errors, i got a 65% and well.. it could of been worse.

The paper i got had the most deduction on the Thesis, it lacks specifics outlining the central argument and the paper generally develops an argument. 
03/31/2017 Highly reccommend Professor Hegel! Will be using again!
03/31/2017 Excellent paper and instructions followed! Will definately come back.
03/30/2017 Very nice paper. Received on time and met all requirements. Ended up getting a 95% it.
03/28/2017 Professor Hegel delivered a subpar product. I tried multiple times throughout to communicate with him, and he gave me cursury assurances that the work would be finished rather than addressing my concerns. My request had three distinct parts, and Professor Hegel very clearly only completed about half of the project. I sent him a message inquiring about the third part, but was ignored. I was unfamiliar with the website's policy of automatically deducted funds after two days, meaning that after Professor Hegel had ignored my question for long enough the money was already his. 

This is indeed my fault for not familiarizing myself with the website's rules, but it is also VERY obviously unethical behavious by professor Hegel. I write this so that any future customers can think long and hard before making the same mistakes as me.

03/28/2017 Well researched and well writen paper, professor-hegel is a life saver, will definitely use his services in the future!
03/25/2017 Absolutely wonderful writing.  Highly recommended.
03/25/2017 Excellent work. 
03/24/2017 Excellent work.  Exactly what I needed and on time.
03/24/2017 Awesome! Finished on time and a great paper.
Great work. Thank you
03/22/2017 Amazing quality of work and response time was awesome. Highly recommend professor-hegel for anyone who needs an annotated bib completed for them. I will be coming to them again in the future!
03/21/2017 good work as always
03/17/2017 Professor Hegel did an excellent job. However, make sure to set deadline before the acutal due date of the project just in case lol!
03/16/2017 Excellent work! Smooth, intelligent writing and transistions within the paper. A few repetitive phrases (like using "on the other hand" many times) could be omitted or changed, but this is a very minor critique! Nobody should ever submit any paper without proofreading anyway. Will definitely be selecting Hegel for future projects! 10/10
03/15/2017 Good Work
03/14/2017 Very good, touched base on every part of the project and met all requirements by the deadline.
03/13/2017 Right on time
03/11/2017 Well written and delivered on time
03/11/2017 amazing writing, great attitude. Will work again with this prof :)
03/10/2017 Very good.
03/09/2017 Great paper! Thank you so much!!!!
03/03/2017 The research paper was submitted a week before the deadline and was very well written. Had to get the paper edited a couple of times, but all in all highly recommended! 
03/02/2017 Would definitely use this professor again!
03/01/2017 I received on my paper on the due date and am very happy with the results! I just submitted my paper so I don't know my grade yet but as far as I'm concerned it's A+ worthy and he followed all directions minus a tiny oversight with font. I knocked off two stars just because I feel like professor hegel can make himself more availible to answer questions and messages + maybe throw in a little warning if he's running behind. He says he doesn't check his email after 5pm. I didn't know that and I flew into a panic for a good while there! Anyway, the price was very fair for what material/length of the paper. I highly reccomend!
02/16/2017 Professor did an excellent job with a quick turnaround highly recommend!
02/14/2017 Received 20%, the essay was returned to me with part of in point form... It was a 6000 word Law essay and the writer used point form, don't ever use this writer. 
02/01/2017 excellent paper
01/27/2017 Great work!
01/23/2017 Truly an amazing paper...very straightforward and to the point. Extremely fast turnaround and got the project completed before I asked!
01/21/2017 Fantastic writer, great flow to the paper, provided an "A" 
01/18/2017 Great Job!
01/14/2017 Great work
12/28/2016 Awesome experience!! Paper was well researched, written and returned to me in less than 48 hours!!  Thanks again for your help, I would have never finished the semester without it.  Due to some setbacks and family heatlh issues I was left with less than a week to write and submit three 6-10 page papers.  Having one less definitely takes siome of the stress off!!
12/20/2016 Absolutely amazing expierence writer I got a 91% on my essay! Easy peZZY 
12/14/2016 Completed a 6000 word paper for a law school course. The quality was outstanding!!!

12/12/2016 Once again Awesome job!  Thanks
12/12/2016 Cannot appreciate the meeting research and concisely layout enough. Much appreciated, would recommend
12/12/2016 Excellent job, extremely thourough for a very challenging topic. This is definitely A+ work. Would highly recommend would definitley hire again. 

Thank you for the hard work!
12/05/2016 Well done paper and on time.  Exactly what I asked for
12/01/2016 Never done something like this and I didnt know if I could trust it, but the paper was amazing and done on time. Best part, I was able to go on vacation without worrying about a paper. Thank you for the A+ paper. 
12/01/2016 Excelent work and quick turn around
11/30/2016 Competently done and in a timely manner. The construction of arguments as well as the structuring of the paper itself was top notch. Would definitely come to this professor again with any future papers.
11/30/2016 good ideas used. also clearly rambled to meet the page length.
11/28/2016 Unbeliable how good this professor is! Could not be happier with the result, he followed directions perfectly and communication was super easy and quick! deffinitely working with prof. nashbrooks92 again! Truly a great job!
11/26/2016 Thank you, amazing work handed assignment back on time. 
11/23/2016 Havent recieved a grade or turned in my paper yet but after reading it over Im sure I will recieve a high mark. 
This professor did a great job on my paper, and finished early, I am extremely pleased with the result. 

If your sketching out about this site and the process I understand I was skeptical as well, but they delivered in spades. 
Amazing work. I posted wrong date and he still came through for me. Highly recommended. Thank you.
11/22/2016 Great work. Thank you.
11/10/2016 Great paper.  Thank you!
11/08/2016 Turned in early, great communication, AMAZING essay! 
11/06/2016 Excellent work! If you are looking for a someone who communicates with you and follows direction, this is the professor you should chose. I have never been dissapointed and I attend a top 50 (in the world) universtiy and this work is on par with the best in my class. I cannot recomend this professor enough!

11/04/2016 Will definitely use this Professor again in the future! Does really good work!
11/04/2016 Amazing, high quality work. Would definitely recommend 
Wonderful to work with and the project was submitted to me early! Although I have yet to submit the paper for a grade but I am confident it will recieve high marks. I will definitely use nashbrooks92 in the future.
10/27/2016 Was on time and was a great paper also.  Would for sure recommend using if you need a good and fair priced paper done!
10/22/2016 None the less excellent, and handed in early!
10/19/2016 10/10
10/16/2016 Nashbrooks92 , is awesome. He finished my paper earlier than expected to my exact specifications. He was curteous, easy to communicate with and his bids are very fair! The quality of work was also impressive, wil definitely use him again. 
10/15/2016 Awesome job and delivered in less time then initially requested. Very please with the work and very responsive!  I will definitely use again!
10/12/2016 Hi, please reupload the file, the pdf is damaged
09/21/2016 Was on time and communication was fast. Highly reccomend this prof
09/19/2016 Great work!
09/14/2016 Good work for the best price. Received 72% on the assignment. There was one major research error, but for the price it's hard to beat.
09/10/2016 Excellent Paper!  Professor thoroughly hit all the assignment requirements and delivered an A+! 
09/09/2016 Writer delivers on time and to a high standard!
09/05/2016 i got a 60% :/
09/04/2016 excellent will use again  for furture assignments...all assignments were completed before due date.
09/03/2016 Well written project, exactly what I needed and asked for
08/23/2016 Quick, and to the book!
08/22/2016 Great writer, received a B+ on my paper! 
08/19/2016 Awesome paper! Exactly what I was hoping for.
08/18/2016 A very reliable writer that communicates well during the process and delivers high quality work!
08/08/2016 Wrote an unbelieveable essay on short notice! thanks nashbrooks92
07/30/2016 I will keep this review short and simple.  I contacted Unemployed Professors last minute, as well as some other sites.  I actually came across them ( via reddit on an AMA one of the writers did.  I figured I'd reach out to them with only 8 hrs left until my paper was due.  Nashbrooks was the first 'professor' to submit a quote.  Although I thought it was a little on the pricey side given the report's topic and its length but at this point I was at his mercy.  We exchanged messages and was quick to respond.  He understood my needs and paper requirements.  I made it clear that my paper was due in 8 hrs.  He understood.  With that, I went ahead and left my fate into his hands.  Mind you, i needed a perfect paper because I was teetering on a C/B.  With an hour to spare, Nash submitted the draft.  We did not discuss revisions, so I cannot comment on that portion, however his 'draft' was good enough for me! I walked away with a 98/100.  I was docked points because the professor did not like the URL citations, but whatever.  I could care less.  

If you're skeptical, I get it. I was there too but can honestly say this site is legit.    One thing I was disappointed about is none of the reviews discussed much details about their paper or its cost.  SO I will, 

My paper: 
5 pages, not including citation
5 sources, with one primary source
Topic: super easy high school style topic (i wont disclose, sorry)
MLA Format

Deadline; 8ish hours

Cost: $215
07/27/2016 The paper looks great. 
And it was done very quickly which was amazing. 

Im sure I will get a great grade 

thank youuuuu
07/26/2016 The paper got me an 86/100, was a little disapointed because I was aiming for an A. 
He did the paper on time and was a good paper.
I ask this professor to edit this, and he gave me some spill from the site, that he is unable to do it. 
All my other professors would of done this for no problem.

I must say I have had 3 projects with this writer and every paper was good.
Wont be using him due to the limited editing he/she will do
07/26/2016 Thorough, completed early, very communicative! Thank you
07/26/2016 Wrote an amazing piece for me when I was struggling with an assignment last minute, this guy totally saved me in my class.
07/14/2016 Amazing work! Im a first time user and everything worked out perfectly! I wanted something done last minute and Nashbrooks92 got it completed just in time. Thank you!
07/14/2016 The professor was very communicative. He solved my assignment on Human Resource Management in Business overnight without much trouble. Had I had more money, I'd have tipped him better!

I can't recommend Nash Brooks enough to what concerns Business coursework. :)
07/14/2016 The professor was very communicative. He solved my assignment on Human Resource Management in Business overnight without much trouble. Had I had more money, I'd have tipped him better!

I can't recommend Nash Brooks enough to what concerns Business coursework. :)
06/22/2016 Great professor who delivered quality work. A great writer and a pleasure to work with. Would recommend.

06/22/2016 I want to say this professor has done a thourough job and followed the ruberic and instruction. I am very pleased 

06/17/2016 Excellent  job. I am very particular about my work, and rarely give ten stars. However,  this professor deserves them. The assignment was delivered ahead of the deadline and written exceptionally well. Thank you for your hard work. 
You work is always awesome and on time if not ahead of schedule!!!!! You are my go to person!!!  Thank you!!!
06/15/2016 Very good solution to this project!!! Delivered on time and exceeded expectations. 

Would highly recommend!
06/06/2016 Amazing Propaganda and Media presentation, with helpful feedback, footnotes and visual material. Definitely satisfied.
06/04/2016 Awesome paper! Was completed before the deadline which was great. Would have liked a little more communication along the way, but everything worked out smoothly. Excited to see how good I'm able to score on the piece!

05/30/2016 Great work and on time!
05/21/2016 Such a great essay. and a lovely friendly man. Thanks a lot :) 
05/08/2016 easy to work with, great work!
05/05/2016 great work, very responsive, very easy to work with!
04/30/2016 Excellent work and was completed ahead of the deadline too.
04/27/2016 Great work! The paper was well written and I would definitely use this service again if needed
04/18/2016 Thank you Professor NashBrooks92! You saved me in more ways than one, work is perfect and I no longer have to stress over this term paper (12 pages..ick).
04/02/2016 A talented writer that is very reliable with doing high quality work!
03/17/2016 Amazing work!!
03/14/2016 Received a 63/100 mark for this project. It was a pass. For the amount I paid I don't think it was amazing work but it did satisfy my requirements... 
01/02/2016 Research paper was delivered on-time and received an A+!!
01/02/2016 Did an outstanding job!! Thanks!!
REcevied a B     good paper  
Got me an A+ on the paper so I have no complaints. Delivered on time and had really good communication too.
11/28/2015 Paper was perfect - got an A.
11/23/2015 ahead of schedule, always top notch work...yet as fallen off the radar and cant be found now days...a little dissappointmented that my other assignments had to be cancelled as this Proffessor was very good
11/22/2015 Terrible experience with this 'Unemployed Professor' on another project - He had it for months and 4 day AFTER the due date, I was notified he would not be completing my project.  Regardless, even this project was a disappointment.  I wound up rewriting the entire paper so that it sounded scholarly and academic.  The material he gave me was so...very, very basic...Statements were redundant, paragraphs were unclear, research was no current...really disappointed.  
11/13/2015 Passed the assignment with great comments!
11/05/2015 Looks great, Glad I picked you Nash, have a great week~!
11/05/2015 Great job. Exactly what I needed and he was flexible with changing the due date.
11/02/2015 SUPER A+++ 

only professor I prefer to use on this site because i always get the assignment ahead of schedule with quality work
10/31/2015 Top notch work! Very flexible and worked with me through edits and multiple drafts!
10/31/2015 Good work - great communication! I can definitely recommend nashbrooks92!
10/29/2015 I have to start with I never write reviews but when I got my paper back and read it I was very pleased. I am sure you will find the same with this professor. 
10/28/2015 Thank you for the great paper! Did a really amazing job!
10/26/2015 I am very happy his work! I recommed him !
10/24/2015 I am very pleased with the project outcome. I had only a vague notion of what I needed, but you translated it into an exceptional paper
10/17/2015 Nash comes through again! What a great UP! Highly recommended! Got a 97 on the last paper he wrote! Thanks again pal!
10/16/2015 Amazing professor! very attentive!
10/15/2015 absolutely amazing powerpoint...thank you so much for such excellent work
The outline is amazing thanks again!!
10/14/2015 Truly Outstanding work
10/09/2015 A talented writer that is very reliable in making a great effort, highly recommended!
10/09/2015 Great paper! Got exactly what I asked for!
10/06/2015 Great professor! Excellent communication and followed the project's rubric. Highly recommended! Thanks Nash!
10/03/2015 Fantastic work! Thank you for your help!
09/30/2015 Scored a 93 on this project.  I would use this professor again. 
09/29/2015 Quick turnaround and grade A quality.  Written exactly to specifics, thank you very much.
09/22/2015 Got exactly what I asked for, plus I understood it. However, the great thing was that it was all done in a great reasonable price :)
Also, I got an A+ on the assignment. 

 I highly recommend this professor.  So helpful, on time, and eager to do a great job!  Could not have asked for anything better!  .

09/16/2015 I received the essay back from my lecturer after submission and got at 59% score. 

The essay would have scored better marks if pictures and illustrations were included to show statistics instead of it being linear. 

The case study section was not descriptive enough in the technical information and no pictures. 

Overall pretty dissapointed at the result 
09/09/2015 Nashbrooks92 is a great writer and very fast! I experienced great and friendly customer service, which is very appreciated. I only had to fix the references, but that is so minor to me considering the great content that was provided in the paper. Thank you and I will definitely recommend you to others!
09/04/2015 A talented writer! highly quality work and finished ahead of schedule.
09/03/2015 He finished my paper 2 day early so I can review it.
Absolutely the best professor on this site!
09/01/2015 Great job on project...Came thru when I needed help...Thanks...
06/09/2015 Great work! Thank you!
05/21/2015 Nashbrooks92 not only completed my project perfectly the way I needed it but also completed it way before the dealine. Out standing rating is lower than what I think of Nashbrooks92. Thank you very much...
04/28/2015 paper came out great !!! so happy with it !!!
03/11/2015 Very helpful professor who is attentive to detail and follows all project instructions! highly recommended!!
03/02/2015 A+ was my grade on my assignment.  I highly, highly, highly recommend this professor.  So helpful, on time, and eager to do a great job!  Could not have asked for anything better!  Was one billion % satisfied!  Do yourselves a favor and hire this one!  You won't regret it!  I have worked with other professors and this one is the best!!!!
02/25/2015 OMG!  Fantastic, Awesome, Outstanding....these are just a few words that describe the work that this professor has done.  We commicated, we kept in constant contact during the assignment and the professor delivered the project EARLY!  I am just thrilled!  Without hesitation, I highly, highly, highly recommend this professor for any writing projects that you have!  


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