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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
03/16/2023 Good work but items missing. Total silence when reaching out kinda sucks and discouraging. 

Hi! I’m so sorry for the mixup. I was confused when I read your review, so I double-checked your old project and only just saw your request for revision. Sometimes the site doesn’t alert me that there’s a new message when the project has already been closed out. If you send me a message and don’t hear back, you can always reach out to an administrator who can get in touch with me. Sorry again for the mixup!
03/12/2023 VERY RELIABLE!
03/12/2023 Great work, I will use this Professor again in the future if needed. Thank you
03/12/2023 Amazing Work!!!!!!!
03/08/2023 Got an A! Thank you
03/07/2023 You did another outstanding job writing my paper.  I received a 170/175.  Great job!! Thank you!!
03/07/2023 The paper was done a few hours before the deadline, which was nice. I haven't received a grade for it yet, but it appeared to be exactly what I asked for without any errors; job well done. 
03/06/2023 Dude knows his stuff!
03/05/2023 There aren't enough words for me to express my gratitude toward this professor. He is punctual, on time, and just overall owns up to his name. Highenddelivery is the man! He has been on this journey with me for a short time but when I see him pop up to bid I am quick to pick him.  I always wait for him because the others on here just don't meet his standards. This guy has helped me receive only A's, and I am forever grateful for his help. Pick this professor, he is very knowledgeable and he will not leave you astray. I promise your money is well spent with this professor. Professor, thank you!
03/05/2023 Very thorough with attention to details. He is consistent, responsive  and  relialble.  Please try him, you will be glad you did.
03/05/2023 Great work! And so so fast! 
03/02/2023 Every star given is well deserved! This professor has helped me out tremendiously! He is always done with my assignments ahead of time and every project he has done for me has always gotten me an A. I am so thankful for his help! Every time I have an assignment that is due I am always looking for him to do it because his work speaks for itself. Thanks professor!!
02/28/2023 Best of the Best :)
02/28/2023 Very proffesional and on time.
02/27/2023 Good
02/27/2023 If you're not selecting this professor, you'e not getting the best. Simply put, he is amazing.

Prompt communication, flexible with time requirements, impeccable work at every turn!
02/25/2023 Quality work and always on time!
02/25/2023 Amazing work by Proffesor,10/10 on every assignment !
02/24/2023 Great and excellent 
02/24/2023 Gets things done efficiently and quickly 
02/20/2023 Great thank you
02/19/2023 Dude was awesome and got back to me quickly!
02/19/2023 Amazing Work,Love this proffesor !
02/19/2023 Always the best and before due date/time. THE BEST
02/19/2023 The best of the best :D
02/17/2023 Professor did forget to answer some questions but when I pointed them out to him he sent me the answers within minutes! Very responsive, very knowledgeable and such a pleasure to work with. Definitely recomend! 
02/16/2023 This professor is the best! Quick respnses, quick revisions and gets the work to you right away, way before the deadline! I highly recommend! 
02/16/2023 This professor was pricey but delievered an amazing job. Finished the assignment right away, way before the deadline and did a great job!
02/15/2023 Perfection per usual
02/15/2023 Really good quality work as always. Fast and precise
02/15/2023 Amazing quality work, fast, easy and examplary. 
02/14/2023 Great work, always on time.
02/14/2023 Great thank you
02/14/2023 Fast solution! Thank you
02/13/2023 best of the best!!.
02/13/2023 Proffesor did an Amazing Job and got me an A+ on my assignments! 
02/13/2023 The best thanks smiley !!!
02/08/2023 Couldn't be happeir with the quality of work form this professor. A+ work everytime! 
02/06/2023 Very Good writing. 
02/06/2023 Paper won an excellance award. "...attention to detail; appropriate grammar, usage, and mechanics; pertinent terminology, and clear organization, such as with section subheadings and logical paragraph structure.” Can't recommend this professor enough!
02/02/2023 On time. A+ work. The absolute professor on here!! 
01/31/2023 You did another awesome job on the project.  My professor gave me a 120/125.  I will most definitely be using you again for 2 more projects.  Thank you!! 
01/30/2023 Always 100%  one of my core writers I trust. 
01/29/2023 This professor is truly the guy to go to for any assignment! He is trustworthy and delivers your assignments ON TIME!!! He is quick to respond and has been helping me tremendously while I focus on other pertinent assignments for my program. This professor puts your mind at ease! You never have to worry about your work being plagarized. Thank you so much professor! Because of you, I  have been able to focus and study for my exams and thus far I have passed each exam with B or better. I will continue to hire this guy to help me with the busy work assignments that my professors like to give out. 
01/28/2023 Great work and on time. Thank you so much!
01/27/2023 Perfect. Thank you!
01/25/2023 This professor is reliable and trust worthy! They are quick to respond and will fix any issues you have. I recommend using this professor. Your money will not be in vain! Thank you professor and keep up the great work!
01/23/2023 The best!! thanks so much :)
01/23/2023 Thank you! Life saver :)
01/18/2023 I was very skeptical about using this service. But this professor's first job and second were exceptional. Please accept his bid. He will not fail you
01/17/2023 Best professor no doubt! 
01/17/2023 I took a chance with this professor. Turns out hes one the best on this site. Exceptional and extremely fast. You wont regret it. 
01/17/2023 On time, great quality, and great communication!
01/16/2023 Life Saver :) 
01/13/2023 This professor was very quick. I will be using him again in the future. Thank you so much for the quick response!
01/11/2023 They did a great job and completed the project early.
01/09/2023 All of my questions were answered and this professor was also able to send my project in advance. I had a rough draft that I provided and I appreciated how he stuck with my writing style and what I had initially wrote. He also responded in a timely manner. Definitely recommend! (my project was a statement of purpose) 
01/03/2023 Amazing quality work always!
01/02/2023 A+ quality work. This professor saved the day and deliverd high-quality work everytime! 
01/02/2023 The BEST professor on here. Great communication and amazing work! 
12/25/2022 Being a first time user I was beyind skeptical at first but after the product I can gurantee I may just request such a professor agin.
12/19/2022 You did another awesome job writing the paper.  My professor gave me a 140/145.  Thank you!!
12/18/2022 My essay needed to be done in a tight time crunch. This professor had it to me in less than 3 hours after posting the job, and 4 hours before the time required. The essay is spot on and I will be using this professor for the forseeable future! THANK YOU!
12/11/2022 Always amazing work. Got me 100%
12/11/2022 Always amazing work. Got me 100%
12/11/2022 Always amazing work. Got me 100%
12/11/2022 Always amazing work. Got me 100%
12/08/2022 good work
12/07/2022 I used this professor to write a essay for a business law class! I got 100 percent! thank you!
12/03/2022 Thank you 
11/26/2022 Amazing communication and A+ work as always! 
11/23/2022 Flexible and dependable, work was insurmountable for myself and a breeze for this professor. 

You are a fool if you don't use this person. 

Grateful for their work!
11/20/2022 excellent paper on short notice with no editing needed got a 100%
11/17/2022 This professor is truly one-of-a-kind. This last project was a super last minute request and this professor came in and saved the day with high-quality A+ work! 
11/17/2022 One of the best on here. Couldn't be happier with the work. 
11/15/2022 Another ??, one of the best on here for sure. 
11/08/2022 This guy killing it with the As. 
11/04/2022 A+ work as always. Super fact communicaton. Very professional and does great work. 
11/04/2022 excellently written paper delivered promptly
11/03/2022 Excellent solution in minimal time!!
10/31/2022 You did another awesome job writing my paper.  I received an A+.   Thank you!!!
10/31/2022 A+ work. Really appreciate the professional quality work. 
10/30/2022 My man with the ?? again, ladies and gents this guy delivers. On time, as reqeusted, and As evreytime I use him. 
10/30/2022 Top work
10/26/2022 Delivers on time and is very thorough in their papers! Excellent work!
10/25/2022 Good communication, good work, trustworthy with sensitive info. Highly recommend!
10/22/2022 You did  another awesome job with the project.  My professor finally graded my paper on today (10/22/22) and I received an A+.  Thank you so much. 
10/18/2022 nice paper thanks
10/18/2022 Great as always
10/17/2022 Great skills in statistics and easy to work with!
10/17/2022 Excellent essay, thanks for your help again! 
10/16/2022 Recieved a 100%, trustworthy professor. 
10/15/2022 Thank you.
10/14/2022 Excellent
10/13/2022 awesome paper thank you
10/09/2022 Always the best!
10/06/2022 An assignment I submitted was for 4 full pages, APA format. I received paper with 3.5 pages. The paper final grade was a B. 

Unless specified otherwise, writers on this site default to word count instead of page count on the project description. You requested a 900 word paper and I delivered a 1100 word paper. Still, had I known page count was what mattered, I would have been happy to provide the extra half page for free upon request. Like I’ve mentioned in other feedback responses, while I’m 110% willing to rework papers to meet expectations, I need clear communication about what those expectations are
10/05/2022 He did it again! ?? 
10/04/2022 Fantastic
09/30/2022 Great work 
09/27/2022 Great
09/25/2022 Great
09/22/2022 Didn't read instructions, project was super easy too

I’m sorry you didn’t like my work, but I definitely read the instructions and can’t find any issues. Perhaps some of the instructions are missing or incomplete? Please reach out to me and clarify your concerns, so I can revise and resubmit
09/21/2022 Perfect paper and received an A+. The best.
09/19/2022 This professor went above and beyond to take the time to make corrections. I will be requesting them again in the future!
09/16/2022 Aweosme work as usual. Followed instructions and didnt need any guidance, Exactly on time, and work was presented professionally and to a very high standard. 
Thanks again! 
09/16/2022 This professor is a lifesaver. His work is as awesome as always. Only bad thing about his service is how dumb I feel after reading his answers and comparing them to mine. 
09/15/2022 HighEndDelivery should be your first pick for math, finance, economics, and accounting projects! 
09/14/2022 You did another awesome job writing my paper.  I received an 277/285 on my assignment.  Thank you so much!!!
09/13/2022 Such a great professor. Could not be more happy!
09/12/2022 Always pleasure to work with, always in time and great quality ! 
Thank you !
09/04/2022 Fully trust HighEndDelivery with all things math, finance, and economics!
09/01/2022 this professor always delivers, I swear I wouldn't trust anyone else to write anything for me
08/28/2022 Got 100% on my PowerPoint project!
08/23/2022 You did another outstanding job writing my paper.  I received a 235/235.  Great job!!! Thank you!!!
08/11/2022 amazing product as always, no editing needed and met all criteria given

The brief tasks given to this professor are sufficient. Nonetheless, he does not keep people updated on the status of his projects. The assignment is obviously rushed and does not fulfil the requirements, and he didn't upload it until I disputed the project when the deadline had already passed and he claimed he had uploaded it. I recommend seeking help from a different professor for assignments with high point values. If you do decide to work with this professor, it's important to make sure he keeps in touch with you. I would suggest switching the assignment to another professor if he does not reply, since it is likely that he has forgotten about it. I will never work with this professor again. I have used this site for almost 2 years.... I highly recommend choosing another prof.

I'm sorry to hear you were frustrated with my work. I'm not sure what happened, but I'm certain I uploaded the project the evening it was due; as soon as I was made aware the next morning that you could not access the project, I reuploaded it immediately, no dispute would have been necessary. You also complain that the assignment was rushed and does not fulfill the requirements. However, I triple-checked the description you posted and can find no issues, nor have you responded to any requests for clarification about your concerns with the assignment. As always, I'm perfectly happy to revise projects to meet client expectations, but I also need clear communication from clients about what those expectations are.
07/23/2022 excellent paper, perfect as always
07/22/2022 Amazing! 
07/17/2022 great ! thank you so much and right on time to submit my project.
07/17/2022 Highly recommend!
07/17/2022 Great!
07/07/2022 He helped me with a revision and I got an A! I am still very happy with HighEndDelivery. Thank you!
06/26/2022 amazing work every time, no editing needed, got a 100% at a masters level
06/25/2022 amazing work as always. I wont work with anyone else. Never needs an edit and always on time
06/22/2022 You did another awesome job on my project.  I received an 45/45 on the assignment.  Thank you!!!
06/21/2022 Amazing 10-page PowerPoint project! I got an A.
06/21/2022 Another high quality paper by HighEndDelivery. Seriously, this is your guy for finance related projects! 
06/19/2022 70 %

Is that that grade you received on your project? If so, while I don’t guarantee grades, I do strive for better marks than that. Is there any chance you might have left some requirements off the project description? Please reach out to me and let me know your instructor’s feedback. I’m happy to revise and resubmit if the option’s available
06/19/2022 hi I'm from the research proposal for MSc dissertation project, please reply to my dms, the site isn't notifying 


06/19/2022 always amazing work
06/15/2022 Fast and accurate!
06/15/2022 Got an A on the the statistics project they did for me! Was prompt, professional, answered all my messages and produced a quality project for me for a much better price than what some people with way worse ratings had offered. Would 10/10 hire them again! 
06/14/2022 He never fails to deliver a high quality assignment! 
06/14/2022 This individual wrote me an AMAZING essay that I got a 100% on!!! Here is my professors feedback; "Great exploration of AUD, Dani! I appreciate the discussion you offer here with features and criteria, contextual and cultural considerations, and etiological and treatment facets. Your writing is well-organized and findings are on point. This reflects an appropriate and studious effort and I'm glad to see your engaged participation throughout the assignments. My best to you in the future. -Tom". I could not be happier with this essay and thank you so much for saving my ass during finals week!
06/14/2022 great work
06/14/2022 great work
06/13/2022 You did another awesome job on the project.  Thank you!!
06/11/2022 always amazing work. I can't reccomend anyone else I've worked with  over HighEndDelivery
06/11/2022 No editing needed at all, met all directions give, on time, I couldnt have asked for more. I got 100% 
06/11/2022 Best professor I have worked with here by far!
06/11/2022 Perfect assignments every time. 94% on this
06/11/2022 Amazing work. I use them for all my assignments I need help with
06/11/2022 amazing work. On time. No editing needed. Perfectly met all criteria assigned. Perfect score in a masters course
06/10/2022 Another amazing paper done by the best! Thank you for being so easy to work with and helping me with a revision as well! 
06/08/2022 You did another awesome job with the project.  I received an 130.57/150.  Thank you!!!
06/07/2022 Although the professor submitted the paper hours late. It scored very well. 94/100 and this professor that I have is very strict. Disappointed not as much now. 
06/07/2022 Did just as was asked of him, and followed directions given. 
06/05/2022 I am really glad I chose HighEndDelivery. As this was my first time using this service, I was afraid  the paper would not get done and that I would only find out an hour before the assignment deadline that I was going to get a zero. But he came through. Whew! Thank you! Quality work too!
06/04/2022 Amazing work on my 9-page power point for business law! 
06/04/2022 amazing work, well researched, on time and no need of editing
06/01/2022 great work
05/31/2022 Yet another A-plus assignment from HighEndDelivery! I absolutely trust his work. This guy never misses! 
05/29/2022 You did another awesome job on the project.  I received an A+.  Thank you!!!
05/29/2022 Great work!!!

05/29/2022 Great work!!!
05/29/2022 Great work!!!
05/26/2022 He did a perfect job, I got A.
05/26/2022 Amazing professor, high quality, on time and always available 
05/26/2022 I passed my class with the professor's help.
05/20/2022 Great work, I was very pleased with the paper and the timing!
05/15/2022 I got an A on the task (on master level), and the feedback on the paper was exclusively positive. The professor was fast and delivered the paper one week before the deadline, which gave me plenty of time to read through it, give feedback and he was fast to make adjustment to make the paper better. Definitely my prefered professor. 
05/11/2022 Always comes through at the last minute!!!
05/11/2022 Outstanding work and communication
05/08/2022 You did an awesome job with the project.  I received an A+.  Thank you!!
05/06/2022 Amazing professor, only 1 typo needed fixed, the paper was other wise perfect with a near 100% given for it in a masters course
05/06/2022 Amazing professor, only 2 typos needed fixed paper was other wise perfect with a near 100% given for it in a masters course
05/06/2022 Amazing professor, I have worked with them on several projects and they are all completed on time and rarely need anything more than 1-2 typos fixed. Incredibly simple to work with, reads all instructions, all attached ruberics and even catches things that you may have forgotten to mention from those ruberics. I can not reccomend this professor enough!
05/04/2022 Amazing paper. This guy should be a "Diamond-level" professor! He communicates well if he has questions on the assignment, and the final product is always excellent quality. I highly recommend him! 
05/04/2022 This professor never disappoints! He's a math  genius! My go-to professor for anything related to math, finance, or economics! 
05/01/2022 Great job, came through in a jam!!
05/01/2022 Great work as always. Thanks again!!

05/01/2022 This is my fifth time working with this professor, they're 100% my favorite on this site and they always provide quality work.
05/01/2022 You did an awesome job.  I ended up with a 37.58 out of an 45.  Thank you!!
04/29/2022 Great.
04/28/2022 awesome
04/27/2022 Fantastic assignment. This professor really knows economics! 
04/27/2022 Fantastic paper, it needed a little revision, and this was done in a few hours. Amazingly responsive professor. 
04/27/2022 Exactly what I asked for and in time before the deadline. Thank you:) 
04/25/2022 Great.
04/24/2022 Great quality, probably the best professor on this site!
04/23/2022 Thank you.
04/23/2022 Great.
04/22/2022 Exactly what I was looking for in a timely manner, will use again.
04/22/2022 Solid paper, went above the minimum requirements.
04/22/2022 You did an awesome job doing the assignment and finished before the sceduled due date.  I received an A+.  Thank you so much.
04/21/2022 Provided a great product, right on time and hit all the parameters required. Thank you so much!
04/19/2022 HighEndDelivery is easily one of my favorite and most trusted professors in this site. When it comes to anything math or finance related - he's the best! 
04/19/2022 Delivered to high profession! Thank you. 
04/19/2022 Top quality work.
04/15/2022 Came through in the clutch. Followed instructions and completed project in the amount of time that was agreed upon. This is what it's all about. No fuss, No mess. Thanks for coming to the rescue. Would recommend this professor on any project. 
04/14/2022 This professor lives up to his name. Thank you for the high quality and HighEndDelivery on my Econ project! :)

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