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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
06/11/2024 Awesome work as usual!!! A++++++
06/10/2024 Great work as usual!!! A+++++
06/09/2024 Excellent work!  Thank you!!
06/06/2024 INFUCKINGCREDIBLE! Appreciate you!
06/03/2024 Awesome work as always! A++++++++
05/30/2024 Awesome Professor! A+++++
05/22/2024 Thank you. 
05/19/2024 He went above and beyond on my Criminal Justice paper. 
05/18/2024 High quality work in a short amount of time.
05/15/2024 He was incredibly prompt with his work. I will say I had to do some minor syntax and grammar editing from British to American English but it wasn't anything major and the work itself was very good. I will update this review or post another one once the assignment receives a grade.
05/12/2024 Fantastic work!
05/12/2024 10 out of 10, Have great trust that he will deliver! Very quick to response and once he understands what it is that you need he will get it done to exceed expecations! 
05/06/2024 Great paper!! Got an A on the assignment. Will be using same professor again. 
05/06/2024 Awesome work as usual! Highly recommended 
05/01/2024 Awesome job, great communication, couldn't be more grateful for the help ! 
04/25/2024 Professor did an awesome job on my paper.  I received a 128.04/130.  Great work!!!
04/25/2024 got an A!!! thanks so much 
04/24/2024 Received a 96 on this 10+ page research paper with only a week notice. Great work!

04/17/2024 EXCELLENT!!!
04/15/2024 Awesome work

04/15/2024 Very nice, completed a great report for me. I put the wrong date accidently and they worked with me to comeplete the assigment at the right date. 
04/14/2024 Awesome and a great communicator ! 
04/12/2024 Absolutely amazing! I'm incredibly impressed. Fast delivery and amazing results.
04/11/2024 Great paper and was completed before the due date. 10 star rating
04/05/2024 The best quality I have received on this site since I have started using it.  Thank you!
03/31/2024 There were a few small errors here and there but it only took a few minutes to correct them. 
03/31/2024 Second project with reviewing this professor and I'm more than pleased.  Zero reflections of plagiarism or AI screening through "TURNITIN" reports or other plagiarism check tools. Will be using again.  
03/28/2024 I really like working this professor. Perfect papers and always open to changes and edits as requested. My go-to professor now. 
03/27/2024 My GO TO prof - always has great communication and stellar performance.
03/26/2024 I wanted to wait for the origniality report before I posted a rating as many professors are utilizing AI, which triggers plagiarsm reports.  This report had zero flags and pinged perfect for originality.  I was less concerned about content quality, which was perfect, but this professor clearly writes originality. I received an A+.  I will definitely be using this professor in the future.  Absolutely recommend for the hesitent student who is concerned about originality reports.  Thank you!
03/26/2024 Great work!
03/25/2024 Timely and high quality delivery. Appreciated the revisions. 
03/25/2024 helped fix some stuff after giving me the solution and cooperated well, the work was done well.
03/17/2024 Project was good quality and on time. Great comunication!
03/13/2024 Completed this assignment thoroughly and very fast!! 10/10 recommend 
03/03/2024 Great servcie!
03/03/2024 First time i use this porfessor for english, EXCELLENT WORK VERY HAPPY!!
03/02/2024 Really great communicator 
03/01/2024 Great service!
02/28/2024 Followed instructions perfectly, quick responses. Total legend!
02/20/2024 Does the best work. Precise and helpful.
02/20/2024 good work!
02/13/2024 Project was exactly what I wanted. It passed immediately with no revisions needed. 
02/12/2024 Go-to professor! They have done MULTIPLE projects for me and always deliever!!
02/11/2024 Excellent service!
02/11/2024 Great Work! A+++++ Highly recommended 
02/09/2024 THE BEST 
02/07/2024 Excellent!
02/07/2024 great work!
02/07/2024 great work!
02/02/2024 Highly recomended!
01/24/2024 Great work!
01/14/2024 Multiple page spreadhseet completed on-time and recieved a score of 99/100. 
01/14/2024 Timely response, met all requirements (10+ pages), recieved a grade of 96/100. 
01/11/2024 .
01/10/2024 Delivered on time and received high quality work. 
01/10/2024 After back to back 100s its the only professor I trust with my assignments.
01/10/2024 Pased the assignment with 100 on this first try..Great Professor!!!
01/10/2024 Perfect! 
12/31/2023 Everything done as asked, good communnication. Highly recommend !
12/28/2023 Good and on time helped me with USC admission question
12/26/2023 on time good for me 
12/19/2023 Amazing work. Great communication. Best professor on here!!
12/18/2023 Got 100% on my paper! As long as you provide all of the information needed for your assignment there shouldn't be an issue, so ignore the bad reviews for this professor, those people obviously did something wrong or half-assed the assignment requirements. I've had this professor write a couple papers for me and they have all been "A" papers and no issues with my instructors claiming AI or plagiarism. 
12/17/2023 Always excellent work
12/17/2023 Great work as always
12/15/2023 Timely, efficient, hassle-free.
12/15/2023 Always great work!
12/14/2023 I will definitely use this professor again, I got an A on my paper and it was sent to me by the deadline I asked for!
12/13/2023 quick with great quality.
12/13/2023 SOLID! 
12/13/2023 Clear communication, good quality work, reasonable pricing, on time delivery! 
12/10/2023 Excellent as always - have used this prof two dozen times and they always provide amazing work
12/08/2023 Always great work!
12/07/2023 The absolute best professor on here. This professor comes through everytime I need them. Fully trust them with all of my coursework!! 
12/07/2023 We been working together all semester and its been nothing but amazing! Thank you so much! Get you're needs met here!
12/04/2023 Always 5 star work!!!! Highly recommend!!! Thank you!!!
12/04/2023 Amazing!! Always assigning high end for everything because he always performs and then some! If you need the project done, high end only delivers  ??????????
12/03/2023 Amazing, every time :)
12/02/2023 This prof is 2nd to none on this website. Always great work and communication throughout process
11/29/2023 Quick turnaround and well written 
11/28/2023 The work is spot on! Given in a reasonable time period, the work provided is always top notch. Thank you!!! High recommend!!! 
11/26/2023 great work as always - use this prof for any business, economic, and stats related needs!
11/23/2023 Best prof on this website! Always great work
11/19/2023 Project was due the same night and it was completed in a timely manner, scored 100. 
11/16/2023 Always great work!
11/16/2023 The work is very much professional! Thank you so much! I very much recommend it to everyone! Everything is very top-notch and with quick responses! I will only work with High End!!! 
11/12/2023 Amazing! 
11/11/2023 Great work as always!! Highly recommend this prof!
11/04/2023 have used this professor over a dozen times and they always deliver great work
11/02/2023 always great work!
11/02/2023 My presentation was very well done. Will definitely use again. Solution was supplied early and required no modifications from me. 
10/30/2023 good work
10/30/2023 did a great job following instructions and completing my assignment
10/30/2023 THE BEST!!!
I have got help with quite a few (not super proud of this) essays throughout my 4 year Uni degree and I can say without a doubt that this is THE person you want working on your papers. I used them on multiple projects from Stats (the only reason I passed was because of the montouring I recieved, to psychology theory. THIS PERSON IS THE BEST!! Timelines, working with you, communicating, using references and attention to detail are FAR SUPERIOR, resulting in the best assignments and never any touch-ups on my part. THANK YOU!!
10/29/2023 Stellar work as always - use this prof for anything business related
10/23/2023 Extremely impressed!!!! Wow!!! Thank you!!!
10/22/2023 exactly what i asked for! thank you for saving me time!
10/21/2023 Super professional, great communication, impeccable work
10/20/2023 was only given 75% for work that I was told was going to be easy. does this mean I get 25% back on what i spent for the work?

I'm sorry to hear that! While I don't guarantee grades, I do try to provide the highest quality product possible. Please reach out to me and let me know what your instructor's feedback was on the assignment. As always, I'm happy to revise and resubmit as needed
10/17/2023 Yet another perfect score! Without a doubt, one of the finest professors on this platform. I extend my heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support throughout the semester! Thanks, High End! yes
10/16/2023 Great
10/13/2023 always great work!
10/12/2023 Excellment work!  Gald to have you help me out. I appreciate you so much. heartsurprise
10/11/2023 always provides incredible work
10/08/2023 Cannot recommend this professor more! Always delivers high quality products and when an issue/complication arises always quick to communicate and get fixed
10/08/2023 I have used quite a few on this site and actually gotten F's on assignments for them not following the instructions and just providing a bunch of filler that made no sense for the assignment. This professor got me a 100% which is a first. I was not going to use this site again but I think I found my writer! 
10/07/2023 impeccable work as always
10/05/2023 always excellent work
10/04/2023 Outstanding service yet again! Got a 97%!!!
10/02/2023 yes
10/02/2023 Pays attention to detail. I receved such a well done paper.
10/02/2023 I got an A+
10/01/2023 Prof came thru once again - helped me in real time with quizzes I needed for coursework. Always stellar work
10/01/2023 Outstanding work! Really went in depth on a niche subject.
09/30/2023 Delieved on time with 100% grade
09/30/2023 If you need accounting/MBA coursework this prof is who you want to select! Timely and professional
09/30/2023 Has completed a few projects for me now and does great work. Amazing communication as well and answers any questions along the way
09/30/2023 Have used this prof a handful of times now and they deliever execeptional work!
09/30/2023 100 percent on the literature review part of my research essay! Thank you! You are the best! 
09/28/2023 Some of the math was incorrect due to rounding, but overall solid work in a timely manner. 
09/26/2023 Amazing and fast work! 
09/25/2023 amazing work!
09/25/2023 Always on point.
09/21/2023 Great job!
09/17/2023 This professor went above and beyond what was needed for the project. There was an error, and they spent a lot of time troubleshooting the problem. Couldn't ask for a better professor. 
09/17/2023 Hands down the best / most reliable professor on here. A+ work as always!! 
09/17/2023 Amazing work, I don't turst any other professor on here. This professor is the asbolute best!! 
09/17/2023 I have just had my first experience working with this professor, and I must say, I believe they have become my new favorite. Their proficiency in crafting high-quality research papers is truly impressive. I personally engaged their services for graduate-level work, and the quality of their output was nothing short of amazing. Furthermore, their communication skills are excellent. I received an impressive score of 95% for the work they produced. I will definitely be reaching out to them again for assistance with the next segment of my extensive research paper.
Thank you, High End! You are outstanding!
09/15/2023 You did yet another awesome job with the project.  I received an 162/175 on the assignment.  Thank you!!
09/11/2023 On time and good quality 
09/05/2023 This professor is hands down the most qualified professor on here, I fully trust they will deliver high-quality work! 
09/05/2023 The absolute best professor on here!
09/01/2023 You did another amazing job with the paper.  My professor gave me a 114.95/125.  Excellent job!!
08/29/2023 Amazing as always!
08/29/2023 Great
08/29/2023 Excellent
08/28/2023 Good job
08/28/2023 Great work!
08/28/2023 they sent me the paper solution is very messy and like a sketch. I returned back to them with an email asking them to send me a more clarification and organized paper with steps of solution and precise numbers. They sent me a message with the final answers in numbers. Very unhappy with the assignment., 

I’m so sorry you were unhappy with the assignment! I made the original file (a set of physics problems) as clear as I could, and I responded to your request with a typed up version of the solutions. I’m not sure how I could have delivered a clearer handwritten document, but I had hoped the typed-up version of the answers with solution steps would have met what you were looking for. Please reach out to me when you see this response with clarification about what you were looking for and I’ll get the revisions to you as soon as possible!
08/10/2023 I will truly sit and wait for this professor to pop up. Their quality is top-tier, their fast responses and quick turnaround on assignments are just mind-blowing. It does not matter what I bring to this professor he understands the project and Ace it every time. Trust this professor with your assignments!
08/10/2023 Every dollar spent is well deserved and more! Trust and believe this professor here will not let you down. 
08/10/2023 This professor is awesome! Always on time and every assignment graded this professor gets nothing below an A. 
08/10/2023 You did an awesome job writing my paper.  My professor gave me a 118.11/125.  Thank you!!!  
Disappointing Experience with the Professor - Incomplete Work
Rating: ????? (0/5)
I recently had an experience with this professor that left me quite dissatisfied. Unfortunately, they failed to complete the full scope of the work, which resulted in a last-minute scramble on my part. I reached out to address the issue, and while I hope they rectify their mistake, I feel it's essential to share my experience until the matter is resolved.
The project's instructions were clear, and I was expecting a thorough and well-executed submission. However, a vital part of the project was missing, and it left me perplexed as to how such an oversight could occur. It almost seemed as though they assumed I wouldn't notice or that I would accept any incomplete submission.
If you are considering working with this professor, I would advise caution. I recommend confirming their understanding and ability to handle the full scope of the work before proceeding. It appears that they might be accepting assignments without ensuring they can meet all the requirements.
In conclusion, I had high hopes for a fruitful collaboration with this professor, but unfortunately, it did not meet my expectations. I hope they take the necessary steps to address the situation and ensure a more satisfactory experience for future students.
Please note that this review will be updated once the issue is resolved.
(????? - Very Unsatisfactory | ????? - Highly Satisfactory)

I'm very sorry you were unhappy with the project I delivered, as I strive to meet client expectations at all times. From my perspective, this comes down to a misunderstanding. The assignment directions specified that I was to use a model from a specific software application to generate an assignment outcome. I submitted that outcome to you, but on my reading the directions did not indicate that I was also supposed to submit the model itself in addition to the outcome. However, you clearly considered the model to be a vital part of the assignment and became quite upset when I did not include it in the submission. A follow-up message requesting the model in addition to the outcome would have been more than enough to address the problem, but instead of checking in with me about the missing model you immediately left this review instead. Again, I am always, always, always happy to provide revisions and changes to the projects as required, but I do appreciate it when I am given the chance to address your dissatisfaction prior to leaving a negative review, since more often than not frustrations, difficulties, and disappointments can be resolved with a single message.
08/01/2023 Thank you so very much. I appreciat your response and cooperation. 
07/30/2023 great and perfect work! 
07/30/2023 spot on, per the usual! 
07/30/2023 Looks good and was submitted way ahead of schedule. 
07/27/2023 You did an awesome job with the paper.  My grade ended up being a 105/125.  The specific distribution channels that I would use to distribute what the company sells were not included and described.  This section required the specific outline of the distribution channels (Wholesaler, Internet, Catalog, Sales Team, Dealer, Retail, subscription, online, etc.).  Thank you!!!
07/24/2023 This professor did a great job, and turned in ahead of schedule! Thanks!
07/17/2023 Awesome work on my last three assignments. Thank you so much!
07/17/2023 nailed it!
07/17/2023 deliverd early and top notch! 
07/17/2023 There was a misunderstanding on my end that ended up creating more work for HED. They were very professional and fixed my mistake. I’ve never had another professor who is as patient and courteous.

07/17/2023 Very well versed on different subjects.
07/17/2023 Make them your go to professor!
07/17/2023 I overlooked 2 assignments and only noticed a few hours before it was due. This professor was super accomodating and turned it completed it with time to spare! So much talent to be able to whip up a quality 6 page project.
07/16/2023 Thank you
07/13/2023 High End Delivery comes through everytime even on tight timelines and big projects
07/13/2023 Great product 10/10 would recommend
07/13/2023 10/10.'Nuff said.
07/11/2023 I've worked witht this professor for my whole course and will pass with an A+. Thank you.
07/11/2023 Another quality paper from HED
07/11/2023 I never need revisions with this professor!
07/11/2023 yes
07/09/2023 Consistant A work. My go to when I am in a pinch. 
07/08/2023 Absolutely perfect!
07/08/2023 Great paper and right on time!
07/06/2023 Please make him your go-to professor. Trust me; you will never regret it. He is very professional, efficient, and timely. Additionally, he replaced a project he did when I realized the one done was for a different module—no fault of his.
06/30/2023 I never have to worry with HED. The projects are alawys so well done I just put my name on it and turn it in.
06/29/2023 This professor provides fast deliveries with high quality 
06/29/2023 Excellent!!
06/29/2023 Best professor ever!
06/29/2023 ????????????????????
06/29/2023 ????????????????????
06/29/2023 This professor did exactly what I wanted and what I was looking for. Great Job! Highly recommend
06/27/2023 Exceeded expectations and provided paper on time
06/24/2023 Submitted a request for a paper that was due the same day. This professor got it to me by the requested time, and I got a 100 on the paper. and this was for a grad school class! I've used this professor before for other papers, and they always go above and beyond!
06/18/2023 perfection.
06/14/2023 You did another awesome job especially on short notice.  I received an 70/70 on the paper.  Thank you!!!
06/09/2023 Well written and graded! Thank you:)
06/09/2023 100/100. Awesome work. 
06/06/2023 Very impressive.  I haven't taken a physics class in 14 years,  and they always say, use it or lose it. I ccertainly lost it, but I'm happy you did not.

Thank you for your hard work (or perhaps it's easy work by your standards). I'll send you a request for any future number crunching. 
06/05/2023 Fantastic and delivered in a record time!!
06/04/2023 Another A+ paper. Thank you!
06/04/2023 I was super confused by my assignment but thank god for HED. They were able to knock it out of the park.
06/04/2023 Saved my butt on a last minute assignment that I had forgotten about. Provided thorough paper that did not seem rushed.
06/04/2023 Great paper. Such a huge help
05/30/2023 Awesome, just awesome!
05/28/2023 Truly an Angel. 
05/27/2023 I am so grateful for this professor! He is really a golden star for this site.  I will patiently wait until he bids before I pick someone else for my project. This site can have some not-so-great professors but HighendDelivery owns up to his name and more. While my professor gives us busy work he helps with the little assignments so that I can focus more on bigger things such as my exams and dosage calculations. I am beyond grateful for all the help he has given me thus far. Thank you for your hard work and lifting the weight off my shoulders. 
05/27/2023 Their projects are always well-written and the quality of the work is worth the money you spend.
05/27/2023 I appreciate this professor so much! Every assignment they have done has always been graded an A
05/25/2023 Awesome job!
05/25/2023 Very good, best in math
05/23/2023 Great
05/20/2023 Fantastico!

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