Date Comment Rating
10/10/2021 Did a great job on the discussion board I had due
10/04/2021 Never fails to complete my assignments both on time and perfectly done! Very professional and I know I can always count on them. I tried other professors in the past and they always gave me issues. But not highenddelivery!
09/12/2021 Great work, thank you! Got an A+ for the paper they wrote for me
08/12/2021 Great work
08/04/2021 Fantastic Paper! Communcated well with me and made any changes that I requested in a timely manner. Definetly reccomend this professor for your research papers.
08/04/2021 I received an A on my microeconomic assignments that had an essay section to it. Translating my information into an essay superb. No complaints
07/27/2021 Good work! Thank you!
07/27/2021 Amazing! Don't think twice just accept offer from this guy. I will be using them throughout my entire program. Sigh of relief.
07/21/2021 Best Unemployed Professor I've had so far! They definitely won't dissapoint and will have your assignment done before the due date time. Very kind, prompt and intelligent!!! 
07/20/2021 Fantastic, this professor was fast and i had plenty  of time to Review and turn in
07/14/2021 Always delivers high standards.
07/14/2021 THANK YOU! You saved me and this doesnt sound like someone 100% smarter than me wrote it. 
07/10/2021 Awesome
07/06/2021 Seriously brilliant. 
07/03/2021 Very nice well written and easy to understand. !!!
06/27/2021 First time every using this professor.  Did an amazing job in a very short time frame. 
06/21/2021 Excellent work! 
06/21/2021 I have not recieved a grade back yet, although there was 0% plagiarism and the Essay followed all of the guidelines and the professor completed my assignment an hour before the time I noted. I am happy so far!
06/07/2021 Great work as always!
Thanks for all the help!
Highly recommend!
05/30/2021 Great help with the assignment! Highly recommend!
05/24/2021 Really help alot with bio chem which allowed me more time for work etc

05/24/2021 Good work in such a tight timeframe. Highly recommend.
05/23/2021 Great work! 
05/21/2021 I received a A on my paper. I had to make very little changes. 
05/21/2021 very great and communicate, essay was done day before the deadline. was open to doing revisions and providing citations. amazing dude. looking forward to getting more work done.
05/19/2021 Once again, an incredible job done! Was delivered before the deadline, was willing to go over the listed word count for a better explanation, answered my quesions and delivered quality work. Definitely the best choice for anyone with science/biology related topics. 
05/18/2021 Perfect. Thx!
05/14/2021 Done way before the deadline, with an exceptional paper. Very responsive, quickly added an extra paragraph I requested, was felxible with word count and very friendly. HIGHLY reccommend!! 
05/13/2021 Great!!!
05/10/2021 Great job! Finished the assignment in less than the time agreed upon! Great customer service after they provided the solution. Highly recommend!
05/02/2021 Great work and meticulous with their writing 
04/24/2021 Top work.
12/14/2020 Amazing!!
12/13/2020 Excellent communication, prompt and was also willing to make adjustments to my TA's comments. Thank you SOOOO much. I highly reccommend this professor!
12/09/2020 Great turnaround!  I needed help on an assignment that a professor gave me feedback on.  I had to pass the assignment as part of my final physics assignments and did so with ease!
12/08/2020 Quick, efficient, and high quality work! A++
12/07/2020 nothing but quality work from this professor.
09/28/2020 Did physics lab reports for me. Good job!
09/28/2020 Nice work! Looking forward to working with you in my next physics course!
08/25/2020 Got an A on final!
08/18/2020 Completed my OChem HW before deadline and got 100% 
08/18/2020 got 94 on OChem Exam! Great professor!
08/18/2020 He really knows his stuff! Highly recommended 
08/18/2020 Got an A+ from genetic lab! Highly recommend this Professor
08/18/2020 Awesome Professor! help me out with Genetic Final and got an A in the class! 
08/18/2020 Great Professor! Help me out with my OChem Lab report! Highly Recommended!
08/17/2020 well done! took an online math final and exam for me.
08/16/2020 BRILLIANT.
Smart, follows instructions and makes things so, so easy. 100000% would use again. 
08/16/2020 Great Professor! really knows his stuff! 29/30 for my Bio Final 
08/16/2020 Great professor! Excellent work! 10/10 on my Bio discussion 
08/01/2020 On time, easy to chat with and professional! 
07/31/2020 This professor went above and beyond with thr work they completed for me. I got an A+ on all three assignments they did. Communication was also excellent. I highly reccommend them, especially for Math!
07/30/2020 Got a 68% on a very important lab report for physics.
07/29/2020 Completed online calculus homework for me. Great job!
07/27/2020 Great Professor! got 100% for me on my bio exam 
07/24/2020 98% on lab report. Excellent work!
07/24/2020 I always choose this professor if given the opportunity.  Quality work for a great price. 
07/24/2020 Awesome professor! got a 25/25 on my quiz! 
07/24/2020 Great professor! delivered a great lab report!
07/24/2020 Super awesome professor! follow instructions and help me got a 92 on OChem Exam! 
07/22/2020 Online exam 2 for calculus and received a 105%! Thanks so much!
07/21/2020 Got a high B grade in an online physics exam for me. Thanks so much for your help!
07/20/2020 Done on time and would use again.
07/18/2020 One of the best profs on the site.
07/17/2020 This prof is a consummate professional. I got a my assignment back early and made great grade on it.
07/15/2020 Great work and timing! Very patient and proficient. Will use again if needed! 
07/13/2020 Received the project and it was very well done. Thanks so much!
07/11/2020 Great work, assignment was completed on time 
07/08/2020 Excellent job on the online math midterm. Got an A!
07/07/2020 Completed homework for an online Physics class. Pretty nice scores and well-priced! 
07/07/2020 Got a 91% on a physics midterm. Good job!
06/04/2020 the best so far
06/03/2020 10/10
05/16/2020 great 
05/16/2020 got the job done! 
05/14/2020 Got an A! Had to do a bit of rewording but I got a well structured, well-argued paper which exceeded my expectations given the short time frame given. Thank you so much!
05/14/2020 never disappoints!! got an A+
05/14/2020 This Professor knows their stuff! I needed help on my ORGANIC CHEMISTRY assignment and they pulled through and I got a great mark!! Use this smart, patient, reliable, quick replying Professor, YOU WILL BE HAPPY YOU DID!!!!!!!
05/13/2020 SMART. Reads instructions and does not need to be told twice. Finished sooner then the deadline and gave quality results. 
Would definitely use again. 

05/11/2020 Was communicative and delivered when promised. Wil definitely use again 
05/08/2020 Very cool!! Thank you so much!!! 
05/07/2020 This is an excellent paper that was done within a matter of hours used the correct amount of sources and formatted it correctly overall a great job I am very confident I will receive a good grade.
05/07/2020 This professor does great detailed work. My assignment required a PowerPoint, it did not feel or look rushed at all.

They were able to get the assignment done a day early in case I needed anything changed, there was enough time to do so.

Would definitely work with them again.
04/28/2020 Worth my money! Have used multiple times and never dissappoints

That's great to hear!
04/24/2020 Perfect!

04/24/2020 Awesome. Did a great job. 

04/23/2020 Amazing

Glad to hear it!
04/20/2020 Great work

Thank you so much =)
04/19/2020 Great job!!

04/16/2020 Overall the paper was OK. The writer wrote paragraph long sentences and the overall grammar was terrible but followed instructions. 

Thanks so much for your review! As always, I would have been more than happy to correct issues you may have had with style or grammar for free, but I completely understand if you would've preferred to make those revisions yourself =)
04/16/2020 Project was completed before the due date allowing me time to go back if i had any questions for revision. Very well done and organized, and pleasant to work with. I recommend this professor! 

03/30/2020 Great job. Got an 87!

03/27/2020 Did good work, everything was put together very well the only thing i noticed is my professor showed me exactly where several item's were plagiarized and ultimately cost me a letter grade. i will indeed use them again however because my Professor is a prude when it comes to grading.

Thanks so much for the positive feedback! To be clear to others who may see this review, however, I would like to emphasize that the paper was not actually plagiarized since it contained entirely original writing on my part and would have passed any plagiarism-testing software algorithm, such as the one used by TurnItIn. Instead, your instructor uses a unique definition of plagiarism, as we discussed in our messages. According to your instructor, any reference to material not specifically addressed in the classroom constitutes "plagiarism," even if that material is general information that anybody with even a basic background knowledge of the subject would already know. I asked you a couple of times to outline what was actually covered in your class, but since I never heard back from you, I had to make my best guess as to what that was, which obviously wasn't quite on the money, since I can't read minds =/. Nevertheless, I'm happy to hear you were satisfied with the grade, and I look forward to working with you in the future!
03/26/2020 Awesome work! Will use again in the future! Thank you!

You're welcome!
03/26/2020 Amazing work! 

03/26/2020 Professor just wrote a speech analysis for my speech class. Got a 90/100. Easy to work with and had my paper ready on time. Solid grade and easy to work with.

Glad to hear it!
03/25/2020 10/10 !!

03/21/2020 Absolutely beautiful

Thank you =)
03/20/2020 90/100 grade 

While I usually strive to score higher than a 90 on my projects, like I mentioned in my profile it can be very difficult to predict how different instructors will grade the same assignment, *especially* in the Humanities. Still, an A's an A, so I'll take it! Hope to work with you again soon =)
03/19/2020 Project was completed on time and earned me a perfect score!

That's fantastic!
03/17/2020 Fantastic paper!

Thank you!
03/15/2020 Great work!

03/10/2020 Highenddelivery was able to exceed my expectations with my paper and produce a well-thought out research paper for me. I am thorouhgly pleased with the paper and would definitely recommend using this professor for any schoolwork needs!

You're very welcome! I can't wait to work with you again =)
03/10/2020 Well done. A+++

03/05/2020 Terrific work. Thank you so much!

You're welcome!
03/02/2020 The best prof on the platform hands down. Always follows instructions perfectly, and always delivers high-quality work before the deadline.

Thank you so much! That warms my poor, unemployed heart =)
03/02/2020 You never disappoint! Thx

You're welcome! Just glad to help
03/01/2020 This is my first time hiring a professor and i was very intimidated and scared of what could happen. This professor was quick and most importantly on time! Would hire again

Thanks! I'm glad to hear you were pleased with the results. I hope to work with you again soon!
02/27/2020 Brilliant work. Well thought out, wonderfully written, and delivered before the deadline. 

Thank you so much! I can't always promise to deliver products before the deadline, but I certainly strive to whenever possible =)
02/24/2020 Awesome work!

02/23/2020 This prof is amazing. Incredible work! 

Glad to hear it!
02/22/2020 Asked if he can fix it, and there were only some slight fix but everything was good. 
02/18/2020 Professor was on time with my project and completed the assigned task. Professor was also quick to respond when I needed to make any changes/revision on my project. However, my professor did not like the completed project and gave me a B+. 
02/17/2020 HighEndDelivery certainly delivered a high end product! I recieved exactly what I requested for the project. The professor responded nearly instantly to any inquiries and additions I had regarding my project! The professor was also able to provide me with an earlier than planned draft of the project for my revision, though ZERO revision was needed. For any would be users for a project, HighEndDelivery will not let you down. Also, explaining every detail of your project goes a long way in ensuring the professor is able to provide you with what you need. I definitely will be back to utilize HighEndDelivery's services for future projects!   
02/13/2020 Fantastic work and the fastes delivery yet!!! 
02/12/2020 Simply the best . Professional service with an excellent touch
02/11/2020 Perfect! Thanks
02/11/2020 Excellent Job
02/11/2020 This professor is exceptionally amazing he goes above and beyond to satisfy you beyond what you ask for.

02/11/2020 Perfect!!
The professor was awesome! They took the time to thoroughly go through my paper and produce quality work. Also, I should add that it was done HOURS before the time limit that I gave which is a plus incase I needed revisions. I was pleasantly surprised with the product and would recommend them 100%. Thank you!
02/09/2020 Assignment delivered quickly and before deadline!. More than I even asked for! Very very good quality as well. Thank you so very much
02/09/2020 Solid paper and completed in a timely matter. 
02/07/2020 Great job!
01/09/2020 GOT ME A 98%!!!! A true wizard!
01/06/2020 This was great! Thanks!
12/11/2019 Haven't received grade's back yet but very impressed with the work. Went with HED for several projects each one turned in early, exceeding word count, and high quality material. Thanks again!
12/08/2019 The paper was exactly as I asked for, thank you so much!
12/08/2019 Thanks Professor!! Another SOLID piece crafted with extraordinarty care. I'll be back next time!
11/10/2019 Excellent work done by this processor. Timely paper, spelling and grammer is great, and very professional.
11/07/2019 i got exactly what i asked for on time.
11/06/2019 Just what I needed and just in time!!
11/06/2019 Thank you very much! Authentic as it can get!!! Awesome research paper
11/05/2019 Very quick & efficient when it came to solving statistics problems that I was confused on!
11/04/2019 Paper got an A... business as usual with HED!
11/03/2019 So amazing! I really appreciate all the work this person has done for me so far! I will keep going back, never disappointed.
Thank you so much!!!!
10/24/2019 great paper. was just i asked for

Glad to hear it!
10/19/2019 95%, nothing unusual!

Bit lower than I would like, but if you're happy then I'm happy ;-)
10/16/2019 97/100! 

Works for me!
10/14/2019 Amazing work as usual! Really captured everything that I would have needed in my essay and pulled it all together in a brilliant matter. Thanks so much, I'm more than pleased with your work! 

You're very welcome! Hope to work with you again soon =)
10/11/2019 Paper got 98/100. Great work as usual!

Feels good!
10/01/2019 Essay got yet another A! 

09/23/2019 Excellent work at an incredible pace.  

Thank you so much!
09/23/2019 If you need any creative writing he is you professor. 
I already had a sketch of the content but simply couldn't put it together in a decent way, he saved me.
The writing is perfect (for my purpose) and needed no adjustments. 
I will definitely look for this professor again if I need more help.
Thank you! 

Thanks so much for the positive review! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need any additional work on this or other projects =)
09/19/2019 top notch!

I'm glad you think so!
09/18/2019 Great work!

09/18/2019 Thank you so much for helping me with the totality of this lengthy assignment. It was excellent quality writing and I was more than capable of being able to back up anything discussed within it. :)

You're more than welcome! I'm just happy to help =)
09/16/2019 Great work and communication. Paper got an A. 

09/12/2019 44.325 out of 45

So close to perfect! I'll try harder next time ;-)
09/12/2019 :)

09/12/2019 on point!

Glad to hear it!
09/10/2019 thanks!

You're welcome =)
09/09/2019 Great work and completed early!  Asked for a small revision and the professor made the changes within 5 minutes.  

Happy to help! I won't always be able to make revisions quite that fast (it helped that I was already at my computer and in-between projects when you messaged me) but I always try to get them to you as quick as I can!
09/08/2019 Excellent

08/30/2019 Did not use the textbook that was required, did not cite properly. Was accused of plagiarizing because of this and received a 0.

I'm very sorry to hear you were unsatisfied with my work. However, if citations from the textbook was a requirement for the assignment, that information should have been included in the original project description, as I cannot be held responsible for instructions that are not passed on to me. Still, I hope you'll continue to use this site for your academic needs, so long as you make sure project descriptions exactly match what your instructor requires. Thanks, and all the best!
08/29/2019 Excellent job

Thank you!
08/29/2019 Amazing experinece. Got more than what I bargained for.

Glad to hear it!
08/28/2019 Thanks!

You're welcome!
08/28/2019 Amazing work as usual. Thanks so much!

It was my pleasure!
08/25/2019 Excellent work!

Thank you!
08/22/2019 Great work! Will be looking for this professor's help again in the near future.

Awesome! I look forward to it =)
08/20/2019 Great communication, the quality of this paper is top notch! Thanks!

Glad you liked it!
08/07/2019 Excellent Term Paper written, and completed short of the deadline. Would definitely use again!

Thanks! I look forward to working with you more in the future =)
08/01/2019 A lot of other Professors on here are really highly rated, and I have used this service a couple of times in the past and this professor, without a doubt, is the best I have ever used. They were able to complete my project on extremely short notice, I needed it done in 12 hours and they did it in 5. As I mentioned before, I have used this service before and generally have to do a lot of clean up of red and blue squiggly lines in word and I was delighted to see that there was only one such instance (which I didn't even change). 10/10

Thank you so much for this review! I'm just happy to help =) (also, I know what blue squiggly you're talking about and I'll fight Microsoft Word to prove it was good grammar!)
08/01/2019 Paper was completed in spite of several glitches on my part. It was obvious that getting the project completed was important to this Professor.

No worries! Thanks for your patience and communication. I'm just glad it all worked out in the end!
07/27/2019 Timely delivery. recieved a 50/50 on the paper. 
06/13/2019 Amazing job!
05/17/2019 Professor produced a great essay that he purposefully left slightly unpolished so that it wouldn't appear perfect and above the level of a typical high school student's work. That was exactly what I wanted because it allowed me to add a few minor tweaks to make it match my writing style of historical work for this same course. I accepted his original draft for this reason, but he offered to provide any revisions immediately, so if you want a "perfect" paper, that is absolutely an easy option, as well. Overall great experience!
04/09/2019 On time, I received an A+ on the paper. Thank you!
04/04/2019 He’s great. Great communication, polite and impeccable results! Thank you. 
03/11/2019 GREAT paper. I was blown away. I provided a outline with ideas that I thought I wanted to be included, this professor exceeded those points and made the paper so much better than what it would have been if I had written it. There wasn't much time given to write this paper, but this professor did an amazing job and turned it in well ahead of when I needed it. Hopefully my professor buys that it's actually my paper and I get a passing grade...we'll see!
01/11/2019 great
01/08/2019 Extremely well written paper and very timely. He is very detailed and assured all of the areas of the rubics were covered. Thank you very much for your help. 
12/14/2018 Did an excellent job, far passed my expectations and finished in a timely manner. 
12/11/2018 wrote my paper so damn fast
12/10/2018 Overachiever!!! He's awesome and gets the work you asked for done quickly and on time! Will definitely use again!
10/14/2017 Perfect quality work everytime! My go to professor. I refuse to use anyone but Casper 
07/07/2017 Excellent work! Timely completion.
06/24/2017 He did an excellent job and followed all my instructions. It was a really well-written, thoughtful essay and he provided me with a nice outline that I requested. I sent him example essays that I have written in the past so that he would know my writing style and perhaps be able to copy it, and to my surprise he did and he did it really well. I was more than pleased and would definitely go back to him in the future!
06/23/2017 Excellent person to work with. You will be amazed with the work HighEndDelivery puts in to your assignments.
06/22/2017 Great work!
05/08/2017 Professor was fantastic. Great to communicate with. Paper was returned to me right on time. Got a 97% on the paper. 
05/08/2017 Paper was excellent. No doubt, 90-100% grade level material. That being said, the required time/due date was missed by a few hours. While this didn't create a huge issue due to the fact that I gave myself some 'wiggle room' just in case, it could have been disastrous. Overall, I am very satisfied with the completed project and would use this profesor again with that caveat in mind.
04/22/2017 Wonderfully crafted essay, on time, great communication throughout the process. Would highly recommend, and will be using again.
04/17/2017 Great save on a last minute 3 page philosophical paper, 83/100. B.
03/26/2017 Completed my project early and kept in contact with me throughout the entire process.
03/08/2017 Excellent work! Got an A!
03/08/2017 A+ Quality!!!
02/12/2017 The product produced by this professor was excellent and passed without any issues.  He was easy to work with and he is defintely one of the better professors that I have used on this site.  I have had some very bad ones, and I would definetely use HighEndDelivery for any pre-requisite coursework.  He definitely earned his fee on this project, and I am pleased.
02/12/2017 Excellent product produced from this professor.  Had him do a sophmore level essay, and it passed with flying colors.  Paper was not delivered until the final deadline, but that really is not his fault, because that is what we agreed to.  I would recommend anyone using services from this site, to allow for time for revisions.

I would use this professor again and recommend him, especially given his price point.
02/11/2017 Professor was extremely dilligent and super fast with responding to any of my queries. The paper he wrote up was nothing short of brilliant- thanks so much. Highly recommended
02/03/2017 The assignment was uploaded slight past the deadline but all in all recommended! 
Sorry my feedback is so late! This professor did an awesome job. I got an A on the assignment and he was even able to cite from the textbook!
12/18/2016 Make sure to specify if you want your paper before the due date. My paper was finished and sent to me mid-day of the due date. Paper was well written though. Also allow 24 hours for the professor to respond because it wont be right away.
12/14/2016 Highly reccomend this professor.  Everything completed on time with minimal to no errors.  Received full credit on the paper, I was happy with the final results. 
12/12/2016 Perfect and original!
12/12/2016 Thank you HighEndDelivery for another great paper!
12/11/2016 Another perfectly original paper
12/11/2016 Excellent paper!