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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
11/09/2019 Always great work
10/24/2019 always good work
05/17/2019 This was part of a bigger project for which I received 95%. We worked on this for several months. The user did a job worth bragging about. 
05/02/2019 Fast writing with excellent quality
04/22/2019 Great work.
02/27/2019 Another A paper from profnomore, only person I've dealt with and only one I will.
12/18/2018 Awsome essay erlier than i expected.
12/11/2018 10 out of 10 would recommend this professor! 
12/08/2018 My paper was done on time and exceed expectations. I was skeptical about using this website but overall i am satisfied. 
12/06/2018 this was my first experience using this website. I was in a rush to get a paper done because i waited till the last minute to start the paper. well after my project was accepted, i noticed i had put in the wrong due date. The due date was well over 10 days past the real due date of paper. well this professor made sure i had the paper done on time and did an amazing job on the paper!! WOULD HIGH RECOMMEND!!
12/01/2018 Have not recieved a grade yet but I read the paper and I think it was dont perfectly! It followed the assignment requirments and was exactly what I needed!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
11/29/2018 Only received a 72% (B) on my paper despite paying $200 cad for this essay. The thesis was marked very poorly and there were even mistakes in something as simple as the MLA formatting. Definitely would not recommend this prof!

Contacted this student requesting information on the instructor feedback, whether the student changed the writing they received (which happens and sometimes leads to mistakes which lower grades), and whether the student actually send the complete assignment directions and any notes, etc. that could inform the assignment. Received NO REPLY from the student.
11/21/2018 Very helpful and had wonderful ideas. 
11/19/2018 :)
11/16/2018 Got an A+. This professor did outstanding.
10/29/2018 Amazing work. Thank you for all your help.
10/22/2018 Amazing work. Thank you
10/16/2018 Always on time and great work
10/16/2018 Great work
10/14/2018 Did it pretty fast but at a 10% higher cost than everyone else, but did a great job.

I trust that this means you were happy with your results. As the old saying goes--you get what you pay for.
Excellent paper! I received an A. I would definetly recommend this professor.
10/03/2018 Communications paper 
Following instructions 10/10 
communication 10/10 
Grammar and typo (error free) 9/10

I want to share a story that I think will substantiate the kind of person this user is. At some point during this paper he and his family were deeply impacted by horrible event. Throughout all of this he worked hard to ensure that the work was done and done extremely well. When I sent in revision requests (as I have done in the past), he did them without bickering or arguing. I've used this site on multiple occasions and there are very few people who have your back as much as this guy does. If you care about your grades and well refined product, go with this user. 

I attend a major uni (undergrad 4th year student). 
09/20/2018 Received 96% on my paper at a large uni

I've worked with this user for months. Honestly, there is so much substance in his work and in his academic vigor that not enough can be said. Follows instructions closely and cares about doing the job correctly. I've asked him for revisions on papers and there was no fuss or fret. It has been a delight to work with this user and can't wait to not only use his services for papers, but also for proofreading, editing, and general academic feedback. Thanks PNM 
09/10/2018 This was my first time using this service and i'm so happy with who I chose! He got the project back to me so quickly and the writing was just great. He did exaclty what I needed. i can't ask for much better. I'll definetely come back for any future projects. 
08/14/2018 Did an excellent job on an essay that was approximately 800 words for an undergrad engl course. Received an A+. Lost minor marks on essay related to subjective stylistic issues. At some point, I asked for slight revision and he was happy to work with me to ensure the best possible score. I've worked with this user on multiple occasions and suggest that you do too. Thanks for your help PNM.
07/29/2018 Great work 
07/28/2018 This was my second time hiring professornomore, the assignment was prepared and sent before the deadline for review. Both times the assignments were on short notice and both were deliveried before the due date, very prompt with communcation as well. Priced very fairly for the last minute job, will definitly use in the future!!
07/24/2018 I was a little skeptical at first but was in a tough timeframe and didn't have many options. My paper was delivered ahead of time and looks great, it passed a plagiarism check as well. Will definitely use again.  
07/23/2018 Quick turn around with this research paper! Thank you so much! I hope to get a great grade, ill come back to use this professor every time if needed in a crunch! 
07/23/2018 Very quick turn around, helped me out by offering to do both of my assignments since they go together, did an excellent job and im sure i will get a great grade! Thank you!
07/23/2018 This was a complex multi-step project. It required attention to detail and demonstrating concrete examples from the rubrics. 
PNM did an excellent job following all of the guidelines. When I asked for changes he elaborated with me regarding what he thought would be appropriate to ensure the best possible grade. I ended up securing a perfect score on this. I highly advise that you work with this prof - make no mistake, he will get the job done! 

06/13/2018 Best Professor on this platform! PNM did my bachelor thesis and I love it.
PNM really gets what is needed and was very kind. I can totally recommend PNM
I'll probably take the same prof for my master thesis :D
06/03/2018 Always great work!
06/02/2018 very good essay
05/29/2018 Excellent Work!

I couldn’t be happier. We splitted my thesis into 4 due dates and the professor always kept the due date and totally paid attention to my requirements. Also the professor was able to implement the suggestions of my actual professor (I had several meetings with him because he needed to stay up to date) really well. We are not finished yet, but it’s going well ??

04/04/2018 Got me out of a bind with short notice. Turned out the assignment with time to spare! Will definity come back with more assignments. 
03/28/2018 Very well done
02/28/2018 Always great work, communication, and timeliness. Highly recommended. 
12/29/2017 Completed my literary analysis paper before deadline. Great communication. Exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this professor!
11/27/2017 Org B./Assignments 

Extremely helpful and responsive. Flexible and willing to tweak work in order to fulfil your specific instructions. Highly recommended. 

Communication - 9.5/10
Quality of work 10/10 
Writing style 9.5/10 

11/25/2017 Outstanding work! 
11/01/2017 Excellent work.  I am impressed.  Thank you for your help on this project.
11/01/2017 Went above and beyond for my project! Will defeintly be using PNM again in the near future. 
10/29/2017 The Professor does excellent work.  I consider myself lucky to work with her.  Thank you for everything.
10/25/2017 Great communication, very timely with responses, and outstanding work. Highly recommended!
09/07/2017 Good work!
09/01/2017 Org. Management 

Communication 10 
Following Instructions 10 
Writing Ability 10 

Second time I have worked with this person (and about the 10th time I have used this site). The first time was for a short English essay. He is professional, communicates well, and follows instructions very clearly.
Thank you
08/02/2017 I would never use a different professor. He wrote a fantastic paper with an extremely hard and complex topic. My professor grades extremely hard, however I received a 97% after this professor took the time to write an additional few pages and revise my (his) paper according to my teacher's request. 10/10 would recomend 
05/20/2017 Did an awesome job, went above and beyond. Will definetly use again.
05/11/2017 This Professor came through in the time of need. All I did was add my name to the report and that was it. Money well spent.

04/19/2017 Professornomore knew the subject material quite well and was able to write a flawless essay.  What a life saver!
04/06/2017 Great work! A little too great I had to dumb it down to turn it in lol all in all great.
04/02/2017 Perfect
04/02/2017 Always above and beyond
03/31/2017 Great communication
03/24/2017 This professor is very well knowledgable and returned my project about 12 hours before the due date. 10/10 would recommend
03/23/2017 Amazing work!!! Would recomend any time!
03/16/2017 She is the best on here! I have used several and many were good, but no one has done a better job than her! I love her thoroughness, her work ethic, her ability to comprehend and write the information in a professional way.  She truly is an exceptional professor!

02/26/2017 High quality, quick turn around. Will be working with you again. 
01/11/2017 Great writing and delivered on time. :)
01/10/2017 You are fantastic and amazing, and you have absolutely saved my life. Thank you so much. This paper is excellent - actually better than anything I could have written myself - and the edits needed to put it into my own voice are fairly minimal and easily completed.  Delivered on time, well-written, I honestly cannot thank you enough.
12/22/2016 Everything I wanted and more. Extremely efficient and educated. Professornomore really took my notes into consideration and gave me plenty of directions that they wanted to go in for my prompt. Overall I am beyond satisfied with the interaction between us and will certainly consider using them as an future option.
12/09/2016 Has helped me a few times and all A+ work! Would definitely recommend. Thank you Professornomore!
12/04/2016 Highly recommend this professor. Great communication and wrote a fantastic essay for me. I was worried some of the guidelines would not be met because my teacher wanted it a very specific way, but professornomore wrote it exactly how it needed to be and gave it to me a full day in advance. I haven't turned it in yet to see what grade I get, but I'm very confident it will be an A. Amazing paper, well worth the money. 
10/28/2016 Did an amazing job! Did exactly as I asked and was delivered on time. Clear and consise. Needed no offcial revisions. I just went through and made some lines sound more like me. Wasn't too wordy or too vague. I'm very happy with my paper! Would recommend and would use again!
10/10/2016 Professornomore,

Really knows how to provide quality work.

Even submitted way before my deadline, allowing for ample time to review.

Great job!
10/05/2016 English Lit Essay - 300 words
Did this in less than 2 hours with extreme accuracy and proficiency. 


Great job prof
10/04/2016 Awesome work.  On time.
09/30/2016 Thanks so much!!
09/02/2016 This Professor does very high quality work.  I am fortunate to work with her.  I highly recommend her.
08/31/2016 She does very high quality work.  I enjoy working with her.  I am sure we will work together on other projects.  She is very professional and friendly.
08/28/2016 I love her work. She is awesome.
08/22/2016 She does very higl quality work.  I highly recommend her.  I look forward to working with her in the future.  Thank you for your assistance.  She exceeded my expectations.  
08/12/2016 Awesome job ;)
08/11/2016 Followed instructions perfectly and kept me informed throughout the process. A++++
08/05/2016 Excellent work. Professornomore reponded to communication very quickly and was easy to work with (even turned the assignment within hours of accepting the bid). 
07/21/2016 Received a 99% (A!) on the paper written by this professor! Could not have asked for higher quality work! Thank you!
07/19/2016 Great Job! Thank you thank you thank you, produced a great paper I got an A and it was done on time. I highly recommend this professor. 
07/17/2016 Thanks You. Awesome paper.
Thank you so much for doing this project for me. I appreciate all your hard work so much.
05/29/2016 Excellent 
05/05/2016 Great essay, well written, got an A!
04/23/2016 Alaways excellent work. 10/10 would recommend.
04/21/2016 Recieved an A on my research paper! Thanks!! 
04/06/2016 Simply the best! On time, high quality work. What more could you ask for? 

I highly recommend professornomore!!!!!!
I will use this writer again...had to do a revision but only becasue my instructor was picky. On time no problems
03/31/2016 The paper was written on time and was excellent work...I recieved an A
03/25/2016 As always professornomore comes through by completing my project on time and in a very well written manner. Working with professornomore means that you will be communicated with to verify exactly what is needed, timelines and any personal touches your project may need. In my opinion you cannot go wrong by selecting professornomore to work with. I highly recommend this professor!
02/21/2016 Outstanding is an understatement! This professor really delivered. I am very happy with the quality and research put into the paper and I'm confident it is going to be the crown jewel of my semester. 
02/18/2016 I got a C on the paper 
02/17/2016 Great paper. Prompt delivery. Always a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.
01/30/2016 Awesome work as awlays. This professor cannot be recommended enough. The writing is always perfect and completed on time, usually ahead of schedule.

01/19/2016 the work done for me by this professor was outstanding. Not only was the content exactly what was needed, thanks to how frequently the professor and I communicated, it was also completed earlier than what i needed. Thank you so much professornomore! 
01/13/2016 Great work as usual.
12/28/2015 This professor truly went above and beyond with my most recent assignment.  Would definitly recommend.
12/17/2015 Amazing paper! Communication was pleasant and I recieved the paper before the deadline! Definitely recommend and hope to do business with again!
11/23/2015 Got an A. Thanks again!
10/27/2015 professornomore is incredible! From the very beginning of this project there was communication so that a perfect understanding of what was needed. I must say that impressed me as I was worried when submitting the assignment that it would be something a professor would look at, bid on and then "run" with their own intepretation of what needed to be done. There was also follow up communication made after completing the assignement to make sure it was what I needed. I had a couple of changes I asked for, due to clarification from the assigning professor about the assignment, and professornomore happily made those changes.

I cannot say enough good things about this professor and highly recommend professornomore for anything you need.
10/26/2015 A talented writer, very reliable with doing great research and writing a high quality essay. Highly recommended!
10/25/2015 Excellent paper!!!!  Thank you so much!  You were very thorough, I recommend you every time!!
10/24/2015 Very easy to work with- asks questions and responds to messages quickly. Gives you the exact product you want. Hope to work with Professornomore again. A++
10/22/2015 ProfessorNoMore came through with the goods as usual
thanx again
10/05/2015 Love this professor. Very specific and caters to your needs will definitely come back.
Professornomore was extremely easy to work with.

Delivered everything on time and followed all instructions. Highly recommended!!!
08/24/2015 I cannot express the amount of disapointment I have for the work you completed for me. You did not follow the directions ONE BIT! The paper could not exceed 10 pages and you wrote 13. You were supposed to use a lot of vocab and I do not think you used any vocab or concepts from what I provided for you. It was as if you did not read any of the guidelines I had sent you. I ended up recieving a D on this paper and to me that is unacceptable when I payed you $250 to complete it. I am especially frustrated that you wrote saying you had great background and expertise in that subject field yet you failed to even come close to demonstrating that. Simply put this paper was abysmal. 
08/19/2015 Professornomore took my assignment seriously, communicated with me for further details and delivered a well-written work on time. I'm pleased with the work and would definitely recommend her.
07/24/2015 Great Job
07/21/2015 THE BEST!! PERIOD!
07/21/2015 I worked and tried multiple professors here and professornomore is by far the most reliable, efficient and reliable professor I worked with. Give her a try and you won't get disappointed.
07/21/2015 Awesome as always! The best here that I worked with.
07/21/2015 Another great work! Thanks for always delivering the best work!
07/20/2015 I have been dealing with a terrible professor in class this summer. I know we have all been there at some point during our college careers. Fortunatley I found professornomore! I submitted a proposal for work to this site and received several bids. I selected professornomore and could not be more please with the end result. The work was outstanding and the amount of communication with professornomore was amazing. Any time I had a question or concern professornomore responded quickly.

The completed project earned an A and I could not be happier.

I highly recommend this professor for any work you need done.
07/20/2015 I could not have completed this project were it not for professornomore. It was something far outside my wheelhouse and thus I turned to this site and was happy to find professornore who had a background in the very assignment I had. The completed work was terrific and received an A grade.

You can't go wrong with professornomore!!!
07/20/2015 Great work! professornomore has been a joy to work with. Shortly after choosing this professor I received a message asking for a bit more detail about the work to be done so that it would fit my needs exactly. This attention to detail is truly appreciated as the professor teaching my class is a bit of a jerk and is the type to mark down a paper just because he can. professornomore made sure the project fit the requirements for the project exactly and happily made corrections after the class' professor "tweaked" the requirements a bit right in the middle of the coursework. Like I said, jerk!

professornomore did not blink and eye, made the changes and produced an outstanding project. 

Thank you!
07/20/2015 professornomore really goes the extra mile. From the time you accept the bid for this professor's work until you receive the completed work professornomore stays in contact with you and responds to messages quickly. This communication results in an excellent completed project. I could not be happier with this professor's work and I believe you would be as well. 

07/20/2015 professornomore does amazing work. You could not ask for a better person to work with. Communication is excellent throughout the work on the project so that it can be tailored exactly to your needs. As a result the final result is excellent!!
07/18/2015 Fantastic!  Thanks so much!
07/03/2015 Another outstanding job by professornomore! thanks!
07/03/2015 Five Stars as always!!
07/02/2015 professornomore is the best! If you need quality work done by someone who will keep you in the loop about how the work is progressing, ask questions to make sure the work is tailored to your precise needs and who finishes the work on time then you need to select professornomore for your projects!
07/01/2015 Thank you sir!
You did amazingly good!! :)
If I just get more than 78 score on final exam, I ll get A grade!
I really appreciate it. Thank you again professr!
Have a great day!
06/28/2015 Thank you so much for the work you did on my Power Point!  I knew it was a great job you did, and checked my grade online this morning-my result was 100%.  I recommend Professornomore to everyone one, not only did he do such a great job, but he also got it to me a few days before it was due!!  Thanks again! Your the best!!
06/27/2015 An outstanding project completed by professornomore! This professor provides high quality work, is very communicative and is excellent in every facet. I highly recommend professornomore!!!
06/24/2015 Awesome as always!
06/24/2015 Incredible work. This professor really goes the extra mile in the work that is completed. The writing was excellent and very detailed. It was also completed a day early.

professornomore is the best!
06/24/2015 You completed this project with care and insight and sent it to me exactly on time. I'm so grateful for both your lovely work and your friendly, supportive attitude.
06/20/2015 Amazing work by this professor. Throughout the process of working on this project the professor was excellent at asking questions and providing feedback in order to really dial in the requirements for the project in order to ensure that it was on topic and met my needs. 

In my opinion if you need something done then you should use this professor. The completed work is well researched, well written and provided on time. You can't go wrong with professornomore!
06/18/2015 Perfect 100%!!! Excellent Job!!
06/13/2015 Quality worked produced
06/13/2015 This was the first time working with this Writer!  They did an outstanding job with my paper request and to the tee on what was needed.  thanks again and would use them again!

06/10/2015 I am amazed at the completed project I received. Not only was it completed ahead of time this professor rewrote the project based on some feedback the class professor provided on another assignement that had previously been submitted. Although I am positive the initial version would have received an excellent grade, professornomore really went above and beyond in offering to rewrite based on that feedback. 

professornomore is great at communicating about the progess of projects that are being worked so that you what is being done on your behalf. 

I cannot recommend this professor highly enough. I know if you select professornomore for anything you need done it will be completed on time and will be the highest quality work.
06/09/2015 great work! thanks!
06/09/2015 great work! thanks!
06/08/2015 Great work by professornomore! Not only was the completed project outstanding in its content, it was delivered two days early.

I highly recommend this professor for any work you may need. 
06/07/2015 As my first time I used this site, I was nervous, however Professornomore made it a great experience!  I submitted the incorrect due date after i had posted the project and accepted his bid.  He had worked with me on getting it done by my due date.  I will more than likely continue to use this site and invite him to my most tedious papers.  He made it a great experience and I will definitly use him in the future.   Thank You Professornomore !!!
 Professornomore went above & beyond the requirements needed for this paper!! I highly recommend this professor!!!! Fantastic paper & great communication .
06/06/2015 Incredible work! Due to a health issue my wife is having I turned to professornomore to perform some work for me. Throughout the process this professor was very communicative and asked questions so that the assignment would be tailored to my needs. When I received the work I was very impressed. The paper was well written, well researched and exceeded my expectations.

The project was even completed ahead of time. 

I highly recommend this professor for any work you need done!
06/05/2015 Wow, I am just blown away. This paper is of superior quality. It's even a day early. If I have the chance to choose this writer again, I will do so in a heartbeat. 
05/28/2015 I was skeptical to use this site at first.  However, Professornomore calmed all my worries by sending me a personal message with how the essay would be approached and everything that would be written about.  The essay was on gender identites and professornomore was very knowledgeable on this topic. Not only did the essay go above and beyond what I expected, but when I asked for additional information, it exceeded my expectations.  Professornomore was very easy to work with, more than patient, and the paper was handed in before the due date with information I hadn't imagined would be included.  I would highly recommend Professornomore!
05/27/2015 Thank you so much for your submission.  I like you and appreciate your work.  Perhaps we will work together again.
05/23/2015 This professor was outstanding and wrote me an admissions essay that would please even the stuffiest admissions commitee, I would highly reccomend. 5 STARS!
05/22/2015 On time, excellent work as instructed, and very helpful and easily communicated
05/15/2015 Really took my paper and ran with it. Perfect everything A+. High quality, good communication, and fast work. Followed all the guidlines and really turned out an outstanding paper! Thank you so mcuh professornomore!!!!!

Make your homework go away!