PROFESSOR REVIEWS FOR: demetriosnicolaides

Date Comment Rating
10/17/2019 Very fast and thorough with the assignment. Definitely would recommend and use services again!
10/16/2019 Met the deadline and got a 90%.. probably would have got 100% but my professor don't like me. Thanks for everything!
10/13/2019 The essay is perfect, I highly recommend!
10/12/2019 Very good work. On time delivery
10/11/2019 Thank you so much! I had to edit the work slightly for grammatical errors, but I recieved the paper well in advance of the very short deadline I had set, and it was well done. This was a life saver! 
10/01/2019 Very professional, way ahead of schedule!
09/29/2019 Life Saver.
09/28/2019 Thank you so much!
09/26/2019 thank you 
09/25/2019 Awesome thank you! 
09/20/2019 thank you so much
09/19/2019 ????
09/19/2019 Great work!
09/17/2019 Another A and on time!
09/15/2019 Done in a timely manner as well as provided a high quality paper!
09/12/2019 great work
09/11/2019 thank you so much
09/07/2019 Delivered an excellent product ahead of schedule. A+
09/07/2019 another project, another perfect score!
09/07/2019 Awesome job recieved a perfesct score on my assignment!
09/04/2019 This professor helped in a way you couldn't even imagine.  I literally had 1hour and 30 minutes to post my 3 page essay for my Eng 1 A class. I was at work and didn't know how I was going to write and come up with 2 to 3 pages. I most definitely use this professor again and you should too. I must add that this professor is very affordable. Thank you oh so much!
09/02/2019 10/10! Highly recommend this professor! Will definitely seek out this professor in the near future!
08/27/2019 Excellent work! 
08/17/2019 Great, consistent work! 6th assignment with the PROFESSOR!!
08/14/2019 Great thorough work.
Thank you.

08/13/2019 The rating is what I received on this assignment and I think it's fair to grade the same, especially, seeing that this is the 3rd assignment and the quality has been falling back like Lebrons hair line.
08/11/2019 Only got an 80 on this paper because there wasn't even ONE in text citation! WHAT PROFESSOR WRITES A PAPER WITHOUT CITATIONS?? Very disapointed. 
Giving a 6 though because project was on time and content was good, could have been an A paper :(
08/04/2019 The response was throrough and on time. 
08/04/2019 very helpful 
08/02/2019 Delievered on time and communicated well
08/01/2019 Fast very well written paper 
07/31/2019 Thank you for working with me on the word count limit :) This turned out great!
07/29/2019 great work !
07/29/2019 Got a 98 on my asignment!
07/25/2019 Absolutly Amazing, made quick changes and very quick turn around! Will use them again!
07/16/2019 Great work! Delivered on time. Thank you. 
07/14/2019 Great Work !!
07/13/2019 Well done, prior to due date and correctly. Will hire again. 

Best employer ever. Happy to have worked with him.
07/12/2019 excellent work!

I had some re writes and it was handled very quickly.  Within the original timeframe in fact.

I would recomend! 

Best employer ever. Happy to have worked with him.
07/12/2019 completed the assignment in a timely manner and handled my edits very quickly

Best employer ever. Happy to have worked with him.
07/12/2019 minor issues with the first draft.

handled the edits very quickly and to my satisfaction.
07/07/2019 This professor does a great job of communicating with you! Excellent work and timely!
07/05/2019 Awsome !  did it pretty fast and understood all the instructions.
07/01/2019 Pretty decent essay, especially with in the short time frame I provided. The first copy was missing a few items. I communicated this to the professor and it was fixed with in the hour. Essay was provided on time and what I was looking for. 
06/30/2019 The project was completed early so afforded me the time to go over for corrections. The corrections were made and the project was returned to me in plenty of time for submission. Excellent communication. 
06/29/2019 Great work -- thanks
06/28/2019 To quote my instructor: This paper was a weak performance, poorly organized, sentences were disjointed and APA standards were not followed. It was Below graduate level work, it was Below Average work. Received a C - on the paper. 

The paper did arrive on time as promised, and at least I did not have to write the paper. 
06/27/2019 Good work - thanks
06/26/2019 Quaility work that helped me out while in a bind. Would definetely recommend. 
06/25/2019 Good Resource
06/25/2019 Helped out in a pinch due to a hectic travel schedule. Completed 5 assignments in one. Nice work!
06/21/2019 Good Job!
06/20/2019 A++++++++++
06/20/2019 Quick and very good. 
06/13/2019 Great work. Provided me with feedback so I can improve my writing next time! 
06/13/2019 Second time using this prof! Pleased with timing and communication. The level of writing is great as I got good marks for all my assignments. Thanks again! Would highly recommend this prof :)
06/09/2019 Paper was good and met all of the criteria.  Was a half day late receiving it.  I did receive information that the paper would be late a few hours before it was due, nonetheless, it was still late. 
06/09/2019 Overall good essay. Certain sentences did not belong in the essay so make sure to proof read it before submission.
06/09/2019 A few spelling errors but easily fixed. Made an A on the paper, did a great job, would use again!!!
06/08/2019 Great professor, did all what was asked of
06/06/2019 Quick response and high quality paper. I would definitely trust them to write more of my papers. 
06/04/2019 The first draft was fulll of errors and barely readable. The second draft just looked like he used a theasuarus to switch from simple words to more complex. The first paragpragh he essentially just kept repeating the same sentence with different words. Most of the essay was repetative/redundant and he used almost the exact words of the source cited. He didnt really add anything of use to the paper just summarized what the topic was which wasnt what I asked for. I did not need a summary of the topic but an insightful comparison within the topic.
06/01/2019 Professor sent the first draft on time.
However, when I ask for revise, he just keeps sending the same version which did not revise at all.
He replies timely with a good attitude but did not revise the paper as the instruction and rubric carefully.

The quality of the paper is moderate. 
I have to find another solution. 

05/29/2019 Good work - thanks!
05/29/2019 I’m satisfied with the results 
05/27/2019 Thank you so much for helping proof read and organize the first half of the paper i had already completed and helping me tie up and finish the second half. And thank you for getting it done so fast! 
05/26/2019 Work was done before the deadline. Nailed pretty much everything needed. Thank you!
05/22/2019 Very good! Some spelling errors, but other than that did everything I asked. Will use again for sure!
05/22/2019 I recieved my paper before the deadline and I got a 98, couldn't ask for better!
05/22/2019 project was very well written. My only issue was that while the fomat was in the correct APA style with the refernces listed, there were no citations within the text for the refernces.  
05/21/2019 Had to hand in an essay for a course that I was behind in and received the bid/ essay in the time that I needed it for. Thank god! Just reviewed the work and it looks solid thank you so much for your help.
05/21/2019 Great jobb!
05/06/2019 he wrote one of the best essays i could ever get on the topic. it was completely plagarism free and very budget friendly. i would highly recommend on working with him as his will to help you is much more than anyone. a 10/10 experience working with him.