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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
04/18/2019 Wrote me a spectacular poem and did so in a very timely manner. Went above and beyond in assisting me. Would definetly recommend if you need an assignment.
04/08/2019 The paper was okay. I want to be clear that this paper can get me a passing grade and the requirements were met. However, these services were not what I was expecting.

I wanted a paper with good research. So, I provided an article that referenced a study as an example of what I was looking for. Data like that. However, the supporting data I read was not impressive at all. The paper could have been way better. Honestly, I could have written that. Because of all the advertising on social media, I had pretty high standards. 

So, what do I mean by, “the paper could have been better” 
When I think of research, I think of numbers or studies and I didn’t really see that in the paper. Research could have been stronger, in my opinion. 
Also, word choice could have been better. I definitely expect higher vocabulary. 

I would like to add that I did ask for the paper 2 months in advance. I had to pay $200 for this, which was fine. I asked the professor and they said they could do this. Not sure if that impacted the quality of the paper. 

UPON REVIEW: It sounds like this student had a strong idea of what they wanted, yet none of this was articulated in the order. In addition, the student did not seek out the Professor to request additional information or to request to purchase revision. The student also did not respond to Professor's messages. For future orders, please provide the information you want so that it can be included in the assignment and please respond to messages. Professors are only able to complete the work based on the information given and it is unfair to negatively score a Professor for not including what you did not provide.
03/29/2019 very detailed
03/24/2019 This was my first time using unemployed professors so I was pretty apprehensive and nervous about it. However, my expectations were exceeded and I am very pleased with my paper. I will definitely be using unemployed professors, and this professor specifically, again and will recommend them to others.
03/07/2019 Great Paper, received an A! Would work with them again!
03/07/2019 Great Paper, received an A! Would work with them again!
03/03/2019 Communicated througout the project to ensure I received exactly what I was looking for, and finished a week early!
03/03/2019 Awesome paper. Thanks!!
02/21/2019 Not the graduate level work expected.

UPON REVIEW: Client ordered Bachelor's level work. Client did not provide responses to Professor's questions. Client received work at a Bachelor's level, using the information they did provide. It is always best to order the level of work you need and to respond promptly to questions on the message board. BASED ON REVIEW OF THE ORDER, THIS CLIENT FEEDBACK HAS BEEN DEEMED INACCURATE.
02/12/2019 Nice Paper, nice communication 
02/10/2019 Did an excellent job refining my resume. Looks amazing thank you so much! 
02/06/2019 Good essay
02/05/2019 Finished on time and answered all my question. would recomend to another student or person in need of a essay!
02/03/2019 Thanks
01/31/2019 My essay was right on point! It even had a touch of personal expericences that made it look like my paper. Awesome work! The professor even had it ready before time! Highy recommend it wrote 10 pg paper!
01/09/2019 Highly Recommend!
11/25/2018 Well written. Added a personal touch to my admissions essay :)
11/25/2018 Professor was great at communicating and sticking to the assignment. I highly recommend!
11/18/2018 Great work within the time frame requested. Truly a help
11/16/2018 Great work

The professor was amazing. Went above and beyond for what was expected, communicated consistently with me and completed the project hours before the deadline. I highly recommend and will certainly be using this professor in the future.

08/17/2018 Did a great job and I really enjoyed how the professor incorpoted a personal touch to my statment letter. 
08/08/2018 Exactly what was needed. Followed all directions. 
08/05/2018 Great work!
08/05/2018 Started late and didnt message me a question until the day before it was due. Left me scrambling for the due date

Records of the message board for this client were reviewed. The Professor was well able to meet the deadline, the client wanted 10x the work without paying for it. The Professor explained that we do not work for free but that if the client wanted to add funds, the significant amount of additional work would still be completed by the order's original deadline. Being upset about not receiving free work is cause for the client to be poorly rated, not this Professor.
08/01/2018 The project was completed on time and was delivered as per the page and word counts, but the quality just wasn't there. What I received was a C or D paper with short sentences and a lot of fluff rather than hard evidence. Considering I gave over a month to complete the assignment, I expected a lot more. I had to re-write the entire assignment at the last minute - basically just paid for an overpriced source.

This was reviewed by the company and found to be an incorrect statement. The work was completed as ordered. Had the client wanted something different, the directions should have been provided. The client also never asked for revision, indicating happiness with the work. This review may have been placed by someone hoping for a refund after receiving their work; a common scam that did not work here.
07/19/2018 AMAZING work, submitted way before deadline and did extra work that made the paper pop! Thanks so much! I will defintely ask for this writer again!
07/16/2018 Professor was quick and did a good job!
07/15/2018 Killed it. VERY short time period. Excellent work.
07/01/2018 Great work!  On time and well written.
06/29/2018 Thank you so much! will message you in the future for projects. I only have 2 dollars left in my usable balance, sorry I couldnt tip more
06/25/2018 Last minute work I needed done. Got an amazing grade!
06/22/2018 Great work and completed before my deadline.
06/19/2018 great job!!
06/15/2018 Awesome. Job done on time. Easy to communicate. Always reply to questions in minutes. Great job!
06/13/2018 Great as always!
Third assignment I've have them do and always a great outcome.
06/13/2018 Great work!
06/13/2018 The solution I received was a great outline for me to spend hours rewriting to match the prompt... Not exactly what I wanted to do after paying for it to be done for me.
If you don't want to be shorted on length or asked to spit out more money for what you actually want (re: page numbers vs word count), Id go with another writer.

Upon company review, the details of pricing was provided before this client accepted the bid. In addition, when a client does not respond to messages requesting information, the order can only be completed using the information that was provided. Also, when additional work was requested, the client was provided with a price and got upset that there was a charge. The company policies about not working for free were explained.
06/12/2018 Great work and communication throughout the entire assignment. 
06/11/2018 Awesome work, on time, recieved good grade
06/11/2018 Great work
06/10/2018 Just terrible. If you could avoid him, please do it. Not worth the time and money. Terrible communication. I requested my essay to be proofread and still found lots of grammar errors. 

Client was responded to within minutes of each message, yet made last minute demands that were not within the scope of the original order. Even when that was provided, the client tried to get more without paying. The company policies about not working for free were explained.
06/10/2018 Excellent 
06/08/2018 Well written research paper and excellent communication.  ExpertWriter was quick to respond to questions and finished way ahead of schedule.  Thank you so much!
06/07/2018 Really good work. I had to do additional editing/formating myself but prof. expertwriter did ask in message for clarification and I was unable to give due to the limited time remaining before the project was due. Thanks.
06/07/2018 A tad lacking in length but the quality was as expcted for the price I paid. Would recommend. 
06/06/2018 great work!  very informative, resonds quickly, finished work on time! definitely a returning customer to this professor. THANK YOU!!!
06/04/2018 Professional!
06/03/2018 On time and always updates and no stress with him
06/03/2018 Great Job
06/03/2018 Did what I asked. Thank you
06/02/2018 Honestly, I was expecting more for the money I paid. I only got 65% for the assignment and I believe I could've done better myself. Had I paid less, this assignment would've been okay. 

Upon company review, client was sent several messages asking for additional information/clarification. Client did not respond. Professors cannot tailor orders to clients' personal lives and needs if they do not provide these details or respond to messages.
06/01/2018 I paid $49 for nothing. He edited it, sort of. There was run on sentences in one of my paragraphs. And I also told him it needed to be 5000 characters and it was way over that. So yeah. I’ll be on my own to fix it.  Not going to use this service again. What a freaking waste.

Upon company review, the document was 4783 characters and the person purchased a simple edit, which was provided. After leaving this review, the client later tried to get additional work for free, indicating that they were not actually unhappy but that they simply wanted free work, which was not provided; the company policies about not working for free were explained.
06/01/2018 Great work!
05/28/2018 I'm very happy with the end result and the professor was easy to communicate with.
05/28/2018 Very good with communication and was done before the deadline. I would most certainly recommend. 
05/26/2018 Professional, and very detail oriented. I would highly reccomend this professor .
05/25/2018 Great editor would recommend. Highly professional.

Upon company review, this score was left by a client who demanded free work, which was not provided; the company policies about not working for free were explained.
05/24/2018 Amazing writer!! My paper turned out perfect!
05/24/2018 The paper was delivered before the deadline and was written very well. Highly recommend. 
05/24/2018 Thanks 
05/23/2018 Got the paper way before the deadline. A+
05/23/2018 Paper was great. It was earlier than the deadline and needed 1 ot 2 changes but were more of a personal preference than anything done incorrectly. I am using him for more as we speak!
05/20/2018 Great
05/16/2018 This professor did an outstanding job! The paper finished faster and excellent result. Thank you for helping me out.
05/16/2018 project incomplete!!!!!!!!!! Wasn't the full 3 pages

Upon company review, this client was asked what they wanted before the work began and they chose a specific word count. After receiving exactly what they requested, they then got angry that additional work would not be completed without an additional charge; the company policies about not working for free were explained.
05/16/2018 Great job
05/16/2018 I got an 86 on this project I wish you would have used more economic terms in the paper. Regardless thank you for your efforts. 

Upon company review, the client did not choose economics as the subject matter of the order, nor were any class notes provided. In fact, there were no details provided to indicate that this was to have an economic basis or include economic terms. Our Professors cannot include what clients do not ask for so please remember to provide these details in future orders!
05/13/2018 I have used this professor many times in the past and they never disappoint when it comes to my papers in Psychology. They do have a strict policy for length and wording but they make sure to accommodate you to get the best quality paper. Would work with again! 
05/10/2018 Great paper as always!
05/08/2018 I’m satisfied with the end product. Thank you.
05/08/2018 Well organized.
05/03/2018 Would lovd go give this guy a hi 90% but a communication error lead to missing the deadline. He is a great editor though.

Upon company review, the communication error appears to have been the fault of the client's email provider, not of Professor Expertwriter. We appreciate your kind feedback of this Professor!
05/01/2018 Excellent work and handed in before deadline!! 
04/30/2018 Quick work!
04/21/2018 Excellent work, thank you! 
04/20/2018 Great work. Excellent writing. Easy to communicate with.
04/16/2018 Great
04/15/2018 Great to work with, was knowledgable on the material & finished before the deadline. I will definitely be using him again!!
04/08/2018 Also I asked him for him to correct the “F” work that I recieved and I was chasited for not paying him more to do better work. Beware if you chose this “professor” to do your work. 

Same student and same assignment as the feedback below this. This client was not "chastised," the client simply tried to get more work without paying for it; the company policies about not working for free were explained.
04/08/2018 I asked the professor to work within the 1-2 page guideline that was required of this project. He/she asked for more than the $40 than I paid and I recieved an F on the paper. I do not believe that specificing that I did not want to spend more on a 1-2 page paper should equate to an F paper that missed multiple guidelines including an introduction, solution and colusion. I wasnt asking for a lot and Im very disheartened by this employee. 
04/08/2018 Great Professor!
04/07/2018 Good
04/06/2018 Super friendly and patient. I ended up rearranging the paper because I’m a control freak but it was given to me over 24 hours in advance and I really appreciate the work put in.
Finished on time and great work.
03/29/2018 Great work
03/28/2018 Acceptable work that was done on a very short timeline. Glad that the professor completed the assignment so quickly. 
03/22/2018 Great work!
03/20/2018 Great Work.
03/20/2018 Great Work.
03/20/2018 Great Work.
03/20/2018 Great work
03/20/2018 Great work
03/19/2018 Not really happy with the end result.  I provided previous essays I had written for reference, but did not want the professor to just use one of those essays and remove a few sentences.  This is not what I expected and did not want to pay to have to do so much of the work myself.
03/14/2018 Did a great job editing my paper!!! Thank you! 
03/14/2018 Completed my essay on time! One of the best essays ive had from here ! Definitely recommend this professor :) !! 
03/13/2018 Great paper as always!
03/09/2018 As a first timer, my professor made the process so smooth it’s loke I’m sliding up hill...
03/08/2018 The 5 stars reflects the quality of the paper itself, the experience was a zero. This was the 19th project with unemployed professors, and by far the worst experience I've had. If this was the first time using the service, it likely would have been my last. The professor repeately contacted me requesting more money for the project, insisting that the accepted bid (that was twice the price of the lowest bid) was not sufficient to complete the project posted. This was without ever asking for anything extra or even a single edit. Even after telling this prof that it was ok to come in short on the page count, the prof continued to act like it was a huge favor to provide the service I've paid for. 
The paper had basically acceptable content, but heavily used the first person, lacked level one section headings and the conclusion heading. After all the complaints from the prof about the pay for length, the paper was over the maximum page count listed for the project and repeated in our conversation. I use this site for papers that are busy work (the kind that take time but don't help you learn any useful information) to save time for the important things, the back and forth with the prof and the editing I needed to do cost me as much time as simply doing it myself. 

Upon review, the details of this feedback are not consistent with the work completed; this appears to have been posted for the wrong Professor.
03/06/2018 This professor was absolutely incredible! I was able to communicate any of my concerns regarding the paper and i got a response immediately! will definitely be coming back!!! :) you’re a life saver

This appears to have come from a client who requested significant additional work without paying for it and seems to be unhappy that this was not provided. As per the company Terms of Service, we are not permitted to work for free, though I did offer to complete the additional work within two hours if payment was made right away.
03/04/2018 Decent writer. Wrote in a Lucinda font instead of Times New Roman for an APA paper. Some formatting corrections needed. Something that wasn't a simple fix.
03/02/2018 Best professor ! 
03/02/2018 Awesome professor! This professor is willing to work with you to make sure all requests are met and is always keeping you updated on how the process of the essay is coming along :) !! I definitely recommend this professor  
02/24/2018 excellent work and turned in well before deadline
02/24/2018 Got it done a day early, knows how to write stuff on nursing, only a few minor grammar errors. 
02/23/2018 Professor was quick to help and also great to work with, will be using again!
02/19/2018 This is the best professor I’ve had so far! I highly recommend!
02/16/2018 Amazing nursing school admission letter! Thank you so much!
02/15/2018 Work was finished before the deadline. It was a short answer to a activity/disscussion forum for psychology. Thumbs up from me!
02/13/2018 Brilliant mind and very responsive/helpful! Thank you SO MCUH!!
02/05/2018 Excellent Professor! A+ work. I would highly recommend! 
Excellent work, highly recommend!
01/27/2018 Amazingly well written paper, understands the work/field of nursing and how to convey the profession in a wonderfully personified manner. Will use expertwriter again!!!!
12/14/2017 The work was exactly what I needed. Thank you!
12/11/2017 Well done.
12/07/2017 Highly recommend!! Second time I have chose this professor and everything comes out perfect!! Does a super job everytime. 
11/30/2017 Awesome Work! 

Thank you so much
11/26/2017 Really nice, and received with more than enough time. Thnxs 
11/15/2017 ExpertWriter puts her all into her work! She really strives to provide her customers with high quality material!
11/02/2017 Just like I asked!
11/01/2017 Great Job and got paper to me before I needed to turn it in. 
11/01/2017 Always does such a good job!
10/31/2017 Awesome job in helping take an idea from a rough draft format to a clear, concise, polished application essay. We really could not have done it without you! Thanks Again!
10/23/2017 This professor was spot on with ALL my papers and subject materials. You will not be disappointed with this one!
10/23/2017 This professor has written many different papers on many different subjects for me.  HAPPY on ALL of them, they replied back in a very timely manner.  I submitted as much information as i could to help them with my paper, commuincation was very open on both ends and all papers written before the deadline!
10/23/2017 Words can not express how happy i have been with this professor.  They bailed me out of a bad grade and I came out on top and PASSED!
10/23/2017 Multiple papers written by this professor VERY VERY happy each and every thime!
10/23/2017 Material that was provided to me was SOLID! you will not be disappointed with this professor!
10/23/2017 I don't know where to begin with this professor.  I have worked with them on many projects and the material has been spot on.  While communicating with them they have always replied in a timely matter and has always answered any questions i may have had.  I had always given them as much information as I had so that my paper was spot on!
10/21/2017 after almost 30 projects completed by expertwriter i still am amazed at the quality of work on every single one. follows direections precisely and couldnt ask for a better product.
10/21/2017 as always i got an A on my assignment and received it well before the due date.
10/21/2017 i had an entire course completed by expertwriter. it was very cheap for the quality of work i received. got an A in the class and never had to second guess any assignments or due dates. by far the best professor on the site to work with. 
10/21/2017 i have had upwards of 20 projects completed by "expertwriter" the quality of work is un comparible to any other professor and i would not choose anyone else. i have received an A every single time and i have no cmplaints.
10/21/2017 As always top notch work. no complaints and follows directions exactly how they are posted. couldnt be happier
10/21/2017 got an A as always! Wouldnt choose any other professor.
10/16/2017 Awesome job!!!! Life Saver!!!!
10/09/2017 My paper was amazing, early, and the professor is very flexible and attentive!
10/01/2017 Good Quality
09/27/2017 work was written very well and timely. 

will recommend and use this prof for future assignments 
09/26/2017 i loved my project
09/17/2017 good work
09/17/2017 good work
09/04/2017 She did such a good job with revisng my paper! 
06/14/2017 Can't say enough about ExpertWriter and her skills. Lots of open communication and very willing to work with me.  This is the person to use for your papers!
04/25/2017 absolutely perfect and fulfilled everything i needed it to.
04/25/2017 if there was more than 10 stars to give i would for this writer. never any problems always on time.
04/25/2017 95 on the essay. recieved it before the due date.
04/25/2017 one of the harder of the assignments i have had to complete over this website. was a mopre hands on type of project that must have been very difficult to comprehend over the internet but still not a thing i would change on this essay. my professor is on the stricter side and i still recieved an A.
04/25/2017 always on time. usually early. leaves you plenty of time to review the work not that it is needed. will edit upon request but in my experience of over 10 projects it is always excellent and fulfills all requierments.
04/25/2017 receieved A's on every essay for this entire course. all written by ExpertWriter. 
04/25/2017 would never choose another writer. very pleased as always.
04/25/2017 14 essays later still never a disapointment. always good and on time. highly recomend this writer.
04/25/2017 received an A for an entire course due to the excellent essays.
04/25/2017 excellent service as always
04/25/2017 always good service! always on time and even early and great communication. i have had roughly 10 papers completed by this writer. never an issue and always accomodates to your needs.

Amazing writer, she was always prompt when I had questions. If I ever get into a bind again, she's got my business! 

04/20/2017 A few minor syntax errors, and mostly used my provided material for answers, but not bad.
04/18/2017 Over the top and very helpful with editing. A++++
04/18/2017 Love this professor! Excellent work and fast!
04/15/2017 ExpertWriter maintained my voice in the writing. Done rather quickly!
04/13/2017 Excellent communication with almost instant responses to my questions and comments. Wonderful ideas for the topic of the paper, and then a great paper delivered almost a week before the due date. I had a wonderful experience from this professor and will most likely buy from them again. This is only the second paper I've purchased, and it was perfect, especially compared to the first one. Choose this professor and you won't regret it!!
04/09/2017 great

03/29/2017 awesome!
03/14/2017 First time using this website and I must say i am very pleased with the work you have done and the assignment was completed on time
03/08/2017 Delievered exacly what I requested.  Nothing too complicated but a simple 2 page review essay.
03/07/2017 :)
03/07/2017 :)
03/05/2017 Thank you very much, you hit all the right marks.
03/02/2017 :)
03/02/2017 :)
03/02/2017 :)

03/01/2017 :)
03/01/2017 :)
03/01/2017 Great communcation and finished in a timely manner. Paper was up to expectations.
02/28/2017 Last minute paper, turned in well written and way before due time! I will use ExpertWriter again and recommend her.
02/25/2017 Nailed it and hit the points I needed to hit. 10/10 will come back.
02/14/2017 Amazing! Always on time! A++++
02/05/2017 My professor was not too happy with this paper citing several gramatical errors and lack of following directions. He reluctantly gave me a B-. 
02/04/2017 Amazing! I highly recommend this prof :) High quality paper and fast response!! I will be definetely requesting her from now on. A+
02/04/2017 Please use this Professor "E". His work is amazing and he will make sure that you recieve an "A"!!!!!
01/27/2017 Amazing Job!
01/06/2017 Amazing job! Did it in less then an hour and turned out better than I thought. 
12/29/2016 This paper was done very well and on time.  I couldn't ask for anything more!  Thank you so much!
12/23/2016 Excellent job!
12/23/2016 Excellent job!
12/23/2016 Excellent job!
12/23/2016 A+
12/23/2016 :)
12/23/2016 Gets it done much sooner then the deadline
12/23/2016 Great job!
12/23/2016 Does such an amazing job everytime! quick and efficent 

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