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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
03/12/2017 Great professor! Finished my essay on time and got me a high grade!
02/10/2017 ***Awesome***
Thank you , so much
12/14/2016 BHIghly reccomend this professor.  Everything completed on time with minimal errors.  Response time to questions was adequate and I was happy with the final results.
10/01/2016 Thanks Professor Samofthrones!
I received an A on this project. You will definitely be my go to professor from now on. 
09/25/2016 Excellent paper.
09/15/2016 Great paper! Great writer! another one of my favorite ghost writters.
wonderful job, got a B on the paper but there were parts of the indstructions that were missed.  At least I got an B.  It was worth it.
07/26/2016 Thanks for the quality project, got an A
07/10/2016 assignment was perfect, delivered later than I requested however.
07/07/2016 Completely pleased with your summary and my overall grade!
07/03/2016 My project was done very well with instructions carried out precisely. I was also surprised that my project was completed well before the requested due date. I would use this professor again and recommend to others. 
07/01/2016 Great work! Will use again for future work. Thanks CB
One of the top professors I have used on this site. I would rate him among the top two out of ten different ones I have tried. He did an excellent job on this paper. He asked questions, followed directions, and wrote on a college-level. I appreciate this professor's professionalism and superb job.
06/23/2016 Evenn tough I did not used the letter yet, they are amazing !!!!
06/23/2016 Evenn tough I did not used the letter yet, they are amazing !!!!
Excellent, brilliant and well written!
06/10/2016 Great Work!
06/10/2016 Great work!
06/10/2016 Thumps Up
06/10/2016 Got full marks on this assignment.
06/10/2016 Great work as usual
06/10/2016 Got 95 out of 100. Great work
06/06/2016 Received an "A" on assignment. Thank you!
06/05/2016 Excellent!
06/03/2016 My instructor loved it! 
06/02/2016 Professor was on time with my macroeconomics paper! Gave the amount of stars I got on my paper!
05/31/2016 Thank you!
05/30/2016 Great work1
05/26/2016 Awesome Work!
05/25/2016 Got A grade in this assignment. Great work!
05/21/2016 Received an A+ for this assignment. samofthrones has an excellent turnaround time for any assignment accepted. I definitely recommend and will continue to use in the future!

very great work. Made extra work for free

05/06/2016 Absolutely an amazing writer. He's my favorite! 
05/02/2016 I just received my grade and feedback from this assignment. My professor left an extremely long message about the excellent parts of my paper! I'm blown away. SAMOFTHRONES, I will DEFINITELY be a repeat customer! Keep your calendar open please!
05/02/2016 in time :)
05/01/2016 Few changes had to be made and the work was delivered as promised, on time. Will request professor again.
04/30/2016 Thank you! Awesome paper
04/29/2016 Great Work!!!!
04/29/2016 good quality
04/26/2016 Very thorough. Great work. 
04/25/2016 Best writer ever! quick responses and quick solutions
04/25/2016 Great Job and got a great grade with a hard teacher!
04/24/2016 Amazing Work in a short amount of time given, I will be using this professor for more projects in the future. 
04/20/2016 Great job! Thank you!
04/19/2016 Completed before the deadline. Great writing. Went above expectations. Thank you very much!
04/16/2016 Excellent!!  Perfect score.  
04/15/2016 Great art paper! Thank you!!
essay is GREAT thank you!
04/14/2016 VERY RELIABLE.
Great essay!  thank you !
04/09/2016 A perfect score! Thanks!
04/05/2016 He is great!!!! Does exactly what you need him to do, and does it well! Very strong writer and even after I paid him he was willing to do revisions a few days later. Will definitely use again!
Great job! Got me an A+ on this assignment and was very easy to work with.
04/04/2016 first time using this site was very skeptical. I was very happy witht eh result and wanna give you a five rating i will be using you agian for other paper. thaknks you for the good work going to really help me!!
04/02/2016 Great professor, well written paper, timely and on point.  Highly recommend!
03/31/2016 He did such a great work!
03/29/2016 Could not be happier with the results. Received full credit on the paper!
Great work. I received an A+ I hightly recommended. Fast service.
Highly recommended. Great work and communication.
03/09/2016 Superb writing! 
03/07/2016 Great job! Got an 'A'. Excellent work.
03/05/2016 On time & great work! Thank you!
03/02/2016 It's acceptable as a first draft, but will require some fleshing out before being submitted.
03/01/2016 a true professional. quick and on time - just how it is supposed to be.
02/21/2016 Great work on assignment :)
02/20/2016 Amazing! Best website. Will be back this semester. 
Had a bunch of little assignments to do while I worked on my big paper... and BOOM samofthrones handled all of them within a week...hands down impressed, will be working with this writer again!!!
02/01/2016 Outstanding!
02/01/2016 Great Work!
02/01/2016 Great Work!

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