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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
12/23/2019 He was pretty good!!
11/24/2019 There is a reason I always come back to Sky. Even though I only gave him a few days notice he was still able to get my paper to me in time.  
10/27/2019 Sky shows his great work again, this is why I keep coming back to him!
10/17/2019 Sky was great as always! 10/10 would use again
09/15/2019 Left me in awe of such great writing. Followed all requirements thoroughly. 
07/20/2019 Did a great job! Very professional and on-time delivery. Will be using this professor again very soon. 
07/09/2019 I wish I could give sky more than 10 stars.   I had him do a batch of 7 papers for me.  He got them all done early as well as being well written.   I know who I am coming back to for future  papers.  
06/27/2019 Best of the best. Always great work
06/12/2019 This professor is very thorough and well written. I’m very impressed. 
06/10/2019 Just from reading through the paper I can tell it is A+ material.  Sky comes with my highest recommendation. 
I loved it. Great Prof.
06/06/2019 Quality paper, delivered before due time. 
05/21/2019 Did up a cover letter and fixed my resume.  Fast, and did exactly what I was looking for.  Will contact again for any future writing needs!
04/28/2019 great job

04/25/2019 Amazing. This is the professor you need to pick.
04/10/2019 Overall great experiance and a great essay! Even went out of his way and got me a source which i was missing for my assignment. Hopefully an A paper! 
04/01/2019 Excellent work would recommend 10/10 times
03/31/2019 Nice ideas
03/05/2019 Excellent writing! would recomend this prof 10/10 times.
03/04/2019 excellent work, fast, plenty of examples to see 
03/01/2019 Exactly what I asked for and on time - thank you so much 
01/17/2019 Most importantly, I got an A!  Great work and responds to messages in a timely manner.  Thanks again!
01/17/2019 Most importantly, I got an A!  Great work and responds to messages in a timely manner.  Thanks again!
01/14/2019 Most importanly, got an A!  Project was returned in a timely manner. Thanks again

Glad you're happy and I got you a good grade! But if that is so, why did I get scored an 80%?
01/08/2019 So glad I went with Sky, 

They were punctual, open to communication/collaboration, & delivered a really high quality paper.

Would love to work with them again!

01/07/2019 2nd time working with Sky. She's unbeleivable. Dont go anywhere else!

I'm a guy, but thank you I'm glad you're happy. :D
01/03/2019 Amazing power point presentation and policy letter. Very detailed and timely. Thank you. 
12/12/2018 wrote me an amazing paper and got it to me before the deadline! even sent it in to an editor before sending it to me!
12/09/2018 Great work!
12/08/2018 Great professor. Did my whole online course with no worries at all. Highly recommended!
12/06/2018 i gave professor sky a paper that was a bit out of the comfort zone. but nonetheless, an a+ paper was produced. corrections were made with ease and perfect cooperation. i'm grateful for professor sky. 15/10 would use again.
12/06/2018 perfect paper- so glad professor sky exists. i hand over my papers and professor sky aces them everytime.
12/02/2018 Great work!
12/01/2018 Good work, On time.
11/18/2018 Great work!
11/13/2018 Thank You for the beautiful work! 
11/10/2018 excellently written papers!! this has been the best professor i've worked with on here.
quick, efficient and "works well with others" for directions.
citations are perfect. uses college level vocabulary. punctuations are used correctly properly.
thus far, i've used professor sky for topics in environmental issues, environmental policy & biology ecology (research) courses.
beyond grateful for professor sky!
***repeat customer***
20/10 would recommend.
don't hesitate to use!! appropriately priced as well. (i've had professors price gouge me and received middle school level papers)
11/10/2018 Had a great transaction.  Modified last minute with no pushback!
11/07/2018 Sky responded promptly to my messages and produced a wonderfully written essay which I'm certain will get me a very good mark. Thanks sky!!
10/28/2018 Great work!
10/25/2018 Great work!
10/19/2018 Great work. Very detailed. 
10/19/2018 Couldn't have asked for more. Did extra research, simplified some very complex concepts, as required. Will most definitely work with Sky again
10/15/2018 Went above and beyond! Friendly, accomodating, and delivers great essays!
10/09/2018 This the little amount of time that I gave the professor, he managed to do an outstanding paper, 5 pages long. I don't think I have to say more. He's Great!!
10/04/2018 great writer and awesome communication!
09/27/2018 A pleasure to work with and great job!
09/27/2018 Excellent work, very timely responses, and is more than willing to do any edits you require your project. Definitely recommend for when you need quality work in a timely manner! 
09/24/2018 Thank you so much. The paper was done great. I received a 9/10. She was on time with the paper ad kept in contact with me throughout. Will definately use her again for my next reaction paper.

09/18/2018 Brilliant A+
09/05/2018 Excellent work! 
08/08/2018 A+ Paper, awesome work!
08/05/2018 great work
07/31/2018 A really well-written essay I couldn't have asked for something better made some adjustments to the paper on the recommendation of my TA and I ended up with an A+. 
07/19/2018 This was an amzing paper! I could not be happier with the communication and the writing. She even took the time to write the paper like my style of writing. I recieved a 100%!

I'm a guy, but thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you liked it.
07/11/2018 A+ paper delivered, got 95/100 on the 5 page paper, only because my professor is a dick. 

Was also completed before the deadline. 

10/10 -- Will do business with again.
07/02/2018 Best writer ever
07/01/2018 Thank you so much!  Sounds great!
07/01/2018 Awesome work!!!!!  On time and very well written.
06/27/2018 excellent work and on time!!
06/13/2018 Worked very hard on my paper and even did last minute changes.
06/11/2018 Timely delivery. Writeup satisfied the requirements as defined.
06/03/2018 AWESOME!!!!
06/01/2018 The professor did an excellent job incorporating what I had written and added more rich content to make my research paper sound and flow better. Will use the professor again. 
05/29/2018 Excellent as always. Thanks again!
05/20/2018 I just got my grade! Thanks to you, I have an MBA!! A+
05/20/2018 I just got my grade! Thanks to you, I have an MBA!! A+
05/12/2018 Sky did an amazing job on my sociology paper. Ended up getting an 88% on the paper which is fair considering I only gave Sky two days to complete it. Sky was very quick in replying back to my questions/ messages and I would highly recommend Sky for anyone taking a sociology class.
05/09/2018 Excellent and on time. Thank you!
05/08/2018 the assignment was done perfeclty. not wordy, to the point, EXTREMELY knowledgeable of the material, no complaints about assign details, got assign done w/in the time frame. i had sky do one assign before and then reused because the effort was there and I got an A on the first assign. I'm def going to use sky again bc the effort was reproduced and consistent. (environmental policy & climate change assignments).
05/07/2018 Absolutely beautiful work. Definitely recommend. Followed instructions to a tee. Very happy with the end product. I usually only stick to 2 professors on this site because others will rip you off with double the cost but not this time. My new favorite professor on this site that is worth his price. Fantastic job Professor Sky. 
05/05/2018 really good paper. vocab was a little to advanced to be believable from an undergrad student but great paper overall.
05/04/2018 Great paper exactly on time! 
04/24/2018 excellent writing style, given on time, correctly sited references, given a rather short deadline but adhered to it. 
04/22/2018 Exceptional Work 
04/17/2018 Super helpful, quick turnaround, easy communication, well written response. Thank you, Prof! :)
Sky really outdid themself, the paper was on time and extremely well written. I highly recommend using Sky for your next paper!! Thank you so much Sky, well done!! 
04/15/2018 Perfectly done work for my biology writing assignment! Outlined the instructions clearly and sky followed it all very well. 
04/11/2018 Well done 
03/26/2018 This is the fourth project Sky has worked on for me and all of the projects are done so well and fast!
03/19/2018 Sky does an awesome job with doing exactly what you need!
02/13/2018 Did my paper right, and on time. I had to edit it a bit cause my Prof. is a crazy liberal.  A-. 
02/13/2018 Really saved me, as I have the flu and can barely think. Beautifully written, and I am usually a perfectionist. Thank you so much!
02/06/2018 It was a good experience. Response is prompt except for one time's delay.  I will come back and comment my grade.

02/01/2018 Went above and beyond the requirements. Amazing work.
01/23/2018 Awesome work!!!!  Exactly what I asked for but far more than I expected. I'm soooo THANKFUL.
01/20/2018 You are the best 
01/14/2018 Where do I begin?! Was in a pinch this week and decided to give unemployed professors a try, and I’m glad I did. 10/10 Paper was well written and completed in a timely manner. Thanks again! 
01/12/2018 10 stars and let me tell you something - I wish there were 11. I have used this site 6 times now, mostly when I run out of time or when I have an extra boring paper that is making me cringe. This UP killed it, I mean killed it. All.bases.covered. I'm a 4.0 student, so take that for what its worth. This was the best paper I've received back, by far. Don't be a complete retard and tell these guys/girls you need it the day its due. Give yourself a couple of days. That way, if you need some editing - which you ALWAYS will, you have plenty of time. 2 thumbs up from me, possibly 3.....giggidy.
12/13/2017 Highly recomend this professor, reliable and no nonesense.
Delivered on time and great paper!
10/05/2017 Came off a little rude/entitled, like he was doing me a favor, when I was paying a pretty penny for the work. Made a 96/100.
09/04/2017 Excellent writer with outstanding work! He even revised the paper - add more citations - without any delays or coomplaints.
08/27/2017 Great paper and received an A after minor correction was made! On time and very good communication. I would highly recommend this paper to do your paper!
05/31/2017 Sky has produced such excellent product I have asked for additional assitance. Highly recommended. 
05/20/2017 I received a 70 on the assignment this professor completed

I'm sorry this happened. This is not the norm for me. Three stars is more than fair. That said, I do my best on every assignment but UP does not guarantee grades. Also, I have reviewed my messages during this period and I did not receive any communication regarding the inadequacy of any projects I completed this month. While I try to do my best to make corrections as necessary, and strengthen areas that are found lacking, I cannot do so if no communication occurs.
05/17/2017 A project very well done!  
05/10/2017 LIFE SAVER. Great writer, great resources, great communication. 
04/30/2017 you can expect wonderful, well-written essays from this unemployed professor! 
04/30/2017 10/10 would reccomend!
04/14/2017 ROCK STAR Prof.
Bench Player, just in time and great work!
04/05/2017 he was great, did it quickly and thoroughly
02/25/2017 Very well written and on time. 
02/25/2017 I wish  communication with this professor was a little bit easier. Also, the paper was fantastic, almost too good. I think toning the above average vocab is a must. I am not saying that I wouldn't use some of those words, but you can tell it is being written by a person with a  high IQ. Again, this isn't a bad thing, but something to think for the future. Thanks again, great overall paper and I would recommend using this professor.
02/12/2017 Great work!
02/08/2017 Perfect
01/15/2017 Paper was delivered on-time with no issues.
11/04/2016 Amazing work would definitely recommend this Professor!
07/26/2016 Thanks for the quality project
06/29/2016 Sky did an amazing job! Communicated  with me to confirm details, as well as completed the paper early!  Thank you - you did a super job! 
06/21/2016 96% Not bad! Thanks a million.
06/07/2016 Amazing. Thank you
05/28/2016 Sky completed another high-quality paper before the time I requested. Sky met all the criteria required for the paper, which was written very well! I would recommend Sky 
04/28/2016 Thank you sky! I am pleased with my paper. I strongly recommend her.
04/09/2016 Another high quality, well-written paper that was finished when I needed it. I was backlogged with work and assignments and needed some help. I called on Sky for help.  I chose Sky because he has helped me in the past when I was in a bind. I have never had anything less than an "A" grade from Sky's work. The work gets excellent remarks from those who are grading it. Sky will help you to get the grade you need when you're in need.
04/05/2016 Great UP, highly recommended.
04/05/2016 sky is the best, I would highly recommend this UP!
03/20/2016 This professor was prompt in completing my paper that I asked for help in a very short notice (couple of hours)! Also, the content of the paper was written exceptionally well. The critique explained the main purpose of the presentation, explained how information in the presentation is helpful to the intended audience, and critiqued the presentation’s delivery, approach, and content. I would recommend this professor.


This tiny-dicked neanderthal's temper tantrum is not worth consideration by any seriously interested potential client for the following reasons. First, he tried to scam me first by demanding more pages than indicated in the project description, even going so far to upload a copy of the project rubric via PM with the page numbers changed. Then he insisted I answer a prompt that had nothing to do with the original project but that he insisted was the part that I "forgot." When I refused to provide more work than I was paid for, I received a message in all caps full of the crudest World of Warcraft-esque insults and half-coherent screed only capable of being omitted from the shriveled brain of an entitled alcoholic. Obviously this life form has no sentience or ability to comprehend simple forms like how to properly provide project details. Therefore, I conclude that this feedback is inaccurate, unwarranted and this student is lucky that usernames aren't shown so I can't tell my other esteemed colleagues to avoid him.
02/16/2016 Excellent work!!
02/16/2016 Excellent work!!
02/11/2016 Great job!, quick turn around with the assignment, for sure be using Sky in the the future!
02/10/2016 Thank you for writing this wonderful letter! You took the time to write a great piece and always kept in contact with me to make sure it was exactly what I wanted and keeping me up to date.
02/08/2016 Sky was great! I would highly recommend them as a UP. Quick, good communication and excellent writing. Thanks!
02/03/2016 Sky is a great UP! I would highly recommend them. Sky had great communication and delivered a stellar project at the last minute. I will be using this UP in the future. Thank you!!
02/02/2016 It's PERFECT!!! Thank you so much!!

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