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We have collected the most common customers' questions concerning our service.

Date Comment Rating
09/23/2020 good work.
08/28/2020 Completed my writing assingment with a passing grade in a timely manner.
07/27/2020 Will be choosing her again!
07/21/2020 He is a good teacher for your assignment
07/05/2020 Got a perfect score on my paper.
06/01/2020 Not happy. 
Professor did not really grasp the idea of the project and presented a very strange idea. I needed to rewrite almost the whole paper to fix it. The professor did not respond when asked what the report was about and didn't provide any assistance after the report was sent in 
The report was well-written and delivered on time - the only reason why it isn't 1 star. 
06/01/2020 Did the assignemnt how it was specified! Pending on my grade, but thank you! 
05/21/2020 Another great project!! Thank you. Also great communication!!
05/17/2020 Thank you very much very excellent discussion 
05/13/2020 I am rating this professor a 7 because the requirement was 3 pages and off the bat, I only received 2.5. It is due today so I don't have time to go back and forth. I will know more once I receive a grade. I took a chance on switching from the normal person I choose, next time I won't take a chance.

I am sorry you were not satisfied. I wish you had reached out to me and requested a revision/clarification, as I would have done so immediately. The word count for this was 828.Thank you
05/08/2020 Amazing. job well done. She will complete what is needed in a timely manner and never disappoints.
05/06/2020 Her work is amazing one of my favorite  professors you will never go wrong with her. I have used her multiple times.
05/05/2020 thanks
05/04/2020 Great work! 
05/04/2020 IF you are undecided whom to pick. This Professor is ledgit and guarantee a good grade. She is my Favorite.
05/04/2020 Best Professor on this site.I have used numerous times and she is one of my favorite to pick. Also know she will get it done and a good grade is guaranteed.
05/03/2020 Great work!
05/01/2020 I am very happy. Paper was written very well and no plagiarism. Thank you so much!
04/29/2020 Multi-Choice Questions did a great job . Truely Appreciate this instructor.
04/22/2020 Great. Professor def. will use her again
02/01/2020 Great work as always. Well written and quick turn around. HIghly recommend this professor.
12/28/2019 This professor provided me with an amazing paper that blew away my professor. They completed the task way before the deadline. I would definitely recommend this professor and I would pick them again!
12/10/2019 History Assignment: Superb, quality paper and before deadline.
12/10/2019 Fanastic writer and keeps in touch in order to make sure the project is on the right track! Would highly recommend!
12/08/2019 The professor provided me with excellent work, and even provided the assignment to me a day in advance. I highly recommend working with them. 
11/02/2019 It was a great paper...definitely deserved better than the 85 I got on it. Better than most other papers in the class
10/30/2019 I would give 20 starts if I could. Philosophic is fantastic. The work is always top notch and the service is out of this world. Contact is great and the project is usually finished well ahead of time. No need to look at any other reviews, this professor is the best, hands down.
10/29/2019 Professional, quick, above and beyond!
10/20/2019 Writes with a certain unique level of pathos perfect for those tough humanities projects in the both the arts and psychology!
10/08/2019 What can I say? Philosophic is simply amazing. Always top notch work and always on time ( if not before). If you're serious about wanting quality work then Philosophic is your professor. 
10/01/2019 great work!
09/26/2019 thorough and covered all the points A+
09/26/2019 very fast and great quality thanks
09/25/2019 Outstanding as always. Project was completed ahead of schedule and is exactly what I wanted.
09/20/2019 Well worded and prompt
09/20/2019 Well worded and prompt
09/19/2019 literaly gave me an assignment that was plagerised and didn't even follow the curiculum in which the assignment needed to be completed which caused me to fail the topic

First, the assignment certainly was not plagiarized, and you could have challenged your professor on that if you were charged as such. Second, I wish you had communicated with me about the instructions, because if I mistook the "curriculum," then again, we may have had other options (like re-writing the paper). Thank you!
09/18/2019 Top notch work! Thanks so much I will definitely be using your services again :))
09/17/2019 Fast. Efficient. Accomodating. Great.

Good Prof! the work was done ahead of time and looks great.

Thank you!
09/14/2019 10/10 would do again
09/10/2019 Done before deadline, nailed the assignment. Teacher was very pleased, he said it’s the only 100 he has given out in 10 years. I will be using Philosophic for all my papers.
08/20/2019 Outstanding work, well ahead of schedule. It's always a pleasure to do business with Philosophic.
08/17/2019 Good job! I received a 92% on this paper! Very happy with the turn around time. 
08/13/2019 A+++++
07/31/2019 Finished my paper in a day and really made my paper look great!  10/10 :) 
07/30/2019 Really really well done!
07/23/2019 A+ on all work. He is the BEST!
07/20/2019 This professor really understood the subject material.  They kept in constant contact with me and delivered a great essay on time.  I will definintely recommend this professor to everyone.
07/10/2019 Amazing paper! Followed instructuons amazingly. waiting for grade to post!
06/28/2019 Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much! I've had some bad experiences on UP but I'm very happy with this paper and the attention to my needs. 
06/26/2019 Nice work, thank you.
05/27/2019 Essay completed in time
05/19/2019 Great work and way head of the deadline.
thank you
05/13/2019  This professor is very professional, is great with communicating, and offers edits and revisions. This professor did a wonderful job and I’m very happy. 
05/11/2019 Thank you!
05/08/2019 did a wonderful job on my paper cant thank this professor enough for their hard work and dedication
05/05/2019 Philosophic outdid himself again! Wrote me a 10 page paper in less than 24 hours. Excellent quality as usual. By far the best professor on this website. THANK YOU
04/23/2019 2nd time and we still going strong, great person to choose!
04/23/2019 Very good at doing what you need to be done in a remarkable timeframe!
04/22/2019 If Philosophic bids on your project, you definetly should accept. He does wonderful work and is always on time or even early. I can't be happier with his work. Thank you!
04/12/2019 Could not thank Philosphic enough.  Their hard work and time on my projects along with their response was just what I needed.  
04/11/2019 Philosophic really did their best on my explication of a sonnett given the timeframe.  They were even quicker than what they estimated.  The work was impecable!!.

04/08/2019 very good
04/04/2019 Got one of the highest marks in my class, awesome paper!!
04/02/2019 Great quality work! Very attentive to the specific details necessary for the assignment which means the proper time and dedication was given. Worth every penny!
03/29/2019 AWESOME work. I got an A! Thank you!!!!!!!!!
03/28/2019 Thank you so much.  You completed this assignment exaclty how it needed to be done.  Great Work
03/14/2019 Very Knowledgeable in his field and works fast  We had a disagrement that could not be resolved to my satisfaction. Gave me a bad first impression of the process. 

I am truly sorry for the dissatisfaction. Note to other students who use this service: Please be very clear about your requests for the paper. Know that if you do not specify, then I will write you an "A" quality paper by the standards of any university.
03/11/2019 fast as always
03/02/2019 I was in disbelief on how fast and well written my paper was. Thank you so much!
02/26/2019 So amazing!!!!!! Great writer and super fast!!!!! thank you so much, I got an A!!!!!! 
02/24/2019 amazing writer and fast!!! I will be using this professor again!!! thank you so much!!!!!!
First time using this site, I'm not proud of it but it really saved my grade! I was overloaded with assignments and wouldn't have had the time to write a good paper. The professor did a great job writing the analysis and the 1500 word essay was completed 3 days before the deadline, in about 24 hours! He/she was also responsive to my messages. The reason I took off one star is because there were a few typos and I had to edit some sentences to make it flow better. The use of "indeed" and "thus" was sometimes a bit repetitive, but overall the essay was good and he/she offered to revise it if there were any problems. Tips for students: if you're going to pay someone to write an essay for you, you should at least still make sure to proofread it and edit it so it sounds like something you would have written. After having edited a few things, I`m really satisfied with the work and I think I can expect a good grade!
Thanks Philosophic!

02/22/2019 Amazing and well put argumentative essay. Exceeded my expectations.
02/16/2019 Philosophic delivered my paper 2 days earlier than the deadline. He was very easy to communicate and would respond in a timely matter. He went above and beyond my expectations. Thank you!
02/15/2019 One of few professors who doesn't offer a bid if he doesn't think he will excel on the subject. Worked with him for many papers, regardless of length, always delivers in time. This time I asked for a short entry that was due in 6 hours and he delivered flawless piece of art (as usual) within 45 minutes. And it was a great quality. If he offers you a bid, take it.
02/13/2019 Great work! Thank you!
02/11/2019 Great work, turned the project around in less than a day!!! Very pleased 
02/08/2019 Awesome Job! Had paper ready overnight
02/01/2019 great job as always 
01/27/2019 Skimped out quite a bit on the length of a specific (and crucial) element on the paper. At least it was done fast.

I am sorry you were not satisfied. I wish you had reached out to me and requested a revision, as I would have done so immediately. Thank you ~ P
01/25/2019 Fantastic job! On time and great essay. 
01/24/2019 Flawless piece of work derived. Very satisfied with content. Will use this professor again
01/21/2019 Excellent work and communication 
12/28/2018 Very good work
12/13/2018 great work
12/12/2018 all around great job definitely will use again!!!!!

12/11/2018 Excellent!!!!!!     
12/09/2018 Exceptional work!! If I could give more than ten stars, I would. The professor was able to meet the requirements of the paper to a tee. I  received an A+ on the research paper. I will definitely use the services of this professor in the future. 

I'm very happy to hear this :) All the best! -P
12/09/2018 Outdid himself

Aw shucks, thanks :)
12/08/2018 I coudn't be more thankful for the job by the professor. The paper was very well organized and everything was covered as it should. I got it earlier than the deadline. Thank you!!!

Very glad to hear! My pleasure, and thank YOU!
12/07/2018 100%

Thank you!!
11/26/2018 I highly recommend this professor??????

Thank you so much! Best wishes. -P
11/23/2018 Not only was it completed over a week before the deadline, but it was a full page longer than expected and written so well! I'll have to go through it and dumb it down a little so that it's more believable to my professor (that's a great problem to have). I will without a doubt use this professor again as well as recommend him to all of my friends! It's expensive, but it probably bought me back 3 days of my life, so it's totally worth it! THANK YOU SO MUCH, PROFESSOR P!

Wow, thank you for the warm feedback! I am so glad to help. Request me anytime! Best, P
11/07/2018 All Star ?? 
11/06/2018 perhaps it was my lack of guidlines, but the project lacked primary and secondary source material and was purely opinion based.
your writing style is also very repetitive, i will not be using your services again, lest i be outrageously desparate. 
it seems that this website is made for people who are not only time poor, but have extremely low intellectual standards. although i applaude you for taking advantage

all the best 


Hi j, I wish you had reached out to me regarding your complaints, because I would have made revisions. As you can see from my other reviews, your experience is by far the exception. all the best p
10/27/2018 Phenomenal paper! Highly recommend.
10/26/2018 damn youre good!

10/18/2018 Thanks so much!! paper was great!!
10/12/2018 amazing work! Thank you so so much, will use again :)
10/02/2018 Honeslty by using this site I've gotten a lot of 40% and 50%, Philsophic delivers by far the best papers that this site has to offer by using him I've always gotten above 80%. The only trustworthy professor on this site. 
09/23/2018 Absolutely incredible, completed a 4-page essay in a few hours! I will be using them in the future!
08/25/2018 Fantastic work as always. I highly recommend this writer for your next project.
08/22/2018 Outstanding work! The project exceeded expectations and was delivered early.  If you want the best, then prof P is your writer. 
07/24/2018 Fast and dependable. Got me an A with one day of preparation.
07/02/2018 Thank you so much! I do have another essay due next Satirday. Would you be intrested? Thanks, again Justin!!

Thank you Justin! Please message me or request me for the job when you post it, and I'll take a look :) Thanks again! -P
Nice work. Completed on time and had an accurate paper of what I needed. Thanks for the help
06/25/2018 Excellent Literature paper. It was 1700 words and very well written with supporting information. Will continue to use. A+++ on the report. 
06/05/2018 Great paper on literature, minor changes to fit requirements. Delivered early. Will use again! A+
05/28/2018 The paper was magnificently done &  it was  finished early!! 
05/24/2018 Great literature report and timely will use again. 
05/24/2018 Great literature report and timely will use again. 
05/24/2018 Great literature report and timely will use again. 
05/13/2018 as always amazing and punctual .... takes the time to ask questions to further improve the writing.
05/08/2018 My college professor's comments on the paper.

Great work on your paper - well thought out, organized, supported and well written. During your career, you will see a push-pull between the Utilitarian and Deontological theories. The one thing to always do is to try and determine what is at stake. From there, you can determine the kinds of reasoning and any fallacious reasoning. You are well on your way to becoming a lover of wisdom!
05/02/2018 11 Stars.
05/01/2018 Absolutely wonderful to work with, highly recommended.
04/29/2018 Thank you! My favorite Professor to request. Can always count on P! Great work.
04/28/2018 Abosolutely outstanding job. I haven't received a grade yet, but i can promise one thing and that is that I am not worried about it one bit:P
04/25/2018 The best professor you could ever have. Got me a A++++++++
04/25/2018 My essay was completed hours before I even needed it and completely exceeded my expectations.100% recommend!!!!!!!!
04/23/2018 I achieved a B- on the essay. 
04/22/2018 Very quick and timely work on a last minute assignment.  My professor produced exactly what I needed freeing me up to tackle other assignments.
04/09/2018 I could not be more happy with this paper! Thank you so much for your help! 
04/09/2018 Amazing job on my sociology essay! You were spot on with the task!
04/09/2018 Very well written, $250 dollars bought me 12 pages of eloquent opinionated text. 
Not 10/10 simply because I had to proofread. (minor grammatical errors probably from too much coffee, hence it was written rather quickly!)
04/08/2018 Decent quality! Thanks!
03/26/2018 good work
03/26/2018 This professor claimed to know the topic of my paper really well (don't they all?), and they definitely did! I had 6 bids and this professor was the only one to write why they were the best option with enthusiastic examples of my topic. So thankful for this professor!! If he/she says they know your topic, I would trust them!!
03/22/2018 loved it!
03/14/2018 Thank you so much! Personally, I am very poor at analyzing the deeper meaning of literature and poems, and you wrote an excellent essay that will get me a grade better than I even expected.  Thank you and I will definitely use your services again in the future.

Thank you!! I do love poetry :) Request my services anytime--always a pleasure! Best, P
03/13/2018 Wonderful job, as always!
02/23/2018 Completed paper well before the date I requested.  Awesome and very easy experience :)
02/12/2018 Couldnt have asked for anything better.  Absolutely amazing with lots of time to tweak
02/11/2018 Again.... crushed it. Great communication. Delivered a great paper!! Can't recommend strongly enough.
02/07/2018 The professor finished this assignment for me way ahead of schedule and was available for 2 edits to this powerpoint presentation. I ended up with a 98% on this assignment, great job!!!
01/28/2018 I needed a paper done same day and Philosophic was the only one that bid on my paper. Philosophic completed the assignment within a few hours. I would gladly use Philosophic again. Very highly rated!
01/26/2018 In short, Philosophic crushed this Sociology project. Well written. Great communication throughout. Delivered early! Will use again and I encourage anyone to use him!
01/08/2018 Great job, finished well before deadline. I will definitely use this writer again.
12/14/2017 ?Subject matter was from the wrong perspective... I paid for a history paper and recieved a sociology paper. Although very well written I was forced to scrap most of it and request the deadline be pushed back.
12/01/2017 No complaints. Well thought work and stayed within guidelines. Thanks!
11/27/2017 This professor always does an awesome job. And goes beyond the standards 
11/17/2017 Got a 75 on the paper, not a bad grade. Feedback received writing was repetitive and MLA citation was not complete. 
11/16/2017 Excellent quality, and finished before due date! HIGHLY RECCOMEND!!! 
11/13/2017 I highly recommend this professor! Fast turnaround time. Got an A on the paper. 
11/06/2017 As always Philosophic earned an A for me in a sociology research class!!  The professor is always willing to make revisions and always post the solution by the deadline provided.  Philosophic has completed four projects for me and I always earn a A!!  I recommend this professor.
10/23/2017 I got a 98 on a paper I would’ve otherwise failed :) super awesome I cant thank Philosophic enough
10/23/2017 This professor is awesome! He does the requirements and beyond. I will chose him again for my next paper. Thanks for everything. 
10/15/2017 Awesome professor!! he submitted the work on time I would definitely use him again for other papers. I highly recommend him to do your papers. Got A  on all the work he did for me.
10/12/2017 Great work, good communication, decent price. Turned in the paper way before deadline. Subject matter makes complete sense and flows very well. Work cited page was not included in my total page count which I am very thankful for, unlike other professors on here. Good command of the english language, very few grammer mistakes.. nothing I couldn't fix. No updates style writer though. Overall, I am satisfied with my paper. No revisions needed, just quick spell checks on my part. Will use again in the future. I would highly recommned. Thank you P.
10/11/2017 Philosophic always delivers an excellent solution.  Everytime I post a project I make sure to tag Philosophic.   Philosophic is always ready to do revisions and projects are always delivered on time.   All I have are good things to say!!!!!!  
10/10/2017 Finished a day before due date, excellent paper! Highly reccommend 
10/05/2017 Got the paper ahead of schedule and it looks pretty great, they went above and beyond the requirements for a great price. 10/10 would use again.
10/05/2017 Great work! will use again!
07/13/2017 Very well written paper.  Fantastic work!
07/08/2017 Great work!
06/18/2017 more than i asked for which allowed me to edit the paper,
delivered before deadline to allow for changes. 


06/17/2017 Excellent paper, a few minor mistakes, but that comes with the territory. Great topic of choice by the writer, couldn't be more happier. Did it in the alotted time and actually handed it in a week earlier. Would recommend and would work with again.
06/13/2017 Amazing work! I have not recevied the mark yet but this prof was on top of the game, always there to repsond to my messages thus keeping my anxiety in check. Everything was done to a T and before the required deadline! This will be my only go to prof on the site herenforth. I have used 2 others in the past, but Philosophic HAS OUTDONE THEM ALL!
05/19/2017 First time using this site. There wasn't much communication, but the delivered paper was excellent. 
05/12/2017 Professor Philosophic delivered quality and on time writing that fulfilled the assignment requirement and proper formatting. Well-researched, with fully formed ideas and themes, as well as on time delivery.
04/27/2017 Philosophic provided a clear and effective essay that followed the essay prompt and resulted in a 95 on my paper. The paper was provided well within the frame of the deadline and even allowed me some time to revise before I sumbitted. Thank you for the excellent job and I can't wait to use your service again in the future!
04/26/2017 The paper as exactly what I was hoping for. It met all of the requirements, was very well written, and was finished a day before the deadline. Very satisfied.
04/17/2017 Great work thank you very much.
04/08/2017 Philosophic did an amazing job. He definatley goes above and beyond in meeting the requirements of the assignment. I highly recomend. 
03/18/2017 Excellent work!
03/08/2017 i got a 98 on a 7 page essay.
03/07/2017 Exceed expectations. Excellent essay!!!
03/02/2017 Way ahead of schedule and still produced excellent work!
02/28/2017 Very intellegent and thorough with projects
02/25/2017 Excellent from beginning to end. The paper is well written and researched. Philosophic exceeds every expectation I could have had coming into this. Their price was fair, and they were easy to communicate with. Included in their initial bid was a brief explanation of what they would write for my project. This was really helpful in giving me an idea of what I was getting into by accepting their bid. On top of all this, they finished a full day ahead of schedule, which is absolutely massive considering the time contraints I placed on them. I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out. Philosophic is phenomenal, and I can't recommend them enough.

Awesome paper!!  Philosophic responded to messages promptly and when I could not open document on work computer he immediately sent a text file and a pdf.  I was worried about paper sounding too "professional" but it is absolutely on point!  Instructions followed and a few points I suggested were incorporated into the writing.  This is the first time I have used and I will be posting another project tonight!  Projected completed before due date.  

02/20/2017 I had used on another project and did great, however instructions were not clearly followed and not all required information was completed.  However what was done was great.

Great Job, very knowledgeable.

02/08/2017 Great work!
02/04/2017 Excellent paper, and done in extremely timely manner. I counted 4 super minor mistakes, (puncation and sentence rephrasing, but nothing I couldn't handle on my end). All in all very satisfied with your work, and would not only recommend, but would work with you again. Till next time! Great work!
02/02/2017 Completed eariler than expected.
01/26/2017 Gave a stance even before I selected a professor so that I already had insight to how the paper would look. Followed the paper's directions exactly. Finished within the set time. Overall great writer!
01/18/2017 Thanks alot.
12/17/2016 Thank you, a few spelling errors, but nothing bad I couldn't fix. 
12/15/2016 Great work!
12/08/2016 Thx a lot!
12/06/2016 ?Absolutely fantastic. Very specific to detail, very punctual.
12/05/2016 Recieved an A for the paper. Professor submitted paper before deadline and wrote it in a specified style.
11/30/2016 Loved the paper and she had it to me on the same day
11/19/2016 professional and polite as always
10/21/2016 Excellant servive. I ot an A-
10/20/2016 always does an awesome job
10/18/2016 Always great! Did an entire project for me, outline as well and it is very thought out and well written. Thanks again!
10/07/2016 A very reliable writer that produces high quality work, highly recommended!
10/02/2016 Excellent paper.
09/27/2016 Wow that was fast! Gave him 5 days to complete my project and he did it in less than 2! The work didn't looked rushed at all and was complete with lots of detail. Thanks!
09/19/2016 Great work!
09/18/2016 A talented writer that is reliable in delivering high quality work and finished ahead of schedule!
09/11/2016 A great writer that communicates well during the process and finished ahead of schedule!

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